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  • December 1, 2007
    3:00 PM
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him them before I jump into afternoons topic maybe just a quick word to further about about the Omega might be might be useful I know when the last things and that I want to do is is trying to pretend that I know something I don't and I don't I don't feel like I know details about the Omega and down I don't want to to promote our something that I don't think I know I didn't I did want to point out the one specific kind of a common seem that I think is is helpful at least that is in in several Ellen White spoke of how this work that was going on and that was influencing the mind of Doctor Kellogg end of others associated with him was similar to the work that Lucifer had done in the courts of heaven and interesting and I that that's an interesting thought what what was that he was doing in the courts of heaven and on and down I don't know I don't know along with that way but I do know that one of them one of the first arguments that Lucifer raised in heaven was that angels were wholly in and of themselves consequently they did not need a law to govern them Theosophy New Age whatever this kind of thing that promote the concept of divinity within and logically enough once you decided that divinity is within you rather than outside of you those religions in that approach to spirituality becomes a moral matter of developing that which is good within me than it is to looking to Christ or to anyone else for assistance I think that's a key element said Pacific there are many things that contribute to that and anything that serves to take our eyes and our attention from gods established word and will is directly or indirectly contributing to or preparing us for a more marked departure where we say I am sufficient to determine what I want to believe or what I want to do or how I want to be safe I personally I think there's going to be more to it than that but I'm not a prophet and my dad was in a profit so I'm not the son of a prophet is unattended I know in detail beyond that but the core I would guess figures against the core similarity to know what was talking about there is is the this sense of independence I can decide this regardless what God thinks regardless what Scripture says I can decide I am sufficient authority and you know we are not we we are not and the sooner in the more completely we realize that we are utterly dependent the sooner and more complete we will be happy at him and him and fulfill the role of God is given the less I don't have felt with anyone I decided to toss that out okay well episode three here is not really all that related talk about but will start with malaria and were not talking some sort of the spiritual malaria were talking of malaria malaria in any single-story medicine comes from David Hall's David policy was a physician who was of largely trained by associated with you was like the second-in-command under Kellogg at the Battle Creek censure him but well when Kellogg went off to Europe for seven months and legalize wants to get some further training in investigating things over there David Paulson was the value left in charge the century and down some of you may remember the story recounted by e.g. Daniels and this is little account of how the denomination was saved from pantheism rank it was David Paulson who was and will come that say later on in advance David Paulson was the one who went walking a and nineteen oh three p.m. meeting their Carol house in Washington DC but walking back home after the meeting over it was over with e.g. Daniels and poked him in the chest and said if you don't get out of the way and let the teachings and living Temple carries through you will be rolled in the dust in there been other man reading this denomination supposed was a fairly strong supported that she can now one of the great things about history is a good people can make stupid mistakes and still disabling on that that's incredible SOS is so good and it's good to remember that I need to remember that because history without charity is pretty depressing for that link and waiting charity in our assessment of others today announced they are good men who make mistakes that we can't condone the mistake but we need to be willing as far as possible to bleed if you have any reason to believe the person since they are trying to do is write it better be able to cut him some slack and helps me to recognize it if someone like David Paulson could be advocating letting Temple thinking he was doing the right thing find out he was doing the wrong thing I think his life back on track that's encouraging okay William this particular story comes four years later as General conference nineteen oh seven Doctor Paulson had been them I think it on to some further training or something he was up at the University of Michigan and he was taking a class along with a gentleman blame of Daniel Frasca also a physician and I think you brought this up and legal theory of this fiction that his wife Mary Paulson she was also a physician but that David Paulson and Daniel Pressler taking this class during the summer up in Michigan and back in those days they had what they called malarial summers ago a and malaria was on a common concern was with Obama there well at the time the favored treatment for malaria was quinine and some you would probably have a much better grasp this idea but basically you've got these little Plasmodium critters they get in your bloodstream and recklessness of having and the VIP with the quinine is to get enough of it in there to kill them without killing you and is not his ego the margin of error there needs I can't come too far and this is their best the best treatment favored treatment lipolysis and crass is had down had a question to deal with in their minds they said you know spirit of prophecy has not spoken favorably of quinine and is there a different way and they often and whether this was bravery are foolishness or a viciousness of the largest those less than the RIAA the details might have to work out for yourself they opted to use hydrotherapy method in treating malaria love this elicited a good deal of scorn from some of their other classmates one of form was Paulson describes him as being a great proponents of quinine he was also very good at microscopic work which is necessary for verifying the presence of the lack thereof of this plasmodium in your blood so they sent him a little controlled experiment they agreed that uncontrolled experiment video they agreed that that that the patients that came to their clinic that summer they would alternate every other one would get quinine every and any guys would get observatory well okay this is how false and discredited pieces we carefully took the temperature every fifteen minutes as soon as there began to be the least rise of temperature that was a notification to us that she'll was approaching with it once put the patient in a hot blanket pack bringing on profound perspiration and thereby if we had finished right we invariably prevented the chill the patient perspire for a time took them out carefully and provided it was the alternate day variety of malaria we gave tonic treatments behind call alternating the following day we again instituted the temperature taking program we invariably found that the rise in temperature was much delayed showing that we were gaining ascendancy we would then go through the same program frequently we did not have to do this the third time the work been done in a week or ten days the patient was fully restored to health sometimes I would miss hitting it just right for several days so there would be a delay is a picture of Doctor Tress Theron much older picture of an embryo possibilities of the stories is one day an old Siebel open down a man came in so loaded with malaria that it seemed he was on the brink of the grave according to the rotation he belonged on the quinine list the other doctor after sizing up the situation said he did not dare to undertake the case he was turned over to our list I will never forget when Doctor Chris and I earnestly told the Lord that his principles were on test and pleaded with him to vindicate what he had said we ventricle the case within a week the man was restored to health he presents your him after experiment some Asian requiring patients some with deafness your girl some with impaired mentality others with numerous minor complications blanket back patients not one with serious conversations now unfortunately it is a footnote have to be added to this and that is that the malaria that they were working with was the Western variety it's caused by the protozoa plasmodium by fax the African variety is caused by Plasmodium Elsa Parham I don't hang up on the fence that pronunciation Amanda so let me the measures used by Paulson and Chris are effective for Western malaria that don't work with the African variety that's sad for a very simple reason the problem hasn't gone away especially not in Africa each year between three hundred fifty million and five hundred million people are infected with malaria and one million die from the disease malaria accounts for one death every thirty seconds in Africa alone was a while back I I saw comparisons I don't have this in my notes and understand work off of memory there was a comparison that was being done of research dollars per death and research dollars invested into a HIV per death were something like think it was twelve hundred and thirty six dollars per death and research dollars invested into malaria twenty four per day Lori doesn't get a lot of publicity without they are the sort of on the other side of the world malaria much in Michigan anymore even of the relevant vivax whatever kind most African countries today are using chloroquine as the first line drug and that's been evidently and still reading up on this has been popular since the nineteen seventies unfortunately resistance to chloroquine is up to ninety percent in some areas so it doesn't always work together that a new treatment and again part of pronunciation but I think it's supposed to be soft but stocks and Ira Metheny at a newer option but they have already found resistance running and South Africa up to sixty percent of the cases while they the investment of time and effort and money has kind of shifted from treatment to prevention which is often a good thing and right now the the aspect of malaria response it's getting the most press are around insecticide treated bed nets and snap if you looking in the right spots you can find places where you can sponsor an insecticide treated bed net for ten dollars and learning to be those malaria incidences dropped eighty some percent he did not NFL veteran and probably save hundreds of thousands of lives so that they were living Icelandic year from malaria I have always been attracted to her Lily can make an gimmicky like to cultivate some Sunday but I've always been attracted to those who have it and it will be a great thing to dedicate your life to solving the problem malaria whenever you I could feel good at night if I saw the malaria saved a million lives this year and next year next year next year though if it but what is that not to do with Adventism well and specifically Adventists Adventism 's future what is I got to do with it well maybe it's a strain and stress to follow along here as we approach the close of business history selfishness and violence and crime prevail as in the days of Noah when the old world perished in the waters of the flood as Bible believers we need to take our position for righteousness and truth reinstatement hearing on as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who would stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable positions for their own sake they should well they have opportunity become intelligence in regard to disease it causes prevention and cure and those you do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering ones you will need help not only among those of our own faith but largely among those who know not the truth can see talking wealthy garnishing twenty conditional comments is a famous quote I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministry aligns the medical missionary work were really no ministerial work but medical mission work none can hold that thought stream of another idea for you medical who who who am I talking to the day that's that's the question this is no Melinda among other things is known as being something of a medical center down the stretch and to whom I talked to take a look and see what we can find out later ministers of gaining experience in preaching the word learn how to give simple treatments and then labor intelligently as medical missionary evangelists so are we talking to all the workers should know how to give the simple treatments it is so much to relieve pain and remove disease heroes enter in every place the sick may be found eight thousand four thousand workers the price should be true health reformers prepared to give those who are sick of the treatments that will relieve them and then pray with them nothing will open the door for the entrance of the truth and the canister goes from place to place he will find many who are sick he should have a practical knowledge of the causes of disease and should understand how to give simple treatments if you may relieve suffering ones made of canvas area given medical attention there did the canvassing it's not as common God 's people are to be genuine medical missionaries they are to learn to minister to the needs of soul and body they should know how to give the simple treatments that do so much to relieve pain and remove remove disease to have any of them here today now let's switch from medical who to medical what in each of those five statements and we just went through I don't know if I was tricky enough was trying to focus your attention on the food but did you see what the what was in the notice is the same phrase in all five statements simple statements simple statements now let me make a general disclaimer had I am not opposed to modern medicine it's a great thing is not what I'm talking about at the moment what I'm talking about is not a replacement for modern medicine and I assure you that if I did something stupid one day and wrapped myself around a telephone pole at seventy miles an hour I would rather have a fully equipped ER than a glass of echinacea tea and a nation may be good for something Internet enable efficient daily study read I know video I have nothing but respect for the research and learning that has gone into acute care and those kind of things especially emergency care now if I get if I had nothing else to do in life as I've often thought it and it did for fun and be like a EMT I enjoyed L S and former students have done that I'm guessing that would be interesting and I could feel like going to bed at night and I actually accomplish something for the date announcements I might be interested in him for the sake of being honest so that you can form your own opinion as to know how much of what I say you want listen to let me say that in necessary as big a fan of of some of the traditional low RPM current medical practices for lifestyle situations and chronic conditions I am for acute care again will high marks in acute care something to think I might first different practices on some of the other issues that even so God 's remedies and I don't think she's willing out advanced medical care for them don't go there with this guy 's remedies are the simple agencies and major it will not taxi debility the system to their powerful properties pure air and water cleanliness and proper dietary life in a firm trust in daughter remedies for the want of which thousands are dying yet these remedies are going out of date because his skillful use requires work that the people do not appreciate that said she thought in other medical problems that I personally doubt there are any simple remedies to address maybe you make that ownership meeting off I could see with divine omniscience I would know that there's more than thinking that personally I don't think that your simple treatments are going to solve every medical problem out there but they can be a great blessing and one of the nice things about them is they require time unfortunately that's why they're not used if my only interest is in the restoration of physical now as quickly as possible the magazine strongly being attracted to a lot of other remedies and other approaches we know God is calling for something that can go along with and in the and be more important for eternity is real value in being able to spend some time with that person I personally think that's why these simple treatments should make everyone that I know of takes time now again but things in the context I forwarded these statements talking about simple treatments now that's not a complete picture again no one talks about other things she says that every missionary administer the goes fourth is a foreign missionary should know how to perform surgery still she's not against advanced medicine made a remark that renounced the possible treatments but this into another context your if you know you go to your Ellen White CD-ROM product you take in simple treatments and you find it shows up forty one times for a bunch detecting simple remedies you get seventy eight hits after taking Jesus to get thirty seven thousand fifty three typing guy get a hundred and thirty three thousand so this is not something that is always talking this is not her her first line of another hands typing surgery only eleven so whatever you think of what it's worth why don't why would God encourage simple remedies and simple treatments and what has that got to do with the future it's easy for me to look at advances amid Adventist health work I did years ago and say yeah we had some real opportunities back and before that the more sophisticated medical procedures so were invented before the equipment was prevented we might have been able to do great things a simple remedies that years ago but I thought about the future license remedies will I suspect that times will change from what we see today in the last scenes of the service history war will rage there will be pestilence plague and famine the waters the people overflow their boundaries property and life will be destroyed by fire and flood now here's a guess physician services of the Santa Fe Sonata thus saith the Lord I am proposing that the Lord has encouraged simple treatments because the day will come when the existing medical services will be overwhelmed and all we will have at our disposal will be simple treatments and prayer as a pretty drastic thing could get relief well have you ever heard of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus RS spent in the press lately him to go over one year leave of absence from teaching a while back is kind of interesting my daughter was almost five and I was weak I came to the conclusion that an Academy was really not the best place to refineries little child and so we did our due to our good friends at the Academy and I took a a years kind of leave of absence had a friend out in Oregon who said hey come work for me so I said okay fine for the something different for a while I went out and worked for years driving one of these little wheelchair vans and a moving people from point a to point B in a mindless job but a lot of interesting people Stockton is good for your Arab relates the hospital one day and I had my orders to pick up Mister what's his name and I to get the paperwork I went down the hall to whatever room was and there were this is key surgical tape something waivers from across the doorway in his big quarantine sign hanging on their double checked the room number and it was the room I was posting the guy up from a wondered about that at this I went down to the nurse 's desk and I said hi I'm the pickup whatever his name was okay the other room whatever that was a number listed yet Yahoo will soon become blocked off what's what's he can eat what can you tell me about this and he said all yeah yeah we've got Mercer I said what is to have him refer to the floor and down the yard trying to clean media polling levels of ignorance here but there was nobody the nurses desk the new what it stood for Dallas I did not find that at all comforting I think if I so what am I supposed to do well you think his jersey I know that I want to live in the bay and take otherwise if not that theory is the good why the room trade-off well anyhow eventually and I have no idea if this is the proper medical procedure but eventually they reported down on me I gave you some gloves a whole bunch of the chalks right to put these all on the floor of your van before you bring the wheelchair in the take them off and burn them when you're done for saying it out how about a little issue is by that sort has happened in against the poor old gentleman went home I don't really know I looked it up that night on the interest I found out what person stands for and I read up on a little bit you know and it's not good stuff if you are not claiming that I know of a simple remedy for these guys that would be cool if you could I these in both been in the in the news quite a bit later this is my personal favorite of the following this for a couple of years I have a sort of the background interest in this topic my grandfather was a student at Western Washington missionary Academy in nineteen eighteen when the Spanish falsely so-called influenza hit and down all travel to and from the Academy was terminated they were under lockdown in the boy 's dormitory they lost twelve students over about two weeks as I recall it my grandfather never got sick I hope I got his jeans I enough friends who were working night and day because they had a lot of a lot of kids who were sent and it was pretty vicious suspect some of you read about it and they were unable working pretty much night game at the time everybody was getting over it my grandfather 's then came down with it three days later he was dead and that's when he determined he was going to be a physician well other events transpired that particular option was close to him so he did not make that but I remember him talking about it and thinking foil that never happens again they record has named David Burchett a relationship fear nature people no yes okay him and him and letting David Bridgette Burton 's America economy eleven which is not right and I just I just read this stuff and have a chance of topping they know that accident on seasoning three ha ha I think that David Brooks yet was a British physician he's again and put fiber on the map rain remember his story is also the day when I was a Nobel Prize something in price and this is the first to demonstrate a relationship between the virus and a particular form of cancer called Burkitt's sarcoma and leave I just read a biography in the liberty and found the whole story very very interesting very inspiring you're missing tension the most is right near the beginning the book was talking about his uncle Roland Burkett laid preceded him one generation before as a medical missionary on the expense of the British governments to Kenya and Roland project will continue at the time of the Spanish influenza and I'm not making any guarantees and I'm totally unqualified to talk about medicine so don't think that in the context but it's interesting when Dennis is indeed Dennis Burkett Dennis got down to Kenya the first thing he did was track down an old doctor who'd worked with his uncle years before the fight out of all the wild stories and heard about his uncle were true in this doctor assured him that they were and what the things that he traveled him I found very interesting he said that the elder briquettes had read some particular handbook on the treatment of keepers forget the titles in the book but revert him he had adopted the authors perspective on fever is pretty simple it's a kind of thing that I come up but probably too dangerous they said if the patient is too hot you cool him off whatever it takes you cool him off and sobriquet would do pretty well it measures a describe what it is this Doctor was laughing the whole time as it is telling Dennis about his uncle he described this one time that a British woman to come to them with the child fairly young evidently who had a fairly serious fever and she had them all bundled up so it wouldn't catch pneumonia advocate greatly like that again hung him up in a basket was out on the porch and sprayed him with a hose of cold water and mother spent a free goodness when screening often someplace else threatening to sue and protect yesterday her and smiled and kept spraying okay up recently broke and it was fun now I'm not offering any prescriptions are but it was interesting his doctor said that when Bridget was there so that whole Spanish influenza he treated hundreds of people both foreigners and Africans and he never lost a single person the Spanish flu now if you've read any of the projections as to what might happen if we actually get a serious pandemic I'm looking at this I'm saying you know this would be a great time for God 's work if God 's people all new at least one federal remedy if I'm saying I'm not saying we should all the pretend that we can cure the world another thing that I'm not saying there's a simple remedy for everything but I am saying that there is a significant amount of Spirit of prophecy encouragement for this and specifically in the context of times when there will be sufferers enough plenty of them think that I knew becoming rather Wednesday round out the picture and I hear this when you adenovirus serotype fourteen handled original articles on assigned authority but it's one of Scott their attention it's it's it's a something about that normally causes something like a cold blacks in the last eighteen months it had ten fatalities from otherwise young and healthy people clothing to make it interesting is that all your cold bugs that already got the easy communication no communicable diseases as they know it Artie got that down pat as with saving our our backside so to speak with the with the flu so far as it doesn't involve person-to-person that readily with the stuff now this is little worried about that is probably some others could go on that list but I'm not an alarmist there is enough simple moral to my story here for their own sake they should well they have opportunity become intelligent regarding disease it causes prevention and cure I'm not offering any courses are not selling any get well at home books I you know what that means I am convinced that means something that could be valuable to us in the near future if God 's people for their own sake and possibly for the sake of the one who suggested to them would do whatever is called for by that statement


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