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6. The Moment of Truth: Helping Your Friends Make Decisions for Jesus

Carissa McSherry


Carissa McSherry

Student at Loma Linda University.



  • January 3, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC and afternoon everyone but all that really changes like musical chairs air like it so that I now jump into either passion for today I invite her last name I got a little little he is able to be filtering and running I had again started calling me looking at the moment of truth how can you make this vision crazy that I was before we do Lindsay Bauer had firmware only want to learn everything you so much for the fact that you guarantor I think you'd at least been timely learning to love you more father now I believe it was a good opening top economy print giveth wisdom help us to learn tediously the grandfather and all things native son before finally being you have been concerned about giving a Bible study because you know it's a very end of that but even have to ask for division and he is dieting it not clear sounded what I want and they may know how you go about asking for my negativism for Christ how do you know what they are ready you may that this vision as I really be looking at today there was a very famous and handled by the name of DL Moody Helena heard of the only other silent Valley travel around the country meaning that may not be needing all the blocks together God bought the beads will instead have that remarkable in their life the way that one at the condo and the largest hitman dear lady with preaching a little different in the Ammonite and he had ever done before and why we want to do with either the already live freezing in the time came for an appeal is that you inferred it is and he named the simple appeal islands even go wrong behind in the week thinking about this question what do you want to do with you it is not created in manner and he put it on and he never had the opportunity to make that call because you believe that very night in Chicago the great Chicago fire select across the city many of the people that were in attendance they are in that didn't work out home greatest July the lines were ravished they never had that opportunity exists on one to do it either the only defendant the Garay he had ever had in his life I will never again go through it with out making an appeal without calling someone to make a decision for Christ if you think rock we don't know if the Bible anywhere giving in the very last minute going here we don't know if that's what you give someone a very very last opportunity to hear from the word of God we know now never fail for a decision but had immediately what is the art of making a field legally needed but how do we practically apply metadata to look at board level of decision-making level the decision-making at the name of robbery with the preliminary fact that when anyone making a call for an appeal many many gotten the people would happen therein one and one half of that I understand what you need to appeal I don't get the results that you get the vandalism that they were in a lengthy and creative if you want someone to make a prison that very night you will never get any decision and let the unfreezing believing that negative thinking you're never going to get a note within our Bible study I know when I was starting to get Michael Craven I guess that would be visited in time trembling and I'm wondering credit going to make the division and we don't believe that they will not going to elect we are confident and we can't adequately prepare them for that division now on the other hand about who you think were rated the winner that ever walked with her to the fact that he didn't know how to make appeal at the lovely Lily did you ever do anything wrong now he knew how to restart the advisor and even after it were any ended anyone ever walk away who the rich young ruler and had any feelings you that if the MN transient event and what do I need to do the same when you want to be walking down the convention walking towards the Sheraton Hotel in Houston we come running up to you and then you are Christian one mining community days but when you call that underlying employment absolutely lovely and I however manner letting me in the one apricots of the crime any active man along the way we are told that when he walked away and seemed that looking on him while the mountain looking on him long to another word when he walked away Christ hurt Hugh Hewitt got the ball in our own line they may need any and when they walk away and suddenly think Wednesday they are not identical whether I obviously can't give Bible question I'm obviously not called to let me any longer wanted to have been the main bank wanted David had given up frame he did not remember anything will remember the continues after the things remember that God is the one that can reach high blood levels of decision-making at the United Nations wanted to purchase an issue there that needs front or join a Seventh-day Adventist church requiring the name for the level of decision-making the first level now look at it information before I buy that new car I need information about half what is the gas mileage how much of it and caught one of the color and all that important data right you need to have information and at the same and spiritual thing if I am even violently on the found what you need to know much about it before they could make a decision when it means nobody for the committee decision why am it important can't editors on Wednesday while there is no him and him and sat on a living room a wealthy notebook bound how to keep that confidently without digging and found yet in the apocalyptic disaster now those seeking about another absolutely well again before they are ready to make a decision first problem they need to understand without and that now they need to have adequate information is in yesterday about that example of the first date on the man leaned across the table and then will you marry me any main woman on a first date with a wide now I know I'm not the design don't have enough information and again the same for Bible study if you don't have enough information at your boundary and other information their noncommunicative pension word yet and I put up a wall at that guy at the American cam on the very first day are you getting a lot of effective date with no way and I drank I not only could the human Bible study if you ask the right attention and they don't have information and they know and they don't want to move any further once that while adopted hard to take it down and key points to remember the Bible do the speaking I could talk all day long about the habit and how I keep it alive in points in the question they keep the Sabbath because in my opinion now and let me being in the word of God they should not believe that in fact I even emphasized that during my Bible study don't believe them in because I believe in deities in the word of God believe in because the work on the I read adequate information to individual make a negative vision is talking about putting up that wall makes information overload and prevent through gradually again we don't want to our goal is not to baptize them on study number one gleaning information under getting adequate information we don't want them running to their their Roman Catholic writer that all the market of these information either very first Bible study and overwhelming the meantime revealed truth gradually I don't know about about you all but many of us like to display them in the morning and icing early riser but I haven't visited I like to think that when you're trying to get them up in the lawyer not the best luck on your name you often turn on the night went probably internalized do they enjoy that they do not I sat on the line able to tell whether I is not a constant delight treatment pain in my study defined in the first company that cannot turn on that line all the way that the overwhelming revealed truth gradually did you do that for glutathione I have many things to tell you but you cannot bear them now I want to tell you know much about the human darling you're not ready he had to reveal that truth gradually they don't believe in you aware in careful of programs and nonresponse trees inverted vision but not calling for one program nonresponsive very dangerous thing that could be no impediments you okay yes I have an advantage of it they live in a pavement the format of your men and a sermon before the pastors and eight half animal carnations and what and then in an elegant bedding until now to think before they were sound asleep unattractive name names and a man newly not making a decision for in fact I mean that before the deal the pastor said he look you want to make a decision for Christ and be baptized they are not women from the infant anything from people standing often than many the person next to them what originally were originally wireless program not responding responding and I have no clue why the major addition in your information and your preventing elimination and clear that give and get into making an word of God one way that we avoid the program nonresponsive the court asking for divisions regularly but another point name defibrillator in his presentation is something called diagnostic question I'm trying to diagnose where the rats I'm trying to understand their their understanding their knowledge about twenty men on the case two ninety eight and seven persons were under conviction are not brought negative vision of the earliest possible there is danger that conviction will gradually wear away from using the four menu had a friend at condo seminar they were so convicted they knew what was trooping anything to do the favorite airline but they don't make changes and then they go back home and at the same family of fame cafeterias around women and William L there back in the battle lifestyle neck conviction wears away we need to call people to make if they didn't win out heart is right wingnut convention and they are about the time in our first staff any more level than decision-making information in a half an information our second connection may now it is my conviction from the Holy Spirit information must be clear before convictions and take playing brings conviction Holy Spirit has never tried any device the Holy Spirit one how will that work especially with your siblings and South drive a lot anyway the Holy Spirit know he does not will and does not work nonviolently than I'm trying to need activity like the Holy Spirit is the only one that knows how to bring that connection so how do we know if they are under conviction how do we know if they reach the second point you can ask diagnostic questions such as these dynamically see that the seventh day of the DVDs I got happens to honor him by remembering his seven they found that if John says now is not clear to me now to be assigned that time means more information guy John need more information okay that's not clear to you the defendant is not valid now I'm still not clear on that let's look back at these Bible passages that helped me to know he's not ready yet I need to move back and clarify these questions again I remember when a person is it adequate information dynamic event of conviction the Holy Spirit brings conviction not I the Holy Spirit maketh it arrived at the date of the comp not correct the in the Holy Spirit were so what do we do to bring about conviction him belittling or refrain for the Holy Spirit to do the work that only he can do that in the four level decision-making they must happen and I like showing in the running doing the consequent the wrongdoing to individual decision will be in for a minute give an example of this week on people that want to stop smoking and across the United States is there enough information that smoking is bad for you the Lily almost everyone knows everyone the United States knows no pain in that radio but are they all under conviction now waiting for you but I can't do it some may feel that connection yeah I know I should give it out but I don't want to the lower level have they not reached yet desire they don't yet have the desire in a Hilton map rooms Eileen get final study may have an information on the fabric they are convicted they should keep it but I just don't want to I like going to my church on Sunday that my correspondent in my family within the higher even than so how do you increase that desire first of course and for most of Dolly Fred but secondarily the principal called the mini map printable have you heard of this principle to four minimax principle I want to minimize the negative and maximum mind the positive minimize the negative maximize the positively in an example of this first and you can tell me this is a good example is the bad example I think about the issue on baptism I understand your concerns about baptism you're afraid that your whole family mind and are even thinking that they had you on how anyone could even close to your whole life will probably do there you can like it if we would all be dependent only feeling alive and I know it can be very very difficult for you my later job than John expensive nonintervention luckily they are you kidding me why I don't know Gloria will admit my know and I understand your concern your brain about what your family my thinking your friend might think that John is seriatim when you may think that this infringing Gina will stand with you and you will probably remember to leave at the first beta time to imagine when you step in that baptismal cloth when handling that wandering rave about depends on an NLE can hear the angel thingy I know you can avoid in your Father's Day while gone my good and faithful servant this is my son in whom I am well please find tonight you want to leave the heart of your heavenly father very different enough to appeal to do I don't mention it I hear your concerns I understand what you're saying but my vote is even the crime that enjoying my time is focused on the blast Internet received from the presence of God not only negativity came to make sure that your enterprise easily about these one of a positive how will it impact the family what why do I will retrieve the farming pain are quite a lot of independent making that number one in information that the connection that we desire I doubt an inverted vision and doing the right attention when I lived to action testimony they pay sixty benefits accruing by talking it right and it will break and when I saw Brian they need and it will rank five movements have every appeal and you have every dependent question is do the digging front lines on the floor I would encourage you to pull out the twenty eight fundamental belief look at each one of our Donovan and they where in the character of Christ revealed in the help methods where the character crimes revealed in hellfire wearing the character of crimes the real thing and a bad new evenings even as the core of every one of our belief you must be the center of memory that is in question is Jesus Christ now I didn't think you wanted me to think I like this video asking for help or ask men's negative electronic wife that I think about leaving the hobbit but it always noted from eleven to contain a desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and keep his private day holy see that the group entered into that either the venture of every decision you take might take more than if the Bible text to motivate the heart executive of the individual verbally agreement of a through the alive word please let out a little back meant how are it in the word of God there is nothing more that I can add to the word of God that is where the power at what and when people hear Scripture it goes right over there almost everyone in the United States knows John chapter three verse sixteen the banner in the football stadium Brian but how many people actually impacted by the American yeah yeah yeah I know God but the rest of the world but I don't feel he bought me when you share an average with Benjamin you explain in such a way to connect with math LaSalle is even one used home lots that he gave his life for you and taking that first and I am making personable personable and applying it to their life and then don't disclose that an account off their head how can you explain the diverse and make it reach their heart 's here and how I structure and the appeal moving into the decision question this works if you're doing a Bible study it also works if you preach a sermon at the same concept first I typically start with a story now the story could be the story of the other woman that rest either child from a burning house and can be the story of us I love the way that that rescue his brother from the well those stories that you hear in the news off the magnetic antenna connect men with what they've heard in the word of God day could be the story of Calvary United and back across as being the picture with you in their life again it could be a parable it could be your own personal testimony many are sent into combat cinnamon your currently meant to recommit their life to Christ five you sharing your own testimony about the struggle that you face you finally gave your life to Christ and Frist wants freedom and joy and peace that you experience to share a story that what they have learned with their high then I typically will share a Bible verse commenting on the Philippians twelve where John three sixteen thematic antenna reached their high today I have a fondness for Oscar his work as you see you a few days ago about Ruby the woman was coming to our seminar and she was a former prostitutes and drug I nicely referencing Britney and five seventeen and make all pain new Darius Howard various rebound in the word of God share that while a verse with them third that your plane that went over them again I wanted a figurehead but what if that holder 's need to her heart today I even applied to her life today and lastly now I'm moving into my decision question today is that your desire to stand with you that stand in Spain two honor him with your life okay to not make that the sports that okay you can practice during the week maybe the final thing that you're working on we talked about yesterday how to structure that while I commingled for an appeal what story can I use what Bible verse correlates with that how can I finance that actually reaches there are therefore different time to heal that you can use them I go through this briefly here the first one is the goodness of God love John three sixteen is an example of that or standing I is Roman five AIDS Revelation three twenty meaning of Americans interviewed but the content is the goodness of God 's law and my appeal is based on that they been at the bottom leave that to our attention secondarily the influence of example Romans fourteen seven let me know vinyl coated with a lament I single moment had several children and she wants to be a good example to those children may use the example of Roman sports event and no one lived under himself Cheri you are an incredible example to your children I mean how they love and respect you in the close bond that you have with them serious of you make it if it is archived in the negative reasons any baptized year 's children identity even if the vision when they face challenges in their life in the future there are a member of their long-distance trip through an stronger need to try and sharing their strength and their desire to do the thing hey I'm a missionary and I think I know that this is important to you I know the inland inquiry until then important on matter what influence you can have of you children for the kingdom of God another example would be third time that heal the power of chilling stuff to twenty four fifteen to leave this day whom you shall serve as her me and my household we will serve the Lord and maybe someone had been wavering between if it isn't any know now is the time the day of the day to be there today clergy of the line activated negative vision will leads to be faithful to him do we want to be ready for his incoming will be banned for the Fabian Christopher Hanauer a toy lastly the last time that any committee in the danger of delay he married Mary Lane very very needed to be independent I never wanted back is against the law indeed do that with Nicodemus now in any negativism that I am invited now it's not in a few years before he finally that are allowed on the Christina Lafond electronic data didn't push him but there may be delays in bringing now now I think I may need to make a decision they can eat wavering back and forth and John's while thirty five and thirty six a plane and that in an instant if they want in the limelight from the line let darkness come upon you we have a invalid line from not more than a Bible study and mean how greatly love the Lord invited to serve and invade you need you can only frame walking the line walking the line favors the move forward in the past that he had for you one thing you may notice in the example friend Haley and typically including myself join me via I think of the violative face it comment comment get a life and if they baptize you in finally get rid of all the things in your life how can I make found it via iTunes and put him on the thighs begging he then why not hear the faint x-ray lathe that is like a magnet Dana do the calling I think in our life to him he wants to take away items and then again at that new life in him can anyone enjoy me and me do that I want to be forgiven and client in the eleven I have connect with them including yourself where you can on a plane is a different begin talking about baptism you can get baptized everything all-time with everything the Bible but he can't drain and you include yourself where you can I went into the game is one thing that they show you the person convicted and they're ready to move forward in a example of that someone just learned about time and the importance of an Meme asked you you don't want to start giving I cannot give it to you to give to your church is not a good sign that has lately been undivided time like they understand the message if you can shed another other they hear from a church nearby networks of from about on the thing I understand they are ready to move forward Link to speaking the heart more than to begin select nastily talking about about taking on the person and our clients their heart make it real and genuine help and to experience all the mandolin page two eighty five after the meeting that further severe personal investigation but each one on the ground is once again accountability is brave and you can make a personal application of them needs and wants me into the interdependent winner that fine words spoken to them privately will do more than the whole of their core has done when you run a evangelistic seminar your church often the celebrity of the programmer the latest thought in the evangelist the person of outcry and calling for division but if you read my recommendations you will find words into them for my nightly walk in more than half of term and dime find where they need to Baghdad they are on a you a little more active than the whole sermon that was just preach the hour of personal unmanned lastly appointed Bernina vision work and diagnostic questions get a couple example to back if they create even the bottom of the defendant is without it you have any questions in anything hindering you from keeping this special day the main hindering United increases all the way along if I wanted now they have enough information they don't have enough information I need to back up and give them more information didn't have enough information the worst thing I can do when you get a very intimate my fiancé do you want to honor God by keeping his seventeenth out of holy and they pray what a bad plan I ended on a man kidding me I am how I understand the fundamental we don't want that to happen to constantly be asking in the community through my working feet and the word of God is there anything hindering you from keeping the special day let me again I mean the compliment to keep it out of the bag no I don't think I can okay will nicely while they that you got what you journey that you respond now actually not creating your out what is he a member making that decision behind them there anything hindering you from heating the vessel that well yeah my my work I'm not dividing it into my job okay now I need to figure out is that the true objection or they get making up excuses I'm going to get mad optical with your new baby and in the event either Nevada and they know that I thought now is not the work issue we can work through that situation but I know actually I don't have transportation either okay now anything that transportation is the issue that he is led that obstacle is removed there be anything hindering you from keeping the sonnet no not being a transportation hub going okay we can arrange a night they are knowing what whining that anything hindering you anything keeping you and I began into back alley at my husband I don't know what David and Anna was that the colors are made of intermittent husbands when now we might now came that the real heart issue now he can need that mean there anything hindering information is opinion is a very brief overview for that the time limitations unfortunately hot here again individualizing laptop or guilty my notes are there you can print out on your welcome e-mail me to if you'd like more information also be around to answer questions but you might be bad work the notes are there next to the seminar presenters and clothing workers page one ninety three remember in this club do you think that is not listed on your knowledge and a congressman and upon your ability to find your way to our unit on the information in another book of Revelation MRI might need a new reason to hire can you sell them the love of Jesus cry with how your story a true story of the club there is no hop on my name is Alan I may been telling me how much will the Oregon Trail like children and an iMac in California were married now I need to be newly married couple maybe you believe in America can think back to the early game and you're trying to do everything the cleaners found in trying to make them happy and and maintenance and walking on air because of that sweet little lifetime maintenance maybe that money for some time it can be he really wanted up or they may have any network that back-and-forth and worked on their farm in and help into two increase their life found in some manner hope you have a family of their own and development environment may mean out money little money here in man and finally one day he comes he how that money can I go by that poor out of court in the adoring life that you are turning Hannemann Fred will yet funny may be counted alarmingly the way of happening there any bill last year and now I need sugar and flour and cotton and I get a little honey name it had been the town and even a little like being here telling me he can't wait to get a work of Indurain in bringing about the color and how strong it will be and how nice it will be to have it on the arm finally arrived in town and he goes a general manager restore there any man you have anyone for sale the mayonnaise on it I have no course on your dream eleven outback exhibit B therefore exactly about working with desiring Nathan said I wanted me in a barn in back and forth at the man in dark a privately good-looking pointing out what that hall on a moment if you want about what you get the boy and what demand employees and owners if they allocation there is a little like the reader for your dog curled up on that ballot had if you want of course you get the boy you've even believe my family had come across the Oregon Trail and ten found on the story and the last of the generation either through any and hackers McMaster something happened and the whole family passed away on the glass with the horse and the boy if you want the horse you get the command and allow it even if they had clearly come a moment in life with a wife and cotton and sugar and flour and a lot of lately now the fun will make it went on to the landing thinking in the shopping and eleven long before he began his journey home writing in the buggy he finally got the courage to look at of course tied to the back of the ninety and the little boy sitting next day I made throughout the company in the Internet to ask the boy went to me Harry what's your last name Harry he didn't even know his name last name and then he finally came the inevitable and even hairy when we arrived at the house I want today Mama I'm home and again attracted back and forth mama I am carrying my month-long mama mama long lines out there frankly not important whether long before their pulling up in that driveway in the little ninety feet in LA in front of an adoring line looking out at her husband five hundred and one horse he may have gotten as many at that possible look in her face isn't it a little boy and I will not have a job and carry it relevant it means making it in a little nod and hearing him down over and about as climbed up on the deck rapt à la around the leg is that I call went out at second .com the region down and hold in bed you might your yap you are negative story and beautiful to me the time I made the first Seventh-day Adventist in my family lately on how many other children and taking beautiful that the unit example of unconditional love yes my son you are home I look forward to the day when by the grace of God we will be in heaven but a great ungodly and will bring it before the friend of the father can't imagine a day only but finally they finally were all in the father that year nine a.m. my daughter you are in that better yet another looking around you and me and a group of people your family your friend your neighbor then by God grace you have reached for his kingdom I want to go home alone by not brightening the reach of all for him you admitted it in science in the event never cry please stand with me as we try unveiling I started that he now hurricane financing for our delighted we don't want to go alone father money we know that we have family and friends that have not yet expected to you father please stop and then I give the word given the divine appointments help our hearts in our eyes to be open and receptive to that life father I pray that this year you me you got to bring it all to your kingdom finally we look like that Baylor finally been reunited with the only never departed grandfather keep the faith on that day in all things may you be glorified may your name be praised the young moon this is what is seamlessly twenty fourteen see I resume seamlessly supporting Mincey said that this is by none but the question still when I download other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with the


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