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3. Angels & Demons: Supernatural Beings, Literature, and the Struggle for the Soul

Bill Krick


Bill Krick

Literature Ministries Director for the Pacific Union Conference



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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This message was presented at MacI wifey twenty fourteen conference at the crow in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit south on line. W W W T Y S E wet or welcomes you I see won't vote for the lab welcome to seminar session number three eat the Fourth Angel. And today's title is Angels and Demons. Supernatural beings literature and the Struggle for the soul before we jump in we're going to have to live testimonies. The first one is by Jenelle Andreas who is currently a souls West student. Track too and she is from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. And then we're going to have a testimony from Joel move tray. Of course the currently works. As assistant literature ministries director of the central California conference. So let's pray. Father we invite your Holy Spirit. We invite your presence. We invite your power to be with us here in this room. In the next hour. And we pray that we can all emerge stronger and full of more faith. And more courage to do. What is pleasing to you at the end. Thank you Lord in Jesus name Amen. Already get this. Love home like one of these this place already. While I may approach to be able to have a testimonies and share with you and I am going to be saying with you is why of literature eventually them has a special place in my heart. First of all. To give you a little bit of background information I was born and raised advantage. But you know just because I was born and raised in the church. It doesn't mean I had any less of the struggles that the world has any less of a temptation. In fact. I fell into the things that many of us. Fall into most the specifically. There was a relationship that I was involved in. And my entire world revolved around this one guy. And I started changing everything about myself. The career path that I was going towards just so I could make him happy because he was everything that I cared about. But you know Vince hired times I was trying to give me a love that only he could still unsatisfied. Yet I was trying to fill my own heart. With this love from the sky. And it really meant absolutely nothing. And I didn't realize that until he decided that it was time for it to to be done away with and. After me and my boyfriend broke up. That's when I realized how M.T.S. that love that I was trying to fill my heart was really was. After that I decided that I wanted to travel the world. And get away from all of the things that kind of reminded me about him. So I decided that I was in study abroad. I lived on a cruise ship. For three and a half months traveling to about fifteen different countries. And while I was studying abroad a guy was was slowly picking at my heart. And I went to some third world countries such as like sauna and while I was there. I saw people living soul. Simply and how the little things just brought them joy. I did Avengers music service project is kind of like little mini mission trips. Almost where we would give toothbrushes to orphanages and he's Because how to brush their teeth. Or we would go and feed the homeless and it is interesting because I started to notice a pattern that all of these organizations that I was volunteering for all had a bigger purpose. And they're all Christian organizations that was also Me China to spread the gospel. And it was in that God is really putting in my heart like I want you to go on to mention I want you to live a life. That is not for yourself. But is for other people helping them to get to know God. And so I came back to the States. And I was like so determined to go him when he goes with ministry. But I absolutely had no idea what kind of ministry. But little did I know God had a civic ministry that he wanted to meet one in need to be involved in the very much that I came back to Hawaii. He sent to literature evangelists. By the names of grading Karen Wilson. The happens to be by working on that same island. And it was interesting because I was so determined that I was going to plan the kind of ministry those going to go into that I was applying for like all of these Christian organizations none of us nearly as an organization that like really focused in like outreach and. You know ministering to other people. And I was going to apply for the internship. But there's like a bunch of resume than essays and those kind of crazy. How hard it really was took life for it. And so at Bible study one night where I met Greg uncaring Wilson the two literature evangelists by workers as they share the Perry Quest caring came up to me that night. And she asked me if I needed help with my resume and with my applications. And I was like yeah that was the possum. So as a real would spend time together. Every single time we'd hang out and we'd like work on these like resumes and things. It would always lead into impromptu Bible study. And it was interesting because you know. Like I said I was raised administers but I never really study the Bible for myself and I've never really been taught how to study the Bible and when I was that it was he was the first time that the Word of God. Really picking my heart. And it was me being like really personal send me read read verses and came to tell me like I want you to insert your name right there because he did that for you. And every time it hang out she would always tell me he should think about canvassing reshipping about this program called Youth. And you know last night. I like your so much that I was like. I'll pray about it and they did what. And that's all it took for God to be that right that's good enough. Long story short little in that aspect. I want to use rush that summer. And God it just changed my entire world. It was really interesting because the more I was trying to reach out for the souls. Like I realized that the first part that God was trying to win with my own. It's really amazing how God can use you in trying to reach other people that he's saving you at the same time. And I started seeing him do that in my life. As I have doing this work. Knocking on people's stories going out of your comfort zone to go into theirs to bring them the gospel in a very simple way. In the messages in our books. I got to see you like God really working. There is this one experience where there is man who is literally on his deathbed. And he told me that he could die any minute. He got us that's the case in me. And before I left. He told me he's like you know something that's really interesting is just ten minutes ago. I was on my knees praying that God would show me that he loved me. And then here you are coming to my door with a book. Telling me that I can understand how God is my friend. And that he does love me. And you know it's interesting because there's so much more that this work into that we don't even really see the time that I was really sold out for this work is when I met someone that reminded me of my own family members. Do any of you guys have family members or loved ones or friends that you're praying for them to come to God Maybe just it away or they've never given their hearts a virus. Yes I did feel. One of them is the degree one of my cousins. And as I was talking to this guy. Everything about him reminded me of my cousin. And it's that's the one it dawned on me. You know all the people that you're going in trying to reach. These are someone else's family members who know that they're praying for them to get reached. And that if someone had the opportunity to go to your family member. Like wouldn't you want them to spread the gospel to them. That's the same thing that you're doing in little evangelism is you're going to other people's families that they really want to bring to case. And this actually that guy was really pressing on my heart like I want you to be in this work longer. Like I want you to continue to reach out and I want you get trained morning. And God are sitting on my heart that he wanted me to go to souls less and. You know just to give you a background about my about myself. I'm half Asian. Haven't you any of you guys have these in Terence or you know what it's like to be eating and how very important school is going to be as an agreement at that. Well let's just understand that I had one semester left to finish my bachelor's degree in fact it was amusing they got it open up the way that doing you thresh. I got college credits at a secular universities to be able to do you think that's how much garbage trying to get me sold into this work that he was opening all of these stories. Since I only had one semester lesson God is putting on my heart like. I want you to put your degree on hold and I want you to get trained and learn how to polish serves me. That was probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to meet the call a parent and tell them you know I'm I'm not going to finish my degree this December in. Instead I'm going to go by will college. You can just imagine the the World War three that went on in my home. And you know. I can small enough about it now but it was really really hard as I was talking to my brother everyone to live as upset with me and my brother told me you know. Don't plan on coming home because you don't have a home the guts to come home to you. And right now like you were written out of the real IT mom and dad are so upset with you. Like how could you do this to them like them to give you an understanding my mom worked ten years and her entire paycheck. Just went to her is me in labor this college man so that we could go to school like that street and threw me to this site through all of that a way to go to a Bible College is really hard to understand. I got blasted from every single one of my family members in making that decision. And for some reason as hard as it was. I couldn't tell God no. And I couldn't tell my parents yes. And so I just kept praying about it and I went. Canvassing that. That same day that I had talked to my brother. And that was probably the roughest a like I've never cried so much in my life and then that moments when my parents were in the process of disowning me because I just wanted to follow God. And I wanted to work for him. And you know it's interesting because I've never been able to connect with people more than when I realized how broken I really was that I could reach the people that are really out there just broken and searching for God. At the end of that day my brother texted me here want you to give me a call. I'm not going to lecturing were like I just want to understand. He realized that if anyone was going to listen to me it would have to be Kim. And so I called my brother. On the way back into for I've said. I was his family were asleep. I don't even know what to tell him. In it goes impressing me to tell him is a very specific story. A little bit more information about me ism. I had a twenty three year old cousin. Mean Jeremy. And about six years ago. He had a heart and I was in that bracelet and he passed away. But three weeks before he died. My brother had previously gone to Bible College and he learned how to how to preach. And he was doing this there MN one of the churches and he invited my cousins a come along. And this cousin was in Christian or anything and so he came in as again I want to see my my cousin for each. And that day when my brother made the pill for people to raise their hand and accept God Is it Christmas Eve years my cousin Jenny roses and that day and so he put that story in my mind from to remind my brother of that and you know. My brother has fallen away. A little bit from God He he would tell me that he almost regretted going to that Bible College. And I don't know all of the hurt that he really went through. Because putting on my heart to tell him you know what. If God had to go to that Bible College. So you could learn how to preach. For that one sermon fridge emulate. Isn't that worth it just for those like the salvation of your cousinly Isn't that worth everything. And he started crying and. You told me you know what you're right. Like it is worth it like I would I would do it all over again no matter what hurt I went through just. So I could see Journey and heaven windy and it is interesting because at the very end of that conversation he told me he's a you know. I know you said that like. The reason why we call his hocks each other was so you could explain why you felt the need to go to school. Less. But this conversation has really been for me. He told me that he had one foot out of the church and he was just waiting for another reason to leave. But you just brought me back in. You know God has really interesting ways of reaching our families. And you know if I had to go through it all over again. Just to bring my brother back into the church I was it all over again. And I just want to encourage you guys. That this year evangelism. It's really changed my life. Once. Because it reached my own heart. Too because it reaches the hearts of the people that you're going out and talking to you. And just to give you an update of how my brother is feeling. He's actually been reading the literature that that and what his fitness. And I've been seeing a huge champ. From a ship in just simply reading the message. That that we really house and see explain that so beautifully in the books that we carry. Thank you. Jenelle for those of you came in this is now jewel of new Tracy. Assistant Lucian that she's director central California conference. She's going to give us his short personal testimony. Good afternoon everyone as taxing the errors of war. And I saw that I was always happy I I really have a burden for literature ministries it is personally changed my life and some excited to be able to share. Well God has done in my life. Yes knocking at the on the notion that if we start a classy it. Anybody And so I said. Aka I grew up in the country of Norway live there for ten years and so that's Norwegian. You know the Vikings. You're right. The growth there. Live there for ten years my mom is always in my dad's American and and we lived there and. When I was about fifteen years old my parents felt a call like Abraham to bring us back over to knighted States. So I get a good Christian Avonex education and even Avonex education over there is quite liberal in some ways and so at least in the area that we were at and so they brought us over here I went to avenues the cattle me here. Anybody know because. Yes. Tas pocket he actually gave a week of prayer my school. And I gave my life to the Lord. When I was a junior in high school I remember getting on my knees back. Right. Weeping for the first time realizing that Jesus could actually. You know help me with my life and I was so beautiful. I remember growing up knowing a lot of things about the Bible anybody could and then if I grow up Christianity and you know a lot about the Bible. But I personally didn't know a lot about Jesus or rather getting to know him I didn't know him very much myself. Experience surely I remember just a little story to illustrate. Did a lot of things ritualised they want to use conferences when the G.I.'s in Sacramento way back in the day. Did all those things. And I remember one of the US conference at my church or caused by Nelson Ernst. The glow guy. And some other people they came up and they had little glow tracts and they came up and this is when it just started I think it's a thousand and seven and they said. Glow is awesome you guys didn't pass it all it just started. It's so easy so simple they shared testimonies and I remember sitting in the chairs just like you and I was like. I'm never going to pass one of those things out and look now I work for a blow at work for literature ministries God is in the process of changing hearts that going to illustrate to me like I didn't have an experience with him because then L. mind says of the natural result of being converted is the want to share what you believe God through providential things. After falling away after high school. Brought me back into our relationship with him through call portering I want my friends highly bright they came and recruited where I was at and I and I said you know I'll pray but I prayed once. Just like Jenelle. And that's that was how simple my walk with God was I was like large and I go. If Doug. I'll get accepted I was except I don't think any more about it is went and. Just a quick illustration of what happened during that summer it was amazing. I think of Peter and John Chapter twenty one where it says there that the Jesus home and feed my sheep hear my lambs and I realize that some are that I could not feed. God's sheep. Without food and then. I was out there in the field saying you need trusting a need to believe these promises get these books to help you tell you about the. By Jesus in the prophecies. And here I am like struggle with my own faith even persevere. I would have to go back and study my Bible and pray. And when I was that my by our prayers like let's go back out. And then I would live man I mean. I need Jesus in a little back and forth back and forth. And my walk with Jesus increased. One last story that illustrates my my my. Means inclusion with my testimony is I want to Souls was got a call me to go to souls last because he said before you go into ministry. I was going to theology said. I want you to get to know me first before you know more about me already know enough. And easy to get to know me so I went to souls West. And I remember the last day of soul as West I had packed all my stuff out of the room even moved all the furniture out. And so I was having devotions in my car because there was no nowhere to do it in the room and I remember sitting there I remember looking out the window kind of zone kind of like prayerful attitude and I said you know what it is dawned on me. I found you. I found you. Wow off. I found you. I came to the school to get to know Jesus. To go door to door and and have to like see my need of God living a comfortable seven Tamina slight my whole life and here I am in the field. Anybody ever not doors before. It's uncomfortable. If you seriously. I mean you see you need a god and you have to trust ages forces you into a relationship with Jesus Christ. It's awesome. And I remember looking I said I as I said thank you Jesus. I found. Like I can actually say that I am a friend of golf. It was tower full. It was powerful that summarizes my walk with Jesus even now I have the privilege of doing the same for others I work full time in ministry training other people through glow and youth rush to experience that same as it were you know using literature of and wisdom and our rich as a catalyst to stimulate a walk with Jesus gotta change my heart through aggressive Angeles I'm and he wants to do that with all of us. And I want to read a quote here just at the end. It's found in Christian service and many other places. A Christian service page one hundred says. Strength to resist evil is best. Gain an aggressive service. You want to have victory over sent you want to have a deeper walk with Jesus. No matter what God is calling you to do do something aggressive for him because that is where it just stimulates this. Help you see your need of Jesus as what God did for me. He used literature. He used outreach to reach in and God wants to do that to you for you as well as I challenge you. If you want to get to know Jesus deeper if you if you're not satisfy whether you're at do something aggressive just switch directions go all out for Jesus as what he did for me. And I challenge you do the same. Thank you. Your Bibles to Job Chapter one job. Chapter one. So the our base text for today. Thank you Joe and gentle for sharing your personal testament. The world listens to young adults who have a powerful testament Job Chapter one it's free one more time. Father as we open the Scriptures. Please teach us from your word. Help our time together to be productive in Jesus name. Job Chapter one Verse seven and the Lord said to Satan. From where do you come. So Satan answered the Lord and said. From going to and fro on the earth. And from walking back and forth on it's going to and fro on the earth and walking back and forth on it. Ever been a neighborhood. And you see some guys walking back and forth. And they look like they're up to no good. I've seen that a lot especially in my work because we're out in all kinds of neighborhoods. This picture is a picture of an African sunset. I was married in the Republic of South Africa. And we went back there. A year ago. In the fall. And we took what's called a night drive a night safari. Europe on one of those safari vehicles up high and it was awesome and we went up. We went out just as the sun was setting. And after a few minutes. The the. The tour guide. The Safari leader. He takes the big safari vehicle and he pulled it to the side and kind of like we're blocking the road and he gets out slowly. He goes and he gets his rifle. And this is OK but it can get out now. And I'm like World case when you're in this part. The size of the Netherlands. Huge size of the Netherlands with a fence around it. With wild animals inside all kinds of wild animals. There we can get out now the drinks you have drinks most of the stuff. So I'm looking around my wife and you know she's from the public of South Africa. She's like I don't know if we want to do this and already files out and I file out. And it's cool because you're out there in the wild you don't know what's out there I got a picture of there's a guy that's that's the Safari this guy was so cool and. That's me with my vacation. Beard. But this guy and his knowledge is super knowledgeable. And so we're out there it's in the dark. You know and you don't know what's right around the corner. In other words. It's dangerous out there it's real these are real wild animals. It's not just make believe it's not fake. There is a quote that I want to think about right here. OK. This is that this is a quote that I want to meditate on OK this is from Ellen White. In the eighty eight Materials. Whenever a book is presented. That will expose error. Satan is close by the side of the one to whom it is offered and urges reasons why it should not be accepted. OK. So every time I presented a piece of literature to someone every time. Satan is right by the side of the one to whom it is presented. Urging reasons why it should be accepted this is dumb don't do this. This person isn't legitimate. You know whatever OK I hope will list the reasons. So it says whenever. That's every single time. And in our work we see this happen over and over again there's that struggle between angels and demons. For someone sold. Here's the rest of the quote from Casey's urging reasons why it should not be accepted that happens every time. But a divine agency is that works to influence minds. In favor of the light. Ministering angels will oppose their power. But to that of Satan. So here comes here comes Satan. Boom. Reason one reason to reason three reason for. Here comes ministering angels. Opposing their power to that of Satan and you've got a real war. It's its lads. This is live in action happening. A fight. And as humans were standing there watching this stuff happen. So if you've seen that so if you've seen that when you've handed a piece of literature to someone Have you seen that. Some of you have seen that. Not just when you had a piece of litter to someone you've seen that in people's hearts and lively when you give it a Bible study you get a Bible study. Or you see someone someone is making an appeal an evangelist making an appeal and they invite people forward in the person's like about to get out of their seat you seen that struggle. This happens particularly when it comes to literature in the last days. For those of you who were here at the last seminar in the seminar before. You know that literature is a major way that God reaches people's hearts. But here we are told that there is a struggle. Every time a piece of literature is presented I keep my glow tracks in my back pocket. The little plastic protectors I sit on my tracks all day long and I've got this one here what the world needs now. Go on evolution. And this explain the right is nice of Jesus Christ what the world needs now. Beautiful tract. So if I hand this to somebody at a gas station. You can be sure that the demons are not happy with that. And that they'll try to to discourage not only me from handing it. But from the person to read it etc So every time there's this. This interaction that you can. You can be sure that there's something supernatural. That is happening Matthew thirteen versus one thousand nine hundred thirteen Person one thousand genes This describes this process. In Matthew thirteen. He describes what I'm talking about. And this is this is in his interpretation of one of his parables. Matthew thirteen versus one thousand genes A says. When anyone hears that word in anyone. When anyone hears the word of the kingdom. And does not understand it then who've. The the evil one the wicked one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is he who received seed by the wayside. So Jesus here again if he's describing this where Satan the successful. Gate. Satan comes along. Snatches it away. I want to share some stories now for the next remaining hour much time we have are me I want to share some stories about God's intervention. God supernatural intervention. We get to be in a work when and you can too. When you've asked outlook tracks we're in a work. Where we see this exchange take place. And the last two seminars I told a whole bunch of stories. And I'd like to tell some more some of which are directly God special intervention. I remember I was in a home once. And we had gotten into a home we had presented we made a spiritual appeal to these two people. And we had asked them to to get books. And they were struggling with that you could tell there was up there was a struggle or whatever and these were Christian folk. And when they say excuse me I've got to go upstairs she went upstairs and I remember her coming down the stairs and she looked at me and she said that this great spiritual earnestness she said as she slapped down a whole bunch of hundred dollar bills. She said. The Holy Spirit just told me to buy these books. I'm buying them. So here's that struggle again. Like this and she listen to the Holy Spirit. I want to I want to share a video with you now. And I don't have audio son going to put my P.C. speakers to the microphone. And I hope this works well. This is a story about Stanley. Stanley is a non Christian. Who's attending Seventh Day Adventist Academy in Southern California. It is a Stanley. Thank you because I go. I want to show. I came here. I thought people want to be picked. I was not an advantage. The one they thought for you. I was walking on the campus and. I thought one of the little the global is called Dept of Health. And I read it for find the all in the last twenty pounds. Six months the those incredible. Didn't ever do my last fall and there was one thing called trust God. And I decided to follow that through first time I read. Bible. I set the buffet and. It's the intent of my life. I read Bible. And I didn't really understand what it's saying. And about Few much everything but the call my church pastor. I went there before. And the paths and to him a Bible study plain everything that I needed to know. But then you all. Revelation the allot of prophecy. In the Bible. And it was really to the end I decided to get Bob. Later in tears elephants are really getting in is very incredible. That I found this little booklet. On the floor and. Let me get by a highly recommend you to have to go of that they might throw away. But I found in the past it's out. Make sure that you passed that the people were defined it on the floor. Are you kidding. He founded on the floor. Amazing. Folks this happens over and over again. We have stories about people somebody wrote in to us. And they said oh I found this glow tracked on the sidewalk as I was shopping for houses down in such and such a city and they write in for bible studies this happens over and over again. One guy. He he had a Bible study interest card. He was taking put it and threw in the trash. He took it out to trash it somehow fell out of his trash and it's gone up on the ground. It's dead there through the winter it got soggy and yucky. It's after the winter. It dried out. The guy. One of his friends came over to visit his What's this I found this on the ground it's about the interest of the Senate is that size. Amazing God's intervention. God cares about that stuff so much. I want to share one of the video with you. This is a. This is a video of a prominent atheist. A prominent atheist in America. He hangs out with Sam Harris and. What's his name the other famous guy Dawkins. They hang out and. This guy's name is Penn Jillette. He's a comedian some of you may know him. Penn Jillette is comedian. Atheist comedian. And he tells the story. Video himself he tells a story about somebody approaching him with a piece of Christian literature. I want to talk about this. I would hope the show at the end of the show others I've mentioned before with gloves talk to folks with Simon casual autograph. And there was one guy waving over to the Salima you know what I call the helper position. After it was all dog big guy. Probably about me. Because. He had been the. The guy who has pics to joke. During our psychic comedian. Section of the show. We had the props from that in this hand. As we get those away. For the joke book of the Albany all of the paper. Stuff. You haven't seen the live show or the worth explaining the problem the show them and give them the night before. It wasn't the guy that night. And he walked over to me and he said I was here last night at the show. I saw the show the likes of that one and he was very complimentary of my use of language. Complimentary about you know. Hardesty and stuff. Said Nice stuff every Stickler piece of the stuff. And then he so I brought this for you. And he handed me a pocket. EDITION. Fucked up in the New Testament also all of the songs maneuvers America. Solves from within just part of the New Testament. Little book about this being the thick of things that I wrote in the front of it. But I want you to have this. Of kind of proselytizing. Of any sort of a businessman. I'm saying I'm not crazy. Pray let me write me all I did all of this. And. Well before. I believe he knew that I was an atheist. But he was not defensive. And he looked me right in the US and he was truly complimentary It wasn't in the way. It didn't seem like empty flattery. He was really kind and nice and sane. And look me in the allies and talk to me. And then gave me this bottle. And I've always said you know that I don't respect people who go prostitute as their respect at all if you believe that there's a heaven and hell. And people could be going to hell or not getting eternal life or whatever. And you think that. Well it's not really worth telling them this. Because it would make it socially awkward and atheists who think that people shouldn't proselytize. Just leave me alone keep your religion to yourself. How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize. How much you have and somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell the back to be divided believe gonna shut up about that a truck was coming at you and you didn't believe it. That truck was bearing down on you. There's a certain point right tack and this is more important. The man. And I've always thought that. But I've written about that I thought of it. Conceptually. This guy was a really good guy. He was polite and on assist and sane. And he cared enough about me to proselytize. And give me a Bible which had written in a little note to me. Not very personal but just you know like to show and so on and then like five fellow members form an email address. If I want to get in touch. Now I know there's no God and one. Polite person living his life right. Doesn't change that. But I tell you he was a very very very good man and. That's really important and with that kind of goodness. It's OK to have that deep. Revengeful think that privilege does a lot of. That's all what the US think. You can't we said. How much do you have to hate someone with an interesting. But did you see his response to someone who is genuine and then did you see what was going on this head. While the guys handing him a Bible. See that. You see that he was like this. And there's that this going. You see that this guy. He's a very interesting guy to think about actually. If he doesn't demon supernatural beings literature in the struggle for the soul let me share a few more stories in the early days of the avenue search. There was an administration and who loved literature and he said. I want to let God have a chance to do something and intervene and help the work in a small country in South America it's called British guy Anna. And he found a ship that was going to British guy Anna and he took a whole bundle of tracts bundle literature. And he found a ship. And he said to the captain please sir would you take this to produce Canada and place it somewhere in a prominent important lease take this. For me and I'll pay you didn't the guy like I really don't want to do this but yeah OK. You persuaded me. So that happens at the bundle of tracks sales down to the British guy and he gets their knees like why did I put let this guy persuade me this is dumb. And he takes the pulled the thing of literature and goes. The NG and throws it on the dock. And it goes past. And it's sitting on the dock. Wouldn't you know it. Some guy walks along. Finds a piece of the scattered pieces of paper. Picks up a tract it's on the Sabbath he reads it and the administers is born in that country. That amazing. That supernatural. You're from that country. Praise god sister. Beautiful. The true story. People but there's a guy that found a vandal six lair in the trash he was baptized. Over and over and I could tell you story after story. Is that one of my favorite stories is this this guy's right now at Andrews University seminary. He was in his house. Someone unhappy. Worldly not satisfied. And negative. And some girl. This young girl from A.S.I.. Youth for Jesus and He knows what that is she's fourteen years old and she had a habit of twirling your hair so she came to the door and she was fourteen she was touring your hair and she says hi. You know used in Bible studies and handsome literature or whatever. And he's like No I'm not interested at all and close the door on or. And there's a guy who was right behind this girl lost she was smiling he was observing. And the they went the next Tori's like now I gotta go back Man that guy needs the Lord he goes back knocks again. And appeals to the guy to take the. Take the literature and the guy and. The guy on the inside of the doors like. He had prayed. After he closed the door on the girl he said. Yes they come back one more time God then you're real. The guy comes back knocks on the door he opens a door he spits stun. He takes the flyer. Go it goes the end of six series is baptized became a Bible worker and now he's a seminary. True story. Sorry but you're probably seven years ago. True story. Story after I can say story after story is one of our young men. Not going to door at tried to show books and he's like No no no I bought ten of these books last summer. They were amazing. I found the nearest administration I baptized. And I kids like wow that's amazing story after story I can tell you some of the evidence wife buys ten books to nonna seventh heaven husband read steps to Christ in his back ties. Over a month later. Over and over again I can tell you more stories. Let me just fast forward here this is Ashley. Ashley is precious she came home one day after she'd been reading a bunch of these books on. Not Harry Potter but let's let the other one. A twilight. She been reading Twilight. And a bunch of books like Twilight she came home one day to her apartment complex. And she goes to put her key in the door. And she finds a glow tract. And it's on Twilight. She reads this she calls in for bible studies. I goes over studied the Bible with her. She's baptized. She gets married. Has been baptized there now major players in their home church. He's the husband is the youth leader. Praise God. I don't even know who put that glow tracks on the door. Amazing Satan see Satan thought the Hatter. Same thought you had or. Can you imagine the struggle that went on between angels and demons. When he comes home with her he in the door and find that track is saying no I've got this girl. So what was out what was our quotes go back to our quote. It's review it. Whenever a book is presented or piece of literature right is it presented that will expose air. Satan is close by the side of the one thing that is offered an urge is reason why it should not be accepted. Don't pick that card up off the grant ground. Don't pull it out of the trash can. Don't take it off the door. Don't believe it. But a divine agency is it work to influence minds in favorable light. I don't know what the battle looks like turn your Bibles to Daniel Chapter ten. Dan Chapter ten is where the most remarkable stories in all of Scripture. You don't have time to go through a lot of it today is one of the most remarkable stories. In all of Scripture. I have to look at my Bible. To make sure it's act and actually seeing it correctly. Daniel Chapter ten. So Daniel sees the vision of a glorious man. He's a Mason gets down on the on his hands and knees in the dog position he can hardly stand he can hardly breathe he says. The angel strengthens him. And verse verse ten. Suddenly a hand touched me which made me tremble on my knees on the palms of my hands and in Daniel ten verse ten. And he said to me Oh Daniel. Man greatly beloved understand the words that I speak to you in stand up rights. For I have now been sent to you while he was speaking this word to me. I stood trembling verse twelve then he said to me Do not fear Daniel for from the first day that you set your heart to understand. And the home of yourself before your God Your words were heard and I have come. Because of your words. When did he start praying. Reversed. To verse one in the third year Cyrus king of Persia OK. Verse two. In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks I ate no pleasant food no meat or one came into my mouth or did I know it myself at all till three whole weeks. Were fulfilled he went on the twenty one day. Modified fast. Of twenty one day. Modified fast. He started praying twenty one days ago. And the angel. Takes twenty one days to reach him. Why did the angel take twenty one days to reach in verse twelve. The anniversary of it says says it's as from the first day you set your heart to understand in the humble yourself before you got your words were hurt. And I have come because of your words. Phrase got. But why was there a twenty one day delay. What happened. Verse thirteen. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia. Withstood or resisted me. How op. Twenty one day and behold Michel. One of the chief princes came to help me for I had been left alone there with the Kings of Persia what. A divine agencies work to is that work to influence of minds in favor of the light. So here. The angel says. Well I would have been here twenty one days ago but I got stuck. I got held up along the way. Commentators are divided. As to whether fact if you have a. If you have a newer translation in the newer translations actually translate this demon prince. We don't know whether it is the actual prince of for Persia who was of a human being who was resisting God's will. It's human desires him and choices or whether it was some supernatural prince of signs of the king of Persia now that Don't be confused this is not. I'm not teaching territorial spirits. OK. But. But whatever the case is this supernatural being got held up along the way. And he and Daniel's prayer for twenty one days Daniel was praying in his prayer was not answered. And there was a fight. There was a fight between angels and demons in Daniel Chapter ten. That Daniel didn't know about. And the fight was over the future of God's people. It's fascinating and life comments on this particular which we don't have time to go into on this particular story. And then at the end of verse thirteen that I read. Michael comes to help. For I had been left alone there with the Kings of Persia. What kind of battle are we talking about are we talking about. You need more or angels of higher authority I don't know the Bible doesn't spell it out. But evidently there was some kind of supernatural struggle here when Michael showed up. It pushed everything along nicely. That's what it seems to say doesn't. That's what it seems to say. And then he goes on and continues with with his explanation of the vision. Today on look at verse twenty one. I will tell you what is in the scripture of truth. No one uphold me against these except Michael your prince. And then eleven first one i even the first you have derived to me I even I stood up to confirm and strengthen him so this angel is strengthening a human power. So there's a supernatural struggle that goes on for the Spurs for people souls. When I'm going to skip through some of these other stories these are cool baptism stories. Absolutely just beautiful stories. These people baptized with God supernatural intervention this is an amazing story. These people picked up three Sabbath tracts just amazing. This is a letter from a contact. You know what I'm not going to be disseminate and skip through them to get to the story. This is Joe Dana. Some of you know Jordan Ashburn. I grew up in an ad in a home. We always went to satisfy one church. I received an avenue said acacia my whole life I even served as a student missionary. Where was I headed I was headed out the door of the some Devon's church. Being an advantage to me simply met Vespers Friday night church on Sabbath lots and lots of haystacks vegetarian cafeteria and a policy of no jewelry. But I did not know my Bible I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus by the way she sent this testimony to meet on unsolicited I did not ask her for them to do this but I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. I did not even heard of the three angles messages. I was a cultural Adventist a cultural Adventist. Maybe some of you are like me. I was like George and I grew up in a cultural avenues. That was just my thing and he was time to get outside so I did whatever. I gave God One summer. Only three months. I had in my head the notion that solicitors again he she decided to participate in salute your man is what I don't actually what I don't have on this slide is a part of her testimony where she says that she was at an ad when a school. And she had friends around her who were saying Come over here study this religion with me she studied Zurab for the air routes so how do you see their ass tree in Islam Buddhism. All kinds of New Age philosophies. Satan was after her seeking was after her she studied those the Tanach philosophies. By of her own accord. And she was confused so we talked at some of our number one about the confusion and uncertainty in the postmodern and secular mind. The confusion and uncertainty. Uncertainty that an experience that confusion. So she decided to give God One summer. I had in my head the notion of solicitors were an annoyance I said up to the print literature Avengers and program angry with myself for a green to be one of those annoying persons. However my heart softens I realize some people behind those doors had prayed for someone like me to come. My heart softens I realize some people had no way of going to a church and no way of knowing about Jesus. Unless I come to your belief. My heart softened as some people cried. And I was able to remind them a Savior who loves them. And in my heart softened as I bumped into a new age lady. Same stuff she was studying. Say tannic teachings. Who reminded me of myself and said you came it just the right moment. I came back the every night full of joy God was meeting my challenge to the literature of end of the work that is change my life I've never experienced a miracle before. Supernatural miracles and never know what a divine appointment was like and never felt the joy that I received the results and knocking on strangers doors. It is the reason that I am still in the church. She's now the field director for voice of prophecy wish on going strong. It is the reason that I'm still in the church. Seats in the desires to have us that he may sistas as we leave Chapter twenty two. Satan has desired to have you back let's look at that in closing I got to lose the. Luke Chapter twenty two. It's a very interesting passage about the struggle for the soul. The supernatural struggle for the soul. The words of Jesus in Luke twenty two. The twenty two in verse thirty one and Jesus is speaking to Peter. These are speaking to be to Peter. And he uses Peter's name twice. And when Jesus does that it's. It's to for a fact for him for emphasis. But I sense that it's also out of love and the Lord said the twenty two verse thirty one of the Lord said Simon. Simon. Indeed. Satan has asked for you that he may sift you. As a priest why. Tell me why does Satan. Need to come to God and ask for someone. Isn't that interesting. This faith and have to come to judge after one is walking up and down in the earth. Did you have to come up to God say I want. That one particularly and I want that one to you see that the struggle. Indeed seeking has asked for you that he may sister you as we did say in an accurate today that he may take you out. That's what he's saying. But I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail. And when you have returned to me and strengthen your breath. Wow you know feel like anybody else is praying for you know if you like praying for yourself and praying for the nice. Whenever a book is presented that will expose Satan and his errors. Satan is right by the side of the one to whom it is presented. Urging reasons why it should not be accepted but angels. Oppose their force to that of state. Yes my. You guys going down the right side. Yes Want to help us all to be used by the. By the supernatural forces for good. Going to be that. I did see. But say. Thank you Lord for the privilege of being involved in the supernatural conflict to help us as we appeal to people as we minister to people as we hand out literature. As we as we use to literature like you want us to use it as a big parts of the supernatural battles of the souls of the people around us. And I pray for those in this room. I pray that all of us will return to our churches and schools. Full of your holy spirits ready to reach the hearts that are around us. And I pray this Lord in Jesus' name that you would do this for us and give us from. Yes. Jesus. This method was recorded. He watched the twenty four team come from the cross in Phoenix Arizona. Gee why should be a supporting Ministry of Defense dead then she's to seek to inspire young people to be bible say Christ then. And so when Christian. To download or purchase other beautiful things like this. This is tough on line. W W W G Y She went double.


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