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5. How to Reach the Five Major Religion Using Literature -Part 2

Michael Tuazon


Michael Tuazon

Director of SOULS-West



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC good morning everyone did to see you will hear excited that you decided to come and learn more about Muslims and Islam and does religion know that it's been a privilege be able to share with you God is upon my heart in my bill 's heart as well and again if you have any questions about anything or if you would like the presentations we would be more than happy to give these to you because of time constraints were not able to really fully go in depth into some of the subjects and so you would be a lot easier with you for us to just give you the presentation to be some of the materials and you can go from there I feel notice that on your seats I have print out a little card and that is how to witness to Muslims and using the cross and so on hopefully you find that helpful there's a lot more information along with things he can get not level resources and there is I learned a lot of this stuff from all I did a lot of research but there's also some in particular who I learned a lot of his resources from and she shared his testimony at UIC I believe it was in all to Moore that he shared his his testimony and his name is Sam Brunello he is in Australia currently but he has an e-mail and he told me to give you his e-mail in case you have questions and he said he will give you all the material you want a regard as for free as long as you pay for postage soaking paper postage will give this to you to produce a lot of materials he dedicated his life to learning more about Islam and his e-mail is S a.m. Sam Sam Manolo Diaz and boy oh and is and Nicole E L L O Sam Brunello B O N E L L O Gmail .com he is the best person that I know of in regards to making presentations for Muslims and I've learned great deal from him and so if you would like more pronounced than what you have in digital resources there's there's like and he produced something that has pages and pages and pages of how you can use the Carano hot occur on talks about Jesus and is really fascinating you like those things should be more than happy to give his materials they produced handouts that produced a number of things he had industries to be based in Michigan and God brought him back to his country in Australia so he's the best person that I know over in regards to that I have to leave a couple minutes early come in I have to be on stage right after this to talk about the outreach which are already doing then and still am in beginning this couple minutes early but my good friend Jason Carlson who become in an coming up and talking about how you can do below and also how you can do a youth rush as well and that is how you can canvas and done many view maybe you saw that video yesterday and saw video of all the coal porters in the preview I see for those of you want to do them more Jason will be coming up at the ending to be talking about that all right well organ be getting right into its own intimate the only good fringes soldier so that you walking right to sell so can you grab on a great controversy from up in the boot Jason 's year the bank is usually canvassing bank back of it all there should be of the canvassing bag at the souls booted you can grab big recovery steps across you can grab the campus and bag at the very end I will also share with you some things that we've done regarding the canvassing work and how we have found designed to a campus energy Sam help the scientist Candace Holly campus Muslims in regards to our books and they've been really helpful I've we campus Muslims and they've got gotten our publications and explain to those things in the moment by the author Mildred are the ones that will revert father in heaven I come before you unworthy vessel trying to share the little that I know there is a great multitude of people out there are friends the Muslims and I don't have the slightest who our reach one five billion of them when you do you care for them you love them you set them apart as a special nation 's children under Abraham so I pray that as we learn more for this morning we would have a greater burden for this special people and that there would be missionaries and that there would be people here at the very minimum we would know how to say certain things that would make them search the Scriptures for this in Jesus name my mother brought me to the Philippines as a missionary another kid she did some missionary work there and there's a really small island is closer to Malaysia closer to Indonesia than it is to the Philippines you look at the bottom left that little red square that Little Red Square is known as Mach one D Pauly Pauly and in that area that's where the train extreme version of Muslims by the way Islam is the second largest religious group in the Philippines you have Catholicism with about ninety percent then you have Muslims in the art are trained to be more of the extreme Muslims the very young ones who you see flying planes into the World Trade Center they were the ones who are trained in that region and that low word solver and a southern area of the Philippines and I zoomed in on a map to see the island and see that little tiny island on the left that's the small little island that my mother brought me to throw primitive there and there's not really much civilization there's no electricity there's no running water no flushing toilets is nothing like that and my mom and her friends as before she took me there they started a clinic the clinic would like this a meeting out of brick and mortar my mother is a C has a doctorate and teaches at Loma Linda University but she had a desire to to start clinics of her friends futilely started a clinic in this remote area in the Philippines and one particular morning to her three morning I wrote my mother tells me distinctly that she remembers hearing horses galloping Gala and you know it's a very distinctive sound hearing the Galvin the horses gallop she can get up is remembered as thinking while or something to be a lot of horses while her colleagues and other med school students got up in a look outside and on the second floor they looked out there is a second wherein he looked on the sawhorses surrounding the clinic didn't think anything of it woke up the next day and of course it was very hard for them to make friends because they are Muslim and my mom and her friends are Christian so they wanted nothing to do with Christians one night one of the villagers since they don't have electricity they have a beer bottle and put kerosene inside of your model in April orang inside me like that and that's the way will this beer bottle full of kerosene fell from the bedroom door from the net where it was placed on the table and it spills all over the young girl seven years old she had sent her body was seventy percent burns first-degree burns and a you know what to do in a die will now the villagers are desperate and brought her to my mother 's clinic is a healer for those of you who are medical professionals here if you are out there in the middle of nowhere you nothing I like these and you're given a young seven -year-old girl bird will be burned seventy percent and the Muslims don't even thing okay you're not real killer would you my mom and her friends are honestly desperate they had nothing to put banana leaves on her the breast milk on her they put whatever they could find on the freight on story short wheat two weeks later and he'll and she made a full recovery and today you could you did there's hardly any scars even the shell of the horrific events the villagers came to my mom and her friends and said we have a confession we were good I feel you all we had machetes and we came to your clinic to kill all of who we could get to the front door because the horse and we waited and waited but these forces surrounded the clinic with the funny part about that story there are no horses on that island so we look back on that my mother looks back on that she brought me to the islands run to replace that this happened and it's I was seven years old if this small remote island and engineer burden in a love for these people and it's been the island is a hundred percent Muslim but now they started never the school because it's a private school all of these Muslims are attending their singing what a friend we have in Jesus we see I have decided to follow Jesus and there is Jesus and we've had a number of baptisms number of them since he can have an SNL he changed it from infinity and some ominous like ninety nine percent Muslim surprise got well that is an introduction into as a kid the past and in the first exposure a half month they were there very nice and playing with them and it was so remote that nearly made up a ace basketball court was a primitive vessel according and we had we had one ball and this one ball you played soccer with a few played basketball with you played every sport with it and if you have employees coconut so that was the type of experience I had to get and I wanted to learn more about Islamism and share with you some of the things I've learned about Islam Islam the name Islam means one who submits one who submits the founder of Islam is Mohammed there are one five billion Muslims in the world today Muslims and Christianity are close in numbers they say there's about one six billion Christians that's including Catholicism and Protestants Christianity in evangelicals in every single set is one six billion Christians in his one five billion Muslims non-Muslims are growing at a faster rate some Muslims are probably due to being the number one religion in the next ten years all are is God I think a lot of refers to God and there inspired writings include the Koran sooner in the Old Testament of course of all of all the inspired writings the one that they look to as the highest authority is the Corolla driven to be looking a little bit and they believe in five major pillar this five page affiliates reeling over this five major pillars on my leave you see someone who is a Middle Eastern ninety nine percent chance this month so I don't know if any of you ever get picked up for shuttle from your forties a lot of the drivers from airport hotels are Muslim and or if you go to the East Coast lot of Islam Muslims especially their lot of a more logical for Middle Eastern one East Coast and moment I know that they are from the Middle East befriends off of their food obviously from how much I love the food but I also asked them questions and Steve asking questions such as the can you let me know about the five pillars and really interested in that and have you made your hardship any major food limitations are really talking about some of it keywords and the things that you can talk to them about the talk a little bit about the Cron the Koran took over twenty three years of this point presentation there are hundred fourteen chapters in the hundred in the chapters are called so does SU R eight S and the topics of the Koran include ethics history law and theology in the crawler is the size of the New Testament is about one third the size of the Bible that New Testament many memorize the Koran in Arabic even if you don't speak Arabic is to memorize the Koran in Arabic and it reads back to front to reading from the back of the front and the Koran is is mostly saying the recent occasions are singing a beautiful ninja mostly Muslim country near OKC maybe you have just here my wife and I this time with Indonesia which W know Indonesia has the most Muslims in the world of the Middle East is not continually Indonesia most Muslim world and they went up very early in the morning about five in the morning and you'll hear them singing and the first if you are not familiar with it is it because chem culture shock flouts on the loudspeaker and an almost something playing here to happiness in Kenya as well as modern Muslims in India this is a picture of the Koran it's a very beautiful book and this is a picture of the rights but the five pillars these are the five pillars of Muslims believe that they were born perfect the muscles believed more perfects Christianity is the only religion we believe that we start from the bottom start a sentence all the other religions they believe that your born perfect but because of forgetfulness because of sin because it ignorance you need a religion you need God that's kind of the belief in so here the five pillars the first pillar is to bear witness that there is one God Allah and Malik Mohammed is his prophet so that's the first pillar of Muslim unity a convert to moment you notify fillers over to you to pray five times a day facing Mecca it's really funny if you go to the App Store you type in Islam or the type and neck that you know they have apps now you can download the apps that have a accompanist that show you exactly were met is so you can pray to Mecca Asia's follows your phone says the strata in that direction document is so I pray five times a day facing Mecca number three you give to the poor third pillar of Islam you give to the poor number four fast during the month of Ramadan and Ramadan is usually in June usually at the end of May to the end of June or the beginning of June to begin to to the first part of July so typically end of May to the beginning of July somewhere in between that is Ramadan and when I see fast during the daylight hours so you're not want to eat during the daylight hours after sundown you can eat now if you happen to like Middle Eastern food if you go to a restaurant during the time of Ramadan there usually usually specialists in its Ramadan 's just giving you a ticket for those of you who needs to find a Middle Eastern restaurant and it's during Ramadan you can go there after sundown they may have like a egg special Ramadan a face special coding of even fasting all day and so forth seven ninety nine you can all-you-can-eat Middle Eastern fix the unit plugged in and in the last pillar is that you are going to make a pilgrimage to Mecca one time in your life calling Hans H a J J you to make a pilgrimage to Mecca and so something that I like to ask people on many Muslims handing major pilgrimage in my guts but all is good once I have enough money saved only my pilgrimage so that's usually what they tell me so those are some things that I do whenever I asked them when asked to try to make friends Muslims believe that their board purpose of the problems forgetfulness because were forgetful we need a remedy in the remedy are the five pillars so it's not saying that the root problem is forgetfulness coyly as a people so let's go into the characteristics of the people Muslims review alcohol an important is good for us eleven is right if you been coming to these meetings then at the end I give you an administered Bennett's right what is it about our feet that is truly distinctive we can reach these people and as we go to who they are the people you will notice that there's a lot of commonalities with them in the Adventism and Islam were to Muslims hold traditional values traditional family values number three people who prepare for the coming judgment by good works generally believe in a coming judgment the report people who believe that the Bible has been corrupted appears here is what I find difficult in reaching out to them they believe the Bible is corrupted and that the Koran is a is is superior number five they are people out in their lives after Mohammed Emily go through the three different kinds of Muslims the first kind a Muslim is the Sunni the Sunni and the Shia their very similar in regards to their beliefs are very similar in regards to how the enough of the five pillars the very similar reports to their belief and Mohammed Allah but the difference is if I can use an illustration you member Solomon after United we had to install King David and King Solomon what happened after King Solomons in November yes the kingdom split who were the two kings yes Redbone and Jeroboam who was as an ornament was Solomon son yes Rehoboam was Solomon 's son right okay Joe all was someone who was selected in the Reynolds In re Henry Bowman Jeroboam son followed his son the bloodline and in some follows the more capable leader when it comes to the city this silly baseball after the death of Mohammed they followed the most capable leader who is the best to leave Islam Michiana bidding wanted to follow the bloodline we believe that you have to follow the bloodline and so that's why there is this division of who's really believe Sunnis they have their leader Shia having of their leader but just like judo and just like Israel they still believe in the same God aim standards with thinking with his menu have the Pacific the superheroes spiritual new age must here's an important phrases or something to consider the important word and Islam this is important when you talk to them the working hot J I H eighty G G Hogg refers to the struggle and there are four major jihadists were major struggles the first one is that you thought himself second one is that you are not against the tongs must be careful what you say the jihadist in the hands against doing something wrong stealing hitting someone you thought against swords is against fighting against people when it comes down month-long Islamic jurist born the really peaceful people as my absences in the purest vision before people now are their extreme weirdos enough to fortunately there are integrated to let any faith alloy just like in his verify this means they are not nor somehow we had this this messed up understanding of Muslims in the habit we conjured up long pictures and long ideas his mother reported phrases that you can tell the city never heard of these before they often loan I like thank you SCC is a list a get this right and some fun with it again and then in July if God wills us alone you interlock this I have some of you that back in my better half and I have yet to find a great okay so know if that's a little bit about a month here's what would American cinema fortunately he does what Americans think of Muslims if we were to ask waiting to Muslims is the fixes that contra people 's minds this half of this consciousness think of women this value is interesting is if you have Muslims and when you think of Christians now here we have in America these terrific fears about Muslim but if you have to love them with Elizabeth Christianity not to think that so you don't feel enough of this was really very mind is filled with one of our own Internet off is what Muslims think of Christians now ready to view ask a Muslim he was totally little bit about what you think of Christians give me some words some some word pictures what do you think of Christians that they think others us are here playboy Cosmo magazine cigarettes are women wear skimpy clothes we go out and get drunk and guess what they also think that would one kill people as well is what they think of Christianity as well now the beautiful thing is that the Avenue 's have an advantage we have a bridge between Muslims and Christianity how will look at all the things that we have in common we have food dietary food laws no pork the health laws no alcohol or harmful substance we believe in the literal judgment day guess what they believe in the literal Judgment Day strong emphasis in the Old Testament Strong belief in profits modesty and we believe in the second coming with seven major things that we have in common with Muslims and him and to share with you a few chips on how you can reach them how you can talk to them first off someone gave me this tip and of will to give my mother distant membership the story my mom she went to the Philippines and what's that the remote Island and the problem was when they first went to the island many of the Muslims ask them what religion are you my mom and her friends of course that they are Christian mistake number one don't see that your Christian to Muslim or something better saving your Seventh-day Adventists in order to ask what you said a what method you will so someone says something the MSM meet a Muslim and he feels what religion are you within the evidence was that she will report Arabic alcohol I believe in a literal Judgment Day I believe in prophets I believe in the second coming I believe women should dress modestly delivered in a safe your lifelong enemy of serial and if you practice all these things again so your better Muslim than I am that's that's it literally is that things up a single living settlement months of my mom and her friends be created these barriers with many Muslims because of ignorance they didn't know that the word Christianity invokes the images that we saw if you're Christian you must wear skimpy clothes and you if you're man you we watch playboy and you drink alcohol and you glob and kill people and you you you worship the Pope definitely but if you tell them know I'm I'm not Christian you're not lying what you're doing is we are doing is your time and I don't fit the standard that you have in your mind that cultural bias I'm a seventy happiness and we have so many things in common we don't eat pork we don't alcohol we believe in a literal Judgment Day strong emphasis in the Old Testament Strong belief in profits we believe in the second coming and hopefully this will open the door where you can share with them know what I did is I printed out something for you sitting grab it now share with you how you can use the Koran how you can use the kernel on the witness to them it's a sheet just like this and if you don't have that she I can give it to you I can give you the file and again I can also give you this presentation as well and again salmonella has great resources and he e-mailed me and said if you guys want whatever he has more than willing to share it is just sitting in storage ring out to be happy to give it to you guys to hear the summary of how you can use the Koran first off understand that the Koran is very different from the Bible you don't just flip through the Koran the same way that you flip through the Bible if you desire flipping through it you'd almost spent almost but what you doing that the high youth crime but then he just readings I only flipped through the Bible that's very new to them and by the way we treat the Koran with utmost reverence to be very careful how you handle you don't just nonchalantly just leave it in your place stuff on it you don't drop it knows things to let me share with you a couple of interesting passages in the carotid that will help a Muslim think number one I went online you can go to Koran .com and I did screenshots of these passages to you can follow along and the nice thing about Koran .com is it hasn't in Arabic and have English translation that is a very fascinating and very fascinating passage in sera ten ninety four ten ninety four and this one says this so if you are in Dallas Omaha myth about which we have revealed to you then ask those who been reading the one Scriptures know what we need to do is we need to validate the Scriptures if we can get a Muslim to sit to put Scriptures on the same level as the crime we can now have a Bible study we did with them we can show them the Scriptures but in a Muslim 's mind yes the Old Testament is inspired yes I believe the old no safe we believe that it's corrupting sweet you can use the Carranza shows and that the Old Testament is not corrupted that will help you to here's what it says so if you're in doubt on Mohammed about that which we have revealed to you then asked those have been reading the lot Scriptures before you so what is Allah telling Mohammed read the Scriptures that she would have certainly come to you from your Lord so never be among the down now remember many of them never arise the Quran but the memorized it in a song so many of them don't know the meaning of each phrase reach passage and so if you point out something here into Gila Allah told Mohammed specifically to trust in the Scriptures and don't be a downer you want to be a downer right you will will follow the Scriptures is another passage this is found in Sarawak four one thirty six surroundings chapters of chapter four one thirty six this one is another good passage it says we then use it excuse me says OU you who have believed believe in Allah and his messenger and the book that he send out upon his messenger and the Scriptures which you send down before and whatever disbelieves in Allah his angels his books his messengers and the last day has certainly gone far astray what does that mean when it says books book season the Bible the Scriptures specifically the Old Testament and finally on I have two more this one is another good one this is found in Saratov six one one five and this is when one is also in your handout it says in the world the Lord has been fulfilled in truth and injustice not attend what that key none can alter his words and he is the hearing the knowing why is this important talk time of the Scriptures anything it cannot be our change right or none can alter it so how is the Old Testament corrupted or how is the Scriptures corrupted it don't can alter and in the last one is about Jesus and this one is found in syrup three forty five and forty six Sarah Chapter three is about Jesus and in for a Muslim they believe that Jesus is a prophet as well some Mohammed the prophet Jesus a prophet they refer to Jesus as he sat K is a notice what it says so were in return our focus on two Jesus now and this is in chapter three forty five it says when the angels that all Mary indeed all my gives you good tidings it were a word from him whose name will be the Messiah Jesus the son of Mary distinguished in this world and the hereafter and among those brought brought near so I let them know that Jesus and is not a topic he's distinguished he's a different kind of profit how is he different its people onto verse fifty five it says when all is said to Jesus indeed I will take you and raise you to myself Jesus is the superior profits why God himself a lot himself has raised him up to the total Muslim who is open-minded do this to the ones who are more traditional if you have one who is searching a more open-minded these are some good scriptures did for them because he's a hillock who do you think would be the superior profit the one whose debt currently or the one who died but resurrected would you say the one who's died and resurrected right and you let them know specifically from the Koran you can show them that Jesus was resurrected according to Searle chapter three percent define so hopefully these of been helpful for you gives you some tools regarding their literature regarding the karate on what I want to do now in the next few minutes I have before I have to go up if I want to bring up my good friend Gisele Gisele to come up and I want to share with you some ways that you could witness to them early at the Kinston Iraq there's a few books that are helpful for them you can talk to them about the great controversy you can talk to them about the desire of ages even talk to them about steps to Christ's and if you have final events that's another good one as well final vents on the convention it's a great one this can pretend this is a final events right here and there's a number of ways that you can canvas them now traditionally this is what happened when you reach the Muslim door so I am a normal canvasser and I haven't had any training at all is what it's good to look like so your minute canister cells she happens to be a Muslim and season the normal regalia of the Muslims it is let's remember that okay hi my name is Michael and the student working on a scholarship this will show you a quick is great controversy follows the freedom show some instead of her freedom and shows he can understand Bible prophecy United States the Bible prophecies down the Christian workers and we work with revival soy company all okay yeah he really wanted to reach her nephews and what happens if you don't know how to reach Muslims if you see the word Christian that Northington slant can Nelly DC a few things that are different by the way if you see obviously that their Muslim then you can make friends I innovative away Muslims you can usually distinguished by their dress tries again I went with Michael and with the request called and he was great controversy like this one shows they can have you it helps you to understand prophecy well it talks about the judgment and know something that you are in I hope I and I am seventy posted in the NSB believe in honesty we don't drink alcohol we don't eat pork we believe in the judgment day will be prompted as Latin America now he really will give on Sunday how do you know we immediately is done I believe nothing you wouldn't want right and you know we we start working on Friday night and only hearing this right here they see I'm a friend through easily now watch this I put up a couple of canvases to show you if I share with her the steps to Christ and I see that this is how this has examples from his from the life of this that help us as believers get victory in the jihadist himself see how use their words the jihad against self what are they all try to fight the jihad right so I let them know that this helps them has examples from Esau and this will help them out with and who have victory with the G hot against self but a good one is the great controversy this is a canvas we can use it helps us prepare for the upcoming judgment day that only Allah knows about and key phrases that that they have the desire pages one this was really good as well you can let them know that this helps them to understand the profit is set this will help them to know more about yourself so guess what if you need a Muslim today were going canvassing in just a little bit you can use some of these tips because were were canvassing the desire of ages and you can share with them in taking this right here and the desire of ages will help you to learn more about the prophet Isa and another final one is if you have the final events or some DVD that talks about the end they and times you can let them know that this talks about Allah 's second coming and the final judgment is a key phrases that they all believe any questions about Muslims who ran as an eye and guided that's a good one my good friend Camille asked do we pray five times a day facing where we face the Linda okay hopefully we all prayed at least five times a day and hopefully we hopefully we have the same dedication that that the Muslims have the real dedicated people very sincere as well and faithful and I hope and pray that we learn something from our friends Muslims and I believe that they're getting many of them are to be saved in heaven heaven amen I believe that God has a special plan for them as well and does a few more notes those of you have the good news TV bookmark please remember to get that staple either cut dirt hole pipe punctured I don't know what you doing so that at the end you can receive your canvassing that you can receive the stars that are set on how they can best and it's all given to us the books of images but here's a conference and I wanted by Jason Carlson of the last commit them having this message was recorded in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists and seeks to a spying on the Bible faith someone questions download Texas other resources like this visit us online at www. 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