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2. How God Dealt with My Pride and Self-Righteousness

A. Leroy Moore


A. Leroy Moore

Religion Teacher at Weimar College 



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC says good morning again I see many of you were here last time and probably and we have some new instantly rivet several letter and resume for the first time where were going to be dealing in our first session we dealt with my experience as a seven -year-old child I committed what the devil told me was the unpardonable sin in twenty years I struggled to gain assurance that I could be saved and by the way that the issue of that being saved was even greater than normal because I knew from the earliest childhood that I was called Bute ministry and therefore I had no earthly plans and no I have big plans for no assurance of of heaven and no idea what I would be doing here because if I could be saved I couldn't certainly serve effectively as a minister so we're going to be talking about the bottle top that I just talk with you about Jindal the disparate idea know that talk experience for those few who work here were the result of my having spent an hour every morning and an hour every evening with the baby is fifteen years of age at the back was a wonderful mountaintop experience but it wasn't very long before I had problem I couldn't stay awake you remember those of you were here will remember that I was setting my clock at June forty five in the morning to be at the bar that is to have an hour of study and been divided by four and then I had to do soon as I get back from school I had to go to the barn and worked until about eight at that time that I had very little short night so it should dilute then and was not an unusual thing that I had a hard time staying awake when I was trying to bring but the draws very great deal of depression again because God has spoken to me and I can't even stay awake and I would wake myself up and drop off to sleep almost immediately over again and that was very depressed as a result of that what I needed was an understanding of continuing saving grace saving grace is not just something that we have when we were up in something we have when we look to Christ instead of ourselves I could no more than Cain an experience that I could do it without Christ your call I have come to the bottom before I was ready to to hear God 's word and do you trust and to accept him when he was showing me that there is no way to maintain that experience except as we depend on him so God has much to teach and and that was in a very important thing for him to allow me to struggle through this and perhaps that was one of the important factors that he had in mind and calling for me to set my clock as early as June forty five when I would be able to retire until least nine at nine which gave me very little time this particular morning I had had more trouble staying awake by the way some mornings and some evenings I was alert and able to take Commander then put on this day I could not stay awake no matter what I did I try to do so when I got to the barn the colors were not in the bar not cause were milked regularly end out we were melting regularly every day would cause a note regularly there they are usually because they want to be relieved of the pressure of the milk which by that time is reached through its maximum and so when I got there I had to go look for the top as I went to look for the cause of ever forget it I was so deeply depressed but there was 's many stars in the sky will start so as I walked out toward the blaster worm and find because I felt so heavy appealed don't like my feet would actually sink into the ground and I walked along a night stars and I said oh God who made this five if there's any help for me let me know that was my prayer I immediately and let me know I'd I felt almost as light as a feather I felt just as light that is the extreme sense of lightness versus as great as the sense of heaviness before I'll never forget running to get the cop I felt like I was flying I don't know if I broke all records are not but it seemed as though I was not my time to touch the ground and I was on the loose enough light so I could see fairly well at any rate it was it was a wonderful experience and I knew the God event Schumacher was very definite answer the cause was there they came back when I call them and I was able to do the milking and cleaning up afterward in the cleanup took more time than the melting and we got it because I have the electric brokers and you have to spend a lot of time scrubbing those things when you get through at any rate of that was a high point again God is good to get lost signals when we needed is also good enough to live God 's to learn what it means to live by thirty living by faith is not feeling now that expensive of July and like visits of what is wonderful and it gave me assurance but that is not an evidence of faith a person who is not in communion with God may very well have a strong emotional feeling that there is no right there is a way that Simmons right to amend that the ends thereof are the ways of death so God was good to me to give me some signals and I appreciated those but I had to learn to go beyond those signals I was trying to teach me to trust in no matter how I felt and no matter what the circumstances were so I needed continue your phase in total saving grace brothers and sisters that is what you need as well remember that we cannot do anything to save ourselves whether before or after conversion report conversion that was loved by experience rate views but when I was converted I was no stronger myself that I was before but in Christ I was stronger I had courage I had faith and I was able to gain victories that I had been defeated on over and over again that I think that I have struggled with for years was novel and I was kind of like Mark Twain who said that the not hard to quit smoking I done it a thousand times and that was made with being was not so hard it wasn't easy anyway but as soon as I finish one novel I was finished I quite until the next novel and then I had to quit after that one and then after there were no after I began through communion with God I didn't need not as a matter of fact why I was addicted to novels with precisely what God was trying to do for me in the right way I be doing it in the wrong way anyone who did the meeting he wanted to give me something that would would help me deal with life itself and novels do nothing to give you the right kind of understanding of life are attributed the meaning that you need in life but when you commune with God through the Holy Spirit then it is that there is true meaning in life and you don't need novels I didn't need then and I had no effect Tatian to even read novels of course with the product I had from two forty five and the morning and in the very much time for that but nevertheless when you're addicted you those addictions about a lot and I was in the position where I needed to know how to live from day him whether the know what what life insurance my insurance was simple I didn't understand verbally at the time but it became clear to me I mentioned before that I learned the principles of Minneapolis before I knew of what Minneapolis was after the fact is I'll talk to you later about but what Minneapolis means but the principles of Minneapolis for the sisters are Christ is our only righteousness not simply prices are registered but there is no other I nonetheless we are trusted this righteousness no matter what we do we are not in the right relationship with him Abraham believed God it was counted to him for righteousness I needed to believe in his saving grace no matter how I felt and saw it was that God was bringing made through these experiences to understand that which cannot be understood except through the experience of it and those who hear the message of Minneapolis which we will discuss little bit later those who hear the principles and do not experience and do not know what they hear and I cannot appreciate them as they shut out as they would if they experience it is an expensive way of Minneapolis is not a theology of experience and we may be able to discuss theologically but it is an experience with all the experience doesn't matter what theology we were not going to know you will note that I experience no I've shared with you about feeling as light as a feather we go back to that now that she was now bringing the child's end from behind and they were in front of me head into the barn with rejoicing I was feeling very thankful I was sensing the presence of God but brothers and sisters it was dressed gentleman when midfielders presents with sister trust and what he has to bring us through the sufficient experiences that we will realize that we do not have to feel his presence but when we claim his promises instead of making promises to him that it is that we learn what it is to live by faith Abraham lived by faith that afternoon as I had had come back great it rained all day and I came back and started getting ready for the evening I had to do the cattle before the milk and milk cows I have been feeling then clean up the lead in the Newark from the pad where they would be leaving have you ever tried shoveling manure afternoon rain for hours is no longer maneuver it's water and manure and all of that together and using shovel and shovel and that you can't since I are you at all because his mother and so it was that I was there shoveling manure that same day and the rest why was I depressed well I probably was depressed because I had too little sleep there were various things that depression but I was depressed because I was no longer feeling the presence of God that was the real issue and now I begin to question whether God accepts your the fact is that this was an experience that God deliberately allowing me to have because I needed it and saw it was that as I I shall not know I kept thinking of what have I done today it would cause God to be to not approve of me I couldn't think of anything that I have done and so I began to reason I was accepted by God this morning I have done nothing today that I know that as could displease him I must still be accepted his promise to accept me and therefore I will claim that acceptance so I did I claim God 's righteousness the righteousness of Christ by faith and when I did then my depression left and sensors God is not want us to live in depression he wants us to live in Frank and when we learn to live in faith we made me depressed at times because arthritis things that can depress a person that nothing in the spiritual issues that may be a question of much lack of sleep which was certainly true with me but the fact is that no matter whether we are exhausted I know about it whether we feel good or bad we have the same righteousness we can claim and when we tried to prove ourselves see my eye I had I had to really learn new habits my habit had been for eight years so worried because I don't have the assurance of God 's exceptions now he has shown me that is accepted by what right do I have been questioning handout this is a question of faith and that faith has nothing to do with emotions are emotions may be quite negative but that does not need to affect our relationship to Christ our relationship to Christ is simple except his promises for a buyer given to us exceeding great great and precious promises that by these we might become partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption is in the world through lots first Peter one four outbuildings since we are the right decision what are we going to trust our own promises are we going to trust his problems my promises to God 's eyes by the way I didn't learn all of the lesson that it needed in a few easy lessons and certainly quite a while in fact I'm still learning the fact is that the jobless shall live by faith not the reverse of the lessons that God taught me and learning how to study his word and one is never to study the Bible without prayer we have to totally different totally opposite powers that are seeking directors in our Bible study we need to know that Satan is just as interested as the audience in our method of studying the Bible as a matter of fact Satan is Peter to use what ever truthfully you have two confuses by mixing it with some kind of error and he will do that if we are studying the Bible without depending on him then my depending on ourselves and there is no more possibility that we can understand when depending on ourselves than it than this initially through have been experienced without him and other words our understanding is dependent upon him as well as our experience with plantation so never got in the Bible without prayer and then something else he taught me early on and that is the truth is singular and every thing I believe must harmonize with everything else I believe it is when there are two things that I believe that don't coordinate the goddess selling telling me that I have not understood the issue every element of truth harmonizes with all other elements of truth and so it is that I also had to understand the opposite as well about his error is plural to singular vision on any element of truth that truth followed through faithful labeling due to other truth and will never leave you here but error is plural it does not need to harmonize in fact when you're talking with people about the Sunday Sabbath and adverse involvement failure well the long run away with and you show them that the log could not be done with and that God assures us that it is not done away with what is the next thing that you will do this so they say well Jesus can change the day when you shall than that he did not change the very least still have another argument about is that the apostles changed the day so I doesn't matter to them they learn the wrong arguments to you are inconsistent within themselves but they don't need to be wherever it is not named on eHarmony is a lot of fun error while very major is this harmonious so it was an important thing for me to understand that truth is singular error is plural not made to expect in a harmony in error and can have as many contrasts and contradictions but to those who code and will still no matter which one you correct that still have another one now truth is also determined by the creator there is nothing true that God did not create truth is really a way of explaining God 's way of thinking through creation when we should creation our minds are drawn immediately to the need to be drawn to the creator and what we say in creation helps us to understand the mind of the creator is that is what his thinking is that's what truth is Jesus as I am go away but chose underlying momentum to the father but by me Christ himself is the truth and when we deal with truth we moved to always deal with it in the light of Christ with a focus on crimes and in truth saboteurs or any other truth that we do not view in the light of Christ senses but it drove because it is when cry will you come is not seen as the point of of individual Druze that we do not understand what what truth ninety six plainly stated that we still do not understand that unless we understand it was relationship to Christ and this by the way of what Minneapolis is all about Christ is our righteousness Christ is the nature is the that source of all true and when we want to understand truth we need to understand him we need to focus upon him this is the Minneapolis message that we are to understand life itself and the light of Christ and him crucified and theme throughout this week really is Christ crucified we are to be thinkers and not a mere reflectors of other men stopped I wish that still a teenager about the time of my conversion when I put my mind was focused on a white statement that we must become thinkers and not reflectors of other men's thoughts well how do we become thinkers when you go to school what are you doing in your learning to think but what most people do is to listen to what the teacher says and sent to be able to regurgitated in a timely quiz or test of some kind the fact is too big her requires something more than listening to adventure and I discovered some of those things when I was still a young person I didn't think of it in terms of the paramedic then so I don't want you to think that I only lose judgment necessarily in my mind the things I've been sharing with you it's a experience of videos and the experience of old age that come together for understanding but at any rate I like the truth to a pyramid there are building blocks that we will see there's a baseline here every one of those triangles represents truth each would be some different facet of truth but what we need to do is to learn how to connect to everything we are studying with everything else was studying so that what we understand one is related to how we understand the other and those then must be related to this second level of triangles that I've shared here each of those are interconnected so that you have an interconnection the two baselines and the one on top are all interrelated and the ones on the top are interrelated with each other and also the basement program in his new doing it this thing is not it keeps going to sleep you all really matter to his benefactor David thank you very much now I want to come back to what it was saying there is no truth that is not related to other truth and anyone truths is related in some way directly or indirectly to all other true and that this is the way I had to visualizing that their baseline bus would you begin with you learn your ABCs and if you are in the thick class you'll have to relate the addition subtraction multiplication and division and related agencies only when you understand the relationship of one to another to understand what the dealing with with anyone so electrodes must be in your law the way we are assured of moving in the line the truth is that there is complete harmony between all of our building blocks and then on the second line they must be harmony and then on the third and fourth line and then if these are placed together you have another triangle brothers and sisters we proved true by examining its relationship to other proven true so that no matter what happens we have all kinds of services and confusions today but we don't have to get involved in them if we keep in mind that truth is singular what will have established already in God 's word as truth it is a thought it turns Christ is truth his word is true when we have established the authority of Christ in any given area we can then move from that to the areas around and until we jump to a place where the dissonance with is no connection then if that's the case and we know there's something wrong we have to go back again and re-examine these and and totally have a harmony on the baseline and in all other levels as well as a matter of fact this is how you become a center and when they are in an class many of you are I say are older than the that I assumed I was going through but when you're in class it's good to listen carefully for the future but never take anything the teacher takes says as necessarily proven true adventure could be wrong and even if he is right you need to arrive at the same conclusion yourself and so you need to be able whatever your studying and it was while I was still in secondary school and got taught me that I should relate everything I studied to everything else I spent and that means that if I'm in a history class I need to understand it in relation to the Bible classes in the Bible classes in an relationship to science so far so all of these needs well together we learned the big thinkers were not going this up the way by delusions there are many different ways for people to develop philosophies that appear to be on unprovable they appear to be solid but then got another one this is very different and it also appears that we have to learn to go back down to the base line and re-examine everything down to the baseline and that means ABC's of means learning how to check things out and then we can build up again and and these this will keep us on the track of truth now another thing that the Lord showed me the business process was the paradoxical nature of truth I wish in my second-year college at Pacific Union College when I found a book on Bible paradoxes if I remember right it was not the beach who wrote that book I became fascinated with the and the paradoxes you dealt with through July 's degree were external paragraphs about the paradoxes which such as it is it would save his life was losing the first of the last the last of the first loser obvious paradoxes of the paradox by the way is not contradiction this apparent contradiction something appears to be a contradiction which is really all gone through the principles that are involved the required each one of them but anyway I read that book and as a result of proving that the mind mind was stimulated to examine the nature of truth itself I discovered to my satisfaction and I never discovered anything yet that is countered that it proven them wrong and that is that all truth is paradoxical that means that truth is violence it has two legs but by the way my my legs are paradoxical than it may appear to be doing an opposite directions but in reality they're working together and as I move one foot forward the other one always goes back and then I remove the other forward to this one goes back but this is a and a central process when we are moving our arms we visually move them one way or opposite to each other when we want to pick something up we come against them the engine and comes out as a way to grasp what we're picking up a box of books are such a jury this morning on whatever this but truth is paradoxical and the names that the that has two legs that move together to the top and how the first one the most a central principle or are grace and faith and long open not from the beginning of Christianity than the conflicts over laundries the fact is that they appear to be in contradiction but they are not but the one thing we do need to understand this is what God taught me and that is that Law and Grace United in Christ they don't just somewhere they denied him Christ is the source he is the they repented me of all grace and law in if we understand is that one of them correct it has been in crimes and when we understand that men cry night there cannot be a conflict between because Christ unites all true now if those truths are not united then we have the power this is the problem of Christianity generally as it may have little power if we had and I have I thought I had some other demonstrations which I don't get in here but if we do not unite in Christ then it's the union between the physical human and the divine that gives us power and with all not human there is no power and that's what I was being taught by eight years I did not have these United I did not even know how to claim God 's grace because I didn't know what will because I have sinned against Holy Spirit at least that's what Satan kept trying to make me believe through all those eight years God gave me enough assurance could keep me from giving up completely not that I never had any real insurance but when we recognize the hollow law and grace needs and this was the Minneapolis message by the way there was no discussion on how things should end the particular way that I am discussing but that was the issue was a union of God 's law and man's obedience through the power of Christ 's sake Minneapolis really starts with defeat we have to start our Christian life with the date because is no way for us to do to gain the victory ourselves so with this begin by recognizing that we cannot do anything we cannot approve ourselves to God we must recognize that we are helpless and we are totally dependent upon his grace for anything we do and when we are sufficiently aware of our own uncleanness aware of our own sinfulness when we are sufficiently aware of the fact there's nothing we can do about it then we have one hope and that is using them but that is our hope he is our only hope and when we turn to him in faith we can really see we cannot rely and that which we can never discover outside of and again going back to the pyramids choose connected with another and no matter how high the new level they are all connected and if they're not connected with any disconnect is a disconnect from him who is so Christ intends for us all to our life to be learning more and more how to connect one credit card of truth with another body looking to him who is true limited to discuss the priesthood of believers in the letter but I want to tell you about the reason I have it here when I discovered the paradoxical nature truth I discovered the answer to the questions and documentation I didn't know anything about questions of doctors that have not been published when I discovered that paradoxical nature of June but it was just about that time that Christians on doctrines was published not how many of you do not know what we're talking about questions on documents a few questions on doctrine is a book written in nineteen fifty seven the purpose of that book was to provide a basis for margin will to write a book on the vision and have a reference that everyone would agree to is that is not as representatives news because when watermark was commissioned to write a book on the Edmonds Harris but it wasn't very long after he got to the Washington DC and Toronto conference headquarters here are strictly good have access to our files so forth the told him what he was doing and the brethren agreed to that and he also requested that the help of some of our men including the life room to help make sure that he understood things correctly and so forth so the very first meeting between from an company and Martin and and they great high scholar that came with them in the very first meeting and then at the closeout meeting each game materials so the object to study but Martin recognized immediately that capitalism was not a Harris who recognize that the things that we thought we believe we've been to thought we were depending on the Sabbath for our salvation for one thing and by the way some of Britain's have been depending on the seventh or the salvation but that is a heresy and it is a false idea there is no way for us becomes saved by keeping the Sabbath or by any other doctor so it was that Martin asked our men could you have a book could you prepare a book that do him me how the holistic questions and do you answer that book at those addresses in that book that I can refer to the book has been out for me for what I'm saying because most people believe that defendants were legalists about the way I have demonstrated you this morning that I wasn't legalist I don't know if you caught that but that was I was explaining a legalistic experience I had no power I would be depending on my efforts to be good enough for God to accept this as ligaments now I cannot be good enough for God to accept that she is good enough to accept me if I accept him by faith and it's my trust in his goodness that results in righteousness might be it is righteousness that I claim it is righteousness and his righteousness alone that will be the ticket capacity through the judgment if I had his righteousness I already uncertain of impasse if I do not then I am certain of not making so it is the righteousness of Christ and I would like to take a moment now to share with you about specifically about Minneapolis I'll be referring to it again and discussing more specifically but Minneapolis was updating that took place in eighteen eighty eight in the city of Minneapolis a general conference meeting where truth was presented by AJ Wagner and that truth with the the Minneapolis principles Minneapolis messenger was presented with a cremated and that was his resentment that Christ crucified is that we should focus on and it is priced who died for our sins when Christ died he died for my sins not his own Christ had notion but when he died Jesus died for my sins for your sins it sends a nurse and when he arose from the grave and did not realize with my power heroes with the power of the Holy Spirit and that rising was red victory over sin even whole life without sending it died for my sins and rose with victory over Satan to share with the so that this righteousness becomes mine by faith I do not have to I is not that I feel like I have his righteousness if I feel like I've is righteousness it's very well I'm for good idea for me to realize that I probably don't have because Christ's righteousness is not something we feel it's something we claim my fate and when claimant when we don't feel like and that was something that it took me a long time to learn I had the first of all experienced conversion and realize that Christ had taken my guilt and my sins and trust in them then I had to realize that I still was as helpless as before except by his grace so I had the kind of the same rank well I is I lived in when they did they as for my conversion and then were told by Ellen Weiss that if we lose sight of Christ and feel like we're lost it would go back to where we first saw the light that's where we begin again where we saw the line and that life which I saw was that Christ is my righteousness and that I can claim his righteousness because he claimed my sin is my sin and I and offers me his righteousness by faith and that righteousness is the righteousness which gives them a victory without that righteousness I have no victory but it's been good to visit with you again and I said it's time for us to conclude our session and I'd like to have your bowel with me once more father thank you so much for your many blessings thank you for giving your life to us thank you for the righteousness of Christ which we can claim by faith no matter how we feel I thank you Lord for the life you given through its and their life you would promise to continue to give us and pray for your presence in our lives in the name of Jesus and I said I would see what I see twenty fourteen at Arizona USC supporting many seem to misunderstand this is just as satisfying on the Bible faith question someone to download patches and other resources like this is the online him at USC where the


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