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The Making of None Effect

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • December 1, 2007
    4:00 PM
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okay another isolated historical event leading to another isolated no piece of hopefully good advice I thought I'm supposing operators isolated stories and nicely less know it's it's not it's not the unified field theory or anything like that think of what it's worth let's roll on through Fiji to hear me go with you to start figuring eighteen nineteen oh two and that would be the Battle Creek sanitarium burning to the ground that you see there the sanitarium by nineteen oh two was a pretty large institution and possibly a thousand beds and it was probably in some ways much too large I don't know if I would necessarily want to try and carry the math out any great with any great precision in the light did once say that it would be better to have invested their time and means into ten separate set insurance rather than expanding arrow Creek 's viruses have been so ill if you want to play the mathematical game and you could say that the hundred bed hospital is the ideal I don't know that I believe that video whatever he wanted with those numbers you figured out for yourself it was it was a bit big knots perhaps solely in size but the problem was that Adventists were becoming congested in Battle Creek and down would we actually have occurred mission will and is important that we not lose sight of that well anyhow lots of things might've gone into them this is a good starting point of our story the Bellatrix antechamber to the ground and only one life was lost which is I suspect pretty astounding I'm a story that I think I'm seeing at least four stories possibly five stories there I don't know how fully facility was at the time but they managed to get all the patients out and being that the trick the only only person who died was one gentleman who was safely evacuated all the way to the far side of the road and then suddenly he remembered his mattress he wanted his mattress by the nurses and wondered about this guy because he'd insisted on bringing his own mattress when he came to the sanitarium and evidently as he was hurrying back into the building to retrieve his mattress someone heard him say that he had all his life savings away the mattress and evidently it was enough to sustain him for the rest of his life because he died so that half the shop was whether it was away at the time and the first lady heard of the sanitarium fire was he was coming back call me got to Chicago and he was transferring at the Chicago Grand Central or whatever the train station whether as he was walking from terminal latest Journal beer however they do that with train stations he heard in his voice screening in a extra extra read all of in defendant 's ramblings the ground .dll bought a paper read the first page quickly got in touch with the steward I guess of the train and said I need a lap board and several large pieces of paper and the time he was back to Battle Creek he had culinary drawn plans drawn for new institution like a spelling error that was interesting to now unfortunately despite the Council from Illinois that it would be best for the Lords work to spread the word around Doctor Kellogg's plans called for a newer and larger sanitary and with AI level of shall we say at the time extravagance apparently there were two chandeliers built as it was as it was finally built behind Kellogg considered a completed over two chandeliers and told her that cost a thousand dollars each which admittedly is more than I would pay for a light fixture but was worth a lot more back in those days early nineteen hundreds of thousand dollars but we still with at least five hundred every skeptical and accompanying video marble floors was fairly fairly extravagant by some people 's tastes our life force wrote to him and encouraged him to exercise judgment well I would imagine this morning Doctor Kellogg 's ability to write books and down he decided that the best way to raise funds for this building project was to write a book and mobilize the church membership to sell its foreign way to raise money well he wrote the book that was easy part but then some people not to looking at the book and they said you know it has plenty of them in their hands and some of that time already having developed something of a bureaucracy than it had to be committee meetings and so they had committee meetings it may not reread the book and a look at this and look at that this was a fairly rare occurrence in at this history and certainly at that point anyhow VM the committee the General conference executive committee was split fairly seriously as to the value of the book living Temple so the executive committee did what every good committee person has learned to do when you have a problem you can't solve you form a subcommittee newbie should offer them himself PS subcommittee was set up to see Doctor Kellogg Doctor Paulson EA Sutherlands and William Warren Prescott Debbie W Prescott and this subcommittee of four looked over the book and they came back and here's the thing it's fairly unusual significant circles they came back with two reports to majority report to the minority report three the members that would be doctors Kellogg and crafts and EA Sutherland said it would think it's a great book William Warren Prescott said things a disaster don't touch will that necessitated several more confusion if I sound skeptical as if it is that enough to meanings in my life already it may have it eventually the decision was made of the book the book and I think it was three times rewritten and amazingly enough after three rewriting thinking that has been virtually the same thing as social events of the executive committee said no revenue were just not going to do that and so Doctor Kellogg essays that this challenge said okay I'll printed myself what he did actually have a pretty dress revealed saying freedom of press belongs to those who own one and so he had to find somebody who I deliberate for him and so he went to the largest commercial printer in Battle Creek and ask them if they would print the book for him and of course as a commercial project they were happy to print anything that came to their door and so they said yes and they nearly said about preparing it for publication and by December thirtieth that year they had the printing plates homemade and they were sitting on the floor of the classroom ready to be printed as soon as I suppose New Year's Day was over which brings us to December thirty nineteen oh two interview Harold burned down because it was the commercial side of the review is going to print the book they had changed policies on the issue and that's been a blessing these are the ruins of the review building their several stories we told out that our children so Doctor John had a spare copy of the manuscript how much trouble that was pre- Xerox anyhow and so he took off he went another greater need at the book well that would've been early nineteen oh three I know you knew our story and bounds ahead now to October nineteen oh three in the autumn Council session in Washington DC is this is what I mentioned last time with Doctor Paulson something or something Daniels on the just saying no if you don't get out a way in and what this new light now carry the day you will be rolled in the dust but talking dynasty brought a lot of medical workers to Washington DC another was simply hard feelings going on because there might buy by October nineteen oh three the General conference had moved out of Battle Creek the reviewer Harold had moved out of Battle Creek there were a lot of people who were not happy about that most notably those who remained in Battle Creek there were a lot of people to be honest when I happy to be moving was a good time to try and sell your house too many people moving out of town a lot and a lot of people lost a lot of money and thousands for there were some errors in the slightly disturbed feelings about evolution Battle Creek College had moved out of town as well and become an annual missionary college but nonetheless I'm Council met in October Washington DC and Kellogg managed to have a sizable contingent of supporters back there this is of course the occasion when Daniels was beside himself practically and just after being stopped on the chest by Paulson he went into his house and he was met by someone that had yesterday released a defense that it don't sound so melodramatic I don't know that this is Daniel 's account and then I would want accusing him of lying when he stretched me out at the west of the where he was met with the acclamation the minimize has come to have seems little melodramatic video they might just as well is that all we got a letter from sister like that would've would've covered nicely to me that the deliverance has come with a deadline to LOL I had written he's there are two major letters in this packet that came at night she written one of them in August and one in September and the Lord told them no don't mail them just yet until the time the mail and in these two manuscripts she clearly sent you an example is wrong don't go there is the terrible bad thing that was the occasion attorney David Paulson around he did not at that point you to get for his work he did not have the confidence to say I will ignore what the Lord said otherwise you would've ended up with Valentina well that serve the that turned the whole occasion around and down there were some lessons learned the first lesson that came out of the that particular experience listed that the Lord still works for his people Doctor Paulson learned that was kind of a hard blow the policy actually and Sutherland learned that too was a hard blow to him some of you guys know the free strong stance but it was another lesson learned by other parties and that was the old lady in California still has influence and that was not welcome couple years later October nineteen oh five e.g. Daniels wrote this he said there is a steady secret stealthy in will work all through our ranks to create doubts regarding the messages the spirit of prophecy now coming to this people our general conference brethren who attended the camp meetings met yet everywhere is working like eleven or a deadly contagion catalog had a number of Chile favored lieutenants who did his bidding for him in many instances Keller was a pretty smart guy he'd mastered the art of having a variety of plausible deniability no says something big in American politics now you never want to have anything to catch the be traced to you you want to be able to say that all know my underlings do that without consulting with me now that we were not is another issue video the Kellogg also managed to stay at least arm length arms length away from this kind of stuff but there were cases where he was taught to us but that when he was going around he was telling people you know we don't really need to depend on the spirit of prophecy and such because God has promised to give all of us his spirits and fair enough with the whole diversity of guessing about what I did not but that is down and so he was going around me was promoting this and his lieutenants were as well and there were several other accusations that were going around was a contentious time within denominational circles for any of you who are still young and pleasantly naïve there can be contentions that arises in the family of the Lord and pass and this is one of those time one of the favorite complaints for accusation that was made within Willie White was manipulating things behind the scenes he was controlling what's sister wife was doing interfering and specifically what she was writing so consequently he really couldn't trust many of these things became consistently even enough to pretend that you know for sure it was from systemwide illness possibly from woolly white or maybe we get a little bit on the way out the door to think so you know it's comparatively with the details well some kind soul thought that they are to tell system like this problem existed and so they told and she said I learned reports are circulated the WC white manipulates his mother 's ratings all known homeless WC white manipulates his mother 's writings we've been separated from me very much of the time for the years before this urination of five and we have a weekly get-together planned much and done so little in issuing books but I actually deny the charges well if you have any particular respect for her assertions and opinion you'd think that might settlement the amazing thing is that there are still people who profess great respect for her work in her opinion do not consider this issue settled I find this mind numbing but it's true now specifically this doesn't make sense to me because the whole experiment of manipulating Ellen White's writings it actually been tried already by someone who wanted to and distributor her name is Annie Bolton you may recognize the name it appears in our Senate said Mister Chen she is the not your theme tune and the lyrics for the song not high but Christ which was an excellent prayer that she paired during a period of repentance and subsequently unfortunately seems to further in later developments Sandy as he once we had myself it's about that Sandy was so thin it wasn't a literary assistant for our light remember this is pre- Xerox much of her ministry was even free typewriter so now flat alert us Annie was very good health only always depended to a certain degree on people for grammatical corrections and things of that nature the problem was expanding thought that she could improve Ellen White's work just a little bit more by going beyond mere grammatical issues this was brought to you on late attention by none other than the Lord she did note was up the larval C confronted Sandy Bolton on five separate occasions it was a patient soul she was eventually taken away from all literary work out like that I cannot I will not trust you to touch any of my papers or any of my writings and in twenty words and she was given only want to know maker join the ranks of the unemployed but the work that she was given did not set well with her and so she voluntarily left him with employment and she eventually ended up in a mental institution until I had some strong things to say about Danny's circumstances and situation there she said I do not want any person who will feel it her prerogative to change the matter I shall give them into their own supposed to beautiful a learned language I want my own style to appear in my own words Fanny Bolton is a farce I think that's the strongest derogatory term of ever read from the penicillin white in regard to a person like that I don't have any something else what Fannie claimed she had done to let investors should say she had done was not ready to change you I might if it doesn't really matter but all she was doing was putting in flowery little phrases here and pressing things up wasn't she wasn't trying to change the contents other than to dress it up in the interval warmness rarely attractive essay elegant want that said no thank you don't touch staff authors have a way of being protected but it worked to me this is a this is a great test case this all happened long before any concern and this had happened before I think I would like that was the family Fanny had been cleaned that she was sitting improving these the things that they only had them one other comment I want to put on the screen for you about Sandy Wilson's case she could represent me and my work as for originating and that this beautiful expression was hers but that was servers and she would make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God she wasn't actually trying to make it say anything different she dishonored see more prettily in Illinois says make it of none effect but yes because the moment you start saying all I wrote this but it are your reactions of knowledge and people are going to take that thought civil will hardly know what she did write how to who I legally know this was written by someone else and people of darkness I find it fairly bizarre there are still people today who will with all seriousness a few square in the face and say you can't trust the later editions of the spirit prophecy because they were manipulated by moonlight and or Aji Daniels or Uriah Smith the my personal favorite eliminate synthetically most was the fellow who asserted directly to my face that Urias Smith had been responsible for many significant changes in the last revision of great controversy which was the last provision was made in nineteen eleven I saw great pleasure in pointing out to the individual they derive died in nineteen oh three and so I suspected it was probably the chapters in the state of the deputy would of been most existing rewrite okay well I will make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God is so no familiar the very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect testimony of the Spirit of God none appeared if it is only one way to do that but I do know of at least one way that Mister Buckley said his making of none effect to well that was a way that people were trying to trying to destroy a life influence about the same time it was an interesting legal situation which developed back in Battle Creek nothing nineteen oh six Adventist huge exodus in nineteen oh three but it was still quite a few Adventists back in Battle Creek and of course there were some tangible assets of the church couldn't take with them readily to Washington DC so we have here a picture of the dying tabernacle and in nineteen oh six there was brewing a legal struggle over the ownership of the tabernacle up until this time some day Adventist churches and nine Tabernacles is simply being average in this case adverse churches were owned by local boards of trustees and in the Battle Creek case there was a Board of Trustees of believe there were seven members and Harris would include like the elders of the church and whatnot and they would be it was at Board of Trustees it was the legal body that actually held the title to the church that was in the early days and the address where there had been some some problems and I was there was one guy who said oh you can help build the church here on my property and then later be apostatized and the church was firmly on his property now owned the nose had on the church and he turned into a saloon that was that wasn't good and so they said no and only we can afford to do that we need we need to have proper legal ownership and this is the way it was the eighties these boards of trustees well there were seven members on that board and one of them was getting old and wanted to retire as it turned out because at that particular point in time there had been a huge exodus from most people who remain in Battle Creek were associated one way and most administering the great recession one way and it was a senator and three of the board members and the ownership of the tabernacle were actually fairly troll sanatorium in their thinking about some of the conflicts were waging within the church and there was serious concern that if this one gentleman retired his replacement might be the swing vote that would effectively place the dime tabernacle under the cabinet under the said insurance control this would not be the first time something like this it happened in nineteen oh two Kellogg and JG Jones had actually led a an effort to replace Aji Daniels as General conference president they wanted him out of the picture because Kellogg was gone do not get along well with Daniels for run reason some of which were Daniel Sloan we do have genuine certified fly fly people in this church and Daniels have some flaws and Kellogg focused on those Kellogg had his fair share of flaws for killing one of Daniels already tried the engineer getting him voted out in between sessions at the General conference level there was this concern Ellen White's wrote a letter to Doctor Chris member him tomorrow less than needing to sit I have seen of the leaders in the medical work in Battle Creek will try to secure possession of the tabernacle they are scheming is so subtle that I greatly fear this may be accomplished the story of Elijah telling the King with the Syrians are going to do all the time and drinking getting a little a little upset with all that and it is very annoying thing was that the profit keeps messing up your plans a little later she wrote again according to the life given me unless the decided standards taken to safeguard the tabernacle Battle Creek series will be presented in its double dishonoring God in his cause Eldridge Jones and Doctor Kellogg will make every effort possible to get possession of the tabernacle in order that in it they may present their doctrines we must not allow the house to use the promulgation of error until our work is done in Battle Creek February ninety seven things were clearly getting out of hand from Keller 's point of view something had to be done to muzzle this woman on California was really messing up his plans what to do what do when the prophet of the Lord citing against well one good recommendation might be repaired but after Kellen was a decision that at the moment is also came up with a plan they said he don't what we need to do is discredit this woman because he cut her off at the knees what we need is one really clear obviously mistaken testimony from Illinois just need one else's cut it off would be even better if it was enough it showed that she was influenced by someone else how could we possibly get one of those well okay hold that thought there had been other things happening in every meanwhile Doctor Kellogg sent nonprofits Michigan benevolent association with under investigation financial irregularities this management may be too strong a German article but there was that it wasn't concerns have been some questions raised in Doctor Kellogg if at all are entirely transparent were aboveboard here but if you set up a committee and can investigate this book will get to the bottom of this the problem is on the fifteen member committee had been had examined the corporate records and finally came back and they said there seems to be no problem statement verdict you well one member of that committee was Frank building Ellen White's nephew now take that thought they together thought February nineteen oh seven California a letter arrived from Battle Creek was an interesting letter it was an eyewitness account of bribery but possibly hush money being paid to build it he was on that committee you know there were details including specifically a check for one thousand three hundred twenty four dollars and eight cents was drawn up for Doctor Kellogg one morning delivered to his house and that afternoon and Golden 's bank book which he left carelessly lying on the desk temporarily was seen with the same amount listed as a deposit while building was up to his eyebrows in all this scheming about the Battle Creek have this is extremely damaging information the only thing that was in any sense irregular about this letter was it it was anonymous and even that was attended to to a degree because there was a separate slip of paper along with the letter that said if you check with this person they will be able to verify this and this person will verify that once you know those two facts and you know that the whole must be true it was business constraints but very damaging information for Franco that was late February early March nineteen oh seven a letter from L I only excessively condemned accepting improper payments from Kellogg only describes a bank book she was shown in visions of the night building produces his bank book and it has no such entry the local bank denies receiving any such deposit Ellen White's reputation goes down in flames Kellogg and Associates gain control of the game tabernacle actually none of that ever happened him and him and him and I had to go to the simulator that could lead that ever happened with that slight movement in early March nineteen oh seven Frank Nelson the author of the anonymous letter eagerly awaited a condemning letter from his aunt it never came the Tabernacle Board of Trustees transferred ownership of the church to the West Michigan conference Ellen White was not interested in the information being anonymous letter contained it may or may not have been sacked it turns out it wasn't when no record that elephant alert holders it wasn't true she just simply didn't care for the source she didn't need that source she had already and are working quite nicely for several decades so why change it Frank Melvin was had seriously miffed this was not a good thing at all this process of transferring the membership the ownership of the the ownership of the church had never been done before the churches all address churches had been owned by these boards of trustees in this particular case because of these particular challenges it was felt best to transfer it to the legal Corporation of the West Michigan conference at the first time that was ever been done that that was ever done that is the standard operating procedure for all administrations today you may or may not know that your local Adventist church is not owned locally is exactly owned by your conference legal entity and down for most things it had never been done it seemed like a good solution to the problem time I would say that overall it's been a good response to the today challenges of them that were posed also have to be honest just the sake of making one quick point to say that there are a few isolated cases where I think it worked out unfortunate we that the ownership was held as it was and I think that there are some few cases I'm aware of where I feel that I'm wrong was done to some people in the local situation which they were unable to present prevents because of that question of ownership why do I bother to mention that because I think it's important to understand that God 's people are still people we know our policies are I I I wish you well in finding absolutely perfect policy that will fit every case every time everywhere I might recommend the ten Commandments the beyond that I don't have any recommendations to go to go it's okay if you're going to work with any group of people you're going to find at some point of policy comes up with the is unfavorable to you maybe I'm just a result I have a saying in my classroom that are now unified is using this for you guys Mellon Sonny dear member rule number one don't look after your time thinking all my recent students know rule number one life ain't fair this is rule number one oh I think there should happen sometime but it was obvious to quit whining this is the way it goes okay now of them were registered how this was done anyway here are some legalities or they just they chose to take the course and not exactly sure but this process of transferring the men the transferring ownership of the church required three meetings and the meetings were open for all members of the church at p.m. at the first of these meetings the record is that belted thousands shouted accusations for most of the meeting it was it was an unhappy boy at the second meeting someone made a notice parliamentary procedures and requirements received no units that were going to all yes you did I always acquainted schizophrenic procedures with England's they would heavily call housekeeping measures and some good soul instead sadness German I know that no one be allowed to speak from the floor for longer than five minutes on any one topic second they wanted that through this was not going to deter Frank Melvin in that second meeting he spokes thirty four times and he took his five minutes to the second every single one of those fascists he is unhappy boy am the third meeting came around see I was finally voted upon one of the one of the board members the trustees was an elderly Saints the name of George Emma Don and George had been working for the review in Battle Creek since eighteen fifty three was his nineteen oh seven fifty four years you've been there a new Alan wake very well actually it doesn't kill spam you know what very well so as they gathered at the at the meeting for this last occasion he was distraught he knew this is going to be an act and knock down drag out the vernacular and Nestorius he was bringing his hair and repeating over and over and over said only if only sister whites were here if only sister wait here she however was in California unlikely that she would put in an appearance dentist before the meeting was to begin the was a knock at the door and the Western union telegraph boy said I have a message you and it is according to the latest dates and I trust they would know these things the shortest testimony ever written by on weight it said Philippians one twenty seven twenty eight site don't you like that sort and so is the meeting began with a young they opened with this word of Scripture only let your conversation be as it becomes the gospel of Christ that whether I come and see you or else the absence of any hairdresser there is the fasting one spirits with one mind striving for the faith of the gospel and do nothing terrified by your adversary which is to them and evidence token of perdition but you of salvation that God the meeting that night finished up successfully the Battle Creek tabernacle was transferred into the ownership of the West Michigan conference in Doctor Kellogg never had the opportunity to preach pantheism or anything else that we can what's the take-home lesson from that and I'm just so enough to be willing to take spare prophecy in the Bible the way they read there may be things I don't understand but I refuse to jump to the conclusion that they're wrong I can live with not understanding to assume that they were wrong would be fatal let us not make of none effect testimony of the Lord let us have confidence I hope that that will story maybe bolsters your confidence not that I knew that you need it and that's it so what we stand for WordPress father there are the morphing in sacred history that might be of value might be a blessing to us we help we ask that you help us to find them discover them for ourselves it very time we need them you've assembled quite in armory of weapons for our use to give us confidence to give us instruction to give us reproof when we need that the father again we would not want to turn our back in the day of battle when you've given us weapons with which to fight the brain that you will bless our understanding bless our determination that we might be a blessing to others that we would spread as a healthy contagion beliefs and acceptance commitment and devotion to your word to your cause your instructions father it's confusing out there sometimes many times sometimes it looks so simple to look at history and all the lessons are clear there were a greater Unionist discernment and help us understand them today there are accusations misleading theories policy so-called plenty to choose from available for us today give us wisdom that we might reject it and is correlated with that letter to roundly ignore it and continue with the source which has proven to be faithful for so many centuries and millennia the thought of it radially deepen our commitment help that our lives through whatever means you call us to individually would become increasingly and agitating influence within the church and without indicating that the gospel cannot be contradicted we thank you for seducing


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