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3. Soul-Winning DNA, Part 1

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC now is a briefly recap the previous material is everyone who's here now was at least the last one was one before that one of the last two sessions okay there's a few who haven't okay in the last couple of sessions we were looking at the big picture for what the of why we need training center churches and we look at the ministry of Christ first of all as the leader of the heavenly host he even delegated many of his duties especially the ministering to other people and we will have time to go to that but we saw that we all saw that when he was here on earth he brought that same model of ministry to the New Testament church and I should say our government were where it is in here or if we get into it I believe it's you and if we haven't been doing it is in your all 's well that thing right now but did that this was the Old Testament you please and evident by the vibrant pastels it is any newcomers can get one of the great thank you God has always operated through organization with the goal to bit every member to be a missionary everyone being a disciple maker not just a follower but a doer worker not a watcher so now we saw it administered history and her last somehow that was the original building block model and help torture to grow faster but a church has emerged as the real emerging church 's pastor centered instead of laying member doing ministry as everything is by pastor so what would it look like as we at more practical things what would it look like a church to operate under some of these trainings in a church principles where the minister 's primary job is education equipping and training and organizing the work in the members job is to fill those roles we typically think it's possible that look like that out of your head now in the first of two sessions soul winning DNA how to take these concepts of soul winning and fuse them into the very fiber of who we are in a local church and as individuals but as other people come in a little you know we do have it to come up where you are we do have handouts ready go but working to be tormented in the back sending it out it is some units on there but there's handouts available for everyone come on and at the wording is start with a word of prayer and then purchase brief review adjusted over the off the race itself if you would less his power I would thought it thank you again so much for the opportunity to visit together thank you for this GUI see occasion brings us here and now as we continue to study your word and the principles and practices that use instructive for us help us to truly truly follow your instruction and and see the results that's only respectively to portray in Jesus name amen with as we should with everything start with the Bible study take out your Bibles I know that there in the notes I I don't just list the text I get some listings but oftentimes will give more context than what I have room to put in there so these are just the notes that you have in your hand are good for helping you fall along the flow of thought to take them home and remember but when we look at something or any other thought please have a own Bible out any of your own pencils and papers radio bullets of the Luke chapter four Luke chapter four Jesus begins his earthly ministry by going to the home church Chapter four and we review the recent find the story of that Sabbath morning when Jesus came home and will start with verse sixteen again as I have towards broadening our will but so we came to Nasser where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read another way that's written is interesting to me in the fact that he it was his custom to go to church on Sabbath but also that the student to read so with that part of his custom to that he was involved with church even before he was the nano the public society with the premises part of the also to church autism it is those things come read and this is a rezoning and he was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah and when he opened the book and of course this book is not Kodak's likely understand it was a scroll yes when he opened the book so that the Internet that he was the book open was handed to him now he was simply handed the scroll in its entirety and he opened the book and I don't know if there is assigned reading for the day but look what happens here and when he had opened the book he found the place where it was written it certainly gives you the sense that he is looking for a very specific passage sees the one opens up he finds a thing and is operated at a scroll that would take a minute it'll chapter and verse and stuffy likelihoods is a writer agreed so we looking for verse eighteen the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor Kissimmee to heal the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of line to set at liberty those who are oppressed to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord then he closed the book and gave it back to the attendant and sat down in the eyes of all who are in the synagogue were fixed on him and he began to say to them today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing so clearly Christ's has identified himself with this prophecy he was the one to look for a little and found it he read it and then when he was done he said this is me right here today on the fulfillment of this so this is what Christ understood from the Bible his mission statement to being for his work on the earth now let's go back to Isaiah sixty one it's a very hey thank you so much woe this is the color ones you guys felt guilty about being late and you did the color thing that's great if you want we have some of the ones with the color chart rule against UIC and is well done although if you'd like to know I said I get a artistic one of the good luck let's go back to the Old Testament onto the book of Isaiah chapter sixty one and let's find in our Bibles with Christ found in his NEC right off the bat he started with a verse one the Spirit award and spontaneity because Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings before submitting a liberal department would be the B over the prison block now if he goes on to say to comfort all who mourn to console those and it gives him more and this is where you have it to give them beauty for ashes the oil of joy from it as we were very familiar with this but I want you draw your attention to the last closing line Isaiah sixty one eleven last person as we would have in our Bibles for as the earth brings forth its blood as the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations so how is the Lord God going to cause righteousness and praise spring forth before all the nations was as if like a garden as the finger then it will be growing and planning in this garden harvest metaphor is right there in Christ's mission statement thinking himself that I am doing this authority today so it's little wonder that Christ repeatedly compared the spreading of the gospel to the world the work of soul winning to agriculture it's right there in his mission statement of the understudied it's going to work like a garden that causes things were sown in spring forth so God will cause righteousness to cover the earth you which brings us to this the cycle of evangelism the whole purpose of this one idea of this seminar is to get in your head the cycle of evangelism that sure the part of the DNA fabric of your church family of your local church like Isaiah sixty one Christ's use of the agricultural metaphor read putatively emphasized the sequential nature of the work this will he do this with this begin bike I think that as the garden cause of the things that are sown in it to spring forth she had already to the picture revealed a bit celibacy and it will bring forth thing that is not visit this metaphor this mindset the Christ had in his ministry he refers to that publicly all the time the extensive agricultural production event what is a process it is not nearly an event now you hear this over and over again later bottom of our churches doing evangelism that's great but the knowledge that next September would anybody they mean there's a public evangelism campaign is going to be held in some individuals listed up and preach the gospel and bridge the preventive methods when during three weeks in the fall and the judgment was a guest these you do evangelistic out we did evangelism last year we had an evangelistic and that we had an event we did evangelism or were planning to do evangelism evangelism is not an event this process that the public proclamation the call to repentance the lead all of the things the goal of the document are vital very important that they are not in and of itself evangelism is just a part of the larger process John chapter four John chapter four Jesus explaining some of these principles to interpret for starting with verse thirty four Jesus said to them life food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work do not say there are still four months and then comes the harvest behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields with a already white for harvest he who reads receive wages and gathers from fraternal life that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together notice these and all the harvest is great but what apparently had to go before that selling was great to gather and but if you're going to have a harvest and imply that there's some selling and then cultivating some gardening to go on before this for in this as awful in this saying is true once so was in another does what reads I think you to read that for which it is not labored others have labored and you've entered into their labors so he very clearly if you see the harvest is because the work is gone on before that there's selling and work and delay in her that results in a harvest bemusedly at one and not have harvested in all these right brain got together been what evangelism is the harvest evangelism the whole process the whole cycle that will have harvest as a part of it I would make sure we get the court will force your correctly in the passenger book of Luke Luke chapter eight started with verse four again we looking at Christ's understanding of the cycle of evangelism is a Trinity should and with a great multitude had gathered and they had come to him from every city he spoke by parable a sower went out to sow his seed and as he sowed some fell by the wayside and it was trampled down and the birds of the air devoured some fellow rock this is spring up it withered away because it lacked moisture and some fell among thorns and the thorns sprang up with it and choked but others fell on good ground spring up and yielded a crop of hundredfold and when you said that these said these things he cried he led Houston here let them hear them in this instance he doesn't even mention the word harvest but it implied that the crop at the hundredfold what unity with the Reagan apartment right but here this focus is on the harvest aspect it's going all over back to back to the selling of the want to try to deceive it is not the filling of things on what is real concern is that she was at the scene if the soil right and got it working the soil because of the scene can come in and be cultivated and then it will make a harvest and then will read but Christ has this process of evangelism it wasn't just saying do this one thing and that's it process over and over just as the agricultural cycle includes preparing soil planting seed cultivating harvesting and this is where Apple is eventually living is falling a lot we think that harvest is the last step preserving what you do with those people who were brought to the meetings and give your heart to Christ the bacon and get baptized now what most records that will you find your pew and use additional that's what I don't understand the question we don't have a picture online of what active seven dampness membership looks like we certainly don't say them which on the closing the back door all the time we need to preserve the crop is harvested and so many more harvesting and reserving but it only got gettable cultivating seedlings were slow in all aspects of it tiring at all pistons and hold cycle evangelism they still elute within Jesus explains what's going on here was the diverse eleven as we look at the first step of this cycle which is soil preparation soil preparation the chapter eight verse eleven now the parable is this the seed is the what the word of God now in that if you recall the parable was just like ten seconds ago is about it the seller without the so and what made the difference as to whether the seed Rubin was good was that the tech nation of sewing the accomplished as I even saying some Hebrew shoulder and studied her behind his back he did very very little but would visit out the assumption of a parable begin with the thought is that this guy when instead of the same way on every piece of outright so so so so so is the technique of the selling in that the scene is the same all around to look like sunset Rosie Linda Steve is the same scene and what is the feed the word of God so same technique with the same message lands on different soil there has a different outcome the purpose of the terrible talk about soil seed is about soil right he says here again the seed is the word of God verse twelve those who goes by the wayside are the ones who hear the devil comes and takes away the word out hearts lest they should believe and be saved the first of April believe it all no they were almost couldn't believe they had potential to believe but the double snatches them turned their attention when entering into belief no striker that overlooked the ones on the rocks are those who when they hear receive the word with joy and these have no roots who believe for while in time of temptation fall away so these start down the path they don't have endorsed at last they don't really row and eight by now know the ones that fell among thorns are those who when they heard go out and are choked with cares riches pleasures of life and bring no fruit to maturity so they might still be in the garden but they're not doing anything that would surely not demonstrating any fruit is no harvester but the ones that fell on the good ground are those who having heard the word of the noble and good heart keep it and bear fruit with patience I keep it bear fruit with patience in order think what happened there is the color was different direct thank you I saw the problem fixed it I don't you know anything just think this bit of so the difference apparently is the quality of the soil so the first task before we even get into selling the seed is distant soil samples a lot of times I think that we may will will just pick indiscriminately is under clearly the soil is a different talk about people 's hearts and where they are in their receptiveness of the work right so will take the hardest rocky soil most weed infested person and just keep growing for her Adam is a evangelism doesn't work because I tried the same thing over and over and over will you're just keeping thrown in a rocky soil we have to kind of evaluate is this actually a decent prospects I spend most of my time is not to ignore the other one but where is the most effective use of my time energy and resources going to be misspent on we need people to work as we bet many people to tell about rocket orbit for the most part a look for goods the excellent authority good start with but for people receptive eye that's the first thing and then how do we make more people receptive how do we till the ground and loosen up and make some of the bad soil good soil preparation how do we make people receptive to the message we had the year and it is on page one forty five as the garden must be prepared for the natural seed so the heart must be prepared for the seed of truth okay no one settles on a raw piece of land with the expectation that will once yield a harvest is that if you've never gone before you might make a mistake going until the thought all you like while I do think that's insane it out of the ground and doesn't do a thing like they lied and it doesn't work begins you don't know what you knowing that the problem with you to find the ground is finally just did they didn't have it let's allow them to meet properly right until the soil you plant the seed in the pixel locator right Ms. White is clear about this before we start this indiscriminately planting seed we could raise are in we can raise our odds of success by doing some soil prep first Milligan no one settles upon a raw piece of land with the expectation it will want to harvest diligent persevering labor must be put forth in the preparation of the soil sowing the seed and the culture of the crop so it must be in the spiritual sewing is selling has a lot to do with soil when it has to do with seeing first price up with a fifty seven the sewers of the sea have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel in the ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little of real heart-to-heart work too much sermonizing to little heart-to-heart work of course the heart is the soil working individually retail there is need of personal labor for the soul of the lost and Christlike sympathy we should come close to and then individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life when you first meet them they may not be interested but that doesn't mean they can't be interested with a just on their own haven't gotten there yet at Liu can be a bit seller and start to cultivate that song give them a hunger for something that you can provide I bow before you just and is currently the state of Entebbe partly because brother will be sarcastic or saboteur there would even just the gospel itself assess where are they right now and how can I make them more receptive helmet and make my selling of the seed most effective in their personal experience do they have some sort of I don't know obstacle that might hinder their growth the Lord right now maybe it's not that confident up a market-based this is good to be later on the heel piece of the debit is a great little resource called testimonies to southern Africa not mistaken and she's basically writing to a missionary is going off the people who've never heard of the seven habits in life she's likely tell you what not to do don't but like I was seven Devon is the seventh is a saboteur they got easy until you thought that they hide it under a bushel those that were doing but prepared the ground so that when you do say that it hasn't been greater odds of catching root start with where they are this is where we come up with the most one of the most famous at Mrs. White patent visibly was this review in one forty three in the regular depth in fact I think you know that one better than I do could you recite the force please I would be right on the spot of guessing you know it yes yes follow me in Inglewood people I is a such a thing is the ministry of hanging out the label I could do that I been doing that ever since high school sure I can hang out ministry don't get me wrong I'm not saying that any hobby like the often called ministries that really bugs me as I got been working my golf ministry like twenty assignments inattentive and getting to know them starting conversation be interested in the things that they're already interested and not just the things you want them to be interested and if they advance guard with their own lives tell me about jail I don't know but that's what you're doing that's your thing measurement insert into their daily expansion of till the soil need them when they are in a leave and then noticed negative social friend you have you have an objective in mind right but you genuinely care about them and that has a strength that has an influence you know your building influence you know sometimes you hear crazy things and you always have to hear consider the source that professionalism demonstrated your crazy things all the time Spears a beautiful erotic which went into but when you say like who said that all the crazy don't you don't know where other people at all that was legitimated the same piece of information but the source is it more credibility right if you have an ongoing relationship with your neighbors and coworkers and friends and family members and you maybe been there since of a good time to share the good picnic with them you know they're there whatever their social thing of or maybe whenever poor dog that had my car maybe the kid was sick or maybe if you've been there in those times Antonia was that gospel seed is sown much higher odds of them being interested in giving it a second look because of the source that helps prepared soil a lot of Christ ministry was going around preparing the soil it will receive it is the medical there were quite calm underwent a medical work it which I noted medical things you think what was the Loma Linda sport with medicines practice they are nigh working in a neighborhood whatever Nicholas is doing the disc caring for other people the work of beneficence doing good for others it is called the right arm the right and why because it opens the door for the body of the gospel to go in the some people think it in end up making that's all we ever do is do this in a circle we can just take off on to start banging a body of the door the goal is to open doors and prepare soil so that when the scene comes in will find fertile ground right this is the preparatory work in his until it is this sermon after sermon sermon could be preached on that one part alone corporately as a church and local churches we end up doing a good deal of that in the next order be reviewing the steps a little bit more in our next session but this is where all of their own lot of good of you think of what kind of soil events could you think about was will serve them but a lot of churches spend time doing this kind of thing that's good we keep opening doors but now we need to start walking through the empty tilling the soil that is on point you got a plant the seed is not one or the other but we have a soil tilling church while that's good now we do with all that ago which moves into next the purpose of soil preparation is to sow seed you don't just know farmers till and until someone so that I love to look around at all you can do something right the purpose of soil per person 's associate in Christ's parable the seed is the word of God at some point you have to sell them see a lot of people I know will get hung up on the first step and do friendship evangelism which may mean unfriendly people and that is my evangelism no it's not your preparing for the next phase of evangelism but in the family living in having markedly come in and he can do a bit of the best wrong neither is just tilling the soil all the time that's not doing amended with the whole band of evangelism start the front right this is a particular edit and then you have to do the next with any other neighbor this brings you one of you be sure to have as good and you've got this rapport built with them at some point you have to do with your face with your eyes with your mouth cells and seeing scariest thing in the world we've been good friends and now I'm in a be there neighbor health now it would be viewed as the one you brought religion into it it's like saying assembling at the top politics I don't want to the refrain of the betting a lot of people mean well they disdain the soil prep and never actually succeed in not too many to make the mistake of not selling the signatures because they're afraid that it might did they might do it poorly and I'll be honest I don't know what that noise is working on it but think about it from the last from the last intercession there's a chance they could do it poorly but at some point you have to if you get a fail fail trying right is not to be because widening of the gospel was afraid I do it wrong so I didn't knew it all we are guaranteeing you'll do it wrong by not doing it the other one you're just risking you'll do I still take risk over guarantee any day right so they might go poorly but just like the atrophy leg you get better over time what is the best way to couch this with them but leading question with a good introductory statement what's what meaning is a better way of saying I'm afraid that you might go to hell I think that's not the best opening line even though you actually read the negative but we say whether Roman Catholic is like the you know it's the antichrist I will get there last night now and maybe but I still honestly I'd rather dry and the know it all we can do better but we never want to approach someone with biblical truth in a careless prayer list manner we far too often to the opposite extreme of being so cautious that we never actually so seen it's better to risk failure because of a poor approach and to guarantee failure for making no approach at all Scotus and by local references for this the book of Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes chapter eleven as is the habit of mind always look up in the Scripture even those regular notes more times I like to admit I've gotten the wrong text in the notes and when people go home like like someone and you can find out if his cousin human and make really bad mistakes greasy as he said before that chapter eleven see the starting of verse four he who observes the wind it will not so and he who regards the clouds will not reap with any if you spend your whole I like option that is not a good day to soak with but I can't really into just not doing it all right so they don't sell usually don't get a rate so given the selling partner like you know it just doesn't the wind is a good I'm afraid it will go wrong in it it anyway but it might be high winds but you have to associate some he who observes the wind will not so you will reap as you do no as you do not know what is the way of the wind or how the bones grow the womb of her who is with child so you do not know the works of God who makes everything in the morning sow your seed in the evening do not withhold your hand for you do not know which will prosper either this or that or whether both alike will be good if you start as good to start soil sample nature but at some point episode with the and even if all the conditions are riding the wind is blowing up is doing whatever just do it is you don't know what's good happen on the other end of that it might take root and be fantastic might be completely disregarded with idea is even if you don't know has been a work just do it second Corinthians debacle Paul picks up on the same link you see this agricultural language woven into all parts of Scripture was the just price but it's all through the Bible this process of evangelism the cycle of events is being referenced second Corinthians chapter nine and verse six but I say he's loose but the sows sparingly will also reap how sparingly uses bountifully will also reap bountifully now he wasn't particularly talk about them and as an per se but it's an agricultural principle is ably applied to it if you don't so much you should have no expectation of a large harvest it's astonishing to me how many churches will expect great things out of their evangelism program women at any soil prep or seed sowing benzoyl this week until the soil we can plant a seed and were dumbfounded as one is not a harvest related that surprising I have a whole lot around I don't expect corn and tomatoes you cannot apply never to I never went insane and every time to go mow the grass am not surprised why isn't there born here and do anything about it there are an obvious of the more you're going and looking to come back to this little bit later on but I hate to be this crass about it but the bottom line evangelism is a numbers game you send out a thousand handles to a program to expect a thousand people show up to each other probably one to three of those will show up if you want to get a crowd of a hundred new people you got so more seen is how to bottom line in football thing here if you expect bigger outcomes in bigger on the front and you have to get all these aspects of the cycle to go up if you have a big and it has to start always belittled the just has to work go back to the book of Isaiah no Isaiah chapter thirty two verse twenty blessed are you who so beside all waters that the funds raised to look up in the writings in this white aside all waters who send out freely the feet of the ox or donkey the next image of the aqueduct Avenue this exactly but apparently they're part of a going out and doing process to and blessed are you if you just so see scope for you'll have more success doing more than you were doing less so simple publishing ministry page three ninety five from the light which God has given me he desires that his people shall improve every opportunity for disseminating light they are just so beside all waters except every opportunity you have given a shot and she gives up how personal example of this leave the boat at Samoa the lady Mrs. Goward caught sight of desire of ages and she expressed her admiration of the book author really got what you read the book or software she was interested in it like but what about it just like all that she had interest in you would like conditions like all it's really nice but you did it and I know is a little square inch of fertile soil salinity of so since he has to do it she doesn't say is you who buy copies really good not wishing to watch the I made her a present of it so nice about this I gave it to her again I might precipitate a thing renewal will get a better present of it and gave her the little book Christian education like that when the something Doctor Socko built on she said when she took it up she could not lay it down she says she never saw things in print so enlightening so beneficial her husband has been reading desire of ages he says it is a wonderful book both seem very thankful for these books now they leave Samoa for another look I went well we need to set thought so beside all waters some fruit may come of the seed sown what I like about this story is another copout and then they can be confessed their sins we are baptized right of no is why had no idea how to historians and we won't know until that she said here's what happened they saw this book is populated to get them to move it more like this to them husbands are retitled how long is no trip was there enough as it were into the book a little bit was wonderful and the copyleft is a no-no but it's better to have sounds even not a I prayed the Lord to open the way that I might find someone interested in designer pages and maintain this chance she was looking for fertile ground she's asking the Lord for an opportunity to associate and she's not at all I think the book is interesting but when she was on his radio like that which by the way she did more than just admonishing people in writing testimonies and speaking a joke obsessions she had personal ministry in her life to every church leader a preconference leader should have Bible studies of their doing on their own just throw that out there teslas the church volume seven page thirty five in the parable of the sewer Christ gave an illustration of his work his own work and that of his servants the seed fell upon all kinds of soil some fell upon poor soil yet the snow did not therefore ceases work you are to sow the seeds of truth in every place where ever you can gain access hold for the word of God so beside all waters you may not at once see the results of your labors but do not be discouraged speak the words that Christ gives you work in his lines go forth everywhere as he did during his ministry on the earth the world 's redeemers had many hearers but few followers at the really powerful line of the Internet is a whole lot of people who listen to Jesus who didn't come to faith in God but that didn't stop them it's a numbers game that if you want more you got a gift for once the seed is taken rootless with the next phase no cultivation once the seed has taken root the new plant must be cultivated this nurturing work is by far the most time-consuming and labor-intensive phase of the growing cycle you think about you harvest them both either feel but a day or so can be a single event you can sell in a single event you might even tell anything on it but that how much you well one day see the next day commingle without all the tomatoes the next day this is used long gap in between cultivation and we need up and brings you got water you got to do this and that is coming God intent is a slow long laborious process and nobody like doing it all out of me we would all have gardens it was this a mistake made by the weekend is like Amazon prime today to getting it right on the émigrés with overlooking in our local churches and a personal lives that's how it is with winning souls is a lot of like I need to schedule next Bible study management it was look at calendar and then we discover this you still have quite a panic over this thing again audited half I thought this was easy I wanted thirty minute promo videos video moment where it all happens like a sitcom it doesn't work that way is long slow opening Daniel to doing begin Bible study work the needs redone new celibacy cultivation the primary of a where soil preparation and seemed selling it may take a day or two cultivation requires continued effort over weeks or months the primary way to nurture the growth of the word in someone's heart is by giving regular Bible studies I first Peter chapter two and verse two talks about how this is the thing that causes growth first Peter chapter two verse two as newborn babes desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow thereby what causes growth and someone who's just come in the gospel of the word of God they got a get in the word at some point I just interested in it they got a study of the consultant personal Bible studies is the most effective way to do that Matthew chapter twenty eight give the great commission again hopefully were very familiar with this but I want to highlight something we sometimes get behind verse eighteen and Jesus came and spoke been saying all authorities been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples eleven like I had been given all power so you go into something that you are the one who had power that are empowered to tell you what to know all authorities beginning Christ culture disability couldn't move the stone he couldn't unwrap activities that now I am victorious over Satan I defeated and the crossing the big debate about now thus the field is open to doubt go and make disciples of all nations baptizing in the name of the father and of some of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that the manager alone with you always even the beginning of the age noticed in this making disciples is great commission the Christ tells us to do but teaching them all things is involved a disciple is a follower of Jesus who understands who use from the study of his work but that Enzo Devon might be interested noticing something you can take some time ago to limit you that it won't take long for other people but having people understand who Christ is and what the present truth for this time is directly from the word of God is the only thing is really good growth and strong if you get the pics attached to an individual even just a good preacher or something like that it seems that guy points out so that they need to have root in themselves and the word of God that's what causes growth according to Scripture I even think about this when Jesus was walking along the road to Emmaus there were the two disciples would your you know and Jesus does that whole was this really things that he enough to show up in Highland Jesus what's wrong up she looks like just another guy walking along the road is putting a talk about our Gary are the only one hundred so how do you not know that this guy was we totally had our hopes up and now the worst it's been three days in a favorite to come back we haven't seen rented home is and then she starts doing what he doesn't say let net on Jesus he stays incognito and he takes the Bible is a look at the Scripture say and on that long walk to prolific was seven miles long for me to think of it as a Bible study will be seemed like this prophecy protruded and when Jesus finally did reveal himself in the breaking of the bread at their home that night I can imagine what that would be like a system those Jesus and that he like hands they like ha ha using Internet moment a Google smiling bow and disappears over they say to each other did not our hearts burn within us win when we saw to know when he stuck with this pilot was getting a Bible study was a powerful that they were rude and not because of the personal expense anything is because they now understood the Bible that understanding of the truth from God 's word is the most powerful thing the guns give us his reason he gave us a book acts chapter eight was another example of this starting with verse thirty the expensive Philip and Ethiopian so Philip ran to him and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah instead do you understand what your rating is not just to have an individual studying the Bible on his own building they need to I hope you will understand what they are reading right these how can I unless someone guide me I think there are plenty of people in this innocent and that start within the influences of them is that in the North American field who are Christian in name not offended by the name of Jesus they have Bibles on their shelves they might have nine different television shows that but they still understand this thing how can they let somebody comes and helps them walk through it this means there's a video to stoop somebody in that book sales figured out that would make school a very different experience every class is like figured out now they open and walk with you through it and help you step-by-step understand this would happen here goes on and he said how can I listen guys media elliptical to sit with them the place in Scripture which he read was this and it's a quote from Isaiah about fifty three by Jesus right so the unit in verse thirty four asked him at answered Philip and said I asked of you all of whom does the prophet say this of himself or some other man then Philip opened his mouth and beginning at this Scripture preached Jesus to them clearly he didn't just stop with that Scripture will start where you are and that was built built with book is a great technique writer start with the things that they are really okay with him and build into the things they don't know yet now if they went down the road became to see water to make some water in Munich since he hears water what hinders me from being baptized notice that this man realized that he was not but confident enough he was not competent enough in his understanding of Christ with others any got to be baptized you need to understand first which led to baptism before anyone seven Dennis Church and to all the interesting ministries you want all the fun health things I love those but at some point somebody has to walk through the Bible with nine runs at it at our church it's the public evangelist doing it from front there's nothing wrong with that but those are supposed to be reaping events not cultivating and seems telling us what we try to do all the whole cycle evangelism in a three-week period in the fall the best results for Harvard you can have it that's soiled and wrinkled Bidwell the seed has been so with the right time and hopefully the best way possible in the cultivation process is going on so when the harvest comes he's just repeating step of our parties confirming that in them they like now indefinite my decision here's water what hinders me from being all part of the process anyway see here event is an page three thirty eight it is not preaching alone that must be done far less preaching is needed more time should be devoted to patiently educating others giving the hearers opportunity to express themselves but the downfall of the campaign decided I had up at three public campaigns that I will be preaching next year alone I'm a big fan of public campaigns that there are some difficulties to the wine is not great for you have a question that really good dynamic for that but a one-on-one Bible study their talk of the flesh out the concern treadmill talk about the objection this is what's needed giving the hero 's opportunity to express themselves it is instruction that many need line upon line priest upon precept here a little they are little so we need is inside the book evangelism testimony searchers volume nine one ninety six in visions of the night representations path before me of a great reformatory movement among God 's people what about revival Reformation yes I'm over my time I own really sorry but that's okay will do best we've heard a lot about right title Reformation how would we know what we how would we know if it actually occurred what does the great reform look like they were praying so fervently for personal devotions is good but what's this envisions the night representations that the forming of a great reformatory movement among the people many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrought the spirit of intercession was seen even as was manifest before the great day of Pentecost hundreds of thousands were seen visiting families and opening for them the word of God is really cool picture anyway that was his mood quickly though this BuSpar crops never harvest themselves as they got it fully ripe fruit for the picking and nobody goes than pluck them up they will severe weather and on insanity what I been baptized Lily was no interest me really been waiting as long as I was in your sorry just related baptized make an appeal personal appeal appeals don't have to be from the front of a thousand people around you in the right of the kitchen table sister brother I see that this is really you want to commit to e-learning curriculum make a covenant with God seems the Holy Spirit is working at heart not if they are there the company 's somewhat in notice with the thank you for offering a smile anyway was that the visa so let's go to the skip down to upper Mystic personal individual effort and interest for your friends neighbors will caucus more than can be estimated it is for the want of this kind of labor the souls for whom Christ died or perishing your work was more real good in the more expensive meetings if they lack in personal effort when both are combined with the blessing of God a more perfect and borrower may be brought but if we can have but one part done let it be the individual labor of opening the Scriptures and household making personal appeals and talking familiarly with the family of the members of the family not about things a little importance but the great themes of redemption review and Herald April twenty forty three the salvation of sinners requires earnest personal labor we are prepared to them the word of life not to wait for them to come to us an estimate of the problems of vandalism the whole campaign has simply taken place in one room but what appears people out there who don't come to your century even go to their home when you take the evangelism were doing and take it out to the people where they are and I finally preservation once the crop is harvested the grain must be reserved as a blessing to the church and worker for the salvation of other souls when the evangelism cycle comes first circle it accomplishes its purpose of making disciples who make other disciples not the baptism occurs at the end of the harvest right that's with a commitment is made in their fulfilled that commitment by being baptized remember the church but now what now you have to do it anyway notice we put so much effort into winning new salt will spend thousands and thousands of dollars will spend time and energy and effort to sell the student will make and we think of the finish line is harvest next Sabbath all the banners are down all the crowd gone away they've heard one presentation on the Sabbath in their life and were like me I would enclose a backdoor that the new people is keep leaving pages to do new they don't know their babies they need to be built on afterwards as a whole discipleship process that needs a happen after the campaign closes anyway we must be satisfied with mere retention of new members replication is the ultimate goal to make another disciple making disciples seven Dennis Church has plenty of members what we need are missionaries this DNA of soul winning must be implanted at the earliest ages of these new disciples like what they're going to come to church members have never been a mission Christian service page nine hundred disciples one of the kingdom of God is a missionary huge rings of the living water becomes a fountain of life the receiver becomes the giver review and Herald the symmetry nineteen oh eight it is an eternal law of Jehovah if you access the truth is to make it his first work to proclaim the truth but who is it that makes the burden of perishing sinners his own among God 's people in there there's a fearful lack of sympathy this should be felt for souls unsaved we talk of Christian missions the sound of her voice is heard but do we feel price tender heart longing for those outside the fold we have to take that to the minute they come to the truth there to be looking for other people we have to give them a structure that could give them such a process so finally again is not in common Christians expressed disappointment in the resulted from their efforts to win souls oftentimes however the problem lies not in life and not realizing the growing cycle is a process involving multiple steps each of which demands careful planning and hard work there are no shortcuts when it comes to winning souls for Christ it even one step in the vases and cycle is overlooked results will suffer but decided on by the zebra can be no harvest up it just won't be as verbose as you like to be we must prepare the soil the heart fantasy word of God cultivates spiritual interest with ongoing Bible studies harvest decisions to follow Christ and preserve those decisions the system question yet even our best efforts to fail about the power only God can provide of course it is God who gives the increase yes you can do all that's right but all you're doing is the human part of the miracle but you can move the stone you can unwrap the miracle of raising Lazarus that's only on Jesus and the conversion of salt we are responsible for the conversation but God is responsible for the conversion right so we have to do our part in the Lord 's promise to be faithful to through our efforts sold will be one excellent work most efficiently and effectively for him apologize for going over the time when the short WordPerfect break me right back to the next okay back in the father thank you so much we can be here together please bless our time together puzzles to redeem the time and make it a fake effective for you and your consecrated to the moon this message was avoided in Key West to twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of the Seventh-day Adventists and seek to inspire young and vital faith will question someone download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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