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6. May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC this is session number six when they were richly lined up the discipline was the last one and at attention please was the fifth Windows switch then our room location got switched an icon got switched so for those in England no idea what's going on right now my name is Patrick Amory debater this is training Senator discussion number six entitled May I have your attention please how many of you still do not have a handout I I want to let you know that I really appreciate you being an apparently there are some extras I don't know but I think that they might have run dry but there you can share uses the time to get closer to your fellow man but basically I would very quickly talk about litigants to very briefly recap for those of you who are just coming up with you looking training center church is what the church organization supposed to do what is supposed to be with his purpose and what is the individual roles of up people in the church where the members or officers or even paid pastoral staff what is it that were supposed to be doing and going through all of that basically come to the idea there's a cycle of evangelism and goes everywhere from cultivating the site front of preparing the soil to to planting the seed sowing the seed to cultivating the crop to harvesting it began and then preserving an ongoing discipleship or discipline no new members as they will in turn go around and called the bedrooms of prepare the soil and of the you think so what was right from there and we got a lot to cover today and some of it might seem a little bit weird and crazy and that's okay where were trying to get peoples attention and at the end of time and we need to be pulled for the Lord not obnoxious but bold and how can we do that effectively so as Bauer has for workers we can start Emily father we thank you so much for this Sabbath day it is been a blessing and now Lord as we come to this final session of this particular seminar series we would ask that you would teach us how to work for you most efficiently most effectively so you can hasten the coming of Jesus are praying in Jesus name amen in the previous session we compared evangelism process of the agricultural cycle winning souls to Christ is not a spasmodic easy work and Angela was not an offense it is an ongoing process on the contrary each step in the process requires diligence and on a highlight for the purpose of this seminar session intelligent work labor against soil preparation how do you do that were preparing the soil the People's party reception the gospel and there walk with Christ soil preparation is mingling with people and missing to their needs seen selling is actively seeking to share Bible truth in ascertaining others interested in spiritual things cultivation means taking up a long but rewarding work of studying the Bible with people individually this is on the highlight here is the before cultivation is one of the least emphasized parts of evangelism process yet is the one that is the most essential to a good harvest they need to be cultivated we do usually would you like a one day soil prep event where have a healthy Expo stuff like that then we'll have a big seam sewing event like Google and pass out literature rights will have an evangelistic campaign in the fall and make it appeal was then we went to ten thousand dollars and we only had five people here evangelism must not work no as they were not working hard or well and this is being expected think about in the agricultural cycle who physically tilling soil he can do that in a day you can literally plant the seed in a day you can depend on the size of the of course the field web you can harvest potentially in a day but there's a big gap of time between fantasy and you reap a harvest business cultivation got a weed things you got to want things to go to keep things largest and as long as slowing the same thing with people in the study the Bible with American address the first unaided when again he got a slowdown in a break that and it's long and hard and there are not a lot of church members were actively giving Bible studies to evangelistic interests happy to go to the event are happy to give up at Lautrec and happy to watch the baptism of her that long arduous working between actually going to talk to people personally stolen the scene looking for ways to get engaging them in Bible study that's where the capital to come back to this minute harvest of course calling for decisions from those in Christ and his truth had been shared and preservation by the way we talk about this extensively but the view baptism is not begin the process they then what happened to tear down other banners and signs in all the big build your down that five nights a week is dwindled down to one Sabbath service a week you know how to take the air out of their sails a little bit later settled out of their pew were honestly probably just go back home I got baptized everyone message on the twenty three hundred days one methods on Daniel through one message on the Sabbath one message on the spare proxy right how come they didn't change their lives you know we can go in bringing that long integration the practical application we need a strike wrote in Christ and his word for themselves even after the baptism in now people are always more inclined to have their temporal needs addressed them to have their spiritual needs addressed thus you'll always have more interested in the opening steps of the cycle than in the closing steps Jesus saw this in his ministry to get going very fast here but John chapter six the feeding of the five thousand out of the rental to many crosses over the lake miraculously at night then comes the next day and who is innate the people from the other side of the lake will coming looking for more bread and what does Jesus say to them in John chapter six Jesus said to them instead most assuredly a city you seek me not because you saw the signs that because you ate of the loaves and were filled do not labor for the food which parishes but for the food which endures everlasting life which the Son of Man will give you the Godfather at the New Zealand and Jesus isn't it ended in this context Regina said I am the bread of life yesterday was temporal Brad today is spiritual bread and what was the result and there was a great harvest now with John chapter six verse sixty six LS from that time on many of his disciples went back and walked with him no more reluctantly with the free food guy but when he was the spiritual teaching guy on all Christ experienced this and you will in your church to the evangelism cycle then can also be understood as a final where the soil preparation we had the least spiritually challenging material you're not going calling for decisions when they show up in the health Expo I doubted I would be really intriguing thing welcome to help Expo you ready to neglect the Christ exhibit seven dentist or to the rented Bible pots I'm here for my blood pressure in is the least bit hopefully you and us the literature hoping to use that as an entering wedge to connect it with the least spiritually challenging it that you have the broadest possible interest from the community basketball the whole thing sure they now seem selling on glad you enjoyed this would you like some literature or we have a set of bylaws that would you be in signal you have of fewer people interested in the next that they needed in the first step this is only common sense villages on the scene how many would be actually interested in continuing Bible studies going through a series of studies and really opening up with someone and talk about the spiritual things and making decisions for Christ all along the way as along work at the slower in your numbers like Gideon 's army start whittled down significantly harvest time comes up in the campaign or even right there the whole healthy people even after they go to the studies make the commitment and go forward in baptism you even still and those who are baptized should be mentor they should be disciplined to be Disciples of Christ will go out and hope holder on soil preparation events and put where we have these the bottleneck right now anyone who becomes a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church sign either personally one-on-one with a church member Bible worker or publicly in a campaign hosted by the local pastor or an evangelist will go through a series of Bible doctrines and make decisions to accept them all along culminating in a decision to join the seven Baptist Church at some point that you right now a lot of our outreach is focused on the top of the funnel everybody gets involved with that there's a lot of stuff going on grid with it is good with you that only comes to you and that person talking about spiritual things walking the Bible together leading to baptism that with the membership also whittles down and their participation to the funnel into ways review and Herald August thirteen eighteen eighty nine the Lord require that far greater personal effort shall be put forth by the members of our churches souls have been neglected towns and villages and cities have not heard the truth this time because I was the next four letter word there why is missionary efforts have not been made that implies that there had been some missionary efforts but they're not the best they could be spending continues our ordained ministers must do what they can but it must not be expected that one man can do the work of all the master has appointed unto every man his work there are visits to be made there is praying to be done there is sympathy to be imparted in the high-intensity we see here defines definitely not as the heart and the hand of the whole church is to be employed we literally need all hands on deck when it comes to winning souls for Christ in every phase of the cycle we need a lot of we need a lot of people doing that interest gathering type of think of the opening injuring livestock but we need just as many parents seeking out people who Bible studies and be willing to go to the homes willing to pray with and willing to be disappointed when they reject you I think if there you can sit down with your friends and in a pleasant social way talk with the press Bible review and Herald January nineteen nineteen ninety seven there are many who desire to see souls coming to knowledge and truth everybody loves a baptism no one goes to our baptism they grew regulated at the communion or some other thing we should do that either but everyone gets excited about that I'm never harm a church when a guy comes out of the baptistery is the crickets let whatever everybody's a med in others make a song based on the night but the status your excitement right I S and they love the results but who among us are engaged in real earnest work for the Lord Gould with Ernest humble faith are bringing souls to him by visiting like conversing and by explaining the Scriptures the sacrifice that we ourselves are willing to make for the good of others is what will convince them of our sincerity is it possible that the truth can be just as true but it can be brought home with more significant snippets embodied by you soon think the fact that you want them to know this is bad in your unitary time in your schedule you can take time out of your busy life to sit there and talk through with them convinces them that whatever it is you're selling must be for real so why the serpent how do we do that how do we actually engage people in conversation and start to ascertain their spiritual interest and get them perhaps what incorporate a little bit of it come take a bike of the sample how to cross the divide wise as serpents when it comes to sewing the seed of Bible truth it can be easy to fall want to bad traps I'm guessing we've all seen both of these exemplified a giving the message so abruptly that it seems alien or cultlike like you say this is the present of this time is what they need to year not to give it to them wrong there is a kind of place to be bold and we should always be honest but we should be careful in how we package it because we want to win them or put them in the pendulum swing away from that what happens and B is in an effort to avoid seeming crazy diluting the message so that we never actually presented so we've gone from doing evangelistic campaigns of being a PR campaign are whole thing is like what were not crazy which is good Chris shares were another quirky different day kind of thing which is really soft sell it you know so they seem a lot to be like if your readers like me as it is no conviction that there's anything different but over here it's all bizarre and so outlandish that is we ought not how do you bridge this gap Luke chapter sixteen let's go there very briefly view which we have enough time to race to every little thing I would show you this directly in Scripture also with verse one there is certain the also disciples there was a certain rich man who had a steward and accusation was brought to him that this man was wasting his goods so we called him instead and what is this I hear about you Jim an account of your stewardship for you can no longer be stored so when he comes up with accounting record he's knowing this evening save his job he already knows his job is lost is like your fire go bring the books to me clean out your desk you're going home but if you give your last report we would as we see it okay first three business Stewart said within himself which I know for my master is taking the stewardship away from me and now he's document is available options I cannot what they like anything was a pencil pushers of software writer Linda Alessandra you get there but is not there now right finally this job and go to the bitches I like Internet I'm ashamed to beg so I can't do one and I'm not limited the other one I have resolved to do a hall is there with input out of the stewardship they may receive me into their houses so when he leaves his job where is he planning on staying in the house of whoever they are right so he's setting up his next place having a negative one he's got one day left on the job right master lefties that would eventually come back he's got a one-day firesale later ligand one day I'm fired sale Silverstein called every one of his master 's debtors students of the first policy oh one after any set a hundred measures of oil Susan Graham take your bill and sit down how quickly real quick one day only and write fifty were good half off sale does for you I've always like it doesn't be quite unknown to give you a deal can we be friends next all the letters they said another how much you owe is that a hundred measures of what write Tinkerbell and write a penalty like this guy last know what that delivers the critical so the master a dead the unjust steward because he had dealt how shrewdly is a question the master got more money out of his account manager on that one day they had the whole rest of time yes without a benefit to the master sure that wasn't the whole benefit he still fired right with the Lamentations is good viable businesses out for this and here's the part numbers for the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light basically says I got more creativity out of you today I got more results out of you today you did your best work on your last day you know if you put as much time energy thought creativity and actually doing your job and then instead of your exit strategy out of your job you may not be leaving your job is still fired but when I was a great last day you have been got some work done today in crisis that unjust steward was more shrewd in his dealings and his criminal and right and his selfishness the sons of light are doing their work for their master interest within the Matthew chapter ten in verse sixteen Jesus is telling those disciples were to go out in his behalf what to expect and he says to them in verse you seem behold I see you out as sheep in the midst of wolves sheep are always representative innocent right back lamb like his Christlike wolves ravenous wolves are the enemy a predatory dislike that the lion that Satan was run it is the good versus evil this is so basic I shouldn't have to explain I don't need to remember one so he says because Lavinia had he been with the bullet is what you do therefore be wise as what serpents yet harmless as the quick symbolism of the Bible serpent represents Satan in fact the one time it applies to Christ he was the serpent lifted up but he become sin for us right always a negative connotation a serpent of old who deceive the world is visiting India is why as Satan now dove you need to maintain the character of Christ the agency of the Holy Spirit security of the Holy Spirit with the ingenuity of wisdom syrup now I'm looking for letter wanted to sport this what does Mrs. White say about these phrases of the practical application a day of why the serpents harmless adopts with seeming was being this was the church volume three page four five six is a great reference three four five six Satan understands the weakness of men he has the knowledge which is accumulated for ages and then experienced hand of his work is coming in devices are well mature and are too often successful why because God 's people are not as wise as serpents testimonies the Southern African page sixteen this is written to someone who's going off to do missionary work in southern Africa was a large address present enemy lot of the remnant down there at that time today one in three years in Africa but even God would have you be as lambs among wolves as wise as serpents and harmless as the Spaniards explains what that means you should plan carefully what to say and what to leave unsaid I've been craving everything which I say to this person will start with what not to say and she gives some examples of system over to get some examples than a minute will come to pick the notice which is that this is not practicing deception with it ever times that Jesus could have told more but he didn't absolutely he told me that I can tell you more things right now but you could know that on the ever disguise himself what was it what was the road to romance all about that is he reveal himself literature he never lies course not but there's information he could have shared we doesn't do yet is he wants to walk them through the Bible to get there right practicing deception is it is working as Paul worked raising up our work in the Senate he says being crafty I caught you with guile others say that the remission of no guile in her mouth does that mean that all line no what does it mean going to your labor would not have had that effect really something gone wrong out what does Paul mean when you got here several different translations of segment is to sixteen that phrase that he employs to the Corinthian church new King James as being crafty I caught you by cutting King James being crafty a copy with guile new international crafty fellow that I am I caught you by trickery now that's a little bit maybe much new American Standard Bible crafty fellow that I am I took you invite these seats slowed down in it is a very fine line here right with me what did you study that which I wish we just sincerely did have time to do was look at one example your prescriptive chapter nine says that for though I am free from all that I've made myself a servant of all that I might win the more they were things he could have done his ministry and in the Bible he gives examples at present I should I had every right to expect payment for a ministry for you flights because you're not there yet I'm not been on the relinquish my right so I can when you do stuff like that second of all seminar about your that would be good for you yet will get there to the weak I became as week of May when the week gets a holistic I have become all things all men that I might by all means save some this is why explains how he worked this is good when we won when Paul went to labor for the Jews he did not make first I did a first make prominent the birth betrayal crucifixion resurrection of Christ be singing to present the gospel no he just didn't make it first prominent as that would be ready to be heard you notwithstanding these with a special truth about the lineup with present stroke he first brought them down step-by-step over the promise that had been made with Xavier and over the property the pointed out after dwelling on the Eve until the specifications were distinct in the minds of all let them know what they think they know first and then let them see that Jesus is the fulfillment and they knew that they were to have a savior he then presented the fact that the Savior had already come Christ Jesus fulfilled every specification this was the guile with which Pol Pot souls it wasn't lying he wasn't deception it was with some know what to say and what not to say at the right time he presented the truth in such a manner that their former prejudice did not arrive to blind their eyes and pervert their judgment enough for later study node acts chapter sixteen verses one to five or that the context vector to fifteen where his it was a side of the debate in the circumcision question one you literally had in his hand the document says Gentiles do not have to be reconciled in any runs in identity and was the very first thing he does with them at the uncircumcised is like if you hold this letter that tells me I don't have to do this so I can do this why the Bible tells us he knew there were Jews there and they would not accept in the business you about this got to do with the sake of the gospel to the Jews I became a Jew Timothy the Jews you could have become a Jew it testimonies that after the seventeenth a great and solemn organs before us to reach the people where they are to not feel your burden by the bounden duty to the first thing to tell the people we are Seventh-day Adventists we believe him the Sabbath we believe in the non- immortality of the soul and thus erect most formidable barriers between you and those you with reach let's speak to them as you may have opportunity upon points of doctrine wherein you can agreed and well on practical godliness give them a evidence that you are Christian desiring peace and that you love their souls let them see that you are conscientious with us you will gain their confidence even when we hear the phrase gain their confidence where is that from Christ method alone right mingle with them all to think and then the default is a progression she's explaining the less you will gain their confidence and then there will be time enough for the doctrines let the hard iron hard to be subdued that soil preparation but Becky says the soil prepared and then leave them along cautiously rescinding in the luck in love the truth of it is in Jesus so how do we do that now the favorite you mingle administered you've won their confidence and now it's time to bid then mostly vital outside of this one so on would you ever like to I don't know study the Bible or something please understand that satirical and I'm not prescribing that is your method of approach but I will say this I ready say that the nothing there are plenty of people because they're afraid that's not enough it is deep enough shots and all they do is till the soil they never succeed I went through the stuttering stammering incompetent maybe only get one person we could get a hundred relations not one person I asked if the scripts you will have to will preach one day I will wait as the conversation of spiritual direction is the simply test the waters it always thought the weather work your family drop a little experiment in the mix located near as great in the day of his behavior we were at a Lake MSI 's four years old my my brother-in-law if it can be their parents house and we got the way of fishing rod things that will go look on it as applicable as dropping feelings Bishop Wright disturbed anywhere it worked than reading it's official we were all shocked and my brother I didn't I honestly didn't see that coming I definitely working the patient is not like that my son would like delighted that this is but just drop a little but you never know what's combined right as these are just things I made up a new but this is not at all from any manual this is just stuff we've tried out okay you might have a thousand better ways than race mind and do something else but just in the conversation sometime when something wonderful happened from his blessing to think all praise the Lord on our biggest skip right on past but they heard it it's in their right is starting to form impression which think of how radical is most people 's religion is on once a week for about forty minutes church right but yours is on a Tuesday or Wednesday by the watercooler is where but in every other way you are not okay you this morning I was reading my Bible other realize most people don't read the Bible person would that's interesting they might have a follow-up question read you say this morning was just happening to me that every now is anathema Bible studies I was looking at it I remind those as one powerful sermon in the data was talking or Black Sabbath the church in just the last week last weekend was a Saturday at the creatures on Saturday was a funeral nonetheless happened at church it gets its different and not the crazy but is different nothing like a little different need a little bit more about Wilshire I recently read this incredible book or booklet it was talking to one of the things he just had not really helping out with you this is a great one if you looking for someone to study the Bible with this is the Tony Cerniglia I got this from Mark and Jim Howard twenty three gone one hundred percent foolproof method of a guarantee your gigabytes and if you need to make as honest as possible I am hereby assigning you to find a Bible study interest therefore you're not doing as you want to do it you have to port assignment it's homework yet I was at this class this weekend it was really good we're talking about different ways to approach it I'm trying to better these interpersonal skills of stuff in one of the things that have assigned to do is to give a Bible study with someone would you would you mind helping me out with my homework I'll share okay I took a class on how to explain difficult passages of Scripture and I need somebody to start with I would you might help shirt was open at the Daniel chapter two and knew before we do this is her worker not to the races you service so you go door-to-door you don't have to wait till the big event you can just do this on your own data in and out of the light at the link buses going to does to families doing is not against the big thing don't feel it when I'm saying don't later like every two years we didn't just do it on your own tried-and-true web gathering Bible study interest is doing community service hi my name is left blank so you're always a camera with a number of Christians is out trying to build a community little better would you mind answering stupid questions most people are fine with our local church in Muskegon does this every Sabbath afternoon except for when there's potluck week so three out of four four five sabbaths week of a group that goes out and does Bible study service would you like to interview questions and some of them do the the be a potential upcoming event survey would you be injured they were looking for ways to reach a community would you be interested if we had a class about how to quit smoking when asked about how to get out of debt if you request the healthy cooking or what about Bible prophecy which of those would be the most interesting to you okay like I like them about Rusty Scott W and the world whatnot or I really want because twenty years been smoking if you had a thing that he free free of charge with the culture I wouldn't put a caveat on this one if you go out actually keep record of them get the address of the person who said they'd be interested that thing and make sure you actually host a thing and then when you do make sure they get invited to it so go follow eight we wanted to let you know we'll follow up on the service there is actually good number of people with the situation you are in work well if you know then and in four weeks from having this event marketing account is a boat trip with love to see the world events and Bible questionnaire at the two I got a little minor profanities five questions this is my personal and I do you believe in God an estimate opening line is I time I examine them with ribbon and by the way taking if you happen to have a four -year-old son taken to make sure it's cold he's bundled up it looks like LI the money but he says he loves going out because he holds the contracts right I hope the board Max Bohannon and Stephanie likes underdogs come the little dogs and the episcopal rank question we strengthen the spiritual in a interest of our community you believe in God nine time that adventure as easily as you believe Jesus was son of God is really good manner didn't even exist at all nine had that event on Sunday got I never had someone say they didn't think Jesus existed okay you might have that would auto you are but it's the rare bird right you very do you believe Jesus will come back to the earth again is your believe in God you believe in Jesus is real and he was here he is the son of God giving you come back this is where they get more squarely little ambivalent low and ambiguous like running on softly down for a hand and is having a plurality Plato don't don't be cold and standoffish which is a great leader for number four they just answer the question is so basic that she is as you say you believe in you're not even sure is coming back to you but you know your Bible as well as you'd like to just demonstrated that they don't fill it well I guess I get their stuff I don't really know about Greg was revealed last question would you would you be interested in starting the Bible to have the opportunity run throughout her duo try to get people back in the Bible somebody with non-Jews but we have some free Bible study guides and we can either drop month your homework someone myself or someone else will combine giving them in-home we can to DVD battles that we want to get people back in the word of God and you like to have some basis is not every single time but is very very rare that I'll go out on the Sabbath afternoon I get one by most of that in fact the problem were having now irregular group of people who goes out of the guests only followed Bible studies were not talking on new doors of need like a second crude glands are not endorse which is good because some people can only go out in October they don't have the long-term argument to make other people are terrified of knocking on doors in the player strengths one the most surefire ways of finding potential Bible study interested to go through premade interest list local church attendance records from previous events or campaigns are going to left evangelistic campaign had a print of all the people are interested in and it still sitting somewhere on a shelf in the media ministries like amazing fact it is written with the property etc. and they have interest in your community they overly will mail them to pastor your pastor has entered somebody in the church has been interested in the other than an you be willing to follow up with them they've already said yes they just need somebody to go and sit down to the long cultivating work with the follow-up and see if there are redundant ring of the interest follow-up with area Bible workers are great with the students what they do is go running to Bible studies there other simple ways of generating Bible study interests you can directly mail or personally deliver Bibles they offer cards does walk around literally is drop them up people doors and just see what happens something now be a great something I put these next ones are weirdest of all okay ask for directions I was with only thing bad about a Christian leader better than anywhere within Switzerland and I was mistaken he was in Germany we were in Switzerland we were teamed up to go door-to-door and placing there was nowhere we're going and we got lost legitimately lost we could not read the map you know where we were the streets were all crazy and so we were supposed to go on this route giving up usable logo keep things free gifts and if you'd like to get to go to Bible study something it was we had all our gear we are back in stock at this map and we couldn't figure out where to start only got the right were the first London and we asked him for directions with the next Leslie got lost in route to the next thing in the next person we saw we asked for directions and consort could you help us with reckoning gives directions and we really thank you so much by the way here's this gift we have for you initial open solution thank you for your help really appreciated in the next place and bleeding ulcers this we know lost in sweat await the next person around and we had the most receptive people when we had any noninitial does look like yet I'm still formulating it right I'm a little bit optical also sent them a little bit honest worry that this is being recorded I'm racking my brain here wouldn't it be great if you made it into some sort of fun event where you had appointed a and destination point baby didn't have a map how to get that you have asked people along the route I is like woman at the well outreach to getting water to need redirection to discover what a point it is currently make it into saving the habit objective are going down you legitimately trying to give the other end but the thing time on trying to meet people along the way anyway interesting thought was a mother once here all wearing T-shirts that have things on I got this actually from the global two some of them under the bus but I think I'm on the exact wording but is it I'll give you five dollars I don't have a piece of literature to be right now if you ask like that so really the weather here you better come with a lot of dwellers by dollar bills is something I would do it that every time you go through like a fast food thing is as you know this music really don't give you receipt on watching a month-to-month one don't you forget it forget it could hardly remember struck out again by me I'll give you five dollars of bulimia on unified eyes than seven let me study the Bible with you for twenty minutes I've never tried it but I think it be really interesting to identify dollars if I don't have go check me right now or I just started as the Bible says you don't have a soul after more information about Bible says Sunday is an holy after more information on the article get people to talk to the book of Revelation isn't sealed at Sabina more Jesus promised to come back was taking so long people asking questions up in Bible study resources with a view get one of the special and actually do want to spend Bible with you people like I don't know to do with the thing is we limit the NH were there our resources are limited and there are plenty of them to have his Bible study guides available today in print format DVD below are some the most popular print guides you can find these amazing facts and is written another's other ones that are then even distribute here in this place you can find okay but discover Bible guides new beginning search for certainty unsealing Daniels mystery what revelation maybe reading for yourself on the banal find one that you like for yourself try them out and they should all be aware under limits to add a training center church all of these release some of these would be available free of charge from a clearly marked easily accessible and absolutely unavoidable resource desk at your local church when you going when you go to a local church Reese as a pastor authority to go when you go to the closet and it's like you discovered a geologic column of evangelism here's the thing we did two years ago his thing we did five years ago his limited visits from nineteen thirty six and still there no one ever wants to throw away those materials are still right there but we also don't distribute them to do anything with this we just kind of collect like a bank so what we should do the resources just have a desk right up front have the right people 's hands try have a personal ministry segment of your church service every week we highlighted the different resources bring contract with a would this be great for this is or here's the Bible state I only say with these our orders and testimonies what happened to always be featuring a personal ministry work and it can find another resource that can find all the resources as you walk at the right by the pastor when you shake his hand right next to that is we can pick this up to get unavoidable hassle and manning the booth my life my with it my neighbors neighbors father to stand a very upset about this I want to give them something company but also give them some comfort from the Bible perspective you have something for me hopefully that person many moons will knowingly hope this is a great resource to be put connect you with the correct resource closing thoughts I think we had our time square on God 's size the time summer twenty eighteen ninety nine in every church many Christlike workers those who in life and character are growing the divine likeness by working call to repentance the spiritual life of the church can be kept alive only as the members make personal efforts to win souls to Christ no amount of mental culture or theological training will do this work you can have the most literate educated theologically accurate membership and leadership in your local church but it does not guarantee a healthy growing spiritual after church and a notice that the spiritual life of the church can be kept alive in that they primarily this is only as the members make personal efforts to win souls to Christ .org space two hundred real character the church is measured not by the high profession she makes every church is to say there focused on soul winning it's very rare I would imagine it all the five churches like milk were not interested in the law than I said out loud but where there's been a time energy money input structures and before the real temperatures measured by profession she makes known by the names and role of the books but by what he is actually doing for the master by the number of her persevering faithful workers personal unselfish effort will accomplish more for the cause of Christ and can be brought by sermons or creeds let ministers teach church members that in order to grow and spirituality they must carry the burden for the Lord has laid upon them the burden of leading souls into the truth no talk a lot about spiritual growth and discipline getting all that yes you should be prayer prayerful you should be a diligent student of the Bible but you must as much as you do that other people it's a part of your spiritual development your spiritual maturity or spiritual growth not only to receive from the word of God and receive your walk with Christ but to give it to someone else those who are not fulfilling their responsibility should be visited the pastor should visit church members but it might be because how can I help you get engaged with workload should be visited prayed with labored for do not leave the people depend upon you as ministers teach them rather they are to use their talents and giving the truth to those around them and thus working they will have the cooperation of heavenly angels and will obtain inexperience that will increase their faith and give them a strong hold on God and Christian service fifteen let no church think it is too small to exert an influence and do service in the great work go to work brother it is not alone the large camp meetings or conventions in councils will have a special favor of God is a good winter read UIC as we close out right she wisely is a blessing amen but is not the only one go home and be a blessing of somebody else the humblest effort of unselfish love will be crowned with his blessings and receive is great reward do what you can and God will increase your ability think about how several of apprentice will learn what you can think about it make a plan and go do something you might mess up I'm sorry you will mess up somehow but I would much rather you fail try and then guarantees failure otherwise has been cleared and hope you got some creative ideas they might be terrible for you and your situation I don't know much I think bingo when it's over Jesus without Hasbro where prayer and we bought thank you so much that you give us this great privilege and has great responsibility of working for and with you for the salvation of others Lord bless us in every phase of the evangelism cycle weathered soil preparation teaches how to do it well but it's selling the scene teaches what to say what not to say in the cultivation process give us fidelity and endurance and wisdom and tact in all the gifts that we need for that area give us courage for the harvest Lord to call forth for those decision Lord help us to discipline ourselves and those who come to the face of it in turn again when even more souls to you Lord galvanize us into an army finishes this work in this generation we prayed in Jesus I also must own this message was included in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of this and that this is just as satisfying on the Bible -based Tyson Sullivan download Texas other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with double


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