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5. Discipline

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 3, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC one session number five entitled discipline part of our training center church Center session here at the center series but before we get in is a study in all imports will start with one person please if you would either has early father thank you so much for this day thank you we habit at all and we can spend it together and right now in this room Lord we would ask that you would teach us things we need to knows that we can work for you the way you want us to so bless the Lord were prayed in Jesus name amen this enables pretty strictly to the script here but I like to follow along anything but if the lady was developing here legally mentioned it the Bible 's great commission the Christ demographic chapter twenty eight Cisco and make disciples the opening lines is a great book asked of the apostle says the church was organized for services mission is carried gospel to the world and the Seventh-day Adventist church has a mission statement says were going to go make disciples by giving the everlasting gospel the context of the three Angels messages editing clothesline discipling them and I mentioned in previous seminar that that that that little word discipling kind of bugs me because is not an actual word it's a made up term I believe the sound nicer than the real word discipline discipling the thing the room word of disciple the process by which you become a disciple is a process called discipline now popular that may be the day that were there were a disciple is a noun it's a thing that you are it's not aver the true discipleship requires discipline Philippians chapter two notice with the apostle Paul writes the believers in Philippi verse twelve therefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence so clearly he was set up he's preached the message they been obedient but now he's planning to leave or he is already left but he says the deluxe work out your own salvation about it was it something you received your exhibit of the transaction you got it which is working out business after the preacher leaves after I heard the message you mean there's more to do than to simply say I've gone to the Bible study that was the sermons I've accepted I came down front of Paula just now that I'm gone work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to will and to do his good pleasure not to be clear he 's not saying these are your works the new park on private think right now dwells in you and allow him to do his work and you must continue this growth process is laborious at its time to equipment it's its work now that the message and embrace workouts your own salvation discipline Christian service page fifty eight one sentence that should give us pause it is evident this was written a believe in nineteen oh two so just over a hundred years ago this is why it was able to look at the condition of the remnant people to seven Dennis church and she was able to look and say that it is evidence what I was shown this is not a thing that the Lord had revealed very on the surface you couldn't see when you just look around you can save yourself it's clear it of evidence that all the sermons preached have not developed a large class of self-denying workers with great sermon after sermon crusade after crusade campaign after campaign and what do we have at the end of it and a lot of members aware are the missionaries where are the work of eleven watchers where the workers is obvious the methods and approaches been accepted and people don't vote where workers it would notice in the cycle of evangelism discipleship ministry well noted in the cycle of evangelism we talked about preparing the soil and then selling the seed and then cultivating that with Bible studies and regarding new people to the word and at harvest time perhaps in that own home environment or public campaigns and makes an appeal of commitment to get baptized and joined God 's remnant church and we think our the cycle is complete no it's not there's one more step preservation what you do with the crop is harvested when you deal with it what's the purpose of having a crop you got to do something with the grain you got to put separately using out and do something with preservation after the harvest that's what this particular session is about is looking at that preservation that last phase of the cycle let's say that you have done all the things you mingle the people and that their needs and won their confidence in you sow the seed of the word of God into their lives either literature or me or your own gospel presentation out of your own mouth which give that a shot since I don't does lead on branch under the work for you what nothing in front Russia is good then you have cultivated they were interested by the state except always it was would you like to learn what you go through the series of Bible evangelistic campaign they get their heart to the Lord to get baptized and you there now what it a lot of times we put ten thousand dollars on this end of the cycle the ten thousand hours into this inability we put our creativity our energies all our attention and getting them into the thing to walk limping and get them to make a decision for Christ in the next Sabbath at the charitable about the banners come down now what now and then were shocked when a year later where were those nine decisions for baptism we got one of them left the great harvest clicking on the newsletter sit on the shelf and rock which is where brings in discipleship guiding someone through the application of the theory that they've heard the doctor in the Bible discourses all those sermons that have been preached how do we know integrate that into the life so you not only be on the books but you'll be in person and the other will be a worker for Christ going to sell your own seed and start the cycle all over again how do we do that discipline discipleship ministry involves more than publicly preaching or even personally teaching God 's word to others at its very core true discipleship requires personal mentoring in the same way they needed to come to Christ or someone leaving them step-by-step to the word now they need to see the output you know back in the same way on the other end are you gave me the variable you're not we learned and practiced over here on the integrate into this this was a theme of the apostle Paul interestingly enough you would assume he just that everyone does follow Jesus he didn't exactly say I does have a little heretical watch how he says apologies is the safest way first Corinthians chapter eleven in verse one you make the statement emissary who me as I imitate Christ you get set issue to say just look at Jesus and whatever he does but I know this is very nuts and bolts but Jesus isn't here in the physical body anymore without the testimony of what is life was like if we know where it is now praise the Lord and the Hadley Saint Ray soon to come again of the day but what does Christianity look like if I can't follow Jesus around like his disciples that although that's a what wanted to follow me around and I'll help you see Jesus were clearly what it looks like to be his disciple imitate me as I imitate Christ in the making since what is now first Thessalonians chapter five first Thessalonians chapter five on a trust our chapter one starting with verse five again I would look at that my Bible just to make sure it's there and I didn't have a typo or something like that first Thessalonians chapter five two one starting with verse by and be good at this for our gospel he tells the Thessalonians did not come to you in word only you catch that how much of our seven Dennis message of the people in word only offer not how I did it our gospel did not come to you in word only but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sakes why were they the type of benefit work will help leaves because I really should write regardless of who is around him right but through their life of faithful as they were an example to others and make them leave them step by step closer to Christ for your sakes he says he continues and none is an EU became followers of all Abbas and of the Lord having received the word in much affliction with joy in the Holy Spirit joy of the Holy Spirit now notice the point widening it while this verse seven so that you became what examples to all in Macedonia and the Kia I was an example for you to get you wrote it up so that you can be an example somebody else is in to me that's a very insightful very powerful bought a very significant thing we don't just preach the word we solicited the word of truth and we do all this but at the end of the campaign we praise the Lord now what are you doing that have to be exemplified as the model would have to be integrated apply in the life very tangible practical ways that are nuts and bolts brass tacks help me out we become like Jesus Gospel workers page three twenty two preaching is a small part of the work to be done for the salvation of souls God 's Spirit convicts sinners the truth any places in the them in the arms of the church the ministers may do it parts but they can never perform the work that the church should do God requires his church and nurse those who are young in faith and experience to go to them not for the purpose of gossiping with them don't just hang out and talk about Bartlett on the interest in a buddy here try to make a disciple for Jesus Christ not for the purpose of gossiping with them but to pray to speak the words that are like apples of gold in pictures of silver I've been assured that if the something very beautiful luscious new but they need personal care they need to develop an essential Christian habits that every Christian should already have the ultimate goal of Christian faith is Christ likeness not just an acceptance of Christ in theory but the application of Christ and the like that you become like Jesus but they imitate me if I would take right his goal is to get them to Jesus Christ become more like him there are a essential spiritual habits every Christian must develop to be more like Jesus essential Luke chapter six verse forty Jesus explained very clearly a disciple is not above his teacher but everyone who is perfectly what's that word trained will be lots that is a will believe the things his teacher talk would actually do rightly trying to get perfectly training actually become like the teacher himself again our goal is not just except the theory of Christ become like Christ that's the ultimate goal of Christianity Christian education page one twenty two let no one suppose that conversion is the beginning and in and of the Christian life there is a science of Christianity that must be mastered if this study it's a work of the discipline there is to be growth in great spirit that he that is constant progress and improvement the mind is to be always used in the right which is a discipled know was his A- to be disciplined work train educated the child of God is to do service for God in ways that are not natural or in harmony with inborn inclination it when you come to Christ and accept the message you get baptized that doesn't mean that your old habits are completely out of your life and need their notes invasion no allurement no draw whatsoever is automatically become Jesus like I do there are people who literally have that mystical expectation when you come up out of the water it is just a wash you'll man completely that work like authentic recesses and left now you can keep working of his salvation is growth of the science discipline doesn't come naturally takes work eight essential habits every Christian must personal daily personal prayer a prayer life does not come natural to someone who is never prayed before as the disciples would literally say things like Lord teach us to pray is a big thought prayer can be talked comeback in the second but daily personal study of the word of God must be part of your Christian experience daily morning and evening family worship I doesn't come natural some thing about what that involves you have a look at your schedule I have actually make time with something that went up to cancel some things I might have to rearrange some stuff so that I can actually implement this but my life as it was coming to Christ did not have Christ in its and it's a finite amount of time and energy and money this constitutes my life the Bible to put Christ not only can it but in the center button to reorganize everything my life around him that the clear out the old stuff to put them in first and then rearrange things route that takes the thinking that a schedule things weekly Sabbath school attendance of this offering are pursuing among the committee for the machine optical training center church committee was reopened shop at the top but mischievously but in putting these things together would all the new members need to have in their lives we realize that this would be a great guide for all the old members to go through to say that when it comes that the school and I'll leave that alone weekly Sabbath school go to church and people sense will become people churches are at the hospital weekly church attendance what is the church a was what is bothered asking too sure but what does the Bible record as was his custom he just groaned when it was a habit that they needed and when young people sometimes not I would go to church but you know what the elders and the people down to me that they don't talk a little late with address book Asia prompting to address but be so what I mean so what if at first I doubt most of the persecution the claim is actually John how to say that out loud it will have a slice of it but they blown up to this you don't think but even if this were true so what when she went to church they tried to kill him he elevated next Sabbath he didn't say well I know I need to go the woods and discussed below in front of the lake now it was a church why it was his custom for the Sabbath that's what you do with your customers when integrated new members developed a habit of just always coming is at school church that's what you do takes work takes time and repetition weekly prayer meeting small group Bible study attendance something in the middle of the week keeping all the believers within talk about Sabbath school should relish of the pop up everything regular personal witnessing regular involvement in church ministries interview part of the work of the church essential thoughts distorted a break these sections that address the things breaking down those eight habits into ways we can disciple people of the Senate discipline people in becoming Disciples of Christ Francis was go back to the devotional life the disciples of Jesus recognized the quality in his personal prayer life they lacked in greatly desired Luke eleven verse one they happen upon Jesus when he's praying and notice what the text says here now it came to pass as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased that one of his disciples said to him Lord teach us to pray is John also taught his disciples this is the kind of a loaded thing but apparently was Jesus Frank Bailey had a certain place where he prayed and they didn't interrupt and Bentley was very clear that he was in the zone if you will and only when he stopped with a Lord teaches that does this mean that these men did not pray they never prayed before the prayer was a newfangled idea to them now what they saw and he has personal prayer life something they did not have the Bears said whatever that is even half sincerity of depth of significance we need that teach us I thought it was a big one forty Christ's disciples were much impressed by his prayers and by his habits of communion with God it wasn't that one in particular prayer is greatly to be always afraid in his consistency in a prayer life was impressive to them it wasn't random a little spasmodic with an occasional news all the time is how you do that one day after a short absence from their Lord they found him absorbed in supplication impression is even you know there stand there seemingly unconscious of their presence he continued praying how allowed with his wife it operates like the opening of the heart to the front to friend in Christ and the quality prayer we prompted his father was interest in theory was for real personal and he literally talked out loud they do not ask it what what did you pray they heard it was impressive the parts of the disciples were deeply subversive prayer and another for the devotional life is daily Bible study continued growth in the word one issue seven Baptist Church is the proclivity for a once learned always learned mentality that safety would but that the defendant 's church of loudly I believe rightly rejects once saved always saved theology rightly understanding of this get your ticket in nineteen eighty four Re: one presence on right it's not that it's a transaction at the Geneva always the daily would understand that once saved always saved this is rejected but somehow we subtly except a once learned always learn mentality when it comes to understanding the Bible and growing in the word of God again first Peter chapter two verse two what is the apostle here recommend he says as newborn babes desire the pure milk of the word that you may what row thereby if indeed you tasted that the Lord is gracious but once you have come into a relationship with Christ if taste of his goodness his graciousness to now you continue to grow by a steady diet of the word of God causes growth our high calling page twenty the food we eat at one meal does not satisfy us forever we must daily partake of food so we must daily if the word of God the life of the soul may be renewed in those who feed constantly upon the word Christ is formed in the hope of glory and neglect to read and study the Bible brings spiritual starvation I think the people have this idea that once I come down front accept Christ I get baptized that he now dwells in me and there's a permanent resident it's by continuing to feed on that word that he continues to live and grow in his principles and you I cannot like on page two fifteen no renewed hearts can be kept in a condition of sweetness without the daily application of the salt of the word divine grace must be received daily or no man will stay converted why talk about closing the back door we needy people in the word of God daily habit in their life Christian lifestyle is talk about the issues involved that when people come to faith through this discipleship process Ms. evangelism cycle there's some radical changes in a few differences are given example I grew up in the church are I gave a little tiny snippet of my testimony here's a good UIC but on the most Adventist personal planet parents administrative eight I was born and in-depth hospital across the street was that it was church it went over them down the schools are near to seventh avenues to want to work at the seminar and I'm still here which I will anymore I'm still here testimonies by the way I think it's great that people get off the drugs alcohol but we gratis like I was clean and still going to be great but either way I never had to give up smoking I have no I can look appealing and that must be hard but I don't know what it's like for that smoke to be in my lungs I don't know what it's like to have a rush of nicotine the great I never had to give up eating meat or started with always going to church is been my custom just just his habits of Christian lifestyle Seventh-day Adventist there's just been incorporated my life in the very beginning not everybody else has to the things that you think are normal parts of them crazy the twelfth think about this book for great many Christian or any Christian lifestyle practices particularly those almost wholly unique at the seven Dennis Church are one thing in theory and another in practice for instance will get that well will get some instances in this area the discipleship process the careful instruction inconsistent example of a mentor is invaluable all too often the new member slip back into old habits under the pretense of prioritizing things as salvation issues or not there but we'll will start with this one for instant let's take Sabbath keeping obviously told the Seventh-day Adventist church you go to church on Saturday the jig is up you keep the Sabbath they probably heard if they come from an evangelistic campaign one powerful sermon on the Sabbath they been convinced that it's true and they accept the message they don't know how to keep the Sabbath they just know it's right to observe the Sabbath but they haven't integrated MetLife had eight individuals of questions they might have how do I stay faithful and I'm not hired because of my Sabbath observance we haven't had in our local church right now who is not yet baptized again to our last campaign but he so convicted on the Sabbath but he's not I'm not working the seventy more now he has no job he's being persecuted for Sabbath observance anybody with them that is yet open for the next two weeks okay but it take him in his struggle with and his parents are so happy that he is walking with Christ they loved it but then I sent Dennis not the Sabbath thing that you got a you provide for yourself and your family surely the church will understand I mean you're not even a member they're getting a lot of pressure I praise God there are some godly men and women in our church of surrounded us now they come pick them up Richards and their help and W working with them and try to take them home in Windsor in model Sabbath keeping but for NBC's the ideal you know looks like in the life I know I'm not supposed to work or shop but what do I do on Sabbath afternoon nap we chuckle but I'm excited about the good people came and watched the day of Sabbath keeping by seven that was what would they think Sabbath is for right I know I got is that the school well I know that twenty percent of Sabbath school I know that most go to church and I know I'm not supposed to go shopping and buy the evening sky things I get that but what I know what I don't but tell me what I do again I think is be a great course for all the membership to take how can I live in a house of the spouse it doesn't get the seminarians about one stop takes work this stewardship subquestion do I tithe my grocer my net income it's all great in theory help me do it practice with a kind dollars ago anyway member members can answer that question with any sense of competence or accuracy by considers of editing that were returned our ties to God I don't thought a check to God I really want to get vitamins further understand so I returned to either the pastor of Congress leadership becomes unfaithful if the type holy unto the conference or the holy unto the Lord a lot of new seventh excerpt fairies zealous for the faith may seek any interim hypocrisy board this in the honesty or some sort of very disheartening and you want me to be faithful to Donnelly be that of the Lord only be patient with people who take some time to talk this out and it's not you not to hit this in your twenty six no night seminar this takes that long term discipline health without meat I love this I love this question what you people eat at all I live by this question is one of the Ely like our check in the fish and pork of the year for weather is like seafood regardless five you eat five things now is make a list of all the fruits vegetables grains and nuts in the world that's what I I we've got a hundred thousand things in different varieties you eat chicken printed within their minds the only thing elites are cows and chickens and everything else are those other things that are on the decorative side but we need them to switch the play to back eliminate that will not let altogether and fill it up with is how I do that for just salad eating field raising hippies what you how to eat enacting about in the twenty six night seminar in my touch on it repair you cannot make it in practice you know if moderate and occasional alcohol use okay I'm not drunk but I drink beer every once a while must I give up caffeine are we more like open the course for the membership to go through dress adornment about my family heirloom jewelry is not suffered made for my by doing to be noted in other than we really rose any insignificant jewelry but this was a given this came from this business because and this is the purpose of so the reason that this is hard and a lot of times as they want them to wear but the web and print the word of Georgia just churches and around the edges and don't say that to work discipline takes time and may not be quick and easy may not be like a sitcom where the things resolved in thirty minutes I spent time with his people without engagement and wedding rings that significant right at the address that right energy what's interesting the questions who is ahead of me got real operatives like what this is relevant but I makeup and nail polish I hardly know this thing with his modesty really look like the simplicity all about what is economy interest to think of the advances of campaigns with vinegar the closet like okay that's a lecture practical ability going on entertainment relationships on the list can go on to make the Christian life practical takes time takes discipline go to church life one of the most vital ministry than any local church is what it in your notes please say that word back to me that is what attendance stole the line from a good friend of mine Mark Howard or Jim Howard one Howard Brothers in Michigan but they haven't great sprinkled the Ministry of attendance was a great thought have you ever been to a church event the room is like you know seats two hundred people and thirteen show up just sucks the life out of the place sucks the air right at the doors now they can have a powerful speaker great presentation a wonderful DVD I don't know everything is a great concert but when it's just crickets in the audience and nobody killed it you have to do anything to stop ashes show up to stop it and encouragement for other people that apparently you valued up to show up get a dog in the office he'll do anything else to show up to stop make that happen there is power in old-fashioned showing up the stop is hardly estimable look at Leviticus twenty three three when it talks about the Sabbath commandment it doesn't just save the day of rest right six days shalt your work be done but the seven-day the Sabbath of solemn rest a holy what convocation with this convocation mean gathering coming together it's an old-fashioned weekly get-together video get together you haven't really complicated yes it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwellings on this other aspect of church life we talk about Sabbath school church prayer meeting what does the pastoral ministry page one a brief depravity will always tell the true interest of the church members in spiritual and eternal things of the United just this morning is reviewing some of these ideas and highest attendance is good to be church service which is why finally when we take attendance right before the sermon starts at your peak juicing of attendance then comes Sabbath school then comes church business meeting then comes prayer meeting and then comes outreach and hundred and twenty and search aliens out of school but the church business meeting forty prayer meeting twenty outreach ten and crickets I will it be like if everything that your church did was of such significant importance to the membership that they showed up just as much to that is that it is a church service itself you have done your speakers out and spend money just show up and energize your church Hebrews ten speaks about this ministry in attendance it was ten versus twenty three to twenty five notices is written specifically for those living at the time when Christ will come again it says here let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful as the beyond is your personal holding fast your faith and what else and let us consider home one in the another outside of your own person we should reprice you have a responsibility to someone else in the body of Christ let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works to get the image of somebody I get the data when you have a pot of something cooking on stove it starts to settle get stirred up to get it going again you press the picture has among the church you with your daily devotion in your daily faith with your commitment to Christ now think about other people and stir them up to love and good works apparently love and good works are inherent in the other people debating the Stern up by your influence let us start one another up consider one another in order to serve love and good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as some are in the habit of doing as is the manner of some but exhorting one another and so much more as you see the day approaching closer and closer we get to the coming of Christ the closer and closer we should be coming to each other stir each other up for love and good works to finish the is a ministry of attendance in addition active participation local church new Congress also need to be taught the prophetic significance of a denominational history you'll get a lot of Adventist history with twenty six my campaign that another job offer or Joseph Bates or even James wider in a probably heard of Ellen White and they better have had a message on that if not we are great but they don't know that although Bible encourages in first Chronicles chapter sixteen verse twelve remember his marvelous works which is done his wonders in the judgment that is now set Robert 's works it occurred the events right and the judgment that is now the events and the teachings of this little surprise last events page seventy two adversity with the Lord is raw I'm filled with astonishment of incompetence is Christ 's leader when you have nothing to fear for the future except as we shop for gifts the way the Lord and let us and his teaching our past district events with agents finally we keep saying we love this particular passage from this in an inspiration which is opened with we have nothing to fear people think that we have nothing to fear is at the point about the disfavor there's nothing to fear now the point about to say their name is something of their which is what favorite nothing to do except this utterly forgetting something implies that you knew it in the first place we got to teach them available the denominational structure both local and global is a safeguard for new believers I don't think it we appreciate how radically wonderful the structure of the seven divers churches listed one talk to multiple we are not Congregational churches I am not paid to the local congregation directly that way I do not have pleased their itching ears I nor do I have that sensation around the difficult edges because I might get a raise my job is not be popular with the locals my jobs be faithful to the message and to give them what they need one facility wants to this unique information breeds confidence knowing where the tide dollars known how there spent for example helps you in your faith it gives you an object in Monaco I get that that we should be good without even if we don't get it but getting it helps in a thorough understanding of church order allows for healthy thoughtful participation what is a church business meeting was allowed to go on the board we all are we hope you can fear what is this federal active spots to twenty five as an important factor in the spiritual growth of the new converts the apostles were careful to surround them with the safeguards of gospel order a fascinating given church manual churches were duly organized all places where they were believers officers were appointed in each church and proper order and system were established for the conduct of all the affairs pertaining to the spiritual upper the believers organization structure can help mold the Chrysler again later in the same book page two forty six the Council which decided this case was composed of this is in reference to accept fifteen in the Jerusalem Council debate about circumcision the counselors decided this case was composed of apostles and teachers who would been prominent in raising up the Jewish and Gentile Christian churches with chosen delegates from various places elders from Jerusalem and deputies from Antioch were present in the most influential churches were represented this is a general conference session the entire body of Christians was not called to vote upon the question this is not a democracy the seventh of it's a representative we elect leaders we pray for the Holy Spirit 's leading into choosing a selecting those leaders we pray for them to go represent the truth in the interest of the local area correctly back the apostles and elders men of influence and judgment framed and issued the decree which was thereupon generally accepted by the Christian churches and all however were pleased with the decision this believer in I was not written in two thousand fourteen fifteen if you see any practical applications of the seven Dennis Church global structure today mercy not all however were pleased with the decision there was a fraction of ambitious and self-confident brother who disagree with it these men assumed to engage in the work of their own responsibility they indulged in much murmuring faultfinding proposing new plans and sticking to pull down the work of the men whom God had ordained to teach the gospel message from the first the churches had such optimal meet and ever will to close at all levels the seven Dennis Church needs informed committed lay members to participate in church governance you need to start them small start than with undertaken pipe into church board meeting to see how it works but the notice business advantage for you educate on what the issues are how does the budget work here where does the money go what are our objectives were aimed to know these kind of things that inform about the conference at some point if they feel that continue office of it perhaps when an officer in the conference level lay advisory or on the executive committee or something that you go up and help up in the union it was regulated in all of them very well possible that someone from your church the person elected president someday be a delegate of the junk obsession you can help them understand how God 's remnant church operates and let them be effective workers risk Dana a systematic discipleship Rogan is necessary not merely keep new members in the faith but to develop them into active workers because of Christ again Christian service agent fifty eight it is evident that all the server the priest is not developed a large class of self-denying workers this subject is to be considered as involving the most serious results the church is a living off because they have failed to use their talents in diffusing light careful instruction should be given which will be as lessons from the master that all may put there like the practical use what do we teach new members is their responsibility when they come to Christ when they join the seven Dennis Church is there any thorough instruction about what to do with your influence the Lord now what are they just pick up by example that my job is to attend and since invention meets sleep right they have to be trained for service another good thing as we mentioned this notice of our the new members nine five that in a far more zeal for the message than the established members what they need to do is not be told to go to be trained how to go pretty good whether you dumb or not they're not going to shut up which is really awesome but they got all the synergies like is like buckshot right this will be filled is very scattered and never real point like a bullet right but is going to go out there and needed help not contain it but the guidance to be the most effective it can be but often doesn't banish until people like Bob Margulies in fact don't tell people any anonymous arthritis teach them how the first thing with the opening salvos guide and instruct them to be infected with not expect this Christmas service at Gatesville got expected Tristan discipline and that its members were the work of enlightening the world and education should be given that would result in furnishing hundreds would put out to be exchangers valuable talent event is predicted for personal responsibility personal active at personal activity in seeking the salvation of others must be the education given to all new leak on the fate must be part of it again along with a review of the prophetic rife with Adventist movement there must be clearly seen not only a corporate but a personal call to missionary service for God in these last days of her sister they not only need to go when people for Christ in a general sense but they have us presage message to present truth to share with the world may need understand that in Revelation ten where it says yield less proper got fired again it needs you as an individual not just the church collected Revelation fourteen six and seven thoughts about another angel flying with the other got of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach who said that in a loud voice that you you're the voice review and Herald August twenty four eighteen eighty six wherever a church is raised up the minister should not consider his duty done until it is thoroughly organized and placed in working order every member should become a want mission all should be giving something to do to help spread the light of truth for this very activity will cause them to grow in spirituality it will cause growth and spirituality to exercise that which he received it is this kind of discipline she continues that has been sadly neglected in many of our churches the time and labor of our ministers of not been spent in the manner best calculated to keep churches helping growing condition in the left kind of been spent and what sermonizing and far more educating the people to work intelligently there would now be many more to enter the broad field as missionaries and much mortality put to use in the various branches of any really fun things to survey your general church membership and after what is the job and how high up on the list would be preaching sermons of his update you go through I mean it's her statements on this are ubiquitous they're everywhere stop preaching so much towards bridging elevation in stop spreading the gospel now stop preaching to unbelievers but notice how religious preaching regurgitated over and over and over make a practical level put it to use teach every church member though active in the local churches cycle registry also be continually working the field of influence the Lord has entrusted to them individually this cycle of evangelism is not just corporate know it's not just collectively we do soil preparation events like a big campaign for health outreach or something like that it is not just corporate leave it we go out a big outreach days but in your daily life you looking to develop in the relationships of the rapid people that cycle of evangelism for them individually how can I prepare that soil what is the best seat in the best way to be sold and that person 's life individual how can I help cultivate them by ongoing Bible studies not just we have a Bible study program which I will defer you but how can I engaged in cultivating the word of God in your heart and even in harvest dumping man I can't wait till the evangelist six-month run-up in this person needs make a decision if you know of any magnificent intellect the appeal right then and there are all I conceived struggle with department Mister weeks months she wanted to speak is pregnant with my present by the pastor this was ready for baptism but I think I would think that to yourself but I'm saying that work of cultivation brings from their individual responsibility temperature soil preparation mingling with the people Mister Denny seam sewing actively seeking to share Bible truth in us ascertaining others interest in spiritual things by the way our next barrel last one number six really talk about these points in the cycle of an individual in a message entitled how may I have your attention please how do we get them interested how do we ascertain if they are interested under cultivation taken a long work but long but rewarding work of getting Bible studies this is a study is for studying the Bible with seekers of truth calling for decisions from those whom Christ with whom Christ in history been shared and finally preservation is mentoring new members to be genuine disciples of Jesus who seek others for him the Chinese interest rate which in part had our aim or goal objective was to have the thing that we been working on for the last about a year and a half ready to show you and reveal G Weiss the antibody known about February eleventh exciting things coming up soon okay we've been right and all the things we went through here is just a very brief table of contents for a discipleship handbook were producing the machine costs it's a twenty six week long weekly meeting curriculum so that after someone gets baptized after their new believer at the come to the church what we do then you discipline them you mentioned them to personally walk them through the application of those principles in their lives and each week you have a lesson on it as we could about personal prayer life daily devotions provide a Bible study meeting planner in a few study what it is right now eighty and Jason get one for yourself it's a little book called correlated Bible readings increasing the book other than unilateral equipment of but it basically just goes takes the Bible and the conflict of each a series weaves them together and you can decide you want to do it ten minutes a day thirty minutes a day in our day in advance you could do the whole Bible and either one year two years or four years daily it brings up you knew this paragraph revisit walks them through they get in the habit of daily Bible study a list of all the areas we've covered here each week as a meeting on this intricate me on so six months after their baptized they not only still there but they're stronger than ever and growing and by that time there already starting to compare the slope for somebody else so that they become examples to others pulleys that make sense today are right with God has for worker and we thought it over thank you so much that you give us not only the responsibility for the great privilege of working for and with you in seeking the lost Lord teach us how to do so effectively help us to do it thoroughly and not halfhearted one let each one of us develop those spiritual habits in our life that are essential for every Christian and through us Lord maybe leave others she is a way to own this message was avoided in Key West is wanting from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry said that this is just as satisfying on the Bible in question so when I download other resources like this business online is done in the US even though


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