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3. Romans: Power To Face The Final Conflict

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC in your here and we want to open our Bibles and were not moved right in two Romans chapters three Romans chapter three one of the clearest statements of the gospel is a robust three and another will be in Romans chapter five at end of four and five will be another very clear statement of the gospel so why don't we have prayer together and were too coming and getting their seats and then we will plunge in no RN that's our heads gracious father in heaven thank you again we can open your word and as we plumb the depths of this we pray to Jesus will be a real teacher the Holy Spirit Spirit of truth will be here with us in Jesus name amen RA use ourselves Chapter three on eight open my guide here chapter three he opens up chapter three any starts with these words verse one what advantage this has the Jew and other words if everybody if God is not partial and everybody is under the law also to speak then what advantage does the Jew had and then his here is his answer for what profit circumcision verse two him like in every way calls of them were committed the oracles of God or the truth of God so is it an advantage is an advantage to have on the long God is an advantage why is an advantage because it tells us how to live it's a long life phenomena thought more about why it's a long life and not arbitrary so to have the Jewish people have both the ceremonial law as well as the moral law is a huge advantage because in the ceremonial law was held in essence the gospel and the law of God was the way of life way of truth so there were there was a lot advantage there once again this is a note if you have in your book and I'm under Romans chapter three and looking at the note under number one verses one and two once again Paul was in no way rejecting God 's law in fact he's lifting it up the logon serves a very important function often people down the law put it down when they should be downing its misuse is not the law but it's bad it's the abuse or misuse of the law of God that leads to problems the law is to help us in our sinful condition to understand how much we need to trust the Lord or let's look at that let's look at verse three four what if some did not believe will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God without effect throughout the summer do not believe it is referring there refers to Gentiles referring to Jews some of it has been believed and it also alleges that believe doesn't mean that God is not going to be faithful just cause everybody in bully doesn't mean that it's going to nullify God 's plan so will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God without effect in his is some answer certain not unlike the old King James this is gone for good certainly not indeed let God be true and every man a liar and as is written and this is a quote from Psalm fifty three and some mysterious quote and one senses a quote most people don't think about but here it comes that you lose the youth year God is the you that you God may be justified in your words and may overcome when you are judged so why has God being judged why is it important that even though there are some people are unfaithful and God judges them in the end of time for their unfaithfulness why is God being judged and what reasons is God for what reason is God being just and why is it important for God to be judged on his judgment if God if God takes people that are in the end of time and he pronounces judgment against them why is it important that God 's judgment be judged on it now was just it is not just what does that count problems that produce for God and his children are okay and what the devil out to do if the devil had his way no one would trust the Lord of all right so the reason that God 's judgment is is judged the reason God 's judgment is the will to act that's one reason there's a files here's the millennium was at millennium there is for this very reason will be able to look and see the reasons why God was Joss and making the decisions that he may get all the information is going be there does not give me any information is not bears all going to be there so the VM the answer to that to get the right to place their and verse three or four number five this number five under that chapter three twenty things important for God to be found righteous when he is judged and here's the answer because fairness or justice greens trust does God want us to trust and diseases ages of eternity all we go to be able to trust a busy users of eternity if we feel that his justice is unjust so the only way that God can make sure that we understand it is just this is just an bill price trust between us is to open the books so he opens the record and you have the right to go there push the button or whatever it is and you can get at Suzy 's whole life our uncle Bill 's whole life there you'll find my God said no can't take you the kingdom of heaven is in that very ability to do that that your trust in your heavenly father 's bill because the Joss will always live by faith not only to down to a through an noted text inhere in for second time among the read easy to eighteen twenty one to twenty four Ezekiel eighteen thirty to thirty one but I want to talk about it just a little bit and Ezekiel eighteen upon something very interesting going on Israel is pictured as being very unhappy with God 's just this because God said this he said if a person is righteous all of his days and he ends up sitting at the in is going to be lost on paraphrasing or if a person is wicked all of these days have been very in terms to God is going to be say and the Israelites said that's not fair wanted they said it wasn't fair what what where were they coming from the sale wasn't fair well tableware because in their concept your Dean's was like a balance to see this balances that your good deeds had to outweigh your bad deeds so if all your life you had more righteous deeds than you had bad themes you should be say if you had more evil deeds than righteous deeds you should be lost so they said is not rare for persons with dollars life invariant in terms righteous is wicked these are still more than his right to speak they should still be lost if it's just the other way around there's been righteous all of his life at the very end he turns wicked beaches still be saved because his deeds and good deeds outweigh his bad deeds how much the world still thinks that way yeah right you coming to the average John Doe that you meet in the street out here it is a tedious Christian the name it's a well you know I have been a good person so got to accept me here's the problem here's the problem I'll use my southern English there ain't no good person hearing there is not any righteous not one all are under condemnation even without even if this Israel's complaint against God were true it is still not the basis on which God saves a person what is the basis on which God saves a person okay you're eating you not you not due to far but many let me cross-references Matthew seven sixteen to twenty not return there for second time was Matthew seven sixteen to twenty tell us it tells us that a good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit so as God was a bad trees would you do with batteries don't come down on strike will we do with good dreams so here is the basis on which a person saved that have a good heart yet the good affections you have to love what God loves you don't level God loves God can save you stress why a wicked person can be converted in the again even though their bad deeds outweigh the good deeds they can be converted in the Canon changed and they now become a good tree because I have a change of heart and it gives them a change of heart is the born-again experience so you're born again you got a new heart God will save you but I see the righteous men all your life and that you had a good heart but at the very end you decide to throw it away and become a wicked person Satan why do you have a good heart you better guy with a good heart some malicious setting better be ready for Jesus to come with a good heart somewhere I want tell you the difference between the lumbar Baptist friends are Baptist friends and to administer a lot of evidence today is going back to being Baptist little understand the uniqueness of the Seventh-day Adventist message and I invite five 's mess up need to come back to them want to come back to bed at some point octave the difference and why there is a huge difference in time here in the end of time okay here's the note vehicle I look under number eight God pleases Israel to possess a new heart bogglingly is this whole passage by asking them to repent and to have a new part that's what he says in Ezekiel God please visually possess a new heart and you spirit for the only way for sinners to possess a new heart and new series by faith in Christ wouldn't God be unjust to destroy a person with a faithful heart just as the farmer would be foolish to destroy a good fruit tray the reason of farmer keeps a good fruit tree is that he enjoys good fruit the lesson of this reason God keeps alive a person with a heart of unselfish love is because God enjoys good deeds is having on before the Dean's the only way you can become a good fruit tree is to get a good a new heart and the only way to get a new heart is to trust the Savior to give you one by faith in Christ Jesus is a clear all right let's go let's go down this little bit more he is going very interesting party interesting let's go to Romans three looking verses five to seven our unrighteousness demonstrates the righteousness of God what shall we say is God unjust to inflicts wrath I speak as a man certainly not for then how will God judge the world for it the truth of God has increased to my lie to his glory why am I still being judged as a center and want not say let us do evil that good may come as we are slanderous Lee reported as some affirm that we say the condemnation is just Paul goes on distal bit of a sidetrack here and because he's being is being Jesus was Jesus will slander this way policy letter this way and the Jews were coming up to him and saying listen if you teach people who are saved by faith are saved by grace there there describing bad they won't be good as a you better teach them that their say bother works otherwise they won't think that they fail they will be good to follow me follow logic reason they have their and the other thing is that he was saying he's these countering argument here if if if I'm not faithful and I cannot produce evil even though unknown gods will does and then God shows his justice bought a condemning me in the final judgment and I go back and say God that's not fair because now everybody seen how righteous and good you are by condemning these a lot being bad made you look good that's basically what Sayer and Paul is counteracting that by saying that's on these my words less stupid God is being just because God is just just because you've been bad doesn't mean it that I think you can take some kind of credit for not looking good because he had to judge you because we all foolishness another words it's your own free will they got to where you were right about enforcing the array anybody okay Anna someone on the phone then to on to verse eight when the verse nine what in our we better than they nodded all for we approve the previously charged both Jews and Greeks that they are all under sin for as it is written there is none righteous no not one and he goes dying is another list of evil here look at verse thirteen talk about wicked people their throat is an open to our midmarket for what we were in Michigan at heartfelt times is not too far from campus I will have some the original huge white pine trees that can look like West Coast trees anyway we were there in the park in the house my kids were they they were probably oh five and seven something like that and so Sabbath afternoon we were walking and we're walking by side on a ditch their lives on the road and I looked over there and my kids looked over there and there was a snake and the snake and called for all and it was swallowing the fraud and my daughter looked at that and our eyes got big and and she just didn't know what to think about that awful scene of that snake it reminded me know of this text what are sinners like what are they like the throat is not open grave the non- discontent on destroying themselves they want to destroy other people to the right know what the devil is doing and you can read about the incident story things and great controversy maybe now it's in that they direct the profits about how the devil wanted to tempt Adam the need in the rustling in the fear that he had a bringing home in the misery and suffering that he was already into and yet he went ahead and did it anyway why is it that send loves company throat is an open grave ninety into something that we don't want to talk about today and you look at the end of verse eighteen gives a reason why all these people act that way and what does it say there is no why there is no fear of the Lord before their eyes I will stop here and talk about the fear of God from moments probably the most miss understood statements another words if these people had the fear of God they would be that way but because they have no fear of God there is this awful description that you fine with that versus ten to eighteen why is the fear of God supports let me give you text out of Proverbs the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom but what of wisdom the meeting was to be another another one the fear of the Lord that is wisdom the fear the Lord is to hate evil now we live in a day and age of people sex I make me afraid of God are afraid of God real high-handed centers stating their fist in the face of the Almighty and they're not afraid you ever all God loves you God does love you does he not so how does God love us is still how is there a healthy fear of God what is the fear of God and wanted to say it's the beginning of wisdom I like to suggest to you that the first lesson that God taught Adam in the was to fear God it was say in the first lesson God really loves you he loves you so very much Elyse is not recorded that way but what does he say either not eat of that fruit because if you eat of it you will surely the first lesson that God taught in the Garden of Eden was to fear God you may not like it people may not like it that's the fact so why is the fear of God by preserving power to keep us from evil unexplained by means of the fear of God now think what God means for the fear of God God is saying Adam and Eva which in no something very important my law is a way of life and I'm not talk more about that later but if you disobey my law I will have to to pronounce judgment on you so what is better for God to tell them the truth are just leaving the negatives I think is better for God to say look here's the facts on your heavily father I created you on your creator I created the heavens and the earth but is necessary that you be obedient and if you are disobedient then there are consequences to the dis- of the Army do you disobedience I have a parent or two or three of your perhaps irritate your children what the consequences are what you do that when you do that when you say if you knew that this is what's going to happen you are teaching the fear of father the fear of mother the right is that bad or is that good I think it's good money is good to the outages may not see it that way but that the facts are that there is there is love and that teaching them that there are consequences to that behavior because you telling them what the consequences are in order to keep them from experiencing the evil that makes sense would God want at the guy will have a need to experience the evil they want to express the consequences of evil know he wanted his love his heart here for them to never have to go to experience his or any parent that was their kid to become a drug addict so what do you do become the consequences the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and I like to suggest to you that in the temptation what Satan went after was aged fear of God what is a say as God said what started to cast doubt and then the next step once he got her thinking that way his next step was you shall not surely die he succeeded in getting a to lose her fear of the consequences that God would do what he said he would do and the minute she lost her fear of God Jason the next step the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom but the fear of God comes out of his everlasting love is that it's the site and coming it is the everlasting Gospel how does Revelation fourteen fear God and that's so why does the everlasting gospel given in the end of time start with the fear of God if the fear of God is such an awful playing the fear of God and son of God 's love to help us understand the consequences the gospel is to deliver us hallelujah from the consequences of what sin has done to us and that's the good news but if we don't take advantage of the gospel certainly we shall face the judgments of God and if worlds not want to hear they do not want to hear that there is a certainty of God 's judgments it's much easier to believe that God is so nice and so sweet and so kind and the use but is not indulgent and I'll tell you why he cannot be I get to Romans chapter seven okay why he actually cannot be because out of God 's love comes not just his mercy but also comes as justice because one saves the center and the other preserves the universe okay you had a question or comment speed right up what you said my understanding here I recently life and might be accountable for everything that's right now I had out I'll had something to that there's an almighty being who will hold all of us accountable but he loves us so very much he doesn't want to hold us accountable so he gave us his only begotten son so that we can be free that's the gospel were coming back look at me writing it right now are you still with me so you see the fear of God right there in and out of start right into verse twenty twenty one and this is starting that statement was a clear statements of the gospel that we have verse twenty one and in it verse sixteen but now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe for there is no difference for all have sinned and come and fall short of the glory of God is so true verse twenty four being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God set fourth as a perpetuation by blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance God passed over the sins that were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time is righteousness that he might be just and adjust the fire of the one who has faith in Jesus very very clear statement but I went out to take this apart it just an bit era not that Wayne am in very good way let's look at the start back and take a look at verse twenty twenty one for just a moment what does it mean that the righteousness of God apart from the law is now revealed being witnessed by the long profits a lot of people say call back I got Mitch as early handle someone who wrote me not long ago e-mailed me and said you know I I'm I'm I'm reveling in Jesus because I'm apart from the law to have to worry about the law in so many words and a lot of people take it that way so what does it mean that the righteousness of God is revealed apart from the law will then be asked the first question in the first question is is the righteousness of God revealed in his law yes or no no question about that you can prove that anyway you want God 's righteousness his goodness his will his plan for our lives in his moral code for us is all revealed his law now what does it mean when it says that in Christ 's righteousness is a video revealed apart from the law why does it need to be revealed apart from the law and the next question is is the righteousness revealed in Christ the same as the this was revealed on the wall or is there a difference between the righteous Israel in Christ and the righteousness revealed among all an answer that is now righteousness is righteous it's the will of God is the will of God thou shall not kill is the saying in the ten Commandments as it is in the living Christ to make sense so why did we need it to be revealed apart from the law any fishermen in here the fisherman fishing okay just ask my back me up here but does a fish need oxygen yes or no to live the all of you in here need oxygen land creatures that we argue need oxygen is the oxygen that the fish uses the same as the oxygen that we use is very different of the oxygen still lots of okay start now if I put the fish in the water he does find them out right if I pull the fish out of the water is he still surrounded by oxygen yesterday but what happens if he's out of the water he died right if I have only the law that really to me the righteousness of God I would like that fish out of water need the righteousness of God is it necessary for my life cannot exist without the righteousness of God 's apostle but what's it going to do to me going to kill me wasn't going to kill me because my brother decided over here is in a form that I cannot use that make sense but if I put the fish in the water the oxygen is out of form what he can use it in all right you can use that oxygen that's what has happened for me and for you if we have just the wall its righteousness we need a we desperately need it but it's got to tell us because it we cannot it cannot do anything for us but if you put me in Christ and you put Christ in me now the righteousness of Christ but I'm surrounded with him who not only makes it possible for me to know righteousness but now tests on the righteousness because he's become my righteousness he wraps me with his robe of righteousness like the water rats the fish with oxygen if the same righteousness and that's why many of our friends really make a terrible mistake they think that somehow the laws bad because it revealed apart from from the wall with it that this somehow the righteousness over there is not as good is this righteousness is a difference in the righteousness ASAP in this form we cannot have it and sort it and live over there when I die to questions in Outlook let's watch this because this becomes becomes really important nest look at verse twenty to even the righteousness is revealed apart from the law even the righteousness of God verse twenty two through faith in Christ so how do you get that righteousness through faith in Christ and why is that going be important to get down that were perpetuation just a second down all who believe for there is no difference for all have sinned confess short of the glory of God and he buys going to be saved is going have to be in Christ and accept Christ by faith first twenty four weeks Christ by faith being justified freely without cost by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God set forth as a perpetuation by his blood shall have a quote here what is it mean at this one to be justified freely how is that accomplished I like to go down to the word perpetuates you it's a big word and a lot of people don't like it it's the same word the same word that was used by the pagans to offer a sacrifice to appease their angry gods perpetuation if you want to perpetuate even though God you offered him a sacrifice and that sacrifice was supposed to appease his anger and get him on your side they could become so desperate that they would sacrifice their own children in order to be able to get this God to be satisfied that our God is not like I even got but is there something to be satisfied what is there to be satisfied with our God justice is God just is he a righteous judge if I sin against him are judges in a sinful land a bad thing talk about just judges wire judges important in the sinful society great and drink in our society judges enforce the law in other words here's the lawless society grievant agrees on and the judge says you broke the law and we are not to be satisfied until you are correct it are punished right are judges bad well not just judges the other corrupt judges understand that my blog about in an concept you judges like for a role our society how many of you want to appear before the judge and the guilt so there is such a thing as the fear of the judge about right that's why my stands up with the judge comes in the clot into the courtroom closers on the only does God set with you for nothing and I write coming you don't you don't be stupid so the judge was a good role so God is playing a good voltage there is something to satisfy and that is there's got to be a satisfaction of gods justice so how does this differ it differs the fact that these heathen gods are not just as a whole different thing here but there is is that there is situation at an essence where this with the God of heaven asked for satisfaction so how are our sins satisfied its due perpetuation how are the sit out how does a healing God if you please how is he satisfied with the sacrifice and offering my right question is the differences who offers the offering and even sacrifice the person trying with our God who offers a sacrifice huge difference in officer you can not satisfy the justice of God the Olympic and satisfy the justice of God is God himself so God looks at you and he knows that there's nothing you can brain and he loves you and he doesn't want to lose you so what does he do he sent his only begotten son the Calvary 's cross therefore satisfies his own justice as the essence of the gospel that God sacrificed here it is I got this you are really really good three zero mystery John Stott is just passed away not too long ago John Stott not a Seventh-day Adventist but very good thinker called the cross of Christ and John Stott uses almost the same words as Ellen White uses a desire of ages and here it is the essence of the gospel this is holy ground that God sacrificed himself to his own justice in order to set us free we say that again that God sacrificed himself to his own justice in order to set us free now there are some atonement ideas that come in that reject this and their rejection of it is they say all how can you how can you do that I mean God is gone doesn't it eat guy doesn't require you to have a sacrifice to come to him to pieces justice were asked just forgive people so that I can just forgive us without having to have a perpetuation John Stott 's answer to that is we are not God and all of our forgiveness of each other is based on his sacrifice of himself that makes it possible for me to forgive one another follow that and the walls we break our laws he makes God is not our equal is a sovereign Creator you don't take in your heart doesn't need another be except by his divine power you'll take another breath without his divine power or they'll say well you know God is just lofty ideal really Jesus didn't dial across to pay for our sins on this is in the Adventist church in certain places I will go unnamed and their teachings but then Jesus didn't die to pay for your sins are soaked in alternate for sin not just forgives you that's it they don't like this word perpetuation because it's a God is loving and kind it is good just just overlooks in this it's okay really I don't think send to me that easily dismissed if we don't dismiss sin that easily in our own societies how can the God of the universe is simply dismiss it as though it's not and they say what Godwin Godwin the gods many of you here here you have a mean God because he says his only begotten son and so he sacrifices and in order to take care of you really a court my Bible Jesus volunteered for the for the mission ally says that three times he went to the father is the following one letting go portable risk that Jesus took the father finally letting go Jesus came here this own free will remember Gethsemane Peter draws his sword what does Jesus tell Peter which is sort of Peter why I got twelve legions of angels on standby one legion for every disciple walked twelve legions of angels on standby they can deliver me any moment Jesus went to Calvary 's cross voluntarily he said Lord it is possible I don't drink this cup but I will drink it if there's no other way and the truth is that was no other way if there been another way Paul will argue later you can be saved by just getting the law God would not send his only begotten son commerce clause the only way I could redeem us was to allow his son to go to that horrible experience of Calvary 's cross the only so God sent his only begotten son 's invisible God is in heaven he wrapped he doesn't have anything really I was on hold I wasn't watching the times one on the again here goes but I was on my brother and I were little guy 's a real little guy five oh seven eight some like that we are playing in my grandmother 's big Sandy driveway without a little cars will date me really good with playing there has sweet wonderful grandmother she's sleeping way for the Lord all the sudden grandma came running screaming out towards us with a hole in her hand I was afraid I was just in case the never seen grandma that way before Enron comes out better and she takes a throw and she comes up beside us and she starts being the ground and hello and pretty soon also a grandma was mad about it was a snake is a copperhead or group North Carolina copperheads not be plagued with the little boys and grandma cut that snake into a thousand pieces will have a piece check it cut into when she got done with it the question-and-answer files grandma so angered the snake I like you to suggest to you that her anger towards the state was in comparison for her love for her grapple 's that make sense since the snake was a danger to have any intrinsic problem the snake she just looks like her grandma and the snake was a danger and she was just mad snake that reads limited to be another illustration this true story to and I don't know the all the particulars but not the true story but on a young missionary couple went to landing missionaries as was a land development country that had some very bad poisonous snakes one day then you may be and the baby was in its cradle or are little bed in its room out how the baby was maybe six months maybe a year one morning the mother goes into the nursery and she 's Marines and her husband comes wanting only to see one of these terribly poisonous snakes coiled on the baby and slotting all and slithering into some crack or something they rushed to pick up the baby and the baby had been bitten and was dead I don't like stories and in that way either but I want to use it for an illustration if you were a father if the father had seen the places snake crawl into the nursery what with the father had done what he has said will bless your heart under enormous virtue snake or sometimes look at me just put in the cage and capture it the only way the snake will not become a threat is for it to be dead right a dead snake is not a threat I'd like to suggest to you that the father it seems like dirty dancing things my grandmother did you grab something kill let's I guess what any father would do and if you wouldn't talking after the meeting was part of his job to protect his family Sigler killed that snake couldn't tell you something when sin crawled into God 's nursery which is his universe is some point Umatilla and if he doesn't kill the universe to understand that God 's anger is in anger towards that which will destroy his children the challenge that we have is if God has a problem on the some theologians don't like that okay is a God 's children are also snakes before Christ's was lifted up as a servant not because Christ was a snake but he took on became sin for us why so that when he became sin for us what is God naturally going to do when confronted with similar text if you walk into the presence of God without a mediator in the sinful condition the results are predictable you die you will not tolerate this is a father will not tolerate it was a stake in the nursery God will not tolerate sin will not do so when Jesus became that serpent he became sin he opened exposed himself to the justice of God they deserve that and God 's judicial anger was then focused on his son any allow these lawless men to put Christ to death makes me again as they deserve so that he might trade us as he deserved Christ became the perpetuation he became the one who satisfy he was provided by God himself and when I step Christ as my savior is I accept him as my substitute on the one the substitution for later as my substitute then I covered for ever and in Christ is righteousness changes my heart it changes my affection it makes a new creature out of me and the righteousness that I could not absorb from just the law I now have put in my heart and my affections by Christ who covers me with his righteousness pays the price and sets me free better yet exactly before God himself justified great because now when Jesus when God the father sees me when the justice of God looks at me he no longer sees may he sees the one who paid the price I love that also Jesus paid it all start you glad that the righteousness of God was revealed apart from the law hallelujah I'm going to view break five-minute break her own business it was included in Key West twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists and seeks to inspire young and vital faith so when Christians download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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