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5. Romans: Power To Face The Final Conflict

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC five today and six I don't know that I might get to Romans nine ten and we only have two more sessions left and I do want to get in the seven and wounded eight so the Jewish connection have to wait for another time that I will give you a if you read Romans nine ten eleven and think about some of the predictions that Paul makes there have been culpable act with the spirit of prophecy and what she says about Jewish people back into time I think you'll arrive at some very fascinating conclusion I will give you another hit the mark of the beast will not necessarily stand on its long without the context of anti- Semitism so you can think about that all right I would love to get into that but those of you who came early get the hints I were just correlating around here for a time starting I have a question or something when asked about four I get started and we covered yes please already do say you down if you we were all months on nine and ten at eleven and you really thought when carefully and you watch the predictions that Paul makes and you couple that with predictions about what Ellen Weiss is about the Jewish people and you understand that this will be a great revival non-Jewish people in the time and I'm sure sign of a parallel movement that will not merge with the third Angels message and she jumped up and energizing the church the church they could search stance and energizing and a gods God never is to feed on the cross on the Jewish man because it was God 's purposes to bring the gospel to the Gentile through the Jewish people say that appear sometimes at Satan tryouts he does not try and down and I have targeted the parallel movement of Zionism Zionism with much of evangelical Christianity they think that's the actual fulfillment of the prophecies is not to fulfill the prophecies are based on the if and if it is used all Deuteronomy and spaced on a revival Reformation but both Paul and now might predict a recurring of the Jewish people to the Savior and when they return the Savior they will also bring Sabbath with them in the nothing wrong to clumping together in the end of time and the last mark of the beast will be movement against anybody that's considered to be Jewish and if you don't eat unclean food this is the seventh day Sabbath telling you this thing could come like that and that whole Zionist movement I'm not against his reminder of Saul that but they convicted it is some things that could turn right now that exists because the backing of the United States of America if you don't believe that the need to do research on and even if the population of the United States turned in another direction they can be very interesting I'm a lot of things said about but I want to say and now I give you something to do some studying on your own we carefully exceed success aren't my farces that time starts on solids plug-in for the grace of God heads father in heaven as we open your word we pray you will be our teacher helper thank you for these great and mighty promises that we happen to understand it fully completely no we understand that we living the end of time thank you for that in Jesus name amen I left off yesterday with Romans five how one to five the one thing I did not talk about it I did not talk about Jesus substituted him to talk about that a lot of people have a hard time understanding how Jesus becomes our substitute if you don't give an illustration I don't want private illustration but it provides a good one if you look in chapter five and you look at verse one therefore having been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ who is this Lord Jesus Christ who now becomes our substitute of Artie told you he became he was able to stand in our place because he worth more than all of us put together the right Swarthmore the whole universe this is the creator is not one human life for another human life is the creator 's life for the creation and so therefore he adds value and he can become our substitute is on Angel could not take the place of Calvary 's cross cousin Angel is not is not the creator Christ alone is the creator they also becomes our substitute a need in order for us to have a subject you miss understand a couple of things one is that Adam Adam did not create us Adam was created nevertheless we all came from heaven is not true every human being can trace their ancestry male and female back to Adam and Eve in the garden Adam was and I know this is a big controversy in some places it ought not to be your read the Bible figure this out pretty quick that Adam was charged with the leadership role of being the leader of his family you say the head of his family and and he was charged with being his help meet this corresponding one and that also maintained itself after the fall some people so well there's no headship no mill headship before the fall and I smile and I want to say when women go to what happened at the fall and just ask the questions is is a little side journey so you can you can do what you want to do this but in all figures and you'll see my point just a moment it figures into the chapter five of the book of Romans and so let me ask the question was the gardening before the fall yesterday now the woman curses was on the growing that true one of the curses was on childbearing would babies before the fall last time I checked no man or woman how babies before the fall so the curse was on the childbearing issue well there's only one more thing the gun cursed I think I'm cursed out by not only but that was on the relationship between a man and woman so was or if it was headship that falls ahead shall before the fall answer that just so what are the fall do all the fall did was interject hanging and whatnot it already established so the problem that we have in the current world of cultural and we live in is its rebellion against the divine order that was set up in Genesis God knew what he was doing when he set up male and female and that if men want to understand the role there to play in the leadership of their home in the church and so forth any read Ephesians five where the model for male leadership is given by Jesus himself the apostle Paul says that Christ's love the church that he gave his life for some mention of some of their families and the leadership role that they're ready to give their life for their wives and children of less a divine picture and what God created in the beginning is never been overthrown and never will be overthrown no matter how badly people try to overthrow women by the way were also given a leadership role leadership is influence nothing less nothing more what I say leadership is influence nothing less nothing more like comes from John Maxwell is pretty good authority on leadership so what role did God give women leadership role he gave it with the children tell the man of sin God put her in a position with the children a position of influence that men you have influence in your home and you haven't posted children but you don't have the influence of the mother has the children and God put her there to shape each next-generation so if you don't tell people of who don't like that just read the book itself and you can argue with God created us in his exact arguments of Paul uses my way over Timothy and I'm not getting into that argument but I will come back to the other argument here that deals with our salvation so Adam now becomes the one from whom we all come from the right glacier ancestry back to Adam and eighty so in order to give our event Adam falls and he did and all of us are affected by his fall and we are chapter five then in order to be to reverse that you have to have a second Adam or a last Adam or another Adam is only one more avenues the last out of the second Adam 's last and the only place you can find that Adam is to find it in the Godhead because Adam you get the atom in the genealogy this is an atom was the so God simulation can go is a God had to find another Adam and since Jesus was the Creator and he created Adam he could become the second Adam you understand seventeen from human we all came from Adam Green still with me so that there's another qualification in order to be a second Adam you not only had to be the source of the whole human race you also have to be human so when Jesus became a baby in Bethlehem 's Manger a qualified to be the second and he qualified to become our substitute what a substitute mean number give illustration on a watch or get it from them to get it because people can identify music that they had never seen a sports fanatic I don't want anybody and don't look at you know what sports fanatic dazzler art enthusiast or whatever you want call me in other dirt work their work on Friday and they tell their the person they're working with teams will beat your team with would believe the daylights out of you Anderson now I change the windward of the daylights out of you at whatever they say and of course they go to the game they probably got a face painted a standup in the chairs in the yell and scream and then they stand on their head they waved banners again other setting up from the television and weather teams when they're jumping about shouting at the television off the television to hear them what they're shouting of the television sharing and then when the team is losing the going to depression so what's happening here on the go to work on Monday morning a nice and I told you I told you we're going to beat you and we think the saddest thing is it will we we we never touch the ball following site so what's going on that's right were talking about substitution this person whatever they are has put their faith in a ball team are a whatever multimillions and they have attached their affections to this faulty is that a fair statement I think it's a real fair statement and whatever happens to the ball team now happens to be so football team loses legal and depression the multi- wins there existed a exhilarating I would tell you a pity that the illustration but you get the point put your faith in Christ as your substitute attach your affections to him you will never ever be disappointed is able to bring you through these able obtain a lot of people are substituting ball teams for Jesus for a throw that in as the big idol worship in our world today but I anyway that's a different subject but you get the point so the Jesus Romans chapter five is a great substitute becomes the second Adam now for second second time I'm going to skip out I'd love to do all this things will be skipped on just a little bit here let me go down the verse eight of chapter five you have your Bibles but God demonstrates his love towards us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us another words while we were still in rebellion against God and I want to say this is one thing that God will never tolerate pulsate again maybe a lot of people think that they can do this that or the other still have a covering the Jesus will never tolerate rebellion in your life talk more about that little bit but done but God demonstrated his love for us by sending his only begotten son the Calvary 's cross to become our substitute in order to demonstrate his love if you want to see God 's love you look at Calvary 's cross not yet understand all the pain and sufferings of the world there's a lot of pain and suffering I can explain all of that but there's only one thing that will ever explain the unexplainable and has to look at Calvary 's cross see what God did in demonstrating his love for us if you ever tempted to doubt the doubtful love of God is the cross of Calvary that makes the love of God certainty in our lives that's why said yesterday as Seventh-day Adventist young people older people we should not be afraid to die why we have a substitute with somebody that can bring us out of the grave eyes that we wanted to die that's somebody that can triumph over death and the grave the old death where you're staying was your victory that shower is given will we would like to live and I believe many will live to see Jesus come fresco back down to verse nine much more then having now been justified by his blood we shall be saved from wrath through him talked already about the judicial anger of God and about the fear of God I don't know what you took out of that but I will say again the fear of God is not a popular subject in its altar the New Testament as I said yesterday the three angels message starts out with fear God it was the everlasting gospel and I explained what God is doing is warning us and letting us all know was the first lesson he taught he she gave it back to Satan when Satan says look at this fruit Jesus God has told us that the day we get we what that was God putting the fear of God and even what he was saying to her is eating you have to understand that sin will cost me to bring justice and I will do it not because I enjoy doing it because I have to work to preserve the universe I will say this that out of God 's love his mercy and his justice is mercy saves us from our sins but his injustice in destroying the wicked in the end of time preserves the universe with me the reason preserves the universe is because God 's law is not arbitrary God 's laws on something he just made up such a knockout like these rules up a golf all implied gospel God 's law is absolutely necessary for the survival of life life you might say in one sense organization is life your body become disorganized a while it dies and the reason that evolution is being shaken to its core today is because they understand that the three trillion cells will position your song whenever three trillion right or not but the trillions of cells in your body are all of them every one of those cells is busier than New York City and is highly organized someone when that calms the body becomes disorganized is God 's laws that bring organization to the universe and make life possible and so that's why this walls not arbitrary okay coming down to a little bit more here than neatly skip down we didn't convert them into chapter six and chapter five is loaded in this become sometimes controversial but let me go to verse fifteen for the free gift that comes to Christ is not like the offense that came to the first Adam for if one man's offense many died much more the grace of God and the gift by grace of the one man Jesus Christ abounded too many for sixteen and the gift is not like that which came through the one who sin for judgment came from that one offense resulted in condemnation of human races under a curse but the free gift which came from many offenses resulted justification for seventeen for if by one man's offense death reigned through one much more who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign in what and why through one Jesus Christ verse eighteen therefore as the one man's offense judgment came to all men resulting patient even so through one man's righteous act the free gift came to all men resulting in justification of life verse nineteen for as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners so by one man's obedience many will be made righteous in our last versus a more clear personal poverty saying always say the same thing over and over and over and over so we can get it and so let me let me ask you Christmas compare the failure of Adam to the victory of Christ but let's compare that for just a moment how easy is it if I if I put a nice big glass of water here how easy would it be to pollute that glass if I reach down to the ground and picked up some dirt and drop it in their lives and would you drink it what would your answer be no thank you why because the whole glasses now what polluted it only took how many acts to do it one at so we are all basically hurt by Adams failure by the way the New Testament does not blame to Eve for the fall it blames Adam for the fall and the devil 's work was not done that day when he got eaten the fall he had to get out of the fall and the reason for that was is that Adam was the leader and he doesn't bring down the whole planet Earth in the future generations until he brings down Adam and that's why the apostle Paul makes it clear that Adam 's sin evil was to see that Adam 's sin knowing full well what he was doing me talk about that just all absolutely this whole chapter five reaffirms the fact that what Jesus did was he recaptured Adams on office as we begin the second Adam encounters crawls he undid what Adam did and that's why when Jesus and Adam Meek and the new earth Adam kneels at Jesus feet Jesus restores to the garden restores to everything he lost but Adam takes his crown and puts it to Jesus falls the feet of Jesus and worship why because Jesus undid everything that Adam did and that one act if I take a glass of water and obsolete that glass with one hat and you're not going to drink it but me ask a question how hard would it be to get it to is it easier to pollute it to make it to how much difference is a lot more work to get it to work again that is to make it dirty the right that's how much greater in a sense the Christ act on Calvary 's cross was for all of us and one at Jesus makes it possible for all of us to how salvation and to undo and every human being that what sin and the devastation has done in one act in one gift to every human the I know sometimes that there are debates on the word justification but the Bible says that justification resulted in and you have to always look the con text justification is used and what would Jesus do and some people fill assays sweet kindness you may be one of those who do I still love you and hopes to love me that some people feel like they got justified every human being or they have to reject Jesus in order to be saved I do not think that every human being which justified there are some who think that God only provided salvation for those who would be saved I reject that to because I believe that God provided salvation for every human being within the accepted or not God is lavish his love there is no excuse for anybody to ever say that they were lost because God did not provide salvation for he provided for you if you're lost he still provided for you but he made it possible now for you to choose again what he did is restore the freedom of choice to us and now you can choose once again your own master by the way is not you don't have three choices in life only to only two cannot choose to serve yourself as I am okay if you choose us for yourself to serving the devil you can only choose to serve the Lord Jesus and the devil that's it and it's either the devil will take ten percent of your service because he knows who get the other ninety percent Jesus refuses to take ninety percent he insist on higher percent of your service you understand see that again in chapter six when we come back again to this picture here that we have and Adam I wanted a woman thing I think is best explained by the prodigal son in the store someone will tell you the story but here's my question when was the prodigal son forgiven when was he forgiven me what twenty one he left home let's is usually answered I usually get when he came to his senses that's another answer that I get before you left home I have an answer for you you may not like it the then explain it so that you don't leap off to quick prodigal son was forgiven the baby was born now listen carefully I'm thinking experienced forgiveness I said forgiveness was in the father 's heart let me ask parents here when you bring the baby of the world or in our case we adopted to have any guarantees that child grow up and not break your heart at times but that child will not induce things it will disappoint you you know that right we hold that little baby of their own my daughter in my arms are senior for the first time if he can and looking interface and wondering what the future would hold I would like to suggest to you that because of your love for that child you've already got forgiveness in your heart my right eye and say indulgence is that forgiveness so that's in the heart doesn't mean that the child the survey will experience that forgiveness until the child consults a wind of the prodigal son experience forgiveness only when he comes back and asks for forgiveness it with me if he could of statement picked in the rest of his life in the right and you can never experience the father 's forgiveness and lost it there's countless millions people will never come home to the father 's love and they will never come home to the father 's forgiveness in the refused experience of fathers treated the father will not push is forgiveness only he will not enough force forgiveness on your cousin cannot do that it's a two-way street but he has provided at Calvary 's cross forgiveness for every one of us is providing justification already is providing the ability to wipe out my sins forever and the cast of see these provide power to overcome my carnal nature is provided power to help me to become the kind of person they can stand without a mediator before Jesus comes in I would tell you the difference between Baptist theology nothing particularly bad this I can say evangelical and I love our Baptist friends is not enough that kind of thing and evidence theology because Minneapolis today are running back to Evangelical theology because they forget the unique role that God is called us to an group were headed and why we have a unique message on Christ our righteousness in the end of time and here's why and here's what we're up against if you are a guy could get into chapter sixes effects chapter six innocence watch and time and just going for broke here's our current left you had fun yet caught up here at some point and in that sort of thing but let me to become a go for broke your in in in the evangelical theology I explained yesterday that we have a grace in which we stand nineties David David's experience and how when he premeditated Lee shows this way God 's ten Commandments that he had he died at that point he would been lost within our said what if I remember what I said next quickly but behold the grace of God they will still standing in God 's grace that moment he died lost and God 's grace is bigger and here's how God 's grace work God 's grace can David alive God 's grace raised up Nathan the prophet God 's grace of the Holy Spirit and God 's grace party back to repentance hallelujah the devil with children and we killed God is intending on saving you by his grace his power thank God for his grace is bigger than we think it is but it's not an indulgent rice cake and come back in evangelical theology and some of them have this once saved always saved and understand that I'm not talking about that right now but you know you you send an dodgeball to back price grace hallelujah and you die to help and then you're saving the kingdom is David 's exec how does that differ from what Adventist message atoms happened there here's the difference we are facing now the clothes of human probation we haven't had to have a generation who comes to the place not that God 's grace alone can bring them back and forgive them and restore them but in addition of the act place and will not sin again pursuant saying that while God is called if one God raised up the prophetic gift in this one God raised up the evidence church is because we are commissioned with a admission by the power of God the Holy Spirit to prepare a generation who will stand at the close of probation because if you send after the close of probation there is no mediator to bring you back was when Mercy full story wings and Jesus stops his intercession the only reason you can be brought the reason David to be brought back was because the intercession of Jesus the reason that I'm brought back after my own failures is because of the ministration of Jesus but folk reliving the place went when the administration that that ministry of Jesus that is going to cease I didn't invent this the book of Revelation and in the Bible says he that is filthy let them be and let him who is holy be there comes a lock-in and so God has ten people on how people make fun of this my laugh about it I get on the Internet blah blah blah lender where they wanted to my table of probation closes you have to have the covering of Christ's righteousness and such a dependence on him and the power the Holy Spirit in your life that you will not sin or you cannot be ready to be Jesus the clouds will is a frightening thing to think about they should be frightening in another sense the money 's here is the Savior gave us Christ our righteousness the Copperas is able to take us through the time of trouble in the close of probation is he able take a poor pitiful human being like me who has a sinful nature and he's able to hold me by his mighty hands like me and hold me their bicycle race because my will has become so submissive to him that it will not change its mind it's so covered I am so so rendered by the half-price righteousness means submissiveness submissiveness is a bad word now days submissive this is a good work in the proper context we must become so submissive to Christ and I tell you now the secret of that if you get nothing else out of this and take this home by I and is one of the toughest battles to fight that you can conquer in Christ we all can conquer in Christ some of those struggling to look at me and say you look at Christ a table the secret is the secret is a constant communion with God it's a constant surrender to the will of God the reason Daniel came out of the Lions den listen to the key using is that mournful cry O Daniel was your God whom you constantly serve able to deliver you from the mouth of alliance and you know the answer is that constant dependence on the righteousness of Christ is that constant surrender to the will of Christ is not my throat that I want it's his rope that I want and what does that mean if I want to be surrounded and the cover with a robe of Christ it means I'm surrendered to his will surrender to his will how use my time surrender was will what I do this is not legalism this is surrendered to the wheel of Christ and that's when I second had a mean so much to us let me finish or something assets are talked about Adams leadership role talking about the least leadership role in this then we give you beautiful picture here Jesus becomes the second Adam we dies on the cross and he redeems us so ladies listen up to this meant to he is the second Adam he's the second Adam and he is also the seed of the woman feels both fulfill their leadership roles Mary fulfills a recent leadership role by raising Jesus from the grace of God and Jesus fulfills his role so we dies in his resurrected comes forth from that great for salvation for the entire human race is that of the second Adam and the seed of the woman so both male and female have great roles to play so as you give guidance to children your grandchildren ladies and use your influence influence is huge right amigo now any questions on that for us that white John Greg Tanaka someone go down to chapter six or whatever else own you being hurt is all for an IME you say this on Elmore says this one can't look for defined and found that I know she said if it's good even if she didn't say I'm sure she sent out we may not be perfect the son of heaven but we may have perfect hearts and explain in a sense with that means I have a carnal nature nature is not the sin carnal natures the dictation soon as we yield to so until Jesus translates me or come up from the grave remember I said yesterday could come up with carnal nature came up the wrong resurrection you won't come up out of a grave without the carnal nature by the grace of God you leave it in the grave it dies if it dies in your life now coming Spybot rate explained that an chapter six that is not coming up in the resurrection if you buried with Christ now it's not coming up in the resurrection but I still have it and even after the close of probation shall have carnal nature in Israel in a certain sense cannot be said that I'm perfect but I can't have a perfect heart and I have can have perfect submission to the Lord Jesus despite the Carlos of my being or eliminate the negative chapter six is a lot we could talk about where sin abounds grace month or velvets in chapter five let me tell you this on an indulgent race it just absently saying that even though this terrible horrible thing of sin as effective as all the graces far stronger and be able to do so deliver us in the Senate is to destroy us and that's good news okay chapters what to say then shall we continue in chapter one verse one shall we continue in sin that grace may abound any answer is certainly not God forbid how shall we die to sin live any longer Internet art do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death therefore we were buried with him through baptism into death but just as Christ was raised the dead by the glory of the father even so we should walk in the newness of life for if we have been this is the cat this is the power verse if we have been united together in the likeness of his Christ's death certainly we shall be united in the likeness we shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection you would picture that here on here's a poor sinner and I'm sending from the ten Commandments and the ten Commandments convicts me of sin so how do I die I die and read defendants I'd die install for my sins it's only repentance that I die and when I die I die with Christ because home counties crossing to my carnal nature and he killed on Calvary 's cross e-mailed the conference now knows big time getting all that with us let me say this there is the people who say Jesus had the nature of Adam before he felt the people who said he has nature of Jesus after I'm in the nature of Adam after he felt unusually sometimes when you see these two camps this is usually there's usually that a lipid goal thing with the truth two points of truths that are in tension with one another and I'm a tell you what I we sloppily put the Bible says Jesus was like us and Jesus was different than us it was like us in that he got his human nature from whom including her fallen nature honestly are inviting sky but he was different from us in that he got his character from his father so in a sense Jesus has above he wraps his perfect character with humanity and he never yielded once students and temptations and he took at Romans chapter six is clear that versus is clear Isabel Jesus killed or harmed by John Calvert 's cross and what I repent in sackcloth and ashes then I take the carnal nature off the phone of my life a no longer rules and Jesus now rules so when I repented sackcloth and ashes I die that I die but hallelujah Jesus doesn't leave me dead he resurrects how does he resurrect him resurrect me because it gives me a new heart and give me a born-again experience it makes a new person out of the attic of a new creation son die and resurrect Buffy the site will listen that old man died in my repentance so much trouble with practical question look at verse eleven the money is an illustration here to close with verse eleven says likewise also reckon I like the new American Standard uses the word consider also reckon our account or consider yourselves to be dead indeed the sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus what is he saying consider yourself to be dad are counters that be dad what is really saying is that an old man is dead but he's not that bad he's still alive but he said he liked how he can reckon him consider him to be dead how do I consider him to be dead with me here is the human heart and this is not operating than you can imagine our this is the human heart and in the human heart tell me what this is you can see this better my right eye tell me what this is the throng what you do from the throne exactly give orders MRI until you repented and you dine the jet the person that was giving orders in your life was a carnal nature humans are selfish you are right you are making the decisions you are saying you don't do this and you knew that you knew this and you are doing because the carnal nature was giving the order 's the problem is to become the place in life some court and you discover that the economy just stays in a chair is going to and you cry out for help this can get rid of him Jesus comes in to your throne and I would guess what this is in jail and Jesus takes the old man off your throne and frozen in jail and Jesus sits on the throne for all the theologians you don't push illustrations too far test my disclaimer for whatever it's worth but this is the spray cleaner Jesus takes any puts them in jail if he's in jail he's not been executed he's not dead dead he's just in jail he's been denied ownership he's been denied the ability to train over your life is denied the flow and the decision-making powers and Jesus takes at throw but he still there every once a while he cries out the systems member me without a good time we had loneliness such never heard when if you would just let me on here bubbling who has the key to the jail you have the seller will listen very all apply fares at all I can't mainly whistle while you left that he unlocked the door he jumps out how this important line online but it's what he takes Jesus it was Jesus of Virginia slams the door climbed the throne of your life go do XYZ if you don't do it and then you hear another voice say you're a happy about that everywhere you will take your life is all Lord Jesus that is timeless you simply like you have the key to take a junior lock the door Jesus comes out Rafael man shouting in their slams the door here's the boat the joy of the danger the danger is that whoever stays in the jail is going to die in your life makes sense I will not -year-old man and what I will do it my only I was starving to death only getting to the place movies topics he will die by the Jesus comes and how do I keep him out I get enough to state that's why the Church manual has standards of Christian lifestyle but not there to be legalistic checklists are very killed the old man there to guard your 's and guards your ear that they are to protect your harvest Proverbs says the young people guard your heart so younger than nine you need to ask Jesus to run heard what you look at and what you listen to you know the reason we have nothing in there about theaters is not because the popcorn is better than it is at home is because of what they show there any corrupt Christian character and you can corrupt Christian character home I wouldn't go there anyway even if it was to see a good movie if there is such a thing because I'm a give of wrong example to somebody else on a windy day the stop heater itself it's what goes in there for you putting in your mind so my plea is the hard your heart asked Jesus to help you guard your heart Christian lifestyle is a wonderful thing if the old man until his death the health message is a wonderful thing people sometimes taken to extreme and people get we worked until people like cookies not you know given the right drawer eating the cookies and I will send you to hell you know the engine down cookies they after day might be you get my point the principal healthful living to talk about that another time but don't be looking at other people 's grocery baskets on you you can't live you can eat a perfect diet in this world anyway we should try to be your best one does not give excuse to the other eat well and try to use some common sense everything is covered in pesticides and everything 's covered and everything in the whole world is a mess and you could eat the healthiest on Rolling Stone one die unless Jesus comes recent but you should still try to take care of your help the principal print so willing at you may have to apply the principle different in everybody's life but I should be committed to the principle helpful in the reason we have a health message is to help guard that old man the reason we have all of these things so I would plead with you by the grace of God to consider the old man said another grace of the Lord Jesus through your prayer life to studying God 's word keeping locked up don't get in power life letting the led is selfish self set on your throne culture the danger if you leave Jesus in this the old man will make sure he gets starved to death in these days there you can't say well yes question on what closest thing you second what Abraham did with Hagar and you give birth to sin to give birth to a very difficult and possibly Christians have struggles is because they don't understand the necessity of keeping the old man under lock and key and you do that don't feeding habits I don't think the guy we like to feed them sometimes because the screens and yells in a plea that any works on your emotions as they deserve it if it me out you deserve now this guy will kill you all in this illustration some folk you don't have mercy devices sitting to get it just won't does a guy walking along the cold winter day maybe Michigan I don't know her dad is walking long seasonal rattlesnake are really poisonous snake is likely that some who please clean I will freeze to death if you just don't take me and put me inside your shirt was more of these is not your rats you kill me up which is on my shirt I want to put you in solving arrivals all we think about is I futile pleased we made sure to promise you won't like me you will will the results this is a lie so I see you to put means I'm sure it's warm it's okay to pick them up to Christmas I'm sure harassment it's nice and warm comfortable while the rattlesnake bites I got close enough Rosalie Brown and I would you do if you plan it will now site looks at him coldly says he knew what I was when you pick me up have no mercy on the opening screen father in heaven you strength award were pitiful week emotions are damaged our intellect is dark and I will powers we can leave the mighty Savior father the second Adam Seger the woman to take his seat on the throne of our life never to be removed by your grace Jesus will dismiss it was recorded in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists success by none of the Bible faith so when Christians download patches other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with the


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