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6. Romans: Power To Face The Final Conflict

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 3, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC is now heads for his father in heaven thank you again for your love and how we need the Holy Spirit help us understand these things be our real teacher and the spirit of God here be here to help us to make clear for us is wonderful cruise that Paul 's lay down for us is that such a blessing such a life-changing experience for so many millions of Christians down through the ages in Jesus name amen right let's sum up my country right or wrong left off which is Romans chapter eight and Romans eight and we will pick up with the Chris will pick up with the the slave business here on the menu midgets like protecting American context it's a pretty ugly word is but Paul uses that here quite a bit as he and I remember the I taught last some Aleppo with consider him dad don't you remember that from the heart and those in the throne and the jail and all of those kinds of things we would get into now and pick up where left off from that and again I'm looking at chapter six and I'm looking at verse fourteen may get a disco backup verse twelve if you have your Bibles here in chapter seven verse twelve on sorry chapter six verse twelve chapter six therefore be calls Christ is now seated on the throne of our why what we do wrongs we give orders of crisis even on the farm my life is getting orders for my life does you want to give orders for just eight hours of the day was it would give orders for twenty four hours a day and we wanted to do that is not there to take away our freedom Ellen is a very interesting statement I can give you references she says it is some one that are very desires become his art desires begin to reflect his desires are very wielding is reflected as well because we use a slave thing and I hope that it can be so used to coming and please feel free to come on down Fonzie and will even that okay let's good look at verse twelve therefore because Christ morning experience crisis writing in my life the old man is in jail therefore I do not let sin reign in your mortal lot that were growing is a word that means to rule do not let sin rule in your mortal lobby but that you may be obeyed it's lost another words whoever is ruling here in your decision-making process is going to dictate what you do and so if is still carnal nature is there it will tell you to obey the law story talk about what lost is lost as a perversion of a good thing and it turns it's something that's good and do something that's not so good and if you remember some of you we use the word hunger is hunger a good thing it's a good thing feeding the hungry would be alive you get hungry you eat and without that you would need so but can hunger be twisted into something this bad okay can be perverted or to become a lost vessel unless it's perverting a something good into something that's not so good and in verse fourteen for sin shall not have dominion over you this is Paul are great theme from the apostle Paul he says sent is not going to rule for you are not under law but under grace have you ever had your evangelical friends or some other friends citing you see I've have to keep the Sabbath because I'm not under the law but I am under so decided that you you don't need racist if the laws that done away with the law still in vogue even in the grace and is talked about two things here and in essence of the town around the bound up in one one is in Galatians is even far more clear on this and I don't I don't have a time getting Galatians although I would always love to sitting here watering the mouthwatering to get the Galatians but Galatians clearly even more clearly having been the book of Romans does is telling us of the old chant of the old sanctuary the temporary sanctuary the earthly sanctuary that was meant to be temporary but that has been done away with it's finished why is it done away with because it's found its fulfillment in Christ and that means a ceremonial law as well as the moral law so doesn't mean that the laws have been done away with let me explain something here that the a lot of people miss when Jesus said think not come to destroy the law are the profits are not been destroyed but to fulfill he meant exactly that the ceremonial law to listen to me carefully and don't get this mixed up out out I think I get myself out of this okay for the ceremonial law has never been done away with so you think can this ever been done away with because Christ is now the ceremonial law is now fulfilled the ceremonial the symbolic ceremonial law is no longer in effect the symbolic sanctuary is no longer in effect the earthly sanctuary that was temporary was always meant to be temporary is now gone but the reality is in place and the ceremonial law and heaven with Christ as the high priest were not in place neither you nor I would be drawn to repentance is the work of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary is a Jesus is actually right is not in contradiction with either Paul R Galatians but not then come to destroy the law or the prophets not to destroy the law the prophets I've come to what carry them into effect certain that's why I don't keep guilty states only keep this instance hallelujah why because they are being fulfilled by Christ in heavenly centrality to kill land anymore because I have the living Christ who offers himself in my place and I have a heavenly sanctuary the Seventh-day Adventists have a temple yesterday now we do the words of that in heaven for the whole book of Hebrews is about so there is that one since I'm under the law is the Jewish mindset that I've still got to serve the ceremonial law these earthly temporary symbolic ceremonial laws for them became a reality and to them it was the way of salvation and they felt they had to continue to do that and so in a sense Paul is saying in one sense he singer no longer under that earthly sanctuary you no longer need circumcision no longer need that because estoppel Christ is another sense but I'm under the condemnation of the law because the law always does what to the center the convention but if I'm under grace I'm no longer under the condemnation law of the penalty of the law and that's good news for every center but just because among the condemnation law that doesn't give me the right to disobey and a second and the earthly sanctuary which is a teacher always things the moral wall was wrapped by the ceremonial law the ceremonial laws what Jesus did for us on Calvary 's cross was doing for us in heaven and the moral law is what is trying to buy that the ceremony law is trying to bring us back in harmony with the moral law is that the work of Jesus you'll see that as we go through there so to be under grace doesn't do away with the law to be under grace establishes the law verse fifteen what shall we say what then shall we sin because we are not under the law if this is a cleared up I don't know what does but under grace what is sin Romans chapter four without the 's yacht without the requirements are fitted me the requirements of the law verse fifteen because the law brings about wrath where there is no law there is no transgression sin is the transgression of the law verse fifteen what then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace certainly not the sins and transgressions will also obviously long been done away with how you use most of him and we get to chapter eight in these few minutes we got here do you not know that to him you present yourselves slaves to obey you are that one's slaves and you obey whether sin leading to death over obedience leading to life nasis is basically you two choices here you can be a slave of Christ are you can be a slave of yourself on the double which is really one and the same hour tells story right here was Alex Haley 's roots who some years ago I wrote a book called roots and entity tells the story of chicken George and I remember the story chicken George will see many of you saying that you do nothing in a moment chicken George was a slave to his master and one thing that his master love to do was to fight chickens roosters and they put these two roosters appear that fight to the death has been outlawed it should is a cruel kind of thing at any rate but that was a big deal in those days and he had a slave in the cold chicken George and chicken George was his master 's right hand person on the chicken George is the one that read these chickens and discounted shows what one in the master really rely on chicken George anyway the word got out that a very wealthy Englishman was coming and he was challenging anybody the fight his English bread roosters and the word got out and sure enough the guy came and they had a big deal and they're all there and are getting ready to be there before that happens however the master goes to chicken George he says that chicken George uses chicken Georgie says this Englishman is coming and he's he's wealthy and he's betting willing to bet lots of money on a chicken fight what you think how I says week we got to do that and then chicken George did something that was unusual yet understand that chicken George and Matilda his wife had been saving a dying here dying they are working hard in outside the Masters placed to save enough money to buy their new fill in the word the freedom in the same sum in those days if I remember the figure of about two thousand dollars is a lot of money to save for slaves and chicken George looked at his master thesis masterpieces please don't get me wrong nieces but we've been saving saving money to buy our freedom basis I will put my money with yours for this chicken fight so we can just double our money and the master almost hugged his slave they've triggered by and Englishmen was they are huge crowd of people was their chicken George chose a chicken Nara rooster he looked down its feathers and handed it to his master and they put those chickens in the pit said Pitt and the chickens went at each other my daughter has chickens and she has a couple three roosters and one of those roosters will come after me every time on their I have to teach a really quick lesson with my foot and got a short memory of you could those chickens and other non- go after and so they went after each other was chicken George's chicken that killed the Englishman 's chicken and everybody erupted chicken George was so happy was shouting it's why for they were affiliated worth forty and and David of the celebrations is going on with me were for it all of a sudden above the din of the celebration and the voice of an Englishman seeing the master chicken George said Sir would you be willing to wage all of your earnings on one more chicken fight in the master chicken George looked confused you know what to say and he turned and he looked at chicken George and chicken George looked at him and said so our chickens could want any of that Englishman 's chickens suddenly the master found his composure he turned to the Englishman with the voice of a half of its paces sir we would be glad to way to all of our earnings on one more chicken fight ensued she said George chose the chicken chose the rooster but this time it was the English moans roosters for that found the neck of chicken George's chicken chicken George picked up that dead chicken and begin to weep but I'll ask you a question what did chicken George love most freedom or chicken fighting what did he love most freedom of chicken pie he had the choice he had the freedom if you really love freedom why would you chance on another chick so what we love most sin or freedom citizens at least stuff is amazing how much of eternal freedom we wager on our love for Susan the only way that sin can be conquered in our life is to love the freedom that Christ gives us more than the temporary pleasures of another chicken fight the chapter closes with the wages of sin is but the gift of God exempted income the server the Lord Jesus is his intention not to make you his slave but to make you his child as the intention of the devil to make you his slave in the kill you and asks chapter seven is a very miss understood I have read it outside the Athens church and saga commentaries and we need to get this and a lot of our friends they love to quote this out read it now tell your story or do you not know rather than Chapter seven verse one no brother from speak to those who know the law but the law has dominion over man as long as he lives if you ever seen the sheriff out in the graveyard with his gun drawn his handcuffs on the other hand over somebody's grave instead I'm here to rescue one is that not happen because the man's dead in the law has a more dominion over for the woman and I'm not going to get into divorce and marriage here not giving in to that this afternoon but the illustration is for something else you see that moment for the woman who has a husband is bound by the Walter husband as long as he lives but the husband dies she's released in the longer husband so then if while her husband lives she marries another man she will be called an adulterous but if her husband dies she's free from the law so that she is no adulteress though she be married to another man therefore my brother and you have also become dead to the wall to the body of Christ that you may be married to another and our friends they say seaward were dead to the law well displayed a minute to hand it was raised from the dead that we should bear fruit to God for when that when we were in the flesh the sinful passions which aroused by the law where work in the members are members to bear fruit to death but now we have been delivered from the law having died to what we were held by so that we should serve in the newness of the letter and not in the oldness of the letter you have the servant oldness of that old Sabbath we serve in the newness waited this is a parable what asset was they said was what there is not a true story no there was once a man who married a woman and they lived together and he was a terrible guy he was verbally abusive to his wife beater he made life miserable for her but every once in a while he would take off on a long trip to three months at a time and while he's gone on that trip she was at peace because he wasn't around they'd come home and the misery would start all over again one of those times when she was born she went down to the park and many people were there and while she was there she ran into another man of very nice person very high and she just couldn't help but compare how nice he was to her husband now he was totally appropriate nothing inappropriate but on the way home she said to herself I wish I could be married to that man within the law said another voice said but the law says but please don't get the idea and did I have for the disclaimers in her this is a what and I'm not suggesting that if your husband beating you that you stay okay suggesting that please get off of that and to stay with me for the terrible site when I say this was their so the way home he sees things that but then another voice comes in and says that the law says that he comes back he comes home life was but every new leaves children apart and he visits with this person and everything is totally appropriate just that on the way home there's a voice and says wouldn't it be nice if you could be married and then another voice comes in and says but the law says I wife doesn't like this parable by the way and I don't blame her but I haven't found a better one to get the point across so I just thought I'd share what it's worth the bar a parable well one day her husband was away on another one of his mysterious business trips and he is gone for some time and she went out to pick up the morning paper and she opened up the paper and it says headlines notorious criminal executed for awful crime July one what that's about to start reading and she read her husbands many and she started to be happy that you cannot call yourself a little embarrassed that her husband on these business trips and doing some pretty awful things in the government found him and legitimately executed well of course at times resembled apart again there is a really nice man that she's had such a nice visit with an just nice visit with him again everything appropriate and on the way home she said herself would be wonderful if I could be married to that man but this time there was no voice that said but the law says in the course of time she falls in love with him he falls in love with hirer and they get married or just before they get married he says I have tell you something I never told you he says I am not the key of the skate of this country and I was here people not knowing who I was to find the love of my life and he says you have to know something else it was on my order so we executed your husband I know what you're thinking but don't think that it's a parable remember and because of these horrible crimes committed and so they were married now the question I know this is going to stereotype but this is a little when she was married to that old man that was making her life miserable and just you know just awful weather still domestic chores to do with her dishes to wash on the site you should help you whitewash the dishes okay if the disclaimers in their but was still short she's now married to this man that she loves and other still chores to do over here doing these chores she's terribly unhappy over here doing these chores she's wonderfully happy anyone made a difference only tell you this when you were born you are married to the old carnal nature that sat on the throne of your life and ruled your life and he's miserable he's just like that old husband of hers if she stays married to him is going to killer and if you stay married to your carnal nature he'll kill you that he made it may seem nice for a while at some point easily show himself for what he is and what Jesus did on Calvary 's cross is he took your carnal nature the Calvary 's cross and he legitimately killed in and now you may be married to Christ now let me ask another question to my evangelical friends the sum of my Adventist friends so what about the law did the law all ever change the law never changed the same law that ruled over this now rules over this MRI if you legitimately get a divorce from this man over here the law says you can be married to somebody else or there's a death metal meringue but now that you're married to Christ by the grace of God and you decide to go divorce and Jesus let you do that if you're foolish enough to do it what will it cost you can begin because there's a wall but never changes still with me I'm grateful for the long Archuleta doesn't change tell you why it's so important that it doesn't change this time business is awful but Muslims believe they be done here four four okay and see how we did let's go down chapter seven what shall we say the number seven what shall we say then is the law sin the answer is what certainly not our God forbid if you kept the old King James certainly not on the contrary I would not known sin except through the law probably not known covetousness with quote what laws he quoting from ten Commandments unless the law said you shall not covet but sin taking opportunity by the commandment produced in me all manner of evil desire carnal nature does that for apart from the law sin was dead I was alive without the wall but when the commandment came and sin revived are dying they so I'm a bit ignorance doesn't talk about some people sin ignorance of the law of God takes away our ignorance by the way ignorance is no excuse before the law and all right even in America still excuse for sin taking a verse eleven on first tenants are in the commandment which was to bring the life I found to bring death verse eleven percent taking occasion by the commandment deceived me and it killed me therefore verse twelve the law is holy and the commandment holy just and good I want to go back to verse ten and the commandment which was to bring what I said this before but one on one here because this is a major tax God 's ten Commandments were never given as something that is arbitrary God didn't just wake up one morning I say that human sense and so you know what I would create the world and I've got a bunch of laws on automate and I dislike making laws and I think I like this one and I think I like that when I like that want and don't just have to baby because I'm not he never did that what God did is he made law to be essential to life another words God rules the universe that is laws as well as produce organization and I said this before a state again without organization you die your body dies without organization is that death is a result of the body 's disorganization so every law that God made is absolutely essential for life therefore it is necessary for us to obey the law to be brought into harmony with his requirements and grace is given to us and the sacrifice of Christ in Congress crossed and his power not to give us the power to disobey but to give us the power to obey the law and there were a lot of our evangelical friends missed my stop as well said this morning and in the sermon by Pastor David Shinn the sanctuaries you take all three parts the sanctuary in the holy of holies when you come face-to-face with the company says the two things you come face-to-face with a ten Commandments in the art of God and you come face-to-face hallelujah with the mercy seat but there a lot of people on many evangelicals believe this car this way that sent that God 's grace is an indulgent license to do what I want to do now God 's grace is to change my heart in the a born-again experience and by his power bring me in this submission to the law of God and it becomes far more important and the end of time as we get dragged into the holy of holies Sunday and I think that close probation on said this earlier closer probation is moving on every human being evidence used to teach is quite strongly we don't teach as much as we ought to the day but the Bible says that he does holy lead in the end he'd is filthy let him be and that's different from evangelical theology calls in their theology which is true if you die before that you can die you can die in Christ and but the difference is that you and I are headed toward a time when we can not sin once that angels of mercy fold their wings we will become a marble to the universe not by her own power but love the power of the Lord Jesus that while we still have his carnal nature we keep them in jail we don't feeding you getting toes hallelujah you're never mild stretching out and you and that's without the grace of Christ become the place we'd will not knowingly sin against God 's ten Commandments we will do not because we cannot do it because we will not because we learn to hate sin was such a hatred and the love the Lord with such love and Adventist message to the world 's get ready for that time that's our message the only found that message in the holy police is not perfectionism is not legalism it's a submission to Christ who alone is our leader he's not our leader in the vigorous he is our leader the biggest since these are personal leader a personal help if she's able take you to that time I people sent you all that whenever I'm not old that they act like they serve a week Christ with several powerful Christ serve a mighty God we do not serve a God who is on able to carry his children he would not hold us back to scare us into telling us that because he has the power to take us through it were willing to be submissive to so that that that's a different challenge here and in the time all right let's sent us moved to some other parts here on to find that the three laws that Paul talks about talk about those for just a moment note that you know you know about the part where he says those things I would do I don't do those things I wish I'd would do you know that part there and struggle with this carnal nature of the temptations around him notice verse verse twenty one I find then in chapter seven I find then along of wine that evil is present with me the one who wills to do good so I'm a will to do good but there is any a log of trying to get me to do wrong notice verse twenty two for I delight in the law of why which is according to the inward man so Paul pictures to walls it pictures the law of sin which is also in me any pictures along God which is also in me and the law of sin and the law of God are at war the great controversy a few fleas in my heart and my life in my affection this is one thing that the law of commandments would be able to overcome the laws send what you would does yet have a third law in order to overcome the loss and I wanted you to wear that is found in Georgia verse twenty four oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death this is some wretched being pulled back and forth I think God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then with my mind about why there's no there's no chapter divisions and needs to run together here I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then with my mind with the mind I serve the law plot but with the flash the choices you made it home I was served on flow naturally while one within that set other wallets in my flesh I can't make it will only the other way G keep reading verse one there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in whom who do not walk to the flash but according to the spirit the condiment there's no condemnation we are under a covenant with the Lord Jesus Jesus spreads his covenant over us and I compare that the other day to a marriage covenant spread his covenant over us were in that covenant and now there's another law that comes into place year and I want you to see that those who do not walk according to the flesh the corn spirit verse two years of the all for the long of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of one send that our site how would you think a man as they inhale any help think about is not to overcome that loss and because they are clashing with each other but this is where Christ comes in your life you give your life to Christ or justification comes in Christ steps in now and he becomes the living Christ he interjects himself into you he comes of that assistance to the law of the mind to the law the Commandments and in Christ and in this power you become an over color so here you have both things together you have both justification the born-again experience and out of that you have sanctification and I always tell all you can never have justification unless it gives birth to sanctification if you have justification and you say watching it doesn't matter if I continue to send you don't have justification bills justification is given to you so that you might no longer walk in the flash so that you no longer have to walk according to the carnal nature it comes to join the law of commandments viewpoints some justification all what would I say according to that verse is worth to say so we should quit giving excuses for walking with the flesh talk about your willpower and how to unite you will will price how how how much of the time does Jesus want to ruling your life said earlier tonight all right with you verse three for what the law could not do in that it was a week after the flesh there is but was attentive menace maybe they will not start in the world but it can not overcome your carnal nature unless you have a third wall which is the spirit of life in Christ Jesus I thought Holy Spirit become very important to us and us always be praying every morning for the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit who brings the living Christ and Jake Elmore 's life verse verse three for the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God did by sixty being under the law will apply being Jewish and not accepting Christ as my Savior and staying on the wall means I'm going to fail now I love the helpers is inherently careful help us it's a wonderful thing and I'm sick of hearing people make fun of it was given to us for good reason but when he uses the illustration you can eat healthy enough and you should eat healthy somebody should is that a man you cannot eat healthy enough the St. Peter is using that as an example I use other examples but should you eat healthy it you have to have a third law your best intentions I like wrote since then question the third law which is the law of the spirit of the life of Christ that listened the first three for the old law could not do that was weak through the flesh God did alleluia this grace by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh on account of sin condensate in the flesh intended on Calvary 's cross verse four that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in house why is it so important that the righteous requirement of the law be fulfilled in us because without the righteous requirement of the law we cannot live back effect to our hair and eyes were brought into harmony with the law of God that is the sure result we will not spend eternity saying also nice to be here but when you think you lose that you lose the ability to choose what you get the heaven is gotten locked all of the robots would you get there or does God want a universe filled with children and not robots the fact is the reason God takes people to heaven is so that they will be in compliance with the righteous requirements of the law because they don't want to jump we got down here that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flash but according to the spirit also the first five no a time can be I want I got a go quickly verse five for those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of flesh on since we got through my illustration the old man we threw in jail what do you watch what you listen to come on Saints eat what you feed your mind on such of mine on the things of the world garbage in do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit are honestly going down for this one set their minds with things like those who live according to the spirit of things the spirits of usage amount of things of the spirit here is one that I give my section versus to be carnal he minded is death but to be spiritually minded is what you lifelike and peace because you solicit you surrender your fighting now that you have your dear Jehovah witness French Open your door the next time you talk to your Baptist friends your Methodist friends or whoever and I tell you that you know what I'm I'm under grace on monologue was lost and done away with so have you ever read Romans chapter eight verse seven here's what it says because the carnal mind is enmity against God was intimately since Canon Carl mind is enmity against God for it is not what subject to the long God nor indeed can be it's impossible for the carnal mind to be subject to the law of God as well the carnal mind that in my life but then there's the questions I say so if the carnal mind is not subject to the law of God what is the spiritual mind subject exactly sure grants if the carnal mind is not subject to the law of God in the spiritual mine is subject to the will of God so amount of time than women look at and was still amended to you bear with me verse eleven but if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ and the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you your come up in the right resurrection is why you're here and let the spirit of the law of Christ and your life and put to death the carnal mind and do not feast on the carnal mind that feast on the spirit of God for if the living Christ is in your life you die will come up in the right resurrection but if he's not no matter what your profession but here's good news verse twenty six talks about the groaning of the creation waiting for the redemption of our bodies whole creation growing the first twenty six likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses I would plead with your fighting to be recorded every morning don't pray for your children yes pray for your spouse like a husband break your wife record church to pray for yourself say Lord Jesus look about these weaknesses and I don't like Alan by the grace of God you got to help me to overcome them today today I will relay those allowable anything I love that's not according to your will I want to get that out of my life that struggling to go with each one of us every morning of every day and all day long waiting to hear the words of Jesus watch and pray as another way of saying be on the alert and pray because there is an enemy like a roaring lion like was the spirit helps our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray as we ought but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered now he who searches the heart Holy Spirit knows what the mind of the Spirit is because he makes intercession for the saints the Lord Jesus according to the will God and the conclusion of this glorious promise and we know those are in spirit those are pleading with God by the way am I says on the GUI that will quickly hear that we are praying earnestly for praying perseveringly and were praying passionately with God if that's what is meant by that verse was says the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groaning sick not the uttered and she says it is a sure sign that God is about to answer your prayer exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask her thing is gone with your glorious character is doing in your Christlike character physical to give you holiness holiness is a wonderful words Christ likeness by the way Bible says pursue holiness without which no man can see the Lord I didn't say that pursue holiness is a missing Jesus with this point you when you played was awarded only to be like Jesus I would be like you today I'm been a lousy timber the days go to be tested to meet victory over that temper that there got on imagination SDC news today Lord give me victory over that imagination that I will not think on that anything that comes to my mind that I check it out online database you think you struggling with appetite or whatever it is that it is the Lord Jesus that I have held today with this is that Jesus will not hear the news that he will not come to your assistance he doesn't want to give you a holy character I'm telling you he looked at Calvary 's cross to save you when you pride like that all things work together for good to those who love call according to his purpose if you respond to the call he predestined us to say is not good news and he doesn't take away you will but if you respond every morning every day he predestined you the victory spring father in heaven IQ for Jesus somebody so wonderful so glorious I was a quick giving excuses about our weakness to start thinking about your strengths follow all of us in this room every last one of us ministers included poor pitiful human beings have been hit hard with nearly six thousand years of degradation with the world that has learned to deceive the devil does evil angels who home their killing skills their deceptions or greater deception today than ever before we're crying out to you save us by your mighty power father in heaven is not enough to have the long gone in a heartbeat got to have the wall of the spirit of the life of Christ don't have the Spirit of God bringing the living Christ father in heaven give us a love for what you love and hate but you hate the father and have as we leave this place and we hear the final in eight Jesus comes that nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord and Jesus are you now to this message was avoided G where C twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of this and that this is just as satisfying on the Bible faith and someone is a downloadable patches and other resources like to visit us online at www. 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