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2. The Cross and Creation

Ingo Sorke


Ingo Sorke

Professor of Religion at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, United States.



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC went good morning again I'm English so I gave born race bank in Germany I now teach by the Southwestern Adventist University and our seconds effort seminar was going through all the twentieth for a moment lease and see the cross intersects with those the second seminar were going to look at creation and the cross I'm going to take the scenic route it won't really make sense how this all fits together till the very end I'll try to keep a bet on the clock ten fifties my goal we can do it creation of the cross my Mike he thought so in case you missed anything else today he got something in the beginning if he can create that he can also re-create and that's why creation of the crossbow together that's prayed together father thank you for your creation act as a glimpse of not just your power but your sense of beauty harmony and love and I want to pray that this file for our spin with you in your word Miletus to a road of re- creation not as the world knows it but biblical theological re- Cree Asian grant is the presence of your spirit we pray in Jesus name amen after all the spirit was present when God spoke wasn't a guess is that because of the recording I'd say I have to change my dynamics to more than sure that walking around and interaction better December twenty four nineteen sixty eight as the yell was born I trust your math is as bad as my college students back and don't put two and two together by the United States at the Apollo mission to the moon and Massiah radioed one of the astronauts and sent the following on that December twenty four nineteen sixty eight Frank we need you to prepare a message to the world we figure that more people will be listening to your voice than that of any other person in history plan to say something appropriate a first time for humans going to the moon some of the should I say older folks via remember what Frank said from space than them I have been one of them he also quoted Genesis chapter one verse one through ten of all the things possibly to say resided a creation story good morning Alan Roy actually a bosses page four seventy four quote the warnings of the word of God regarding the perils surrounding the Christian church belong to us today I as in the days of the apostles men tried by 2-D him philosophy to destroy faith in the Scriptures so today by the pleasing sentiments of higher criticism evolution spiritualism theosophy and pantheism the enemy of righteousness is seeking to lead solos into forbidden paths while you give me all the time you can go to another seminar it's okay what she is saying is that that is a philosophical movement in the world one of them being evolution and it needs down a forbidden path I understand this with you search member of mine I'm a passive Manheim had out of the church than he's got a PhD in optical physics brilliant guy intelligent you you know those things where train moves at forty miles an hour and is fifty miles away in another train was at sixty miles an hour and is a hundred miles away will they need that bureaucrats are not to me two hours to figure out he does that in his head no they'll be together he interviewed at one of our schools to teach science and end this was not doing their controversy a few years ago this was recently any got approved by the fact of the he got approved by the department head and then he was interviewed by that the dean provost and the topic of creation came up and asked them what you do with Genesis and he said I believe as it reads 24-hour seven-day or six-day creation and the Sabbath the interview was over get the job so what she's talking about is being played out not in the world but in our own charge right now as I'm speaking is another quote this is not how my business James Hutton the theory of the Earth seventeen ninety five now you notice the timeframe the atman movement started with early eighteen hundred Coleman in eighteen forty four regard organized eighteen sixty three said the devil was clever right when there comes a call to liaisons methods to a creator God worship him who made Satan comes up with that counterfeit movement to distract the entire world from creator God James Hutton said the theory of your night you got addition to these scholars twice so you won't catch what they're saying quote but if the successional world is established in the system of nature you know how nature develops it is in vain to note for anything higher in the origin of your watchlist the result therefore about present inquiry as scientific inquiry is that we find no basis keys no evidence no reason of a beginning and no prospect of an end what did you just destroy because by natural observation you don't need of God to create the world makes it just happens any balls and if there is no origin to nature then there's also no second coming of Jesus Christ evolution does not just destroy Genesis also destroys Revelation here's Clarence Darrow Scopes defense attorney you might have heard of the Scopes trial and says evolution name and Kansas textbooks not fans now as an attorney he made the following statement outside of court at the closing statement because he did not want creationists to have a chance to have a closing statement in court either they may do this outside of court reset the following you creationist you insult every man of science and learning in the world because he does not believe in your food religion we have the purpose of preventing bigots and ignoramuses from controlling the education of the United States if you believe in creation you believe in a quote for the religion is John Paul the second Vatican City October twenty three October twenty three nineteen ninety six he set the following is the Pope of previous previous boat at Popeye today more than a half a century after this and sickly calf they've had a study going origin of humanity translated from Latin and they study for half a century Catholic Church it new knowledge leads us to recognize in the theory of evolution more than a hypothesis that the convergence neither sought nor induced results of work done independently one from the other constitutes in itself a significant argument in favor off this theory and then we have a guy named Paul Schmidt 's Mormon nineties quoted by Huns couldn't let whom I have met in person in Tübingen Germany I'm into it adheres to a Lutheran seminary and WAP see all Amy now to have nice framework of the current day controversies and absolute disaster the last theology but this act 's Catholic theologian Hans came in now runs an ecumenical center in Germany he quotes as scientists called Smith's woman and he said the following quote my notes on the G Y C website if not leave me your e-mail or after this weekend 's old output it on English sortie .com under the studies quality is my full name .com the notion of the traditional view of redemption as reconciliation and ran some from the consequences of Adam 's fall edition Kathy this scientist you got really think that what he's saying me read it again the notion of the traditional view of Reagan's as reconciliation and ran some from the consequence of Adam 's fall is nonsense for anyone who knows about the evolutionary background to human existence in the modern world did you catch what he say he sang the traditional view that sin came into the world and that's the reason for death and then we have the cross neutralizing that death the death of Jesus Christ is nonsense for anybody who knows about evolution because death did not come as a result of sin and evolution the natural occurrence so what you have is when you ruined creation what else do you cancel out effectively the entire cross no longer necessary his death and death is not a result of sin and the cross deals with sin and death the cause anymore light testimonies to the charge line for two hundred seventy four now why do we have directly inspired testimonies for the charts and we don't read I took me two years to make it to the nine volumes but the two years would've gone by when I met them or not you might as well be the time goes either way she says eighteen seventy seven and the desire directed to Battle Creek a gangster uniform and carrying evolutionism testimonies volume four two seventy four the great object in the establishment of all college was to give correct views on science and Bible religion the great object in the establishment about college was to give correct use of signs and by the relation notice she did not say cancel science that's not science she said correct science that's the purpose of oncologist is review and Herald March one eighteen ninety eight review now March one eighty ninety eight quote we need to guard continually against the sofa Street in regard to geology and other branches of science falsely so called which have not one semblance of truth the series of great men need to be carefree surfeit of the slightest trace of infidel suggestions one tiny seeds sown by teachers in our school and she's not talking Harvard Stanford Princeton and yeah in our schools and received by the students will raise a harvest of unbelief and I got a PhD but in Texas PhD just means I'll high indeed just because somebody has a title as a scientist that you mean they got the truth I do not let them intimidate you fundamentals of education -based one thirty five that will be an effort made on the part of many pretended friends of education to the wars of religion from the sciences in our schools that I got every job quote from Mark Nolan he wrote a book called the scandal of the evangelical mind page thirteen any squatting index agonist but nonetheless he's quoting an accent as Mark noted that Wheaton College one of the main evangelical schools in our nation any quotes is accepted as Ronald numbers is the next enemies to bend to your is a quote and does not outline the design outsider recognizing something to do this a popular believe known as creationism a theory that the Earth is ten thousand or less years old goat six thousand minutes okay I spread like wildfire in our century from its humble beginning in the writings off an Asian gentleman Alan White be found on Seventh-day Adventist and Lance Joseph Bates and others were involved to its current status as a gospel truth embraced by tens of millions of Bible believing evangelicals and fundamentalists around the world would like that they signed it's just saying one Senate he says that the main movement to bring creationism back into the public arena was catalyzed by none other than Helen G White fascinating three SG spirit of gifts page ninety onward by my reading on this quotes well I'm not to get to something that will you personally may I was then carried back to the creation this is our life now and less so now when she says she was sown that means to me she didn't come up with that Sabbath afternoon with nothing to do she was so when she was so that means you are so far and much so that the first week in which God performed the work of creation in six days and rested on the seventh day was just like every other week the great God in his days of creation and Dale Rast measured off the first site as a sample for successive weeks till the close of time that means that we still have a seven-day cycle now with the seventh day Sabbath we also had the same in the week off creation very simple page ninety four off third spiritual gifts by humans science cannot search out the sequence of the God of heaven grab a demonstration scientific demonstration in a second and explain this stupendous works of creation which were America level Almighty power any sooner than he can show how God came into existence that means there's something about creation and the existence of reality that we can never ever explain I worked in the hospital one time as a volunteer lady had a heart attack heart attack architect of the five she was on bed rest then we saw her eyes to complain about it to say we said we'll get a dentist in tomorrow that night she took her nail clippers and try to extract the old tunesmith filthy nail clippers I created a septic shock for another heart attack without she died the family of core soon the hospital and asked for malpractice and we had to do an autopsy and I was a witness to the autopsy now why can we not explain everything about creation what got been during the object say they are open and they took circular saw open the scroll sliced open the brain and I saw in our brain her last thoughts now I didn't there are realities scientific realities in life you can think about a pink elephant right now and nobody knows scientific method can show that you just thought about a big elephant cannot be demonstrated we operate on the level off the wind Elimite the Bible is inspired not dictated on the level off thought but we cannot scientifically demonstrate what's happening in our front below interesting that the March goes where signs can put unless you're just floating along it's on your hand by those free of charge so that aspects that science can never saw it as another one third a spirit gives ninety one but the infidel position the unbeliever position that the events of the first week required seven fast indefinite periods for their congressmen strikes directly at the foundation of the Sabbath of the fourth commandment viewing creation you would also the seventh ASAP I'm going somewhere with this that will affect you it makes indefinite and obscure that which God has made very plain addition to this it is the worst him of infidelity and is an impeachment offers wisdom I have been shown page ninety three same book bed without by the history genealogy can prove nothing I went many the word of God in regard to these your creation and seek to account for God 's creative works upon natural principles they are upon a boundless ocean of uncertainty just how God accomplish the work of creation in six literal days he has never revealed to mortals his creative works are just as incomprehensible as his existence as scientists don't thought one time you know God we don't need you we can create life in the lab God says Greg Ladd Shelley the scientists that come outside zero K assigned to scoop down and picked up some dirt and a voice came out of heaven saying boy make your own dirt yeah we think we're so smart with our science man will be left without excuse quote God has given sufficient evidence upon which to base say if we wish to believe I listen to this she says how long that we set that the second coming as soon while two thousand years or at least since eighteen forty four she says in the last day Earth will be almost destitute of true faith upon the merest pretense the word of God will be considered unreliable by human reasoning will be received though it be in opposition to playing Scripture facts may and will endeavor to explain from natural causes the work of creation which God has never revealed I mean the conflict over creation and evolution according to hire a baby right size and will post them yet own this message was included in Key West two twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry said that this is just as he is by none so when I download other resources like to visit us online at www. USC with the


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