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4. The Cross and Salvation

Ingo Sorke


Ingo Sorke

Professor of Religion at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, United States.



  • January 1, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC this is a seminar number four first one was Adventist doctrines and the cross twenty eight if when the Middle East and how they intersect with the cross is sick this morning was the cross and creation that we just walked to the sanctuary and now were going to the cross member but a talk at the cross we might as well do what the women they stood from afar and watched or maybe will stand close and watch what happened at the cross no welcome back let's pray again father thank you for the cross we will ponder it throughout eternity and so we offer you all feeble minds human wisdom but we surrender at the cross on our knees and and one two catch a glimpse not as a scholar but as a sinner as a human broken dad while was still alive we look to the cross ironically for life lessons we pray in Jesus name amen somebody else quote is not made his page eighty three to me now you got it it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful allowing us what we do each seminar a software lower in the con based on the life of Christ and let the imagination grasp each see who needs movies when you can use your imagination also one reason I watched the passing Mel Gibson yet I don't want that stuck in my mind I've read the Bible is outrageous and then I use my imagination every guys dwell upon his infinite sacrifice our confidence would be more constant our love would be quickened and we would be more deeply imbued with a spirit if will will be saved at last we must learn the lesson off penitence and humidity at the foot of the cross is outrageous page eighty three or as divers and soft covers page thirty five it is another couple quotes Greg conversely six fifty one the cross of Christ will be the signs in the song of the redeemed throughout all eternity basics fifty two the mystery of the cross explains all other mysteries and that's what I don't need mysticism with crosses the only mystery any that may read you a paragraph that a friend of mine rowed in relation to the cross one paragraph long he's an English professor he writes like I can write or talk I mean his second language listen to this rate is as call Wilcox November two thousand thirteen I got his permission to quote best vote in relation to the century and the cross the priest flicks the animal blood from finger to ground before the veil the Redskin dropped dear as so many dark looks black tongues and murky deeds passing from Senator century that's caring since Terry Prince from my temple only need to be grime gods and stored in God 's closet then dried cracked cake than the laminated in a stratum of fly spots and healing scabs the sanctuary will be cleansed but not before it gets dirty yet and he is a strong irony God 's temple can only be washed clean with more blood blood that flies from priestly fingers to splatter God 's throne in spots of war lifeblood lost and then kept to save sinners the keeping priest saw exists a function NNN the blood accumulates as does the sin forgiven until a certain time when sin and sinners will be no more meanwhile God embraces his forgiven ones with their clean faces teeth and hands not minding that his own place reeks of what he cannot stand as profound by the way I had another gentleman is not in my notes just go to thought out you come to my office and say enough and that he believed Bush says that that Jesus already went to the most holy place he was not verse twelve King James help that out there the translation off hockey and an top RTI in RDI on the own all usable recent Greek A's is complex and I think the King James translators got it right I'm not King James only but I'm poking James for several reasons but I is he was not versus Ralph King James translates only place not most holy place saying that Jesus only rendered the only place not in the most or yet if you have no idea what I'm talking about it's okay what's interesting is that the writer of Hebrews I think it was Paul he used the Greek term for gold in the book of Hebrews that is not used is limited to sixteen Leviticus sixteen is about the day of atonement as you put two and two together the writer of Hebrews avoid AIDS the day of atonement gold language when he talks about Jesus and so eighteen forty four is perfectly preserved the theologies rocksolid we do not have to be afraid when you read those websites and talk to people know not to answer just take a deep breath and then you need to do your homework and study the only way to grasp the full picture of Adventism is sit down and study about are how we going to do the cross I looked at the cross literally one time I took six months and literally an hour a day at the passage from the cross-sections in the Gospels and pondered it was a life-changing experience my goal now is is in our day just pondering God studying the Bible but directly the cross is a tremendous experience and I discovered something if I want to understand the cross I've read books by theologians the cross of Christ and they talk about the ontological imminence of my family calls those your logs theological language no child can understand what the shepherd when Jesus was born they did write a research paper image of five baby Jesus you know what they then they bogged down in worship is what we do in the presence of Jesus no footnotes no bibliography just total surrender when I pondered the cross I discovered something it help me to listen to Jesus what he said on the cross as he died before he died and I'm when I invite you on on this journey pondering the cross by listening to what Jesus said as he's on the cross have you ever watched somebody die really I have listened to final words watched the monitor I unplugged people with nurses and then the monitor goes into a straight line in and when people say something before they die it is rather important Don McIntosh was with Herbert Douglas just before he died two weeks ago in Herbert Douglas said finish the work guys finish it what he said one of the last things he said I want to meet you for my Isaiah fifty three and then were going straight to what Jesus said on the cross I listened to this this is called substitution Jesus died for us and it is a hit me when I had to translate Isaiah fifty three form Hebrew you know what a personal pronoun is on English second language I learned why in seventh grade eighth I you he she and him them and in Texas they use them and y'all you you all differently than the rest of the country the personal pronouns in Isaiah fifty three and see if you catch in the grammar up Isaiah substitution Jesus taking place this jeopardy who is believed our report and to whom as the arm of the Lord been revealed for he shall go out before him as a tender plan it doesn't root out of dry ground he has no formal comes in as and when we see pods slow-motion when we see him there is no beauty that we should desire him he's despised and rejected by men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we hid as it were our faces from him he was despised and we did not esteem him surely he has borne our graves are you picking up a personal pronouns and carried our sorrows yet we esteemed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement for our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed but geology is also good therapy by his stripes we are healed all we like CIBA have gone astray we have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity off as all did you pick up on substitution everything we deserve got down on Jesus and what he deserved we received him possibly came constantly back and forth at least as we stand at the cross now what people say before these they die is important with him and look at what Jesus said on the crossbar before we do that I collected some quotes what people that before they died at neither yet are hard you're never flying across the Atlantic she ran out of gas can you imagine the above the ocean and the needle is on empty and you know any time you're going down she supposedly radioed as one of her last messages quote where running North and South and then the radio signal broke up van Gogh painter there is no end to sorrow you want that if your last line John Jacob Astor the four he was on the Titanic rich man he owned half of Manhattan he was in a lifeboat being lower than women and children came now he has a real man he ordered the boat guide to raise the lifeboat back up onto the sinking Titanic he got out told the women and children to get back in they found his dead body frozen in the water with two thousand five hundred dollars in his coat pocket is a lot of money now and back then you can buy an old Honda Civic with that he said his last word the ladies have to go first as a man George Eastman Eastman Kodak Company Yahweh died he always came to his office at nine o'clock and one day didn't show up they went into his office they found them on the ground with a note that said quote two words why wait there why wait so long the Raleigh what matter how they had lies so the heart be right obviously had a piece in his heart that when the the Bush arcane you don't the guy would chop off his head now the matter which way the head lies long as the heart is right Alexander Hamilton he's on your ten dollar bill supposedly he got into a shootout with another guy and he says quote the scruples of a Christian have determined me to expose my own life to any expand rather than subject myself to the guilt of taking the life of another does the text message to his wife I should rather die innocently than live guilt the remember my he says his wife you are a Christian and elect the other guy pulled the trigger first many got Jimi Hendrix if you don't know who he is God bless you your the Lord protected me from a lot of nonsense in my life I did not grow up administer the worst music I listen to in a rebellious phase was Pink Floyd the wall but even then I thought that's what Jimi Hendrix was asked so what about your funeral and Jimi Hendrix that ramp right and have a jam session try get busted at my own funeral how ignorant and arrogant Marilyn Munro was interviewed two days before her death time magazine known otherwise the suicide of an accidental overdose of mushy but she said in the interview to the time magazine interviewer she said quote it might be kind of a relief to be finished it's sort of like I don't know what kind of yarn you're running but then you're at the finish line and you sort a sigh you've made it but you never have got to start all over again well you know what Alan White's first vision was at age seventeen anybody seventeen in here is ending as a seventeen -year-old praise the Lord guide you I see by the first visit was the adamant people that vision was December eighteen forty four she was seventeen years old moving on the right track towards the holy city and around the world goofing around doing that separate the ten Commandments they know about the second coming of moving on the right track and she needs people dropping off that fat can you imagine it's five minutes before the second coming in your walking out of God five ministries you hang in there though yet Matthew twenty four thirty are what did Jesus say on the cross he said seven things I put them into a logical order between Bible and design made as I came up with the following number one to twenty three thirty four father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing is number one in his dying moments who is he appealing to the father who is he praying for his enemies and God answered that prayer yes three times in Mina David the thief on the cross we got to talk about him extensively yet before it's over where else centroid after Jesus died on a mark fifteen thirty nine to lead this man was the son of God I and then never under estimate the power off prayer and a gentleman suggests that good I'd thought that gay book of Hebrews puts it in the most holy place because in eighteen forty four Jesus took the sensor with him from the holy to the most fully but Jesus prayer get answered and whose convert Sapa six very increase that catalyzes Jesus death on the cross are converted do you pray for your enemies do you pray for people by name I'm into an Islamic conference in Germany one time I as shadow room that was not anadromous conference discussions getting together discussing Islam and I sent a rumor that missionary and he spread out about thirty pictures on the desktop of the hotel room that we share I said what these people that those are missionaries I pray for every day by Nate can you name me thirty missionaries by name are so Jesus prayer gives answer out of him but I mention a lot of details at the end we got to put this into a big picture love fact how you live or die so the first one is Jesus and his enemies father forgive them then we have no twenty three forty three he talks to the thief on the cross of the fund across with client insurrectionist the terrorists are murderer not just guide took stuff at Walmart the thief says remember me when you come into the NTG oh Kingdom and we know there is an issue with the a sound Jesus says I promise you today you will be within data I presented the state of the dead I'm a mother do that when tomorrow afternoon three ten the state of the dead and the cross represented the state of the dead two times that a Baptist seminary for two hours they woke up from the dead they came as I is so I'd not they'd cost out this burst and sad Jesus is that I promised you today you will be the main banner before I could answer the Baptist professor by using the Baptist professors at global level odor can get moved and can come after today the PhD student said but the professor I didn't have to say a think the Baptist professor said no butts about it back can say I promise you today do you have a solid case with this the comment is so important to me that I promise to my students doughnuts and they get there ride on the text everybody gets it right I bring donuts but I somehow see people in my class who always put eighteen forty four movie I'll could know or something never have to bring doughnuts somebody always gets it wrong and then they come up to me after I like to fly out on the after the death they come but in my father the promise right here number one to have a solid case yes we did dynamic as we usually use John twenty worst seventeen K Mary sees Jesus and Jesus says don't touch me don't defile with human hands a sacrifice that needs to be presented to the father I haven't gone to my father and yet and by the fathers there is paradigm they make sense there's another way to to look at this the thief says remember me in the future the logical response by Jesus is to a dying soul it is not an Oldfield in the future you cannot die and you wake up and it see the bad news of the logical response by Jesus is no one not been the remember you in the future I can promise you right now you will be with me in bed but your thinking who cares about it makes a big difference a woman without her man is nothing amen even process woman without her man mail is nothing family woman without her man is nothing amen I never get an amen from the ladies men which is a bad testimonies to you guys I so moving the changes the meaning of the verse one hundred eighty degrees that several other examples reason and evangelism what's another one each grandma got me grandma got me grandma lady goes to Paris finds him for a couple four thousand dollars she texturized met in New York cannot bicycle four thousand dollars the husband takes back quote no price too high seaweeds know Christ I he said no price that I saw makes a big difference I have another example that I use I came up with that one is copyrighted by ice cream peaches I could've just said ice cream peaches was of the triple combination of three English nouns in a row ice cream and as I could also be saying ice cream pizza I would just be just read so I ice cream and the first two words are hyphenated as they are a noun combo a in German we can really do that I kept my citizenship but I became American to get my German citizenship for the time of trouble is one country might be better than another the endless sea called me and checked on my German yet to make occasion costs money and all that but I told and don't know some official that will not them Sue Fox copied transmitted that is a long noun combine this at all okay you're okay but let me give you a couple more examples of why the is so important by the way on a side note I don't want to get into this issue right now but I've wrestled with what this with for twenty years and this is a case for you King James only people you know that the thief on the cross in King James new King James says the Lord in NIV does not say Lord and Alan White in the desire of ages makes a theological point out of the thief on the cross saying Lord which means if you use the collected manuscripts that the Germans speak up and put together the Greek Bible you no longer have the Lordship of Jesus expressed by the thief on the cross if he is Texas receptors I have one in my backyard these Texas receptors which is based for the King James you have a evocative tour yet created based on God of mercy on me the word curiosity you have it in the Greek manuscripts and Ellen White was either ignorant and just use what you have which was made in eighteen games even though she quoted from ten other very now all I by divine inspiration God that the King James new King James text family be the one that fueled the Reformation and was the Bible used for the Redmond movement but that was just a side issue there's some good discussions on that great controversy page sixty five the Waldenses also based on Texas receptors she says that the Waldenses for the first time that the word of God on unadulterated and that's Texas receptor space but anyway is an appeal to Jesus being born but let me give you something else about the there are some Greek manuscripts that showed no until the ninth century but we do have an old manuscript applies Bodmer as P75 shows no not that bad a canvas of all manuscripts shows a dark marks space I have it on my computer I didn't bring it but I think we've managed it's on my computer it shows a marked space and it with a comma could've been with the door long I promise you today we actually have big manuscripts that put the in the right place and I have it on my street I can get it and Bible verse accordance love us possibly online somewhere Greek manuscripts that show a option in the right place and who likes to link in Hamburg like today as I can flowers about manuscripts of what you doing it for the better I have to quit on the notes I still think an adverb like today with a preceding verb five I know it's the no end I got to tell you hadn't think I promise you today that's over that's an action I promise an adverb and he likes to link the two is a package not separate them and even have to go to the website you may see web .org conference seminars my name they should be posted at some point on all my full naming was torpedoed but I'm going to go fast Luke two eleven five twenty six twelve twenty eight thirty thirty two over thirty three twenty two or thirty four sixty one acts written by newbies well ninety first forty twenty verse twenty six twenty two verse three twenty four verse twenty one twenty six verse two twenty nine Burress twenty six verse twenty nine and twenty seven or thirty three you got all those all those combinations all verbs and adverbs as a package I promise you today or similar structures so we haven't is in evangelism are not making this up at the those today you will be with me about eyes we have a grammatical linguistic case for the being in that spot Jesus had not gone to the father yet they may give you some other illustrations in the Old Testament we have promised formulas I promise you today I'm going to do this and this for example Deuteronomy twenty six verse three I profess this day for advert unto the Lord thy God that I am come unto the country which the Lord swear unto your fathers our fathers for it to give us Deuteronomy four verse one I teach you today Deuteronomy eleven twenty six I set before you today Deuteronomy twenty eight verse thirteen I give you today I command you to do hey Ron chapter six verse six seven eleven twelve thirty two I testify against you today Chapter eight verse nineteen I declare to you today chapter thirty first eighteen four twenty six thirty nineteen and thirty two forty six why why why my doing this because at the cross Gbytes C Phoenix at the clause you and I receive the promise today that a human who is SNR can be in paradise with Jesus one day again that's what we discovered on the cross promised by Jesus Christ in writing .com I is in I promise you today January one you can walk out of here with the promise of Jesus Christ looking at you saying I would get you into paradise and I promise you today incidentally among Bible translations only the New World translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses have it right watchtower Society New World translation says any such event truly I tell you today you will be with me in paradise at Wilson for Rosie from Brazil he wrote an article called the significant significance of a an analysis of Luke twenty three forty three you can find that administering magazine .org entire article on this it's is not scholarship to sound intelligent nor anything is as so you and I know that the commas makes him a smart and we can die with the assurance of salvation now we got a few more things that Jesus says on the cross the third one is wealthy and third one John nineteen twenty five and twenty six mother behold your son son BLU mother the Catholic the Holiday Inn in Willcox couple days ago where we stopped at what you do with Mary isn't she the mother of Jesus on how to be this high I said Mary the mother of Jesus as a demotion of quality but not a deep wine qualification John Paul the second on May twenty nine two thousand two declare Mary we didn't fix and you know enough not to know what that means right coldly demonstrates that means you can access God through Mary like you could sue Jesus Christ now that you are saying in ancient literature is always mother and child in the New Testament usually its child and mother when he comes to Jesus and Mary like the writers are alerting us to the fact that Mary does not have a special status even though she was special they are fine on the ride home for the birth of his son but no divine qualification just devotional quality reactions God through Jesus Christ not through Mary nonetheless she did the right thing when he was born the shepherds ran and told everybody that's a good reaction the crowds were amazed that's a good relaxed reaction and many Avenue chapter two was nineteen May treasure all these things in the heart but for me good for us to do too but these outrageous page eighty three you got the centerpiece of what Jesus says on the cross is Matthew chapter twenty seven verse forty six my God my God why have you forsaken me I listen to this never went I when you're living minute never quit when you said with an answer because the father was silent out of heaven he did not respond to Jesus question but Jesus didn't quit you know what my God my God why do you forsake me as except for air they comes out on Psalms twenty two verse one and Jesus quoted in his worst moment something he had learned before the crisis you fix your sales before the storm while you're still in the harbor and Jesus and just make things up on the cross he quoted what he learned on the knees of his mother that he had inspired himself in the Old Testament yet regarded as a child from his mother my God my God why have you forsaken me twice an appeal in his worst moment and he says why do you forsake me not one not with the attitude got my to do that but I got so much sin and pain on me I cannot emotionally see the theology behind the cross as he took the sin of the world on him and and that Russia's heart Romans didn't kill Jesus Jews didn't kill Jesus United a separation from God killed that's what we learned at the cross now what's interesting is to give cats one verse Jesus is quoting Psalm twenty two which works I told you this technology download verses of Psalm twenty two and later in the psalmist says I will declare to a future generation what God is done that means update don't create it's only Friday Sunday's coming US on Sabbath him so Jesus put at the center on the cross is a double appeal to the father why do you forsake me memory got three more John nineteen twenty eight I thirst and it's ironic it is water in the Gospel of John and almost everything the chapter in John one day of fishing in John Joey turns water to wine in Johnson he got Nicodemus you must be born by water at the stock baptism and the spirit in John forty meets the woman at the well in John five be that the pool of Bethesda in John six docs about bread takes wanted to make bread in John seven he says springs of living water will bubble forth from the pain in John eight is writing in the dais in John nine he restoring the tear ducts of a blind person I met that surgery myself and Jesus just said for the man and slowly he sees and that's what we get the song amazing Grace for modest line but nice CNN comes up punchline at the end the Pharisees say are you black out we plan to see the same people live in the blinds he and John ten Jesus is the good Shepherd we think that's sweet they want to stone him for it because they realize he's claiming the position of Psalm twenty three what is the good shepherd to he leads me beside the still waters on twenty three John eleven Lazarus water knowledge on twelve thirteen foot wash thing at the bathwater every chapter almost on the cross Steve that's the water of life guys and he logically designates as I first is I think spiritually symbolic the ease giving us the water he asked then we got to go twenty three forty six father into your hands I commit my spirit what gave Adam live the breath of God same word in Hebrew and Greek new Bob block spirit breath Jesus voluntarily surrenders and then he says it is finished just like in creation now what did Jesus say on the cross either in all seven father forgive them for what they're doing number two thief on the cross number three his mother is a fair common denominator to those three as first priority on the cross was other people the way Jesus and in the way he died others first the father in the center and himself last I thirst father and you and I commit my spirit and then it is finished so again others first gone in the center and himself laugh the way he then is the way he died I mention it in a couple of the seminars but we got some new people in here so I will recap one other element here and that is the creation factor on the cross he speaks any deals with people the father and himself he's called the second Adam in Romans chapter five fourteen he's naked like Adam was in the light of the world Adam and Eve had a rope of light around them any guys on what day Friday on what day was creation completed on a Friday mammal re-created and where will we put when we were created not in the this is our line Randy Jesus wrestled with himself and the father to go to the cross called the margin of examining metadata many sin and a tree and about what was Jesus nailed to undulate at three one Adam receive as a result of the cars Genesis three eighteen Adam received songs in our labor what did Jesus let them put on his head a crown of thorns and easy soaking up the currency saying the meal cards uploaded on my head intelligent decision on taking your course then Jesus takes care of his mother and appropriate male female relationship passed on now to John had he dies in the Garden of Eden it occurs Adam blamed God for giving any of female male relationship is broken and by the way gentlemen we have an ordination debate because Adam needs to appropriate the sensitivity we claim the position he surrender to Satan in the Garden of nothing to do with abuse has nothing to do with mass soda chauvinism or testosterone and is recapturing from the garden of Eden the position God gave Adam those free of charge appropriate male-female relationships restored at the cross that Jesus mentions to work paradise to the thief on the cross even though he asked for the kingdom of God Jesus replaces the term of paradise which is eaten which is a creation firm there was darkness in creation originally there was darkness at the cross Jesus forsaken by God we lost the same God as the Garden of Eden Genesis three incidentally is Adam that is passed from the garden not evil he's responsible as the male leader the crowd says Jesus come on down you do not have to die does that sound familiar you do not have to die as it is finished and creation there is in this finish on the cross Jesus breathed this is the last every verse of Genesis two or seven and then we have Sabbath of rest after creation we have Sabbath rest after the cross and then we have a resurrection and a new creation and Jesus comes forth we start so what we have on the cross is an entirely play of the Carson creation soaking up the cars and restoring the Eden possibility back to humanity Jesus on the cross is an un- creation event so that we can be re-created and enjoy the new earth again because ultimately were not going to heaven were going to the new earth three forty nine there is a practical element in the cross as well and Jesus death the disciples say like it's impossible to be safe you're the sermon last night from the GUI see president impossible means what that's when Jesus starts showing up they sought Lazarus four days it's always impossible that's why you don't want to quit Dave three and a half in your life journey maybe established though therefore and then Jesus that's something Christ's object lesson page one sixty all our good works are dependent on a power outside of ourselves and first Corinthians fifteen fifty seven fifty eight because of time I won't go there Paul claims that the resurrection of Jesus Christ in class a power in our lives that we can live a resurrection light before the second coming them up and get into LDG and not LG BT LTTE in all restaurants of all that but he is that theology of the New Testament is that the resurrection of Jesus Arty affects and catalyzes our sanctification process while still all round on the graph them he closed with a verse out of Revelation I must quit on time for the respect of other speakers revelation twelve verse eleven the last generation on earth and one dates when I hit you know one day it will be the last generation might as well be now Revelation chapter twelve verse eleven that had very few IC two thousand fourteen fifteen at the cross check this out and they overcame now the word overcame is where we get the word Nike from Nike is second person singular imperative present a barrier when overcome that's when Nike gets its company name provinces they probably got it from the goddess of hunting and victory but Nike means when overcome a be successful they nineteenth they overcame they want in the end by the blood although there me ask you where would you find the blood of the Lamb in the century I'm right here at the altar or at the at the cross so how do you hold him him by the blood of the land that they can only mean one thing that makes you a guy I still knows to the frost if it happened right now the blood would be dripping on us that's how close we want to be to the cross is outrageous page eighty three would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour HD in the contemplation of the life of Christ that the imagination grasp each scene is especially the closing lines that happened at the cross may finish ascendancy of Revelation twelve eleven they overcame they were successful spiritually all the way till the end in the end by by the blood of the land they were so close that the frosts encrypt on them and by the word of that testimony and they did not love their lives to death he this concludes a few find Jesus at the cross eventually you be so close that what happened to Jesus can happen to you at the cross we learn as Christ so the Christian father thank you for the cross I'm afraid we have not even scratched the surface and whip fee occupied with electronics superficial relationships busyness about good things at the expense of the best I want to pray that you we define an rewrite the agenda of our calendars for year two thousand fifteen how we use our time what we think about what we say when to be silent and that we can truly ponder the cross not just for meditation for devotional life but so that the word of our testimony might be pleasing and acceptable in your sight and I also pray that we can live for you and a vast bayou will from you that we could also die for you others first God in our center and ourselves last as modeled by your son Jesus Christ himself Lord have mercy on us at the cross is what we pray in Jesus name amen to this message was included UST twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists seeks to inspire young and vital faith so when you download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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