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5. The Cross and Death

Ingo Sorke


Ingo Sorke

Professor of Religion at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, United States.



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC good morning UIC 's second day of the year two thousand fifteen an hour seminar is intersections Adventist doctrines at the cross we've looked at all the twenty eight fundamental beliefs and the cross that creation at the sanctuary and what Jesus said on the cross today why my favorite doctrine surprisingly the state on the dad and the reason as I was converted on the state of the dead show ended take a look at our Bible text and part of my personal story but before we start that's pause and pray father is a a new day and we have seminars after seminars and speakers and brochures and low tracks this morning just this randomly but intention out one of pray that you will impress on us what it takes what we need to do individually and as a church to finish the work we cannot have GUI see every year General conference church service prayer meeting potluck and just go on forever I pray for your Holy Spirit to impress on us what what will it take what we need to do what do we need to do that go off what needs to change now for this seminar I pray that we will discover the creator of life in the state of the dead in Jesus name amen the question I ask for the entire seminar series is if you have to choose between Jesus and Doctor N which one would you choose that path it may help out and they go together you cannot artificially separate them and I'm going to demonstrate that with a Bible text first Thessalonians chapter four verse thirteen through eighteen five six versus first Thessalonians four thirteen through eighteen of a special verse to me as you will discover what's interesting and an Thessalonians and Lee's single chapter in Thessalonians ends on guess what the second coming and it is one of the Paul's earlier in adverse and right from the start and as writing ministry he makes sure we end up on the second coming I have to let you go nine fifty four outreach training a bad habit of going over time so for the sake of time and just got a mentioned the versus they should be posted onto UIC web .org conference seminars my name is not just use my full name in gold sortie .com and I will post them as soon as I get back to Texas but you will find the second coming in chapter one verse ten to nineteen three thirteen four thirteen through eighteen the entire block then amend chapter five one two eleven every single chapter the second coming something else is interesting no EF twenty eight fundamental beliefs really shaft twenty seven at what point we had thirty weeks at twenty five day they change they they started really with Uriah Smith people are asking what to administer the and we didn't want a creepy guys creeds locked churches into false theology and then you're stuck in Soviet ministers resisted such a list but then people kept asking and Uriah Smith produced a and first list when Paul writes to the Thessalonians I don't think they knew everything about the twenty eighth when a mental disease is a final but they know a lot in Thessalonians Paul says several times you Artie know this you are to know that you know this you know that that's in chapter one verse for verse eight to verse one two five ten three verse four chapter four is two five nine so several times Paul says Yagi no then he gets to chapter four verse thirteen I may read you that verse but I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope cam and a major said in a seminar yesterday that he will have the most Allen my quotes among the challenge him on that but today no alibi quote within it do so last of tour discos of this Bible text in my personal experience with it but I do not want to be a good concerning those who've fallen asleep you know more green than you think you do the work force sleep in Greek is where we get the word coma from felons always been in a coma for two much anything sleeping and that a few points are the English language as an and say the word cemetery wrong you would text the word coal miner Kim Terry Colemont J Latin Terry on this cemetery is in English the place where people sleep and Genesis two verse seven Adam became a living being by my God breathing into Adams nostrils the breath of life and then the Hebrews says that Adam the aim a living soul and he did not receive a living cell I tell you he is a living solo so at the point of death there is no solar to escape like the Greeks are thinking is when you exhale your last breath I've seen people do that in the hospital monitor goes flat we pronouncement then you are dead Melissa do this you might want to write this down when your dad your dead now you laughing I didn't know that when I grew up I thought when your dad is not that I my I didn't grow up avenues my parents are not administered I have a sneaky evangelist into a I sometimes preach in Germany before I do I write a manuscript and I send it to my parents to spellcheck and prove read encoding the state of the day I wrote an article for amazing discoveries in German on the state of the Dan and I made my parents proofread my German reading about the state of the deck now I discovered that the state of the dead is harder to grasp for people than the Sabbath so that reading everything I got on the state of the data thief on the cross Paul to to do guys gain and all the text and I'm explaining it in this country of Germany as I can I visit my parents in Germany we go to the cemetery were sitting at my grandma 's grave I did a funeral in nineteen ninety five and there's my mom saying om eyes looking down from heaven they read everything you know and I know about the state of that and still they Sing choose up hair as a round though she's just in the grave and maybe at the second coming my dad said whereas not that easy heart heart Doctor now we go to verse fourteen easy he's introducing the state of the dead wide verse thirteen not as a scholar or PhD he's going to explain the state of the dead why for pastoral counseling reasons so that people do not leave like the rest of the world I remember growing up in Germany when somebody died people put on a dark black suit or black lows and they suffered and grieved unknown for weeks and months on end the less you sorrow as others who have no hope so the state of the dead is not a doctrine for shirts less on a website the state on the dad is meant to be ministry among the people so you cannot separate Jesus from Doctor as long as you have Jesus your day doctrine will come later no unique doctrine in order to make it suit my are now comes verse fourteen I got a teacher little more grego agreed to a minimum because you can understand the Bible in English with the Holy Spirit I know Greek and Hebrew necessary but it does help sometimes to cover things a little verse fourteen for if we believe noticed the heaven NIV is nowhere I'll explain the minister since we believe that Jesus died and rose again we got to follow this real close real close to the Bible even so God will bring with him from heaven hallowed talk those who sleep in Jesus I got expanded fifty you English is somewhat impoverished language even though you have five hundred thousand words humongous vocabulary and a grandma that makes no sense how do you live you say I go you go he goes and then the past tense he went how do you get when undergo another languages are worse than their conservative for example nine English we say hi I love my puppy I love cookies and I love God save our wow in English we say if Greek has four ways to say it and you can say if it rains today but it will not what good wet but we won't a condition that is not met is another option if it rains today and it will be it's going to rain today and it will be will get wet a condition that the weather man says his will be met at three o'clock by the way sunshine today for outreach fifty one degrees is it another way to say if is midrange today we don't know if it will not we might get wet but we don't know if we will not did you bring an umbrella 50-50 chance if no no weatherman to know that practicing it's a good music so we got it yet if know if maybe and then is the fourth one is and I hope it rains today that I don't have to mow my yard procrastination or if it rains today I hope it won't because I want to go play outside says the little boy so that's it which called an optative and I should know which if you think Paul is using in verse fourteen is make the end Greek grammar the way the if is structured and how the bird follows its is only one possible option all the options are clearly identified in Greek is this this this or that which which if you think he's using easy using if and yes we do believe the condition is met Paul was saying if we believe any lobbying his head saying y'all do believe Ryan nodding his head in the congregation said yes we believe Salyer comes the assumption that if we name that Jesus died to you believe and feel free to talk to me yes we know he he makes sense and I undergo suitable parallel structure again verse fourteen that tells us something about the state of the dead if we believe that Jesus died and rose again the most fundamental believe of all Jesus death on the cross DiMasi and across and the resurrection than ever we talked about it for thirty minutes yesterday I watch what he says next even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus and happy to say has right God will bring them format now take a look at Jesus seriously what happened to Jesus at the point of death he died they took him down they put him in the grave that does spatial dynamic is down from the cross down into the grave what happened Sunday morning he rose up from the grave what does Paul say this to us if we believe that the same thing to me give you a formula works on almost every doctrine master bore mention that yesterday the Gethsemane experience that Jesus went through we will face one day when I goes for two thousand fifteen no New Year's resolutions is material weight loss one year on voting that too much stuff reduce one of these days it will be reduced by force might as well volunteer noun reduce it but at Halle saying we can reduce the twentieth fundamental beliefs really to this formula him us Christ so the Christian if Christ ran into the grave not to heaven and then it required a resurrection for him to live again guess what will happen to us human beings who believe same thing no trip to heaven no soda escaping if it happened to Jesus and we believe that it will happen to us that means how did God bring Jesus back tonight or Lazarus and bring them down back from heaven he brought them out of the graves that you heard from evangelist we don't see this in saying Lazarus come down letters for now as does Masters come out on the great thought and tight structure yet verse fourteen if it happened to Jesus like this he says even so that in the same way God will bring with them from the grave those who sleep in Jesus every governor fifteen for this we say to you by our opinion and Alan Michael stay of the dead rest on the word of the Boulevard for this we say to you by the word off the Lord that we you are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep and Paul says by the word of the Lord there are several options here that I've come up with what he might mean that might be a veiled reference to Matthew twenty four thirty or John six thirty nine that the art the idea of sleep and resurrection another possibility is they called an rough on you heard of graffiti I repeat well they are things Jesus said that were not written down there John Cosco John mentions that the lots of things Jesus that never got written down that's a possibility that Paul heard something from the disciples that Jesus said but we don't have it in Scripture another possibility is a special revelation Jesus talked call directly sometimes Galatians one and two second grid is twelve mentions that that that God instructed Paul on this directory or apologists understood from Joe and Janet says that God is not a God of the dead but the living so there has to be a resurrection those are the options but he bases his opinion not an opinion but on the word of the more that we who are alive and remain that behind until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep if you read that verse carefully not even between the lies what is Paul saying if we don't receive the dad that means that dad have not preceded us that logical and we don't get a ad of them that means they can't be analyzed that dust in the grade now watch verse sixteen for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first where are the dead they must be in the grade because they are rising and not descending I am preaching to the choir know all this but I'm I'm going summer this we have three words here I sound voice of the Archangel and the trumpet of God scholars have found in ancient Greek literature those three words and they wonder what is Paul's context here one one set in West racing you will find this combination is a south the jockey on the horse will get the horse and will try to cross the finish line first and then visit from Latin and in a sound and no archangel so that's out scholars have also found that you find this combination and navigational not to go language out undersea down on the sea for two weeks no human beings running out of food the guy way up eyes looking out he sees Ryan and there's that sound in a trumpet call and there's no there's landing site waving about them sounds good to see all those scholarly PhD background you find those in the combat but you can prove that from the Bible it's pure speculation and they may read your text to see what you think about that one and I die growing up in Germany with the Berlin wall I I can identify with this one Joshua fought the battle of Jericho I don't think they are bothered by Joshua chapter six verse twenty this into the language and I don't establish this as a fundamental belief but it could possibly be the background that Paul had in mind Joshua six verse twenty so the people shouted we got us out when the priest through the trumpets we got a trumpet and a half people heard the sound of the trumpet and the people shouted with a great shout that the wall fell down flat and the wall came tumbling down then the people went up into the city every man straight before him and made the city if Paul is thinking Joshua chapter six verse twenty as the background for the second coming of Jesus do you know what they sound in this trumpet called in Thessalonians is telling us styling us humans at all of our great controversy has ended welcome home now and eight eight the city welcome home I don't know possibility and the dead in Christ will rise first then we have Psalms forty seven verse five is just a little scenic route detour got a brand-new Camry want to take some pictures with stopping saws forty seven verse five is an notice who it applies to Psalms forty seven verse five has gone up with a shout the lord with the sound of a trumpet just free of charge who does this apply to thought that father who is coming back in Thessalonians with a shout and the sound of a trumpet Jesus Christ not in a get into Trinitarian arguments he had bought it looks like what God the father claims for himself in the Old Testament Jesus has the right to claim for himself in the New Testament that is why it's okay for the shepherds to bow before baby Jesus and worship verse seventeen then we were five not that the confidence of me on a limit and Paul didn't get it wrong and that Jesus didn't come back so we we have to live every generation and regeneration useful Christ needs to deliver the assumption that we are the final last generation we we got it like that and read why live we will not taste death Jesus will come back in time a man and one generation it will hit might as well be out then we were alive and remain shall be conduct together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and dots dots we shall always be with the Lord but maybe that's slowly again and pots here and there then we do our alive and remain shall be caught up that is the word for rapture there is a rapture coming but it's not secret and it happens at the second coming the secret fracture is a fool of theology that says if you miss that you have a second chance laid until make a decision right now procrastination on your eternal destiny that write about but the term caught up this is is a violin aggressive firm you get caught up a sidebar saying I miss you the me get you as fast as I can we have examples of other texts using that term acts eight thirty nine when the love is moved to the unit any baptizes the unit in acts eight and then he gets enraptured somewhere else is not saying I need you here now I need to get we have it in second Corinthians twelve to work Paul claims he was ruptured in vision and we also in Revelation same term in grade twelve verse five where Jesus is snatched away from the devil and taken to heaven and child Jesus Revelation twelve verse five Plutarch Greek scholar he wrote when Minnesota died young he was rapture door snatched away from opportunity for education marriage citizenship and so on so it's very strong term God saying I want you with me now here comes a ICANN 's college a sense of humor that would be too cheap but God is playing and I can't call it a trick either I don't know what to say in English year of your cats what I am going with this when we meet Jesus for the first time again we been separated as humanity for six thousand years and then finally got the family reunion where does this take place according to first Thessalonians four seventy in the air AR is a Greek term you know how you pronounce it in big IR English it's drained out of me air areas that are not checked this out that's Colin God has a sense of humor but I don't want to sound cheap Ephesians Chapter two verse two others it's a fascinating what God is doing he thinks things through Ephesians Chapter two verse two Murray verse one as well and and you he made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins of people wonder what happens when you die Paul says I got news for you your dad already while your cell alive based I saw an de- sanctification so you were dead in trespasses and sins barstool in which you once walked you can limit two oh life but that's not my point according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power off what the air we weekend five and nonviable pretext they confirm that the ancients thought who is in charge of the air Satan right and that I read an article lady had a charismatic church she was going like this during the worship service even in a charismatic church the deacons games and are you okay she said I'm shooting demons in the care if these two are still reasons are severe Satan where is our family reunion graph is six thousand years of sin we finally get to be together with Jesus again in the very territory that Satan thought he wasn't start so I thought saying add a second second coming time Satan says I know the time spent is his watch this right where Satan things he's in charge we meet Jesus and then comes the dots I may read it twice and dots and dots in order for us to be with Jesus Christ we have to have a a second coming of Jesus and be a resurrection that means when you die you don't get to be with Jesus not until Jesus comes back this confirmed in John fourteen verse one two and three you probably have that one memorized mother New Year's resolution amen memorized more Scripture doing while you're young it's hard when you're eight years away from a discount at the IHOP much harder than John chapter fourteen verse one is not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many mansions if it were not set would've told you if I go to I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am there you may be also for us to be with Jesus does not require that a requires the second coming now how does Paul and the state of the dead I mean this is doctrine this is heavy theology he's explaining to the Thessalonians what happens when you die now watch what he does with it more safety and we need to bridge the gap from the twenty eight foot number of the least what he does now right now in contemporary Avenue theology and preaching I hear too much we got Jesus and then we all sent doctrine I need to introduce you to the third step I now established and for five seminars that Jesus Stockton go together but there's one more thing therefore worth eighteen and whenever the bodice and therefore we ask ourselves what is it therefore therefore that they are for now bridges the gap fund doctrine class Jesus to pastoral ministry and personal outreach therefore comfort one another with these words Paul is saying training is also good discipleship the theology is also good therapy I'm going to demonstrate that for my own personal life yeah but before that I want to beat you a papyrus this is a papyrus called Osterman does the prize from Egypt's second century A.D. it's a text message from one lady who lost a relative to another lady come flooding her for losing a relative is well so two ladies lost some money in their lives and one sends a Hallmark card to another and we have to hallmark card a this is what it says Mister Jeffrey Eileen Tuten offers and final two guys good comfort I'm as sorry and weep over the departed one as I went for didymus which might denies the North son I'm sorry your suffering loss and updating and all things whatsoever rubber fitting I've done burning candles sacrificing to the gods who knows and all mine at my for dieters at them with CNN's Liliana Polonius and plugged us but nevertheless again such things one can do nothing and watch the Ordovician therefore comfort one another the exact same phrase in Greek she says against death we can't do anything therefore comfort one another Paul says same Greek we have Jesus coming back he will pick you up you will rapture you from the grave you will meet him in the air where Satan is in charge therefore comfort one another all pastoral and personal ministry can be based on out twenty eighth for them will release that says they this posted on agonist .org whatever disbelief documents on-demand to build relationships and forts will we have said we need relationships not doctrine we separate the two they may read your first Thessalonians four thirteen through eighteen one more time and show you how Jesus is woven into doctrine eight times in five versus and an act with an account of Jesus a in the doctrine of the state of the day we need Jesus now this visit I don't want you to be a gun present concerning those who fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope for if we believe that Jesus want back and rose again even so God will bring with him with Jesus those who sleep in Jesus at three or fifteen this we say to you by the word of the Lord is for then we you are alive and remain unto the coming of the more five will by no means precede those who are asleep escape for the Lord six when you send from him and the sound was of the archangel with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ seven rise first then we are alive and remain we caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord eight in the ANS we shall always be with allies nine and so I apologize but that's then we can put God and that you may doctrine you get Jesus with Jesus you get doctrine amid both together you get a ministry that can reach people while this suffering from the pain of death I was driving down the road one time listening to the radio some preacher came on and it wasn't just some creature was Tony Evans urban alternative powerful preacher in Dallas Texas and crazy but sermon on the state of the dead I could agree with almost everything you set the disarmament rally preached than the music started coming in those that do the close of the program and his question was for twenty minutes why do you not have to be afraid of death because of Jesus and Scripture are and that's not good sermon why do you not have to be afraid of death why do you not have to be afraid of death the music comes in and he asked one more time why do we not have to be afraid of death and then almost had a car accident he said because there is no death that instead you'd die with Jesus there is no death you and I know who's that bad in the garden of Eden I have not grew up Adventist came to United States in exchange student had never heard of Seventh-day Adventist in everything that moves at a face in the mom and I'm living my life I first thought I'm in the Jewish community that I got sent to Keene Texas by a secular non-Christian organization team Texas estate with anadromous family first I thought they would use no porn and the saddest thing but then I'm sitting in charge of the talking Jesus and I think that that that that is not right either the Jews don't do Jesus that much I wrote a friend that I would never become Seventh-day Adventist family I stayed without a son like you who play the organ at the Methodist church I was jogging along old Mansfield Road in Keene and are to motorcycle behind me I waved he waved Diana Jock back home shower phone call Joshua Police Department mindless one Toronto broken but I could tell something bad had happened the pans weren't home I got the neighbor finally discovered he had his helmet on and a station wagon chart and fun of him hit the corner of the station wagon airlifted to Harris Methodist Hospital intracranial pressure went up cut out the helmet blood loss vitamin K he died twenty four hours later and I'm in a foreign country and his room was next to mine and now he's the host lived in that room as far as I was concerned at Avenue 's creepy PICU grew up in Germany I remember a birthday party at across the cemetery I brought home to party favors instead of one my mom for a select made little in go go back and dig one party favor back it was dark now and I've crossed the cemetery I got the party favor back my mother now I had to cross the cemetery back home in stock and I two choices do I run as fast as I can maybe they won't catch me dead because they could reach out of the graves inscribed or delight to be to be to toe and they don't notice me I opted for hybrid combo then we start out slow and easy nobody noticed and then make a dash for the date which the wind had blown shut at the scale the wall that that's that's what I thought about the day we we always lived next to a cemetery went to Catholic kindergarten I went to bluesman confirmation school and never got instructed and vital that are never in the appeal to Jesus or so that's what I not about the dad I have made the PNO and his funeral in is what I played Schubert impromptu G flat major has to quiet and magnetic level in classical music after the funeral people say Dale that was his name is twenty five years old student at Southwestern snatched out of life they they always said he would have enjoyed that after all wow my English grammar he would have enjoyed that would have that's a condition that's not met he didn't enjoy another guy came he said he no angle conveying the candidacy of that must've been hard for you buddy you would have enjoyed that I had enough of that would have business in the news language I said he did that is FAA that it went down off of it either way you are my play the man said were ready you think that it I said well he was dead he went up it was bad even to the update hottest Texas he said though he took the Bible my mind church open but resistant I'm a secular neopagan postmodern teenager eating everything that moved out of reasonable he opened it to first Thessalonians chapter four thirteen two eighty and he made me read it he said where you think notice how easy bother studies are he didn't have to explain the high state of the Dan twenty bobble versus no he opened the Bible for me I read it and ask what you think as you think about it I got a Bible at a yard sale I read it cover to cover after he came home from Cleburne high school out in a public high school secular exchange organization I spent an hour two hours I didn't understand half of it but I read night to notes on pork and Sabbath and sanctuary on my own two weeks before I went back to Germany the thought struck my mind how to get baptized never responded to an appeal never had anybody a real Bible study with me never meant to some of them never went a week of prayer I did go to camp meeting seven a.m. John Cartwright he was talking about beasts and stuff and prophecy as best crew and Oakville what a orthogonal but I got up at seven a.m. I was at camp meetings I made a decision I'm getting baptized so I went got on my five dollar yard sale bicycle road to begin George knocked on the door was a Wednesday evening and got out the door I said I need to get baptized but I said well we can study and in six months to get you get baptized I said I'm going back to Germany two weeks he said do you have time I said yes he said down with me Phil Payne youth brass again shirt and showed me the great controversy theme on a piece of paper for two hours somebody to talk to time with me I also noticed that when the Dale died the family didn't follow part of it is tragic a but there was food fellowship and an support that I'd never seen before in my life where he studied with me that I even become a member of the administrators I said no I just want to get baptized is that okay he did another thirty minutes and explained charts rather than church membership I said I'm ready I got baptized May thirty first nineteen eighty six went back to Germany my parents thought I'd join a cult with a run around chickens may be in no in the woods I is a hard time Sabbath was a hard time you pretty major for college in Germany on Saturday I had to deal with that I all cut it short tremendous life experiences smuggling Bibles into Russia during the Cold War and all that dwelt I want to be a doctor I took the MCAT mentor Lutheran seminary and idea why did that about that was a hard experience as well that was studying theology in a secular university without a great controversy mindset I was lost and I realized if I want to be an Adventist pastor I need to go to an Adventist school Summit along the list when we went back to Southwestern in Keene became a pastor then I got a call to teach snow is not on my radar then I had to get a PhD and an anchor could not route my family live on a thousand dollars a month to live the kids so I think the Baptist seminary I know about Atman is going to Manhattan to school and I know all about that but they believe in the Bible the conservatives in Fort Worth and I took a seminar on Paul Paul's letters can you guess where this is going and there were Bible texts available for research papers now these research papers college students often sixty pages single spaced with three hundred footnotes in a Denver-based bibliography and what you doing a PhD seminar you write a paper you cannot submitted late that they cannot be done yet damaging a week Rick week ahead of time many you give a copy to anybody in your seminar they have a week to read it and you have to read it study and analyze it then the next week you discussed it I got guess which text first Thessalonians chapter four verse thirteen to eighteen so I wrote my research paper got fifty pages on the state of the dead according to Paul at a Baptist seminary and they woke up from the dead I walked in the day I was presenting you present for an hour and then two minutes and and then you discuss it for now and a grill you I mean they will find and be holding you theory every false logic you cannot use outline and I snuck a little elevated to my dissertation and they didn't find I could tell you a lot about Baptist seminary in the book of Revelation eleven the professor said while the students Lori talking the professor said he had his gun be interesting I thought the circle I presented first Thessalonians four thirteen through eighteen for now and then he came grilling time and a grilled me on the thief on the cross Philippians one for me to dice game I draw the deep heart and be with Christ Sigmund is finding all these texts they can put you in I will if you don't study your Bible if you study them and look at them closely calm cool and collected no problem the Bible solves itself a maybe another seminar we can do those facts backing up at a close age is crystal clear rally we do that for an entire hour things are winding down at an nestling balls in my court night toss them back you know the issue everything that the soul is under the altar revelation six not everything but they got they saw it at me what's interesting is they never settled on my response I answer a Bible text and they go to another I get to meet and never say all okay in that case then we believe that you believe now they just went to another politics now the Bible takes them about while finally it's over and the students are frustrated I'm responding to every text and they turned to the professor and they say to the professor so heaven forbid you driving home tonight Carson you got killed what will happen to you and not asking me basking the Baptist professor PhD in New Testament I won't save me I will never forget the response map this professor says well something will happen now is the end of the seminar I did a follow-up mother two hours on first it is fifteen and all the critical texts on the state of the dead then took another seminar and the Bible text I got was Hebrews chapter for this Sabbath in Hebrews wrote a sixty page research paper on the Sabbath in Hebrews that the argument is anti- yet he uses Psalm 's the biggest draw me when he gets to Sabbath Paul in Hebrews goes to Genesis and there's no way around it that this is the seventh day Sabbath rest we don't rest from our sins and reread all rest in Jesus therefore no wrong have to keep the Sabbath and all avenues passes through left the church already before no when you have salvation you rest like God did on the seventh day in paradise as a believer the professor looked up and that I represent all that professor looked up and said any questions the students had no questions and they moved on to the next student I got home that night ten p.m. my phone rings one of the Baptist PhD students and he says you know I don't think I can believe what you believe but I don't know what I believe and I had to find out then he went to a Samuel box GOP seminar in Fort Worth on the state of the dead and the Sabbath and a set in our I think you guys have a case that but I could never be Seventh-day Adventist because I do my shopping onset through this and pray with you and it's time for outreach it's not the death of doctrine in the killing Doctor Knight known in short you paying attention and feel the pulse were reducing our entire remnant package to just Jesus without any face in a heartbeat it's not the death of doctrine if the doctrine on gas that promises life don't give up on Jesus I don't give up on doctrine that's prayed together father discuss footnotes and Reagan if clauses in conditional sentences but I want to pray right now for someone personally who is experienced death in the family and is grieving and had read something out of the heart the bleeding I pray that the hope of the resurrection the second coming can grant them comfort also want to pray about all of death we could walk out during outreach and not come back car accident heart attack aneurysm kudos cancer diagnosis next week I want to pray that the participants of the seminar sitting right here are listening on audio version that our death and eternal life rests in Jesus I also pray that doctrinal that we can communicate that not as a cold hard list of intellectual proposition of truth but as a ministry and as a help in between church members and nonchurch members I pray we can comfort one another with these words once again now bless the outreach that somebody be in the kingdom because of DY C Phoenix we pray in Jesus name amen own your own business it was reported in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona Jean Wesley supporting the teeth of the Senate that this is a seat spying on the vital question so when Christians download other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with the


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