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5. The Cross Connects Heaven and Earth (Hebrews 9-10)

Clinton Wahlen


Clinton Wahlen

Associate Director of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC in my thank you for coming this is the fifth of six seminars on Hebrews and I believe of the six is the most one so let's back from her father in heaven thank you so much for the message of the book of Hebrews for Jesus our high priest interceding for us praise our heavenly driver near during this time thank you for manner that stretches from earth to heaven she's established in our prayers reach in two cents the words and thoughts picks up on your site we pray Jesus maybe I will just briefly review first floor because we had a long profitable day yesterday that very briefly he was chapters one two speaks of the fact that bridges is not fully God and fully human he could not have saved us why his death on the cross only one who's really fully God which are plainly early finance some of them really accepting and fully man which some now address how hard time really accepting only really by those two very impossible truths that are put together and Mister Godwin says Paul describes it could say that's really costs nothing short of nothing it's a seminar number two we look at the experiences were wise the software and entry into the promised land because they did not keep the Sabbath anywhere was meant to be kept actually it didn't reach their hearts their hearts were hardened through unbelief and I believe the same is true today we're told that Jesus could come here this content is not customer and is not authentically on his part I believe the same problem exists today where following same path as a father believe the hardest part and message the salad proclaiming more fully includes receiving fully hearts and being really resting in the work to Stanislaus has done across does for us tech today not only in heaven but here in our hearts and lives it affects us in the third seminar dealt with the crossing leadership and when the most important things about that is on we do not select ourselves God is the one whose lectures even Jesus himself is the apostle sent by the father he did not appoint himself recuse himself and it's God 's choice and we may not always agree with his choices but this was the choices that are not clear qualifications for leadership even for the high priesthood of Jesus are listed there on and one most important courses and can sympathize with our weaknesses which is why he became human was tempted in all points like the city could be a faithful high priest for us to and we talked about many other things that even if the fourth felt with Jesus 's according to order Melchizedek priesthood and how it's different from the Levitical priesthood chapter seven and him because he lives forever this power of an endless life is so much better than earthly priests that were limited week and had to pass on their priestly duties to the next generation Jesus lives for our help us always so this seminar dealing with the cross that connects heaven and earth is a very is a topic that I think we is still another one that we can understand it one most important ones it was just one year and two months after I turn from atheism to faith in Jesus and was baptized and sometimes church my second year as thinking college sitting in Irwin Hall chapel for online and sometimes preached and they are was electric with excitement we all anticipated presentation that has before it was going to make on eighteen forty four as the weather was a theological milestone or historical necessity the address was widely reported by the news media and its ripples were felt worldwide one sentence in particular I remember very well this day he said in eighteen forty four the Lord through the attention of the people to the torn veil Calvary and he made a number of assertions in that speech which we do not have time to discuss in detail would not be helpful being a Christian at the time I resolved that if I had been deceived I want its knowledge and so began my journey of reinvestigation my study focused on the book of Hebrews because it seemed to me this was workforce strongest arguments were found whenever we examine a particular view is important for us to focus on the weightiest arguments and the strongest evidence rather than picking away at the edges it doesn't take much effort to assail someone's weak points is important remember in every Congress putting present one woman's ordination doesn't take much effort to sale week points without the strong points how do we answer the house if the strongest reasons given are shown to be false than something valuable and important has been learned and I'm convinced that the evidence for the disposition is overwhelming my purpose here is not to refute various points which doesn't work try to establish many studies over the past thirty plus years have done that some of which can be found on our website research Institute the address is advanced biblical research .org I encourage you to look materials that there rather I would like to get at what seems to be the heart of the matter the reference to the sanctuary in Hebrews nine eight this verse is in some respects the crux the whole chapter because it's too often been studied in isolation from the larger message of Hebrews which portrays the Christian life 's journey from earth to heaven the pathway for which has already been placed by Jesus himself this pathway mentioned already in previous chapters becomes the focus of hubris nine as at this point of the book that the picture gets more complicated after discussion of the two apartments near the sanctuary and their associated furniture in Hebrews nine one five the writer describes the Ministry of each apartment culminating with the comment in verse nine of the sanctuary rituals are symbolic solicitors look quickly at the first five verses indeed even the first covenant had ordinances of divine service and the earthly sanctuary for tabernacle was prepared first in which was the lampstand the table showbread which is called sanctuary behind the second veil are the tabernacle which is called the holiest of all which had the golden sensor in your covenant overlaid on all sides with gold in which were the golden pot him hands run but Intel is coming about it when the chairman glory overshadowing the mercy seat of these things we cannot now speak in detail and I agree with there are some things we could talk about related to part one and two right now we hope they will have time for questions if you're interested you can ask about it so how the symbolism is understood depends on the interpretation the preceding verse that is verse eight and that has been understood in various ways the whole notice the two different ways in which translated first by the NIV which understands the pathway as a horizontal one I'll explain that later and any being which understands pathways first horizontal pathway the Holy Spirit was joined by this that the way into the most holy Place had not yet been disclosed as long as the first tabernacle was still standing so here you've got a set of comparisons between the holy place and most fluently so it's horizontally going in and the holy place obstructs entrants and most holy place that's the view for the vertical pathway in the NAB translates this way by this the Holy Spirit signifies that so long as the earlier tent sanctuary still stands when of sanctuary Cuyahoga is heavenly sanctuary remains unrevealed so therefore it's that whole earthly sanctuary and its existence and continuance that includes skiers entrance into the sanctuaries of vertical pathway to the difference will will talk more about it in the first spatial metaphors given a temporal meaning on the second temporal metaphor is given special me I understand all means in the first call on their holy place blocks away and mostly place on the second Cong the earthly century blocks away heavenly sanctuary so which option we choose makes a huge difference as to how we understand Jesus ministry and handling centuries at the bottom on the left side if you take the idea that it's really contrasting color place mostly places means at his ascension Jesus began a ministry forgiveness and judgment symbolized by the most holy place right from the beginning right at his ascension thirty one and if you understand this as a vertical pathway it means that at his ascension Jesus began his ministry forgiveness symbolized by both the holy place and the most holy place and doesn't make distinction at this point between them although there were aspects of course that continued on the day of atonement even nervous sanctuary that were part of daily continual service such as the morning evening burnt offering so according to suit you heirs are being symbolized the first few personal pathway the holy place stands metaphorically for all of the old covenant ceremonies while the most holy place stands for the new covenant ministry of Christ symbolized by the dim atonement how the day of atonement could be implicated with the rest of the old covenant ceremonies as meaningless and yet still somehow epitomize Christ heavenly ministry is never explained the New England Bible interprets verse eight that's the right side to mean that when the heavenly sanctuary with his heavenly ministry is not possible while the earthly sanctuary with its earthly ministry still has validity so the question is what ministry did Jesus inaugurated at his and ascension a most holy place ministry this horizontal pathway or a holy place ministry vertical path deciding which is correct depends on interpretation of several Greek words high gas gaining ProTech hog enemies holy places canine tabernacle and protect first so hockey and skating that is sanctuary holy places and tabernacle can mean either a single apartment or the sanctuary as a whole how these two words are understood really is on the translation Greek word protest what does it mean by first it can be understood either in spatial terms that is the outer apartment or an temporal terms that is the earlier sanctuary in the Greek Septuagint and other Jewish than sure both hockey and skating consistently refer to the sanctuary as a whole as a whole does not distinction between the two so that except on the daily tongue sixteen financial way to understand verse eight is as a reference to the earthly sanctuary in contrast to the heavenly sanctuary rather than as a contrast between apartments and as we say the context it was not becomes even clear that larger context of the earlier chapters especially the main point of Hebrews nine is at the ministry of Christ in heaven is superior not only to the daily service in the first apartment but superior to the yearly service of the Deb Tallman also because it's a contrast of two presets we see already of Arthur from our last seminar of the chapter seven the milk is a priesthood of Jesus is superior to the priesthood of Levitical service political priests and so contrasting the whole Jesus heavenly ministry is make sense as well as contrast the whole old covenant as Chapter eight God 's with new covenant so that prepares the way chapter nine in contrast of two sanctuaries the earthly sanctuary which at the time he was was written seems to the Temple still be in operation and heavenly sanctuary where Jesus has come to minister for us so therefore it would make sense to understand Hebrews nine it is contrasting the ministries of women priests with heavenly ministry of Jesus Nock is a priest of the new cotton the message of the verse that is this as long as the Temple continued to dominate the life of Israel the significance of Jesus death on the cross and his entrance into the greater and more effective tabernacle is obscured we don't see you know if you can put yourself back in the time of Israel and the focal point of the Temple was for all of life in Israel especially Jerusalem is very difficult to imagine Jesus in heavenly sanctuary so far way much easier to see something people we can see touch and follow with our eyes and by faith but Hebrews calls us to follow Jesus by faith in the heavenly sanctuary and that is why Hebrews nine nine describes the metaphor has been for the present time that is before the destruction of the temple in A.D. seventy when earthly sacrifices and priestly mediation were rivaling the better sacrifice and more excellent history of Christ to other verses very important in this connection are Hebrews six nineteen twenty and Hebrews ten nineteen twenty in the first Jesus is called our forerunner this hope we have as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast which enters the presence behind the veil where the forerunner has entered for us even Jesus having become high Priest forever ready to order Melchizedek in Christians are urged to follow the pathway that Christ has newly opened through the mail he was ten nineteen twenty therefore rather having boldness to enter the holiest by the blood of Jesus by new and living way which he consecrated for us through the veil that is his flesh not despite the prejudicial translation here you know how the holiest of the new King James and Andrew 's presence behind the veil suggests some most holy place Hebrews is really dealing with Jesus enters entrance into heaven sanctuary and of course God 's presence filled the whole sanctuary earthly temple so the point made by these verses is clear no longer is there a barrier between her and help through his death on the cross and the inauguration of heavenly ministry Christ has made a pathway for us in the family sanctuary and into the presence of God so that we may approach the throne of grace wherever that's wrong might be home get into the details of the heavenly geography and culture simply to mention the guys not limited by place and we see that Anil test with Ezekiel on his throne movie through showing Ezekiel envision various places even death of Daniel seven where the judgment seems pictured his throne has wheels that seems to be moved and other thrones are put in place so guys not some static God sitting forever on strapped to throne in one place in heaven shouldn't picture Godlike there are many great ideas I think sometimes we have got sorted distant untouchable unimaginable yes there are some unimaginable things about God but there are things that is revealed for us and we shouldn't those so according to Hebrews ten twenty fifths through Christ's flesh through his death on the cross the point bail assets described that we are enabled to enter and because Jesus has taken humanity and because he is taken into the holy places in heaven that is humanity exists right here at the throne of God I even on the front we are following their that some thought that we should dwell to get link is with this idea more than any other that Hebrews shows how unlike the day of atonement the work of Jesus really is only the high priest that is the atonement in your century only the high priest in the earthly sanctuary and earthly temple could enter the sanctuary the most holy Place sanctuary David no one else was permitted but in the pathway was prepared as closed signs warning also of getting too close but Jesus has made the pathway open to all who are willing to follow him there so this David on ministry that he has begun since eighteen forty four three different from the tone Street community sanctuary and even the daily street course because the only those who could who were qualified to enter offer sacrifice could even approach into the holy place outside the outer court and not into the holy place and all were as his ascension Jesus was already opened the way sanctuaries will for us into the presence of God so where does this past weekend while it may seem obvious this point is helpful fantasize that according to the Hebrews the goal of our journey is upward it's an forward it's not backward at the cross Jesus made the all sufficient perfect sacrifice yes at the cross he made purification for sins he set aside sin by the sacrifice of himself this is essential for us the cross is the great turning point at the consummation of the ages but it is not the end the journey to the contrary is where the journey begins if we begin at the end and end at the beginning where we gone nowhere it's not a journey but Hebrews describes a very real journey a journey upward the family sanctuary by faith now and forward to the heavenly city in a little while Hebrews eleven thirty seven little while he will come when Terry in terms of the pathway having the right destination is crucial I was reminded of this when I was in Germany at a conference a few years ago I flew to Stuttgart proceeded to the train station ordered a ticket for my destination I told Asian German that I wanted to buy a ticket to Rotenberg a positive moments in the little perplexed a little confused finally gave me the ticket and took my money I boarded the train settled in for a comfortable journey to my destination but unfortunately it was not until the train began moving that I actually looked at and when I did I realized that there had been a dreadful mistake printed clearly on the ticket was my destination wrote Rosenberg not brought justice to difference of one hundred the ticket agents I have is a foreigner and seems decided I wanted to visit the city well known to tourists thanks to German efficiency the conductor with his little handheld device always able to find the most efficient way to reroute me and printout ticket could mean the difference in fare and help me know exactly where to get off to make the appropriate transfer knowing where our pathway in is really important if we hope to get there the cross is the indispensable beginning but it is still and forever only the beginning Hebrews urges us to see the Jesus who endured the cross not to the Jesus on the cross because he is no longer there sometimes as Christians were like the women who went to Jesus tomb they were looking for the right person but they were looking the wrong place the angel said he is not here go told disciples he's going ahead of you to Galilee there you will see just told you Mark sixteen six sup for the first disciples to the cross and the empty Channel more but the beginning of the journey angels directed their attention forward and upward in a similar way Hebrews directs our attention beyond the earth to heaven beyond Jerusalem's heavenly city and heavenly country but Hebrews nine tells us even more we learned from the first century perspective Jesus work in heavenly sanctuary is not yet about judgment Paul may not pinpoint the exact time when the judgment begins but it does describe its timing in a relative way Hebrews nine moves from the sacrifice to forgiveness through the application of blood in verse twenty two and then to the claims him assuring verse twenty three with the better sacrifice of Christ versus one twenty six the judgment verse twenty seven son coming verse twenty eight so we see a relative order in other words the judgment of human beings did not take place at the cross the judgment will happen in relation to the second coming of Christ as the fall festivals of the Jewish calendar indicate as we look at it also in summer number four so it's significant that Hebrews nine twenty eight calls Christ returned his second coming silly placement has been actually it's called his second coming the order is important first coming should not be confused with the second coming the judgment should not be confused with the cross even Jesus himself of course in John twelve said I'm just no one one is one of judges the word I've spoken same will judge him on the last day on the last day referring of course this time judgment the New Testament does talk about a judgment at the cross but it was the judgment of this world in the sense of judgment on sin and judgment on the Prince 's world because the devil is the author of sin and a judgment prince of this world is his means that we now have the meeting back away from the devil when Jesus has one that battle and restored Earth to its rightful place within God 's kingdom the cross forever planted a different kingdom here than the one Satan has tried to set up yes there is a rivalry now between kingdoms but the kingdom of God is here on earth established the first advent is not concerned of human beings the first ad was a judgment on the devil and on sin that he originated that is why according to Hebrews nine twenty seven twenty eight the second advent is not about sin but about judgment final salvation and the heavenly reward for those who eagerly wait for him sin has already been judged and condemned forever so let's move the conclusion of little help sometimes questions first of all Jesus as our forerunner has blazed a path way for us from earth to heaven so that we can already follow him through the veil into the very presence of God a very large part of the reason why he can be our high priest is his kinship to us he is the representative human being before the father because he shares our flesh and blood through his bodily presence there are prayers of faith can follow him right into the heavenly sanctuary we also received forgiveness which is what the pouring blood beneath the altar and the application of the blood in the sanctuary ritual symbolize faith is the essential Helen without faith it is impossible to please him for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him as we've seen in seminar number two was a failure of faith that kept Israel from entering God 's rest and as Hebrews eleven makes abundantly clear it is only through faith that anyone will ultimately receive what God has promised Jesus has opened the way it is left with us whether or not we will through faith follow the path where he is opened up for us three are entering heaven him prepares us for translation so that we can go with him to heaven at his second coming since the cross is just the beginning of the race could it be that we have not yet reached the finish line because were still looking backward toward Jesus was instead looking upward to where Jesus is as we saw earlier seminar number four the day of atonement points forward to a period of judgment beginning in eighteen forty four when Jesus closed the door to the holy place and opened the door to the most holy Place sanctuary revelation three seven eight refers to that he who opens and no one shuts and shuts and no one opens before holding left for you and open door and no one can shut that open door is the open door and most toy placed sanctuary since eighteen forty four Revelation eleven nineteen also refers to this time it pictures the most holy place being opened in heaven revealing the arc of the coven in other words it predicts that during this end time day of atonement the law of God and the continuing validity of the Sabbath will be emphasized we are living at the most crucial time in Earth 's history from early writings page forty two forty three pounds this neglected statement since Jesus has opened the door into the most holy place which contains the arc the Commandments have been shining out to God 's people and they are being tested on the Sabbath question the enemies of the present truth have been trying to open the door of the holy place that Jesus has shot and closed the door of the most holy place which he opened in eighteen forty four Satan is now using every device in the ceiling him to give the light of God 's people from the present through and cause them to waive it and then today it's more more pertinent today than any previous time including when it was written most importantly only once we recognize that Jesus through the cross has reconnected here is what happened and is soon diminishes David's home ministry will we be motivated to answer this final work by faith receive the latter rain the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and proclaimed himself more fully on White saw the result she said early writings pages ninety three ninety five this enraged the churches and nominal Adventists and at this time God 's chosen all saw clearly that we had the truth and they came out and endured the persecution with us referring to force the great call out of Balboa out of her my people many will join come to stand with us and receive the seal of God I believe the fulfillment of this prophecy has already begun already some professed or nominal address whether they realize it or not have imbibed the fault flawed gospel of Protestant churches that rejected the century message infected was that flawed gospel that led them to reject the century message it was that slot gospel that led the professor of PC that I referred to the beginning to reject the sanctuary message and is that flawed gospel that continues to lead people to reject sanctuary message the result of course is the same they're trying to shut the door the most place real the door in the holy place but I'm thankful but that's not possible so we have a God who has never taken by surprise and who is not left his church in the hands of men who saw previously the Jesus 's ministry for us and no one is able to shut that door until he shuts himself and probation closes message of Hebrews is most of all a message of salvation and for us at that birds of eternity it is the most important message because the message of final salvation of final hope for us who live in the anti- typical day of atonement it is a message of proclaiming Sabbath more fully of entering into that experience that we referred to in seminar number two of really resting in the South it is an message of the judgment which is good news because it means that this world of sin and suffering is almost over I don't want to live here any a day longer than necessary and I'm sure you agree with it is also a message of final salvation because once that door is shut and no one can open at once probation is closed the proclamation will go forth he who is righteous let him be righteous he was only there can be holy still not because of some miracle in an instant but because of a miracle of a lifetime of God 's work in our hearts about all the book of Hebrews is a message of Jesus on this Sabbath of this judgment of this final salvation by looking at him following the pathway he has opened as the pioneer and perfecter of our faith the one who has traveled every step of the way that we are asked to follow he doesn't ask us to go or he has not already led the way he doesn't push us and say you go I had a lead from behind no he goes ahead of us he's paved pathway for us he's proved that it's not impossible in fact that is eminently possible but only through his grace we will not do but he will not let us alone leave us alone to go it alone without him even in the time trouble even after the relationship even after Spears withdrawn from the world it's never withdrawn from his people were with him forever by looking to Jesus following the pathway he is opened as the pioneer in perfecter of our faith the promise remains sure that we and those we went for a Wilson received that something better prepared for us by God knows how Hebrews ten closes therefore do not cast away your confidence which holds great reward for your need of endurance so that having done the will of God you may obtain the problems for yet a very little while becoming one shot and will not tarry but my righteous one will live by faith and if he shrinks back my soul has no pleasure in him but we are not of those who shrink back to destruction but of those who have faith to the session of personal name all athletics will recover the laws of sentence a him a SS so the comment has to do with getting questions on doctrine and in the nineteen fifties when we reported by evangelicals and try to explain our faith in the terms not in our terms on biblical terms but in terms of this technology and it actually change archaeology to a significant extent it was not really recognized by very many for my son notably ML Andreasen as I think unfairly maligned a good book that was published some years ago without fear favor about his life but we are now I think experiencing many of those consequences in the statement my own wife is definitely more relevant now than when she wrote it or any previous time to thank you for your common question since new King James version it's used throughout the presentations of the question this yes you are right he was just about sixty five A.D. sometime shortly before his martyrdom I CSN here he prepares his people at the time they need it right so he was was written as I think a last warning a last appeal not only to Christians who were thinking about giving up their faith as this suggests to not cast away across but to those who had not yet accepted Jesus and all ever and showing his better ministry and there's no need to hold onto old covenant ministry that is passing away and soon to be destroyed the trolling just a few years questioning and that's how my statement in early writings at that after we are now Holy Spirit is given itself a more fully well yeah that's a good question as far as the exact list look at the the exec statement again on it is an early writings ninety three to ninety five now it's the earlier one in forty two yes since Jesus opened the door and mostly place which contains the arc so that sense of course eighteen forty four the Commandments have been trying people never be tested on the Sabbath question balance sheet where is spices like this before okay yes but I don't have an actual statement thirty one five to look at the context some more but I believe it's in early writings so I don't have them good question but it is eyed it is connected it seems to be with him when Holy Spirit context and proclaimed himself more fully but how do we proclaim the self muffling it is through understanding the sound awfully through experiencing the salad more fully to enter into the rest were fully that Jesus has paragraphs and so unless it is through this understanding experience ourselves of this out hopefully we will not proclaim the South before that point Israel didn't do it wondering the wilderness that they really didn't find the rest and have the faith and confidence they had lead in doubt and that is our I think our reason here for our not entering into the Reston claims have more fully estimate and so hopefully that that this love you look at so when the verses we didn't look at in detail first five versus we just read them the the various articles of furniture and I think that the problem is for some that they don't understand the statement with regard to the altar of incense and if you look at Hebrews nine verse four well first three after the second veil the tabernacle which is called the voiceless because the translation of the word tabernacle is skiing I and I could refer as I said either to the whole sanctuary or to a single apartment so this is your question here it's it's referring to United it says it's called hog you so it's actually referring to the whole sanctuary in way because it includes the Golden sensor which we know was in first part and it doesn't say it was located within the second apartment of sanctuary and says that it says which had for which to which belong to be a better translation group to which belong to the Golden sensor and the Ark encounter to see that all the reason the sensor was there for the veil into the most holy place is that the presence of God extended over into the holy place it wasn't just billing most holy place sometimes with effective as I said the presence of God filled both part and therefore the incense was needed already in the holy place even and the reason it was neat is because the presence of God mostly place was really filling a whole sanctuary and so needed to bail God 's presence throughout the year not only on the day of atonement not only when the high priest went first into the most fully place and then point place to cleanse the holy place and then out of court consultants on this reverse order as during the continual service of the year and so the really the altar of incense and the Golden sensor deals with whole sanctuary and that's what high gear applies to to the whole sanctuary that when he wants to refer to the to the second apartment uses the term hug you and your and that's that's the word that's used here and told time that suits in the whole chapter elsewhere for example in verse one refers just to the sanctuary is hogging and then in verse two uses high gear and only in verse three referring to the most workplace hockey IQ but as I said because of the previous verses it also encompasses the whole sanctuary is termed presence of God place the question this question here he was nine degrees nine verse seven well it depends because you see in verse six it says when things were thus ordained a priest went always into the first tabernacle a composting service of God and the second when the high priest alone once every year yes so clearly it refers the first as I said scanner here in this case refers to the first apartment on the second part yes that's right the first verse six would be the yearly of the daily service right and then verse eight when ghost of signifying the wind the holiest again hear the word is hot here not Honda hi John as in verse three so in other words I went to say even though it's translated that way how young the King James version per se it is transferred same way as in verse three holiest of all the words and great cannot say conversely it's hard to hunt the only means holy of holies which will translate Honda hi John holy of holies hogging is holy of hot young means of so it's a holiest place on the most holy place we would say but in here in verse eight it simply can't you which is actually the word that was used in verse two for the first part so the question is does it refer to the whole sanctuary orders referred to the first apartment or the second part in my my conclusion is that refers the whole sanctuary because in verses one through five peacetime but the whole sanctuary yes he talked but individual apartments but the whole sanctuary its geography its furniture in verses six and seven is talking about the ministry yes of each individual apartment but to gather the whole sanctuary ministry of their earthly service saw in verse eight is referring again to the whole ministry to the whole sanctuary in contrast and heavenly ministry of Jesus this is nowhere sometimes translations make it easier and sometimes they make it harder unfortunately in this case many of the translations including the NIV as I mentioned here on the seminar was it doesn't make it easy to understand it makes it hard twice good to compare translations is good study Great Britain on a great compare translations and choose the more word for word translations normally new King James version the English standard version new American Standard Bible these four for word translations when you compare them to be able to see clearly yes that's a good question so do any other translations besides the new English Bible look at as a vertical understanding and I would need to look at that question I I haven't actually research every single version on this topic but as was mentioned many churches do not understand our sanctuary message evangelical theology really is contrary to our century message and really hostile to our century message this is why that we were approached in the nineteen fifties really because our message was in way hostile to them and their message is hostile flux because after all if we believe were the remnant Bible prophecy and those outside who are rejecting a problem it's difficult to find a lot of common ground there and we should expect to find necessarily we need to be recognized sometimes the translations will be biased in this way and I would say increasingly there are biased even if you compare the NIV translation for example nineteen eighty four with the new international version translation two thousand eleven will find some significant changes including changes with regard to gender neutral wording more gender-neutral wording and if you look in first in chapter three you'll see some interesting differences between two conditions of the new international version so these translations are as they become more free more as to the big euphemistic term is used in dynamic as they become more dynamically possible for translators to ride with the text the same rather than the word for word translations which leave them more to the reader to decide standard text for themselves it's really a move away from the traditional Protestant extent what thank you for your questions it's already five minutes overtime has prepared loving father thank you for the time that we've had this morning is gone by very quickly bless us as we continue to seek you to understand you can follow your path to give the Jesus has made for us and your presence go with us throughout this day and this would go out and minister in and reach out today bless our efforts bless those we come in contact with and may has we come into your seventh time this evening enter that rest really fully design is small and will dismiss it was included in Key West twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of the Seventh-day Adventists and success by young woman him us only as a downloadable patches and other resources and visit us online at www. 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