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3. The Purpose of the Church

Skip Dodson


Born in Pennsylvania, USA, Skip Dodson was converted to Christ and became a Seventh-day Adventist whilst completing a masters degress in aerospace engineering. Feeling the call of God on his life, Skip accepted the invitation to go into Bible work, and later into pastoral ministry in is local conference, completing a Master of Divinity degree along the way. He has served as Administrative Director of AMEN from 2008-2012, and currently is a faculty at Weimar College (California, USA). 



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC offense weekend we will start two oh one seven one minute past time I do it start now get get things rolling I'm sure we'll have a few more coming in as so as the thing progresses of how is your urge UIC time been an even blessed good that's encouraging as I was standing up there with all the rest of the seminar presenters and so on I picked out about five probably that I really want to go to sell the great thing is you can listen to them on audio person outfit all of you will avail yourselves of all that resource what a blessing that ministry is to too many people so let's just take a moment to pray and now I invite you to kneel with here able ministers stand so that I can have amplification not so much for your sake but for the sake of the people on that are listening in later dear father we are so grateful for the privilege that we have of studying your word together during this convocation I pray that your spirit would guide and direct us Lord you know I have no wisdom to impart of myself Lord the people who were listening to this weather there here in the hauler somewhere else listened to the recording father they have no wisdom either none of us has anything except what we gain from you so I ask you to send your Holy Spirit here in a powerful way father I invite you to dwell in me Lord I humbled my heart before you are take this time and use it to the benefit and edification of your people we ask this in Jesus name and for his sake amen right so am I have my Bible program right appear on the screen this is not the keynote presentation but in order to have continuity from this morning we need to understand where we are on the roadmap of Colossians were still in the first chapter of and that will be expanding the content as we get into that last three sessions will do chapter two by itself and then most of the chapel chapter three in Logan chapter four in the final session in chapter four ninety seven afternoon but to begin let's pick up the thread where we left it last time in Colossians chapter one hour we talked about Paul revealing the all-purpose of why Jesus came to this world and he does so very clearly in the book of Colossians by the way I will pick it up in verse twenty he says and having made peace through the blood of his cross by him to reconcile all things unto himself by him I say whether they be things in earth or things in heaven so we talk about that of recall a little bit how their new vendor the great controversy demonstrates for us that the plan of redemption was not solely for the sake benefit of humanity but for unfallen worlds are all over this universe and angels who still had questions and doubts in their minds now after Lucifer 's rebellion had come to fruition in heaven there is this element of reconciling things not only on earth but also in heaven I is a very important point and now so it bears repeating but then also of all continues he says and you that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works he has yet happened yet now hath he in the body of his last reconciled you through death to present you holy and on blamable in every provable in his site so the purpose of the plan of redemption was to reconcile things on earth reconcile things in heaven but there is a personal application and that's only finished off with this past hour was the fact that us personally we personally need a make a response to what Jesus did and of course the basis of that response is accepting what he did by faith and verse twenty three he says if you continue in the faith grounded and settled and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you have heard and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven whereof I Paul am made a minister so we finished right there this morning so Paul speaking there the now of his own ministry and so we'll go from there from verse twenty three into our presentation which begins with the twenty four now let me do this one thing before we do that yes they will get everything of E! Online Iraq so verse twenty four starting out again Paul here speaking of himself speaking of his own ministry now because he he spoke about the earth and he spoken about heaven and the effect that the cross of Christ this had on earth and in heaven and now he speaks again after he addresses us personally by saying and you now he is going to speak about his own ministry and the effect the cross of Christ is that on him so verse twenty four he says who now rejoice in my sufferings for you whose ball talking about who is he talking around when I ask questions I expect you to get himself right is talking about his own experience he says and now rejoice in my sufferings for you and Philip that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body 's sake which is the church okay so notice that ministry is rooted in sacrifice and it's not a sacrifice of compulsion nobody was forcing all to do anything but in fact he says I rejoice in my sufferings for you what is it that can make someone rejoice in sufferings now let me ask you this how many of you have suffered anything recently and anybody has as anyone been sick recently yes you have brother did you rejoice in the now I'd I can imagine that he did if you've been sick recently you probably more rejoicing and being infirm some of us at aches and pains are injuries that bother us are other things typically those are not occasions of rejoicing however false speaks here of his sufferings for the sake of Christ's ministry as being something that he could rejoice in what makes the difference here you know you if you search the New Testament there is one thing that you will not find very much job in fact I would be challenged to come up with a single example of it if you were to ask me and it's something that you see all over the Old Testament in the books of Exodus and Numbers and so on something God 's people did in the Old Testament that they don't do in the New Testament yeah that too so my brother said Joe Lance but there is that there is a response that they had in the Old Testament when they were brought out of Egypt they had all these blessings they had that sanctuary tabernacle going around with them God was in their midst that God was doing great things for those people he had done great things for them already by delivering them and so often every time you turn around in the book of Exodus and Numbers and so on what do you find the people doing it said again rather yeah that deity drink and rose up to play yes that's true they did that what else did they do though a lot of is it often happened in the tense yes they were often found murmuring I would invite you to consider something look at the New Testament and show me where God 's people in the New Testament I challenge you to find where they murmur where they complained where they fuss where they say all we can only go back to Egypt and have the leaks in the onions in the flesh pots that was the big thing back then in the Exodus in that it in the New Testament job find that kind of murmuring and complaining begin whining it has no whining I can't think of anybody in the assessment of wine why because they had understood the Howard is possible to rejoice in sacrifice and suffering notice that this sacrifice through the sufferings are sufferings in the flesh you see that in the NL latter part of verse he says I rejoice in my sufferings for you and Philip that which is behind all the afflictions of Christ where in my flesh of what Paul mean by that does he simply mean that he had no infirmities that he was complaining about or that he was not complaining about but enumerating here all have the physical infirmity yes he did is that what he means here now I don't think so what did Paul mean by this idea of filling up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ in his flesh you suffering in the flesh the same thing as catching a cold or flu artist Paul mean something different here because they need too much for lunch did at the great thing about the food you know your you would never gain weight on this unfunded the food here is great I mean I love you noted there I think they purposely must have structured the menu so that we would have clearer minds after meals right that's good amen to that something to rejoice in bulimia this is not a job any craving for the flesh pots of Egypt have a read write a thank you James Arai so what does Paul mean by suffering in the flesh let me suggest to you that he is referring to resisting temptation and that involves suffering denying self okay big for instance let me address the ladies in the group okay ladies have you if you are tempted when you go to the grocery store I does pride doesn't happened very many of you but if you're tempted to buy one of those chocolate bars in the checkout line I'm sure that never happens maybe ladies is purely hypothetical right but if you're tempted to buy one of those chocolate bars and use by the grace of God say you know number one it's between meals number two is really not the healthiest thing I could choose out number three sugars in a spike my insulin out of out of this world and I really don't want to do that to myself so therefore by the grace of God you say no I'm not going to do that not to buy that chocolate bar let me ask you one question is your flash happy about that decision does your flesh suffer when you saying no to it you guys must have different flash than I have nobody's responding there if when you when you say no to the flash when you deny self of something you really would by nature like a half the flesh suffers a Jesus suffer in the flesh yet he dared every day he denied himself he said no so what his nature would naturally want all the time every time he said no and Paul also had the same experience where he was willing to deny himself for the sake of Jesus and his message so call him Paul's ministry was a ministry that was rude and sacrifice no this actually is the currency of the gospel if you want to know how to impact people how to influence people for good show them sacrifice show them self-denial show them that you're willing to put yourself on the line for their sakes and you will get their attention immediately that this is why medical missionary work which my dear brother Don McIntosh and Doctor Lee Lewis are talking about even now as we speak I would encourage you all to listen to those presentations but the medical event dualism is the way to open doors of the hearts of people for the gospel why is that because it's us putting ourselves on the line to minister to their needs big wanting nothing in return giving because there's a need not because we want them to do something for us so Paul's ministry was rooted in that kind of thing lately people see people who are willing to sacrifice and willing to us deny self it will influence them to turn to the gospel that's what this entire church must become and will become a church of people who are willing to suffer whatever is lacking in the sufferings of Christ in the flesh I have a couple of the actually quotations on this Ellen Whitehead many difficult experiences in her life there were challenges that she faced you I don't know if we realize all the time I think some of us think that it must've been really glamorous to be the messenger of the Lord how many of you have that understanding there must've been really glamorous to be alone why anyone know she had a difficult time they talked about her they talked about her husband James it hurt them meeting it was it was challenging at times so she of all people understood what Paul meant here at and I think her husband James understood into but she says here in this quotation from the review and Herald March sixteen eighteen eighty six she says I then understood why our heavenly father permits temptations trials and afflictions to come to his loved ones we might ask that question me why on earth got a guy like Paul was putting everything out there why is he allowed to have sufferings intermittent afflictions you I've asked that question myself to him you know doing what I'm doing such a gala some people think it must be must be just absolutely glamorous to work in an institution like Weimar Institute and it's a great place to work I I work with all kinds of great people I will grade students there are challenges there though just like there are in every single ministry every single institution there are challenges it out it's hard to know what to do sometimes in the USA why does God allow those kind of things she says these are designed to give his children a deeper sense of his presence and providential care if there is anyone who needs to understand what it means to have a deep sense of God 's presence and providential care it's those that are on the front lines and so we shouldn't be surprised that people on the front lines of ministry experience sufferings and afflictions and need to make sacrifices James you've all people want to know this to being on the front lines of it in other ways right suffering is a part of knowing Christ absolutely totally agree so they are his providences there also need here is a second reason why God allows suffering they are also his providences visitations of mercy if you catch that suffering and affliction can be a visitation of God 's mercy to bring back those who stray from his side the peace that passes understanding is not for those you try to assure trials and self-denial we cannot fully appreciate peace and joy in Christ and the gift of eternal life unless we are called to make some sacrifice to obtain these great blessing friends if you are thinking that the ideal Christian life is just a God in the wilderness somewhere and have your nice little cabin and maybe give a Bible study here and there but you never experience any perplexity never experienced any trial never experienced any hard times I think you've got the wrong idea because gods of God allows suffering and affliction in order to help us in our fallen nature to appreciate the blessings that he's prepared for us and give us a deeper sense of his providential care and if necessary to bring us back if we stray away from his side too far I maybe would like to say thank you Jesus by faith for trials and afflictions you know I I want to say that even though during the time a honest bigot what does anybody I don't care to have trials and afflictions of my life I would love to just cruise right on through somehow I just don't think that can happen it hasn't proven true yet anyway here's one more yes things of located question is from my dear friend my dear brother in who we use it it's very deceived by the way him him should we should we pursue suffering and sacrifice that should we go directly toward Jesus actually said something about this he says when they persecute you in one city flee to another now it's one thing to Jesus went into the wilderness of temptation policy how did he decide to go there was the process was that he was led there by the Holy Spirit when Jesus was ready to go to the cross what he asked the father tree times in the Garden of Gethsemane if this if it's possible could we dispense with myths please and the father of course said why no that's not going to work son weekend so shall we go headlong into the sacrifice and suffering I said I would say this every path in the Christian life will ultimately lead to some manner of sacrifice and it will involve suffering in the flash we don't need to go out of our way to find right so God will lead us in the way that will be best for us and if we do start if we start to try to make the decisions about plot plowing headlong into it we may find ourselves in the situation God has called us to be which would be unfortunate the hope that answers your question at least in part continuing in nice find the testimonies page fifty nine she writes love for lost souls brought Christ to Calvary 's cross how did Jesus come to be at the cross very simple he thought it worth while to save you and me that what took him to the cross but there is a reciprocal aspect of that and here is she says love for souls will lead us to self-denial and sacrifice what is that but a repetition of the principal Blue Cross the cross was the ultimate self-denial and sacrifice for Jesus if we love souls like he loved souls then we will be willing to also for the same reasons experience self-denial and sacrifice for the saving of that which is lost as Christ followers get back to the Lord his own they are accumulating treasure which will be theirs when they hear the words well done thou good and faithful servant enter thou into the joy of thy Lord who for the joy that was set before him and you are the cross despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God Matthew twenty five verse twenty one Hebrews twelve to the joy of seeing souls eternally saved will be the reward of all who follow in the steps of the Redeemer so what propel Jesus to the cross is the very same principle to propel Paul the sacrifice and endure affliction for the cause of God it was to save lost people is that what drives you best the question now noticed that Paul's ministry was a ministry that was managed by God the purpose of the church involves sex sacrifice and suffering to move forward and it's a purpose that is managed by divine agencies Paul says in verse twenty five where all I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the word of God so he's hinted at that already in the beginning of the letter I many of you were here this morning for the very first session your member care you were here yes brother you are here so remember Paul talked about his apostleship he said in a very greeting he said Paul an apostle according to the will of God right by the will of God so here again he mentions that he is a minister according to the dispensation of God now I want you to notice something here in the first part of this verse is this in the desert first these are how many of your students of English grammar error basic English yeah okay yes of course you would about your brother so is this in the active voice are the passive voice whereof I am made a minister is that active voice or passive voice wherefore I am made a minister who is receiving the action there was performing the action Goss performing the action fall is receiving the action so therefore this is in the passive voice is in it I think that's important to understand there are some implications here ministers had better be called by God not by church policy ministers our ministry is not a calling that you choose because you think well let's see I can make a reasonable living at that actually it's know it's a sacrificial living but you know some people think I mean I can have a living wage and I won't have to do anything too hard with my hands and you know it's a way to sort of gain influence with people so I think I'll choose the ministry as a career in the ASCII something can you think of anything more on biblical and that view of ministry what was it for Paul was ministry something Paul chose did he decide one day and he was going to set out to be a Christian apostle how did it happen but not happen he was on the Damascus road and in the opposite direction of where God wanted him to go right he was not anywhere close to this this was not something he chose and God knocked them down off the source in God in his mercy revealed himself to the apostle and he said I'm calling you to be my chosen server to take the gospel to the Gentiles friends I want to be our remember anything out of there any if there's anyone here upon whom the Lord is laying this burden of ministry but one thing you must understand ministry is not a decision you make I mean yes you you can say yes or no to the call button ministry is something to which you must be called Paul was may a minister he did not decide one day based on some career profile that he did online that he was going to be in Mister it doesn't work like that always made a minister in accordance with the dispensation of God this word refers to this word dispensation refers to the management of a household in this context it refers to a ministerial commission this use of this term fits well actually with Paul's discussion of the office of an elder in first Timothy three since one of the major prerequisites for holding that office is to manage one's household witches not related to this word well ministers and then if they are made ministers by God and this making of the minister is in accordance with the management or dispensation or our out of God then they are called by God to serve his people in accordance with his purpose not any purpose that the minister himself would have of Paul says which is given to me for who everyone know I again I i.e. a long way to start walking up and down these isles I mean a audio verse people would be very disappointed if I did that but for the sake of those of you who are here I'm willing to risk their displeasure but that's what I do in my classes it all walked up and down the all in all all talk to people all sit down next to somebody in Alaska my question is far away or I so when I asked the question please do respond okay and no one will hear you up here these might you think you are seeing on a story about being embarrassed if you say something but I'll according to this ministry is for the people not for the minister himself and the purpose of that is to fulfill the word of God to act and exhort others to act in accordance with God 's great purpose which is the restoration of his own image in a lost race ministry then is not as we mentioned an occupation that you decide you want to pursue ministry is not a climb up the corporate ladder Paul had no inclination to rise to some superstar level in fact why was Paul an apostle why was he a leader in nearly church think about the people that were made leaders and yearly church why were they made leaders okay Paul as a leader because he Artie had influenced plus of .net is a good answer that's not exactly the answer I was looking for but it is that is relevant yes why else why are some of the other people in the New Testament in leadership they were chosen by the Holy Spirit for that how do they give evidence that they were called Reverend Barnabas Barnabas is a fascinating story and there were people trying to imitate what Barnabas did with wrong motives and they die in the Barnabas sacrifice financially he put resources out there so that the gospel could go forward people recognize that the Holy Spirit was working in his life and he became a leader in nearly church people who are willing to sacrifice who are willing to do stuff are putting leadership that's how it's supposed to work is not well we wonder why need to do to become a conference president well let's see I need to just be political not upsetting anybody know that's not the past friends is a path that some try to take but that's not the path that God has ordained so ministry according to Paul it's not a climb up the corporate ladder it's not something you do to build your self-esteem it out some people might think that this is really glamorous what I'm doing up I get to stand up in front of everybody and everybody listens to you you know this is a lot of humiliation artwork because everything you say speaks to your own heart as you say it and before you say it you have to wrestle with it all and the burden of souls is not a light burden to carry on your heart it's not a role in which you are your own boss some people like that about ministry unfortunately they say well you know I don't like too much accountability and it seems like ministers so have a lot of accountability you know that this president is and they are watching you every day you know you you don't punch in and punch out some people think that's pretty attractive I like that not a reason to be involved in ministry in fact you know clearly here whose fall accountable to the conference president but God ministers are accountable to God for the way they use their time Derek will God by the way the user and their influence they're accountable to God by what they say by how they act everything so if you want of role with no accountability or limited accountability ministry is not that role but Paul was willing to take on all those things why because he had a love for souls it burdened him that there were people out there they did not know he is Jesus does it burn you if God is laying that burden on your heart as a young man he may be calling you to ministry be open to that call but understand the nature of that call away move on as time is getting away verse twenty six twenty seven and twenty eight here's what Paul's ministry was all about he says go back and just catch the end of verse twenty five this is where of I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the word of God or is that what is seeming to fulfill the word of God here's what he means even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations but is now made manifest of the saints so what is this mystery that Paul says is equivalent to the word of God whatever it is it must mean that this mystery is the essence of the message of God 's work so let me ask you this what is the essence of the word of God what is the message that you get when you pick up the Bible you read the Old Testament what you see of course that's the book that Paul is referring to is that the Bible he had when you read Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy the Psalms the profits all of these things what is the message that you come away with you guys have read this this book right okay what's the message God 's love for a fallen world express through his giving of his only begotten son that's the message God manifest in the flesh that's what yelling when this when God said let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them that was God manifest in the flesh so this mystery Ball says which hath been hid from ages and from generation is now made manifest to his saints what is he mean by that you have the Old Testament that speaks of Christ how by what means honesty Old Testament speak of Christ openly mysteriously through types and shadows right you have all of these self veiled references the Messiah and what he was going to do you have all the servant songs in the book of Isaiah you know chapter forty through you know fifty in the fifties somewhere fifty three Isaiah fifty three for instance is one of those God speaks in a veiled way in the Old Testament but when you come to the New Testament he speaks openly now of his son everything is explicit why because everything is now accomplished Jesus came sacrificed his life and now is gone to heaven to be involved in the heavenly ministry to heavily phase of the atonement so these things have now been made manifest of the Saints Paul says to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among who the Gentiles the heart of the Gentiles committed this what's the purpose of saying that this mystery is made known to the Gentiles thought about that so you have God 's people in the Old Testament we call them what Hebrews write the Hebrew people what was God 's intention for them what was his plan what was the mission they were supposed to be a light to the two each other no little world they were supposed to take the gospel to the Gentiles they were supposed to bring the Gentiles in and exposed them to sacrifice and the meaning of the rituals of the temples learn all about that's withered that's what their mission was did they fulfill the mission no in fact interestingly if you look at the Old Testament as compared to the New Testament there is an interesting reciprocal there in the Old Testament you have a book of fair dear where the majority of the people were not on the same page with God there were a few that were righteous and he honored those people but the majority of them were on a different page had a different direction and mission was not successful however in the New Testament you find the opposite is the case in the New Testament you have the majority of the church on the same page with God they fulfill the mission there were a few that weren't on the right page and God dealt with them right so the Old Testament in a very real sense is the book of failure not on the part of God but on the part of the people the New Testament is a book of success not on the part of the people but on the part of God and the outcome is completely different the New Testament church actually fulfills the mission takes the gospel to the Gentiles the Old Testament church failed to do that so Paul says that God is making known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery which what is this mystery but something that needs to be manifest among the Gentiles and but what is the mystery according to verse twenty seven European CN Christ in you the hope of glory what is Christ in you it's God manifest in the flesh God manifest in your flesh through the indwelling of Christ through the Holy Spirit that's the mystery which was being demonstrated in the New Testament era first through Christ himself and then through his church and in the last days it will be demonstrated again in an even more complete sense through his church how I know that well I'll come back to this the end of verse twenty eight what am I think you had a moment to Revelation chapter ten Revelation chapter ten where you see that mighty angel standing before John with his one hand on the CN one one açai one foot on the sea in one foot on the land he raises hand to heaven and swears that there should be time no longer picking it up there in verse seven now but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound this is in the context of the seven trumpets the very last thing on the agenda in the seven trumpets and before the seventh angel sounds his trumpet is this that the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets so what is this mystery of God that is going to be finished by God 's grace in our generation is Christ in you the hope of glory a revelation of God in the flesh why is this important is not to showing off why is it important for people to see a manifestation of God in the flesh why was it important for them to see Jesus why and why did Jesus need to come okay the hope of glory yes what what was the world struggling with when Jesus came the first time darkness and misapprehension of God we talked about that earlier this morning the power of darkness God has delivered us from the power of darkness how by exposing it for what it is by showing us what he's really like through the person of Jesus Christ and so at the end of time the people of the world in order to make a final decision about what they're going to do with the gospel they need to see Revelation of Christ and how is that done it's done through people like me and people like you who have real flesh and real blood and are filled with the Holy Spirit a corporate body of people who demonstrate the character of God to a fallen world that is what makes the final evangelistic thrust successful ball continues in verse twenty eight he says whom we preach now notice how this evangelism is done how did Paul preach he says warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom does preaching the gospel necessitate warning said again same and if you agree okay yet you good so preaching the gospel involves morning sometimes people don't like the word warning today we don't want to warn anybody about anything only might be offended if we warn them but Paul was not afraid and actually it at neither was the apostle John if you read John's first epistle verse John we studied it in my ax and general epistles glass just finish it off by the end of fall semester one of the things we saw clearly in first John antennas through all of the New Testament the New Testament writers the apostles the preachers of that generation Dave made it very clear what people should believe and how they should live and they were not afraid to say if somebody says this or ask this way thereof the devil and if somebody says this in acts this way there are God we just read reversed on me was very clear he makes it so playing you doesn't want people to be confused about stuff so he says you know anyone who says such and such you know this is this is darkness is not like me we need a revival of that spirit me to be kind of course right on the very many to be trying was John Tynan 's letter absolutely because also very plain so there's warning there's teaching young people need instruction this is part of evangelism that's why we don't just baptize people you know at the drop of a hat there is instruction that's involved teaching every man in all wisdom and what's the goal ultimately that we may do what you sits on the screen don't look at me or you won't get the right answer yet we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus that's the ultimate goal of evangelism not that we may grow the church although that is a byproduct but that's not the primary goal primary goal is that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus verse twenty nine whereunto Paul says I also labor striving according to his working which work it in me mightily you'll notice here Paul speaks about labor uses whereunto more for this reason I also labor spreading the gospel takes effort friends ministers ought to be the hardest working guys on the block it involves labor and labor is to be carried out in accordance with God 's purpose and providence he says striving according to his working which works in me how mightily God 's power does my anything supernatural actions that it is impossible for us to accomplish that's what we need because who are we dealing with in this great conflict anyway when we put ourselves on the side of Christ we take it when we accept the call to ministry is faulted that doesn't mean it you know you may not be the pastor of a church but you may be a Deaconess in your local church that's ministry to but when you do that when you except that call you made yourself in enemy is somewhat and that's the devil is seen natural or supernatural supernatural so you need what kind of power to deal with someone like that you need supernatural power and that's promised to us friends it's right here Paul says that his working works in me mightily so thankful for that text so let's see what can we take away from this section number one is your purpose we talked about that revealing the mystery of God through reflecting the character of Jesus is that your purposes your purpose aligned with God 's holy purpose if it's not what is it that you are allowing to stand in the way of your purpose being aligned with God 's purpose if it bears are you willing to stay to that purpose even if it means you will never be exalted in this life you know we read about the apostle Paul all because he's in the Bible but let me ask you this how was he looked at in his own generation yet we look back on him through history as we see them in the word of God and he's held up as a hero in the Bible but how did the people of his own time look at that age is not always the greatest football game in the top everybody here try really hard to his fellow church members many of them and they feel about him are the Jews feel about Paul where they all about Paul no they were all about getting rid of all he was not actually made he was he was famous in one sense he was noteworthy for his resistance to the devil but Paul himself endured much suffering and was not truly exalted except as we see God 's perspective on are you willing to be in that kind of situation are you willing to allow your exultation to come later rather than going for the glory now let me remind you of something Jesus said my young friends and will wrap up with this mark a thirty six Jesus said for what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul open I don't intend to do that you say of course you don't but you think you can prioritize worldly wealth success popularity and at the same time gain the experience you will need to stand through the final crisis reflect the character of Jesus to the world and what about those others for whom you are best suited to reach with your particular talents and temperaments you know each of us is unique if you don't put forth the effort for those souls for whom you are best suited to reach for Christ how will your garments look in the day of judgment will they be stained with the blood of souls in other lots of things that any of us could do with our lives I'm sure am looking on a very talented group I have a least one of my students in this group my daughters in his room I know she's talented student that I'm looking at is also very talented as any you can do anything you want to with your life Sarah what will we choose to do with ourselves that will serve to best advance the purpose of God here on this world to finish the work and that's what we ought to be about those without thought that will conclude this part of our series and will take just a short recess let stand for prayer I would like you to just move around a bit before we go into the next hour father in heaven thank you for the opportunity and privilege that you given us of considering this part of the book of Colossians help us to align our purpose this by your grace with your great purpose for your church we pray this in Jesus name e-mail or phone this message was posted in Key West tomorrow is looking from the Arizona Jean Lessie supporting the teeth of the sympathetic and just as he is spying on the Bible faith and so when I download other resources like to visit us online at the helm the US team with the


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