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1. From the 1840's to GLOW in the 21st Century: Trace the Path of Free Literature in the Adventist Church

Kamil Metz


Kamil Metz, a native of the Czech Republic, serves as Director of Publishing Ministries for the Michigan Conferenceof Seventh-day Adventists where he has served since 2003. He also serves as the GLOW International coordinator. Heand his wife, Annette, have two children—Rebekah and Micah.



  • January 1, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC definitely coming and I would like to start with a prayer in heaven we want to thank you for bringing us here today to consider how you have led us in the past and literature ministry Lord will consider what you're doing today and when you will do the future I pray that you will send the Holy Spirit to the art teacher this morning we pray for them in Jesus name amen the title of this message is called from the eighteen forties to glow I was eight years old I remember looking out of the house and watching my mom coming towards the house and entering the house as she gathered all seven children together and she so when we pray she just gave the hospital and she was given two weeks of life as she got an old seven children together we knelt down and she prayed she had a heavy she had a heavy burden her heart seen my day was atheist position thinking about what will happen after she's gone so she prayed for us children the doctor gave her two weeks of life a few weeks later she gave him the desire of ages and then little later she gave of the great controversy today the doctors a fateful seven day of infants here's back I was sought was I called my mom is your race we preach in her local church and she has invited come the doctor invited his friend Doctor and a friend Doctor invited his friend who worked for the national TV church service they went to our house and my mom told many stories of how God has provided for us as a family many many stories at the end before they left she gave them the desire of ages six months later she received the focal from the national TV asking if she would be willing to be part of a program a story but what it was like growing up or living during communism is a Christian and it was six months later when it was Erin and she called me later on she said you know that a lot of people who watch the program the whole program started with her reading the fourth amendment she's reading the fourth commandment and and the footage is she's walking down by the river when she was baptized sharing how she has found the truth on national TV it was some family members and friends of Seventh-day Adventist who called their home to his friends and members of our church there so we never knew the Sabbath was God has used literature and TV in a big way I will look at the history will see that in eighteen hundreds God did not use television because it was not available God is using television a big way but we can assume that the meeting will be always available as the Bible says you will be able to buy or sell applies to you can I buy satellite payment so will be spending some time talking about the history of the literature work in our church then the second seminar Nelson firms will be covering twelve ways to engage in personal ministry of showing glowing than in the third seminar will be looking at how we can be involved in an aglow ministry of the local church level how we can lead out and looking at the Millerite movement right now and God is laying a foundation and the way he does it is to translation and distributions of the Bible what he's doing is he's porting Bibles in people 's hands because the preached word will be preached from the Bible one Miller stopped preaching in eighteen thirty one and he would proclaim the message in two different ways it was to preaching and through publishing Heinz and Willie Miller met in eighteen thirty nine and one Josh Abi Hans became the chief organizer promoter and publicist of Willie Miller this is what set of Josh Abi Hahn says Himes made many many dynamic contributions perhaps his greatest was to publications in February eighteen forty without money or subscript subspecialist you lounge the first on this periodical signs of the times it catapulted out and visit him into prominence in fact the signs of the Times begins so killer that secular press approach them and so we would buy because they realized the combined funds the times we can make a lot of money within four years the argument playing different CDs by the midnight cry the glad tidings the other chronicles the junior Jubilee trumpet phone of the alarm the voice of Elijah saw the midnight cry the Westermann I cry the true midnight cry and several others not not catch this now before the great disappointment of eighteen forty four eight million copies on this literature found the people and spread the word eight million copies between eighteen forty and eighteen forty four through the time was around seventeen million people living in the United States the cost around three million households that means that every household was had at least two times would be on this literature I was the Millerite movement of Eagle beyond that and after the greatest disappointment the Sabbath message was being shared and he was done by literature Thomas people voted charcoal tracked showing that the seventh day should be observed as the Sabbath Joseph Bates Redrock and accepted the Sabbath message that he traveled hours to visit a fairing Wheeler who believe themselves well unannounced at ten o'clock in the evening he told will anyone study of the Sabbath moving them one on on old light Bible study after that he strongly back home and it strives is this where you optimize home he meets his neighbor of the neighbor says what's the news got been Bates the new this is the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord our God the unenthused had a model followed ensuring the message she was to preaching and through publishing interestingly the same shot that they converted basis of the Sabbath message the same tribe was used to reach John Andrews as well in May of eighteen forty six Joseph Bates published a forty page tribe called the opening habits other believers who believe that Jesus came in eighteen forty four spiritually and this track with showing why it was wrong that here's a pattern how they paid for this track it was faith by sacrifice of the Lehman was lighting solar new carpet fund and the printing of the track Joseph Bateson became known as the apostle of the Sabbath and wrote several booklets on the topic one of them was entitled the seventh day Sabbath a per virtual sign from the beginning to the entering into the gates of the holy city according to the commandment what a title we simplify today and we call things things like science assigned to do so much more simple than the review also began to print tracks as well they can have all the equipment needed to print in fact Urias Smith use of penknife to count other tracks in the end he said Trax it was square in doctrine even if the pages were not forty eight oh one had a vision she says are becoming our vision I said to my husband I have a message for you you must begin to preload paper and send out to the people B smallest first but as the people read it will send you means with which to print and you will be successful in the first from the small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light the one clear wrong the world from the small beginning printing one paper she says you must begin to print James White had heavy burden print but had no money of a thousand believers were very poor a local printer agreed to print the chocolate of a paper on credit listen to the description of off of what was going on says the precious print sheets were brought into the house and laid on the floor and then a little group of interested ones were gone and and we knelt around the papers and with humble hearts and many tears besought the Lord the less blessing rest upon these printed messengers of truth and amazing with humble hearts and he paid prayed to God to bless the papers then they fold the paper is a good offices and then James White walked eight miles to the town send it to the post office the publisher work in the yet unnamed unformed denomination had a gun in eighteen fifty the second Ottoman review and Harold Wilson published today we known as the on this review of course this paper brought almost got believers together this is what you find them then in eighteen fifty two a small printing press was purchased was back in New York in eighteen fifty five euros Smith became the editor of the review he was only twenty three years old the press was moved to Battle Creek Michigan and they are just the largest steam press in eighteen fifty eight a white had a great controversy vision now this is one of the most significant books in our church we have to day your 's ago it was a young lady right here in Phoenix during literature modules and she was a MacBook student she was showing booked as one lady one the lady took enhance the book the great controversy and she got really excited she says this is the book this is the book she said what he means is that she says I bet this book changed my life but she says I thought if you change my life he will change my husbands like to see her husband was abusive she pray for her husband she thought in this book changed my life it will change his life to so she plays the book of a controversy on the table in the living room one day sure enough he picks up the book the star reading this blog by hates the book you see he does not like somebody honest the Catholic Church and the and he is a couple so he takes that throws it in the burning fireplace a few hours later the why comes home and and he sits in a chair car me holding the great controversies leases this book must be from God because he would number this is one of many stories in this new book available at UIC Colby is available that you voicing booth also if you go to the globalist they have special special promotion review by some legal trucks you should get a voucher that you could you I see blue than either copied as well in eighteen sixty of we finally establish our name so they are convinced and we have to with the name because we had a week or something so we have to have no legal name and so the reason why we came up with the ninety seven damages because we had a press that need a legal name so he was not because we were establishing a church is because we had printing press established now I'm going on to eighteen fifty three this is as impossible as an hospital made a big contribution to the Czech Ministry will seems little bit and he accepted the message through reading a try who on the Sabbath Stephen Haskell was a preacher he was a Sunday status Sunday preacher or heat he will worship on Sunday but he was a young preacher and one day he was traveling to Canada and he had a trunk within your luggage with him that he duly somewhere and he found out it was a man by the name of William Saxby who would be willing to keep his trunk and so he goes that he leads that there and William Saxby gives him the track who on the Sabbath is registered by this whole thing is not really digs of the Sabbath as Siegel zonked he's traveling to Canada he's on the boat five miles before you rise because of the boat goes in the woods this was Sabbath day goes in the woods and spent the whole day Friday and pleaded with God and at the end he surrenders he moves to South Lancaster Massachusetts and out for mothers who frame for their children but over time the outstanding missionary labor with a shared tracks their lending papers and they are sharing books Haskell ghosted that he goes to visit the whites in public Creek and the appeal to handle we need to show literature minutia tracks like the leaves of autumn cycles back to South Lancaster and on June eight eighteen sixty nine he organizes vigilant missionary society the ladies what they did is the collective Huns of names and they mailed out papers this is exactly what's been doing during done being done today as well I will show your goal story there was a couple in their sixties who collect seven minus thirty two and two opposites in what they did is they they label them with the offices and they put six tracks in each of the envelopes and the Milena and dated six thoughtful four times they mailed out over seventeen thousand low tracks direct with one of the people who receive the tracks later on called the global office and himself ordered twenty five hundred gold tracks soon Bible studies for coming in from the area regardless of the lease the ladies also start the mail trucks overseas as well and they would study French and German just thinking witness to be what I reason to learn a language right Haskell so the footage of the ministry and so he organized recalled truck and missionary Society of New England conference he met with the whites again and James White when he saw this says that he and vision of denomination wide enterprise built on the same plan as the New England track and measure society looms large in the minds of James White and so he asked Stephen hospital to be the one travel conference to conference and start the states the local recognition societies part of the plan was also start a new journal monthly journal was full the true missionary and in that they would provide training on how they can sure try and literature later on he was merged with the review and Herald magazine now in the very first issue this is what L1 rights in their first issue of the true missionary magazine or paper it's as we are not keeping pace with the opening providences of God in other words guys doing so much a you're not keeping up with what God is doing Jesus and Angels art work this calls is onward while we are standing still and be left in the rear so between eighteen seventy two in eighteen seventy five many state track and measure societies were organized I listened to the school Mrs. from the book manner of action page thirty two societies recognition societies began to spring up here and there and where ever there was a lively truck and mission society there was sure to be a growing thriving church I can see that even in our churches today I worked with the goal ministry I can tell the difference between church there is excited by the ministry doesn't there's a life in the church and that churches when the showing literature is no life this work probably practically the whole membership and the children the circulation of tracks and periodicals both my personal contacts and by correspondence the hospital the love to tell stories and he urged everybody even children can be involved in the story that he shared was about children ages six and seven who refused to spend their own money on Candice because they want to invest in the Lords work I wonder where they learned from how do children get the idea of supporting the Lords work I think that's what we play participants now he also appealed to the farm see other files with it we just too busy we have to stay well-informed is so much work to do here is the advice that Stephen Haskell gave the farmer he says if their large farms kept them at home so off forty acres to have time for God 's work I was a solution now because of all the different truck machine societies were organized the gel conference established the general track the missionary society as well and the proposal that was to unify all the state shocked Michigan side this now Dave Silva needs to invest in overseas missions and so they also established a fund to support literature for the distant lands to say this there was never time when we near fund for overseas missions is now out of what the link is maybe go online .org donate but we have a great need for finances to support the Google ministry overseas a great story difficult for him during that time eighteen eighteen seventies it was a family who was baptized into the end 's church is something literally a more like jewelry and so they donated that they should turn that ignited the jewelry to the technician society and they received two hundred dollars for that day they took the two hundred dollars and they purchased tracks for that and they were able to trace twenty boxes since to those tracks from jewelry to two hundred dollars to twenty souls I wonder if we have thinks it holy we don't need things that have a body that we can go and sell on eBay or craigslist for or yard sale things we can dedicate to the Lord and then use it perhaps to fund overseas work with fond .com links it we have places with is no obvious presence in our conferences and we can use the funds to purchase tracks and then enter those accountants in eighteen nineties there was a new season of tractable Colby apples of gold what is truth as well Haskell had always favor the free use of drugs he would never forget that he was a try and focus attention on the Sabbath message all it says are publishing work was established by the direction of God and under his special supervision it was designed to accomplish a specific purpose of when I read that I will know what is the specific purpose this is when physical limits to beach for the publication sent forth from our printing houses are to prepare people to meet God throughout the world they are to do the same work that was done by John the Baptist for the Jewish nation that is significant the same Warwick that she did that John the Baptist did before the first coming it says the publications will do it for the second is very very significant see page five says publications must be multiplied and scattered like the leaves of autumn the societal messengers are enlightening and molding the minds of thousands in every country and in every Klein Jen Andrews was sent the first of the missionary to your if the first official missionary to Europe in eighteen seventy four the question is why did Andrews go to Europe Michael Chomsky was a Polish priest became seventy ounces who live in the unsafe but he had a burden for your and so he asked the church to sending them to your the church for what he was not ready so they declined to send him we so go anyplace many found Sunday keeping chosen would sponsor him it was an ardent church but they kept the significant something so he went to Europe any preach the arms message even Italy and at the work that angle done well there and so he moved to Switzerland and started some tribes in an publishing work later on the believers and he's gone by then the biggest cover of the Reagan Herald magazine in and in and placement easterly and so they fondled it was the charge and believe the same favor they believed in the elderly only once so they broke the bottle Creek and the arms were so excited they said you know we have jeweled compensation once you come down and and and Synod delegates so they sent a brother who didn't speak English but yet he was he was versed in theology and so we spent some time here learning English and then it was a urged the gel conference to send a missionary to the reason why we sent to Jane Andrews to your office because they were believers who believe in the message and no one to the preaching of award of the published work as well jet engines arrives and they had a first informal meeting couple weeks later they met again to discuss printing of tracts and was voted to raise two thousand francs to start the publishing work and the strikes would be written in French translated into French is an interesting story about how the war started in Germany it was a beggar who came to Switzerland and commuter placed I assume you spoke so sure he can stay with us and then of course why would you select somebody stay overnight sick administered to human and so while he stayed with them one of the ladies is history the silent message with assistance of the something you as a group off people in Germany who believe in the seventh message and they learned by Mister Lindemann who was a cold water and a preacher in the Protestant reformed church thoughts on and so janitors and another brother traveled to Germany to see what's going on there this is what it says is the result of his visit there were one brother and his left about fifty persons in cordial sympathy with our work now will be did is they would they would put notices in the papers because they know how widespread the Salamis he wants that would it would put notices and asking people to talk I'll let us know that you keep the Sabbath I thought about the story Melanie let me repeat what you said speaking to Germany they discover some some keepers but Vader know how we sound keep as they were and so they would put up notices and in the papers asking people to contact them if they kept the Sabbath I wondered about today and and and are millions of piece of literature and literature place in the homes what can we do to to get the attention to come out as well you know one thing we can do and because the glow ministry so growing in one day we can say we have understood these meetings sponsored by blow on people with Megadeth truth with the fires or what about the Bible stories amid your UC dive balusters and doctors offices and and and a lot of people familiar with what is Wii to garner positive fires and let them know that we had chilled his program as well and then put the Bible study local there was saved sponsored by the Bible specific somehow connect ourselves with with the Walden have been come to us so Jen Andrews ghost to the Switzerland in eighteen seventy four and then an HD seventy five they already started print shocks and it says at three thousand copies of the following try to put the notice the titles subjects one was the millennium the second husband the two thrones the judgment the sanctuary they printed ten thousand copies of which they could keep an why and then it was the most important thing they did they organize the track and missionary society one year later the French signs of the times was published years old in a few more years later and Jane Andrews is now dying this is what it says about him it says he and whose was using his remaining fragment of strength in writing articles and shocks and editing the French paper signs the times sold with the energy had left invested in the publishing work got his start of the work in England to Baba she works well that was a man who worked at the port with the ship said he would was trying to do is get the message to go into all the world he also wonder your sharing literature is always well Stephen hospital as I said before he was sent to different states and he was promoting the truck commissioners society that's why he's in the lineup time and he was thrilled to see the large model literature being distributed since the organization of the national truck missionary Society of England was established but it's is more so he was thrilled when he held his in his hand a sheet printed on their own press so was excited to share the literature but it was even more exciting exciting to actually show literature that was printed by their own press in England the work in Denmark will start up a literature work as well first literature was mailed from from the United States to Denmark but later on for the Madison was sent off to Denmark and he even learn how to print and he was instrumental in starting her own privy house in Denmark as well great story about Mister Hansen and Morrison Mister Henson was about this to believe in the silent message that he was questioning the English exactly should go for the other brother Garson did not like the fact that Brother Henson believe in the baptism space and let me try to make a point to him and then he went on to explain to him then we don't take all the Bible doctrine seriously this is for example the subtle message you know it says we should worship on silent movie underwent therefore it is logical that even though the Bible teaches about about December we shouldn't believe in nuts of either while it was great encouragement to brother Henson and he was now sure you want to keep the sun Brother Hansen was reading in the artist 's Journal but what I'll like to say that she had seen about the publishing work in foreign countries and he was a great encouragement to him and I wonder what is said that he read perhaps this is what curette sticking from the true missionary Junior one eighteen seventy four I had been shown that the publications already have been doing at work upon some lines in other countries in breaking down the walls of prejudice and superstition this is very significant breaking down the walls of prejudice and supervision superstition then she goes on to say I saw them holding papers and trucks in one hand and the Bible in the other while the cheeks were wet with tears and bowing before God it must humble prayer to be guided into all truth the very thing he was doing before them for them before they called on him when that shoot was received in the hearts and they sold a harmonious chain of truth the Bible most of them a new book they hunted into their hearts for the grateful joy while the confidences were all a glow with happiness and own she so people holding the Bible in one hand and trucks in the other there was studying the message the word in Australia started through publishing works while in fact before eleven years before we send missionaries to the Australia element had a vision about starting publishing houses all over the world the obscure junior member any choose the only place you can remember was a strongly it was a call for road a lot of dancing in the area hospital was he would set up a tent to preach but also produced literature now there was some prejudice it was some opposition to the literatures because he was produced in America and they like it when they established their own printing press it was much more accepted is interesting that two of the converts early were two printers could then devote the publishing house in Australia as well it's necessarily as the synthesis of the work in New Zealand now as early as eighteen seventy four and an interesting as the teachings was awake and individuals in New Zealand by publication sent from friends and relatives and the United States the work in South Africa William Hunt was a minor who went to South Africa and he brought with contracts and papers and he started distribute doses well it is interesting that he came into the truth through Loughborough gave him a copy of your estimate thoughts on Revelation that he includes some tracks as well work in Russia I just love the story right here it was a neighbor who approached brother pork and he says for three years I have had some very dangerous publications in my house I have never given them to anyone to read indeed these publications are so dangerous even and fairness member of the brethren church might be led astray by that what a big brother for see you want to see those most tracks and all the tribunals entitled the three angles message for the birthright and he wrote the review the request and more literature as well it was another man eighty years old he was German-American living in the states and he had a burden to share the message in Russia as well he is eighty years old finally try he travels to Russia and this is this was his method it says he would take several shots to the village marketplace and request persons to read it to them to him pleading poor eyesight of the readers seem interested he was promptly presented with attractive doubles like the woman seems to work in a you heard of the Pitcairn Islands literature was sent over there but they were very suspicious the island people were suspicious about it in the literature will seem to put ten years finally the young people picked up and start reading it was to God 's providence and John K traveled there and he requests that he could stay the longer for the next five BC preached a message and by the time he left all of the adults accepted the message was a lady like the whole that had on his literature sitting in her drawer for thirty years she said I receive different letters from different religions and I throw those away but she said reason I was impressed to keep the arm to his literature for thirty years she did not touch up to thirty years she picked it up read it Silas showed up in the church reunion literature ministries director happy to be veterans that cyber and he was so thrilled to see firsthand how God is using literature the water in Caribbean islands will be doing is we are looking at different countries on how the work started the work of preaching and publishing was the way we started churches but often times the literature proceeded without the living creature it is the story of the seven arms entry into the tropical islands of the Caribbean is the story of tracks cold orders and dedicated women determined to share a newfound faith with the old but the old friends and relatives many young people have join in and it became cold orders of the time Jamaican conference was organized in nineteen oh three they were twelve hundred seventh state Ivan is on the islands the work in Mexico was started by the publishing work interestingly they do not have Spanish literature so they sold English literature English big controversy and they were winning souls we may not always have the right tools by guy will use one behalf the work in Haiti Henry Williams said his wife becomes some keepers as a result of meeting trucks sent from England the story but Haitian Methodist preacher and teacher of the name Michael Isaac he prayed to God for a deeper experience one day warmest year is not to be stored this we found a book by JA and Andrew 's entitled history of the Sabbath he knew to fallacy yes it to his prayer hereof the book accepted the seventh day on this message he also voted to try on the seventh-inning the Sabbath of the time the first on his worker arrived in Haiti lady nineteen oh five there were several small congregations ready for baptism on White says infinitely long eight page eighty nine they are many places in which the voice of the minister cannot be heard places which can be reached only by our publications the books papers and tracks filled with the Bible truths that the people need to is a report from a nineteen ten to nineteen thirteen they have given and nine hundred thousand Bible studies that have distributed twenty five million tracks books and papers on the skip to this part right here this deals with income in gathering and how literature was used for it within darling project as well second while war we not only gave soldiers a literature for the personal use but also for the advances to view this in nineteen fifty the Michigan book of the year project will start now we have Michigan book of the year project happening every year now the Lehman also took those books desire of ages and your Bible and you and they placed them in a hotel rooms as well right next to the Gideon Bibles large cities voices of a large cities one of the development would be on December is directly traceable to the track mission societies the first systematic attempt to penetrate a large emergencies with seven date of this document 's from eighteen fifty one eighteen sixty one some sixty seven million try office five were printed and given away they have also adopted the constable placing tracks the truck racks that track stands in in their own offices auto boot with and laundromats in waiting stations bus stations and airline terminals as well today we are part of the great officer project and they had printed over hundred seventy five alien grade controversy and supplement individual single day they've distributed twenty five million copies of the great hope for the low ministry starting two thousand seven and this far that have printed forty two million low trucks in forty five languages what's what's incredible about this ministry is that little children love both tracks young people love it and the rest of us meant so much as an enlarged TV job publishing houses to be compassed walkabout angel who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens your with his glory but she says also more than one thousand will soon be converted in one day most of whom will trace the first convictions to the reading of our publications does God have a plan for literature in the last days you better believe it it says that involves all the people who come to the church the first conviction the first reason the first encounter with the truth will be through our printed page the smoothest thousands in the eleventh hour will see and acknowledge the truth these conversions to truth will be made with a rock rapidity that will surprise the church will be amazed and people becoming church is because we've been sewing peace so well you will be well recent story about send out the lady who lived in a Portugal but she was a German she met a trip to Germany and she asked her friend to give a few copies of the recount proceed it was part of that reconquest of product distribution and friend gave her a box of fifteen hundred companies one among a new with fifty days from receipt in and soon leaving Germany and Ireland she was heading to Switzerland and Portugal like lower on the web do with this but she's coming close to Switzerland as a traffic jam in fact everybody is at a standstill and very soon people start getting out of there cause to stop each other while she pulled on her Bible and the summer school is just a study I'm not going anywhere so not that it was a knock at the window Americans aggressively reading young man she says well I'm reading on this this lesson here it's about the second what's that her giblets in the Bible should really sushi opens revival start beating Matthew twenty forty he sent me and so in the end the composition she gives him the great outdoors want to pick up goes back to the car so not that his wife comes out as she says can you tell me what you tell your husband when you told my husband about Jesus coming up never heard of such a step telling her as well soon after that will people start going on the car she sitting inside the car now talking to couple dozen of people and more people start going as well as you should get out of the hot out of the collar I start talking to people about how she's coming soon and then she opens the box and gives everybody the great fountain C is everybody why copy of the recount proceed she had three great controversies left in the box set Lord I wonder what the plan for the lost seek a great off with years soon after that Lisa look at the fight is over Atlanta right which was parked the police comes on us as you know we've been notified that the satellite images there was a large gathering of people right here we assumed it was something of medical emergency the sonar with the talking but the Bible we been talking about the second coming and they said that's interesting we never heard of it so while we have a book that tells you more about it enough how should get rid of the last three copies of the controversy because of the helicopter be there more people got around this was going on here so what we've been talking with a great job at how he's coming soon and how you have received a copy of the good controversy essay once again more the snow without so well with Jesus but if you give me obvious I will say again so it was a dozen or more people the request of the great office God will use literature in a way that we were never much a lady never homogenous it shows fifty copies but God had a bigger plan he knew that she would run out of fifty copies I would encourage you today as all might set in the vision that soon she saw the streams of light going clear around the world by much of the pioneers going through the tour to the publishing work in the passing on the porch to us and with the eyes of faith and looking analysis of what would you do when you commit yourself to sharing the literature like we have done back in the days my prayer is we all the spray foam in heaven we thank you that we will spend some time reflecting on the history of the publishing work in our church it was very clear to us that you have used literature in a big way and we know based on what you have set to sister white that you will do the same the last days helpless faithful pray she's saying I will will will this message was included in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of this and that this is just as satisfying on the Bible faith so when Christians download patches and other resources like this is online at www. 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