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2. 12 Easy Ways: Creative Ways to Personally Begin Sharing GLOW

Nelson Ernst


Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC and remain living out to for Joyce yes and I decided to give you a short little update on on Sunday which I cannot see last night on virtual state and that identify guys I have to come in you had either participated in a few ICR each day before our plan to do it this year not very many of you but how many of you are a active evangelism at your local searches just the cutest again so anything that even noticed over the years first of all and a huge huge fan of glow I have some sadness as I can tell you and going out of the part of our outreach here and hopefully it's an image also do at home I'm definitely knows over the years as is the trend kind of throughout all of the seminars and things of that we have a lot of people who come to UIC and are really excited while refusing and we do a gentleman here when we go home we don't really apply the thing that we learned and we can forget that the whole point of UIC is the come to deepen our relationship and to gain tools and resources we can go home and be more effective in our communities and so on out of here where that there means end up with you a few missions department was formed several years ago was actually to combat this mentality of just living conference the conference and being tormented between in the be performed on to give you on suggestions and opportunity to be involved in as a gap year as one other reason that initiatives that we have this year is virtual art each of which is happening again March twenty first and twenty second and basically enamored of asking you to form groups together at your local church in this is some kind of outreach you can pass out below you can disagree great controversies you can see the homework that you can do whatever you wanted to we just want you to do something because I think that makes you I see so great is the organization and especially outrageous to sell powerful to see all these both on this going on this united effort that actually counseled in the spirit of prophecy never supposed to be doing this all the time in our local churches that I could quote up on our website with Herzog reads on that really delineates that but so I can recently be some kind of art recently forget that your church even registered on the drinking website and it will list your location on their arms the people in your area nobody can come to your church and copy and participate but if you don't feel like you can lead out a group reviewed it on the front happening at your church you can also just register as an individual and will notify you of the group forms in your area but I just wanted and also on the great controversies you don't have to distribute the baking sheets to send a company conference is going to have a really amazing deal and any kind of books or fifty cents a piece okay yeah so I already have a website is that we can order that attached with the virtual heartbeats have submitted a check but that's really really amazing so if you do choose to go that route at them you should definitely put into and sitting on the website ready has seven sites listed that have R&D on plaintiff the participates he can see if there is one that's near you and I'm a dentist for more information you can stop either by the UIC blues on Oregon website and just again as you listen to your seminar it's just our hope and prayer the artistic units only listen and observe information in a theory that you actually think about practical ways that you can do this think you didn't know the human Danielle mentioned the great Connors is that the Beltway conference is making available the full edition drink Perseus had the contact information on the back and they have much better cover than likely converses that are floating around out there in NAD self if you want to get for this great controversy for fifty cents to kill her deal yet you can go to find glow .org or just check out the information and you and you can probably send layer via e-mail or something like that so on but even to our time is going to morning I don't know about you but I've really been noticing is that been sitting in the seminar that that door back tears I think the loudest door I've ever heard in my life ever Tyson becomes any religious banging hits you never been there so on a man trying to try and ignore that hope you can ignore that to and will do some good time not it's okay it's near the door the doorkeeper okay cool with doorkeeper the hotel 's best of helpful okay with you and your presentation here on what were to talk about right now in the seminar is twelve practical ways you can distribute glow and many new marketing distributing literature disturbing glow so you might ask yourself what is a stag and tell me that I don't Re: no why might not tell you something you don't party no but I can maybe talk to you with a fresh story about how people are finding success in doing it or maybe you don't know what to tell you none of the benefits you because going to be new ideas for how to get literature on your community but before getting into the actual methods on startup with a couple of things first two quick business items number one is every single Friday glow sends out a weekly e-mail in this weekly e-mail has a awesome story of people who been passing out literature like megastores are people all the time were disturbing go tracks in Africa Europe America various places collect these stories and then we send them out one story every Friday so if you're interested in getting the weekly e-mail rolling and charging five dollars per e-mail he does give us on stroking actually free so just go to that once Eric Eric Google News .org and put your contact information in an you can register and get the free weekly e-mail these are great stories that normally you can read but you can share with you or your local church second business I don't is just clarification on the global million challenge if you are in the GUI seeming meeting last night he saw that I was up there with some of the UIC leadership including Taylor and we're talking about this idea of the street in New England tracks over the course of this year and USC attendees so it's very simple how this works all you have to do is go to a website called GUI C challenge .com go there and it will explain everything you need to do GUI C challenge .com you can go there on your phone you can go there on your computer you can go there on whatever other device accesses the Internet and it will slim fingers only three steps she went to challenge .com first by your tracks Re: contract your church that's fine as long as you have literature the donor literature click on that little town this is by tracks annual actually take you to our website so you can purchase the tracks online and you can just come to our booth right here at UIC and you can pick up the tracks if you don't want to get traction trailing your luggage that's fine put option having shipped to you and we can ship it to you later but the pop the point is once you have literature step number two which is mentioned on G Y C challenge .com if you want to go to that website and is in a guide you how to set up a user counseling on the user account for when you input your numbers which leads us to step number three step number three is ninety hundred tracks passing them out and know you can report those tracks on G Y C challenge .com so the first step on that what's shows you how to report your numbers so this main website USC challenge .com is a place for all of us average passing a blood track this year we can go there and we can report our numbers match of a chart showing how close were getting to a million every time you input your number you maybe you go to Walmart you distribute it seven tracks the cashiers go to the US he challenged your phone input that you just distributed seven tracks after science your user account and then it can actually increase the chart is in a show that you put it up there because it's a list the top of the most recent people who input their numbers in your name can show up you know everybody enjoys you can see that you distribute some tracks with little comment section of so USC challenge .com or don't announcements going to the next thing pervasive 's picture the people are listening on audio verse there really do miss out on this but they'll understand in the second community telling what this is a picture of the tractor but what kind of tractor like talking on John Deere or whatever but an old tractor became a contractor a black tractor a drawing of a what I glow in tractor a glowing tract per half yes oh yes you came here today because you want to be a glowing tractor in the right UN help other people become glowing tractors so we can get into the glowing agriculture no really like to make puns ever known and I love fun fun but then remove on that's order today you will learn about how to become glowing tractors speaking of glowing tractors action of the video shall be evidenced to work out well for me to show you with this is a video of a person who was at UIC last year and that we got a video of her strength testimony of all the technologies can work well I came here in an we know it is not working so we just do not do that go back to the PowerPoint presentation with auditory the story of the community is that it wanted to show you but I don't work out you can see them on our video website fill it open-air this lady we interviewed her and she was actually sure that you are seeing and with last year if it was this last year and she had passed out what tracks but apparently should receive some serious rejection and she was really discouraged about it she was thinking on my laptop running Oracle tracks laneway this lady that UIC and she goes into the bathroom and set up walks one of the workers who is clinging a janitor and the janitor that starts talking to this USC attendee this lady she says no I learned something new today in the July season he says okay and what did you learn and the janitor said I can't believe this I'm fifty years old and I didn't know what the thing is I just learned today and did USC attendees like okay what is it and the janitor says I learned today that the seventh day is the true Sabbath and she pulls out this blows Sabbath track that some technology like the attendee had just given her and she says this track explained in Albany and so that USC attendee who's in the janitor sale this to her what wow I guess hello really does work and so that was her testimony you know that hate doesn't work and she got back into a single attraction pass them out on you when asked about the people here even and you I see you know our mission field doesn't and what would you I see any you can still reach out to your hotel needs all the people around here this quote is from a lack of this industry page two seventy two three she says if there is one work more important than another is validating her publications before the public is leading them to search the Scriptures if there's one work more important than another bending a publication before the public misleading them to search the Scriptures enough of those all about closes the program where working people back in the habit of putting tracks in their pockets and take it with them wherever there are so they can give it out when the opportunity arises is very simple little kids can do it elderly people can do it crippled people can do it blind people can do it and that people can do it mentally handicapped people can do it anybody can pass out literature and that's why our like I read a quote last night onstage realizes that every church never let every believer scatter broadcast tracks leaflets so that's what we do it will be people excited up passing out literature as you can tell recapping on the basics of glow for you and for methods and without a lot of success with that uncle started in two thousand seven and since then we printed forty two million eight hundred eighty six thousand six hundred tracks and in forty about forty five different languages and we printed now many tracks not because we like to put them in warehouses somewhere but because people passing about and there's a demand to have them printed so praise the Lord things are growing now I said fortified different languages would you guys be interested in seeing some of the different tracks in there I translated languages mechanical I like looking you were used to seeing the English blood tracks but when you get a good track to a the same picture and everything on the front cover but it says something completely different they can even understand what says that's always cool the spring here is an Afrikaans it's what he where elves knew nothing at its will be slaughtered I'm sure but this summer here's a picture of attracting check and our previous presenter was born in the Czech Republic and the shirt using joint checking that out looking at the screen this is a Dutch tract if you've ever been to the Netherlands and her Dutch very just tingling solicitude quick course on French the French into the world track agency was to open black but the Chinese tractors over translated over and Hong Kong and that we just recently started printing them in the transpacific Union mission which oversees Fiji Tonga Samoa Solomon Islands because there's Chinese people over there so they wanted to get those distributed in their areas well this is one Indonesian if you ever go to Indonesia and you preach make sure that you keep your sermon short because the translation if you translators translating in Indonesian infilling would like a third longer than English so if you save the cat ran fast they think bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bath and then eventually the sentences been translated so make sure you keep your sermon short just click okay next is German this is a intelligent extract Italian Japanese Malay Mongolian so if you want some Mongolian tracks was going to go get an eccentric nature trouble in Mongolia or hassles out our Romanian Spanish obviously I were in the west side of America the cyan Stegall and finally I could of uniqueness not forty five different languages but it will take the time to grab all those PDFs of good luck for you but needless to say you folks are reaching out to people who speak different languages we have different tracks that can help me out with that so just you give us a jingle okay so speaking of international step early linkers are ready here to come by our booth at some point because we want to give you a little brochure and this will brochure talks about how you can partner with flow to help us with our international working of the glow in Europe in various places outside United States the printing literally millions of tracks and young adults that are better doing volunteer work pushes forward and we need funding for certain things their places for example in Africa and other areas like Poland where they don't even have the money necessary to get the first print run printed so we receiving donations like going toward something like that find out what our international projects are all about just come to our booth and we have a brochure for you or sign up for weekly e-mail is a need that they will eventually send something to do e-mail to think art now it's up to the twelve methods parenting time half an hour twelve methods of disturbing the literature in your area now to talk about how you can journey the literature and then in the next seminar Camille is getting talked about how you can activate your entire church in a new program that were doing for distribution in local churches so this is about you in the seminar in the next hour and how you can activate your entire church to do distribution in a really all fun and exciting way that you probably haven't done before maybe even heard of before figuring out twelve methods that the number one this is the most efficient method and getting out large numbers of glow in daily life anybody want to guess what method this is prayer while your prayers preparatory to any kind of distribution yes carrying a pocket okay good that best repertory to getting it out you have to have a literature on you yes he has a really good getting down to the preparatory stuff here yet it's good to have godly life even if you don't you can still throw tracks of an airplane about San Francisco and some can read it be blessed but what is one of the ways that you can get a literature in in large numbers go it is people mail distribution not but remember him talking about daily life you don't even typically know a lot of things daily life in school there is this is kind of fun I'm glad you're not getting the right answer anything feel like accessible to give you okay car doors hello always go shopping right pending in a park in a parking lot in order to get the start support further away from the store and we walked into the store we than and out of view cars and the tracks on the cart on the car doors it works and it's a really cool wave in a literature very very very quickly and in large numbers could be questioned how how do we put the tracks on the car how did there yes yes now there's two ways of doing that and I mentioned car doors but some forget that you can do what most do wonder no putting materials on card cars where they put windshield wiper I you know what that requires you to go up to the car you pull up the windshield wiper you have put your material there for the winter what are back all the while you totally exposed to the somebody like same what are you doing those my car or some you know driving around in the parking lot no looking at you so you can do that but I don't do that I do something else Carter's you would put them on the driver side door because he never will assume that there's more than one person in the car and obviously if there's one person there to drive her to put on the car on the driver side door and of two kinds door handles there's the ones where you reach your hand in the pull handle in his ones we don't have to go all the way and like mother was the handle popped out like Toyota Corolla oh three years only got or the ones where the cart into the door it's a bit flat and chapters your hand into the pocket to pull it out excess so for the one who would handle pop out you take your tract may and you you spin it up vertically silts up and down and yet you just come up and like this also if you're born it up like a cigarette at the bad example but you get my point okay and and what is it window it was the spring back out right so you take it you don't you don't Bennett told creased you will make as little as the spring back up and then you just popping in the car door handle from the top and that is fixed and then it's very simple now for the car doors that are our the doors were the doors flat and you have to reach in the card report out a little more rare those are not as common but for those ones you take the same track and you you stand it up and you bend it the other way so that it's like squatting shorter okay and then you talk it up underneath of that little flap that you pull out the handle doesn't make sense okay now it's really simple the second kind are for the exception for the carnivores flattening to actually send it the hard wins together that would fix a little bit more practice to get down smooth but I tell you nowadays I got so good since my wife is her favorite method distribution is love pass analysis we trained a whole bunch of low leaders for local churches how to do this literally at the conference office at a training session where we took the global leaders for local churches out into the parking lot the conference office and we and we had them walk around and blow their own cars in the parking lot just so they could get this down and down I can just distraction my pocket and just walk around a parking lot and nobody can even know they don't suspect anything somewhere and like my church closer selector but it might look like a LDS I walk up to the car just without an poem pop it on and I really stop no hesitation whatsoever nobody sees it it's great numbers in a reject you and then awesome now I can assure you a voicemail but since the video stuff is working quite well today on this voicemail talking to move on that we have people who called in the glow tracks they leave voicemails and we record them sometimes in this particular voicemail on this lady calling for course gold California and she found it will attract him on the ground in the parking lot and she was going to get more materials and another one happened with an elderly lady who in her apartment parking lot she fell on the ground in her parking lot and in she called into order Bible studies help the tracks were taken by Addison dropped on the ground in the parking lot there put on car doors and then eventually know they got onto the parking lot and people still pick him up I been in parking lots random parking lots and found glow tracks on on the ground but when the fallen out or of the person didn't take it and it's great I just piggyback up and take it into the store to get the gesture I just piggyback up with it in my pocket he later recorded on another card or in the things lately still working with a fog heart horse okay method number two Nikki brought here with the number two six minutes mathematical faster now okay this is a method that increases your odds of getting tracks into the hands of influential people influential people enabling to guess at the method is workable people this is open at the verbal people so I would let my five percent of your sins for me right well business is guest and guest this is a method that increases your odds of getting tracks the hands of influential people were you ever get close to people who are potentially influential your job did anybody flight here were influential people sit in an airplane oh yeah first class right you ever walked past the people absolutely view loading last night so I see walking onto the airplane and people just sitting there first class transit with her magazine whatever the perfect opportunity to talk to them to make friends and one at a time is getting a little track if your marble you might not even start conversation with them just pass on the tracks rogue quick you know how we are we walking into the fuselage that young people are taken forever because it put in the luggage and in the winding your anger really crammed you have to wait there so I might have to take you good to three minutes to make it through the first class section of Scripture history minutes of time we could be talking to the CEO of the company right so there's a guy is in foster is that a new advanced and Washington really let up on Buster he is walking into plaintiff fuselage to come over in California to speak it one of our glow of rallies is muted by name of the speaker as he's walking into the fuselage this guy is crazy Sydney 's has a literature like like not pass over three million tracks personally but he gets people to pass them out he's a really good about the filibuster has walking in and he says that he goes onto airplanes to make sure that everybody is on a loaded before he goes because he goes on the fuselage just have to trust the people left and right on both sides of the seats so anyway this time this particular time he is getting onto the airplane is walking down the fuselage I'll have to admit and he starts shaking the hands of people in first class and didn't will attract and advancing he gave the heat disease cancer this one guy who is currently try to hide his face as he engaged in any way and something that I know about foster is that he only has one arm in arm is cut off part way of July but the know when a one arm got to shake your hand or shake the hand known as a note so so he uses that any dispute will shake his hand so this guy came and shook his hand we were raised his face up Buster knows that this guy was Joe Montana and he palms him a blow track of the executive and medical objectives in a sugar buster toaster himself got the big Texan at Texas accent now I'd like now gave him a low track and all that so this is really funny but the estimate and its passengers in first class so he really bold before not really bold well done anyway for the cake method number three this is the most likely method for the people to actually take the track and not reject you you give it to them what method do you think that is a select range the method right you would attract some deny him reject you correct so what's one of the unions people and almost surely not having rejected if your friends can thank you place in attracting restaurants it I guarantee you if you put your your tracks with the tip gets that where there not a single because they want and if of the monies and subtract thirty nine ago for me at the number four is a method with the highest likelihood that the person will sign up for Bible studies no impassable tracks it's not just about the person reading the tracks but one of our objectives is to hopefully get people to sign up for the Bible studies are often on that so what method is the most calculated to helping the reader to action sign up for Bible studies any guesses family is probably not dropping it off of like the second-story mall right on the people that probably wouldn't I mean and I think it's manna or something but friendships yes you are legitimate and by the way we did have a a student from the school in Canada go to one of the biggest malls in North America and if you have some spare time enhanced these three guys decided that they are to see what would happen if they dropped some below tracks one by one of the second story of this usual and so does want to drop attracting is not dangerous or destructive one track like a whole hundred pack for something or case but anyways those who want to drop one track and there wasn't even anybody there a few drop and attract your figures into the ground literacy people walk by and pick it up at the Kid Rock the track the track is falling in the air off the second story down towards the floor a woman walks how are underneath the place where they didn't even see her and her purse was open and I kid you not attract all right into her purse this is a story that we literally got less than a month ago and we have the name of the kid in the school never than self giving online you think I'm exaggerating because most like to fill big fish stories and evangelism right now I'm not I'm ditching contacted to schedule type and the kid is that this kid took it personally is like a sign that like this was what God wanted to happen yes it was you I don't remember his name but I know that one of the guys who works with me he was the one contact the consumer drugs and find prequel story but anyway document number four method with the highest likelihood of persons incentive for Bible studies is actually given directly to somebody you one of the cool things about low tracks is that we found out over over the years is that when we actually go out as church members legalize and assume how literature with us we give the track to somebody it normally doesn't just end their if you give the track to somebody typically a conversation ensues and when you have a conversation with somebody is naturally to be geared toward spiritual things because you just even the Bible tracts of the sets you up for spiritual conversation what we have a spiritual conversation with somebody you actually know are much more in a year and a very good position to offer them Bible studies you just put the tract overthink it by the way when you're done reading this it has some free offers on the back and not equally happy Bible studies homes things and actually really increases the odds of that person 's consent for Bible studies we had a local woman a couple years back she probably four years back to be more accurate companies Jeanette and that she is now the global leader she's the global leader in her local church and school now but she wasn't an Adventist until just recently and with Gigi on the haircutting salon him she had found two publications on the topic of the Sabbath at different times in the third one and that this was actually handed to her I Guinan Shaka was a church member at my at my home church and that he gave it to her when they are passing out literature on Sabbath afternoon and when she saw the third track she actually had just prayed that God would when she got the first two pamphlets on the Sabbath she said maybe God is speaking to me so she just got them asking God to give her another piece of literature on the topic if it was actually him try to speak to her when lo and behold she's walking you know on Sabbath afternoon and this church member shopping comes up and get through this other track on Sabbath when she did she break some tears she's like I got to talk to you and they engage in conversation and a chance at Seneca Bible studies and is now the global leader Ashok baptized believer local church and so giving indirectly peoples really helpful now when you get it will attract the summary directly what's one of things that you can say what you do you determine Seo is a bad method living you know not immortality of the soul single in the Christ's and South they appear to seize little horn of Daniel seven and seven virtue or those are my intentions at least virtue now some people might think that my intention is to convert you here's a piece of literature you what they say this is for you no I like one my favorite tracks well all over my favorite but one that I really find easier to distribute is the one called good for you it is between sacred history of and the customer even cheesy grins he presented for you and they look at it and they read the gift for you in there like this guys reading a script no self advocate one out another way to attract people you are like three you can say delivering it José SF twenty million contract people Slezak what a present for media event this was the only younger if the if it were like doing when people especially don't allow time I just did she is half the battle is not even what you say do they really important that when given to a person that you extend your hand in the track and get that tracking their personal space and get it into their personal space below the neck and above the waist if that track close to them automatically the human responses to stick her hand out to grab whatever's been hinting that half the battle to keep attracting the hand so what you do is oftentimes more important in what you say so if you do not mention get close to them and it's really natural some people are thinking her members really forsworn me know it's actually not is very very easy to do and keep work are not offended by Exodus to close and and and I just say something like check this out for acres of the Reid report down to keep it low-key that's what I like to say and blood of ninety but I also think I just make sure they get close to pin number five this is a method that I could hear just because I want to emphasize it nothing is necessarily the most efficient way tracks or something gas station pumps will remind everybody again if you haven't heard this before we go to fill up our gas tanks for our cars at the perfect time to get literature and working for literature where the gas pump personally put it on your own part okay you can take attraction you can stick it on the pump handle we put the pump handle back and put it where the receipt printout widget right here in state very nicely you can put it on top of a gas pump a lot of times of there's just all kinds of places that you can put you can figure out creative ways you get bison sticky glue dots and stick among them double-sided stick a minor glitch I say so the staples and stick it where everyone all over the place put on the brick wall in a and people will read those eleven is a nonreligious literature for the person behind me now what you do want to pump your gas and very critical track on your own and you just to linger thumbs waiting for your guests to be finished when I could do is go to all the other empty pumps is nobody going up against advanced builders has announced that getting a one track you got no imagery but what it would be really bold he went to give the track to the people who are still pumping the gas know the person behind you this may be smoking a cigarette or listen to the radio or the like other popular death when you choose lilac to the desire like to do all of those people don't say excuse making light of what this a little pamphlet on your gospel for the next person who comes down my getting the check to the person for their getting them but I'm putting it on their pump for the person whose income after right so if that be something that they can really reject the universe anyway no not at all in fact I never had a personal single is coming because of their property so so but when you could attract out there what is that you do is to create interests the process can be like what is that a lot of time still be interested in the city and it opens up a really good door that you can just give them attractive C we vote for the person who comes next and you get one person who is actually yes now that Kuwait it works for me think that the number six they keep on moving here what is perhaps the most convenient this is perhaps the most convenient method for you as the distributor most convenient method him with a convenient method passing on the climbing to the top of the mountain 's note or letter away the passing out literature but I find that one of the easiest one is just to leave the track and rent a place in public Nomura public lot I got and if anybody just leave this summer set it on a table you know we actually two months ago in November had a story come to us from Glendale Adventist Academy of a non- Adventist he was even Christian Korean exchange student who's that Gwendoline this can't and this kid was going to school there he was a sophomore and he found one of our glow steps to health tracks just laying at the school campus just and was on the ground laying around and pick it up and read it I was ravenous and with Christian and he read it and he followed the lead the advice of the sets the health track any actually ended up losing twenty pounds and then as he was reading the last step of the natural doctors that enough of doctors the classical trust in God to be read down and he wanted to know more about studying the Bible and how to do that so he contacted the pastor of the chaplain there and he asked him to explain what that step was all about and ended up receiving Bible studies and is now baptized and is the only Adventists if not the only Christian in his family his family actually really dozens like what happens over in Korea there are very against that but the I would show you a video of him telling you exactly what I just told you because we have a video of him his own personal testimony on YouTube but the technology is not working right now with me so that's okay yes Hanover yeah yeah Google in fact the negative that we get that that's has a really good I can play good glowers no not specifically but that's deathly faulty category and that the number seven most likely method that someone will actually read the tract most likely method this will actually retract is placement of attracting airplane magazine believer not perfection one of the most likely methods that people retract as a flying back home after UIC airplane anywhere make sure that you open up that sky Mall magazine in the seat in front of you know what they sounds final magazines right where they sell they sell everything right they sell stop in style magazine that you'll see so anyone Ralph's was random like who even thought of that kind of item I always pick on like the ramps that they sell for getting your dog up on your bed in opening who thinks about that I guess only does and without opening it into a publication the point I'm making is that if you're in a plane ride for a long time you're going to get really bored eventually and the people who put those magazines in her know that and so they put this literature in there and if people are and got the point where the arena sky Mall magazine they are written about the ready to read anything folks okay so make sure that you put your tracks and that's final magazine because it guaranteed that if they're at the point where the reading that magazines are definitely been a reader track I can order them you can put them there to obtain at the number eight this is a method where you get people to come to you and ask for the track anybody know how that's done nothing nice people came up to you and ask for drunk advertise being a guy like a billboard or some jail the only glow action makes T-shirts that make it so that people will continue to be addressed at the teachers cost like ten bucks go to our website by glow .org and you can director and the teacher says there's two different kinds one teacher says asked me for a free Bible it says on the front and back and it looks really good and I guarantee you that we were that people do and eventually the asking I wear the shirts of people asked me to bring the basis for tracks of the other teacher says I'll give you five dollars if you ask me for about an foot and I'll have one for letter motivator shirt so if you're sure any ready take it off five dollars with you mentioned you have your literature religion Walmart the other day he had assured on some business got a look at some for attracting and having a self and is like a young kid that the business owner he felt like that now is like what you five bucks into the law to give it to you only give you five bucks so the kid actually got contact info business later and I gave them five bucks and an attractive self assertive teacher that the number nine pick up your minutes here is a just a random creative method that could appear on public reading and there's a brother named Randall who developed this method with a video of it of insurance testimony or what he does is when he's in us a line at a store checking out at the check stand he's in the line heat he gets his glow tracked out and he holds it up in front of his face high and he reads it like that and he's had people ask him the notice disguise reading the tract like apples for head level you know and that's a people notice and ask them with that and then is a perfect segue to get traffic I met the number ten are cool creative method is as mentioned earlier a public restroom planting folks if you're ever in a public restroom whether it's a rest stop in airport bus station in it in the stores on use that time to put some literature there know people like to read when they had time to occupy the other things in and that's a great place if they can pick up traffic but right I put them right on top of the rest of the toilet you put on top of the toilet paper dispenser on you when you're really creative she can unroll toilet paper a little bit at the track in there and back roll it and so on the polar bear paper out the trap of fallout now be a little bit more surprising to them and the list in one I differ you write and I kid you not hope it works we have voicemails which I love Sheriff you up of people who called in to request Bible studies because they sounds of these tracks in the bathroom that Walmart so it really does work okay to our methods and got almost a think two more minutes you literally two more minutes the group method Daniel two statute and this one is great for youth groups is great for people who the twenty something out-of-the-box naked Daniel make that make a statue out of cardboard or something whatever he can make even 3-D mechanically up the statue of about two feet higher so of the image in Daniel two I had a goal setter of Alameda Persia Greece Rome and send it out in a public place and to sit there with a chair and watch and see what happens when people walk by again and noticed that there can ask you that they just get in the game to track your answer work is going to does this up in the Bay Area San Jose and works for him to set up the this a replica of the dancer statue in a public place walk by but we did you know that many Walmarts has Red Square were to contact them in advance there's a section outside by the exit door where they will let you be there for a certain amount of time if you get permission from them and you can distribute free materials contact your local Walmart Walmart asked him about the Red Square and see if they have that available inside the first lot going there and suckered into statute that last method and this is just another creative method is utilizing the Fourth of July operation here before July coming up and holidays are great time to distribute literature by one particularly emphasized this one because the Fourth of July we have a new hello traffic developed and it's called when freedom I has a picture of the Statue of Liberty on front and in like project over to the sign it looks like this nuclear wasteland is a really ethnic looking cover when freedom dies in the tract is about the market beast and Sunday loss and it's a really intense traffic know what part of the three Angels messages folks and we got get out the message that is so I will really encourage you this last method to utilize for the July time pass out tracts in particular as well as other ones and know during Fourth of July people to get together in your neighborhoods or communities the computer fireworks shows there's gatherings tried by Windows arrest go to one of them and then I passed on that track all you have to do is say happy fourth happy Fourth of July happy Fourth of July you know just like we do with her Christmas dress do Christmas anger Christmas Merry Christmas or Christmas or hollowing a happy holiday and happy Halloween with our following tracks for super easy to our time I just pray and didn't have some comments afterwards what but I hope that was helpful beneficial for you guys and if the worker father think that we could meet together does now pretty good bless us as were endeavoring to be faithful in small things and pray father that makes overcoming the kingdom as a result of our distribution of literature and message was included in Key West twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry on this instead just seeks to inspire young and vital faith so when Christians download other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with the


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