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2. Relentless Prayer

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are and businesses in the GUI seems than crumbs in Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this is online at www. .us he is I'll can I think it is time to resume the off station thank you for coming back fence stained by we are going to start I was single incision would like to pray yes okay relentless prayer is not just a simple prayer watches these relentless prayer walk is this fervent Apple not using prayer beaches what we are going to study off for I was station in the book that I may know him page page thirty five I would like all still reduced together let's go we must no progress we must raise serious policy resisted we must pray cause you pray we must one nice asiago nice if we conquer eyes you can't cut i.e. I like the zombie knew must do a copy of count the number of mosques full mosque in one facility in one short statement if you are slow months we must dock means pray is a must it is not optional you know many times with fix things on sorption August is good but I don't feel like doing it is optional for a is a mosque we must hope to Christ we must resist us to revisit when must that is the punch line we must pray Ozzie pray I is is not just a simple prayer we must one ninths honest job one night so did read that we are talking about here is the intense it's a blonde nice seeing a blue Nicene prayer the relentless prayer it is very in the wealthy aqua nice honesty I will not on seizing steps of Christ again on seizing prey is the unbroken union of the soul with God saw Doctor life from God knows into Allah life and from our wildlife communities and quality news flow back to God these beautiful use of executive on seizing prey these relentless prayer on seizing prey is based on Brooklyn Union on all this soul with God so underground talking about here it is unceasing it is on Brooklyn Union with the soul with God is not going to genius relationship with God these is what got booking about it is not beset sclerotic relationship is it must be concealed it must be constant saw that life from God 's laws into our life is integration that means I see the picture also charging your phone charging we must be always go next it would must be taught all the time so that we can't receive the good life from God into our life and from our life community on holiness so I don't blog to glorify him this is it eight a Gould a good picture I would like you to study these immoral if the notice year I would like you to study human memoirs this it is important this part of the prey I like these to mama right first verses in the Bible on the spirit of prophecy it is important for for a lot of relationship with God so VCs this is critical I thought is what we called a relentless prayer DC somehow acted to finish on elite unceasing prayer is on Brooklyn in the own with this soul with client saw Doctor life from God furloughs into Allah life and from how I feel e.g. I'm voting a slew to all notify you once you begin to sodium to our to be a weakness for him when I earnestly ask a goalie as you would for your multi- life where it asked state these relentless prayer is it a picture here let's say I don't wish but you would be killed on your hostile polluted adoptees depict said that we need to hop with these on a piece of relentless prayer that is in spiritual gifts volume two page four hundred and sixty four early writing spring seventy three I on the engine law that was normal phase and power walk in Israel that is the question we ask why is it Israel Leon bemoaned her knees well so the question is why why is it why it was no more space and power lighting Israel and engine Onset E unit goal of it on long been more tools shown fresh seal predations Vodafone and walked on by strong faith the promise is Oshawa Beta news you receive the things you ask for and you shall have them if not days of relentless rain is for quarantine four press don't let go I'll get our mobile phone we need to pray more donate school fulfilled men times we let them cool tools we cleaned wood cleaned we cleaned and then we let go I have any experience with this receipt I have updated eyesight house I have a brother even you was baptized because I was the first in my funding needs to be an Adventist soul yet the on I the Lord the Lord blessed and a manual for them came to the faith so these one his brother was one of them but often sometime you left the church you left the church you went walking to the world for few years one day I I want yet I have been very sought on ways of seeing you going back to to the world but one day it was in August I just burgeoning I was I didn't in my mind that should always seek that I'm preaching the award of Claude around the world but my one problem will not be saved I was so silent I even cried and then you might play Google just inspired to me said Lisa you need to pray for you more and I decided that was focused I decided to do this the relentless cry on God just inspired me by December that was my prayer I decided obvious yet that year my brother would be back so that was my prayer that was August said Lord I I'm just auctioned DOS icon on the menu but I complete is it pleased the Lord that my bra the will be back in December I know I started to pray earnestly soliciting spending time on my knees wrestling with the Lord with relentless I got was August noting up no change you Monday speaking September no change and I prayed earnestly but I didn't give up walks tall but not change and local mitigation then November I does decide to play I become dispersed Cinderella I really want my brow that the black I was but I pasted below I really claim his promise I want to so that was November ending my responsibility one of them used to go around the unions for what we call year-end meetings when the budgets of all the unions be voted so i.e. we divide among ourselves the offices of the unit of the division to go to these different union so I my heart was to go to my home cut yes I know being top of the human meetings there so I said I should create not only pray but racial goals asked create an act so I send e-mail message is it meant that I will be on the e-mail and office and I give good time is it I really would like you go I would like to meet with you I strategized as well so I send that message I give good time was Friday afternoon my plan was that one and nine Dai Young meets human of the gates of being human office and I said you know don't worry I'd like to go on board appointing accommodation we are going to be to share Michael I would like him to be a cop to the ordinance at its when she happened we would find time off my meeting as it will talk on his promise so that was my hope so I landed and went into a big union office by hotspot bothered to count the foster I don't because I didn't have a nun said you didn't already saw one we approached a change that would be the moment of truth I was very hoping to see him when I approached the gate saying I saw him I was so happy that he seemed yes that was overdue victory that he did not avoid me understand all of you I see him so happy you know we must always than one codefendant and him how we are so happy thank you he this is the key of the room got to the room I must rationally need to ask that the meeting I will come and we will either have my speech full four months I wasn't ready for all the good meeting was finished I rushed in to make this house and he was a nice time to talk just weenies hot and then I was ready for my speech I started my speech and I did not even finish he interjected what interrupted which is not something that is usual because under all of the proper paragraph but it was so eager to share with me I think you did not want to meet tool to continue with my speech because these species like outdated Saudi Sandino Philistine plain simple something unusual happened to me fifteen days ago I heart this is occurring stone or block to block .au I called my fun meeting his wife and his children some of them were already teenagers I haven't I called and they just named down and create kindly send them back ID do not need to continue my speech and I was so happy Grace is gone and you munching praying very misleading I can see the concept of the spray that naïve we started to stop the Bible not for you to come back but to strengthen his faith that you will not go back to the world again and we prayed earnestly and now he's one of the appeals of the church and winning many souls for Christ of the length of the string you that the goal of it all over the Lord Khufu we shall not it may take months or years but if I'm twenty relentless pressure will decrease out good result don't give up I know probably what you have we are in a similar situation in one way or another my encouragement to all of us you just keep on praying don't give up could aim to produce it may take time but don't the goal that all of the Lord will soon you keep on creating you could keep on clicking Craig okay Jesus Christ is it sound killing all three relentless parade dip bread all Jesus Christ was a relentless prayer in the April chapter five verse seven it is a war in big days all these flesh when you thought all said our prayers that is Jesus I'm supplications with vehement cries and tears to him was able to save him from death and was it because of these goldleaf see the relentless prayer of Jesus Christ that is the kind of prayer that we need to experience ourselves that these other people thought when seeing this kind of praying these use one of our greatest needs it is the will have people men and women young people and all children to pray Christ Jesus Christ prayed easily solvable example of prayer Jesus himself while he dwelt among men was all fun and play I was sad and identified himself we malign need certain witnesses in the DB can do sampling a petition seeking from his father fresh supplies of strenuous document called for the race for duty and volume I and everybody listening is is outweighed some bold in old states remember VCs in the context of prayer as well so Jesus Christ is our example we shall pray I separate a we started to cry a life of Jesus that the own but we have difficult or so prayed the relentless prayer then the mother said let me goal for the dawn is breaking but his budget of said I was not their cubicle unless you personally the softies relentless prey what about Elijah I just pray I can send out again and again invite job profits and things breathe one hundred and fifty six Dan and I did John Sandy said that until it went although looking the Mediterranean to the way that you were a new feasible token God I heard you scream you see one you create for the file it was fast but when you pray for the rain it was Philip was it that means we may hospital sometimes when you pray and gone since last but sometimes when we pray the onset is not as fast as we wish so a life shop experience that full file was flashed full array it is not fussed each time the seventy returned with their word they using nothing sometimes when we pray that he's not the right one I pray for my brother for four months there was no think but we continue with Chris on so this event center in my job is not the you was not discouraged they profit did not become a passion or lose faith but what about continuity is garnished for landing given the relentless prey you continue six times six times for a profit like Elijah if Elijah needs to pray six-time to get an onset water what about us John seeks finds serious pray this event to return with a word that there was not sly hello we didn't be brassy happens six signs printed ones no thing twice said one time not think there is nothing for nothing please not think then seeks nothing behold after that been there arises a legal clout not just did not know to be dropped just a little new to cloud out of the sea like a man's off the office seven times only one clown and he believed already these laws are not enough for you just a little site was enough yet to decide his fate John did not wait for the heavens the God of blackness in fact some will loudly be held by faith and outbound and solve rain and the act standing on one a week this phase sending you said then quickly to have with the message prepared Italian and dignity down that Duane spoke the knowledge base in one novel presentations we are going to talk about how to to hobble a faith to increase our faith because these is one of the problem because we have to pray the prayer of faith so how about these the entire presentation on how to increase if the coffee strong faith like Elijah Donya relentless prayer so that is done it's up to nine firstly so I turned to all all and him waving him in crayon I'm pretty sure in what file stating findings some clothes and options PCs relentless Craig we need more done Don Nielsen pray like this is done in Chapter nine so I turned to the Lord God employees need not dissolve a debate involving with him in prayer and printing shown in Spain against some cloth and ashes we are wondering why we don't have prayer our prayers unsaid we need these we need these kind of prey we need to demand from Jesus and from these praying people in this great conflict theses need and pull ECGs flopped a viable dissolute endless prairies throughout the Bible 's weave without ceasing I remember you in my prayers night and day night D do you know a path rest be bought for us we don't talk much about a prophetess but a path for us is in my of pay is known to be a praying man is it is always close into a full swap bullets into a full verse twelve is everyone's wrestling in prayer for you documents served in all Doctor Weill gone not sure I'm slowly Sean we moan during a process you know what division warehouse live initiatives and one of them we called it a path for us minister I'm five days prayer ministry I do know one meeting we decided that we house what we called it last moment it is known throughout the big twenty thousand searches in our division that you have what we call it a pass last moment they pulse lasting moment is the wrestling is a rest day in prayer like you is all a waste of wrestling in prayer for you we named it a path for us male and female if the first in twenty first century the fact is they need to the church right now this is the greatest need we have used this phrase mean spirit no one you parade many things will be changed Jesus Jesus Christ is also said the jump you'll know relentless prayer during the day 's of his life you offered us pray as an petition with fervent cries and tears to the one would save you a zip made before from death and he was heard because of these reverent supposition it's time for us pray this is the time to when you first center twelve thousand and sixteen their first date of the year two thousand and fifteen when the ICF trophy denture to be cool cream this is not by chance beasties by design that you idea today I am easier to date the Cardinals 's nest why we are here because God ones call twice you one spatial relationship to grow not just very same war week by the once the relationship between human offs to be strong to be strong if you want is needed so now as we goal into the next one I would like to use this time for you tool ask questions just one or two of there was a question yes you stand and speak up the thought these the question I asked many times myself of when you have these the relentless prayer you are asked that question on this afternoon these afternoon we will have representation that I called paradigm shift in understanding how I listen with these my needs I like I like getting up early in the morning following the example of Jesus Lex we'll welcome to morning getting operant phrase receives the light from blogging especially I think for me question is said Lord I don't want to be presumptuous I don't want to to be me select I would like you to show me what I should do how do I know I and I would like to share with you these afternoon this afternoon for those of you who can come because it is it is an elaborate presentation it is something very and I get upgraded I should say from the Bible and from this critical prophecy about what to do while slight presumption under how do we know that the feast is not something that I just convinced myself how do you know this afternoon we'll talk about that but I allow me just to continue with the new prayer of Jesus pray always he prayed just just a reminder again all teach us to pray just sent John taught his disciples the disciples of Jesus Oscar Jesus teach them how to pray as a sake they did not ask him teach teach them how to preach preaching is important but prayer is more important than preaching because prayer you can't even preach moral and are currently most beautiful some is our example in all things this is a reminder from Jesus himself while it dwelt among men was all fun in prayer and he is away example in all things steps of Christ page ninety three this is in the book is out of wages range three hundred and sixty three in Christ their cry of you not eighteen reached their father of infinity to Austin man is something insisted the throne of God to please you not a deep was solved with the heavenly comment that some coronet you money do we defeated Cyril can't you call me in the own jewelry seemed to life from God vacuum I didn't pop the life they will and this is a punchline these six key areas is to be obnoxious so the experience of Jesus is still being away experience if someone are Scots who of these question what kind of prayer life I should pop on this is clear is the prayer life of Jesus he is awake some full in order things on his experience has to be our biggest peters as well is elected is all profits said that he is the minute they may pray a Mississippian privilege is a necessity unprivileged newfound calls for an joy in call me when his father and he is they say the all the this son of God has been losing the trail home much more so than stable savings for maltose field then this is the deal said that closed in prayer is the relentless prayer we need not idea we said is used to refresh all minds we must group Christ we must resist us to resist that we must pray Christy prank so easily soluble in all things use our example in prayer life I must organize as you have a nice relentless prayer if we would conquer honesty Concord sometimes we think that we have been easier than Jesus we said while Hong Kong I pray the prayer of Jesus I'm so busy don't know my severely done on our moderate needs a small why why can't I find the time we have just say that we be easier than Jesus but that is wrong in the desirable pages three hundred and sixty two know all my life including I was him off on life was as hot so crowded with neighbor and this one's ability I was in fact of Jesus so we have no excuse busyness is not an excuse will have a meaningful prayer life we are not easier than Jesus sex how often you was so busy that these days the implication is that how also he was found in trash you was so busy but next how often you was found in prayer how close stent was his commune with God again and again in the history of the spur of the life I've found records such as these of rising not be great while before the US out and departed into a soda to replace and fan range so busy yes but pray we can't not be excused then in chapter five verse fifteen and sixteen Bobby knew was about in this thread all available so the colonists of people came to you him I do feel all this sickness but you see the two to life spent busy doing ministry crowd dealing the box Jesus also not really often we've rule to know any places I'm quaint you see the above facts you didn't get to you can't and then I know many times we always difficult with life and then not being unknown enough and we like the mobile phone slot it bought to be slopped everything is very accepted power all your debts and everything is there but no power and you cannot use it was sometimes we just run the invasive and finally we we would be flat rising off a great while before day Mark chapter one verse fifty five you went out and departed into a solitary place and there prayed and ended book is out of wages page eighty nine there are a morning of funds found him in some secluded place made to teach searching the Scriptures all in prayer from these quiet I was you what do retired to his home to obtain copies due to duties that day I need to give an example of patient toil ye I did get to elements busy doing ministry and then spend time with God early morning if not these the key after now understand why Jesus Christ had to get up early there's something about it do not birdie on sometime the more than life changed human beings big dip all of suit but we all want we made to wait coppery and we need to go back of course Bernie is subject if you aren't you might not be my third independence on people but it must be you are saw that you hop time to pray you are a might be eight o'clock or seven o'clock or six but that health tease us was like what he was due to dock I don't know if it was somehow what we need to you depends not what it was Steve Doc Bates cc you need more time before you rush the problem we have is that like we will have a a a long journey I miss it all I don't have time to go to the bus station that will waste my time I just price and then we find out individual nowhere all costs than the time that you tried to save will be what we want never to about in practical life yields legal authority journey we're going to the car station undefeated to talk bucking spiritual life strangely we think that it can't work that way not time I must irrational no field at time and in the morning that is one of the outcome of the seminar these shortchange a lawsuit it being popular thoughts we need to wait earlier according to you but it very must be early enough so that you can't have at least one eye what we study in the book is out of wages but it is good to spend one hour a reading adjuster may dictate up on the life of Jesus to create at least one hour of quiet time before we rush field with not well following the example of Jesus Christ that means we need to eliminate some of the things that we are doing before going to bed we would talk more about that when we goal full practical how to walk on my cell I pray I might some center since so around Feith was six stations in we would talk about it practical life how we are going to allow you to arrange the spray on life so that we will be able to forgo the example of awake sample and that is Jesus Christ but for you remember now that it read the morning raising off a quick walk on before D is the earlier of Jesus it's before the okay you went out and departed into a so that the replace and that prayed we would go back to this and we find vendor for me not to house a meaningful and structured prayer life will will study more about that but let's remember that we need to see you to talk before we travel these the key in the South Essex verse twelve this is really relentless spread not always to pass in those days that you went out to them all to pray and continued all night in prayer to God only pray he sees one of the amazing things that you can't experience I know some of you love expedience this is glued use you can't create one night one senior one I can tell you my experience of these is that even now i.e. I still remember one of the nights that I create unknown likes to Wayne T twenty five years asked on steel reaping the result of once in a while it is clear for Jesus the early morning is a mosque every day box one things I really intense the early morning will not be enough if you just like any relationship if you need to pulp along what do you do you spend more time this everything we have our heavenly father may be of a morning will not be enough you need you need it or not to talk to his father I still remember my expediency of my father you say you said I easily knowledge ease that in like twenty three years ago we had a very close relationship by father every time I visited him their first night is time to pull I many times are around two o'clock we just thought you said okay we need to be in the sleep now otherwise would be so tired tomorrow because we need the cuts we need to talk all night with my earthly father what I bought with my heavenly flow that's why Jesus Christ said no came to passing those days that you went out to the mountain to pray and continue overnight I can't thought he's elected us pray and remember how we cannot see all that is Jesus I can't not do that is outweighed insoluble understood when we have to pray I see a great we have read that right so weak we can't not say all you and more done life I will not be able to boot these are not urging us to do these every day we every week once in a while but the bad three morning is a must spend time but sometimes we need to spend more time relentless pressure call prayed all night eyes without seizing at remembering you in my prayer tonight think they again are some apostles page two hundred and ninety six news about Paul says in Psalm of the church is always fronting cost in deep sorrow you said that these affluence and that the awesome like cruel to being free main need is sleepless night was spent in prayer I gratis thought Austin learned all the megaphones employed to pump the rock is work we will stop here but will continue with this but to summarize the station we are saved we need relentless critic we need the appropriate left Jesus factories away example I met prayer is that through the six stations with half we will reach that goal that we would really pray Christ Jesus on we would be victorious our time is up this afternoon we will continue with the relentless prayer I will talk about Woodlawn said that question out twelve presumption I also called to a halt I will pray Onset and for the ends will talk about faith what do we need to dual follow faith to be social and then know a loss station we are going to pray we would put this into practice would pray for meal video all subject to Chris and would pray that the Lord Little putting me vocals right he will not going to wait until we reach home we would create ye will spend time like half of the last station would pray and we will have a seasonal crazy and wood properties these relentless prayer but right now we are learning to better how to delete then would put it into practice is that okay so would like to link as you come back because they are not a student to learn it let's stand as we pray thank you Lord for giving us the platoon eighty to learn how to pray we got to meet that we often don't pray does you create buddy of given us the support to Nietzsche to learn how to pray so please continue to teach us how to pray thank you Lord for your golf in the name of Jesus on this message was recorded in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of the Seventh-day Adventists seeks spying on the Bible faith so I download Texas other resources like this visit us online at www. 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