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3. Relentless Prayer

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC I think you just will look according to my time when tool will come you back for the cessation the season Watford station we are going to start right now on to thank the Lord that you has given us this time again to go deeper into our understanding of these the relentless prayer and that is Jesus Christ follow heads as we pray O father thank you so much for the time that you are giving us now as we proceed and study more about how to pray as you prayed would pray that you take control of their room right now and feel our hearts with your Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus we pray amen okay this morning for those of you with year we talked about already about the importance of prayer that God does give a nonstop as a waypoint we are in a battlefield and we need to be all you Lord for us to win this bottle and thought are is stuck with one is the prayer and us what the devil is doing everything for us not to use this is a way upon I'm he's doing every for us not pray what not to pray in office warned not to pray the relentless pray I got to use the prayer Jesus I just want to recount for a moment about the relentless prayer you do say that Jesus is our example Jesus is our example in all things in steps of Christ page ninety three it is saved .de is our example in all things so when we talk about prayer life I'm just kind of summarizing what you talk about prayer life we are talking about a prayer life of Jesus cause I went example is a way example being all things on his experience has to be our expedience all 's well I read this you saved in Christ their cry all the money to reach their father all been defending greedy was a man is separately gated the throne of God to use you Montague was Sean 's with big heavenly current Dutch food that you money deep we've given it and use very beautiful and will continue to call me you received life from God that he might impart life to the world and he is the punch line he has experience is to be hours that is their goal for us to be here we need to reach that goal by the grace of God and by his grace once we finished the set set both stations of topics we will go I'll don't displace knowing that we are indeed parading Jesus prayed we wound goal one and going deeper into that then we talked about I pray our honesty necessity Jesus Christ I need you put a on you we need you all pray that Jesus but unfortunately we think that we don't need more prayer on Jesus Christ and donkeys in the state crayon is a must instead we must pray honest you pray and we must obligate nice honest job when I any talk about the relentless prayer it is easy prey on when not using prayer in the Bible and is pretty dope prophecy talks about the sender 's vertigo property talks about on one Nicene prayer we must stop lanai honesty I will nicely if we would conquer Oz you can't cut quickly on diabetes is what we said is morning many times we think that we up easier than Jesus assault we can't not pray as Jesus prayed but we said this morning that no of our life was as the so crowded we belabor and responsibility honesty was not all Jesus and yes all of when you was found in these the key often not the reality but Jesus lost nine but Jesus often weaves into Toulon the places I'm right it was breezy but he spent a lot of time also great the point is that we shall never be too breezy to pray in fact all we have things to do demo we need prayers I do still remember the analogy that we use for those of you wait it this morning like life is a race life easier race when you will you run the more you run we need breast to also definitely I'm docs also the case removal we are engaged in ministry debuts yet we all do more we need three but many times it is a hopeless it if we obviously will when we obviously then David Morse targeted time doctors removed is it time for print regionalists that I'm full the journalistic time for reading the Bible which is totality a disastrous and we talked about the early morning early morning rising off the grid that went before the date you went out and departed into a solitary place and there great we talked about the importance of the early morning we'll talk more about that when you go to be practiced how to structure allow prayer life but I just want to get what to tell us that we can't escape these early morning if you really want to be strong in their faith we need to wake hop earned year and I said that the early is subjective my early might not be your earning box it must be early for you so that you will have enough time to pray enough time to devote to open a and reading the Bible but Rea use important early morning all night we set all night once in a while what it is needed to earn a morning is not enough we need to do all Oakland next to spend time with a lot of old Jesus Christ and pull for both that you prayed if an all-night and the key to victory right now here is the continuation while just summarize what you have done this morning now we we continue what we have started what is the key to the future the greatest victories gained for the cause of God are not the result of labor and argument of both festivities we need all of these wide influence while bound and installed means that gain you get or just chat about we've gone one with Ernest R one Nicene faith man is labeled up on the mighty arm all many times we would forget we are thinking that we can't delete on all but the key to victory is no other option is just to spend time with God spending enough time with God the relentless player these is what we need right now we need I don't know what what trouble at work try guild you have right now but we we know that this is not the triumph read environment this will be his not to try and free environment we have a lot chanted as we follow problem bottles dates key to victory is these general or just Sandra ended on his samba with gaunt with Ernest I'm going icing on one icing faith VCs what we need and men of prayer the secret of success in Protestant profits should be sacred says he's big enough all defined power with you month therefore that's way too better also what seems this goal thoughts to what she did great this results on those who rely mostly use it to be up on the old Mikey on the nonlocal amended size and scale up one jubilant and down when in this file you will budget one is the amount willful was that it was fitted up on the earth in command him to come you don't and he is the man held to a on demand of so doing and I want to sell little ideal title being powerless I tied no thought of being it are the rich screenings allow walk with God these is Vickie the power is available but many times we don't convey what it is right that these reminds me Ultima of the story of a young boy was taken Ozzy Ozzy boy serving in a house you was so old nice insole board and dependable adopted man of the house the father decided to treat you Aussies own song and you could walk like that you are so all ladies man but unfortunately the amount I'd unfortunately one command die your father died the month that I hang the children did not think you need to weigh you was dated by the amount you you was mistreated by them and finally you could not stand it anymore enough the house got just legal resources he was troubling and it was off for him finally it was this acute no money no jaw ID was so discouraged and then you decided to be a big Bible asking for money to buy food so one day a month that he dignified well-dressed man pass-through and then after seeing him you can back and to see the boy the young man was asking for money and then you looked in looked at him is it are you not the young man would leave with my smile my friend when he was a life suit use IE on the one what's happened and then he started to tell the story this story about what has happened and he said who you should not be one my friend was to not live you reveal something you told me that he will shoot and he you are assaulted by double and he told me that I like this young man if anything happened to me I have one would be opening for CSI I need for you so that if anything you will not be stuck you would be taken care 's income you should not be again he you have money criminal if I'm going to have you reaching the money I know this many times we just like these young men for use this something I is just amazing on eyes and unlimited supplemental power you will receive all Jesus Christ it but he'll wheel strongly we are not leaving the power that Claude Oz already set aside for these the one of us and we decrease through train demand of prayer on-demand all of NBC's day let's go now about a practical need in one aspect already in one hour these out of wages species very fun media text page eighty three he said it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of life of Christ we should take it point by point and let the imagination grasp each scene especially the was once honest we've got to well up on these great sacrifice for us our quality is a museum would be no more constant alumni would be quickened and we shall be more deeply imbued with disputed youth we would be saved on last we must learn the lesson of pretense and you mediation on a flute of we need we need to spend time early morning need to find time that means we need to sleep earlier many times we cannot expect to wake up daily early youth you'll see that he linked of what you decide not the city bought told if you have the gift of not sleeping but that is another story but not too many at health gift but in no monthly new study if you want to weigh copper early go to bed early enough so that you can Yukon house that time prayer and fasting these is not just pray we also need to fuss you know some people say OI whilst if I thought that would collapse Jesus Christ expect Oscar Fox of course if you have medical conditions that is another story but if you I'll locate then Jesus expect hostile sauce because when he said he didn't see your fuel IV notice that is that you feel Foss Jesus didn't say that what did you say when you fast that means you'd use expected full rostral fuss it is not to use but what don't you if you really want to be men and woman of prayer we can't not ship out of these with us to a ice blasting people too good you cannot just emphasize prayer and then deemphasize frosting for a friend Jesus Christ indeed RG is a weighted sum so we need also to foster a year again it we need not to the cool things that we who when they start small you may skip one meal for example doctors your phosphate it is already frosty one male to male maybe it was okay somewhat dual thirty days trusting but Jesus Christ did when you so will Russell be strong in the face we need to do a book you may choose one day per week the day of fasting for you you may chose may be a day influence you see these frosting is flexible either according to the needs if you really want to go for a song to possible challenges and five euros in life you need to Ray and Foss at the same time I do need to start it it's finding the Bible in the Old Testament you see God but a fool I mean the Kings flow of it people are people too accompany and for familiar and Foss phosphine and area Google together you him about experiential than disciples all did it one reason for this boy was there and that Jesus Christ would make disciples you want to the mountain to pray on the to do while it was nice for them this time around Jesus Christ decided to bring city all the disciples not alone many times he went on own making would like then you said locate the death James and John let's go to climb the mountain and they pray adopted the amount of the transfiguration but downs that you give on it it was a struggle their disciples and nine at bailout approach it was known to be disciples of Jesus Christ and there was a need to then your father said please do something my song is something I today trying to Mimi Jesus Christ and to come out but no income and when Jesus Christ then blended to be disciples came down his father 's age kind you do some these ones would do and you know the rest of the story Jesus Christ pray and then he sent but he's going does not go out except by prayer and song challenges and problems they require through a I'm these fine Jesus said you need to pray and false at the same time the fact is the relentless prayer fasting then play this season up you toss pray I never before this is the time for us to pray more sit and read my brethren and like wrote Ray Ozzie Louth in Nassau made before we are not prepared for the most coming sake CC was amused to see restatement he said we are not prepared for the molds coming to see the link between digital prayer and being ready for the coming of Jesus we can't not supported please find we are waiting for the coming of Jesus we are spent this event so there is no such thing as nineties and neglecting prayer pray my breath praying I see while the top rate before I got to see them called to relentless brilliant we are not prepared for the Lord 's coming we need to mix soil real work for a charity to the severe cold for us time for us to renew into Outlook always my prayer life how is your prayer life right now how much time do you spend with the Lord if you are not nice the way you spend your time it will tell us a lot priority is prayer is starting to Bible is a lot slightly in July Suzy Q we are not prepared with this kind of relate extent as he studied these more Nino allow greater we are not really for him we need to change the we often pray office in Montréal Ricky in a long life then they these days what did Google wants is to deceive us commit us to believe that we are okay you see the war sickness is a sickness that can't be detected wall is not detected on time and it was on on on the known after when it was already gone far because we are not taking the necessary steps on it and the devil just one stopped to think that we offer with their prayer life that we do it without hopping Ali said it's okay there were you print out your fly so all he wants are still being the middle you see good example we are not exalting the devil but we are disclosing he started to the devil is a must in attempting salt he has made me kind of temptation it will study you know you've been in this business for at least six thousand years and yes dunnage many times so all he studies the circle of each one it will run the T know you would know that standing no you will not do that cheating no said what that will do is I would quote him any suggestion that he would beat you with things that these beings in my in my mini ski one as part of my ministry as a young pasta I was approached by the Eddie do all the community it was noted that dentist understand past that's what I said okay fine what do you want me to do single I am in the bill this CBP don't own the community but I would like you to be the cost of either said Connie a level right what do you want me to do exactly as it is impossible said Amy seemed spiritually indolent community you would be shocked down many the many denominations you know a community but I was surprised I was young but has chosen me to be one most likely pastor of the community on a single that's doing said one of the things you said that you will do is that if based day we will go abandoned carnage before me and you would be in charge of preaching to these funny on the island and we we started by Mister Boston come unfortunately one of the core people died we need to go in debt the student incorporates the fun so we went there is there from EDI trade and it gives some words of encouragement and then we left to follow when we send thing another one died last come that we went there the following week this same thing and then finally I said Mister President we call the President Mister President Infiniti Doctor Clemente Y seat what people died in Iraq and then he sent you kind of know what he's voicing up arsenic me take you off the northeast that these people did come from the coldest place in the local community I do not lean that situation he said they don't eat enough and they don't have this kind please ceased the sickness shifted toward his own music these that the lack of undated and good lesson from that VC is what the table is trying to it twice our phosphorus what could squander cost from the power and then will you keep us in a new government patient that he would bring you would be successful so we need to watch that we are always on the extent the results we need to eat we need to play Winnie DeForest I pray each screening twenty because we all unique bottle we can't not exempt ourselves we all read David so what we need to do now is to take their work on I'm going to show ourselves in this font disputed to five this conflict about we have NBC's news is what we need to donkeys because he for us to be able to do what God wants us to do so now we are going to go into another topic we will stock it is a very big topic it is the key to Onset prayers this morning I promise you BLI topic these will take costs rule out through the day off today and tomorrow will have another one about faith and we pray also in the middle of asking for miracles from God but let me stop with this this morning I talked about the exact Dixieland the yes yes I do know yes yes yes to allow prayer and no no no duties like a pussy for us box for Jesus Christ this into this in the stock with a Psalm first sixty five verse two or you with your plan to all flesh will come and then in John chapter eleven verse forty one and forty two said Angie is also relief stop there to adopt these awnings and said father I thank you that you have occurred to me on and I know all that you always hear me but because of the people was standing by I say this they may name that you sent me so all for Jesus what was it that the yes yes yes one was yes are according to this said year you are always yummy so when Jesus prayed then the Anza was what yes of course you know all one of the present of Jesus it gets a money is deadlocked by being slapped stopped was not a northern set because you decided to go anyway you was somehow safety maybe I will not pull through this but I stopped drinking he said yes so it is tool that would Jesus it was always yes I remember the goal is for us to live the experience level of Jesus is that he was experienced should be outlawed only experience so their plan of God is not for drastic and be yes as well but of course you would disqualify that we ought we have not reached that level of Jesus box you must be an improvement of exact thought this would not be just no no no no yes no no no no yes yes I'm saying yes and no onset gum must be so we are going to study right now hotly obligated to achieve that through the Bible that mutated you my experience with bespoke I was kind of troubled by the fact that why is it when you start neither I will want to commend you decimate you seen the exact these graying people one rate the onset was just human this am that was quite a bold prayer can't view my genius then yesterday it will care I would like I don't want to driving to talk saw I am asking the job is not yet done allow would like this on the thought is quite a prayer by Seagate I'm John Salas yes I'm manual was testament New Testament using the stencil one one is enrolled why is this resume gone this and promise neglect of joyful I use Microsoft and EE is your aunt you going to be dark and one of the apostles wow using that it is not the same now that was my question and then I just decided to wrestle spend it is more tough time he said I really want in life blindness and feasts I cannot just say what you the Rockies did so because some people didn't know that wasn't upon we don't expect that to happen should we know that these won't disturb that is very church I don't see that in the Bible I don't see the prophecy of what not to say that again off time would be less potluck after any I see the opposite said you did would be moral the rain will be more wonderful mother I so you should be the awkward design find out explanation it said that while you don't see me will close you don't see that Don says because that is the way to use you should not be this legal proper CED smoked me beside a nearby boat eighties not been so long please just use disclose the stormy I just want to understand so wanting to stop being it will starting to spirit of prophecy and I pray the relentless afraid I would not let you go until you revealed the stew meat IDCs by the way what done indeed you bread for him to understand the prophecy review insult I said long I'm not done yet but I'm eulogized please review these to me so what I'm going to share with you use a unresolved of thought wrestling with the Lord would be wonderful and we disputed the profits I believe in the spirit of prophecy this is the just that God has given us as a church under knowing from experience that you can really be leaving the spirit of prophecy things are different that's all I want to reveal to a two share with you what God did 's revealed all to me fool this wrestling with the Lord then I saw this said John chapter eleven Jesus said you always GME but because of the people who are standing by I think these us that they may believe that you sent me I didn't quit controversy bridge five hundred and twenty five why not middle by Christ and his apostles this is a I want on the line do want to say this then compassionate Savior means today is our life so these I don't say law about these the early church the Bible and displayed appropriate is it even needs to be these are life as it is question exhibit leaves to date on DEA's Oscar-winning to listen to be brown please caused when you walk reasonably among men are you not excited about these the disease hopefully my view is not what I was given to the apostles as they are available to me now that will make their landlord Don sent adept meas and went on my knees are sixties while some of them ED is also available right additionally to prophecy is the same compassionate Savior entities to date and being used off using it towards the same awesome willing to listen to the frail faith as when you will reasonably among men did not throw cultivates with this equipment so all we have no Boston quality education is for us to halt expedience of the dirty church was flown is not ready for us to live the experience of G is us pray I see great I don't get the result on Sunday Jesus Christ even when more than the state you would even more than I do because I'm not going all to be far so why is it that we don't see the ESPN progress it is clear why is it we will disclose that squinting we offer you an unsaid prayer in the Bible as a say goodbye please note that kind of the book you see the Egyptians I wondered what this story E Street to try to eliminate or negative things are only the ones all of the defeats all dates of being someone a seem they removed but only the low Rios said Victoria and so on that's what you may not see the experience of the Red Sea was any mitigating thing for the Egyptians but the Bible is not like that the Bible records both the negative and deposit yes or no so what you don't see many names are called to negative offices for prayer we should not sit well probably for the sloping the Bible is like Egyptians by the ancient Egyptians know this fact that we don't find them in the Bible it is clear that the deed so then you see who cases of negative nonsense in the Bible like Moses you mean he wanted to go to the continent yes oh no you pray for that that was his goal but he was the night and we know for a fact that going to New Britain that God wanted God wanted you to blow to heaven you can't on first and that on you touched base after the duel of the cognitive and when the amount of transfiguration one is a job on Moses unclouded Jesus in the amount of configuration and morals this Moses landed in the economy yes oh no yes so God wanted him to hospital so that no was really a blessing for Moses but then it was hard for you was these goals but boasted no donkeys or no onset and then Eli Shaw was seek and die down sure people prayed for you and yours are perfect but you was not healed and then you duly noted from us this is not too funny to me that sweet all Bible first Timothy chapter four verse twenty new range what is that Mike read chapter four verse twenty seven Timothy sibling can would be chapter four verse twenty sorry about that okay read that is one of the reasons why we are attending the seminar to know about truthfulness yes yesterday and will okay we spoke you pull right and do you you going whom whom customers you can study more about infamous would not talk time but it is a very you was a very close the good of pool on so much so that you can looking to get a sudden kind because of human activity people started to make a little trouble because he was not digital undead uphold was accused of bringing him to the table and not close immortal persecution for from us show you was a very close the twelfth full and porn really wanted him to accompany him but he was sick don't you think that whole parade grateful you for sure I'd be seized a very pulled even behind the chief court doctrinally heal definitely but here use clause the you had to leave you seek is not frail old was not onset according to be wish of all we don't know if he was eventually being healed our wool you die the Bible does not tell us that but one thing is sure at some point Parade and God did not on said right away that is about to reference then you sell you remember I was denied three times I know you said free time then God said no forget about peace we are not galloping to talk about this anymore you just state doesn't even release of not going to remove the duct fording to flash you want to leave with it those on the record that you may find I just very rare negative nonsense but those other babies you know I said no but that's then please create from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation use she calls you gave Unser so why is it that these people every time they prayed blood Susie's and you do say that Elijah view was just like costs with black costs said why watch is a secret that we need to understand so that we do we can week on IDC no one likes way to we understand and we will have the opportunity and God I say to pull no my grace is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in weakness so why may he knows now and you see what use I won next session will on this this question I have three minutes left and maybe you have questioned just one and then we'll have a break and not the local Shaw we will onset is not being question said why and what to do for us it's not experienced on some any question okay let's use the remaining minutes to pray what we will do is not we will pray into just pray for the first full prayer life for spiritual things for blogs to help us to deepen that need for us to be on the ones just pray and talk a lot for a four one minutes needed now includes and I would like to ask my wife to conclude when everything when we on our own this message was included in Key West twenty fourteen seed Arizona Jean Leslie a supporting literacy in the sense that this is just as satisfying on the Bible and Tyson Sullivan Chris download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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