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4. Relentless Prayer

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC okay it's time to look sharp at welcome back then we are going to unsaid that question what was the question yes yes that's me share with you but before that I would like Gloucester volunteer to pray would like to pray it roving mic is here every pray okay on so what is the onset the onset use in John face John stepped up fibrous fourteen and fifteen his nobility on step-by-step the beginning of the onset VCs get comfy does that sound that's reduce the better the first John chapter five verse fourteen and fifteen would like us to follow the scaffolding because it is quite moving moving starting about peace peace is the confidence we have been approaching God that you've wait on anything according to his will ye he has offs and if we know all about these years all 's what's up while we ask we know that we have what we asked over him passage is a key passage to onset this question is according to use web then we say but that is what we say one would pray if the ecclesial window box when you are not lives there whereas in the Bible we don't really find them much doing the odd view read the prayers of vague and not say iDVD is according to your win on the naughty step the exasperated and then expect expected Johnson not that be something involved in creating on staging if it is your will but we don't see that much in the Bible that also kind of to get some question in my heart signals why is it now of what Christ when you create and get to money then he said you it was a kind of it sat under the sun undid Claire did not lie will block your wheel so I descended you follow the rezoning these user confidence with Hobby not promoting gone that useful we ask anything according to his will ye he has asked that means you will how a positive onset so it has to be according to be will of God so the key yeast will ask on the things according to the will of God because if it is not according to the will of God then it should be no but this one only question is how do we know that these of a request is according to the window how do you know that is the heart of the Martin is doing no use these very last years are according to do window long will not because he did say it is not emptied your feet used according to do when I thought the onset would be yes so easily just know it we're not quite examine the accident that we see in the Bible would be repeated our challenge is not how do we know and that's why it seems we don't know to be sure not to be presumptuous you ought is not sentenced if the keys are according to you with but the kind of prayer that we see we don't really see that so I see is to know all you will offguard use these granite was use are pointing to the window bought one not how do we know do we look how do we know what to ask and what not to ask close in chapter one verse nine for this reason since the day we heard about you when you have not stopped praying for you I'm asking God to see you will gain knowledge on his window for all all disputed on wisdom and understanding so God did is where the computer virus the knowledge of these with docile I called Craig political emotions is said all we have not stopped praying for you I'm asking God to feel you we've been knowledge of these will so we need to know the will of God how do we know it we don't go we once obtained a book of steps of Christ it talks about the weight of glycol to know the will of God but this Adobe 's to know that we don't want we have to set to reach our minds with the word of God Joseph a chapter one verse eight and Colossians up at the levers sixteen V I like these collisions up to fever sixteenth we all start Bible right now gone you made it yes please read the first sixteen yes that will all is the song is in your right don't forget to know that when overclocked we must feel our minds when they word of God many times we field he smiled we will handle things I would expect to know there will donkeys on unrealistic expectation because in the book great controversy page sixty nine he said the study of this creature is the means define any ordained to bring man into closed up one accent with their clear that I need to give them the lead of a knowledge of these will be noticed that it could leave our knowledge of these whale sucking on that we love God we need to start the more they would've gone such a great alum mines would be one of God I I know that he's a man a friend of mine including the Glock is really using you mean them to me and I know already stopped using knowledge of the Scripture used just outstanding so I asked him on many times have you read all many times have you read your Bible IDs on said is I lost Issac Euripides in mind with the word of God I continue to say here on eating cheese being made John all communication between Gaul and not and then in my life today I met Lisa in my life to date page two hundred and eighty three thereby while he's gone to voice speaking to office just as you sleep who do you eat we've all like the music importance of the Bible I do knowledge of it will all thought if you really want to know that we don't want we need to start the word of God we need to see a lot of minds would be one of God we can't not expect another we love blogs you follow mind is blonde Wolf field goal what kind of jump if agents up to one hundred seventeen I keep asking log of all Lord Jesus Christ did notice father may view view disputed off leash dog revelation is not so that you may know him better you may knows you better so it's not the only issue the the next step now to know all the world of thought but to know court press don't normally we don't thought is vulnerable person the Rockies Vicki Ford Eynon said prayer to know that we don't want to remember once again guessing the yes on this he called the audio screens according to do we know on for our student we need to know it we don't go I know how to know that we don't not start due to one of going I knocked on deciding the order of God but no gone prison so they keep Jewel in constant prayer is no Gallic person will explain these more to know about some this is also profound first quarter and instructed to rest ten to eleven and sixteen but thought I so you feel each to cost by disputing this printed circulars on things even dig deep things of God for wool among men nor their faults of a man except in mom 's been interweaving and let's expand that formula for what you said here for war among men knows their thoughts on the man intercept him undisputed within him that means that this person would knows your mind easy also what is going on in your mind now we can't guess you can't tell us but he wanted one you want the best person to know exactly what you are thinking now I get Bible says this theory is not one this agreement and all is exactly the mind of the father and said in this family no one knows the thoughts of all except disputed government but we have dim minded of Christ the means this really nor mine don't define and easily out of this meeting disbelief the one who revealed the mind of the father exactly I'm here in Christ object lesson page one hundred and twenty nine years we keep the Lord Arafat before us allowing a hostile book how do Thanksgiving and praise to him remember that youth savings that we need to do that is what we can't the Lord Arafat before us what is the meaning of that what is this practice the presence of God you see on it what see it to fear the Lord is a technical term in the Bible to see the Lord I know that works via in Hebrew was studied I do know when you start to the word we really want to know the meaning of the word we go to build off that it will regional ductwork I did was studied that the fact word he does not have to boot in the Hebrew language and usually don't have the root of the word using the Bible venue Gore seventy nations from Pete was bull wrote like what you doing now down many French words in English work in these language I know that is a fan that these French but e.g. no English word French English had the same thing so there went into the surrounding nations to know what is the meaning of these word tools the final date and the Egyptians on which but it is it has to do with you on the audience to see if it was decently shown between the two and then you put that together with the way all thinking of the Hebrew people for them they come from the concrete to the abstract for the grant comes from the abstract of the culprits if then it is clear is that the word is borrowed just which rest the presence of God sought tools in God used to be aware of these arms the presence of God used to be aware of these arms so to know God I think you said yet if we see the Lord has brought before us the key twin unsaid prayer remember these useful properties the presence of quality in a WiMAX that qualities old ways present and not presence is sanctifying and got prisons is to teach us the wheel of going to annoy him you see if you are always integrated so someone what is happening those who are married you know what I'm talking about you know better most bottles that's a lady 's not ten feet to be moderated I need to leave upon you need to know more so what caught disorders is you would know what more depressants because this is not like it a detached presence in teasing you for being prisons fourteen prisoners for who you deem the Bible rule today on business I thought I'd sit on I think I'm allowing our hospital blowout in Thanksgiving and praise to him for a single unfortunately we don't praise Gore did not we are very quick to us all the Academy it's okay want to sell a father but we should be also grateful children to thank you for what is going if you do not thank God praising God you would know both better thank you for bringing me to do I see thank you blocked like myself I'm only thinking going you know I was not born in beastly I was in darkness worshiping idols and ancestors far from God but God snatched me from the ninety item to me it is a miracle I know I'm praising God when I think of that and do more by preschool the more I understand this is what do you think we need to practice also these praising God we need to present Cornwall we need to thank God more many times we are always in BZ talking about what we don't house that we are not aware of their final things that we half we got on was thinking I'll do think that what is the next thing that I must and will not leave for good praise God and to thank you for what was done right saw their passage he said he missed change that they just have received seasonal north of precincts I skipped thanking him on counting the blessings of the Lord I do this one day I decided to create organized and structured I went into a new would not fall from wearing and I structured the crater intuited this first the first section of my prayer would be just counting the blessings of all seems my child would be said that I would like to link all our listings that God has done I was not aware I was in darkness but one in the box it is about protecting me God wanted to guy did to me I didn't know you but when I look back that was a handle on so I stopped really cool I remember when I was about three years old I was with my grandfather I don't remember the this with time to so much my grandfather I know I'm naïve but I remember those it went full flying seeks to have run a kind I commented I spin can move a lot of time doing that ours just counting the blessings of God and part of the night was on all ranges and I finish my prey around five o'clock in the morning and I commented that blessings of God and I take you back was a quickness called again to blessing the blessings of God is blessing in itself so I would like to urge us I don't only mean it's it's here is that we need to too difficult that is sent out allowing our hearts go out in Thanksgiving I'm crazy crazy William then we shall half tuning of freshness in a while religious Mark if you don't want to be advised that it wanted it is therefore mid- there below the appraising spirit thanking him the desk was unfit on the make a table to try yellow oval opening it becomes it you know some people they just they want to write a novel of limitations wanted him off in the Bible don't write another one it's just praise God and testify praising God said I will pay as you could do that is English I want Perez will take new fall of conversation with God 's eyes we would talk with your friend received appropriate the progress note April present toward these knowing God he said now I see a friend you know I have friended it to a friend Jennifer needs you will she does not talk you would understand what he wants to say even before you say it you start this in mind I know what you want to send and guess what it is to lie because of the friendship you are being to get up close on all that you know exactly baby away don't the one thinks and thought to your friendship would go yesterday was spent time with God through prayer through starting on their word and through practicing his residence in your life several phrases in Washington then you would do no doing wheel is Frank and it saves you you will this week to bed at one by order you will speak use mysteries for office personality you see these are just logical autobus who have close friends revote on key inflammation flow of France they don't even need to ask that don't even need whatever software you know what went if you started to attend already but please is just between us you want to you wanting on this with saying that we find on Keith inflammation to a LaFrentz but for the not close to us and we David recently give because we don't want it to be distorted to amuse humans go up used but for friends we also open weave one volunteer said we want to go more that be Gnostic I wanted to become a friend of God God would follow and see inflammation for you to send money is a you know what DC is what I'm planning to do going across for this I have a friend and they are helping to build schools in different divisions and he approached me one day seeing Paul this minute Toby and schools going ask IDs part of the one to give that money and it was also a man working a kind of vague and land and property as in them with the government vendor government at hot dipped line tool kind of give the land a new new new cobalt give it to a charitable DB2 for speech all that kind of the project then get my wish insight it just seems that you Doctor golf amend will give the book of mind you feel how fake it noble project quite costly quality for this he's just doing that and i.e. he reveals personality use these strengths you know that me stories to office person no many times I'm creating said moment I wanted to speak to me I know that these is not early church but I studying the Bible in this brutal property see that the government changed and I would like you to speak to me us while we maybe not every day alike AAA old people employ social blacks I would like to use your voice that has been my career and God has done kind of sure when things got undone almost got stuck him since I would never know not that I've arrived but species Michael I'm still I'm in a journey just let one of us but one thing issue I really want I want a really just life the spiritual life that is teaching my that is so that I know going personality and what a loss equity you find don't do that if they left they will and yet I am being discontented with just and often rich spiritual life it cost to be genuine and acceptable to God and these the relationship going once to establish Isola five heavenly father I know thing father a loving father one thing that a father once used to Haughey strong relationship with these children I know that from experience and it is a rewarding but need on the scene are you burning that decide what I thought going once a strong and genuine vibrant relationship with loss he strode that we need to spend time with him if this statement alone can't change our spiritual life do you upset that it's true but let's continue no weight loss will continue the ideal friends James subject to arrest twenty three ING with the jail was called the friend of God we stopped and an wall of these I did you said though so the text in Chronicles seven Chronicle subject to twenty rest seven blog himself said GE's my friend you know all many people would like to be called a friend of a powerful man or powerful woman rules that say all am a president of the nation said you suggesting we all relate we want to go to school he's my friend but on TLD says that he used often to you why use friend people will not be a God God PC and Graham he's my friend and Jesus said you were to I will call you my friend not just a servant we want this relationship it is not just a servant that would be one of already the seven God I'm a child of God but God you see you on my child but you also my friend back is the kind of relationship do you haven't his father William Monda would like to half children patterns of relationship but friends relationship that has been Michael my children to be also the deference and God is blessing and one of them is here Maurice etc. the one the vice president for the deprogramming of July see unclogged ones that those children of mine got really my friends the vast soul open and I am young for them and they are there also for me but gone these more galling is more so God is our friend he wants to be our friend but somehow we this kind of friend to say what you are my friend but I don't have time for you I am so busy I can't not write e-mail send text I am sorry on BZ UI thread but you have no time and almost like going to speaking full relationship but it should be built was it we need you more right of course Gordon offsets unfold this is done of a secret to know the will of God Paul taught and educated himself on all these hours the Assemblies of God you have received it because the direct from heaven and for Milwaukee's ministate you may intend to fight so on next done with heavenly audiences and here is a completion for the new mind of the speed of it is cruel I was server-based as well if we set a goal if we are in a service you will also reveal user will once this is not just revealing his will out of curiosity it is really feeling his way out for service formation that is their goal sure you fully unlocking all the manuscript if I don't involved in serving him we will not know his will you will not believe Bill is with so God let him reveal is whale what talk to somebody the laws why he informed in ministry in his mission because their goal forty feeling the wind of God used for ministry and for our work dedication to the work of God but how practical is it always this thing working Romans chapter eight verse twenty six and twenty seven it says in the same way discreetly and how saucy now a weakness we do not know what we ought to pray for we don't know that we don't want right now I don't want to be present just talking about the relentless grant we don't want to net Dom of luck to you soon won't be say by this he himself intercedes for ASP no wilderness and groom 's and he was certain is that Oaxaca 's goal is to mind on this because these intercede 's phone calls people Enoch four days with lots with it will all go so this through the use rental car yes we howbeit will distribute you know a half beautiful we know God personality God would tell us what to ask walkies use will and we only ask what is according to the wheel of the island year since the white states for one nation or any special great Woodhouse God sort nine unto them Austin Lord Ellen God gives you all the things that we called up when Jim you win one for Nigel Gault you would tonight lots and his glory and we would gloat before us you will these is a key sentence you when in fact what is the meaning of the night if you go at the big dictionary you would invite a lot picky since this is a Pennsylvania government word using court to say that they use someone will use Grendel 's brand name of what he was singing according to Google so that you too will have favor it would be agreed double according to words of all below of move 's low and it will distribute you string you would invite fellow conditions teaching us this is beautiful I don't know about you but this is exciting is it teaching loss for the affair you think that chaos present himself to be school on us that means they want to spin it is walking for Gosselin almost gone oh God Dylan is that it is working on a prayer to say that okay we would like you to ask these and these use how you see I'm God with onset that I noticed into the result we must not only bragging rights and a buck by the inspiration of will of the Holy Spirit so they want to spin it is inspiring our prayer visa explains walkies amendment when it is said that this we need to make event decision for us with groaning which can't be opted on here next to reduce everybody for Yukon sauce prayer gone Stallone said the fact is the key such prayer it is a long process but once we reach the then the onset will be yes so want to zip on a bank you could change you in the Bible the clearance goes first it is just like a chick the Commandments all Paul Reyes would be screened before Craig not often for us many times dignity events one may say if each user according to your weight we pray pray pray pray and then you feed tees according to you where some fact he's a kind of a Cleveland's with qualified to say well I've created up obviously but I'm aware that it's possible that it is not according to your with some okay usually say no that is how we pray amen right many times but according to these crazy means this is due to convenience in all the people who would interpret that like speaking is speaking in Tom's will think but bringing speed it is the way you would duel disk cleaning before me you know what lots are according to the will of God is your walk with God as your relationship with God would had you to know what to office and what not to ask I do know this is true even after leading real-life our relationship if you have a friend you know exactly if a friend is going to say yes or no yes no if you want to ask something if you really know something if you really know someone you know almost one hundred percent not one hundred percent because we are not going but you feel are with someone long enough and the and what she is your friend you know the onset of your request if you say okay that's a goal that's doing this you know you could would be yes or no I'm not different what do you do if you know that Don said he is in no you would not give an Oscar you you will save him from saying no to you you only ask when you know that the unsafe yes that is our relationship with God you forgot to below disclose the relationship of God even if you want to ask something you know that it is not according to the will of God you don't ask it you kind of saving bought from saying no because they could diminish and should be so bored and it is painful for a friend to say no it is what most more painful for the one for the one to say no event for the one to begin night if if if friendship is so close your friend is one who is there to do everything to please you so I say to a friend your phenol that God is so would be no you will not ask even if you want you will control your cells is it now either you want to know that's living will file but I know you will say no I will not ask societies experience all these people in the Bible the only costs once they know you'd use the will of because they spend time that knowing God bless DCP for a non- separate spending time knowing God many times many times we jump asking we don't give the goal going to do it it's also like a sitting someone advanced for the first time was once just a cost of the ID stock lost something very difficult you would not say yes you would not have time for that and he is not inclined to do that but he is a difficult relationship we've got bigger individual if any loss you might see us so they keys he had to change here is that it is always according to the wind of God but it should not be beautiful it should be beautiful but not after some other yes yes yes in the Bible it is as a result of 3-D walk with God all sucked in making their minds will be winning off-Broadway people do want to go on spending time on their knees like Jesus Christ early morning sometimes water like I'm throughout the day practicing the presence of God or wastes God disorder was that I didn't know Oaxaca getting with you on having these communion constant communion with God then God was even 's Ridge going with most affordable geocities inflammation to see you know what I ask for these and it was Keith and that's white suit is sauce for a blogged the lights on delights seat has to come for roll process of creating no-win it will of God consulted he got heartfelt tomato is to know you will also caught how do you know that we don't want just spending time and God will tell us what to ask and when God says Oscar this then for sure the onset is yes but you we don't spend time with God we don't know he 's mind we don't know his will then you cannot it is like what well that the Oscars probably these abuses according to the will of God but me try you are not sure they would've caught of course we we us human beings we are limited sometimes we miss that old you miss you didn't know all the will of God about deforming their flesh you missed that so sometimes we ask something is no we should expect that as well because we guess the court wrongly we made that mistake we often don't reach perfection but it should not beat it should be exceptional and wrap up in Detroit if we know can't then goal should be exception once in a while courts is not like pool bucket must be yes I thought is my prayer for you one of us tomorrow we will talk about free because not also is the key one one week he use it we don't want by these another one is free the area of free because gone on sale on the deep criminal faith so we need to know how to strengthen Aussie I would like to invite you to come on down south off as a promised we will half the ED prince she was seasonal grain once we understand this and then spend at least half of the time on some out one last seminar we just pleading with caught we don't want just to talk about prayer four six six stations I'm not proceeding with God we want to spend that time on it but tomorrow we talk about faith would conclude what is the name what is the meaning of training the name of God on gnome name of Jesus and then we spent most of the time out to be low strong faith according to the Bible according to the speaking of prophecy and I believe that we feel will thought and with faith strengthened then will have the expedience of Jesus and will talk also about being how to structure our prayer life out to fight these ideals not having time for prayer we'll talk about that as well well our time is up these shop there but we were dear Justin Ball our heads as we pray for thank you so much for revealing to us these key to announce that prayer we know that fella journeys too long we need converted loft but we are waiting so teach us Lord how to do this be with us now in the name of Jesus in her own this message was posted and see what twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona Jean Leslie supporting the teeth of the Senate that this is a success by none of the Bible in class and so I download other resources like this visit us online at the USC with the


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