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5. Relentless Prayer

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC five with thank you so much for us wonderful morning morning full of opportunity and morning that we are going to continue to study how to talk to you and hope to listen to your voice we pray that you operate miracles in our hearts and you know what life 's that's cool these exercise rule this study and send me know you would transform our lives you change us and will never be the same again thank you Lord for taking control and thank you for talking to us the name of Jesus we pray amen once again welcome back tool of his seminar on the relentless prayer relentless gray that is the prayer of Jesus and we would like to pray honest Jesus praying would like to halt their prayer life of Jesus I welcome all Ozzie said I didn't like to recopy beat a lot of qualities that we will pray as Jesus prayed because we read he said we must pray cause he prayed you must have one I sent you what nice would conquer Oz you can't cut and he said also that we we need to follow easy to well so all their goal of our seminar is the form of the example of Jesus Christ but it is said in the book must have surprised that they use away some hope in all things and donkeys in their context of prayer life so that throughout life of Jesus is our module Jesus Christ was here not only need to die for us but also to leave as an example for us so his life is an example is death is for us the half life it's all of Christianity is about to follow the example of Jesus Christ as well so it comes to prayer out we are not in darkness we would don't say well what kind of prayer life that I should the example of Jesus Christ is clear we just need to learn to study about it and put it into practice so I'll try a no goal is that by tomorrow will indeed spawned a journey of prayer life of Jesus Christ will be rating on alone but we need to improve all the time these the same that they be guessable invisibles is there room for improvement we need always to the rules we need to cool all the time anxiety sanctification even though we have been praying I know I'll all of Osceola operating but we need to cool all the time the very moment we see we feel that we have arrived then that means the beginning of the decline of all personal walk with God 's only idea we grow into better okay yesterday we talk about big Steve to on said Chris unrest saying that it is in-house to be according to do will of God will was singing that one recently planned and the record of the prayers in the Bible often in Old Testament and the New Testament you seen this thing that their prayers were almost coincidentally on said positive only a few exceptions their negative arms is with exception but the positive ones that is the client unfortunately we don't have a picture baby often many times would pray and we don't have sold watches his only son we talked about that yesterday while you sit is that in the old days Old Testament New Testament and early church we we see we read about this but somehow we don't experience and we studied yesterday that the big screen nation is that about no waiting bill will of God to pray according to the will of God I just promised that you use is going to onset our prayers even pray according to use we'll I thought these that will help us not to fall into presumption so the idea used to know via window you see him get past many times we pray and then we say you could use it according to the will of God in the Old Testament and a Bible if they know the will of God it is reading this critical property as well to know first doing wheel of thought and get corners we need will will guide us what to ask and how to ask and we said yesterday that God delights the concept that kind of prayer because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit Gillers noted Lucy Christ grace and then we ask and that prayer will be on-site and we said no so that it is about friendship God as an offering we need to know on as if we know God is then we know he's going and we've we have that friendship liking for a new friendship we would know exactly almost one hundred percent UV a friend will say yes or no and yes we know is not if you ask something from a friend and if we know the thought you would you wish you will say no we will not ask even though we want it because we want to scallion thrown to pay all say no to your friends and doctors away on all window wrapped with God sometimes I see said yesterday we miss the point we make a mistake that means we are strongly we guess wrong that's why we are asked and then God said no not that one in us why we have some of our output has a unsaid we've been no one set because of gone nosebleed so we should what wall no one is doing beyond sent because we are not perfect you do know we all do we look on we made the lease is not going but after he's it should not be detained it should be a kind of exceptional thought is the point of view for just reached that then it would be all right because humans are also called music at least once when you are asked for the floor not on this list to be removed God said no that one might will use different my will is for you to Cadiz adopt is not according to my will shall pull somehow just did not exactly do what God wanted it sure you know all personal lives it may happen that way we may pray for something God will not say yes not that blood does not involve us after the long sophomore because you once asked will have picked but generally speaking we must know we sure do know that we don't thought because of the work of the Holy Spirit in us I thought these the guidance of the Holy Spirit so these one is somehow a long way will have a lot on sent the shortcuts sometimes you know them we think it is short but it is long when we would have a negative balance it is just lots and then think or say well if he dues your way of thought this fox but these one is along a long way you will have with you will have two to be close to God you'll have to keep you relationship with God you're not doing when of God we have to be friends of God I do not believe why Jim looked of time that you quite a logo education but these use the best solo to how fellow players on said you don't equalize oblasts his seriousness you know what woke we've got to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit don't know all the beasts want you should we should are speech one we should not ask exactly I want prayer life will be so rewarding it do not digest of a couple few minutes no waiting user will we talked about that and then knowing the mind of God 's Holy Spirit will guide us I'm these days what do we I said yesterday I would like just to reduce again is that you have we keep an decision crisis object lesson page one hundred and twenty nine city if we keep the Lord Avenue before us allowing a walk constable out into thanksgiving and praise to him we shall have haunting of freshness in a lot religious life I walked Reyes will take the form of a conversation with God honest we would talk with your friends I year will speak is the mystery school honest personality factors in the above that we need to reach that called was really tossed us honesty of rent I'm going to say this is my friend I would like to review my mysteries to you for a ceremony is my coffee didn't you remember and run before call it displays so dumb and Laura then called almost like saying all I was about to me something I must I must endeavor but this because youth you find out and I did not discuss it with him then I will think you would be damaged Saul God said no I must discuss this with a broom and you went and talked lab rat amend up around me know distorted a Brown's diet tried to say will know you can find safety people I think doing it said no no no no I would never do that once it was about and then keep one of them decreasing the number that is a kind of relationship that God wants to establish with the children to be a friend of caught donkeys the press hospital that the kind of the half put your name friend of lot who are you a different kind had thought these guys his fact out that you can't half to be defined of God I'm good news for us today it is possible to be a friend of God and the one of us and Jesus said it said Doug you are not just a subject you walk my friends that should be our goal then gay on said prayers should be given by Pro a while result although a friendship because you've got a friend your friend is a real gift from God it to friend because sometimes you don't even need to ask your friends is lucrative and you knows you need I understand I think you need a piece I said mom find down your friend was in all decades did not infiltrate the lottery if I was in all Exxon God would like to hop also even if you don't ask sometimes bugs it will do you need this don't you think you need these said yes he did I did just thank God for that fact is the key to an unsigned prey to establish a friendship with God and Doctor requires that you quite a lot of time standing to one of God that requires local time to be on the line knees and often requires you way of thinking through all of the day just to be in touch with heaven in communion eyes you do it in July talks about that in the book of steps of Christ eyes as we do as we work then we need to establish own ways these collection just think of God just radiating en suite as we do all the things that gone us ask us to do and these communication and that is true you could also really close friend is then up what you are doing something you think of that for and if it is true in human friendship about defined friendship that is Vickie is it clear they key to onset prayer is still be calm be a friend of God and then to know his will is just a bit byproduct of that no gloves will undo Holy Spirit we said they want to spin it will guide us would inspire off then all we would ask what God did would like us to ask idea again because of a cop on I read this said we must not already pray in Christ's name but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit this explains what is amended what it is said that the spirit maketh intercession for us with one name which can't not be a octet I did he said he is such pray call it delights coupons .gz kind of prayer from your friends you like to to give you like to say yesterday a friend yes or no fact is your goal to say yes to a friend now we will go quickly on day of the classic one what we need to dual out for our best will be on such a big one as we study these the parade according to the will of God that will remove us from presumption because we should not pray against the will of God then we need to pray also in username he said he had enjoyed himself to fourteen verse thirteen and fourteen on that one dual lots of value are skiing my name saw that his son may be bring glory to the father you may ask me for anything in my name on high will do it that is almost like a blonde chick by this blonde chick is given to a friend noted name Immanuel to someone who'll wish not was not will does not know what is the relationship with God so all is giving you a blonde chick girlfriend is scheduled Davies is it a blonde chick walked up but it bluntly studies at the hospital be you my name so that his son may be bring glory to the father and that this is amazing you said you may Oscar me for anything in my name on on loan to it I will do it what is the meaning of in my name steps of Christ again that is a wonderful book steps of Christ page one hundred and one hundred and one said but to pray in the name of Jesus is something more than a mania may be shown of the name on the beginning and the ending it is the prey in dim mind on Spiegel Jesus Wilde we believe these promises rely upon his grace and work saw a again their friendship this relationship with the Lord but Ray in the name of Jesus so we need to have decent relationship with you on that one we pray God Jesus Christ Lucy DS accepted of because is my friend is my friend in the name in the name of Jesus and unforgiven relationship that does so while no big conditions for all oppressed will be unset of Isaiah chapter fifty nine first wanting to estimate the someone can read Isaiah chapter fifty nine verse one nine two I moved doing these quickly and then we glow in what I promised yesterday to faith yes this is a very classical and reverse undocking steps to Christ it is expanded to say if we go on in the wiki you know ha ha your vehicle into a Nene New Orleans scene the Lord will not he offs but a prayer of the penitent client soul is all ways except it when ongoing wrongs are righted we may believe that law with onset Olympic issues so this is also a condition we must also forgive us you must be full given God does not require perfection from us the fiction that means no oh but what will be required to use that we must be for giving we must be replaced we must confess I was seems under them must be the situation said Glen won't know in wrongs are right we may believe that God will answer our petitions obligingly of the conditions alone manage our own manage wooden then complement us steps of Christ again ninety five alum manager wouldn't have felt home and I still defend both blocked we wouldn't advantage of point that we got to say no I am righteous these on semi- prayer when you have a HD is the alarming missile Jesus that would save us is a blog that would cleanse us yet we have yet used to give my lands you yet we have the world to a duel in complying with the conditions of acceptance so we can't not sit well I even though I don't confess even though I I play which seems even though I I I do these days again Goldwyn on send me all the time going to say you know you have it work to do yet we have the will to do in complying with the conditions of acceptance these we must be focusing must six we must put things right with God and with our filament and vehicle license up to feed respecting bear with each other and four p.m. what about grievances you may have against one another for genius as the Lord forgave you the grinding of presents a performance ready to be kind and compassionate to one another full gives a new job or just honesty in Christ Christ gone full gives you we can't not hold grudges you know what it's we can't not age we we can't not keep scenes you know what parts uninvited where you flap Google and then got closeness William and varnish those kind of things because you would be in the presence of volatile deadline under with a presence of God that one thing is sure seen so going into just like darkness I like what you like is that the optimism varnish and what is the way was centrifugation used only into presentable delights but if we do nothing this document 's layout file from God then the news would relish so cool deal cells in the presence of God all the time and then all these things you got up one garages in the presence of God we can't not doing these in the presence of God is not how many Joseph when you finish this this foundation is it all particularly in the presence of God iconic even though I'll get what I need on that with Mrs. forty four Joseph said no we are not actually on loan God gives you the Angels IKEA Pacific from Abu many times when floating to seem because we forget that God is but if God is present and we feet and we know you stand sanctification take place so forgive this integration is of God becomes easier because the thought media presence is a sunk defining precise but we can't not old crutches even though we think that we ought right on then without we need to have disputed the law give this said when you can't ask mercy and blessing from God using discrete input of the book steps to price again in Matthew chapter six verse twelve did when we come to ask mercy and blessing from God display when you come to pray we shall get how is the need of love and forgive Ness in our hearts I think I'll can't we pray for Dave Ross I want to ask honest we've will be out what dentists and yes donkey none for giving spirit your flip script or dry us to be heard we must will give authors in the same month I do all until the same extent as we will be forgive so this is clear so many times our prayers are not unsaid because of this if we hold grudges God bless is no because he is almost like uncle ranging us believe in that state all the time you feel you've got grudges you know Oaxaca and we would get what about we want and the gaunt one was not going to say you know I don't want to be a byproduct reward doing this kind of behavior is signal week without the woods won't do this until until you will ask for full defense not perfection because we would never be perfect in the sense of absolute perfection but for goofiness repenting and forgiving one another then God says yes I would onset your prayer and speed of love and forgiveness mops up to eleven by seventy five and one are when you stand praying if you won't add anything up against anyone forgive him so that your father in heaven may forgive you your scenes overall unforgiveness as well to forgive I'm going fossil because we know will be suggested Amanda so that we can go to their faith all drink results free to focus someone men's release you and her from liability to software punishment and penalty award Greek the Greek word that a CME is transmitted for give men's electrical organization or remains him so we must for give and the of the first doubtful in monthly chapter five verse twenty three twenty four therefore you go offering your gift copy alter the display of and remind them remember that killed Braga is something I is you need to give their use it is it was known said goal I'm all for the the offerings and then do some things of God said okay I'm more interested in reckless deviation so first and then do this often said that what you fell offering your gift at the Alta altar and then remember that your brother has something against you believe you'll give there in front of the altar goal first underlined it would first goal and being the one sent to your brother is then easily says Van and of you'll get so for Jesus Christ it is a very important monitor for gospel forgive for last lustful forgive list and before it's a very important market for Jesus Christ so we need to we need to house this idea for those moderate it is interesting what is written here recipe debts up to three by seven hospitals in the same way bugles to donate all to believe with your wife's I treat them with respect honesty week up pops another on us as we review all the gracious gift of life saw the north being witty Linda your prayers so this is not sensitive relationship between someone else but it is also about the relationship between spots spouses husband-and-wife yes we don't agree then going to say you fix the office of allies your prayer will not be onset would be ended so that the North saying with a year and your process so need to watch that I doubt we are saying about it these so we need to before given we need to forgive we need to love one another then we have to pursue via Oslo it is Sage 's year notes up a team best one Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray I'm not to give up and then steps of Christ when we do not receive them many things in gospel object time with us we are still don't believe that the Lord he is and he will also allow players then Seattle trust him even though you do not see the immediate onset to your prayers Apple needs promise I find it shall be given to you we talked about the relent as a businessperson runs we need to press on we've got so that these what we need you see that your conditions conditions to receive positive opposites we talked about the will of God felt about creating the name of God normal Jesus Christ I did talk about own silk being focused on critical insight with God and also with both of them that is critical and we have to perceive the pursuit of the note to give easy to get so far now is another condition for field adoptees Craig of the faith said here Mark chapter eleven verse twenty to twenty four half faith in God I tell you the tools if anyone say so these mountain golf for your something too busy and DOS not tops it is a hot button believes that what he says will happen it would be done for him doubtful I tell you what value costs for in prayer believe that love received it and it would be jealous and in steps of crisis it another element of preventing prey it is free to always take human oddities were so back is also one condition we need to pray and we need to believe you need to have faith but we know our faith is weak how to increase our faith him then I wealthy you speak see also two and unzipped prayer in the Chapter eighteen verse eight Jesus Aust is almost a rhetorical question however what is son of man this wheel would he find faith on the earth that is the question of Jesus and guns a scrum of you all like to know when however when the Son of Man comes with any find faith on the earth on safety so important without faith it is impossible to please God Hebrew chapter eleven verse six I didn't stress to join supper fibers forty days for everyone born of God overcomes the world this is the victory that has overcome the world given our free anime James sent alarm it is it is in no uncertain prayers without food you save face is a very important element of the constant prayer faith so we need to to develop faith in testimonies one and two page four hundred and forty two this is after anybody stopped if this sentiment by the spirit of prophecy saved this solo April first to believe on not really a reality to them they often not genuine faith and peace is about baths about about the people of God so these easier rare homeland do you noncustodial mocked up a six foot five and six said he would not do any miracles that accepted that his actions on a few sick people and healed them and he was on mayonnaise on Gerlach of free knock of faith is all appropriate and that tool disturbing statements popped out cent profit page six hundred and fifty seven and three stadia on to talk all the children of God use due to the lack of sleep instead at the failure on the part of the children of God is due to the level three I'm given in all testimonies one six page four hundred and fifty eight it is sick economy mouth God 's kingdom is a game that by the dock so that disadvantage that's what Jesus Christ said when it comes will he find faith on the ons is likely to be no bucket would newsies these can't be the first five days also a prophecy that there would be the Bible and of inflammation Saul is based on a set it can't be changing to a yes for us instead when you find faith and Johnson would be yes because here we are by degrees of God we are talking about faith many times we don't talk much about the space we cancel crowded that without faith we may talk about many things about when it comes to face we don't really some obviously how to I will freeze being a stronger and I'm glad that we are talking about these today because it is so critical when it comes to what relationship with God when it comes to crimes and pray how to increase our faith of news for us in Romans chapter twelve and first three it is saying that God has given to and from a human being in May shop of faith what is the meaning of this you will have the computer right on my computer here you are a program inbuilt in this in this company the right one you buy it God sent they use all reduce software opportunities the president wants in bid for it to function yes I know all the lies how can you started so there must be a kind of a software over the inbuilt in our system I want to say look one I manufactured you I opt for thoughts software of that program hopefully they stunned that's why it is so hot to become a northeast there is a book written the title is I don't I don't have enough Faith to be an northeast it and don't have enough faith because it is so hot in the book of Ecclesiastes it is said that God us do you know a hot so God doesn't want already view spirituality inclination to whom it was super cool that's why someone you know if her son must worship something if they don't worship God it was cheap I don't wall washing something else because obviously in bill I I have a friend to friend that was long time ago and he you did not believe the Glock and he told me that one day it was ranting about to die I dissent it was so hard for me to remain in much addition of not believing in God I was tempted to belief in God I had to walk high basic note to believe in God I know I sound found to be leaving God is sporting us in the nation of the eye these Hebrews chapter twelve verse two it is said looking unto Jesus the author I have seen a shift of policy and the original for all the kind means also will rejuvenate basalts and finish up perfect and then she wiped talks about a block piece as well the spirit of prophecy is powerful it said face is not enable us to seeing now all gifts using the Excel interface always some may shop is imparted to every human beings said that he nibbles hospital receive golf gifts is imparted to all which some measure these impolitic to every human being saw that he is in the May shop of faith in us and it is not Thomas is not the money flock to buy offs we can't not create faith go on and off for us we welcome Lorna we've think I'm what I long for what alumni did you have always trying to anymore that freaks the universe so when you talk about faith that Jesus won't perform us to her feet because we upload we you as a human being you have that faith is just a matter of knowing knowing what to do for the faith UTC it may shut a free to start with an cost-cutting increase that that's why got to associate a little bit rate is it increase velocity book chapter seventeen verse five increase that means it is there but it is still so that the rate increase off me so we can't pray Lord I don't have enough faith increase my faith and using mocks Apennine bristling we are before you remember this is said about about big disciples send out I'm defined of the time was sick is that you feel couldn't believe all things are possible to him believes immediately give father of the child cried and said with tears though I believe how and how much unbelief it's almost like a contrast is that I know my faith is very weak right now I don't want my child to be healed I don't have enough credits for my child to be healed but not me increase my faith in God likes that kind of prayer and the child was that means God Jesus Christ on so that prayer increase my faith is not father thought they space increased so we need to pray Oscar bought how to increase our faith honest gaunt even though you don't have enough faith to ask for more faith you three and the Holy Spirit it was subprime is it okay that is a very very basic all requests I will grant it so that you have enough faith so you pray you cry out to thought that if father of the child bulldog I really need faith please increase my faith in God we increase our faith that is one remember that quickly similarly how to increase operate Romans chapter ten press seventeen so then faith comes by hearing viewing by word of quality holiday trees all phase we just need to stop to rubella minds in the Oaxaca as you said yesterday with the word of God because you for what you mix our faith within what o'clock it would become strong do what a blog is one most likely software blocks debate the program that is built a new know a hot sell you went for it one of God keep on pointing to one of God as a result of these the mix of their fifth God can build faith I do one was like watering it would be one of God then that land will grow in CD but youth was half wall you've report file this is not computer then it would be spawned one thing that's why we have to be careful on what report do no one minds you know Oaxaca what we catch what we seek what do you see if you feel have lots of strong faith we need to God how Los Angeles because it God it was so communicate us with the licenses what we notch we need to block what we eat what we read what we listen if we keep on watching something that is not helping a lot faith to be strong don't expect to have strong free so we fly still be strong we need to be very selected items correct in what we put because like a company Dragon what about we want it would be process and it would be the all what do you want processed output don't expect attributes in our food that's something that we don't put it on log Gainesville division of full out save that watching some new so things like that but I'm taking the truth attended vision is a bot must find mayonnaise things are funny if we don't control these it would destroy all outlaw prayer life not time as it ought to ask them to pray because really you are already spend one oh two was watching two two visa wallabies sometimes they are but it comes Linda your time to spend with and that it cannot think the last sentence I have taken a stand I'm not against people watching but as far as ample and said I don't watch it because if I want to know the news I have I have somewhere else to find a new IE bylines what I get from it and what kind documents that can't create a create by the sender said well probably it is not the best thing for me maybe for someone knows but for me I will not because I want to spend more time on my knees I want to spend more time starting to one of God because I think the last time we obviously people so we need to my major lifetime we need to money time to be able to do this a lot time you stop already but tomorrow we will finish how to increase our faith will talk about a clock face this appropriate and a Bible talks about these how to increase philosophy I have just done half of all about faith so would like you not to muse that because I remember I would pray also tomorrow will have a season of prayer but let me just sum on a piece be careful of what you watch what you eat what to touch what to hear your sex and be generally self of your time so that you can spend time on your knees so that you can spend time of the Dean the word of God because they want golf cart use that software that can defeat the scene builds program that God does done one's money Fox had us we have to hope I know all is that God once I still have abusive relationship so today we are going to spend and will pray I'm also booked to give us strong faith let's pray I will God our father we estimate that we are but we ask you to give us to increase our faith Lord we know that we only give easy and whipping wondering how can we seek peace in but we know better we talked to be blamed we have no money jaw times where so have a pot 's to prioritize our time with you reading the Bible be on the line needs to loosening your voice and talking to you so that our faith will be strong and will become indeed your close friends and I own this message was included in Key West twenty fourteen the Arizona USC supporting the teeth of the sense that this is just as satisfying on the Bible faith so when Christians download Texas other resources like this visit us online at the leader of the US team with double


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