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I Want to See Jesus

Sebastien Braxton
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"Often when we are facing sorrows and griefs, we think of the times when Jesus was on earth, wishing He was somewhere near in our day.  Then, we would go to Him and tell Him our sorrows, and He would accept us and have mercy upon us.  Yet, what if there was a way for us to see Jesus today?  This message utilizes the messages of OT and NT prophets as well as to Sanctuary to show that one of the offices of the Holy Spirit is to help us to see Jesus and sense His presence."


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • October 12, 2014
    11:00 AM
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so on this is the server the final on the north series although we started last night called life with the spirit and one hundred in a different direction to this one on because I want to do a little bit of teaching and that's okay on and I want to talk about the Holy Spirit in the context of the sanctuary in the Bible and in specificity in relationship to Christ and so on if I were to give this message entitled I would give it the title I want to see Jesus I want to see Jesus buyer has with me I pray mighty God everlasting father we are so grateful that you have counted worthy even though we are not working to be recipients of your rings father we need all the grace that heaven is willing to bestow that we may live before you and be perfect we ask that the spirit of God whom Jesus prompts that when he is called would guide us into all truth that he shall not speak of himself whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak and he would show us things to come behind us Lord as we study this all-important topic and continue in our final message you want to see Jesus and experience of life with this we thank you so much for our even answer this prayer in our hearts this evening and we trust that we leave this place blessed and encourage loving Christ more than one which in Jesus and pray in a way to get a job with a statement this is how the story goes it says so after this I had another dream I Denise in the spare with my face in my hands reflecting like this in Jesus what on earth I would go to him throw myself at his feet and held all my sufferings he would not turn away from me he would have mercy upon me and I would love and serve him always I never felt that way before that going to a situation of great despair of great song relevant date of greater problems and you said to yourself I wish Jesus was upon and I could go to him and tell him all my sufferings she had been in such a place of pain in a discouragement she wished that she could go to Jesus 's doorbell and know that Jesus was home and ring the doorbell I know that Jesus was a Satan Jesus cannot come in I just want to tell you myself and Jesus was a company and so you can imagine that as we all vote of different struggles as we all face different problems we can resonate with this desire can you say that that I can go to Jesus and think about my parents getting divorced or the fact that me and my wife for not getting along the way that I hope we can get along I could actually go to Jesus and tell him all myself and I know Jesus would have mercy upon and I know Jesus would receive me I know he would turn me away and I would love and serve him all but it goes on and says just that the door opened and a person of beautiful form and countenance entered he looked upon me pitifully and said do you wish to see Jesus do you wish to see e.g. is here and you can see if you desire take everything you possess and follow me I heard this with unspeakable joy and gladly gathered up all my little possessions every treasured trinket and followed my God eleven ageless student apparently affairs their way rails there waits usually as I began to ascend the steps he cautioned me to keep my eyes it's awkward that I should grow dizzy and fall on this I should go dizzy and fall many others were climbing the steep ascent fell before gaining the top finally reached the last step and stood before a door can hear my guy directed me to leave all the things that I had brought with me I cheerfully made them he then opened the door and baby enter in a moments I stood before Jesus there was no mistaking that beautiful continents that expression of benevolence and majesty could belong to know as his gaze rested upon me I knew at once that he was acquainted with every circumstance of my life and my inner thoughts and feelings I tried to shield myself from his gaze feeling unable to endure his searching eyes when he drew near with a smile and laying his hand upon my head said fear not the sound of his sweet voice thrilled my heart with happiness it had never before experienced I was too joyful to utter a word but overcome with emotion sank prostrate at his feet while I was lying helpless there seems of beauty and glory passed before me and asked will reach the safety and peace of heaven at length my strength returned and I arose the loving eyes of Jesus was still upon me and his smile filled my soul with blacks his presence awoke in the holy reference and inexpressible my guide now open the door and we both passed out in Bingley take up again all the things I had left without this and on hand in the Evergreen court coiled up closely as you directed me the place my heart and when I wish to see Jesus taken from my bosom and stretching to the utmost he cautioned me not to let it remain coiled for any length of time that it should become not even difficult to straighten I placed the coordinator my heart and joyfully descended the narrow stairs praising the Lord and telling all my next where they could find Jesus this dream gave me hope the green court represented faith to my mind and the beauty and simplicity of trusting in God began to dawn upon myself and when I read this is not the first time but the second time in my life I was running a missionary training school in Cambridge Massachusetts about six blocks from Harvard University and as I read this I was really impressed with it I was going to a lot of difficulties in my life and I said to myself that I wonder if this thing will work right so I started getting up early in the morning and I would bow down to the basement of the home will wish they had the missionary residence and I would thought I would pray and I would pray and I will bring us a better way to stay here until you show me Jesus is what I said I did this for about since they not been around and I recall that when I stop billing as an icon again mother was like yeah you know there's not really nothing to this I reread the statement again and when I read it again I realized something I did not pick up on it first you remember that she started off by telling the drain by saying in the dream she was an abject despair she was discouraged she was broken in line at all she was thinking was that I was Jesus work on the earth I would bulletin my sufferings be remembered what do you also remember that when she got into the presence of Jesus she didn't say anything she said is still as his eyes met her she immediately knew that he was acquainted with every thought and feeling upper heart in other words we think that if Jesus was upon the earth and we can go see him we would go and tell Jesus all of our challenges we without Jesus all of our dreams we went out to all the things that were afraid of women go to Jesus for counsel we would go to Jesus and Saint Jesus you know what what even after studying University waving about this young lady with his young men are considering for relationship what do you think about the struggle that I have with music sometimes outlandish idolization I'm not old women want to ask Jesus but yet you find the fact that we are taking something that is not actually going to take place that if we were in the presence of Jesus we would say nothing is immediately as she told us he thought was in the joint I already knew that he was acquainted with every thought and feeling of my being to such a degree that he said he tried to shield herself from his days was going away from researching price to recognize this reality there's also the fact that this designer to see Jesus to be in his presence to want to be with to bring our care is our sorrows are burning pain problems through Christ we would recognize he already knows Jesus in hopes were not going to Jesus to live on but what we don't realize is that there's something healing about the presence of Jesus there was something encouraging about the presence of Jesus there was something to minister to her hard into her life to her mind that gave her a new car which I gave her first resolve by being in the presence of Jesus but to see our message tonight is not is about the fact that we don't have to despair we don't have to be described as able Jesus is in heaven but Jesus is ministering in the heavenly sanctuary how can we go to Jesus how can I be in Jesus 's presence because the knife messages about the fact of how then can you and I find ourselves in the presence of Jesus when Jesus is there and have how is this possible in my answer is very simple it is through the agency of the Holy Spirit and I want to show you this from the point are you ready all right take your Bibles I want you to go to the book of Psalms chapter thirty six Psalm thirty six Psalm thirty six negative you could say then do not dare to say have mercy Psalm thirty six are you there you have your Bible disagree for me I'll bring it Psalm thirty six are we all their all right this is what the Bible says the Bible says do the words of David he says for with you is the fountain of life in your life we see life with you is the fountain of life in your life we see life now this is kind of an enigmatic statement but I want you to notice how many different kinds of like you see in this text on a different kind of light are here to his advantage how many two products anyone else want a second that motion how many kinds of lighting you see in this verse it's okay you can enter the preacher how many kinds of life for me was a warrant some people say to that it was a one theology was a one kind of like an easier as is arguably wrong be strong not to be a frugality was a two kinds okay now the answer is still God 's oneness and why will explain why that is the case so go back to the Bible with me Psalm thirty six in verse nine so I want you to notice that David says in your life that means God 's light right he says I see something else so it was one of the technical there's actually three times of life in this verse there is the life that helps you to see because what is the purpose of life the city right to make manifest thank you November third wrote Ephesians chapter five Ephesians in the New Testament for not taking notes you should take notes you don't get overwhelmed by the Bible texts Ephesians chapter five are you there gave astronomers thirteen and the Bible says but all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light of whatever makes manifest is is likely with me yes or no because in Ephesians five okay so the Bible says but all things that are exposed are made manifest how how are they supposed my life why because whatever makes manifest is Islam so whatever reveals something to you whatever lay something in your able to see your able to grasp it you are able to understand it that is liked so when the Bible says kneeling on the charge of Christ are the light of the world we are supposed to make something manifest it we are not revealing something we are not making something clearer to people and were not putting in a window there now able to see it we are not liked by following we are not the light of the world because we decided to become a member of his local congregation we highlight it we are making something manifest are you still following synopsis on thirty six go back there as we just learned the purpose of life and the purpose of life is what to make something like manifesto revealing that's a very simple way of saying the reason for life it is why it helps you to see that's the point so now it's on thirty six the Bible says in your life so now gone how the light David says bin Laden am worshiping he says his life helps me to see the light so he says in your life we see light song one Annie says I will be able to see light if it wasn't for God likely with I can't see the light for its self I need godlike in order to see the light are you still talking with now as a result what we can understand from these bars is that the light that David is talking about secondarily is not helping him to see something are you listening because you only like to see like the following it's like if there is like you see the light and everything else the light manifests unfollowed so it's not like you have to turn on the light to turn on the line following the return on the light the light is on and now you can see you guys up to light switches in your house turn on the light so I can turn on the light the only differences are there two different kinds of life following so I turn on the light so that I can go see in the Winsock internal delay in following therefore when I turned on the beginning is not the same as the other like exactly the same as so when David says in your life we see light in Jesus 's life in God 's light is that I am able to see something I was not able to see before and what the thing unable to see is life itself now this becomes significant because we can understand this concept through the sanctuary knowledge of the notice something about the fact that in the sanctuary in the Old Testament there are how many different components of the sanctuary does anybody know how many together with don't be ashamed to know you can know how many marks of the sexuality breed that is correct one two three so the first section is called the outer core very good in the second section is called the sanctuary on the holy place in the other the third one is most holy place of the holy of holies in the Hebrew so now in every section of the sanctuary something gives off light on following in the out-of-court what is the thing that is giving off light the altar wise and getting off-line because it's burning by following this that when you go into the holy place what is giving off light the candle sticks and we welcome the most holy Place was getting online the glory of God the presence of God is light so in every section of the sanctuary there must be light in order for you to see when tracking this so now you will be able to see the sacrifice if there is no fire so you need in order to see the sacrifice if you go into the holy place you won't be able to see the showbread on the altar of incense if that is no less how can the priest doing his work valuable to the most holy place you will see anything if you don't have the presence of every single section now this will come back to us as a very important element so let's talk about very specifically the golden candlesticks knowledge of the notice was once invincible golden candlesticks miscoded numbers chapter eight in verse two numbers chapter eight in verse two messages I want to see Jesus are a number story that okay the Bible says when you are right on so I speak to Aaron and say to him when you arrange the labs the seven lamps shall give light where in front of the lampstands following this so when the land is getting likely to give light in multiple directions is an outright so if I take the lamp in my room and I tried a different direction is getting like a specific place I drunkenness so another separate in Bristol we learn that not lampstand is to give light where encouraging I know you read it in the text numbers eighty two cents and get the seven last fans waiting to give light in front of them right before that depending on your translation now visited another one is going to Exodus twenty five Exodus twenty five we find a similar point being made case of Exodus twenty five when I look at verse thirty seven Exodus twenty five verse thirty seven are you there okay the Bible says you shall make seven lands for it and they shall arrange its lab so that they didn't like how over against the that means over against it is that which is a cross of the King James version and the new King James they just tell you plainly what is trying to say which is in front of the last thing is not behind it itself over against the doubt which is across from this thing so when we look at the Golden lampstand the Golden lens that is not to give light upon itself by following where is this life supposed to shine in front of it now if you understand the organization of the sanctuary what is in front of the last thing was across from the some people are whispering in the table of celebrant is across somehow when the praise walked into the holy place on his left side is the southern burning lamps across from the labs are is the table of showbread stacks of twelve he starts at six sixty six with utensils and everything draws a walk thing he's able to see across either because the land is shining specifically for the purpose of illuminating the table of showbread is almost like when you're eating with someone don't you have one you do run a soldier 's life is able to provide the fact that now the police can see this bread so now we just said that here you have this lamp is designed to give light in front of itself this lab is shining specifically on this object that is across from it which is the table of children so now let's build upon this and see what can this land be a symbol of in the world bought this little revelation chapter four just want to have a Bible study with you tonight to teach normally unable to a lot of verses but I believe the liberty to teach which is what I've must I actually enjoy a lot more revelation chapter four are you there he said that if you're not there to say have mercy so we know Revelation chapter four are you there okay so now John is taken into heaven and he sees the throne room of God as he's taken there to see the problem of God the Bible says he describes the person sitting on the throne he describes the four elders in verse one and verse five he says and from the throne proceeded lightning spidering 's invoices and seven one so far you were burning where before the throne which are not seven spirits of God are you following so now we understand the number seven in the biblical contents of the continent completion because of the perfection so now here we are the seven spirits that are burning of Orbach which is mentioned also in Revelation chapter one is also honestly an allusion to the Holy Spirit the third person of the Godhead so now in this context the Holy Spirit is being described as the ventricle 's revelation is filled with sexual imagery so here you have the throne room and in the ballroom as John goes up in heaven he's getting this thing in vision he sees seven laps but he knows that the Rams are a symbol of the seven spirits by following us over so now the seven spirits these lampstands on Revelation chapter four are associated with the Holy Spirit we don't just have that physical to Zechariah chapter four K Zacharias in the Old Testament is the book right before Malachi in Zechariah chapter four we begin to understand another illusion in the Old Testament to an association with the Holy Spirit and the golden lamp stands Artaxerxes amen if you're not there to say have mercy some Gizmodo okay because wanted to say because it makes them smile all right Zechariah seven four and merciless read the Bible says and he said to me what do you see so I said I am looking and there is a what a lampstand all solid gold with a bow on top of it and understand the seven lands with seven pints to the seven lamps to outage our body one of the right of the ball the other on its left so I answered and spoke to the engine talk to me saying what are these my lord so no one is asking about what is he asking about everything I just saw and what is included in what you just saw what is included in the last as what else all injuries what else the blows right now let's keep reading together then the Angel talk with me in verse five and answered and said to me duly do not know what these are and I said no my lord so he answered and said to me this is the word of the Lord is a rule about not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord who are you O great mountain before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain and he shall bring forth the top stone with shouts of grace grace to it moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying the hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple finales going into an old explanation of how this lines knowledge keep reading to prove that he's talking specifically about the seven lamps verse eleven that I answered and said to him what are these two olive trees what are these two what so what was the section about it it wasn't about harlotries what was it about the seven lamps and the bolts are you following on so now he say when you talk about the seven lampstands the message of the seven lands is not to be done by Mike is normally done by power was going to be done by my Spirit are you with me that's what the lamp was saying to Zerubbabel and tracking so now we have another instance in the Bible where the seven lampstands are again associated with the work of the Holy Spirit we saw in Revelation for now seen in Zechariah four go on to explain at the end of Zachariah what are these two olive branches that drip into the receptacles of the tool both types from which the Golden oriole dreams any secondly do you not know what these are and I said no my lord so he said these are the two what anointed ones who started beside the board that phrase there any signs of Russian oil signs of freshly so these two individuals apparently Zachariah is made aware that there are two beings inhabiting that stand beside God and continue to send out the audio to this one they are the ones that constantly sent Russian oil to make sure this thing is still going anyways as one of the less will do Lance on the word of God to the world belt that is not interviewed by Mike is not really my power but by my spirit so these individuals are the ones that when God uses to send the Holy Spirit into the earth some very interesting concept when applied to the sonata Zachariah for Bible study now in looking at this we have two situations where the lesser associate with the Holy Spirit now what is the significance of this because we said a song thirty six in your life I what I see like so now we describe the thing that helps us to see in the sanctuary and the thing that helps us to see if the seven golden what residents and we said that these can be a symbol of the Holy Spirit its power to illuminate some but what is an illuminating in the sanctuary in the holy place the table of celebrant so let's talk about this a little bit so now when we talk about the table of showbread allegedly on John chapter six John chapter six percent of time available to all the verses John in the sixth chapter many universe forty eight Gospel of John six chapter are you there you can say that okay so in John chapter six Jesus begins to talk a lot about Greg this is where he worked with lyrical and he fed them with common pieces of bread five loaves and two fishes you guys know that story so right after this miracle Jesus goes into a dialogue with his disciples about the cost of the true bread so I wasn't a notice in John chapter six and I want to begin in it we should probably get some context here so in John chapter six verse twenty six the Bible says Jesus answered them and said most assuredly I say to you you seek me not because you saw the signs but because you ate of the loans and were filled do not labor for the phone which perishes but for the food which endorsed to what everlasting life now the purpose of the grant is to sustain the body and following you give the bread and keeps perpetuating but Jesus says you should labor for the brand that when you eat of it in these the what how much life everlasting life so he says usually prefer that food which the Son of Man will give you because God the father has set his seal on it wait that's weird verse twenty eight minutes of him what shall we do that we may work the works of God this is the work of God that you believe in him only asset therefore they set him what's on when you perform than that we may see it when you want to work when you do our fathers ate know what manner in the desert as it is written he gave them bread from heaven to eat then Jesus said to them most assuredly I say to you Moses did not give you the bread from heaven but my father gives you the true bread from heaven for the bread of God is he who what comes down from heaven and gives his life to the following what is the bread of God is Jesus by following so the bread of God is Jesus but he goes on and out they do now to verse forty eight because it is studied all of this gets extremely amazing when Jesus is teaching your dog understands verse forty eight Jesus says I am the bread of life your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness and are there this is the bread which comes down from heaven that one may eat of it and not die I am the living bread which came down from heaven if anyone eats of this bread he will live forever and the bread that I shall give is my flesh which I shall give for the life of so now the plan is literally a symbol of the flesh the humanity of Jesus that he says will be given will be torn will be bantered will be broken for the life of the world because when you want to eat bread in the Hebrew culture and back in those days in the book in the near East you'll break off a piece of the bread urologist the whole love is not getting below you can write a new breaking business unfamiliar in communion so he talked and he broke the bread and said this is my body so now here we are in the sanctuary now the Bible is telling us white here in the sanctuary Jesus says I am the true bread I am the living bread through my body is how you sustain eternal life if you eat my flesh but my flesh is not talking about a physical blessing upon all cannibalism is talking about is the fact that his sacrifice on the cross and this becomes extremely fascinating in the Bible because in all the articles in the sanctuary the only thing what it is packed up and ready to travel in numbers chapter four now discovered with a scarlet claw with a red cloth in the sanctuary is the children everything else is covered with a blue cloth except for the ashes from the altar that covered with the purple one know what you think about this research Jesus says the brain and I'm talking about is a symbol of my flesh which will be pointing broken for you the sacrifice of Christ interview and I don't sit down to take time that Jesus says to take the cross and to digest this experience to recognize the humanity of Christ in the sacrifice upon the processes you have to Calvary to see the bread of life broken for you what have you seen the fact that if you eat of this bread you will never perish but this will need him for everlasting life there are many people who are starving right here in this church because they have not have the bread of life there are people were starving right here in your community because they haven't had been living the true bread that comes down from heaven that when people eat of it they shall never die because there's something about the crucifixion of Jesus the focus of his body the breaking of the bread of heaven that he talked to us and gave to us and said take eat this is my body for the world and the Bible says you can't see the bread without the lengths you can't seem to bread without relapse what is the significance of this there is the significance the first point is goes out the rest of my conclusion about five minutes the first point is this when Peter and John were there across yes or no John was downright peters started to be there then Peter did what he denied the Lord and then he went on and left so now here is John the apostle the disciple is after crucifixion dwells without the crucifixion Mary the mother of Jesus Mary Magdalene right levels of the crucifixion pilot while Centurion Wells was there his brothers who else was there to abuse that a lot of people at the process finally that were changed out of all those people always transform a table across blouse black the centurion one other person 's name is Nicodemus who came for the body of Christ out of all those people these were the only ones that were transformed my single greatest event known to the history of the numbers are understanding this concept why is it that John saw the crucifixion the other disciples knew about the crucifixion they saw the broken body of Jesus they seen this whole situation and they are not change this is why it is completely absurd to make a movie about the crucifixion of Jesus as a family plan visually on the screen it will start impacting people through the passion of Christ but this is nonsense that were people who were physically there who were not changed by the event the only biblical supply to enroll all the time there's nothing special about a costly crucifixion the thing that makes it special is who is being crucified and there is nothing about Jesus that you should desire there was no comeliness there was nothing about driving ability thinking must be the son of God the only way for you to see the plan for what it was was delete illumination of the Holy Spirit this is why Peter James and John all these disciples who follow Christ for three and a half years even after resurrection they were still scared but there was something that happened after Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down and now Peter is no longer afraid he standing before the exact same priests that he was calling from just a few days earlier couple months ago Peter was beating feet I don't know the man I never let the men as was Peter but when the Holy Spirit comes down now Peterson was always obey God rather than that you judge and the Bible says his enemies looked at him and said then these men have been when Jesus when I perceived that they were unlearned man Samantha Scott has been with Jesus but when they came up or said Peter have you been with Jesus we know we've been with Jesus Peter said no I haven't I don't know the man are you seeing the contrast and the difference in Peter 's experience has nothing to do with all not across his path and on now I can put my chest out and I can be courageous now because Jesus died and gone no no that's not the issue there's no killing Christians are still putting people in prison is still persecuting them why is it that Peter has courage now we didn't have courage before it's because something took place in his experience about the cross his mind wasn't delineated by the power of the Holy Spirit in his light he could see he could now see the red of life for what it was this is why just telling the story of the cross sectional I remember when the passion of Christ came out in his movie everyone watches while Manhattan why did Jesus with all this stuff I remember one person very close to be called was pray for the person to give their life to Christ the calm crying I can't believe what Jesus went through I have no idea he'd been on the phone I'm thinking this is defined gently this person is telling me this their action is right or give their life to Christ feelings later back in the far drinking doing this doing that to say something thinking you were just waiting on the phone you cannot believe what Jesus had done for us because the problem is not the lack of vigilance the problem is the lack of the spirit in his light we see light but this is was interesting go to something that connected altogether John's under eight and verse twelve not Jesus says in the drill grabbed a living grad and the bread that is complementing the Eagles in John chapter eight in verse twelve and he spoke to them again saying I am the one the light of the world you follows me shall not walk in but how about my life so now here Jesus says I'm not just the bread but the bread is also the following this and it's not just in John chapter one was called there John chapter one in verse fourteen in the incarnation of Christ the Bible says and the Word became what and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of and true who is this becoming flesh this is Jesus so here you have the bread of life the word are all the same thing and the Bible says in your life we see like this is why when Peter came to Christ and Christ asset advantage of Christ question who do you tell men that I am Peter said you are the Christ the son of the living God Mrs. Peter did not reveal this on to you but my father in heaven I see that Jesus was the Christ because you reason it yourself because he tallied up all the messianic prophecies and added on individuals because you're just so what in your mind through the UN I've seen quite for the wedding is at the Christ the son of the living God it is because the Holy Spirit has tapped away is because he absolutely needed to align the reality behind the flesh of him who hung upon the cross there is no other way to see Jesus so before Jesus leads and he's talking to Peter and we said the labs where were they give like to Gaza for getting one's job as a holdover you can hang in there where does the like where is it in front of itself felt when Jesus comes and says in John sixteen the spiritual is come he will not testify help himself is not coming to talk about it so that's not the purpose of the Holy Spirit that's why we don't know anything about the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit was not sent to talk about itself the Holy Spirit was sent to shed light upon who Jesus so when Jesus asked Peter is better for you that I go otherwise the comfortable income and wise another comfortable income he says because I have to go so now why am I telling you this about the computer when I'm leaving to know where he I will be with you I will abide with you Peter James and John I will leave you orphans wait a minute you are the most often but you're leaving us you're going to prepare a place for us so following on a spiritual presence I have your answer right here he says you can experience it through the Holy Spirit so the question comes down in multiple folds when we look at this lesson in your light we see light the Bible 's first teaching us to accept our role as a royal priesthood that's the first thing the Bible 's teachings and to recognize if you and I are going to be priests of God a preacher not doing his work with outline so for us the Holy Spirit isn't all essential gift because guess what the priest has to do with the bread every subject Leviticus chapter twenty four Leviticus chapter twenty four Leviticus twenty four five when you're there saying that he says and you shall take fine flour and big twelve takes with it two kinds of evil shall be in each case you shall set them into rows six in a row on the pure gold table before the Lord and you shall put pure frankincense on each row that it may be on the bread for Memorial and offering made by fire to the Lord every one DQ shall set it in order before the Lord continually being taken from the children of Israel by an everlasting covenant and it shall be for Erin and his sons and they shall eat it in a holy place for it is most holy to him on the offerings of the Lord made by fire by perpetual statute in other words the Texas telling us that the role of the priest is to change the plan every so that the police have to make sure there is fresh bread in the sanctuary every so but the only went for the police to do his work in changing the you are the only life that is in the holy place and the lengths so in other words how is the breeze going to execute his tasks when he doesn't have the light is the same question of saying how is it that you as a Seventh-day Adventist in North Hampton orbited it into your work without the Holy Spirit you will not be able to do it I will not be able to doing in order to see Christ 's sacrifice who he really is we must have the holdings were not only this because there is like in every apartment of the sanctuary we will never be able to see the cross as it supposed to be seen without the Holy Spirit will never be able to see the presence of God without the Holy Spirit in his right we see light people wonder why a person can grow up in the church to hear the story of the cross all their life and being no change because the problem is not the preacher the problem is not the story the problem is not the parable is not the lesson is not all how did you tell the story did you get didn't know this detail that is not the issue the issue is people can't see people can't see because it don't have been so before Jesus left us all to talk Moss 's because without the Holy Spirit you cannot see Jesus Woolsey and this lets us know that our only the is the spirit this word is interesting not only is this very eliminating Christ of the mind we also said Jesus is the word so that you got people studying the Bible without Mister but the Bible is letting us know that the only way to see light is in his life and therefore we need the illumination of the Holy Spirit to even understand the word of God to see the bread that has come down from heaven but there's one last point that addresses our son in a very particular and personal way because we said in his life the feeling in his life is addressing the fact that this is his presence it is the light of his presence but we said how can I go to Jesus how can I tell him my sufferings how can I find Christ in order to draw near to him when Jesus is in heaven he says no problem I will send my spirit and my spirit will be my presence to yours so that in his presence in his life you can want you can see my CS Lewis put it this way because I believe in Christ for the same reason I believe in the son this is not because I can see but because without it I can't see anything else when you and I understand this fundamental reality that I want to see Jesus the desire for the presence of the Holy Spirit is the desire to have Christ present in your soul lately how this experience that we can understand how people wrote the hymns that they were those people understood what they were talking about is so Sweet to trust in Jesus there was then understood what a friend of Jesus all our sins and greased one of privilege to carry everything to God I find one of these stories to be very compelling in our ministry working on a project so I can get going on the details but only until one of the stories is one of my favorite ones it's about the song to associate to trust in Jesus and by Louisa May seventy in endless song when I learned this the story goes that Louisa May she was married she had a daughter they went to the beach they were just having some time mother husband and child and while they were there they noticed that event was droning Barron water in the dad got out on the beach and ran into the water to try to save the man's life but unfortunately Louisa May and her daughter watched her father and her husband drowned trying to save his younger and there's nothing they can do about it he got sucked under the water they never saw him again like they are still suffering the grief of having lost their soul provider her husband her dad and try to make ends meet and after a few weeks they realize they have no more food abnormal money so just as they ate their last morsel of food is sitting there thinking to themselves what are we going to do how we going to survive how we can even stay in this house and they get a knock at the door and let out the door and he realized someone had brought apply then they close the door there was another knock and the door and someone brought a basket of bread then again of the bread again then had another knock at the door it was potatoes and food and as the mother and daughter were so overwhelmed and he started enjoying this boycotting the pioneer joined his that the mother that night after she put her daughter to sleep she sat down at her desk under her small length and she began to write the words of this point is so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take out his work just to rest upon his problems just to know the savable but her prayer was Jesus Jesus how I trust how I prove over and over Jesus Jesus precious Jesus oh four Greece to trust him more how do from this we can trust have you proved him over and over and visit your prayer to Saint give me grace to trust him this is what happens when we take the prayer that our libraries and says I want to see Jesus and the guy came out and said if you want to see Jesus he was here he is here and some as a walk-on of the sanctuary and be blessed with his sweet sweet and someone else can walk out of here God forbid with the same bird as the King through the person of his spirit he is here and we can go to him and we can tell them almost would have to go over the highest mountain we don't have to search the deepest we don't have to descend into the darkest piece we can knew down in the sanctuary right now and ask for his presence through his Spirit and when we do it we will find that any suite to trust in Jesus we will find that we will be able to prove him over and over constant prayer will be give me grace to trust you more than I trusted you yesterday and we had is involved in MBI 's clothes is there anyone in this room wants to join the upfronts at this altar on the very closing of the sound and say Lord I need your presence I mean the Sweet Sweet Spirit of Jesus and you want to tell Jesus through his Spirit what we say tonight you're welcome you are welcome into my heart into my life to pray for the Spirit of Christ is there anyone that has the courage stamina get up out of my seat on the come to this altar of mercy Lord I need to persons in my life through your Holy Spirit I need your presence in my life through your Holy Spirit however this night and I want to be able to tell my neighbors a lot of able to tell my friends it is sweet to trust in Jesus alone unable to tell my neighbors what a friend we have all my sins and reach the big one of privilege I have that I can go to Jesus they all enable to tell my friends my family my brothers my sisters to social I want to see Jesus becomes my prayer every day our prayer every days I want to see Jesus and I want to find any sweet to trust in every day I want to prove over and over in every damn good appraisal and give me grace to trust you I can promise you my brother and my sister Jesus will not fail Jesus will not let you you can find what every martyr has found it undefined with Peter and Paul's event to find with women who gave their lives for the truth found it are fine with Ellen White found it undefined with James White what Martin Luther John Leslie Yahoo 's begin to find when they found that eighty suite to trust in Jesus heavenly father when we are so grateful that on this night we don't have to travel to the depths of the sea and you don't have to climb the highest mountain Lord we don't have to ascend into the darkest Charlie's lordly don't have to tread the dusty roads nor do we have to go into the deep forest would right here right now in this sanctuary we can come in we can see Jesus that your spirit can be his presence in the Lord we pray that our daily prayer would become I want to see Jesus our daily prayer would be that would be able to rise from our knees stay after day and go to our friends to our loveless and say it's so sweet to trust in Jesus proved over and over in my prayer is just for more grace to trust father it is our prayer that we would leave this place with the healing presence of your spirit that we would receive him and that happened with no that you spirit of God you are welcome into our house you are welcome into our hearts you're welcome it's one marriage is you are welcome into our lives father give us this experience so that we can live the rest of our lives with the spirit always able to go to Jesus I this is a you offer this prayer from our crushed a media list processes audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio verse .org


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