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The Same Spirit

Sebastien Braxton
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"The church in Corinth was a gifted church.  Paul describes it as a church that came short in no gift.  However, this most gifted church also had the gift of problems.  Issues commonly seen throughout the life of Christianity since its birth until today.  One particular issue plaguing this Grecian church was the idea of exalting particular spiritual gifts above others.  The idea that the gift of tongues served as the supreme revelation of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life carries on until today.  1 Corinthians 12 was penned to unearth this misunderstanding.  But even more critical was the message that rang through that regardless of the gift given by the Spirit to the believer, it was the same Spirit."


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • November 10, 2014
    7:00 PM
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so this weekend on I intend to share with you a series of messages on that I have given the theme life with the spirit life with the spirit the Holy Spirit is actually a very personal interest of mine in studying and and constantly preaching because he recognized that in most places it is not reached is not talked about it is not pray for it is not taught it is not even understood and so as a result I wanted to take an opportunity to use different passages in the Bible that may be familiar to you in some way be unfamiliar to you in order to shed some light on this third person of the Godhead this person that is oftentimes neglected and yet is all essential and is oftentimes described as a give can you imagine to have a gift such is the Holy Spirit and not know how to get back to not know how to receive that gift and how to apply that give them to make it relevant to your life and so this weekend I like to explore that topic and very specific contexts with you all and I pray and trust that God will be with us as we speak of this topic because before the Lord died this was the topic that was on his heart with his disciples this is what he was most interested that they would understand that they would receive and that it would take the heart this study of the Holy Spirit and so I trust that the Lord will be with us and he will guide us as he promised that John sixteen verse thirteen that his spirit would actually guide us into all truth and he would show us things to come somebody has with me as we pray and get started on before it gets too late heavenly father I am just so grateful for the gift of life with a grateful father for your protection this week safely through we have made we know that it is because of your grace and because his mercies now fathers we are here tonight the study word we ask that you would not leave this to hear the words of a man but that we would hear the words of God when we have not come to hear the opinions and theories and pontifications of the human mind we've come to drink deeply of the well of the waters of father we want to hear your work your voice speaking to our hearts revive us again and godliness through this all important thing of your spirit is our prayer in Jesus then you can take your Bibles with me in terms of the book of first Corinthians first Corinthians is in the New Testament you ask an after action Romans and after Romans got the book first Corinthians in the beginning chapter one eleven give a little bit of an introduction so first Corinthians in the New Testament the church in Corinth is a very critical church Corinth was a very sensible place to the Roman and Greek economy at that time there was a nice amount of diversity in culture and money and development and technology and advancements going on in court this is where the Olympic Games were actually originated was in Corinth Paul will use that as an illustration later on in the book but I want you to notice as the book starts out Paul writes these words beginning in verse four Paul says I thank my God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus that you were in circle in rates am sorry in everything by him in all utterance and in all knowledge someone you know was that whole first first assigned to bring to light the fact that discharge uses your information and how many things what is your Bibles and it says everything in the Bible does not exaggerate so the apostle Paul says that discharge was enriched in every thing by Jesus in all utterance that means speaking and all knowledge verse six Eagles on to say even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you in other words they also had a profit the spirit of prophecy was manifesting within the Corinthian church verse seven is really where I want to lend he says so that you'll come short in how many gives no kids eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ now the Bible says that this church is against the church in fact discharged Paul says in verse seven has not come short in any deed from going what ever God has made available the church in Corinth availed itself to receive this gift and he says this church is a gifted church and you find that maybe perhaps you can resonate with the experience of the Corinthian church because with in a charge that has diverse students within a church that is diversified not just among its talents but also among its education among its experience among the culture among the ages among signs of technology and advanced case abilities Paul recognizes that discharge does not come sure when yet the Corinthian church being a gifted church was also a very problematic church with all to guess that it had it had a lot of issues and it is no range drew from the very beginning I the most didn't intend to have the most problems start when most of her all the way back in having the most gifted angel was the one that had the most problems then you come down to the earth and you recognize among all the creatures that God had made the ones I was most gifted was the one that had the most problems that after man fell into sin if you track down the ages of all the leaders and the primo janitor that the passing down of the gift of the Messiah and there was jeweled up among the most gifted had the most problems take up the most gifted had the most problems Abraham the most gifted had the most problems they even come down to the days of the disciples and among that Julie's most gifted had the most props Peter the most gifted had the most problems and now we come to the Corinthian church I find this principle constantly bringing it we sat down and looks even among our children among our youth among our jobs among our academic institutions it seems to be the case that the one with the most gifts tends to have the most from that just seems to be the case we look at individuals and say why is it that the child with the most potential the most behavioral problems why is it that the child that is the brightest and the class is the one that struggles the focus why isn't that the one if they apply themselves with all the far this is the one that lacked discipline self-control understanding and respect for authority it is not happenstance this is something that is playing the universe in which is why the Lord Jesus himself because the most gifted being in the was created the most amazing problem ever lend upon the table of the divine that cost him his only son to correct because the most gifted had the most problems and so the Corinthian church continues in this trend and eventually Paul comes back to deal with these particular gifts go that chapter twelve of first Corinthians first Corinthians soccer twelve beginning in verse one Paul is a very methodical and logical thinker when it comes to his writings the Bible says in verse one hundred verities amen he says now concerning spiritual gifts brethren I do not want you to be ignorance you know that you were Gentiles carried away to these dumb idols however you are led therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God Jesus accursed and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit now you may notice in your Bible infringement instructed Lohman verse one the word gives is in italics you notice that in your Bible that means that it is not there in the original language it is not in the Greek the word is supplied by the translators and in other words the wind there is really just spiritual or spirituality the concept of the manifestation of the Spirit they supply the word gifts because clearly as we believe the chapter is focuses on spiritual gifts but the word is actually not them this is why he goes inversely and says he will know that no person speaking by the Holy Spirit will call Jesus occurs in other words Paul sums it up very consistently by saying how do you know that a person of the Holy Spirit what is their relationship to Jesus that is the very simple answer to the question when we talk about raising the spirit teaching the spirit of encouraging the reception of the Spirit is not how we relate to the spirit that is the question is how we relate to Christ if you have the Holy Spirit in you willing to Jesus as more that is the indication bottom line it is not an issue of giftedness it is an issue of being its it is an issue of surrender it is an issue of transformation that's how we know that a person has the spirit but then Paul says even I summarize this on they give you a play-by-play piece by piece step-by-step explanation as to why what you're talking about is absurd and the question is what were they talking now we said in chapter one verse seven that visitors can short in no gift and among the guests that the Corinthian church I was the gift of tongues and apparently with English church there was the mindset that the gift of tongues was the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit in other words how did you know I hardly know that you have the Holy Spirit it is because you have to spirit because you speak it types so as a result of this with in the Corinthian church there in March this idea that all you'll speak with tongues you have the spirit but you may prophesy but you may heal but you may have against the miracles but you may not be able to manifest amazing and great supernatural faith but no you don't speak in tongues you don't have the Spirit so now Paul says let me break down why your point in this issue is ridiculous and takes three chapters to do it while the duo to with those this weekend and so here in first Corinthians twelve Paul begins his argument in verse four of addressing this issue and you would be surprised to know that this issue in Corinthians is not a new issue run do we not find the issue will begin to produce today in Christianity it continues to persist and there are still churches and multiple denominations in the sporting that I know for sure that suggests that how do you know that your charge had the Holy Spirit do you speak in tongues is anyone heard that before so you find that in our generation Y download Christianity people say do you hear this song singers and they all have the spirit on you know they're not speaking and so this is not God 's church this is not the Christianity of old because when we may not understand is that while they continue to espouse the idea that the gift of tongues is the primary manifestation would be evidence that you have the Holy Spirit you must also recognize that the reason why this whole idea was created in the eighteen hundreds in fact right around eighteen forty four this idea of speaking in an unintelligible language as a manifestation of the Spirit of God this came in response to the spiritual let lethargy in the church people got tired of hearing him speak sound like it was a funeral Sabbath after some people got tired of the fact that the servant had no power behind people got tired of coming to Sunday school or to summer school and recognizing there is no need in this class they got tired of the fact that when it was time to do evangelism and outreach everybody decided to go home nobody wanted to avoid to serve the warbler was already for Jesus to come but we don't want to do what needs to be done before he comes as a result of being tired and tired and tired of trying to say no what we are not doing with the the following to the board of the church in the launch of the church Pentecost that was the question to anyone back to Pentecost guess what you find there at Pentecost and accepted to you find that when the disciples receive the Holy Spirit it started doing what speaking of dogs so now they are things on this this was combined with the whole concept of spiritualism one word and I think spiritualism there is a whole load of religion out there in the world right now that we call spiritualism and spiritualism is essentially everything that we believe in the heavenly realm of Christianity outlawed that's essentially what spiritualism is everything we believe in the spiritual realm just take out bought out of the picture you have spiritualism that I say all you know there's angels like we call them angels they believe in angels and even worship them that's not surprising considering the person behind all these things was a former angel in heaven so he's got no problem with you worshiping Angels then they worship trees they worship statues and worship people and they were Somali things but one of the commonalities among spiritualism is this idea of what we call mysticism to say that word mysticism mysticism is the idea of how do you draw close to BART that is the question of all spirituality how do I know that I'm drawing near to God how can I know that I'm close the bar in mysticism says you must have some sort of emotional mythical experience something you cannot explain your reason so they say religion is not logical is not intellectual is more emotional it's more experiential and what you feel so misfits would do things like turn in circles for like hours and within hours right and while you're doing that dizziness union topics gone that's mysticism and this is often combined with spiritualism because of you noticed that a lot of spiritualistic religions they do a lot of chanting and a lot of repetition into a lot of actions over and over the music is very repetitive to create a sense of tracks too great a sense of being mesmerized the causing ingenuity same thing over and over again and over and over again and before you know it is not having an spirit and that experience is the basis of your spiritual this is how you know that your drawing closer and closer and closer to the divine so this idea was combined and served as calling almost like the gift of tongues was a Trojan horse in order to bring this concept inside the church if our state enters into the jars and the Jesuit order the Society of Jesus in the Catholic Church and to Ignatius Loyola and Ignatius was a mistake and Ignatius while this is what we have to do to draw closer not to the spirits of the divine what to choose and so now we put a Christian label on it and put a Christian garment on it and there you have it it is now in Christianity and one of the manifestations of having this mystical encounter with Jesus was sometimes speaking in an unintelligible link they call the glossolalia comes from two Greek words lately which basically means to speak and gloss and install so now if you get more sophisticated in some churches this a no-no this is a heavenly language it's called glossolalia whatever but I'm not to get into that necessarily today I bring all this up the simply build the case that you have to almost admire their sincerity angle back to medical and people recognize it or not to play games with the children protect and play church and I was going to go through the motions in front of your question these people are saying about the authentic Christianity that was launched by Peter and all in James and John that's the Christianity I want today and therefore they believe that the gift of tongues will provide back unfortunately it is slightly misguided as the apostle Paul will explain to us so you're there with me in verse form of an every down the verse seven the Bible says there are diverse of Jesus of gifts but the same Spirit there are differences of ministries but the same Lord and there are diverse and ease of activities but it is the same broad works all in all but the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all knowledge of the truck with me here for second this is what we call unity in diversity cases efforts with unity in diversity did you know that only get the word University from yes that is exactly where it comes from unity in diversity is the reason why philosophy exists it was created to find the answer to the question how do you find unity amidst diversity in other words how do you bring a commonality among everything that is not like anything else so as a result business ID of the University which is why you choose a major study and your major is the thing that brings unity amidst all University of glass to green concept so now you save a lot of money to take English ones needed that laugh will appear a English major you're someone who studied in throw ball the reason one study not because of the more year remaining to understand math to calculate how your client develop a you may also need to understand certain things about laboratory and exhibits and evidence but if you're a person who is in English Washington Omak because we happens in Portugal iambic pentameter which is a certain number of counts per line wealth you don't know Matthew not be able to produce rencontre poetry but why isn't that a mathematician needs English housing want to be able to explain his mathematical theorem except in words and if he can make his subject and verb agreement but I have a problem they say that so the result was we grapple with the fact that in the college and university this is the idea that is behind the University is whatever subject you and I choose to study this is what brings unity amidst the diversity this is the thing so we called a university and to this day we still don't understand why it's called and we don't understand the great implications of that but again for another time for the sake of our passage Paul says in verse four there are diverse and cheese of what gives but what the same spirit now the tide of my sermon is same spirit now Paul says when you look at all the gifts in the church there is a lot what is your Bible say about the gives the diversities of them right so when you look at all videos of the Darth Maul says there is not a person sees obvious but even though there is a vibrant city of gifts there was not a diversity of the spirit are you following so as a result there is this concept that when you take the the thongs and said all this person has more on the spirit without a better quality of the spirit or more quantity of the spirit or to have the authentic spirit Paul says that's crazy because there is vibrant cities of gems but it is the same spirit so in this day the question is are there gaps that we exalt among others in the church within Christianity it is unfortunate that to this day we continue to take certain gifts inside the person who want to spirit and dispersed as a result we can to start with a very easy one the preacher so someone can come to the congregation and the use of this person to preach the word of God to inspire wasn't the move was our conclusion is this person as more of the spirit in me which would be wrong because there are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit then you about the potluck is a man his sister Willie hooked up the overcharge now our project were all enjoying this great helpful wonderful meal that person is against but the same Spirit there is no difference between the spirit of the woman cooking the food and the weather will preach the word earlier that day there is no difference between the spirit of the person that goes for incest my guess is in evangelism target isn't pastoring is the same spirit Paul says under the deal with this on the very word go and as a result you have a congregation that is now pervaded the entire world of Christian that to this day we continue to believe this guy because he is the pastor he has more of the spirit and because my gift is not pastoring because my gift is not preaching because my gift is not outrage whatever we want to call it is a well efforts as more of the spirit in me you'd be wrong neurons is wrong dead wrong and Paul says there are diversities of gifts but homilies there is one it is the same one you leave just as much of the Holy Spirit to come back on the brother needs the bridges on you need just as much of the spirit to both of the hospital and provide words of encouragement at the brother didn't establish it is the same spirit and because we don't believe this we like to take backseat roles in the church we thing is nothing for me to do here were standing idle in the marketplace because in our minds is a difference all were not suspended toxicity difference when this person beside you know what is really great Elder really good at sharing meetings will include an administration that's a different spirit know the Bible says same spirit so you and I can now look down upon ourselves and sent out yet that person as this give this person is not guilty says no and noticed the next verse says there are differences of what ministries but the same Lord and our differences on what activities but the same God so just because the brothers on Thursday while what was organizing the cradle roll Sunday school different activity what is the same gone differently but is the same spirit different ministry but it's the same Lord and following this falsifying addresses from the very beginning just because a person does not have the gift of tongues does not mean they don't have an auto doesn't mean they don't have the variable doesn't mean less doesn't have a different amount it doesn't inevitably quality it is the same spirit in every way so now you and I have to sit down and reflect right now and ask ourselves this question what are the gifts in the talented bodies continuing to me and as we asked that question and answer that question honestly think these are the gifts these are of interest these are the passions these are the abilities and talents that God given to me while the question that you have to follow-up that is doing you'll believe that it takes less of the spirit to do what you do and for the preacher is when God will be made celebrities of preachers there is nothing that hurts me more when I went to Ethiopia the first time and the second time on Senator talking to these people after preaching and the result I decided to preach the sermon there because I said you know these people don't fully understand so the guy comes up to me with a piece of paper think his sister and Yahoo list of his entire family ours comes in second cousin third cousin once removed fourth cousin twice removed and all his whole family the whole piece of it was built top to bottom front and back two pages he says past I want you to pray for all my sent please pray for them I know God will get your prayers I said I know God will hear yours you can have it back no no no you don't understand past it understand me you man of God I do not know what I'm not a preacher that doesn't mean anything since my Bible says that we can come boldly in this integration can come boldly you better come quietly amen that's not what the Bible says this is all you has a nice arising and you can call me on the Don will see only what you ought to have any non- nonbillable nasi you're not on his list today you're not in his good graces known as righteousness my works there is no person going into the problem of God on his own merits is going in there because of the merits of Jesus 's blood because of the merits of Jesus 's name and Paul says this is evidenced by the Holy Spirit supper someone I think because I am a preacher gone milieu my prayers more than theirs that's not biblical best Catholic that's what Catholics believe I can go to afraid of Peter and Peter will interpret my prayer and Bible computers prayer and you will you I'm not saying this because I'm editing a book on single laptop with friends that do that and when I questioned him on the sunlight doesn't seem a little odd to you you have to bring computer whereas the Bible DC Jesus teaching developed so whether they come from the girls looking at me like I might listen amounts on the notch on the last capitalist system or Catholics but I'm using the ideas definitely are not biblical because it goes directly against Paul's counsel it is the Saints if you have the same Holy Spirit as the preacher what is preventing them from going all the way with your tongue as while you and I holding back from the church why are you and I holding back from gone if it is the same spirit that is behind every gift can you imagine that the moon 's size am not the signs not assigned to send that the River Thames as well you know him not enclosures are not enough level or the role says on the great men which reason I didn't know because I'm less of the right would be really not let unnaturally opposing your really not a body of water can you imagine grass beside you know what were not flowers so an argument but you don't see exactly what happens in not the pastors are not getting able I'm not a preacher some not getting involved in policy it is the same exact but just to build his case I want you to notice as he goes in verse eight he continues to build out this argument he says four to one is given the word of what was the molecular tribe these gives four to one how many white is given what wisdom notice of the Bible goes on and how he given wisdom and mercy through the spirit to another the word of knowledge through the same spirit to another faith by the same spirit to another gifts of feelings by the same spirit to another the working of miracles to another prophecy to another discerning of spirits to another different kinds of tongues to another the interpretation of tongues but one and the one same Spirit works all these things distributing to each one individually as he wills we don't have begins because we chose to be gotten against because the Spirit gave them to us he felt when she gives that you got not to miss not so hard in the new Blu-ray region some people are not called to be reached the spirit didn't get elected but people want the notoriety they want the popularity they want to live the one adoration people speaking to me it was a modernist enterprise and my favorite feature is such and such and because we want back that's why was striving for reading books on preaching I never read one book on preaching all I did was I said well this is what the Bible says tell them what it says that simple preaching is no more complicated than both people try to add all the children and hollering dancing running up and down the stage all kinds of heartstrings stories making here up in your eyes like man this is so emotional when you go home as always as well as the site is about demonstrating cousin was about nothing it was about an experience was about creating a feeling in the congregation rather than instructing people in the word of God which is able to make the wife of the salvation Paul says all Scripture not just always not chicken soup for the soul not develop philosophical pontifications or thoughts all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable if a Scripture in a profitable it may be helpful it may be useful maybe inspiring but in a profitable because if it doesn't agree with the word of God if it doesn't agree with Scripture anything useful to you all of these things profitable for improved for instruction in righteousness overview that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto every good work that's what the Scriptures will become and are concerned as Paul goes on to subsidiary Thomas Kean David Gibbs according to his will and as a result of the spirit giving this inconsistency continually repetitively drilled into our brains to one is given the word of wisdom through the spirit to another and give the faith from the same script and that's clearly saying that Nokia becomes more personal question if it is the same spirit that gives all the particular gives to every single one as the Spirit chooses to give the gives if it's all the same spirit then let me ask you a question what is it that an individual and the Holy Spirit cannot do together is there anything that they cannot be sure not to see they can lie right if you're with the spirit against a you can disobey God we understand those things Somali irrational statements the dog get some philosopher out that you could do this with the spirit okay I find will concede these things people can rebel against the spirit over Dynamo in harmony with the spirit so if you have this gift and it was given to you by the Holy Spirit what is it that you and the Holy Spirit cannot be so there's nothing you can do how much are you doing how much are we going we just sat with the spirit and gave us the gift there's nothing we can do something you're not a man has the gift of preaching is not reaching in the Spirit gave them to get now the only problem with my illustration is it doesn't work that way he only gives against the people were working so until you do something he won't community gives an accumulative this is not superheroes is now Marvel comic books and I will be sending out when also the spirit come down when you start levitating about any show you on the wall this is your game you get this big just a lot of believe know this is not our chemical accident eucalyptus of radioactive material and all the sudden you have the gift of faith this is about the very fact that when you start serving Jesus in the spirit gives you the gives let's not forget and take notice Jesus did not work one miracle until he received the spirit not one in any of anybody even multiply revisions or loaves do you walk on water it was after he receives and he didn't come from the wilderness killing people although Jesus coming back from the forty days of the invasion of the hill that's not how it worked when Jesus was going out doing good when he was preaching teaching and healing in every city and village vendors gave convicted of human because he was trying to bless men and he was trying so why isn't that we don't see the manifestations of these gifts because we are not acting because we are I don't because awaiting some divine vision or something of the burner under RC to get us going but it will never come it's always true the old saying the road to hell is paid with good intentions but in the words of the light many she doesn't save you she says many will be lost hoping and desiring to be Christians can you imagine it will go to hell and it's all God you always wanted to give my life to know why he went out because you never chose begin your life you are hoping you were desiring your thinking that it's a very good idea those questions seem really happy people get their lives fully over to Jesus they live amazing adventurous lives the stories that they are linked out of summer school mission spotlight like that I want those experiences but we won't do what it takes solar statement finishes they will be lost hoping and designed to be Christians one because they never choose to be interviewing on what to experience begins that the Spirit will give we have to decide to start I need to get out into service when we thinking that all religion is the sum of coming here on Wednesday night and on Sabbath and assuming most of us don't even do that we cannot expect the spirit to be manifested in our lives and gives them the recognition that it is the sings no different so are you standing idle in the marketplace as is Jesus asking us tonight why are you standing here I doing nothing is always seriously contended with our Christian walk what do we think the fate and the personal experience we have in Jesus will carry us in the last days as it is today let's not forget when Daniel was put in the Lions den the Bible says he prayed as he did aforetime it can increase his prayer life is very life was at where it needed to be in the ones of the wind loading he was offering up even a need to increase his breakout because old and die in my devoted allies than the Bible says he does about his knees and prayed as he always does but you know what happens to us weekends will probably increase prayer time why because we only want trained with sugar and wonder why trials keep coming so you will bravely ought to pray that's why God lets problems but what I will try to do it will try to wire laying on these issues so you won't get on your knees and recognize you can do nothing without me can only come down to Jesus and say I cast myself helplessly upon the until we are broken God cannot use us were clinging to our pride were clinging to our reputations were clinging to operations that are taken as anywhere I would rather be saved on the streets of gold along the burning in the group what is I got my boys with me why were all burning in hell nobody is your boy in the lake of fire they're all thinking the same thing should have been on the inside of the suit and well beyond to you when you're the person who blithely happens this was the Christian and you never and they find out is a new and all of us are running together because you never told us because you're too young because you didn't know much culture not a preacher but it's the same spirit you have no excuse I'm just an artist I'm just a writer same spirit on the item is the fundamental question we will see the manifestation of amazing gives in this church and we will rise up and we will step up tell you the truth as I travel and as I meet men and women and churches and families from all difficult emotive incontinence is the same playing everywhere people do not want to step up I've told people we live in a generation right now we don't understand the word duty we don't understand that word I said you know I have to be thankful for my upbringing even all is not Christian I was raised in Christian and for my military experience because serving in the Marines it's always something very clearly there are some things you do because you have to do it no other reason you could hear taxes cut you have to delete I don't need any other reason is my duty to pay my taxes that's my responsibility have to do it so I can either make it a sad experience argument in a glad experience that something in my attitude but whether I do it or not is not a question my son me know when I was seventeen and looking inside Sebastian what is the difference between a boy and a man I sent one year when I turn eighteen my dad was one look at me said no you're wrong these are the difference between a boy in a manner is you don't have to tell a man to take out the trash he takes it off because it needs to be done and he says as long as your mom your sister and girlfriend what do I have to tell you which you know needs to be done is to avoid therefore to be fifty four years old you're going thirty four avoid what he says you'll know you are a man when you do what has to be done because it needs to be done no other reason I don't need you to tell me so when we look at the Christian church and you look at the fact that we all might knows how to sentence as a lesson on all about the love of God if anything the love of God is the greatest reason to do what needs to be done I love because he first loved me but the problem is love does not remove us from doing it in a story more pleasant it would be worse if I didn't love my wife and I would hate to have to go to work pay bills give all my money to support this if all lifetime change these nasty dirty diapers if I love my kids on my network meddling and how many men think that and leave cookie can handle doing this is the voice but the happenings and if we bring people into the church voice I see it all over the world church too many of us are not men we are not winning we are boys and girls waiting for someone else to tell possible we know needs to be done you don't have to go across the street to know the gospel needs to be preached in his neighbor you can walk outside on any given day and see people who are living in downlights broken marriages broken homes broken hearts and we know what needs to be done but were not doing globally when you want to tell us are you waiting on your neighbor to read in the newspapers you jump out the window and commits suicide not reflect any thinking man you know I had opportunities to witness to her how many people got the suicide before we start realizing I should be doing this all the time and the only reason I'm passionate about it is I wasn't raised in the church so thinking to myself to the girl who shared with me in college did not do what she was supposed to be doing wouldn't be here probably be imprisoned the way my life was going and thinking how many more Sebastian 's are out there in the world waiting for someone to tell them the truth overspending I because were thinking I don't have with the preacher 's auto how would Mark Finley has auto happened a bachelor has you have the same spirit brothers and sisters it is time for us to wake up to our heritage the very fact that we can even call ourselves Christians is a travesty recognizing that there was a time will be no question go to Boston to Nelson and walking over to the Middle East this inherent combat hi Susan how refugees because we might did you that already tells us how many of us would actually be Christian this was the days when politicians to follow that religion keep it to yourself you can practice a room in private don't let technology company then you have Internet Christians worship all live in false IDs in different IP addresses cowards the Christian was never a coward there were anything but a coward and yet we can come today and go around telling people I'm a Christian you know one of my favorite stories about this to recognize do we really have the Saints this young girl in Rome and was perpetual and perpetual was nineteen years old as a convert she had just had a son he was about to three months old when she got arrested by Roman authorities they brought her into prison before they brought it before the Emperor her biological father came into the prison cell is important to look look at yourself if you stay here in prison you can even breast-feed your some he will die just tell them you're not a Christian she said that do you see this what is this he said it's a base she says exactly can it be anything else than what it is he said no she says that I can be nothing else than what I have as he said in Latin Cristiano 's which means I'm Christian I can be nothing else than what I am so you left yourself for the tool is brought into the Coliseum as they stood there before the Emperor heard six hundred Christians mission will you deny Jesus and Pledge of Allegiance to the Emperor Caesar forever worship as king of the world would only need to social policies she said Christiano 's I am a Christian Christiano 's I am Christian said okay you've chosen your fate her father burst in with the child weeping and pleading that everyone have mercy on this enjoy the solenoid he had the guards being the man into silence as she went back out to the Coliseum they release the Jaguar to Lyons that they clearly have been starving wild dogs provincial and it didn't even find one what are the Christians got tossed in the air and blood was swimming their garments provincial and over to help them in all the people are thinking about watch this great fight right so they started going to the realize this is not entertainment these people aren't even resisting it's like they're walking into the animals they want to die for Christ so they lined them up to have them executed by beheading when it came to Perpetua she didn't even blink she laid on the table she didn't fight them as they were shopping her down and then they went to bring the sword the first execution as he was looking into her eyes Geneva looked like she was scared so the man's hands were shaking with the sword until she reached up her head and studied his arm and brought Internet balance Christian that was a Christian a person who was not afraid of death because they knew that they were worshiping him what Concord how can you be afraid of a defeated enemy which will be less individual our faith and I even illegal for two Adventists and talk about the same spirit a member reading about James White and James White was twenty two years old walked miles in the snow to preach to people on his own budget converting hundreds of people in one series of messages walking miles in the snow by yourself one set of clothes in hand luggage there was no blessing train the young Joseph Bates sold everything in eighteen forty four now this guy comes up to the Sabbath truth is writing this track in his life is like Joseph you have no food that will provide Joseph you should go get a job you should look for somewhere to get work to get money that will provide the work is writing a separate tract that is watching the schedules she's crying with the start we have nothing I just got the last potato he looked up put his pen down put his coat on and went to the post office goals of the post office he said skews me as their letter differently this is actually a letter just delivering took it five dollars which was the equivalent of two lots of money came home he bought the biggest sack of potatoes ever bought an entire marriage set them down in the kitchen and went back to his desk until writing this after and his wife came in and she fell down at the feet of her husband weeping instead I apologize for my lack of faith that was a Seventh-day Adventist men thus the heritage that we actually have the honor to call ourselves seventy event in this land was not humbling his wife by dominance by raising his hands by yelling or by cursing or or calling her out of her name or embarrassing her in front of his kids it just wasn't a store is set on about Atlas of Oregon he says that God 's business my business is to do what you don't like to do God will work with my wife anything which comes in today you will have many men that want to respect on that level it can look at her husband said I know this man has more faith in me with out question would not want to be on she married to a man like that there's no question of submitting in the home and all the stuff because the man is what he supposed to be doing what he's supposed to do now because his wife told him but because the Bible to visit the same spirit as here do we have the same spirit I can tell you right now that the spirit is very much a life I continued a lot of places in the world I continue to Zambia young people decided in our gap year was going to dedicate ourselves to missions here they are deciding whether to reach every on entered part of our country within one year young people baptized three thousand souls no training never been to a missionary training school never went to seminary I met one of the leaders she was eighteen are increasing her first evangelistic series baptized thirty is a young girl who just says I want Jesus to use me whatever you can use to do three thousand first-year second-year they converted an entire Sunday keeping church to decide five hundred member congregation including the pastor and his wife after three years there was not one place in the entire country of Zambia that was not entered the reuse that seems if I taken to Germany fourteen -year-old girl decided to go out I did one day of training running an evangelistic campaign she went out on a solution that was grown woman more than twice her age and she's talking to this woman she said listen you need Bible studies and she says and the woman said well I don't even know anyone who believes in God in Germany so she said that though I can get a Bible studies this is moving in the watches is yes I think anybody is not limited what was that her life fourteen years old by the end of the week Shorty had to while the studies with this woman called her up encouraging her in block fourteen years old before the forty something -year-old woman is the same sparing but then I could go on and on the Spirit is alive the question is can he work here in this church can he work in you is the question whatever your gifts whenever the tolerance the Buddhist Vista since as the most inspirational Christian government as the one you love and respect as the London shoe it is the same spirit throughout the interests if we would only stop being I in the marketplace every had his bodily eyes closed every head is valid in every eye is close when he can invitation tonight for someone I says you know what I have been idle but tonight I want to be idle in the longer I want to make myself available to Jesus to use like that fourteen -year-old girl in Germany like those young people in seventy like youth over the world like adults all over the world parents my this follows so you know what no longer limited via boing or girl would be a woman in a manner normally do when these to be done because at least is anyone that wants to take that step as they are not to be a powered not to be afraid on the step up and do what needs to be done because it needs to be done if there's anyone I want to enter that appeal is one of my two distinctive feet he said almost step up and do what needs to be done because it needs to be done on the winning on anyone else ever had is about every eyes close this between you and thought if you are standing you should be praying and asking the person who needs to stand to spend some anonymous senior idol anymore it's the same spirit you know that you're sitting on gifts and talents that Jesus is given to and you could be using him for his name 's are saying Lord no longer no longer anonymous on when and what needs to be done because it needs heavenly father you see those of us west of to acknowledge that we can no longer take a backseat we can no longer wait for someone else to tell us what to do we can no longer sit on talents and gifts that God has given to us know that God has trusted us to use for the ability of humanity for the honor of his name so what we are standing standing grease Bangalore for outpatient than with us all these years all the time that we've wasted sitting on Tomlinson gives watching people go to Chrysler's graves and yet we've done nothing for unit but we have stood because we want to be always standing when it comes to try reinstalling because were no longer going to be cowards and be controlled by fear when are they to be controlled by consequences but when it do what is right because it's right and leave the consequences with you we pray that she'll teach us young and old to be Christians Christians as they always once were and always ought to be more helpless to think of our heritage what we have to come from and we has to be regardless as we go forward throughout this to sincerely embrace your spirit to transform our lives into the Christians that we ought to be Christians that will transform us this is our prayer I offer this prayer tomorrow's as a media list audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more he would like to know more about the person you like the more so than in www. audio 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