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Looking Unto Jesus

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse


  • May 1, 2004
    5:00 PM


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what father of the Sabbath hours are passing we have felt the presence with us we thank you Lord for the way they haven't left the way they have spoken the messengers Lord may all of these efforts that have been put forth not be wasted neither the decisions from decisions made during the course of this weekend for those that already decided me you continue to help to strengthen especially in a time of me it's not going to spend a few thoughtful moments gazing upon loving sweet Jesus maybe the change into the same image so nice one more time this day convict us we pray Jesus for those of you who were at our three o'clock meeting we had a wonderful Bible study and I believe the Lord put it all together because a lot of what I want to say has been already said that the black community give me more time to talk about more things they haven't heard the fire alarm at this night our Bible study is simply called looking unto Jesus these three words perhaps the more beautiful words in the human language nothing begins tonight let us begin by beholding for this evening Bible study at the South Dakota Bible study you will need a dependable all contain an admonition and encouragement challenge perhaps to look at Jesus let us begin tonight by looking at Jesus in Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen in verse fourteen revelation fourteen verse fourteen for those of you have Bibles we look there would maybe don't we share the Bible they would have many the feet but that's not revelation fourteen verse fourteen and if that are looked at the whole a white cloud and upon the clout that one like unto this on the Mac and on his head a golden crown and it is in his hand a shock what sickle was fifteen and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice again is the Son of Man Jesus Christ is fitting that sat on the cloud is not a single enemy with a kind of common for the two beat for the harvest of the earth is right with my friend is the picture that Revelation fourteen paintbrush of the second coming of Christ Jesus coming the farmer to gather his fruits of the harvest people that blended that time based on fifteen percent of the final harvest is the time to read the birth of the Angels that New Mexico and read of the finest company to read when is a time for the harvest of the earth in what why are they the harvest of the earth and the fruit was when the harvest is ripe that is exactly what the Bible telling them out we need to understand how the knee the harvest to be right title explained itself in March the fourth watch of the four verse twenty nine but begin inverse twenty eight for the earth bring forth fruit of herself first the blade then the year after that the full corn in the year personally find but when the fruit is brought forth immediately keep that in the sickle because what the harvested so we fit in the heart of one of the physical put forth in the heartland of the harvest crop harvest when the fruits brought for I falling apart that many elementary but we're going whether there with me the harvest when the fruit is ripe and aforedescribed based upon the fact is that when the whole corn is developed in the ear when the fruit is brought for now I have a question how do we know when the fruit is ripe fruit is brought forth for one of you are okay but how we know when that corn is ripe because unicorn growing if any of you have gone on before you become but yeah if you buy into it it is not good because it's not right how can we tell how can we tell when the fruit is ripe that would lend itself again when you need a little bit more thinking here that would mean John chapter twelve John chapter well John well that began in verse twenty three twenty three and twenty four the Bible says and Judith Atherton saving however for the Son of Man to be glorified in our Ali Baba dollars that is even talking about endeavoring to the patient precisely but I felt very very and if you accept the corn of wheat fall into the ground and what time it abided alone but if it dies bring up with what much fruit many think we can learn from that just a few verses first of all the seed vault into the ground and among thy purpose of the theme does not find the ground that can be no more fruit that comes after if you did you take up a kernel corn or wheat whatever it is any place in the ground only way to get more corner more weight but if you just put on you shall put it I can store it somewhere you can anymore prove what kind of fruit does a corn of wheat or the day of the week bring forth we elementary but if you plant a seed of wheat in the ground we get Apple we just followed Asian deviance we didn't angle me that he plans is that sign or if the pattern with the picture of the type of fruit that you want to get his encyclopedic quality media we get a plaque located at four of the scene that goes into the ground when it died him there didn't high the following that also answers the question of you earlier how do we know when the fruit is ripe you think what you think about it for moment for I explained a few this even though that the city before AC cable to produce other fruits they must become ripe for the money put another way we know the boat is right when it has feedback and reduce other fruit management another way end of the season when the fruit is not the quickly and conveniently quickly reboot suction out the original fee that is that fruit is right on the following so let me ask you that question is on the first who is that the Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is the color the sun actually glorified except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and drawing in of God alone the genus kind of thing are you going to the cross to die for one purpose in the context to bring forth more people like me Jesus Christ is going going to the cross not just that we just than anything that had politely informed that Jesus Christ the thing I want more people that are in the plan of salvation is not just be me from your sins and then had to go back within a fidgety again on your back then the plan of salvation is to restore the image of God got my him my salvation in Jesus Christ what ought to be rebooted this engaging in a the new readable data and view I'm sure many of you have heard that before in fact I notably different before shared with you before I am reluctant to sixty nine paragraph one and the fruit is brought forth he needed me he put it in the sickle because a lot of the common across the waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself and Mister and then the next explained that means for the fruits when a character of Christ David Brinkley reproduce and his people that he will come that he will hardly blame them at all and legitimate way right now people that look like and how they can think like him I can not like him where are all people do we have the image of Christ today we'd have been imaged of someone who can remember Kobe Bryant or maybe Britney Spears and it is a wholly if a church pastor perhaps it is that the angular that we definitely are proven initially brought a student in your microbiology book anatomy physiology physics building a wonderful looking good though being is not the image that we should for the next logical question in this Bible study in how do we I like to how do you like to see him all in all available inside the final analysis by looking at the data liquid medium Bible to effectively use second drink is the second Creek is the three and brick making I believe in the descriptor file with some of you who are familiar with it I'm not singing it by the way seeking to reverse aging but we all hope and faith are not beholding looking at the the glory of the Lord Jesus in Jesus are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the end of the Lord the answer is simple by looking at the data recently shaven groin the glory and everything in the Bible tells us there is specifically the portion the life that he brought to the bar there is a part of his ministry the department like the deserted aspect of Jesus that we can truly look at the whole glory for the need to be changed as a human being into the same image wherein the apostle John tells us in John chapter one John one West neighbor this chapter responded in the beginning of the word and word was with God and the Word was God speaking about Jesus Christ the son of God is looking to answer the question fourteen and the landlord was made not and out among the at what is it that and we did not believe how you glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth somewhere in the great apostle John while yelling at the day of the week and behold the glory of Jesus that we could be changed into the energy in the error was made what flash about with how you look at the vanity of Jesus Christ Jesus led the man and how he led that you can be paid perfectly logical we look at Jesus before his incarnation we want to live in the area that we can never achieve that that high standard but when we look at Jesus there's some hope for us let us look now that behold Jesus that is okay now the link upon he who does the word was made flesh that would mean he was jumped to Hebrews chapter two beginning in verse sixteen she resulted to verse sixteen says for verily he took not on him the nature of angels but forgot him the seed of Abraham were seventeen therefore in all things and he found them to be made like unto his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God than a reconciliation for the sins of the people were thinking continued in that he himself suffered him unable to talk program that on my friend in explaining how to change what kind of man even not in the native Angels eleven all open and the humiliation would you become on falling Angel it would've been even going to become on falling out of the seed of Abraham each with the same effect that equipment and you and I want to fill you for being tempted not to be tempted to think of being tempted like right so that he can the court or help new software lets safe and effective equipment that they probably admitted and if you were beholding Jesus died as a human being one hundred percent in the people you despair Hebrews four thirteen continues to look busy before birth fifteen that we have not an high priest which cannot be cut for the feeling of our and probably repeating if anything he could feel our infirmities and understand the main software the probably thinking they today all points tempted like as we are yet without Jesus came he took this change effective equipment that I have yet to did not one reason for sixteen letters therefore while in the front of great convenience in mercy and find grace in time and to help in time of need Jesus cried between one nine not pending as to be able to be tempted and attempted anyone you cannot do that just for the sake of being tempted even though we him we all know you want to have our meeting this afternoon at three o'clock possibilities than she who made out clear and simple way that we can the Lord grant that the victory look to Jesus he is our example to illustrate scenes and give us the victory song because he became one she was not satisfied to fitting in well and identify client by looking at and say well if you feel if I feel like it and I'll give you a few crumbs of great he came to be one of my but yet he was not so she gave a you can be like me and I am here to help you but Jesus he continues that since you looking at him and he was struck Hebrews nine verse fourteen he resigned verse fourteen says how much more shall the blood of Christ who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God Jesus Christ offered himself without spot for those of you with making a virgin anymore I conducted the work bought me all Jesus Christ prevented and that without all of the throne of God so that he is not heard our conscience from dead works to serve the living God yet repeating pattern here don't you AVG the number one he became a man to ensure you would like to hear them believe in him that they will not let all the progress of one baby and went in vain to help us overcome sin Jesus offered in the point of the birth of anything like I can't get the clean of that work so that we can serve the living God that is Jesus became to suffer as a human being in our body so that he can help but yet he was without fault before the throne it continues let's look to first Peter chapter two first Peter chapter two let us begin in verse twenty one first Peter seven two versus twenty one for even hereunto were ye called because cut also worked for us for supper brought the one that he represent leaving us at one eight example that you should do what follow in his steps toward the view that we ought to follow and is going to go to bed no neither one file found in his mouth Jesus Christ became a man is heard as a man being tempted difficult than Grohl attempted leaving us an example that we can walk in the front of the game of the week to donate with no man with no violent amount that Mister Jesus Christ did for you and I all that is not unthinking no Gosselin is now doing it without all the foot of the a how to do this that the second question because it is evenhanded and currently live in Amman in our body but some part of him was still not back to some part of them I filled the apartment was built supernaturally divine power in and of itself then you have an overwhelming advantage on our than he can we can never want to put that then mean that that that the will of God it is clearly a carrot in front of my mouth but we can never reach that the Honda dealer the malignant secret but look in the gospel of John John chapter ten John September twenty five content is twenty five Jesus answered them I told you and you believe not those works that I do in my father 's name is a bear witness of me simply put let us review the second of the launching pad we have a couple more affected by this point the bear with me here Jesus said in whose name that he is works in his father 's name Juniper in the father 's name and upgrade the already dim the phone clue as to how he did his works how do you live his life without sin to tell the temptations of the devil I wrote about it and let it break that down a little bit more than that as explained in John fourteen joints of the fourteen members John fourteen him he will leave it down not that I'm in the father and the father in me that I speak unto you I cannot help myself but the father that I live in the deed do it at work out of the network it was not something that he have to reduce out of himself decently dependent on the father who dwell in him Jesus didn't work by depending upon the father let us have one more verse you to solidify the film line John Semper Fi jotted a five hundred thirty thousand five hundred thirty Jesus as I can on my own self do what not as I hear I judge because I seek not mine own will but the one the one the will of the father which hath sent me Jesus Christ he did not even say that I could do it on my own power but they help you out I depend on the father know if I should hope Michael don't do nothing Jesus and he himself made itself in the form of a servant in the likeness of a man so that he himself he even said I can do nothing I limit my will of the father in heaven sent me and she do with the works that give me hope whether the sister Gina is my example she believe the father he gave as well the renderer one hundred percent of the father him the father would prohibit that he then with no thing to tell the people of God will not have been off want like as we are yet without that will be suffered being tempted but he hit the ground and depending on the and Gina says that if John fifteen John fifteen hundred four Jesus speaking directly to Lucknow Jesus said Biden me you and might I add at the father abiding in Jesus as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the wine nor marketing years of the invited me high he regretted he even brought up in the night in him the same bring affluent not what the network without me you can do but let us look at a local network without me you can do nothing but with main event all the secret is not something we have to fight and produce Barthel G that didn't even depend upon the quality of our example even says in first Peter chapter meeting is an example that we can follow the thought that we do by depending and Gina Gina cannot delete into the just like he was in a father in the same way we can live without we do can live in temptation of the telecast will externally internal welding the bar anger and jealousy and the levels help as we discussed this morning from our defective equipment and Jesus went through it and he overcame by the power of God and he and how anything if we claim by so many people that question how is that possible how that's possible for us to get behold Jesus and the like is it really possible for catching that could be led like Jesus it is it possible one can integrate with you on this and read the Bible you Revelation chapter fourteen verse one revelation fourteen verse one through the another picture in which we are called to look at Jesus another picture of me on the old dilemma of God that is the way to thunder the world the Bible is all about looking at Jesus and I had gone dead and low alike stood on the Mount Zion and within a hundred forty and four thousand having one father 's name written in therefore had a group of people called the hundred court without the father 's name written in their warhead gently heated debate he overcame in the father 's name the people live the life with the father may in their thought in their feelings in every applicant they lived like you in their mouth was found no guile just like he said they are without one for before the throne of God John Lackey the secret of the visit of success how do they get the point that they are all in the image of juniper they can then let them on the Mount Zion just want to we will not be found with women when they are virgins these are they which will follow those who plan to do so ever he go at these were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God and to the left behind and what Downing obtained a victory by working the case looking following the love of God will whithersoever he go at an current possible call than the firstfruits unto God and to the firstfruits of the foot of the vessel are familiar with the Hebrew agricultural system whether I get a ceremonial system as well the first fruits of his effort cutting on the float is that they were grown in the first that is a good time of their entry that the ten percent and which takes cutdown in the present before the Lord at their very very also need something of a significant the first fruit meaning that because we have the first fruit then that means we can have the rest of the fruits if we never have preferred there are no other fruit because there is not the first significant and that you always have the person there in the big twelve the first fruit become right the rest of the harvest is just sitting in the ground the harvest cannot come until God of the root node called the hundred work without the and how they fit how we know that they become the person him when another ride and they are perfectly limited in the image of the agent thought in the ground I think that war from even waiting with eager anticipation for the movie for the people to agree me beneath the character went through the group of people known as the hundred and forty four thousand rubles then on the earth living in the thing effective human nature the famed nonmedicated lip and don't meet the group of people standing on your essay we want to be like Jesus then and only then will the angel come out of the heaven and cried to him nothing on the cloud and ethical for the time of harvest it the hundred and forty four thousand if you are waiting for people who look and talk and think and feel and love lucky wife Ethel Mike is used if the developer had only enough time because my friend visiting from the great controversy be at all in the battle for those of you are in a very quite needed to understand that now there is an adversary the devil the accuser faced the great dragon was that he cried out to God you are unfair but you say what you have to do is impossible for us to do you can expect that the key girl all his life rough the Gothic look at my Sorrento try them out then so the devil will always stop and let Jill patted the jewel number one thing against God him hi I got the rest should seem down to this Earth and the devil that half I got him now in moving it like a man he sure the Bible says he had no comeliness is wrong with that noncitizens are him he was not particularly handsome Jesus Christ a carpenter even go to school I take care of Jesus by faith in the father you came to the devil said anything without a fine line faith and just you wait I am going to have a hundred and forty four and then we had generation of open group of people and often argue with you that involving literal that none of my business on the field of business people can't afford without the outline is not important at them and they will no longer possible those my people to do that God than he had got have your time to you will give them the hornet at the time the hottest while plugged into the fiery furnace tried in the will be used but it will be me so God is waiting with eager anticipation for those people who if they are want to be like Jesus I am willing to go that far if it needs because our walk to be much in the purpose for all this is so much greater than the scope of our perception today you see my friend on him hearing is not just about getting your liver had to think the camshaft timing is not about that in the balcony so much more about vindicating the name of God before watching universe people in the habit of looking at this world and a really sitting right now on how you really will it is really possible time and without and not definitely number is not just some things and that the Bible writer made up in the final vindication of God planted one thousand and the reason why iniquity will not live up a second time but then God is waiting for the firstfruits that of the harvest can be gathered into his bar for when evaluating no way for more calamity far as the offender Adena mounds literally now is always the one is waiting the new bedecked with you one more time Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come between them as his own that is what Jesus is waiting that is what Jesus was waiting for my friends my beloved friend everything is in place everything didn't live he died the blood of atonement is shed cheated as offended as you minister in the holy place and now he had already entered into the most holy him it is in the final payment and everything is in play in that Rick is gone tubing to overcome Gina Lindblad he can give us is the fate of cheese to me to live the toys like the what is our response the bonds of looking at Jesus P author and finisher of our faith who for the shore the July the hundred and forty four thousand and seventy four into it across despising the shame only looking at Jesus today if she is the author and finisher of our faith today the limiting factor I could spell out for letters W I L L wears you will where have you placed your allegiance this evening Jesus overcame not by fighting physically fit enough to do something out of himself he simply surrendered his will to define exactly to do the same thing tonight where is your in regions where Israel will wear is the defining power of your mind this evening I don't I know that there is not a single appeal that can make from the stage tonight double change your heart you need to get on your knees him great audio you can make a decision on your knees by yourself if you are not just you and the Holy Spirit working in you I do feel I want to make Hispanic and making you like to make you a you have to make a backlit but that will not change your heart listen this evening I know there are people you have not surrendered it was I know that people right now what is clinching overwhelming fact that this thing is so around that is no way out a friend on the women's tournament but I know that Jesus Christ was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin so we may come boldly to the throne of grace the find mercy and help the company supply for those of you who want to make a decision I would ask you to the two new right where you are and I will give you a brief moment a few seconds maybe a minimum for you in your own heart in your own life to say Lord tonight and ever after I want to live as Jesus I want to have that victory that Jesus this is the ninth I'm not making it up not embarrassing you just you and Jesus just you and the Lord on your knees right now just a few moments if that is your prayer that's a desire joined yet he needs for just a brief minute when I began to pray and we will conclude hello Henry Fonda tonight we have seen and heard itself the taste is sweet fragrance of Jesus will receive the humiliation that he went through Farsi we see you going through life on this earth as a man for our sake and how do we counted so cheap to cast it away in the you have lived your life as a man as an example for us and tonight we had two children we want to have the same experience that you had we want to be ready you want to be part of the firstfruits of those who have no guile those are followed for the phone goes out the father 's name written in the format and father we cannot do this on our own we need I spirit we need like race we need like power will be no pleasant Mequon told me before the throne of grace they will be help for us there is a high priest there who can be touched but the feelings of our infirmities for you when you flush and dwelt among us looks like we surrender our will to you just as you surrender your will to the father help us each moment to continue to surrender that didn't but we will be able to live this life each day each decision each each act that we do fully created in the will of God as you will think in us through us for us but we may have the character of Christ perfectly reproduced in the so that Christ will no longer have to wait in anticipation that he can come to gather his people the grape harvest father help us this day to see the greater picture help us to hasten your coming helpless listen to you more so that we can prove to the watching universe that there here on this Earth there is a group of people who choose to obey God who chooses to give the will to have the best he can approve an accusation the states a false one for all to read this universe of this terrible disease of sin forevermore help us to see our place in a great plan in the great controversy help us to surrender to get off to submit to repent to come to the foot of the cross each day to commit our lives to Jesus Christ and you please will tonight as we go from this place and we not forget the things that we have heard with his spirit continue to work in a spirit of God pour out the misplaced on the path of doing this power to finish this work that is our long that is upper and we know that that is what you are long it was well so blessed us and guide us and lead us in this place from this day forward even forevermore this is a prayer in Jesus and


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