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Episode 5- Harbert Hills Academy & Mukuyu Outreach

Steven Grabiner


This episode features two OCI ministries. The first is Harbert Hills Academy in Tennessee, which is built on the belief that every young person should have the opportunity for a harmonious Christian education focusing on academic excellence, applied skills, and character development. This kind of education enables students to support themselves and to know the joy of Christian service.


The second ministry is Mukuyu Outreach in Zambia. Jesus said that inasmuch as we fed, welcomed, clothed, and healed one of the least of His brethren, that we have done it unto Him. This was indeed the same method that Christ used to open the hearts of His listeners to the truths He taught. Mukuyu Outreach aims to follow the example of Jesus, providing for the physical needs of His children while also nurturing their spiritual needs.


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International


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