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02-Witnessing to the Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated Pt. 1

David Kim


The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy gives clear guidance regarding a class called the "neglected rich".  This presentation explores the challenges, the opportunities, and the need in reaching this people group.


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 31, 2015
    9:30 AM
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him and what our father we thank you for the opportunity and privilege to gather together to worship you this morning the Sabbath morning and Lord you know the burden on my heart the message that you've given me to give what I pray only that the words that I speak would be useful courts eliminating these topics in the minds of this congregation Lord I pray for the Holy Spirit to be upon each and every heart to be receptive to be engaged and most of all to embrace that the message that you have for us this day we pray this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior and now we turned off the light because we thought this life to be easier to does it feel to dark are we a cat we get now this is out of school so and Sabbath school I think in contrast to what mind what one might consider for that worship service has a little bit more interactive and love for this to be very interactive I'd love for you to ask questions I'd love for you to really participate this is a Sabbath school class thank you for specialties but very much and so would would would that be agreeable to you to participate and ask questions as we go in and what we'll do is because we do want to manage the time and we have a lot to go through this morning this is part one part two will be in the afternoon is some of your questions I'll answer right on the spot some of your questions all say he wait till the afternoon earlier in the material will have to let questions and some other questions I might say hey approach me later but regardless please just ask questions and must keep this very interactive so that the title of my talk is witnessing to the wealthy worldly and wet well-educated RSI the W 's and these are wars not hands you don't have to be wealthy and worldly and well-educated is happy one out of three to fall into this group is really more of a mindset frankly than a demographic solo that hard to find were going to try to find a little bit and in the next hour but it's really a mindset about worldliness and secularism and of a world that is paying attention to things other than the things of God does anyone here know someone who fits that description for your hand if you know someone who you would consider wealthy worldly or well-educated okay most of us do some of us don't and but perhaps by the end of this seminar you'll realize that you actually do at a minimum year here on a university campus that makes you well-educated so everyone should have raised their hands lesser one of those people masquerading as a student just for the free food I so were going to talk about the need emergency landing was my talk last night you got something happens down the coast of you are here in the next session here were going to talk about my my full testimony and how I can count as our conversion and Alastair referred to and then this afternoon we'll talk about the method of how you reach the wealthy ruling well-educated starting with the first W the wealthy you can define this in a lot of ways but just to give us an idea I've defined it as twenty percent of the population the United States would roughly give you a six-figure household income of one hundred thousand dollars and a twenty percent sixty million people defeated idea sixty million people is this equivalent roughly equivalent to the entire size of Great Britain of France Italy and so as a as a mission field as a people group this wealthy segment is literally the equivalent of an entire medium-sized country this is a large mission field and all those top twenty percent of this country it's only seven percent of Seventh-day Adventists and so were outnumbered by almost triple three one so in other words for every three wealthy and worldly and well-educated there's only or axes and for every three wealthy in this country by this definition there's only one Seventh-day Adventist and as you go up and leave via higher income and wealth brackets it is it that outnumbering I gets even more dramatic so is that the wealthy the Wesley you can see these covers of magazines that I put here just to give you a sense it's hard to define worldliness as a demographic segment but it's a mindset it's a mindset around materialism around acquisition around accumulation around lost around all of these things around Fleischer around intellectualism we have a New Yorker magazine here well known as a very intellectual magazine and intellectualism I'm not against the intellectual are being well-educated but our intellects can become a god in and of themselves and so that's what worked for I will know we have a well-educated I have a draft here a bar graph of educational attainment over the age of twenty five the kids are not in this graph and so what you can see here is roughly forty two percent of the United States has a bachelor 's degree or greater than forty two percent now the Adventist church this percentage of forty two percent using address or higher or lower in terms of educational attainment higher gas how did you know to hear my seminary for you indeed indeed it is higher for something a little dire present apparatus it's about forty five percent slightly higher now it's interesting about this is solidly earlier number on how the wealthy is underrepresented among Seventh-day Adventists your member that but educationally were actually overrepresented and any demographer were spare credential will tell you that education and wealth go together in other words the more educated you are the more wealth you have now here we have a little bit of a mystery we are more educated than average but we're less less wealthiest people now why might that be any ideas on the fact I can hear yes there's a lot of this there is a selection made a career selection next year we go work for the church a lot a lot of people going to ministry and education might be another one so there's a career mixed element here which I thought was interesting the hi my mental model for Seventh-day Adventist is doctors and dentists and healthcare professionals of various sorts which tend to be fairly well compensated but actually we wish you although there is that that's you there's an equal a few that goes towards ministerial or missionary type work which is lower lower income there is one other reason what might that be a guest yes-man while tithing is actually so comes out of your income but your topline income is still your top line seventy cents now enough the question was discretionary income or or or savings rate or something like that then that would definitely plan any other gases educated guesses yes there was out of this you probably comes in with a career next a career choice next element so I'm not sure whether that actually washes out but it's a good guess just yesterday back so I think that's a very good point and end I think I could very well be the case that would be my anecdotal experience as well is that a lot of people who attained attain affluence or Orwell will also tend to leave the church and I think that's very real issue part of what the Nicodemus society which is the mission ministry that I'm shocked that I started is all about eyes and so that's a great great comment there is one other thing without that would be selected times were comes out of your income out of your income but the topline income is still what is our wall I won't hold you in suspense Illinois at age in retirement anything about income generation even if you're very well prepared for retirement at I work at Vanguard which is a large mutual fund investment retirement company and we we think of you can think of retirement or prepare preparation for retirement in two simple ways one is accumulation phase is when you're working we are accumulating savings to save for retirement then you have the DG enumeration phase when you're retired and you're not spending to fund your retirement and our church SKUs older towards more retired folks and so you have more people who are in their teaching elation phase not in their peak earning years which you could argue would be the forties and fifties would be the peak earning years of one's life span and so we have and HQ in our church which is leading to higher education but lowering comes as a contributing factor and it's interesting because the point that this gentlemen may add plays into that because if R is for people in their thirties and forties and fifties who are in their peak earning years are leaving the church will become less committed to church with me many can see how this would play out you can see how that is damaging to the church so I praise the Lord that a place like this at solving that you can have a large group of young people but out in our outside of the bubble where I come from there very few churches where you might find a concentration of young people and you often see a little bit of a a U-shaped where you have children and you have older folks but then there's this view in the middle where were missing a generation that's a real Robert Hirsch is very difficult to reach they're very difficult to reach I think we know this we know this intuitively but I'd also like to look at what the Bible say about that so we could let's turn to solve chapter nineteen verses seven to ten Psalm chapter nineteen verses seven to ten when you get there please say a man heard anyone in Murphy Murphy 's song chapter nineteen versus seven through ten Alvin and read that the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple the statutes of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart the commandment of the Lord is pure enlightening the eyes the fear of the Lord is clean enduring forever the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired are they than gold yet even much fine gold sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb is a very common well-known verse is not and it's saying that the law the testimony the statutes the Commandments the fear of the Lord to judge all the things of God are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb while let's turn to Proverbs twenty seven percent just over one book Proverbs twenty seven verse seven when you get there please say that men and we need mercy are enrolled in Proverbs twenty seven percent satisfied soul loads the one the honeycomb and we just read a song that the law statutes the judgment all the things or God are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb but Solomon tells us that the satisfied soul loathes just is ambivalent towards that's not just to take it or leave it that is an intense hatred that they love the honeycomb and what is it that makes them load the honeycomb their satisfaction and therein lies the problem the wealthy worldly and well educated are satisfied at least seemingly satisfied and on a superficial level they are satisfied they have their three-car garage they have their beautiful house they have nice vacations they have all these things they have status they have power to have glamour to have these things and so there's satisfied at least on a surface level with their lives so what need do they have forgotten in the Bible points this out directly so therefore key stumbling blocks I call them for keys because in business school they tell you everything needs to have an acronym and alliteration is preferred so we are for peace here and the examples are the first key examples the rich young ruler the original roller now for something so would it be safe for me to assume that we all understand and remember the story of the rich ruler are you through that I'm okay to go through but in the interest of time I like you so the rich young ruler he came to Jesus and what do I need to do for Caroline and uses the Internet and originally released as well I've done all this what more do I live in Jesus and to do what I try to sell everything given to the poor and come follow what is original related he walked to a very sorrowful for he had many great and remember that were possessions into the first ski the first stumbling block are the possessions of the W threes and possessions are jobs physical possessions that PhD degree could be a possession that really slung job with the corner office could be a possession there are many things that become possessions and idols in our lives for the first key is possessions the second piece that you please come with us when King Herod King Herod when he was when he beheaded John the Baptist you remember that account so Herod was having a party with all of his people around him governors and hangers on people status and wealth all of his people and he was throwing a party and he had his daughter comment and do a dance and he was so delighted by her dance that he said up to half the kingdom I will give you ask whatever you want and so she goes and consults with her mother and says it will give me John the Baptist 's head on a platter and so she comes back she asked for that what Harry heard that request how did he feel about it you remember we excited and happy to do that he was not right he will not want to do exactly was he who was an eye when he went out and say he was a disciple of John the Baptist by any means but he listened to an end of my life the father said he listened to John the Baptist that he enjoyed hearing about other things of God John the Baptist and so it was kind of no reason why John the Baptist was imprisoned because John the Baptist talks straight and Herodias said while he got paid a price and so he was willing to put John the Baptist in prison but he really didn't want to kill yet each children anyway in the Bible tells us why it says because of those who sat around him and because of the oath that he had made as of the next few peas we have are your peers and prestige he did not want to look stupid or weak in front of his peers you see that as of the W threes are surrounded by other W3C 's who all think in this worldly secular way and the idea that they would break away from and follow the Lord in that hall order a tall order and it's a huge barrier in terms of peers and prestige in the force be is from King Agrippa there were a member King Agrippa the book back Paul had an opportunity to share his testimony McCain Agrippa King Agrippa was actually in June and so he shared his testimony with handgrip and at the end he says King Agrippa if you believe I know you believe I I I think your are you thinking of her access to him you all love persuade me to be a Christian you almost persuade me to be a Christian which means that he did not persuade him to be a Christian but the fact is almost you almost get the sense that if you like I'm almost there but give me a lot more time we can we consider this another day and so that the fourth year 's procrastination procrastination and I personally have shared a series of Bible studies I've gone through the entire messages with people from the studies respect to personal Bible studies and I've had people say to me this all makes sense but at this time of my life I'm still pursuing my career I still want to do this I wanted to see that I want to do these other things and your life that the Bible as your teaching it to me seems like it would crack myself so I think maybe at a future point we can reengage on this we can come back and talk about this today you almost persuade me but not quite as of the four keys before stumbling blocks are possessions peers and prestige and procrastination that makes sense you guys any questions so far were good I know it's you with the spirit of prophecy about this because often times when we talk about missions and witnessing and sharing the gospel there is a great focus on things like overseas missionaries go overseas preferably to a Third World country port interface go to the inner-city meet their needs there is a lot of emphasis on these kinds of things and rightfully so I I am very supportive and leaving all these ministries but what I'm here to share with you today is that there is been an oversight and oversight on the end of the other end of the spectrum which is the study 's restatement and as I started to do this research into this study it was astounding to me how much spirit of prophecy have to say on this and so let's go through the immortal Barry vision does anyone know what all mortal areas anyone know I didn't know either but apparently it's a fruit that looks like a blueberry but instead of being white inside its rest for many going I know what world areas and so Alan White has a vision in which she sees herself with a lot of other believers going out of the cities into the outskirts of the city but still within that Metro area I would open when I read it almost felt like the suburbs although I'm not sure suburbs were concept back to my going out and there they were going out to pick immortal berries that was there activity that they were going to do and she talks about how everyone was enjoying the day he was a beautiful day they are enjoying the weather and each other 's company there was a lot of talking a lot of enjoyment conversation and she talks about how some of the people really worked hard at taking world marries another people not so much they would just enjoy the picnic lunches and enjoy the sunshine and so we figured out that this is Ellen White share of coming back to the to the party so that I then took my barriers and went to the wagon wagon not been written sometime this is the nicest fruit I've ever picked and I gathered it close by while you are weary of yourself by searching at a distance without success then all came to look at my fruit said they these are high bush berries ferment good we do not think we could find anything on the high bushes so we hunted only for the low bush berries and we have found only a few of these and what he mean by this high bushes low bushes varies while we don't have to guess because she interpreted for us I am sure that the dreams that I have had of late teach me lessons that there is a neglect to get the better classes to become interested while the poor classes are not to be neglected neither should the higher and more intelligent classes be overlooked I have been in dreams instructed that we overlook the fields close by to us to labor in faraway fields and we pick very inferior berries when there are larger and a better quality of varies already to be gathered and we're making a mistake in this kind of labor while that's pretty clear is not she goes on there has not been the effort made that there should have been to reach the higher classes while we are to preach the gospel to the poor we are also too presented in its most attractive like to those who have the ability and talent and make far more wise determined God-fearing efforts that have hitherto been made to win the pictures make far more wise determined God-fearing efforts that have hitherto been made in other words you got slapped that you say the president ignoring this group and others reason always been a part of God 's people I have a list here of some examples from the old and New Testament and the list goes on but I have to draw the file size and you and the other is but there are on this list hurricanes and governmental officials religious leaders I wealthy man all different kinds of value threes all throughout the Bible this is not a new concept is not a new concept to our society we go on W3C to be shown the reality of God there is a work to be done for the wealthy they need to be awakened to the responsibility as those entrusted with the gifts of heaven they need to be reminded that they must give an account to him who shall judge the living and the dead the wealthy man needs your labor in the love and fear of God too often he trusts in his riches and feels not his danger the eyes of his mind need to be attracted to things of enduring value very explicit in his comments they really speak for themselves and here is the point earlier about satisfaction they appear to be satisfied but actually we were learned something else here we talk to write much of the neglected poor should not some attention be given also to the neglected rich let's stop there for a second this idea of neglecting rich was wet as I was doing this reaches that just reached out and just hit me in the middle between the the neglected rich many look upon this class is hopeless does anyone look at this class and think their hopeless they would look at the end they will be canvassing in this who's living canvassing okay no good good number of folks and I do some canvassing programs they have different labels for different neighborhoods and maybe on a numerical scale is go from and the wealthy neighborhoods are white nine and ten that and how it works seventy nine okay so what easier one to three zero seventy nine one to three right seventy nine one they're not hungry thirty two if you can get on they want to talk to you is a really and also highly skeptical for highly skeptical doubt what you want while you hear back anyone who's walking instead of driving is highly suspect so we look upon this class is hopeless thousands of wealthy men have gone to their great unworn unworn because they have been judged by appearance and pacifiers hopeless subjects but as indifferent as they may appear I've been shown that most of this class of silver there are thousands of rich men who are starving for spiritual food many in official life feel their need of something which they have not few among them go to church for they feel they receive no benefit the teaching they here does not touch the soul should we make no personal effort on their behalf as plain as day like to share a couple anecdotes with you I was talking with a a PhD in physics from an Ivy League school who grew up in China she's a colleague of mine or an once we got involved in a conversation about spiritual things and I asked her if she had any spiritual beliefs and she said she was an atheist master will wire you an atheist and she said well one I broken china there's no religion there is no sanctioned religion and such is not been a part of my culture Q I am a PhD in physics from an Ivy League school and scientists and he will believe in mythology like religion so that's a pretty typical accepted his answers but I kept listening and she said something completely unexpected she said but I often wish that there were about this is an atheist PhD in physics from an Ivy League school festival why do you want to wish that God have to do anything to get into the witnessing Park this afternoon I do that she volunteered that in response to question which was why you are an atheist achieving two reasons one I'm a physicist I see how finely calibrated the universes and it is extremely hard to explain that without some higher power is a PhD in physics from an Ivy League school is telling me I'm not telling her this she's telling me how difficult it is to explain the universe without God out of the first reason in the second reason was if there were a God she wouldn't feel so lonely she was silvered streusel word meditate on another one she is someone who I went to school with at the Easton school of music she's a very talented violinist she has a bachelor 's from yell her Masters from Eastman and her PhD from Juilliard so that's class is very talented very accountable and I had I had the opportunity to go to Chicago for business trip and she was a Chicago NASA I think it's been probably fifteen years or more since I fingered I said hey lets get together and have dinner and so we got together and had dinner were just talking and I was we got onto spiritual topics over the course of dinner as you learn this afternoon it's not an accident there is a way of getting into spiritual topics is purposeful we got a spiritual topics over dinner and I was struck on religion and ask what she dies and and things like that she proceeded to tell me about her upbringing how confused she was about things of God and religion because her house is divided and ultimately really didn't have religion and house and she and she expressed me that despite this confusion that she did not want that confusion for her children and that she would like to know and then she proceeded to tell me at one point there seem to be so many good things about having a belief in God for example David you know how the Jews set aside an entire day to just rest and focus on the things of God is such a beautiful concept I tell her that she told me that she told me then I don't even know that she knew that in fact I'm sure I'm sure she did not know I was Seventh-day Adventist she presented that truth to me as a completely novel and powerful way of looking at the world of course I followed that comment up I say how long it by the way him Christian to also observe that this is a nail Eastman Julliard educated person telling me that the Sabbath is a beautiful thing a third example I was on a flight are transformed from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and I had the good fortune of being in first class guy sitting next to an older gentleman and he was flying out to it was from my legacy were going to LA we just had a little chitchat we do as it turns out he's a psychotherapist I said well what would you know where your practice and he said Hollywood action you imagine being a psychotherapist in Hollywood what kind of practice that must be and so at some point of conversation I said to him the online and I'm not in your business and your industry in your field but I've heard I've heard it said that having a belief in God can actually be beneficial to the psychological state of people what is your professional opinion about and he said I agree are so well-liked delivery and he said while on an atheist he easily says he's an atheist but he agrees that while widely especially as an atheist why would you agree and he said he stopped to think for a moment as I don't think anyone ever asked that question what are the benefits of belief in God psychologically speaking and he said after a little bit of thoughts as well for example if you believe in God you're never alone you can always check in with him but if you don't lecture with someone else always alone these people are so burdened and this is not me and my brilliant wonderful anecdotes illustrating this to Mrs. and in our church for over a hundred years now she goes on to say not only should we be doing this but we should prioritize it those who belong to the higher ranks of society are to be sought out with tender affection brotherly regard men in business life in high positions of trust and large inventive faculties and scientific insight men of genius teachers of the gospel whose minds have not yet been called to the special treats for this time that means our other Christian brothers and sisters these should be the first to hear the call to them the invitation must begin patiently for not even equal ginseng we should equally wait ministering to lower-class the higher classes in vision refers LYS that while she's got some pretty good reasons for the Lord desires that the money men should be converted and act as his helping hand and reaching others he desires that those who can help in the work of reform and restoration shall see the precious light of truth and be transformed in character and led to use use there and trust the capital farewell in his service he would have them investor means that he has left them in doing good in opening the way for the gospel to be preached to all classes nine and afar off the very practical reasons why they should be first because they haven't means to support the work to reach everybody out she goes on altogether little effort altogether too little effort has been put forth for men and responsible places in the world many of them possessing your qualifications they have means and influence these are precious gifts entrusted to them by the Lord to be increasing usually good about seeking to save men as well entreat them to return to the Lord of the treasures he has left them in trust that in the knee and that in New York and other great cities there may be established centers of influence from which the Bible truth in its simplicity shall go forth to the people persuade men to lay up their treasures beside the throne of God by returning to the Lord their something enabling his workers to do good and to advance Lord very practical reasons and it goes beyond just there means the greatest men of this verse are not beyond the power of the wonderworking God God will convert men who occupy responsible positions men of intellect and influence through the power of the Holy Spirit many will accept the divine principles converted to the truth they will become agencies in the hand of God to communicate the light they will have a special burden for all are sold in this neglected class time and money will be concentrated to the work consecrated to the work of the Lord and new efficiency and power will be added in the statement here they will have a special burden for other salt of this neglect that is the situation I find myself and I hope by the time we're done with this you will also find yourself in she goes on to talk about how powerful this effect would be mistakes have been made in not seeking to reach ministers and other higher and higher classes with the truth a fund should be raised to educate men and women to labor for these higher classes God wants men of talent and good minds who can weigh arguments then who will date for the truth after he treasured these men will be able to reach not only the comment but the better classes such men will ever be students of the Bible fully a the sacredness of the responsibilities resting upon them they will give full proof of their ministry so she say these people have talents not only means that also counts and recounts will not only reach other W3C would also reach the common and other resources can be spread for the overall work of God think about the wealthy and our world think about that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and the Forbes four hundred and the kinds of people if you get Bill Gates I think is still the richest man in the world can you assume that high office network you can operate the world church for years without a single new dollar of offering a type coming on billions of dollars in the pockets of the wealthy worldly well-educated and even if you're not Bill Gates which is certainly not Bill Gates but if you if you are there any sort of person in this upper level you have six-figure income type of thing I know many of your students that certain you aspire some of you may aspire for career track that might put you in this category your faithful stewardship over a lifetime will be millions of dollars and so this is really important yes nap thank you and I my guess is that all I had a far sci-fi I don't haven't studied the Gates foundation I don't know all of the issues it seems that they're doing wonderful things if anything my hope that he would be magnified and amplified if he were something Adventists and fully committed and certainly some of that finding funding money talent would also be going to the spread of the gospel and adding the spiritual dimension to the humanitarian dimension he's pursuing so in that respect it would be better thanks for the question any other questions and will keep going now we get to the challenge worldliness so today God is seeking for souls among the high as well as the low there many like Cornelius many whom he desires to connect with his church their sympathies are with the Lord 's people but the ties that bind into the world hold them firmly it requires moral courage for these men to take their position with the lowly ones special effort should be made for the souls weren't so great danger because of their responsibilities and their associations again highlighting the challenge and again highlighting any special effort a special effort and that a lot of the effort that we make today have not been focused on and are ineffectual in their own worldliness or apparent worldliness should not deter us we we just read that aerosol burden here's more on that those who stand high in the world further education welfare calling are seldom addressed personally in regard to their interest of the soul many Christian workers hesitate to approach these classes we just talk about that but this should not be if a man were drowning we will not stand by and see him perish because he was a lawyer a merchant or Josh Wright it's very true if we saw persons rushing over a precipice we would not hesitate to urge them that whatever might be their position are calling we hesitate to warn men of apparel their sole none should be neglected because of their apparent devotion to worldly things I'll share another anecdote with you there is a gentleman a colleague of mine at work very accomplished I went to a top business school work for a top consulting firm and and now he enjoined on Vanguard driver and Vanguard is is a very special place in many ways that you can be a very difficult place for people to enter midcareer because the way we do things that Vanguard can be very different from it's not your typical Wall Street firm not by any stretch of imagination so he had been having some challenges with how to navigate the culture and the organization and since I came from a similar background as him I decided I would invite him to lunch just to check and see how things are so we were having lunch and Jesse says David you you are from a similar background as me how have you been able to navigate and be successful and having a and I and I gave them a couple piece of advice you'll be a good listener things like that things which are sort of standard and typical but in the surgery I said to him as I don't know how you feel about these things but it would be remiss of me if I didn't share with you what I think has been the most helpful as I tried to navigate this place and that is my prayer life I had no idea of his religious background if he had any belief whatsoever might just put it out I said the thirteen domination and frankly this is the most most helpful powerful one in my life is like her life and I recommend I don't know how you feel about the status of funds telling you asked the question somebody getting my hands he said they are telling more time to talk about antiwear talk about that this afternoon as well and some point I turned the question asked him on the you have any sort of religious background a set life laminate is lotteries and especially month-long rolling well-educated atheism is a Buddhism is the new ages be a singularity he's an atheist but I'm an atheist but what you have I need and I've been doing personal life have a personal model stays with him for the last two years none should be neglected because of their apparent devotion apparent devotion to worldly the how to do this while your prophecy tells us they need a different approach the intelligent to refine our altogether too much passed by pay attention here the hook is not be to catch this class what a metaphor the hook fishing right the hook is not abated to catch this class and ways and methods are not prayerfully devise to reach them with the truth that is able to make them wise unto salvation she is a the hope someday for them and we don't have the methods available to us right now we need to develop these methods what a rebuke mode most generally the fashionable the wealthy the proud understand my experience that happiness is not to be secured by the amount of money that they possess or by costly edifices were ornamental furniture pictures they want something they have not she think they know that money is not money doesn't buy happiness as the cliché goes clichéd because why in the heart of hearts believe that this class are attracted towards each other and it is hard to find access to them the rich left alone without any effort to save them become shut up more and more to their own ideas their own train of thoughts and associations lose eternity out of the reckoning they grow more proud and selfish hardhearted and unimpressive or suspicious that everyone wants to get money she's thinking to a really important issue here not as an access going back to our great hope orders it's hard to get access to these people and even if you get it even if you get one to open the door they don't view you as someone who they should frankly be listening because they view their peers as people they should be listening to people who have similar backgrounds similar mindsets similar education all of these kinds of things and so it is critical and you'll hear this over and over today it is critical that those of us in the Seventh-day Adventist church were committed the spread of the everlasting Gospel it is critical that we do have access and potentially have access to the W three segment be the ones to bring the message that because access is a huge issue it is hard to find access to them if they congregate with their own kind and so in a way you need to become one of them so that you can be in that circle but here they are not for just the pleasures of life but your bare as a missionary people have often asked me David once you become what want to go into the ministry and while I understand where that question comes from and I appreciate that you are thinking to myself do you know what you're asking me because you are asking me to leave my mission field your ass it's like asking someone who's a missionary to China his dedicated their life work to China and the Chinese people while Julie China really the question is why would you ask me that question my mission field 's club of America you see that this is a large efficiency it's the size of the entire UK or France or Italy now I'm not saying that if the Lord were to call me out to do something else that he's about but when when when people ask why would you want one with the last deck without even realizing that I could be in corporate America for my own aggrandizement my own accumulation and that's frankly how I was until message is which of your but now I'm there is missionary on there as a viable worker the only difference is that God uses Vanguard to pain so everybody wins so we need access the only active access it's almost like your secret agent your secret agent someone can we not reach them with publication I believe in glow I believe in the literature ministry but were talking about a different set there are many who cannot be reached this way she just answers the question handing someone who attracted the segment it might work in either the you always hear the testimonies are not here incredible testimonies but let's think about this when we hear those amazing testimonies why is it that they are raising because it almost never happens are you following the reason why those amazing customers are raising is available never happened and that's what spirit of prophecy telling us here there may not be recently it is personal effort you can't just do a hit-and-run glow track with the W three and expect high percentage of results even if you do personal life within you can't expect a high percentage of results this is the hardest segment to reach it is by no casual accidental touch that the wealthy world loving world worshiping souls can be drawn to Christ these persons are often the most difficult of access personal effort must be put forth for then I name and winning imbued with the missionary spirit will not fail or be discouraged in every effort to reach the higher classes the worker for God need strong faith appearances may seem forbidding but in the darkest hour there's like above I'm not going to stand before you and tell you that I've had dozens of baptisms along with multiple technology I've had a unreasonable number of Bible studies and I have hundreds of spiritual conversations but this is the hardest route to reach the deck is stacked against us that we are enjoined by the Bible and spirit prophecy that we must do this work and it is been neglected is the neglected to how you do this in order to do this all workers will have to keep themselves up to a high level of intelligence they cannot do this work and sink down to a low common level feeling you will matter how they labor for what they say they're working for the poor and ignorant classes that have used Opera think about the thing your life that you pay the most attention to the Yahoo most focused on the thing that is your passion my fear societies it might be a sport it might be some other hobby that you have so think about that thing you got something or have not got thing in your life that you are according most passion for you have it accounting in these thirty four seconds to think of something you have something in your mind or do you have no passions get something in your mind and think about that they now think about how your attention and an energy and effort towards working at the church for God compares to that thing and could be as big as going out for missionary field or can be a small is doing leading the pricing setting up the chairs on things big and small of God how much attention and diligence to page those things versus the things that you are most passionate about in your life we cannot do this work and sink down to a low common they will have to sharpen up and be armed and equipped in order to present the truth intelligently and to reach the higher classes their minds must rise higher and show greater strength and clearness this is difficult work and it requires your best efforts enable by God some are uniquely qualified summer specially fitted to work for the higher classes they should seek wisdom from God to know how to reach these persons to not have nearly him will remember personal effort and living faith that's an important one living thing to awaken to the needs of the soul to lead them to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus in order to reach these classes believers themselves must be living epistles known and read of all that we'll talk more about this this afternoon when you need to be living the message immediately living the message before you're even thinking about sharing the message talk more about that is running SEG were beautiful and smart very intelligent and when women whom we are afraid to work for fear of working work for them because our feelings like it the earnest efforts should be made for the higher classes coming close to their heart visiting them and using special wisdom to win and to the truth there should be no pushing here's really won't read about this afternoon there should be no pushing no sharp contention leading their mind out to investigate one reason why efforts have not heretofore been made for the higher classes as I have presented before you is a lack of faith real courage as I go around talking to people about this ministry oftentimes people will say how intended intimidated they are other afraid to talk to these people and she tells us one reason for that is a lack of faith our leave you with this thought which is just incredibly powerful to me it requires more grace more stern discipline of character to work for God in the capacity of mechanic merchant lawyer or farmer carry the precepts of Christianity into the ordinary business of life then to labor as unacknowledged missionaries in the open field it requires a strong spiritual nerve to bring religion into the workshop in the business office sanctifying no ordering every transaction according to the standard of God 's word but this is what the Lord requires what is she saying here she say it is harder to be a layperson working in the office work in the shop and bring Christ into that place that it is to be an explicitly open missionary or Bible worker and I have total respect for those going to the missionary field in those respects and we often talk about with electrical cords it is hard work in the summertime when is going on above ninety hundred degrees sometimes and you're out there with that bag no doubt about it but she sang it harder for me to sit in my air-conditioned office and bring Christ there that it is to be an open exquisite mission by the worker in the field and uncritically pastors conference workers missionaries now what I will say is this we often think about harder in terms of material hardship that's why we talk about things when we do and it's very reasonable I would agree from material hardship perspective no doubt carried a bag or in August way more difficult to get a wrong what he's talking here is the spiritual strength you need to have is the spiritual backbone you need to have two walk into the CEOs office and bring Jesus there is think that is more difficult entity and about open docile worker as a workaround but now but the question I want you to take with you is will you take up this challenge I think anyone here father you're already well-educated those of us here who are in professions your well-educated and in your wealthy to and although we don't want to be worldly we should certainly live in a worldly place we had access we happen if only we will allow God to use us and so my question to you this morning is will you take up this challenge without disclosing the worker Lord God her father you have enjoined upon us you have a mom admonished us to do this work for the wealthy worldly and well educated Lord we as a church and we as individuals have been negligent in doing this work because we lacked faith because we're afraid because we have not put the time and to arm and equip ourselves but Lord I pray that someone in this room having heard this admonishing will take it upon themselves to become equipped to have the spiritual strength to take it into wherever sphere of influence and you bring more I pray the Holy Spirit deeply impressed this message and that there would be workers for the neglected rich lore we're just scratching the surface we pray for your continued presence among us as we move into the worship of the afternoon we pray this in a powerful hold on precious name of Jesus and this media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio course taught or


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