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  • June 28, 2014
    11:30 AM
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you really need to Matthew chapter eight Matthew chapter eight more often then you could imagine I have the opportunity of sharing a story that's in Matthew chapter eight because I three I began every series of devotions what our lifestyle yes with this story I've been doing that for eleven years and so you can imagine if I do that once a month for eleven years that's quite a few times that I did I shared on the story that's found in Matthew chapter eight but I'm here to tell you that as often as I get to share this story does that often in my thrilled with what I find there it never ceases to bless my soul and so I thought I shared with you no doubt you've heard it from the don't know if there at the lifestyle center or maybe even here I don't know I may have shared that before still and all of you going in a little bit different direction this morning so wearing Matthew chapter eight looking to start with verse five and when Jesus was entered into Capernaum there came unto him a century in BCG him and the question I usually ask at this point is a you know what a century and is well Seventh-day Adventist no Bible students know you know what a century and is a century and is a captain over a hundred men and obviously he's a strong individual he's not a pussy Gaddis not a pushover if you're going to be a captain over a hundred men you better have some some strength in you write down not only that but this man was a pagan at least that was his background he worried he had a pagan background not only that this man was a Roman citizen not only that this man was as a soldier and when you're a paid him and when you're a Roman and when you're a soldier not love that is conducive to being a Christian I hope you understand that is all he comes to Jesus and everything about him generally would not be conducive to Christianity he has a request to make of Jesus we can see that in birthday and saying Lord my servant lies at home sick of the faulty grievously tormented and Jesus said to him I will come and heal him now the question that needs to be asked here how much time elapses between the time that this soldier makes a request that Jesus and Jesus responds to his request how much time both by why no time at all he does that immediately that's what he does why well friends because this Roman soldier has something in him that Jesus can respond to this Romans soldier has met at least two conditions that we want to look at this morning now when you make a request of Jesus that he respond to you immediately have you ever had times when you wish that he would answer your prayer that he would answer it now and why is he waiting so long why is it taking a year for him to get to the point of answering my prayer well there are two conditions that this pagan Roman soldier is meeting that Jesus can respond to and listen I don't know on many pages are in this room there may be more than I know I suppose but I don't think so and if Jesus will respond what they can run Roman soldier immediately don't you suppose that he would respond to you if you met those conditions as he met them well I should hope so there's no doubt about it so were talking about two things this morning in the story of this century okay the first thing is this man oh you need of help from God and I want to tell you that that is all that God requires from you this date you don't have to be jumping through any kind of rules you don't have to do good works you don't have to pay money to the charity don't have to go on a pilgrimage in desire of ages page three hundred it says from the soul that feels is me nothing is withheld you know the meaning of the word nothing from the soul that feels her need nothing is withheld nothing is without all that God wants from you and from me is that we feel our need of help from him and when an individual will come to him feeling very neat feeling their helplessness to meet their own situation whatever it might be at this point God says I can help all I will help this is all that God wants there is no qualifiers here he doesn't qualified except with one thing you go to the individual who can meet your needs and many times many times you and I are in a situation that we cannot meet our own needs and there is no human being alive that can meet and needs that we have okay in that testimony ministers page five hundred and nineteen paragraph three our need is the qualification our need is the ticket if you pray when prayers God does not respond to eloquent prayers eloquent seed by itself means nothing to God our need is the qualification which gives us the assurance that we shall receive the gift if you feel you need to have is amazing you is amazing to me is incredible but this is how God operates he sees us down here he knows we are full of need we have needs not a part years we got need the problem of course is we don't always feel our need sometimes were very independent we think we can we no one were about we have high opinions of ourselves and our opinions and we don't feel any need because we have the answer drone problem and we go on and on and on trying to meet our own needs and God says one thing I require of you one thing I require you to look at me as God if you see yourself as a sinner in need of my health and if you come to the place where you feel you need I don't care what the need is from the stall that field is neat nothing is without this is the ticket this is the qualification that gives us the assurance we shall receive the gift now how qualified is a pagan Roman soldier of receiving favors from God but not very qualified I don't think you know you would think humanly speaking that the Jews were far more qualified than him to receive that which they needed after all they were very religious and they were Bibles to notice and they were paying five and they were keeping the Sabbath and on and on and on but none of that actually qualifies you to get help from God digital it's natural how qualified you think we are my friends were were not in the least bit qualified until we feel our need of help from heaven talking directly commenting directly about the century and a desire of ages three hundred and seventeen aggressive run one Ellen White says this he trusted not in his own goodness his argument was he is great need that's it that's the only argument he had any at all this is what God responds to you have a need you have the answer right there is not simple she goes on to say our need is our all they claim they are is not to claim there is not three claims there is not a whole host of should we need to meet our need is the only claim we have on God 's wisdom whenever called upon the name of the Lord shall be held shall be saved child it would be neat but a blessing that if you goes on to say we have nothing to recommend us the money thing we have is it we have nothing to recommend that the but the plea that we may urge now and ever is our utterly helpless condition that makes his redeeming power and necessity when we come to the place where we can go with nothing in our hands and to plead for why God should do anything for us when we go to the Lord an appeal strictly on his merciful heart on his quickness on his graciousness on his love for me when we feel our need of help from heaven and we have nothing to say after all I get a Seventh-day Adventist for forty years giving that mean the get on along forty years is gone and somebody said this morning that we are baby and he was rich we written rest of the we are but is a product is all that's nothing for God we still don't know anything we know nothing as we ought to know at first Corinthians chapter eight Chris do we have nothing and let the Lord gives it life and so we need to go to the Lord with our need nothing else that's all that matters to God is not amazing you it's not all that matters in but that's how we get started now anyway that's what the century and he was helpless and he couldn't claim his goodness he couldn't claim his good works he couldn't claim that he had given gifts to build a set dog for our nation he loves our nation any bill does the synagogue even claim any of that you just need a request that is he couldn't do anything about the things that he was about to lose his servant we go to verse eight now and a century and answered and said Lord this is after Jesus Howell said I will come and heal him essentially answered and said Lord not worthy that you shouldest come under my roof speak the word only and my servant shall be healed then he illustrated what he had to say in verse nine he said I am a man under authority having soldiers under me I say to this man go Eagles do another one company comes into my servant do this and he does it in other words I know who you are and friends actually this blows me away it blows me away here's a man who knew who Jesus was he knew that Jesus was God he knew that Jesus only had to speak the word only and his servant would be healed he knew this is amazing to me it's incredible Jesus was the Messiah he came to the chosen people the chosen people had studied the word of God you have studied the messianic promises prophecies all their lives they were supposed to know who God was when God should come they should recognize him but he came unto his own and his own what received him not here was the pagan Roman soldier who knew God who Jesus was that Jesus was not how in the world that you know who called him coming can you even begin to imagine why was it that he could recognize Jesus as the Messiah and a whole nation the chosen people of God 's true Church did not know Jesus will mosey away by the way Bluetooth is doing well it can't load Jesus went that he can't surprise visas obligate you look at first then look at the wording there is that Jesus was amazed me was that he couldn't be amazed even if not all of it I love birthday when Jesus heard it he marveled and said to them that followed verily I sent you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel who is Israel that the true church of the day as God 's chosen people Jesus comes to them and he looks for Freddie where does he find the faith in the pagan Roman food now if Jesus came down to Loveland today named Eden Valley the day was walking into the church and began to scan in all he has he has somehow it's the instead in his eyes I think the interesting would he find this kind of thing that you are it would be marvelous if you could find this kind listen you and I are saved by grace through faith God 's part is to save us by being gracious to us our part is that exercise faith but here Jesus pronounces this since Jerry and his approach to life as a if you find what the century and found you will have found what that kind of faith that Jesus response Duke and friends of course that's the second thing we want to look at if this faith the first thing if he felt his knees and secondly he knew what they want and he was able to exercise the kind of faith that is salt air that Jesus could look at all nation and scandal chosen people of God Israel's people and he could not find that kind of faith no not in Israel will note that lays down all the way to our day but we find how much kind that this kind of faith would he find among the white century and a half anyway he had anything you know all that he had is that this service was sick and he didn't know what to do that's all he had the needed a certain thing done he was helpless to get it done I suppose you try this and that we other think nothing worked and that it came to his mind I know one there is one among us all he has to do is speak the word and I will have what I need and so he had made he knew that Jesus could do it and when Jesus had I will come and do it the century and said no no no no I don't you are speak the word of an amazing what the defense your you know would accomplish the work the word that's it I'd like to take those three words and taken right out of the text and put them up here in all big banner will spend the whole weekend talking about the word on because the power of God is in the word only he stated it was done he commanded and it's the fact that this is what he did that the new century and believed that Jesus would only speak the words his servant would be this venture in a spec that has started to be healed if those words were spoken that's what faith is that's what it's all about so what did Jesus do well if you turn with me go ahead turn with me to Psalms chapter one hundred and seven were looking at some chapter one hundred and seven now it doesn't say in the text were read this is what Jesus did but this is what Davis did watch what it says Psalms one hundred and seven and were looking at verse twenty look at it on one hundred and seven were looking at birth by the ease since his word and healed him though at that but it's a he sent his word and healed them but him and delivered him from his destruction that's what happened we all have to go undetected faith what exactly did Jesus do while he didn't go to the to the sick man he stayed right where he was he says his word and healed him and delivered him from his destruction all the while the people of Israel God 's people daily in connection with the word of God are called the people of the book they boasted of their knowledge of the word of God because they knew the word of God being you God 's promises the new gods commandment and yet in the end the trusted more in themselves that they be trusted into the promises that God had made the dispute turned to Isaiah fifty five Isaiah fifty five were looking in Isaiah fifty five versus ten and eleven in Isaiah fifty five or as the rain comes down in the snow from heaven in turn returns not either but waters the earth and makes it bring forth and bud that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater so shall my word be that both sport out of my mouth how will his word be it will be as the rain that comes down it will be as the snow that comes down and gives life to button flower as how it's going to be now wait a minute there's not a person in this world that's worthy of having anything to eat it you know that there's not a person in this world that's worthy of one moment of happiness did you know that we have forfeited every blessing by sitting and because we are sending with we are sinners we are not worthy of anything and yet Jesus says I have sent you the rain I have sent you the sunshine I have thank you owed I think your brain that you have cars you have money you have thousands yet children your grandchildren you have blessing heaped upon blessing and as the rain comes down from heaven so is my word comes down to bless you that you read verse eleven so shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth it shall not return to me and feet but it shall accomplish that which I please it will prosper in the thing where do I said and friends he sends it to people who are not worthy of receiving it not authority not one thing and yet does the rain come down a thirty watt I'm grateful for the rain in Colorado is a lot of people in California that are happy for the rain in Colorado and the snow that fell in Colorado this year because if there'd be no snow in Colorado the really been trouble in California there is no doubt about that I want share with you an example I preach this actually validated through three four five six weeks ago but with me to second Chronicles chapter twenty second Chronicles chapter twenty and not to take the time to to look at the whole story I just want to take a second year I want you to see something that really caught my attention that it really has worked on my soul were in second Chronicles chapter twenty everyone knows the story of jaws at that how he organized acquire to go to war okay well just look at verse seventeen this is right after he finishes praying and then the prophet declares in verse fifteen the last sentence of the battle is not yours but not okay look at verse seventeen the first line of verse praise ye shall I need to fight in this battle okay you shall not need to bike in this battle be at all like the Jews in the days of Jesus would have said we had all what the Conservatives Seventh-day Adventists today would say they would say praise God he has promised to fight for us to deliver us from our enemies are but but but there are conditions we must cooperate God isn't going to do for us what we can but we can do for ourselves we should strap on our equipment that we should fight the battles of the Lord is not what we would say is met with the bylaws always seems to feature the spirit of prophecy by friends be careful to concept that didn't look at that situation that way at all to look at the text carefully look at verse seventeen again the present that he shall not need to fight in this battle that's what it says and do you know that cooperating here would be unbelief he said don't fight arthritis add right and we would say what Apple we got a cooperate I mean we have to cooperate yes there are times when we have to cooperate there are times when we have to read the promise and see what it says and selected Jehoshaphat Duke look at the rest of the verse remains will look at it you shall not need to fight in this battle set yourselves Stansfield see the salvation of our Lord you know that that's all that God expected of these people if they had strapped on their equipment if they had gone to fight for the Lord in this battle God would've said forget it you want to fight go ahead and see what happens the outcome is your the consequences you must suffer because I said you will not need in this event now this isn't true in every aspect of life him the Lord wants us to cooperate then cooperate sometimes the Lord wants us the standstill and see his salvation still and quite already because that's not that's what God will turn with me to Deuteronomy chapter five Deuteronomy chapter five we need to read our Bibles with our eyes and our hearts open we need to know what the Lord really wants where Deuteronomy chapter five that's look at verses twenty seven all the way to verse twenty nine this is this is this is at the time when the Lord is communicating with the children of Israel go without nearest children of Israel speaking to Moses go down here here all that the Lord our God shall say speak thou unto us all that the Lord our God shall speak unto the and we will hear it and we will what we'll do it guarantee verse twenty eight and the Lord heard the voice of your words when you spake unto me and the Lord said to me I heard the voice of the words of this people which they have spoken unto thee they have well said all that they have spoken well-intentioned these people of that there were such a heart in them they would be with fear me and keep my commandments always that they might be that it might be well with them and with their children forever what was wrong with the children of Israel in that day they were well-intentioned they wanted to do it they wanted to cooperate with the Lord but these did not have the power to do what they want to do he did not feel their need of help they said we will do it tell us what they do we will just do it have you ever said that lots of those I can put you can't that's the problem she said without me you can do what you know the meaning of nothing you can do nothing without me you were not born again he did not have an heart they did not have a new nature it did not have a correct spirit they fully intended to do for themselves what God alone could do for them and he wanted to do it that way and you know the rest of the star you know where it ended up we wouldn't do that would we not print we do that and that's the real problem with our line if we were perfectly dependent upon the Lord every moment of every day we would've been in the kingdom long years it's time to Jeremiah chapter thirteen is another verse I use often because it strikes me as so clear that I don't know why some people not understand by the way this is in the Old Testament the Jews should've read this first more times than enough at least once a year and they should have understood what it says here can an Ethiopian change his skin what's the answer to that not can a leopard change his spots what's the answer to that now then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil so what is it that you and I can't not do too good to know that you can't do good it's impossible to do good with denatured that you and I have is a true yeah and so the Jews in the days of Jesus were determined to do good they wanted to be God 's chosen people they wanted to be in the kingdom of heaven and their weights of the kingdom was to be as godly as possible that's out in intention this is exactly what we want as Seventh-day Adventists and I wonder why other people think were legalistic the intentions are perfect this is exactly what God wants for us this is exactly what we want for ourselves the problem is how we go about to get there and the Jews tried and tried and tried the end rules to protect themselves from the lawn from breaking the law but they never could change their own hearts we could not change their very nature therefore they always fell short of what they had attempted and because kept on trying they were religious and they trusted in themselves that they were righteous according to Luke chapter eighteen verse nine letter people like or legalistic and he ever met a heart so that they had never met a hard angry Seventh-day Adventist the ever found people who are who are want everyone to change because they don't change they get angry to support you can get as angry as you want it doesn't change people people don't change because the banker is not a fact if anything it drives them together there's a saying in a writing actually came from the Jews of that day notice what they wrote if but one person could only for one day keep the whole law and not offend in one point but I don't know if but one person could but keep that one point of the law which affected the due observance of the Sabbath then the trouble that Israel would be ended the Messiah would come at last that's what they said if one individual on one point could do it perfectly our troubles would be over the Messiah would come our troubles would be all done though they tried and they tried and they tried to do ever succeed now God had set the bar too high no God hadn't set the bar too high but how does that anymore at all all it was was nature nature is as God created it and we have followed out of harmony with nature and all that God is asking of us is that we come into harmony with nature the bar is high because that's what nature is there you are perfect holy parties and set too high but they've never felt the need of getting help from God to hurdle but all we do time reduce some time in it so they didn't know how to exercise but that's what it will so that's the question do you go back to our story Matthew chapter eight I hope not keeping it long but will blame my wife Matthew Chuck Chris Matthew chapter eight and will look at verses eleven to thirteen this is the end of the story here for the century and then I sent to you that many shall come from the East and the West and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob by the way when Jesus said Bill come from the East and the West and shall sit down with Abraham he's saying they're going to come out from outside of Israel from every hole in the earth okay eleven a friend view that many shall come from the east and the west and south it down with Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven but the children of the kingdom the church members shall be cast out into outer darkness they shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth then Jesus said unto the century and go your way as you have believed so be it done unto the court 's servant was healed in that sample selfsame hour as you have believed friends acted that's the way to believe as the century and believe we ought to be go to Luke chapter seven Luke chapter seven this is him the same story or binary verses one to seven in Luke chapter seven now I ended all his things in the audience of the people was just after this is just following the sermon on the Mount now he's entered his thinking he went from there he entered into Capernaum and a certain century and servant was who was near unto him was sick and ready to die and when he heard of Jesus he said unto him the elders that the Pharisees describes this Majesty he said that he and the elders of the Jews beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant and when they came to Jesus they besought him instantly saying that he was worthy for whom he should do this for he loves our nation and he has built us a synagogue then Jesus went with them when he was not now not far from the house the centurion sent friends to him saying unto him Lord trouble not thyself I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof wherefore neither thought I myself worthy to come unto the butt and speak a word only and my servant shall be healed you know there's something you that blows me away again the elders of the Jews said he is worthy because he is a friend of our nation and he is built at the synagogue and finally the man himself said I am unworthy that I should come or that you should come to meet the witch was it was he worthy or was he not worthy many times I asked this question in the lifestyle center and I get a mostly non- Adventist people oh he is worthy because Jesus went to the cross well now we're going to get a lot of things because Jesus went to the cross but is not based on our worthiness is based on Christ's merits of the cross of Calvary this man was not worthy all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and all were worthy of is the way in the wages of sin is death that's all he was worthy of being all that this man understood that he was not worthy out here's the thing that blows me away the Pharisees were Bible students they were teachers in Israel they were Jewish theologians they had been to seminary while this page in this century and was a pagan he was a soldier he was a Roman and any three of these facts would disqualify him from being a theologian but at the end of the day the pagan Roman soldier is understands more theology and the theologians that went to seminary he understood he wasn't worthy and they did not understand that what kind of seminary did they go to what Bible are they studying wearing a world that they come with that idea that he was worthy that's amazing and there's another thing that this man saw these the busiest unworthiness keep him from coming to Jesus why not because he understood great you know what grace is grace does not respond to worthiness but responds to a belt need from the sold it feels you need nothing is with out the all only difference between a true Christian and a patent the only difference between a true Christian and pagan is that the patent is that the Christian actually feels his need of help and then and so this story turns the whole thing on its head he know that the pagan is the Christian and that the Christians over the pitch using Christ they were the pagan that's what this story does it turns the whole thing on its head I wonder today it were not taken because pagan hedonistic religions have one thing in common they're going to earn their way into the kingdom that's the one thing to have they had a lot of good tenets have a lot of good principle they have created tensions all the rest and they're going to make themselves better and better and better so that they can be acceptable whatever it is that they worship it's amazing how refreshing it must've been for Jesus to find a man who put no stock in himself but no stock in his religiosity but no stock in his good works or the gifts that he gave to a nation that he loved in building than cynical but he put all his stop in the word of Batman is not merely have a form that denying the power he had our continue with a power line speak the word only and my servant shall begin you know that's the only power we had you know that's the only power we you have nothing to do this at without me you can do nothing if there's going to be power is going to be because we trust God 's word to do for us the thing that we need done which I got to work for you would like to work behind the would you like to work through you last verse first Thessalonians chapter two first Thessalonians chapter two hour looking at verse thirteen in first Thessalonians chapter two the apostle Paul says for this cause also thank we God without ceasing because when ye received the word of God we shoot you from us ye received it not as the word of men but as it is in truth the word of God which he actually work it also in you that beauty and to catch that powers in the word and the word works if actually in you if you believe as the century and believe of your ER God responds the company bought responds to childlike faith the response to felt unworthiness with powerful grace in Indiana he says be it unto you according to your I don't know I can get into your line I don't argue judged of the things you enjoy but it is unto you according to your faith I assume that we could have a lot more if we were as that taken well I better continue the sermon on July nineteen one one add one more greedy and I'm going to be of the Lord intends to make a overcome this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than is www. audio person or


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