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To Him That Overcomes

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



  • July 19, 2014
    11:30 AM
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I meantime I want to speak to all of us but I can dedicate this little message to Sharon I think is very practical I think it's very needed needed by all of us already turn in your Bibles to Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three when I was your couple of weeks ago I spoke about the century and the Matthew chapter eight and what was special about the tenth century and of course was that he amazed Jesus Jesus was amazed by a human being because his human being has so much faith he's the one who could see even though he was a pagan Roman soldier he could see that Jesus was God it amazes Jesus and this man could say speaking the word only and my servant shall be healed he has so much faith the kind of faith that I would hope this morning that you and how you and I could have now when I prepared this sermon I did prepare to three pages of the of review but I'm not going to do that I'm going to try and save a little bit of time so I had to turn with me to Revelation chapter three by the way I did promise when I finished two weeks ago that we would come back and look at the same message in the context of overcoming and so that's why we looking at Revelation chapter three and were looking at verse twenty one to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me on my throne or in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in my throne not to me this is always amazing when I read this first because I know that the great controversy started with Lucifer wanting to sit on the throne of God is not true he wanted to elevate his throne above the stars of God he wanted to be wet out there with God not only with God he wanted God 's throne it seems to me that God has a sense of humor here don't you think the whole yes you was because Satan or Lucifer wanted to sit on God 's throne and who gets this it are not sterile while it is that those that are but if these people that he's caused to see in and then have boundary benefits that have overcome even as Jesus overcame the hell did Jesus overcome what we could go into all sermon trying to describe how Jesus overcame but you know in the context of the century in Matthew chapter eight Jesus simply overcame as this vegetarian overcame the disease in the reserve and of course he overcame by faith Jesus had to live life as you and I have to live that he met life with the same equipment we had and by faith he laid hold upon his father and he overcame and you and I can overcome do you believe it are friends you must believe it is right here in the Scriptures we just read it but what is it that Jesus overcame weather wasn't soon because he didn't have any but it was temptation don't you think sure he overcame temptation but there was something else that he had to overcome and as far as I'm concerned that's much harder to overcome this think that it is to overcome temptation he had to overcome the temptation to use his divinity to help himself he had the power within himself to overcome by his divinity but he had chosen to live life as I have to live it and friends let me tell you something I don't have Divinity in me naturally all I can partake of the divinity of God but naturally I'll tell you what I'll do if I know I have to overcome all try with all I'm worth to overcome you know where that leads it doesn't need too much overcoming them that's for sure I'll pay you that now the century and of course showed us the way he was absolutely helpless to do anything about that the me that his servant had now there's no doubt in my mind he did everything you could possibly do to help his servant and you and I would do the same thing don't you think we would do it we noted no we would exhaust all of our resources in an attempt to help but he had come to the place where he found himself absolutely totally completely helpless to do anything about it friends this is what over this is where over game coming beeping begins you cannot overcome I think it's rich that taught us that this morning and the little back room you cannot overcome until you try and find out that you can until you get the latest where you know yourself absolutely hopelessly helplessly unable to get past this business of seeing in your life and so this ain't your input he is a whole trust on the word of God on the promises of God shouldn't we give don't you think our yes week we should all he was willing to try to do anything he could we've already covered that but he was totally dependent on Christ to heal his servant because he could do it and no more can you overcome in your own strength that he could overcome that diseased in his servant in acts of the apostles age four hundred and eighty two man is to make earnest efforts to overcome the data that managed to make a earnest efforts to overcome this is true but when we think in terms of making earnest efforts to overcome we think in terms of gritting our teeth and and in screwing up our willpower and doing what we have to do at any cost to ourselves well I don't know you know there is a degree of that I suppose I we want to mean we want to consent we want to do what's right we want to put forth an effort by near to tell you this morning that that's not where you put the effort and by the time I'm done I'm sure we'll see it okay man is to make a earnest efforts to overcome that which hinders from attaining perfection but he is wholly dependent upon God for success what is holding me mean there's no room for anything else but what God can do that's what it means human effort of itself is not sufficient time to Jeremiah chapter two thirteen verse twenty three now I know that I have used his birth to many times that you all know it by heart but still and all the adjusted resonates with me Jeremiah chapter thirteen were looking at verse twenty three here it says can the Ethiopian change his skin what's the answer again he can't stand a leopard change his spots there is no way just absolutely not then may ye also do good that are custom to do evil so what is it that we can't do any more than an Ethiopian can change his skin or a leopard his spots do good we can't do it that's what it says we do not have the nature to do it I leopard is a leopard by nature a leopard can't become a bear he can try all you want to never be a bear so long as the leopard and you and I are sinners and we will never be anything but sinners except there is a miracle that his work in our lives this is the thing that we need we need a miracle work in our lives now how important you think it was for this century in to have his servant healed now I don't know the story behind the story I don't know anymore than what the Bible tells us about the century and until I have to make up something here but it's plausible don't you think well don't answer that do you know what I say but still and all it's possible that the century and had no children perhaps he bought the little boy to be a slave to be a servant and then he had to raise this little boy to become a good servant but you know if you want to get a little boy and you got a raise them up from the time is a little blind find the man you might well be affectionate toward that man don't you think and I don't know this is what happened or not but this was supposed to be a slave this was supposed to be a servant and yet when the servant get sick this man's heart goes everywhere to find a solution to that disease define a solution to that problem so how far do you think he would go to get that boy heal how far would you go what would you do what we do not do for your son if he was sickened to death but let your prayers be like if your son was dying off friends is overcoming any less important of friends it means everything to us it's imperative the Bible says so and it means everything to God you think God would withhold the gift of perfect victory we really wanted it why though that's exactly what he wants for us that is what he wants for us our sanctification is God 's object in all his dealings with us this is the book third selected messages two oh two to our sanctification is God 's object in all his dealings with us whatever God does is for the purpose of producing Jesus Christ in all of us restoring us to the image in which we were created this is what God wants this is why God raised the Seventh-day Adventist church this is why God said the three Angels messages this is why God said the light on righteousness by faith because with righteousness we can accomplish everything but it isn't our righteousness it isn't our righteousness and so we need to understand that the hundred and forty four thousand are formed by the gift of God 's righteousness found in the three Angels messages and wonder three when the hundred and forty four thousand are formed God will pour out the Holy Spirit of God in the rape our pond them and the whole Earth will be right with the glory of God 's character the AC is God 's purpose for you and me as these people is it imperative that we overcome our is it not I get too excited here but it's important and what did the century and do he didn't do very much he approached Jesus beseeching him I believe that we need to beseech Jesus I believe that he wants to be entreated of us he wants us to ask and seek and knock he wants us to appeal he wants us to did upon him he wants us to agonize as he and he wants us the stride as a negative order to read that in just a few minutes actually he wants us to believe that his work and produce the very thing that it promises to produce it we read that promise like that just I think it's brother Tom just read it a few minutes ago right into your member the promise is able to keep us from falling is he well do we believe it how much do you believe it I'll know I promised you that I would add to everything that the century of experience in everything we studied there and I'm sorry that I can't review all of that we don't have much time but I said that we would add one more elements in order for us to become over comers on your turn with me to Luke chapter thirteen Luke chapter thirteen were looking at verse twenty four Luke chapter thirteen looking at verse twenty four deed the first word in verse twenty four is drive and if those of you have margins marginal readings in your Bible you will see that it says stride as in agony how many of the above you are accustomed to agonizing how many times the agonized for victory you know that you can't just say okay sorry guys but I'm going to my bedroom to agonize now does that work y'all you don't have the ability to agonize on command you have to have a reason to agonize yet that's something that's that's that's destroying your heart that's crushing your life you got out that a reason to appeal to God for the thing that you want while here Jesus says I want you to strive as an agony aunt at the strait gate for many I say of you will be will seek to enter in and shall not be able now when you read this verse here what does it say to you I mean what you think it's expecting of you well if you said to me talk wants us to put everything you've got into it that's exactly what it means he wants us to put everything into it but into what exactly does he want us to put everything is within doing good what would Narnia establish that it is not within our purview to do good by ourselves that isn't the thing that he wants us to put everything in no more than the dental record can change his spots are the white man can become a black man he just doesn't work the burst that put everything you've gone into entering and through the strait gate what is the strait gate go to John chapter ten I want you to see this this is important because if are going to agonize fever going to strive as in agony we may as well know the strive for the right thing as opposed to the wrong thing so were in John chapter ten were looking at verse one verily verily I say unto you he that enters not by the door that is by the gate into the sheepfold but climbs out any other way that's the same is a thief and a robber now look at verse seven nine Jesus says I am the door I am the gate by me if any man enter in he shall be saved but if the others in any other way he cannot be safe stride as in agony to enter in through Jesus this is what if they put everything you got into getting price-to-book bill his promises do you put everything into petitioning besieging intriguing pestering God until he gives you the thing that he's promised to give youth has God promised to give us victory friends he has been married to your spear prophecy quotation this is volume six of the testimonies page one seventy five watch here what it says I love it I love it volume six of the testimonies one seventy five paragraph two there is power for us if we will have been various grace are us if we will appreciate it the Holy Spirit is waiting our demand if we would only demand it which no watch watch with that intensity of purpose which is proportionate to the value of the object we see now that he asked your question how valuable is the Holy Spirit well he's infinitely invaluable I mean valuable is a PSTN but that isn't a question the question is how valuable is the Holy Spirit to you and you answer that question every day on your knees when you break by the intensity you put in your prayer for the gift of the Holy Spirit no intensity no gift that's what it says our list are you to receive the Holy Spirit SP1 overcome striving as a gag and he is is a constant occurrence in your life Avenue it is we have a biblical example of this in Genesis chapter two during which lead to Genesis chapter this is a classic of course Bible illustrations this is the story of Jacob we all know the story of Jacob we all know the the name Jacob Wright Jacob was that you supplant their was a usurper Jacob when he was either twin by the way when he came out of the womb his brother was ahead of him and think about all of this on his heel and pulling back he wanted to be birth there right from the beginning Jacob was at the lantern he wanted to take the place of his brother not his brother was the eldest and because he was the eldest the birthright went to the eldest and the family Jacob wanted the birthright until sometime along the way when they are grown up of Esau had gone hunting and when he came out he was super hungry and Jacob had made a pot of lentils and Esau said well you know the birthright is not that important to me and stole all in all you get a birthright if you give me a plate of lentils while he didn't have much respect for the gift of God the now later on when the guts somewhat older as matter of fact you are forty years old the father decided it was time to pass the birthright onto the elder brother with the blessing the problem with that of course is that Jacob 's mother heard that when his father intended to do and so she intervened and connived with Jacob to the father so that he could steal both the birthright and blessing did he do it yes he did all the while God had promised to give it to him that's what blows you away if it blows me away but Jacob was unbelieving Jacob was carnal Jacob was a sinner Jacob was the impatience he took into his own hands what God had promised to do for him you think we ever do that take into our own hands that which God has promised to do for us well friends let me tell you what that's papal forgive me for saying so if there is any Catholic when you take into on as the work that God wants to do for you you're doing it in your own strength and like you burn you cannot change your nature you cannot do the things you cannot do good who are accustomed to do evil because we are evil well anyway he saw it poorly saw the .net as I got so mad he said to his brother when our dad died you're dead to and Coleman fuel you and Jacob of course ran he ran for the hills and he ran to uncle Laban and by the way the Bible says that with what measure we meet it shall be measured less again and so when he got the uncle Laban what you think happened to Jacob well he got cheated inasmuch as he had cheated another he will himself be cheated and so he worked seven years for Rachel and then he got me instead and water trick that was how cruel well that's how he'd been acting all his life he was only getting what he gave now that he had to work another seven years and that he ended up having to lives into concubines and a dozen plus children and then one day twenty years later twenty years later God approaches Jacob and he says I want you to go back home so Jacob starts to go back home when he gets close to being back home he says a scout out ahead of him and he finds out when the scout comes back that his brother is coming back with an army of four hundred men and he's toast because he doesn't have an army he has women and children and a lot of sheep but he doesn't have an army so he splits his family into two he puts half the family on one side of River got back it was his other half of the family the other side of the river jabbing and paralegals on his knees to pray now his first promise the first promise that he claimed you know what it was arguing Genesis chapter thirty two with me at verse eleven this is the first promise that he claims delivered well this is prayer actually deliver me I pray the hand of my brother from the hands of Esau for I fear him grassy commons might be in the mother with the children now why in the world view with the Lord even have to answer that prayer Jacob had always been a cheat Jacob had always been a sinner take it I always mistreated under the disbelief God can always wanted his own way on his terms why should God do anything for him well look at verse some look at verse nine and Jacob said oh God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac the Lord which said to be returned to thy country and to thy kindred and I will deal well with these who said that God did and what does God say go back on I will deal well with the speak the word only and it will all be well because Jacob believed the word and he went after God to fulfill his working and you can see that in verse twelve also in Dallas and CDs leaving the promise year the house as I will surely do the good and make thy seed as the sand of the sea which cannot be numbered for multitude you said it's the word of God the power is in the word of God he believed God 's word he took the words of God and he said you said and now I'm being faced with an army of four hundred men all I've got is women and children and she and I cannot meet this army but you said you are God you can do this don't you think that there's an example here for a friends this is how we supposed to do this now hold your finger here just just just a thought came to my mice at first I shared with sharing the other day go to Matthew Chapter 11 go to Matthew chapter eleven and the inspired the will attribute this firstly Jacob although in the passage itself you don't see it because it think it is not mentioned but if you go to Matthew chapter eleven go to Matthew Chapter 11 and look at verse twelve in Matthew chapter eleven and friends put it in your heart put it in your head put it in your lifestyle look at verse twelve in Matthew eleven and from the days of John the Baptist Jesus is speaking until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force God wants in all that this is saying is how serious are you for the thing that you want and why is it that Seventh-day Adventist had never been serious at overcoming all we like to play charge we do keep the Sabbath and we do pay time and we do eat beans and whatever is else that we eat and whatever it is that we do but how serious are you in this business of overcoming that's what God is trying to say to us the are you an over comer around midnight Ian Jacobs 's night of never around midnight at hand is laid on him and Jacob face that is an enemy so he begins to wrestle with the one that's wrestling with him you can see that in verse twenty four and Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with you until the breaking of the day now let me tell you something if you've ever wrestled now women don't wrestle a lot but boys do and I tell you even if you're a boy and even if you're strapping strong if you get another boy here's your size or a little stronger argument a little weaker you don't wrestle very long to be exhausted he wrestled from midnight to the breaking of the day supposing it was only four o'clock four hours of wrestling or five or six whenever the time of whatever time the sun comes up over there in Israel now when a stranger finally realized that he was wrestling with a wild man he decided to touch he is by we heard this morning that the God uses the finger of God through the Holy Spirit touches by now check it must've been a strong man he must've been a strong man and when God just simply took his finger touched his lie he dislocated his hip and Jacob is like I wait a minute that's not right and I got hurt Jacob thought no it amended there is no way that a man will dislocate my hip with one finger something 's wrong with this picture and it finally came to his mind who it was that he was wrestling with he was wrestling with God and all of a sudden he knew that he was wrestling with God we see in Verizon twenty five and when he saw that he prevailed that day when Jesus saw that he prevailed not against Jacob he touched the hollow the spy and the hollow of Jacob 's thigh was out of joint and he wrestled with him and then in verse twenty six he said let me go Jesus is saying this now because the sun is coming up and I have no clue what that means why did coming up of the sun has anything to do with anything but anyway the sun is coming up and he says to Jacob let me go for the day breaks and Jacob says yeah right now I've got you how did he have Jesus he had Jesus by the prompts he had Jesus by the promise he had Jesus by the word of God and he could say with a century and speak that word only and I will be victorious and now he had Jesus in his grasp it's amazing obviously there's no man in the world and hold God down a God wants to escape I didn't want to escape God wanted to give Jacob that Jacob wanted the men wanting to get him back forever and he finally got him where he wanted and I don't know who had who but I know that Jacob had victory when it was all done busy the thing he wanted was a new heart the thing he wanted was in use the real results to be an over comer that's what he wanted once he knew who he was wrestling with this is the thing you know that one of these days will be facing the same thing one of these days the world is going to sanction us we won't deal to buy or sell there's going to be death decrees whatever one is they forgot to wake up to the fact that we are not over comers that we haven't been serious about our Christian experience that we haven't rendered to God what is reasonable to render to God he wants to make a demonstration in this world such as has never been made he chose the Seventh-day Adventist people to do it and we sit in our pews as nominal as nominal can be and it says in Revelation chapter three that he will vomit us out of his mouth we make an sake because we're just not getting with the program are hundred and sixty nine years later were still here because he never found the people within us who would take him at his word one of these days when I get serious with him and were going to be like Jacob were going to lay hold on the promise am going to say to God listen I'm serious I want overcome I'm tired of seeing nothing but trouble I want to glorify your name is what we want in the great controversy sixth twenty ten six twenty one it says all who lay hold of God 's promises as did Jake as far as earnest and persevering as he was we'll succeed as he succeeded you see how it's supposed to be done here is our example read it all over and over and over and over and asked the Lord to unfold in your mind the thing that is written there the thing that he's trying to get us to see that we need verse twenty seven and twenty eight were still in Genesis chapter thirty do you Genesis chapter thirty two and he said to him Jesus said to him what is your name and of course Jacobs had taken the simple answer to cheat and Jesus said thy name shall be called no more Jacob what why the but Israel brass of prints you have power with God and with men and you have prevailed this word prevailed conjures up battle conjures up a fight conjures up an enemy and when you go against an enemy and you prevail is because you want to do that and so Jacob went against God God went against Jacob only God was on Jacob sighed and Jacob wanted what he wanted and that kingdom of heaven suffers violence until now and the violent take it by force and this is why Jacob said he went after God for the thing that he wanted and he got it and got it name change also by the way he that overcome it shall be given a new name we do know that in one of the seven churches it says that he got over shall be from the tree of life he had overcome it shall sit on the throne he got overcome a cell be one of the pillars in the temple of my body and overcome it it's so important to God because the world needs to see because the universities to see who God is what God can do even by the worst of sinners and by the way that's what I think of you I'm including myself now the Luke thirteen twenty four says many will seek to enter in but shall not be able while why not a blessing one forty three they desired the good you desire to go don't you they desire the good they make some effort to obtain it but they do not choose they haven't not a settled purpose to secure that the cost of all things you know that she's talking about Jacob you on page one forty four the next page same chapter everything Jacob in the great crisis of his life turned aside to pray he was filled with one overmastering purpose to seek or transformation of character he would not be turned aside nor cc intercession all friends how is it with you you see now how you're going to get the thing that you want to go for it God wants you to lay hold on him by the promise and do not let them go until he fulfilled that promise to you and let me tell you something if we are not any more victorious than we are today we cannot be in the kingdom of heaven because we have been lackadaisical we have been lukewarm we have been playing church when God wants us to have a relationship with him that brings us the tree to the point where his life his name he is glorifying all the people around us was that Nixon this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. audio person or


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