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The Flawed Word, Part 1

Steven Grabiner


Bible writers used human language to communicate to us the truth about God's involvement in our world. Apparent errors and discrepencies don't change the fact that the Bible is reliable.


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • January 10, 2015
    11:00 AM
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I was listening to on radio program and some he was being interviewed and they were talking about schedules and how oftentimes is scheduled in our life really control it is who are really busy we make schedules to do different things but this person as they are being interviewed has a very different take on schedules and instead make your schedule so that the schedule helped you become the person you want to be our fairly interesting rather than just trying to fit in all the important things I need to do how do I want to be what do I want to know about Scripture and to make my schedule so that if I lived that schedule I will become like that person and as I was thinking about that can cause something else where some interesting if you leave at half and hour days within an hour an a but let's say I happen our day during happy hour a day on any topic for a couple of years you'll become an expert in the field so if you want to read about physics and you start reading after our date out in a couple of years you'll be an expert in that field of course there is a caveat to that certain things you want to learn something by reading new can read about swimming and after three years of reading about it you're really not to be a very good swimmer unless you get and why but if you really want to get better at something there needs to be intentionality about how we live our life in fact some people that really want to get better opposite the pool the other week and next set their couple of his friends it was really intriguing to me it just brought as much air as he brought his daughter broke Iraq within and put it up at the end of the swimming pool so that he could feel himself a couple of laps or what purpose from you not being vague about it he wants to see how things swimming that he can improve his stroke do we really want to grow as Christians we really want that kind of feedback where were becoming more like Jesus turn with me to first Peter chapter zero Scripture reading we learned that first Peter chapter two where Peter really focuses on some very important aspects of life and we need to think big we need to experience the self-examination and encounter with the word of God that reveals to us are we really becoming molded into the image of Christ first Peter chapter two great passage starting in verse twenty two and a qualification year since June as in obedience to the show terrified your souls for a sincere grief would mean on supercritical love on their brethren fervently love one another from the heart sorry first Peter chapter one thank you mother about making mistakes in public ciphers Peter chapter one twenty two fifty three chapter one twenty three hundred and since you have in obedience to the truth sure find your souls for a sincere love of the brethren fervently love one another from the heart for you have been born again how not with the Steve negative fears which is perishable not just physical birth but we had a birthday comes from in game perishables he that is through the living door he were God where God has our transformative power to make major changes in our life to believer in console if I got my first thing if we really happen our day we become experts in something so many of us have been reading the Scripture more than half an hour a day for really long time are we really loving the way this passage is calling us to or is there some kind of the disconnect that happens it's not just the reading it is the reading but it's also the work of the Holy Spirit and your needs to be an application to life another computer brings out to us that the word of God can do this but really the question I want to begin thinking about this morning is can we really trust the Bible is the Bible reliable I very rarely get on Facebook Marathon Facebook and friend of mine who usually has a very interesting article posts he posted some things I thought I read it and I was completely disappointed the article was from Newsweek magazine notice it says double issue is very long article on the Bible and noticed they heading soul Ms. understood insisting a very provocative title and share the author was saying you he had two main points first main point was atheists don't know the Bible obviously but more alarming than the Christians don't know the Bible and then his second main point was Christian 's pick and choose what they want to emphasize I know there is a lot of truth in the second point that the sermon Fernandez that leave that aside but is very ignorance in our own lives on the word of God which is supposed to transform his possible that we think we know the word of God but merely we don't know the word of God believe there's a lot of truth to that for certainly all of us we need to know who were not better in we need a deeper experience in an understanding word of God collective designing this morning and explore some difficulties with the word of God is this author was very antagonistic don't bother when you can if you want to I would recommend reading the article was really painful partway through really wasn't present when the wintertime but he raised some questions very superficial level a bit more pointed digital is in a warm safe environment this morning 's Explorer some of the questions about the word of God is really reliable we really trust and citizen relating that one of the reasons I think that there is an ignorance in the word of God in churches in Christianity today is because there has been a shift in preaching over generations people used to preach content heavy servants and we're not content heavy generation and sermons with this opinion and I think that sermons have moved toward and this is a good thing being much more applicable maybe more relational may be directly helpful in that's a good thing it's a bad thing if that some point they were not learning about sex and there's no real thinking about word of God so try to remedy that a little bit this morning and the other things that came out in the the article first of all the prisons that if the Bible is inspired there would be no contradictions are errors or discrepancies in the Bible there are contradictions errors or discrepancies in the Bible therefore the Bible is not reliable as a person 's name thought it inspired it he comes from God which we would suggest or argue that it does then their view would be to Rubino conjugations errors or discrepancies because there are and will look at some of them this morning you cannot trust the Bible his point another point they alternate was this because I do not have the original writings of Scripture none of us had the original book of Isaiah were the original book of Daniel and original book of Matthew this is true we don't have these original writings and we find differences in the copies that we do have therefore the Bible is not reliable since we don't have the originals and copies don't match up a hundred percent therefore the Bible is not reliable looking back at a different day but she were in charge of somebody who brought this out how would you respond this is a really can't trust the Bible it's not reliable there are discrepancies and if it's inspired there should be how would you respond only to what should your first response to what would I recommend your first response we see that know me a little bit are you and the question remains a note when you mean by that and how did you come to that conclusion very good things when someone throws something ask you rather than being defensive ask a couple of questions in response what meaning that there are discrepancies in the Bible or mistakes in the Bible and how did you come to that conclusion did you do some research so let's examine this cake together and let's look at some apparent discrepancies like that some of these are very easy to explain if you're willing to look at them with the broader mindset so let's look at some of you Jesus come to bring peace or did he not well Luke chapter zero in verse fourteen from remote force and observers fourteen and someone else that Matthew ten thirty four and when you have lived during the first live to fourteen at here is the announcement means of serious goodwill toward men but Jesus says in Matthew ten thirty four Wednesday that I didn't come to bring peace but I came to bring the sort now there's an obvious discrepancy or is there I'll looks on the surface as a discrepancy but is there an underlying harmony was an announcement of what God is going to do in bringing peace and inner removing entities between the human and between God what is Jesus meaning when he says I've not come to bring peace by the sword said he is getting messy process people are to start their peers in a video reaction follow the coming discrepancies from somewhere other superficial song really take more thought the creation accounts Genesis one let's turn back to Genesis this might even more perplexing for us is just one rock and read the entire chapter of Genesis one starts in the beginning God and it unfolds the creation account in Genesis chapter one and those of us said he might be familiar with the Scriptures remember God said on the first day let there be light and there was light and the pain makes a separation between the waters in the darkness and and was in the dryland in the light in the darkness the story in Genesis chapter one continuous hardening with the lights in the firmament in verse fourteen in verse twenty there is the waters and the living creatures in the waters let's look in verse twenty four then God said let the earth bring forth what living creatures on the losing of living creatures after their kind cattle and creeping things beasts of the earth after their kind and then it and continues and then in verse twenty six as a capstone of creation was created at the apex man and one should creation story Chapter one Chapter two because there is a growing one's different rendering in chapter two so Chapter two starting in verse four this is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day the Lord main thing happen first five no shrub of the field was yet in the year if no plant of the DLC yet been sprouted the Lord God is not yet send rain upon the earth and there was no man to cultivate the ground verse seven we find a creation of man Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and an inverse age God places man in the garden verse nine creates the trees have questioned down diverse see verse eighteen the Lord God said is not good for the man to be alone I will make him a helper suitable for him verse nineteen out of the ground the Lord God warms what every beast of the CL and every bird of the sky and brought them to demand to see what he would call them and whenever he called him that was their name they goes on with the first next meaning the animals a discrepancy here the order is very different in chapter one of Genesis in the order moves forward from separation these different days of creation and man is created laugh in chapter two we just read it it looks like what happens who is created first name and then you have a decent yield being created as well so you explain ketchup Joseph Chapter one Chapter one is a summary of the big picture I'm giving you some details and I'm starting they don't it's interesting it's certainly true that there is an order difference here where it appears to me doesn't actually say that the animals were created after man but the way the story is told you think that way simply weren't thinking picture is interesting to me that individuals like the author of the article they bring me things out like this is some great hidden secret that nobody knew about the thousands of years to think that when Moses wrote the book of Genesis or it's immediately most rugged whoever wrote it but they really didn't realize what they were doing and just need that kind of sloppy mistake again Russian class one oh one you would get in trouble right obviously the author of the book is thinking of something and so they rather just automatically think I'll just give the discrepancy this is unreliable we could think it's very underlying point or harmony here what I've continue apparent discrepancy stages of the session from Bethany when he went to haven't ordered anything from the amount of all found in Luke twenty four fifty two fifty one it tells us that Jesus ascended from that and ask one verse it tells us that Jesus ascended from the amount of all looks like a major discrepancy in contradiction with what you give us pause immediately who wrote the book of Luke in the book of acts the same author wrote both of them clear by the introductions to both books he read them carefully he wrote both of them fatal will you be not careless or their another explanation or recourse Mark eleven in verse one Mark eleven inverse one of so what to physical places are like right next to each other Bethany and Wallace because lived in one place is that the next places as nonhomologous there's really not a discrepancy now let's not be overly confident and think that we can explain every question about the Bible in such a clear easy matter quickly there are some things that we wrestle with and there would be some things that perhaps we can understand let's look at a couple here what's the sequence of the temptations in the wilderness so Jesus goes into the loan is not the four verses one to eleven what is the sequence with which Jesus is tempted and may remember that at that first one is in turn the stones into bread read agreement that you watch the second temptation I love it what is with the second temptation to different people disagreeing that the panels what's the second temptation during some down for the Temple or or worsen in which one can you prove that you of course again you go to the book Matthew that's Matthew 's account stones Brad and in the Temple and then bow down in worship and then at the end of downtown 's worship Satan leads you at all school of Luke chapter four the order is different in that chapter for the last two temptations are reversed everyone all Matthew and Luke agree that these stones during the red the first patient were clear on this one in question is what is the second temptation in the answer to the question would be it depends who you're reading Matthew says this Luke says that none of the will that learn comfortable for us why because Matthew and Luke is where reading through them in our minds were thinking they are telling the story in a very twenty first century narrative way a roadway or reporter Mike this happened and is happening and so now we have something where you kind of having both ways one of them is why it is wrong and one of them is right or can interact or is this just a hopeless contradiction and error and suggestions you can trust fascinating there is not a fan of the verbal qualifiers there is possible it is possible that Matthew Mark Luke and John are killing that shows story about Jesus but they're killing it in their own way for their own purposes sometimes we think inspiration means things that you doesn't mean it doesn't mean that the Gospels or anything but the vaccine there are immediate and artificial level of accuracy that you might have to do for doctoral dissertation or something or in a this Bible writers are telling the story about Jesus are telling a true story about Jesus and they may put different things in different orders for four with their own purposes is that a discrepancy or is that a stylistic difference of emphasis the question we think about here is the menu something to think about young in the Bible are our figures of speech so present life a beautiful beautiful sunset yesterday credentials for my line well given that it was a beautiful sunset is my think I thought was beautiful I just was watching the sunset the other day and I really happen to be of energy spectra Bostick false in what sense thank you the sun does in fact what happens the earth rotates but we use expressions like that all the time and we grant people the freedom to use expressions like Emily read the Scriptures we need to realize that Bible writers use expressions and whether it's needs a certain level of scientific accuracy is really not the point the Bible writers are trying to communicate to us the truth story of what God is doing in this world and the community in mitigating it will always that is human but in a wonderful thing and really think about that for a moment that that God communicates to us in language we can understand and he did that in its fullest in the incarnation is a really amazing thoughts are not part of the sermon but just think about it with me for a moment to really think that God entered in to a certain point in history that is phenomenal God communicates to us and in inspiration you have Disneyland uniting of the divine God 's activity and the yielding and God communicates to me in ways you merited Stan is a big picture this is one that gives more details Genesis two and Luke tells a story that is what I think Natalie tells the story he wants to emphasize something you what was written over Jesus had in my one they may now laptop and look at all those verses this morning but what does it say in this this is a crime what what did the sign say any guesses can you use and what else this is the King of the Jews about Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews this is Jesus the Nazarene King evidence which would want well the four Gospels describe the sign in four different ways once and we set individuals within this innovative imaging lenses Jesus of Nazareth and images once as the midseason Jesus the Nazarene conventions for different ways really is a contradiction or an explanation of each Bible writer Matthew Mark Luke and John as they are talking about the death of Jesus they are emphasizing a particular point they stress when they want to on the type I civilization the King of the Jews and it really said this is Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews am I wrong or mine just being suspect or not detail focused is no different points in Scripture as we read carefully through Scripture honestly we're going to come across these and him final is unreliable we need to rethink what is the underlying harmony here what is this what the Bible right what am I trying to emphasize in the way he tells the story of Jesus Watson Matthew emphasizing the way she tells me the story of Jesus one of our dangers is the week we want to harmonize everything and so when I asked you what was the order of temptations most of us have a certain order and ninety two that's when we heard you hardly ever hear the story that's because of familiarity and Robin and harmonize them forth into the box let's ask the question what is the Bible writer Chinatown about the story of Jesus Dennis we talked a little bit about inspiration inspiration uses approximation sometimes I think that says there are about twelve million euros another about a hundred people on the ship approximation Bible writers inspiration uses metaphors uses figures of speech but one thing is very clear to think about inspiration there is a divine sign any human thought and just like in the life of Christ the divine and human were blended together mysteriously blended so in the forming of the Scriptures the word of God the divine element is there and the human element working together the result is a book that is reliable and more unreliable it's like change that's the real point is that the word is life-changing and the question for instance are we going to this year really now my time with the word of God can think of my schedule in terms of what one would come to him Jesus will memorize Scripture when you have a more vibrant fair lifeless since the President God work in my life regular Lynn in such a way that I put myself in that situation for that to occur back to our Scripture back to write checks first Peter chapter one I appreciate Peter 's emphasis year because the way to show my growth is in one word you since you have in obedience to the truth is the truth there is the knowledge partners make familiarity with the word of God but there's no meetings were there is there is a surrender to it there is a allowing it to form and change us there's a certification of our life for the A&E is an all and hypocritical law of so think of the person on the other side of insurance that you don't speak to realize that God is calling you to law a person think of the young person that gets on your nerves by their attitude causes calling you the love that person in the older person that is so attached and realize God is calling you from love that person fervently love now the reality is we're incapable of producing that law him place across the dwelling heart is in any city transformation we need we need to realize as the text goes on to say all is light gray that's you and me here for a moment our strength is is weakness our intelligence and stupidity we are like grass but the word of God in yours for ever and it will do what God wanted to do as we surrender as we cooperate as we expose ourselves and as we think this isn't just something to read this is something to live chapter two verse one therefore sincerely putting aside all malice and all the seats and all adhocracy and envy and all slander like newborn babies long for that she wore milk of the word so that you says Ginny so that by you may grow in respect to salvation if indeed you have tasted the kindness and your life is really been touched continue to grow continue to desire the sincere milk of the word that your life transform what an opportunity for each one of us awaits us in a hole in the year ahead of us praise the Lord better than the alternative right now the holy year ahead of us will we live in such a way will reschedule our life in such a way that we're putting around ourselves forgetting ourselves the best opportunity the best chances need the greatest nations to be molded by God 's spirit to become interesting quotation from a series of articles written in eighteen eighty eight says why then is there manifested in insurance so great a lack of law under the loving forbearance don't you just wish that I was here everybody said when that person is forbearing and kind of pitiful is because Christ not pitiful announces full of pity sorry it is because Christ is not constantly brought before the people what's the problem we don't see Jesus in the word in our servants in our line Christ constantly needs to be uplifted and when he is uplifted there's a transformation that takes place within the adversary would be well pleased to get us thinking on all sorts of other things in our eyes off of Christ is because Christ is not closely brought before the people she attributes of character are not brought into the practical life at twenty million women are not being of the bread comes down every day to get his peace offering to us a taste of his word of this presence of his spirit will you feast on his work even Christ the focus of your life in my life that his attributes can be brought into our practical life pray Lord is afraid that as we go this afternoon the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts I really not show my love to you when you do intentionally think how can I minister to the him him I mean sometimes how can I show one word of God dwelling father in heaven thank you that Jesus is calling us that year 's Spirit is calling us that you are calling us to a closer experience with you father were grateful that all flesh is grass as graphs and that we have no power within ourselves but we're also grateful there is power in the word of God to transform us to make us right to run reasonableness and your image and to keep that image growing in shining day by day other pray for myself I pray for each one of us that we open our hearts to that tremendous love and that is actually storms of Jesus Ross will surrender to it is a a media was brought in by audio course of a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio verse .org


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