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The Rule of Faith

Steven Grabiner


How did our Bible come to be? How is it that we have the 66 books we know as the Bible? This presentation delves into how the canon was formed.


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • January 24, 2015
    11:00 AM
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the last system we were examining season examining Scripture is noticing my show he's clearly a line my apologies as a rule of faith and the title for the sermon the rule of faith has to do with really the question how in our Bible come to be respective savage looking at critiques the people make about the word of God we've explore than it is now the Bible really gives us a foundation for depending upon what you like all sorts of other books in all what is the epistle of Barnabas to have in view of the night because Walmart is we don't have anybody in the gospel of Thomas no not in there either it almost appears the acts of John and all sorts of different ducks and sometimes people ask the question well why those bugs that you have in your Bible and not other once phone and those yet to be chosen into some arbitrary person or a group of people at counsel table that held the little ones we want because they agree with thoughts or was there something else at play in this line lets you save your notes turn to Luke chapter twenty four minute begin there with with Jesus response or how Jesus what the Scriptures but before you let me to share some net was interesting in the news this week and those of you that are tech savvy please don't start googling right now they found an early fragments of the gospel of Mark now this is unmasked about money and I guess in those days the material papyrus that they used to make these math is valuable so they were reused on the recumbent apartment when you glue them together and make these masks and their vinegar with the all you are trying to find out what these documents originally where they found what is supposedly a copy of the Gospel of Mark goes all the way back to the first century around ninety five AJ Ellis stole some study that needs to be done but if this turns out to be charitable it will give us a copy of the Gospel of Mark I got injured years earlier than the one we currently have and if it's Charo and if it matches up to what we have which is what the scholars are thinking that's really good evidence bring us the area close back to that first copy that Mark room thoroughly intriguing didn't make the headlines in the New York Times that still was very interested the letters of the chapter twenty four and twenty four is the sound after Jesus is gone and raised again was risen to his disciples were walking back to their village village of advanced about eight miles from Jerusalem and are walking a stranger comes alongside and then and the stranger notices that the two disciples are downcast and disparaged their downtrodden their hopes and then and so the stranger comes up and says what's wrong with you why are you so sad and these two men are like our usually person that doesn't know it's been happening in Jerusalem and strength this is what what things and many the two disciples began to describe the crucifixion and how they put their hopes on Jesus and now their faith was completely shattered administrator says something very intriguing chapter twenty four in verse twenty five and he said to them O foolish man and slow of heart to believe in all the prophets have spoken what is not necessary for the Christ the Messiah to suffer these things and enter into his glory and beginning with Moses and with all the profits he explains in the things concerning himself in all descriptions course the stranger was strange was Jesus they didn't recognize it then he had revealed himself that it is a tremendously interesting things happening here the very event that brought discouragement despond and see that seem to destroy their faith was actually the event that shouldn't encourage their another than simply saying look I am the risen Christ Jesus takes the time and could you imagine walking that eighty miles run drizzling to donate their going along the stranger Jesus just continually pulls passage after passage after Old Testament text is to explain to them how this is pointing to the death of the Messiah that within a Bible study and just to hear Jesus go through that and this passage continues that even a designated check all that is they don't their hearts burning within them as he explained all the things and they urge them to stay and as he breaks bread they realize this is Jesus in their excitement contains no bounds they just thought they start going back another eight miles and miles and miles how many of them sixteen because they want to get back to the disciples to let everyone know Jesus is raised but notice what Jesus dots before revealing himself to point them where the Scriptures and he explains everything from beginning with Moses when he comes to this meeting when they are describing their experiences and unicycles let's drop down to verse thirty six the disciples of comeback and Jesus came back with them on notes to them in verse thirty six it says while they were telling these are the two disciples to the others while they were telling me things he himself stood in their midst and said to them cheese each year like you and the gospel of Luke opens up with a message of peace from the Angels and it ends with a message of peace Jesus Christ beginning to end a message of peace but they were startled and frightened and thought they were seeing the spirit and he said to them why are you troubled why do doubts arise in your hearts see my hands and my feet that it is I myself me and see for a spirit does not have flesh and bones easy that I have considered totally amazing that in verse forty four now he said to them these are my words which I spoke to you while I was still with you that all things which are written about me where in the long nose this and the promptness and the Psalms must be the film and so again verse forty five any open their minds to understand the Scriptures and he said to them thus it is written that the Christ the Messiah soccer and rise again the third day Penny continues giving them their commission to zero in on Jesus the reaction order relation to the Hebrew Scriptures we call the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures Jesus clearly saw that they pointed to see that expression everything written in the law militants that would be the first five books of the Bible and then what's the next section back their profits and finally this song is amazing that Jesus identifies it one more verse worried here instead you can look at this later the sixteen thirty one Jesus is the parable of the rich man and Lazarus and at the end of the story Jesus said they have Moses and the Scriptures the writings will then believe them to Jesus in his life continually pointed people back to the Hebrew Scripture what we would call the word of God is distinctively thinking about thinking about this threefold division log analysis profits and songs or sometimes called the writings they go back and read the history of the forming of the Old Testament will find that very early the law of Moses was seem to be authoritative people sent out that Israeli chair in fact there's a group of distant cousins to the Jews the Samaritans in their copy of the Old Testament only has the first line of the Bible visual that's authoritative nothing else and then collection was gathered on profits and writings of it over time the Hebrew community the Jewish community said that this really is the authoritative word of God to us now let's not think that happened overnight for example the book of Esther took a long time for people to realize out naturally authoritative when care to venture a guess as to why some second esters doesn't mention were not in any an all certainly God is moving to the book of Esther is so estimated to associate with dread every year for forum for the holiday that was one of those books that took a little bit of time for the whole community say this is word is relating to the Scriptures are left out to Matthew chapter five verse seventeen ninety five in verse seventeen regardless and other little slip of the night and if we've been scribes we might invite written with your first job to think I am come to abolish what the law and when he says that when using the law most respondents the Bible or the prophets all the writings of the prophets in other words Jesus is saying that what everybody else considered to be authoritative he also thought with authority else week John ten thirty five and pulling that text out really want to focus on is that the Scripture cannot left me broke into here's the again another from Jesus perspective the one we call the Old Testament law Moses the Prophets the Psalms the writing they were the words he this these were the measure of the rule of faith let's turn with me to Matthew chapter nineteen was looking when the world that more intriguing Matthew chapter nineteen by the way we often call the collection of books in our Bible but in nests not spelled as ten NCAA nano independency a AON complacently means rule so will the faith-based authoritative books each chapter nineteen very interesting passage let's look starting verse three some Pharisees come to Jesus a negative test it may been thinking about this for a while so they asked the question lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason all how does Jesus answered verse four skinny verse four and five and since then have you read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female and said for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and that soon shall be one flesh so they are no longer two but one flesh wherefore what God is joined together let no man separate one of his friends in person the Pharisees as using the Sadducees Pharisees they are ready and they have a response and they said why then did Moses say give her a certificate of divorce and send her away and this is actually a quotation from the book of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter twenty four so it's happening in this passage Jesus is being questioned about divorce and was where Jesus get his answer from he gets a dance of Genesis as a naturalist something about Jesus zero Genesis one is what is reliable to Jesus look at Genesis at least for the agreement and were not sequestered but Jesus looked at Genesis as reliable more than reliable you look at Genesis assets and authoritative spider invasion are looking for another word historical show Jesus refers back to the creation of man and woman and uses the US as a paradigm now men and women and even not created then then Jesus whole argument is under severe slots that is this story working insured by on things that you have right now is something else that's interesting there he brings out a little more subtle in verse four and five Jesus answered have you not read that he who created down from the beginning male and female men in verse five said for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother if you go back to Genesis chapter two where that's quoted and you read that it doesn't say in the text Don said it simply is a numeric but who is Jesus and his Israeli state install sounds to create communicating to us about the situation at the knee Pharisees bring out this other Bible verse Deuteronomy where it talks about permission for divorce going for these two things together what is Jesus doing when he pulls these two things together in one place Deuteronomy as you can divorce your wife Ginny says Jan says that there but there is another text you need to take into account that is Genesis and that God was only responding to the hardness of your hearts we relate to that make you uncomfortable to Bible verses like disagree with one another and like to get to pick one that you like Jesus is the same thing in Matthew chapter five where he says he referred that was sad you shall not shell that I say if you get angry with somebody you don't happen to principal if anyone ran my notice I hope you'll appreciate Dragon sometimes some you'll come up with a Bible verse this Rabbi said you have learned certainly that's good now go and learn how to interpret in other words Jesus is interpreting his anything about either both authoritative but there is a deeper principle here in Genesis chapter two that helps us in her breast the rest of Scripture we've learned to read that's good we need to learn how to also interpret but Jesus saw the Bible as authoritative the thought of continuing he saw as a guide for humanity but of course in Jesus day the Bible only consisted from Genesis through to what Rall actually went and chronicles that they had a different order but yes now have the question comes up what these New Testament writings how did they become part of the name of Scripture Trinity part of our our Bible where you have this happen how come we don't have enough Thomas and your mother are there's a lot of good reasons but let's look at a couple Bible verses together let's turn first of all to second Peter chapter three second Peter chapter three in verses fifteen at fourteen fifteen and sixteen second Peter three fourteen through sixteen therefore beloved since you look for these things for the second coming that is he was the initial brass being diligent to be found by him in peace spotless and blameless regarding the patient's on our Lord is salvation just as also our beloved brother Paul according to do with him getting him wrote to you as also all letters speaking in them of these things don't appear saying you be fatal be diligent Paul also wrote about these things but notice what else Peter says November sixteen in which are some things one hard to understand and never anything involves writing that you can understand notes okay so Peter had the same problem and there are some things hard to understand which the auto taught and unstable distort this is what I want you to understand your notice as they do what the rest of what the rest of Scripture to their own destruction notice by the time cheater is writing second Peter which was toward the end of the first century Paul's writings have become considered Scripture they are authoritative there inspired the churches that receive them that this is the same voice speaking to me as in Genesis I hear the same waste impulse right and so Peter as he rightly says the people misunderstand other Scriptures they do the same thing with the writings of the apostle Paul Terminator first Timothy chapter five so Paul's writings are considered Scripture and its actually look back in history we find that Paul's letters were actually put in a not the other books the New Testament first in the design second limited versatility chapter five inverse seventeen and eighteen verse twenty nine seventeen eighty the old errors will rule well are to be considered worthy of the other double honor it is a method you like and elders in this church thank you Mike for all your hard work itself out fidelity of the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor especially those you work hard at preaching and teaching verse eighteen for the Scripture says notice the Scripture says you shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing that's a quote from the book of Leviticus and the laborer is worthy of his wages where's that came up there from the words of Jesus René Anderson Matthew Simmons and what live in chapter ten September seventeenth so she deliver seven rather so here we see Paul referring to the Old Testament book of Leviticus and saying of Jesus and calling them both what calling the above Scriptures so beer in early noting the church believers began to say no this is the same inspired voice and actually there was a collection of one church writer talk about the gospel but he's referring to Matthew Mark Luke John and Tom Copeland together we have no idea but when they were put together cost people recognized this is the same voice speaking to us as through the Old Testament Scriptures of the one one something else your live chat to one because it's important for us to realize Matthew Mark Luke and John were not the only Gospels written Luke one starting in verse one inasmuch as they have undertaken to produce high on account of the things accomplished among us just as they were handed down to us I knows were from the beginning eyewitnesses and servants of the word it seems fitting to me as well having investigated everything carefully from the beginning to writing out for you in consecutive order most excellent the optimists so that you may know the truth about the things you've been taught a couple things there were there other Gospels being circulated in fact there were links there were many different people were writing their trade in the own talk about what happened so Luke under the inspiration the Scripture says I'm testing this out really carefully to talk to the eyewitnesses I need to talk to people that have passages memorized and I mean putting together in order that you can know what the show of the things you've heard an interesting process the New Testament didn't fall down Thomas it's not like no slight intended but it's not like Mormonism 's golden plates where there just for their no other like somebody just found the New Testament people began to write and name bonds people recognize the same voice speaking to them from the Old Testament in these had needed to be put together finally yet our books in the New Testament how many are there by the I was listed on twenty seven New Testament bucks well we do have reason to thank this man Marciano he was a heretic he got rid of all the Old Testament he didn't like don't estimate on nothing on the Old Testament was in opposition to Jesus he got rid of the bugs Matthew and Mark as well he got rid of the first part of the book of Luke so in what sense can we know anything to him because he will together and it was like heart of the book of Luke and part of John and Paul's letters on the ace in the US is what we need to follow now if I cannot do and so what I want you to cut out these other portions from your Bible how do you respond you're not getting along that right and church people in that game began to do the same thing as a second to get rid of all these other books in front of the interest which was typically do we include regulation I think about during that time and actually Martin Luther King think Revelation should be under or the book of James later on he did but there was a whole process where people even then this collection of the Gospels they had Paul's letters other letters but the revelation whatever you do this but people began to read them and pray and began to say this is God speaking to me just as the disciples felt their heart burning when Jesus was walking on the road to enhance operations heart burning as I read these and finally with a couple hundred years later Bishop in three sixty seven sent these are our books twenty seven that comprising is a very interesting thought through my New Testament scholar my name and after Bruce he said that the writings were not considered authoritative because they were in the last they were put in the last because they were considered authority that's really important it's not as though somebody in authority seven I want these to me the notes that we follow and want to get rid of all these other ones and everyone to the accepted this rule went with all it was believers saying I hear God 's voice speaking to me here now I hear God 's voice speaking to me these are the books that we believe God has been communicating so what do the writers of these books finally we have our collection and now you have them on the phone is not an easy where ever you are if you have a smart phone which probably a lot of people do you have the Bible in just one version you probably have versions for you kind how easy would it be to have your heartburn as Jesus speaks to you through his word where ever you are you waiting for something you're traveling there in line to pull out something to begin to memorize the passage of Scripture came into putting their minds we live in an age that is on believable for the privilege we have a interacting with the word of God are we taking advantage of it or do we really have is that we were back even before it was all put together regularly read literally February I known you there was hair hobby blocks could you imagine a hand copied written in the Old Testament would you like to carry that around now when I receive a small minority Tamils child on every Sabbath we would bring out the total run to read and your person at the Scripture reading of dysentery this thing it's terrifying to hear Frazier in a dropping and dropping chaff the faster whole length of time that suits your brain now handwritten Aaron Albright are we directing with the word of God it are privileged to have its own little of faith it's authoritative not because if she are each year because of the authority is the word of God having a greater play in your life and mine is the vacuum chapter twenty four again the twenty four and starting verse twenty five he said to them O foolish men will start to believe in all that the prophets from Disney all that the prophets spoke in Washington and not necessary in the way really part of God 's plan we can say was a part of the plan from eternity at the Messiah would suffer these things and enter into the glory then he opens up the Scriptures explains all these things that concern himself dropping back down on the later little further here verse thirty two then they said to one another were not our hearts burning within us while he was speaking to us on the road wall Wayne the Scriptures Cuba we haven't experienced reference where you come in contact with the word of God and you sense God 's presence speaking to you after the closing have happened to us not so much as Dan Enright scheduled that I got all these bioethics memorize and a separate from me but that our hearts that are lies in transforming arts Fest through this authoritative word of God but desired it is an page six sixty eight the author writes this if we come to him in faith if we continue now in faith then that which destroy the faith of the disciples really should confirm their faith if we come together they table speaketh mysteries to us person that means you that God is one to be able to have a personal encounter with you to communicate with you our hearts will often burn within us as one draws nine to commune with us Joe is really intriguing about this story that we started with an interlocking for those eight miles or so and they get to an indefinite start now Doctor Chernow 's Jesus makes on the skin keep walking and it's only because the disciple said no and so I stay with us that he Jesus will come to us help draw she wants we open our hearts to allowing only given the time we invited him to ignore coming to my home to my life to every aspect of who I am or will we be satisfied if he just keeps walking on here you grow spiritually this year become more like him which is not great desire in the way that happens with your CMS 's spirit molds us as we come in contact with dignity critics that assailed order not to many people that question the word of God is an unshakable foundation for you and I don't like the word of God has the power to make us right and to keep restaurant next coming contact with that word astray together bothering hadn't thank you for the rich privilege of knowing Jesus Christ and we thank you for your sending him into history to become flesh to become like one of us that we might know when you are like better thank you for your words Lord and the opportunities that surround us on Italy in to become better acquainted with what I pray that you give us a hunger and thirst that is since nineteen is a bank here are the media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more in line to know more about our universe is more certain of it and visit www. audio person or


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