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Powerful Secrets in Genesis- Part 1

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • January 19, 2013
    11:00 AM
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I thank you so much again for your incredible great thank you Lord for the baptism of Kelly thank you Jesus that all of heaven is looking down upon her but I know that all of heaven is looking down upon every person here as well decisions are being weighed in the balance badly wanted to thank you and ask that you would bless us a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit we pray that in our weakness your strength would be made perfect in God we need a message that will inspire us and give us that have been occurring thank you and Jesus and human this is going to be a Bible study sermon you would think that those two words are not separable but they are but this sermon is going to be a Bible study sermon so make sure you have your Bible out it will be used today I also want to let you know that this is an extremely busy time there is much going on and this is the time that God really wants us to be taking first his kingdom can you save me that one of the things that we have gone forward with is the showing of the Howell and Mister Fletcher moving talk about that also the trailer and decimated again but we're going to be adding two showings of this movie and the movie is describing a man's journey a lawyer was contracted to study out the subject of hell and you may not think that's important being a Seventh-day Adventist because of what you know but I will let you know it has caused more people to be skeptics of God in any other false teaching that's why it's extremely important that we take any new sanctified him that this message be proclaimed all over the world anything that sucks you to use lock had been opened up for us at the Modesto state theater if you look in your bulletin of my neck and that is next Saturday nights the twenty sixth at seven o'clock will be showing the movie and it's free please bring people out to this it is completely useless just to have Seventh-day Adventist in this theater we need non- Adventists into this the agreement so please invite your friends and family the movie is not in a very excellent way it's done with quality and with some humor in there as well the second showing will be the thirty first will be a Thursday night and that is the next week or the many of the ladies are many gone this coming weekend don't worry you get a second shot a man that they'll stock your husband like editing at the moment but only recently Mister lets you add the list along the shore to interesting spirit that happen this week and so here is the trailer I was approached by Jean Alain Robinson means being consumed with this whole idea now buzz saw this on my own mainland stylings of them civilians have been well I think that hospital I really changed you need and question things that he had found as well standing out so when you have a friend in a settling down the accounting burn forever in hell ever-changing change anything him they are is a God can Lebanon him and him and will is is is is him to her about building up walls thinking about the topic and I will invite people in the event on how to survive and make it go as he was a I think we need to send a message loud and are about as I is exactly as I had my own possible he is mistaken I don't know possible this is something I want to do is to a human he lamented your glass it addresses arrive so we might as well get started in his last events and exam normal learning in the night which is the same as in you you need him I'm sorry guys are you are is an Internet family and I give it will be drilled to close up the butt to get special time and I talked to several different people in fact I also had to buy workers in NGC ten fifths and then some very interesting experiences over the equipment and call up a great many of them appear and Lily when connecting really quickly I am able to pass it out to some people some of the people that they pass that was going to be very interesting I submit like you tell us laugh with your encounter when you are passing out flyers for the Hellenistic bunch in the flag in Erie for the Mikey was assuming that this unassuming name don think and I have a hint of black community than a checking out the free movie of the year you start walking away anything about to step place stops briefly look then turned around and pay what it was about and I know that that is anything to do with our tong whom he vividly that it is Christian and non- plaintiffs only bad movies going on and you know you be careful what you want what if anything is not interesting I'm actually on a youth pastor and I've been looking for good things for my and my youth group to go to go and give part of that I think this is brilliant to get them thinking organ of even with my whole family and I will write your mike Sandoval and date we unveil it that is not locked out I think you are therapeutically rest of my cellulite is so Jonathan and I I and I think that I noted that he and IM I think he theory of an evening and I told anyway investigating a free movie on on helmeted but I and you like all the very interesting you know I usually have a clipboard with different United had happened to student and a pig which event they want to go to and write a report on it for twenty five and thought he could feel and you can hand them out to his student and make my report on it now for the lever that a man is the limit of people in the back who may not have heard what she said she was able to pass out a flyer to a teacher who said that you'd be willing to show this dispute is for extra credit points amen a lot of people are interested in this and I waiting for somebody to invite them and you know who God is choosing to invite these people in the offending angels descending to a man as a last life extremely important that we get this slidably postcards in the lobby you can happen to your friend or neighbor and said hey there's a free moving on when free movie and love to have you come with me and was checked out to be pretty interesting I guarantee God is going to do some special things may not and is on preparation for evangelistic series of the assault is taking place and I want us to be ready for these times they are I want to start with our sermons and difficult how awful secrets in the book of Genesis powerful secrets in the book of Genesis so interesting about the book of Genesis the book of Genesis is about lordships origins about man organza bow to follow man origins about the deterioration of this planet origins about redemption and the plan of salvation so the book of Genesis is so foundational to us as Bible believing Christians can you say amen to that everybody take your Bible I want you to go to the very first verse of the Bible Genesis chapter one verse one and I want to make a statement and here's my statement I believe that Genesis chapter one verse one is the most widely read works when people pick up a Bible and other skeptics or rather they are Bible believing Christians they generally will turn to the very first book of the Bible the book of Genesis and it will turn to the very first verse I want you to see what the very first verse of the Bible is in the White House in the beginning God created the heaven and the what and this is so powerful because when you pick up a Bible and you read this very first verse of the Bible doesn't think simply to prove God 's existence it simply declares God 's existence in fact when God is introduced the very first picture of God is introduced in the Bible he is introduced as the creator of all existence can you say amen to that but he is not only introduced as the creator of all existence he's also interviewed we created the creator the one who insisted we bought all of creation is the very first picture that is given to us about God is the one that existed before all things and so when you pick up a Bible and we are look at the very first verse we are introduced to the one which is the source of all life anything into that I was reading this article about a conference that took place several years ago and it took place at Johns Hopkins University anybody know who know something about Johns Hopkins University knows that it is a prestigious university were cutting edge science is taking place or what we call science and they will have at this university PhD studies on genetics they will have PhD studies on cloning PhD studies on stem cell research what you live at Johns Hopkins University is something that can be very controversial in the world and so Johns Hopkins is a place the epicenter where a lot of you can say cutting edge supposedly cutting edge science is taken place there was a conference done at this place and the conference was entitled what does it mean to be human and at various discuss this up on speakers or lecturers from different backgrounds who were bringing up various topics people talking about God people talked about human worth people talking about what does it mean to be a human different atheists with speaking up this convocation and they were talking about humanity and the origins of humanity and where we come from another words from the goo to the zoo to you what do you think this will call in with the director of the human genome project many years spent mapping the human genome system he went up and every was just excited about hearing his research about what's been done with this project that's been going on for many years and many money that much dollars and gone into the research and also begins to speak about the intricacies of the human body specifically DNA and that something so remarkable he shall pick share of York Sarah Cathedral a picture of a stained glass window and it was one of the most wins in stained-glass windows that were there and then he takes a section of DNA that had been cut and he shows a picture of it and when people were seeing this there was paint draw I went pin drop silence they were blown away about how much more beautiful and intricate and designed what this DNA structure and mean what he doth in the middle of the silent he says this in the beginning God created the heavens and there was silence in a statement that both we need to understand origin amen it's extremely important to us to understand where we come from now I know we can get into so many different topics in a constant science about what happened to get into so much topless women get into some powerful things in the word of God that will help us to realize more about where we come from our rights I may take a bottle go back to Genesis chapter one verse one one what time is going to dismantle five in the beginning was God created the heavens and the earth we are introduced again as one would be that one more time I thought being the uncreated creator things they meant that God is the uncreated creator is the source of all life this is the very first picture of the very first mention of God this is what is given to us about God if he has image and so what we did what we read in Genesis chapter one is God begins the process of creating this planet 's name and sleep again various systems he creates various systems on second they now want you to notice something that had replaced that continually comes up in chapter one reverse eleven then God said let the earth bring forth grass the art that yields seed and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to what it kinds know what's so remarkable about this is that this is when God begins the creation of organic material and so asked me in the middle the wiki begins the process of creating organic material the Bible gives us a very interesting for a visit she created according to what it can't what kind of you look up into my cooking corn itself a species soon other words when God was creating he was creating advanced and multiple in categories was find out more whose seed is in itself on the Europe and it was so very slow and the bottom forth grass the herb that yields seed according to what its kind in the tree that yields three whose seed is in itself according to what if I'm okay how would you go to verse twenty is on the picnic and then God said let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures and the birds fly above the arc across the basin at the lot is creating now prior is now also create efficient I want you to notice them conversely one so God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves with which the waters abounded according to what they are trying enemy we are according to what is trying to block all that was good again we see the same phrase continually appear and it's intentional and you want to discover why the blood begins to create earth in multiple individually Karenina according to its kind and there was multiple the birth and then he looked out of the water anything that could be vicious according to its kind and it was multiples of fishes categories group submissions now want you to see something else go all the way to verse twenty four then God said let the earth bring forth the living creature according to what it kind cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth each according to what this time so can hear God 's creating things in multiples is creating organic life to multiple plants in multiple keys creating birth and multiple views creating pictures and groups school efficient and any stray animals in groups as well so what if he is creating an extremely important with this point he is creating things not as widely as creative thinking while both engrossed nowise that extremely important life the Bible continually laying this out because of what he says in verse twenty six or verse twenty four then God said if you can persuade six then God said let us make man in what our image according to what now this is what's so amazing when God creates man includes men with self let that sink in he intentionally only man to glory and it should blow your mind away because every time he was creating it was according to a kind of pointless speaking to that effect let us make man in our image realized by the book of Genesis is so important because it's about special or ten and there is nothing more than Satan wants men to high the heritage that you have as the human race that you blow your mind away and thought when he was creating mankind he was a look I want something that's in my group leaving you the law works the easiest one to help us understand that mankind is with us the even like the music category and so he essentially done fifth to help us to understand something Moses is whining and an inspiration of God business trying to help us understand the understand something about the human race that God has placed a special engraved in the human species can you say amen to that you do not come from Google and of Israel and that in you do not come from monkeys of man is this blew my mind away because I really sense and is talking with coming along what I will say look you guys are special nine oh three a phrase much of the image of God but both God wants us to understand what could be a hell could be ours again doing is at the bottom again if helping humanity to understand this concept I like what I'll like this and pick up and pop pop and felt complicated this man one console run little the sovereignty of God that day will degrade humanity into humanities more against the data being Wallace invertebrates in the state and the intention is to get God out of the picture but this should be super important for us to understand because God wants us to realize you have a very special pass your forefather Adam was created in the image in the picture of God about that while cultivation while wedding fitness she said that the plan to create man was in existence prior to the fall in other words God did not create mankind for the fall because of the fall that God has special purpose for mankind prior to the fall time will begin to unfold this purpose more and more as we continue into trillions and trillions and trillions of years into all eternity the beautiful purpose is that God has for mankind will be continually unfolding God has created and put in mankind atom together getting this believes that if overtime mankind was created in the image of the uncreated one didn't get that mankind was created in the end of the uncreated creator this is what God wants us to see each other as family the eleventh of him full-time Mycenaean to a lot of violence sports non- adaptable about the making cannot point to because God began to really convince me that as men are pummeling each other the pummeling the face of somebody who Jesus died for us good to another point you know there are three very special blessings in the first week of creation the point is not to think about it go to Genesis and what you see something very remarkable go to Genesis Chapter 11 chapter one verse eleven now a look at the third delicacy something very interesting then God said let the earth bring forth grass the that yields seed and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its time whose seed is in itself on the earth that it was so so when God made this plant life this organic material you said you're going to be doing this and it just the place there was no need for another command but I want you to see something very interesting go all the way that verse twenty that got the local waters abound with an abundance of living creatures birds fly above the earth upon the face of the permanent heaven so God could integrate the egregious than anything that moves which with the waters abounded according to their kinds every winged bird according to its kind and God saw that it was good and Donna watched it people left them there we see the very first book in the book of the first week of creation and God blessed them saying the ruble and multiply and what feel the water in the theater leopards multiply in the earth so God bless the is not intended if connected to God taking something that was an era boy and filling it with something that I want to see the second blessing on the first him him creating that in his own image in the image of God he created him male and being on a great event then God what the blessed them and got that then people will multiply by the way without alone God will need to do this yes or no without a lonely blindfolded beaten for multiply are you sure yet how without reproduced by himself goodness that I will be getting back up inattention to what God says Adam the so God said to the people multiply male the lot of knowledge is the second point the blindfold the birth and efficiently to take this this space of water can vision you will find the only nitpicky what is the Warfield Kennedy tells the birds in the sky fitness and these guys and you are willing to fill it and invest in your toasted ten he says even by mankind take this art this is why when the and what that now you want to what you think of their blessing against objective look at verse one this is the third leading in the creation week and in the heavens and the earth and all the holes that were finished and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done the one thing I do understand that he was on the think that enemies he ended his work know what would happen and rested on the lot that they them all the work which he had done then God blessed the seventh day and think if I don't pay attention because and what in in in he rested from all his work which God had created and many you look at the blessing of God today and the time any bills that was what a busy presence do see that the three blessings in the book of Genesis chapter one and two always tied into my thinking something and see our boy and filling it with something to get on with the fishes you get with humanity and our God is saying luck I am blessing this day because I have taken this day after afternoon and I thought what I enjoy spending time with you in when I realized that there was last Saturday when the Sabbath within Pentagon on you what makes it sounded so special because it is the thing that is completely consecrated by his presence in a four-way informed like this day is cost and made holy because God himself has stepped in it my presence is specially stronger on this day and it dawned on when the samples over as the Lord I know you're with me but the statement just went the sound this was a special day of the land soul and so on your case may times about biblical Sabbath observance because anytime a new person comes in here their standard of Sabbath observance is always based upon the standard of Sabbath observance in the church you realize that another was when new people are coming in as an analyst Delhi can be molded as the now begins the cool is usually based upon the context and so when they see black Sabbath observance what is going to be in the him Sabbath observance now you think in the NL don't come in behavior determines my salvation but I will tell you salvation doesn't determine your behavior in online both got a be a saved people amen and I think people to be having a net at eleven hundred and even if that and so is super important that were keeping the Sabbath was seeking more and more what God wants and not what we want anything that because this faithful special God himself has filled it was in his present is noted with his present and this is why we are called seventh day Adventist because we believe that the seven eighths out of a special to God anything that knowledge is not something else about the book of Genesis take your Bible and I want you to go to Paris Q verse a.k.a. Captain to verse eighteen Chapter two verse eighteen I be on their now letting the people will study out this story this is the story of Adam and Holly many a many single people embarrassed okay let's see what happens in Genesis chapter two verse eighteen when God is creating a special place and special work for Adam breathtaking and the Lord God said it is not good that man should be what all all okay I will make a what a helper comparable to him now watch verse nineteen out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field any bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called every at one of my son Adam gave names to all cattle to the birds in the air and to every beast of the field but what happened that was not found a helper with a compatible ten okay when you use the word Alan in the past present or future tense about advent of education with top-notch when something was not found in the context it's past my nonevent thank you noted that he had a looting of all the animals about that and there was not found a helper comparable to which implies there was some type of finding or an attempt at finding right there was nothing now okay through the Logan as third grade okay it's okay now would you see something on this is going to Sawyer Adam God places and Adam a desire if it is not good for man to be alone and family animals awareness and antenna begins is it okay this is obviously not one of God 's complete plan there's plenty more to this and please looking around waiting from you know the Jurassic amount and you know he sees Mister giraffe and messed around with the mouse he misses the premises zebra and is looking at a dozen feet misses out on a looking around the dramatic of the men is not happening but noticed something this is extremely important what did God say he would make Adam not want you to read from your translation what is your translation say what did God say he would make frater a life within your site helper suitable okay without I will use my phone version of that new living translation at present help me out I got about companion okay comparable to them okay very good now retired I would read this I would think to myself I add him is busy he needs somebody who's going to help clean the dishes for him it was only a right not only think of those words help me you know as well as I do there and a feeling there is a feeling of someone simply being on May and now for the English complete slaughters it I begin a study of the word this week from convincing assumptions about this about me but I came to a study of this work this week and we try something this wired appears once obvious the right here or twice constructive but do you know it appears nineteen other times and seeing how those times is always describing when Israel is in trouble and want to defend his rescuing help three other times it's describing when Israel was searching for military aid defendant found Michael Butler Oaks do real life with God was making friendly something powerful anything him the reason I'm bringing this up because I want you willing to understand as well as you add your purpose was not simply to watch this just anything that you want to be a powerful feeling how to design a odd when we can use a ladder and in that antilife what society thinks about you but it was not this way from the beginning as Jesus would say anything into that when women were created it was for the progress of being a powerful rescuing how can you say amen to that folks don't come to any conclusions about what you think I might be thing I want to read digitally what I am saying okay and New England young conclusions don't think when it well I think I know what I know Mike don't believe that went but I want you to understand something we are rediscovering origins and the origin of woman the purpose of why God created her the primary was to be a powerful rescuing help to Adam can you say amen to that in what contexts specifically in the work of God which includes your friend a man which includes your whole life your ministry update is the most powerful couples I will see the most successful couples I will see are those who are always ministering together in love and peace and evangelism can you say amen to that those are the most powerful couples because they have rediscovered the original purposes of the union can you say when that now you discover a few more things in the closest to let you see something that I will go back to Genesis chapter two I wanted to see something that happened something quite strange personally one of the eleventh Adam and the Lord God caused a black a deep sleep to follow new Adam and Eve flat and he took one of his ribs and a close-up of flesh in its place nozzle at the moment of greatest desire for Adam what happens when God looks at him and he was out cold by the way this work needs sleep is aware that appear throughout the Old Testament in fact a point in the book of Proverbs says slothfulness Lisa deep sleep is what I'm looking at with some Hebrew translator for thing about this work is not describing a natural kind asleep or someone is just on the screen of elected Internet in the potluck like the Internet is not describing that this wire is actually describing almost like a coma like sleep now do you think this was natural for adding ethanol it was just created a clear it was working and he was great at the apex of human life how do this will not have children and to go into a coma like sleep again contractors and you know what's going to think I I have a book went back about was eight years ago and I never had this happen but it happened I was like and so let's pay at a consultative or cloudy and the take me to the hospital and unity we waited in the waiting room as a husband home and him paralyzed so they violated on the bed and talking to me and I can barely answer the question and if and when you need to give the medication is also opening of my friends were saying something to sound like trumpet valve the Charlie Brown you know what sounded like I thought I was hearing this as a fan of way and often when the Doctor walks up to me and goes and sometimes eject me with something called morphine you know what that is immediately my eyes opened up because I do not like to be put to sleep I like to fall asleep naturally okay how faithful he was exactly what this stopped immediately I idle eyes and outside what you putting my arm is a appraisal gap fit with the pain as it is to make me fall asleep he said yeah and instantly gets heaviness just begin to come upon me and my friend was right there you go to keep an eye on me that it cannot know till I do not like to be put to sleep and hasn't been consisting this heading is complying out on my front a nearby machine what's going on be careful by the operations that take place I just I just about to shutting down shutting down shutting down with my point I don't know what analysts broadly when God was putting into a deep coma like sleep okay I'm nothing but I want you to pay attention something when he questions his athletes find his son from surgery to the surgery did thanks when you think the red and he pulls out and found this thread reveals even twenty statements that but what's so interesting that were read is found in the place it's found when Jacob was struggling with God and there's a struggling that takes place there in the Bible says that Jacob is touched on the side and immediately starts going down him will there is a realization of who he's roughly evenly find a framework written in great in the New Testament specifically in the gospel of John wing Jesus on the cross they want to know if he's dead the man praying anything strongly for the salvation of mankind within one of these that as the area is on the cross and died I definitely glad I got to value he cries out it is finished any guys and the salt dissolves later on fifth reviews that impulsiveness you will be requested to read with my point point is this one thing you will find in the life of Adam in the life of Jacob life of Jesus that at the moment of greatest design they wrestled with God the second thing you will find is that when Adam after his rib was taken she was now in union with Eve Dino after that encounter with God Jacob that struggle led to his reunion with Jacob Andino when Jesus disciples touched it led to his God 's reconciliation with men folks sacrifice is always part of union it's always part of unit the God of the universe sacrificed to unifying mankind and God once again Kenny statement and here's the last point right here below it says right here so powerful the Garden of Eden with this now lot of disobedience is to be carefully studied and compared with a garden of what the family when the Wells Redeemer suffered superhuman I need when the all will learn all upon him to do what you think she's actually giving advice to the Bible student is on the end of this race would not see a thing what you think about it and effeminate the end the Garden of Eden because there is gone comparison some parallels that are necessary for us to understand that mean the world to us and this is the last thought that we are going to dwell upon and when you think about this when it went to the garden of the family have to do with the Garden of Eden so much because when you look at the garden you look at the garden of adhesion you will find man because of his disobedience many were made sinners you will find in the barn at Gethsemane where man because of his obedience many were made righteousness that you statements that you will find in the Garden of Eden when mankind was at the VNS of human vitality and he fell you will find at the garden and the family where mankind was at the bottom of the barrel four thousand years of sin at the second animal you will find in the Garden of Eden and humanity was there you will find the God of Gethsemane when Jesus was struggling the fate of humanity was there you will find in the Garden of Eden the cars that came upon humanity you will find in the barn and disseminate the man who became the curse for us you will find the first Adam who partook of that tree that led to the fall if you you will learn of the second Adam Pentagon and assembly and parts of the tree that led to the retention of human you will learn in the Garden of Eden about loyalty thistles that would glow as a result of the curse and then you would read in the garden to somebody about the second Adam Jesus will want those swords and pistols you will learn in the garden of Eden about that would result as a part of the present result of sin would take place because the point of an annual learn about the world 's Redeemer women going to study the Bible says great drops of the line was run out and he was toiling for mankind and then you will learn about in the garden of Eden I went out and leave or take out they were called with the garments of righteousness whether we look at the garden of the family will learn about Jesus who was stripped of his you will look at the Garden of Gethsemane Garden of Eden you will learn about how mostly came down and five thanked in a mankind well are you and that he will learned in the Barnabas and the wages of the Pentagon instead where are you folks I want you to understand something the reason why mean will mean me introduce to the Garden of Eden store is because there was a garden to send me between between the first event and even restore the garden to send me is the branch and no man think that even unless they go through Gethsemane and accept the righteousness that Christ has for you it is the purpose of God in the plan of redemption to resolve and I is the image of God that was lost within this is not purpose for you and he will not be defeated and anything that both you have a very special heritage a special origin and God wants to restore that even great in the story of Peter who painted a beautiful picture one day he wasn't done with it but he was anything so much time with this painting details are admittedly people look at it and he said I'm not it is with this famous I got so much you can see the picture developing a one-day he went to sleep in his child came down the stairs saw this painting looked at the painting and if I think the paintbrush and make another picture father comes down these painting destroyed that moment you would expect this father was so much so much on this thing so much going for this painting to turn to a son in anger but instead he takes a paint brush and begins to paint a new picture even more beautiful than what he previously started folks what God is doing with the plan of redemption he is restoring normal was lost but much more much more this is why the cross regarding the seventy is everything to us and their other people who need to know a man to family is a special appeal Jedediah has right now and pray with me father in heaven we know you created us for much more than this like many times we have forgot about where we come from and what the future holds and we forget is Lloyd what's in store and get trapped in this world Jesus you call us to remember remember the pass so that we know we have a future with you father in heaven I pray that every person would go out knowing that the creator be uncreated creator loves them with an everlasting getting along knowing that they matter thank you Jesus namely right this media was brought by Potter universe a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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