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Powerful Secrets in Genesis- Part 2

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • January 26, 2013
    11:00 AM
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Bauer has another where prayer father in heaven thank you again for the tremendous lessons and get to us each and every day I log thank you God that you desire to commune with your people as he didn't exactly as so many years Jesus our hearts desire is that what your righteousness will be upon us that you would cover us with your precious blood the Lord we pray and affect the Holy Spirit would be here in a mighty way to invigorate us to commission us to charge us with your word and father we pray and ask that the remaining years before your second coming Lord our walk with you would grow ever so deep this and pray in the name of Jesus and know how many men actually are alone today because of the women's retreat raise her hand by people and not allowing you to know tonight is the showing of our movie Helen mystifies many people say what is that movie about iPad tap of a man usual conversations of them explaining to people I told one individual I think the movie about hell is not really appealingly think about it but the truth of the matter is that this is a movie about a man was searching out this issue about what happens to people when they die especially in regards to the wicked are they currently being punished and being tormented or is the Bible saying something else and if the true based upon true events evidence can be a really exciting thing that opportunity pass on to a variety of different people and it's so funny because whenever passing it out to people they think at the very postcard the people is the ticket and so did I when individuals they all have no one those tickets and I said okay and another tidbit about that a lot of people are interested in this and become as it's something that's describing that is something that is so fundamentally increasing and it needs to be understood and that is why just as God 's mercy how do we understand I think that more people are probably a more interested in going to a moving and they would be going to church so you don't have to worry so much about rejection he would be surprised how many people it is a command line here's a freethinking art there's a free pass to come to this movie can be surprised how many people actually interested in coming out tonight is the first showing up at seven o'clock I really wanted challenging church family that you would find somebody from the family on your cell phone is not a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and he would call up anyone saying they love what you come to this movie tonight with me I'd be surprised you be surprised how many would be like me all about it and so this is the time to really invite people let them know what come on out and see what's happening tonight I really believe that God has been just producing a lot of the mine appointment and were praying for you the pastoral staff and train features founding that God would open up many opportunities I've heard stories of what ideal saw me walking by a cemetery named to hand out to somebody and somebody being able to pass it out to their neighbors and to the person at the store their teacher and if so many people receptive to this so this is a time to really invite people and get them to come on out and have movies at what time and what do you think it should be there by thirty and waiting outside you might want to meet around six thirty two Michigan could see all the other churches know about this as well you better believe they can be coming on out I don't want family visit me plenty of room God always provides room and see if there is a problem where we are so passé no one can come in I'm sure this could be wonderful seventh it re- Seventh-day Adventist open again and think take my seat and was reminded that a night no one think you might see this in the charts appear to have a little dent in the other to let a movie theater in front anyway amen I recognize what we get started with today's xylitol powerful secrets in the book of Genesis part two next week is going to and the three-part series on the book of Genesis when you leave the psalmist who quarterly you find out that it's about what the keyword organizations right where we come from because where we can't crunch is super important where we come from the timings where we are going and if extremely important as ever in trying to understand the origins it is now meaningless are associated and I mention this when the Sabbath schools that it is becoming while Bilson in this day and age since they make you take the book of Genesis literally you will be ridiculed if you say I believe in a six day creation you will be ridiculed if you say I believe marriage is between a man and woman the dance anyone with a big step up again if it is being cut if someone does consider allowing both right now right now we sort of have a shield of Christianity but the time is coming where Christianity is more and more compromising and Seventh-day Adventists maybe the only one site want to take a stance on the book of Genesis how is I want to his peers mortgage unit is nothing more annoying than watching the interview show and he was selling I think it was Rick Warren he was telling him he was a he we need to him and the Bible when you change it folks more and more people never say to you do not believe in this will you will be ridiculed if you say I believe in the Bible but if there ever is a time for Seventh-day Adventist the things I believe in the Scriptures it is now the same and that we are still the people on the block and there are many people like Jesus who are people of the book as well but God is calling us at the charts as they come in to the Scriptures like never before you know as we continue to say the book of Genesis I think of philosophy of science class I see are the repetitious I guess sort of denunciations about anyone who claims to be creationists you know here's the thing to understand about the Bible and about creationism and about science in the next industry for we get into the sermon because of the flawed a lot of genealogy has been sold we arranged is very difficult to get in to rate reading on how old the earth is as though we do look into all the things that the strata we can save the world this is all well all this you know if there's not this age the truth of the matter is the stride assault rearrange it's very difficult to actually low pay and save you what they are made but we know what the Scriptures are teaching to a statement that impact a lot of people ask the question he said hello how are we supposed to show people wirelessly scientific how old the earth is there something I believe in general I really believe it's an super important for people to know science and to be aware of what's out in the world and there's many different views on what science actually is but it is nowhere saying I seen this in my own experience my limited experience it is a rare thing for people to accept the Bible because of creationism in fact I find more people accept creationism because they accept the Bible evangelistic series and I'm sure many people have questions about war didn't have any dignity will and and they can slap the Scriptures they meant things like what the Bible says this in at the very beginning that God critical role in fixed days older and over again I have found this to be true and that's when I became a Christian I have a lot of questions I was raised in Southern California I was loudly to the all college and university I'm just I learned what evolutionary signs with teaching now when I became a Christian is not lifelong argument being presented to me that doesn't really allow me that I needed to become creationist instead as I began to see truth in the Scriptures like in the book down on the book revelation and what Jesus was saying Olmert operated only on identifying the Scriptures to be more and more trustworthy and happening into believing the Scriptures all of a sudden I began to believe that God didn't create the world in six days you can think of elixir we really need to present the Bible as the truth can you say amen to that and so when I get into the book of Genesis right now last week we talked about origins we talked about the origin of man how God created man in his own what it means right he bought managed his own category we also learn about the origin of women right and as I've ever last week I was speaking about the origins of women and I was talking about how the purpose of the helpmeet as the Bible says you can find about nineteen versus that described that they were being used to describe God 's rest any help and free words to describe military aid and therefore not as I would think and what is the purpose of the women it was Jim Lemieux said military a that would be a but we also learned about the origins of the Sabbath three blessings that God did in the book of Genesis right Eagle Gamma lethal well I filled the sky right not something I was empty and filled it and we learn about God told Adam and Eve Beagle I filled the bottle and made to feel the earth that was empty and then as we learned about this time that was emptied in about fifteen days seem resting so blonde dildo sounded with his own presence so now we understand more about the Sabbath we learned about the origins of mankind learned about the origins of when he learned about Jordan on the Sabbath we also learned about the origins of atoms will not be able to read and how basically the same what is also described in the book of Genesis Shelley when Jacob Russell now if I was attached as well and would add on leading up the red lentil and union with the we learned about Jacob when he wrestled with God it led to a reunion with Esau and then we learned about Jesus the Greek word describes that snap apartments describing aside as when that led to a reconciliation with mankind God and mankind being reconciled so we learned a lot of different things from last week and a living lesson on how you are overloading us with information listening to understand I am presenting things to do in a certain way because I want you to go along and to take this and so signing out for yourself beneath a mentor that what takes place Sabbath morning and never fill you for the entire week is up to your personal walk with God any statement that so now running it again into the book of Genesis take your Bible were going to Genesis chapter four Genesis chapter four and so I really advise you to take no particular audio recording tool online as well be going ninety miles an hour Genesis chapter four we are looking powerful secrets in the book of Genesis we are looking at Genesis chapter one chapter four is not the problem product of their Genesis chapter four and from Genesis chapter four we learn from Genesis chapter three we learn how had on and he because of their sin the Bible says that there was going to be consequences right we also learned about the Bay Park correspondent Greg God gave Adam and Eve right that he would come the light dimmer hence she was named he asked the crowd which means mother alive and we believe that life and redemption would come to you now want to see what's explained in Genesis chapter four starting with verse one we all their payment now what I knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bore who things I want is what happened there and then I want to use it I do not want to forget what he says next government will back to it and said I have to have one of lying on a man from the Lord revealed from a different translation the agonizing block or anybody else I got a man child abandonment else who's that have gotten right now we see why they fear they see our is a wider do not forget what you say here because we go back to this he said after the birth obtained I have why are you a man from the Lord of the Cathedral and the devisee was called is that were simply say what he was actually saying she was safe I have been at the event why have hard kiss a man from the Lord he believed that this child was going to be the fulfillment of the promise I was reading projects and crocodile like this exact same thing that he adamantly believe that this first child would be that wrong with the ballot and then back in the barn with something takes place here but I know what happens do not get what he says when things more I have acquired a man from the Lord Nancy Borodin this time his brother who able not able was a keeper of what she might obtain what they feel are on the ground now they were all vegetarians develop at times I'm not introduce or permit by people who might just have a meeting idea so we understand that what able was I signaling he was not in the market the monopoly market but it was paying who was called to be the breadwinner he was the one that was most of me raising up the crops and food on the table but able to get a very special purpose he was not the breadwinner his job was to take care of the seed that would be used in more stuff and sacrifice of God now here's the key point I want to do with this key point and that is generally throughout Scripture the firstborn was always believed to happen to be the one who would put at three hundred ten the first one would have usually the greatest family he would eventually be thus long this will dominate individual within that class so there was a lot that was messing upon pain a lot I was being pulled then you can imagine how amazing you were so excited about you you better be the one effort to destroy the fabric there was a lot of laughing upon this man the Bible says faith he was a tiller of the ground and Abel his younger brother actually his name means nothing will change the name may acquire Cain was a special one he was the one that was considered special label he was the second born they would be the individual that would be the assistance and so happy with him in the important task of being the keeper of the sheet but it was paying where the focus was actually all I want to happen over the possible time with you knowing grocery and in the process of time it came to affect a broad offering of the what food in the grounds of the Lord and also of the first table block also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat intentions what is bringing trained as bringing what type of offering the type of offering to bring our screws why did the bathroom is exactly what I'm going to offer this to the Lord but what enables sacrifice that she did not like the chief end of power saving you the best part able was following what God had set up you read the Genesis chapter three essentially set up the worship service were added in the West Coast and me as sacrifices to mankind in fact the word that's used to describe when God puts cultus and on about the same word used to describe what priests were given when the redeeming their priestly garnets Adam and Eve were set up as sentient as the priests and so now this was passing through containing able to obtain design something when they do decide that she is not going to bring the sacrifice that God had actually recommended depth questions you and if you have caught contact me in the past would talk to Smith and lastly below the answer so you're out of anything what's came to sacrifice essentially wrong was essentially wrong and bringing the firstfruits to God was there something wrong with the firstfruits which enable bring Ava Michael Lamb Abel brought calamity by the blast but the change became bringing the best of the ground even a belated but what Keynes sacrifices wrong answer now when you read the book of Deuteronomy God commanded the Israelites over and over again to bring firstfruits Keynes sacrifices was not essentially wrong it was lacking when you read the book of Deuteronomy the first sacrifices were Thanksgiving offering they were designed simply to give God thanks to God when you leave the book on Sebring was gone talk about a block and fifth seed offered a more excellent sacrifice and unaware able to raise the money box with as well but we want something in addition to the first group he bought the land so my team presented was not eventually want to intentionally incomplete numbers are extremely want to understand because either you have to watch and not one is bringing the prescribed method of doorstep and somebody else is bringing anything to the police Warsaw the reason why this is extremely important to us because we are closer and closer to the end will find that the world is going to be pushed into two camps those who are bringing correctly and both were bringing not replicating from police worship to God this is extremely important to you through the book of Genesis and I would always think to myself I'll react to enable change of policy wanted to bring unable to spot what God wanted to make change actually Bob part of what God wanted him to bring you the most important one which was the land so essentially what King presented to God was simply a thanksgiving offering delightful what's wrong as often oh my favorite clients our mediator and the Holy Spirit are constantly interceding in man's behalf please remember that but the spirit pleads not for half the wife who presented with a blood shed from the foundation of the world no religious services now are you willing to serve as ethanol ethanol the dog went that way because I was right it's a religious service then the players hadn't think that even with the planes did you play and not say yes or no but I believe it is a living confession of sin these are confessing to an politeness on since then from tool to make the bunch up on the foundation while the Windows are the prayers of praise appending the confession of faith offender into leaders I think things heavenly things what about passing to the courthouse of humanity they are seldom filed unless you want run by what they can never be of value the influence if you want at the training God for your price is not in the blood of Jesus is why I'm you how great it feels less impact when you change a number of screws and all awards find the blood of Jesus is incomplete if you change your health so everything I presented not need to have the righteousness of Christ or incompletely worthless to God they offend not in spotless PRE MLS listings is that there was a God 's right-hand present and purified all I miss my guess that it is not susceptible to God for what became present see presented Friday and Thanksgiving out the blood of the Lamb Matthew question should family are your offerings to God your praises your religious services are they lacking the most important thing the blood of Jesus all the infants from the earthly tabernacle must be moist with a kindly drop off the blood of Christ keyhole before the father the sensor middleware in which there is no trace of earthly corrupting what Martin Luther said he talked about the righteous about the price anything is foreign the righteousness of Christ is for it is not man-made because it was man-made it would be tainted with man himself was not the doubters into this sensor the prayers of praise and the confessions of his people now we are always qualified fifth and then perfume of American Christ congregation the infant report on wholly and entirely acceptable I will help Mica says he's adding that the prayer list on the left everything in obedient impediment can pray in thanksgiving must be placed upon the glowing fire but the righteousness of Christ the fragrance on this why does it offend but how around the nurses can use a mentor that will with out Christ being the center and the focus of your worship you worshiping Joseph awoke us giving an incomplete sacrifice and let me just say something it is entirely conceivable to say that God 's people when those seven dams are not keep the Sabbath made all the right things may come to church every Sabbath may get tired and yet still be lacking the blood of Jesus no nephew is God 's righteousness upon you today this morning did you wake up in the very first thing you do when you're coming to gossip with your Thanksgiving dinner praise did you come to the cross to receive the blood because imputable to the blood is even older costs your prayers don't have his righteousness it's your righteousness that you're presenting a keynote the Sabbath represents the Sabbath represents me are people who believe we had been saved by the blood of Jesus Kenny statement that you mean what Paul said he would step what you found it actually is ceaselessly exemplified God 's people have been individuals who believe in righteousness by faith we were asked not to be saved but because salvation has been given to us can you say amen to that no one else knocking on the door the guy fifteenth I'm not annoyed opens up because like something fun like that the first income that is not I said well I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and medical sources you know what was the thing folks here's the thing to understand about that I was unknowingly decided a label failing to him we keep the Sabbath because we believe in the righteousness and the rest that comes from God amen that's what being a Seventh-day Adventist thought about the sound is supposed to typify the rest of me finding Jesus is also set apart as people were bringing the righteousness of Christ that is what the Sabbath represents and felt like I was presenting he was relating all the right things he was doing all the right but he was mailing anyone lacking the most essential parts which was the blood of the government to settle a bit more about me but the volume to see what others see about saying glamorous or able also brought of the firstborn of his flock and although what sat and the Lord respected Abel and his offering now watch verse five but he can not what the next word rests back pain and his offering levels unanswered question what did God reject delete reject the offering yes or no but he also rejected one more thing the two-seater DNO respect toward respectability days I do not come upon the altar in other words God was not just simply think the sacrifice is unacceptable but he was also thinking to change your attitude is unacceptable old-line vendors all of a sudden because Adonis is not just how you worship it's the motive behind your worship they are counseling off our utility we have to be happy Christians ignorantly you have to be happy persons I think some people when they're worshiping God there just think it all I just really hate that guy that's up there are you Lebanese old-line and all more symptoms being taken to produce obtained attitude was that it wasn't just the offering was that it was Hazel Barnes both were preventing anything to block not only do we need the blood of Jesus but we need to pray that all hearts and minds are commingling with that what we are giving to God anything that might announce it God loves a joyful life giver in other words you will have matter what the dotted with what was bottle holds the wife of someone who presents twenty dollars to him with joy in color when it's a million dollars stadium with bitterness in his heart in other words the motives and intentions and values and everything that is being offered and that is what God values and that's why the Bible says this is the will of God and keep his command and economic are not really us once your heart involved in your worship is a land that can only read the Scriptures and you're spending time at something you don't want to leave what happened to lead your site a lot I want to be joyful when I'm leaving the Scriptures in a statement that theory by first Corinthians seven thirty and lock them out I think we can do all the right things we can offer our food form within Pentagon we do know Bible prophecy we can preach what is happening while it is useless to things amen to that so that means I'm serving others in some capacity there should be joy in my heart amen in other words people should be seen bitterness and anger and frustration from servants of God is saying and that as with serving others the greatest joy should be in our hearts amen not really something very interesting if you don't get to the meat of our site now watch what happens in mercy things like label is not I halfway there when the field potatoes up against Abel his brother and what sealed them was little room in the King James right thing I agree you are rather able to the very first murder in all Scripture is looking on then the Lord that contain where is Abel your what brother Bob attached to face responsibility anything where is able your brother what he said next he's bad I do not what you think what indicated all where able was and I was able he was not renewed and also my right he's not as the wind on this unstable obtain what he living thing to do and I think the opportunity is an opportunity of repentance confession but you like paying the scene two nine six it will send this out all of a sudden I was really impressed with something you want to lay Odysseus problem with what God says that it's not a big problem bombs always part of humanity and what lives he has promised a pretend like they don't have problems in fact we read the language of what God says anything lies at the door when you read the chapter about later this year was at the door trying to find repentance God is knocking at the door they are Odysseus problem is thinking were okay as we got confronted Cain with an opportunity to change came I don't know he's walking often God says your brother 's blood cries out to me we know the rest of selling me know back pain how he fled off into the wilderness for a flight off into the land of nod toward nonmeat wandering he left the presence of God into the land of nominees in other words outside the presence of God there's only aimless wandering and felt very left his wife in fact when the only f when you are confronted with themes to be very apparent benefits side he was already developing at that time tables worried that the Blasi found in the would be killed until he leaves the mouth as he builds a city but that doesn't unravel all the fun and met with some defendants began to come out you'll begin to find out individual planning on when you might have other individual in fact when you read something so into sales and website on the names of the people who come from paying you with anything so interesting the names mean smitten of God their names mean her Fontaine trained as a generation of people in Spain at a distance from God and over and over again to society this idea came begin to develop in the Bible describes the son of the individual who came from faith in my love landed the little plane anyone is complaining that he was on our team is the case if anything is a rapidly multiplying and Carla Meyer and they were abandoned sinners and things about God and all minority and the society developed at the apex obtains client was being in the seventh child in actually quotes from paying agency said that let's read it started to the Atlantic that do and why eight I realize you are my boys live the way we hear listen to my speech flag killed a man for wounding me even a young man or any now likely to entertain the events unfold then they make seventy sevenfold and then when you really see what you find out what exactly was being a person spacing there it was actually Hebrew music it's a lot of money doing to me about it you a lot to himself this is the apex obtained definite and he is probably not any better than anybody that window nine five two this is what happened as part obtains an injection of God 's children will wake and the last one as mentioned earlier Nick was one of the worst ones but the Bible lists now this will be a transition because I want to see something very interesting conversely if I personally find Adam knew his wife again and she bore a son and named him Seth was the name of the son you know when Seth was born go to chapter five I want to see personally I want to see when Seth was born because it's extremely important and had only a one hundred and thirty years and he got a son when in his own likeness after his image and name him what he thought how old was adamant that was born excellent point because the time between Kane change to enable and between the time of Seth being born there was a lot of leaders in other words between Aberdeen had no sons instead in what they saw things defending student worse and worse and worse and yet they had no son and they not having a son means what they're not everything back in that regard so here they are they become witnesses of how evil change the fence became outlining the feds that take in animals trying to witnesses some of them and they rejected him so here Adam he is just getting older and older with you and I having a son of Elgin imaging to hear my case and if the sender and out and out evil they become over and over again and why naturally yet it happened society there's still not having a son about a hundred years past some time passed between the energy imagining the something panel chronicled you can imagine these taught having a lot of hope that time but worse and worse became the descendents of Cain and they solve the fruits of transgression and you can imagine out of just downtown with this guilt and sorrow as he sees his grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren becoming worse and worse and worse now what you see what happens when such a sexy voice the chapter for one more time I want to take a good look at verse twenty five thirty one that really is life again and she bore a son and you say phrase we found it inconsistent it became Genesis chapter for you what he said when seeing is more I have lots of liar or purchased or redeemed a child now what happened years later accuracy of learned a lot of lessons unrepentant sorrel and patience that happened with life again and she bore a son and named him Seth foregone no one could use it for God hath appointed another seed for me instead of able will take until now want your patrons into the language is extremely important he went training is born to set God has given me the child and he is going to be coming to an compelling to send years later years later all of a sudden Seth is finally born a boy is born and instead of being say the log have given me that she says God has appointed another seat in fact the ones also interesting about those looking a human scholarship on the Dean's wording or tone of voice from her original mention found in the very beginning of chapter four seems to have a bit of pride is what when Hebrew scholar six but the second time she speaks when the sun is born there's humiliating acts he was wrestling hopes upon Cain and when he fell away whole was damaged but this time instead of faith while he deemed assignable Congolese she says the Lord and she is the key word there appointed which is so important because it usually describes if you read the Old Testament networks usually used in description of God 's divine timing the Lord has appointed salvation to find that phrase over and over again so what is he recognizing about redemption she is recognizing my timing is gone climbing that matters online because I was like okay got it for you to do what you need to do on my time and my still conducted you don't want your way towards the Lord is my way and then we see the result of having away but got the ways that we appoint the time and when you read about what happened when God put a timescale and fatness finally bought a Bible says because of that place jumper for verse twenty six and ask for sent to him a son was born anything you must know much about this then men began to walk call upon the name of the Lord will begin to happen within out of little society that was dwindling the church begin to finally grow God 's people why because of the faithfulness of Seth Sophia now that was to be the people that were naturally enough it was no longer just came to defend it but now only here you are fast who was now leading a group of men and women to one simple conduct when you look back right to call upon the Lord of looking uneasy when he bent down about a hundred meters out that this was usually described was just a newer calling upon God for salvation so what does it mean when men began to call upon the name Lord and means that man began to worship God again this is what was taken place that was finally born after years hey all oh God 's timing is perfect and eleven oh one fifth of the meeting today she says this is likely a point like this are then appointed in their place purposes no no Jesus wore to lay a man got the refund payment delays rep Jeff and uniquely hold on just a little bit longer I would like to hear it just a little longer and we get to that place we realize it was all worth it and we praise God for every way that he read anything into that but want to see what happens next front Lisa likes the digital body men righteous man and found the defendants obtained which is more and more wickedness but the Bible describe the seventeenth being Lehman who was the wife and I want you to see what the status of evangelist gave no reason what happens next take your Bible and let's go to Genesis chapter five on wanting to get a look at verse twenty one we saw the seven from K who became the opinion of the apex of sin and transgression and I want to see Adam the seventh from Adam the descendents of Seth I want to see something remarkable about this man in Phoenix but mostly one unique live sixty five years and even Yahoo news luckily sent me earlier I don't have a middle name I said regularly Methuselah they laughed at that but the going to get the beautiful thing what you name your kid that I attempted that okay personally went in his late sixty five years and the Yahoo news and I want to personally do after he got the bills liking it was an excellent walk with God three hundred years and have sons and daughters all days of unit or three hundred and one him why we have all the English as you walk with God and he was what not want to get in I talked about this in the past and reaches around that I wanted to come back to some of the same point because there powerfully as we saw the seventh and eighth worse and worse anything in any event and I will looking at the seventh from Adam the seventh man the Bible describes all the things that might be righteous men being going that way was described in connection with the use of googling different words in connection with Don Martin the grand finale of the righteous man hath will then see walked with God by the way you know what you think gaining a lot of his knowledge and wisdom of God from the lips of an bathroom was still alive bundle it's undoubtedly learn the dark story of the last the fall and ensuring one of God 's grace I feed him upon if any relied upon the Redeemer to come after the part of his first son 's unit reached a high experience anything that he was locked into a closer relationship with God he realized more fully his own obligation and responsibility of the son of God do you know what lances you going from Somerville is mediocre to something else considered powerful to gain a new revelation of God if we are wanting a deeper connection with God the very first thing we need to pray for NASCAR is a new revelation of God you know I appreciate these elaborate let me hold their son only limited and that I was looking at this child of looking at it very innocent helpless child and it was completely reliant upon my arms folded up and he was holding his child and began to dawn on him this is how God looks at us helpless and maybe hold that it is on UNIX you feel an picture of God was changed dramatically fanatics very both of me I wanted a deeper connection with God really did Breitbart four eighty Revelation of God anything that you want to happen next half these volatile floodlights will simplify things protection act he felt to be ignoring tenderness Seminole and Martin Epworth once I feel like a precious weapons on the wonderful love of God to men in the gift of his son and the company with which the children of God may web polls were rest in their heavenly father the information found in the love of God through Christ became the subject of his meditations in my all the Perl assault he sought to Mobile that love to the people among the elite while his unit was changed by the commissar because he drained a new picture of God and I want to pay attention to something else I wanted to see the time period in which unit with chapter six verse one this wasn't trying to be learned once again an example of what you feel about this in relation to redemptive things worse one thing came to pass when the men began to multiply on the face of Europe the daughters were born to them and the thunder God called the daughters of men that they were beautiful and they took wives for themselves all alone they killed you want begin to happen about time you advise people that God will will be anti-Semitic with the world who were called and what happens when you mix with people born you will begin to happen up economy is having an economy in the charts began to lose its identity the sons of God begin to compromise journalism people lineage but the Bible is taking over and over again people began him him to walk went even closer and the merchandising got home I talked about the birth using mount barker mounted weapon within the PR NY where they sell what seen dotting healings using it is like using the word pure in heart when shortening our next know what you nickname remained unmixed in a mixed world in slot for purity in the whole world around the people around them in the closest one for compromise Oaks if you look at what it is and where we are at we are leaving in the exact same time it was just a little bit way off the end of the world at that time and we are leaving in that same spot when the world is creeping in more and more uncompromising more and more and God is calling his people to get into a deeper close to want to seek after surety that puerile heartfelt and then the fun of you that are here without you highest but for all men the world is blasting us with evil images we are being surrounded by this up as soon as we walked outside of his churches in our face if there's ever a time for godly man to stand up it is now living a perfect but it does mean you are seeking after purity like never before not as long as people to be like you to sleep after this purely this holding is in the heart the model can save the document that he walked with God and was not timely was pure mind was able to see Gosselin will be understood in again and the revelation of God number two we got it after impurities number three the Bible describes his walk this connection the thought of a walk and what that means in connection with biography has asked if I think people just have to feel weird when they're on your entrance of a name without the others began to know will model my experience with UNIX experience with the dynamic city with the energetic it was always in movement it was constantly going from one place to another and that we read the book of Genesis was the first one imagine in the garden and was walking in the garden Adam God not want to be happy to send interrupts that thought what you see with unity event that you want to is now gone even if connection with ball with beautiful communion uninterrupted by anything this world we need to be playing every day for deeper walk and community and connection with Jesus can you say amen to that analyst described it how he would just be belonging to the work of God anyone don't want anyone commune with God but also what you pay attention to something else the Bible describes the name is somewhat little which means winds Saturday to try really I don't know what it means when he dies it will come with those who died in the year flood in working with the little one the prophecy he himself was a prophecy and when he died if you look at the Scriptures it was a year of what no one said is coming he was awarding the result was a warning that this is extremely important because the UNIX connection with God his child played a wall in an timing 's in order to set because of the next connection with God is silent played in all but the final events that much of your children's walk with God your walk with God can you say amen to that I know many of us may have just when I walk away from the Lord because now you can find this out walking with God amen to begin with I be whining over your children you might want to do now is if you want to reduce a walk with God in his first with you there even be a deeper walk with God I have exhibited a unique shape his wife about that he walked with God you know what I was wanting in life and he is said and what I'm going to name my son is going to play a special role and sure enough within the payable at the barrier and wife with a warning but doing the last with somebody will build the ark but he died in the air the flood fighting arena even be on carpeting build up the church to help build the church now and again because of a expecting this UNIX things we learned in the new picture bought me learn you after purity we learned that he had directed his family for these special times can you say amen to that and what I think is the most amazing part about this whole thing that when you read the Scriptures in a oneness of part Adam was still living Adam actually lived a hundred years after the time that you went to heaven nor that's so beautiful because Adam was the first person to be given a death sentence and when it was translating unit was the first person to Nazi death in other words UNIX life was hope for Adam that mankind can still enter into heaven in a statement that the life of Phoenix was strategically placed an atom as atoms coming down to the very end of his life nine hundred years plus and Jesse O and wondering Florida's urban and behold one of his great credit vinegar Sheldon was so connected with God at the death sentence given to Adam to all his children as far as I was saying meant that the example to the life of me the seventh from folks God wants us in these times in these times to be faithful like in the mouth it he was out on my face it was taken away so he cannot be done the Bible says he was not found because God had taken and before he was taken he had this testimony that he believes God the one please got with now but without faith it is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is our rewarder of those who diligently seek him he believed that he can come to God and believe that God was good to believe that the hot love them as a sign in the police car and working it was you can be and what he needs now is by faith you can have a heavenly experience God is calling his people to be like Phoenix and these last days can we say meant that to pray for that new picture of God to seek out a purity of heart the really pleased about that we would change our heart that we might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world last God wants us to shape our families for these times will be going on forever amen and I hope your primary purpose in your kids about is the connection with Jesus everything else is a three God wants his people to stand looking in his you want a closer walk with Jesus and but for father thank you so much but I'm sure there's any person you want something closer with you Jesus Lord you know the things that we need to understand that is number one we can't save ourselves God just can't liberty we can change our hearts Lord Lord week knowledge that you can and you can save we want to be like Enid Lord that our walk with you would be so close that had been would want to Jesus be person here that you left them they would know that they are alone father in heaven is the brand name is in this media was brought by audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. audio tours or


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