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Powerful Secrets in Genesis- Part 3

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • February 2, 2013
    11:00 AM
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I praise the Lord because he is the one who anoints us and calls us even though we are definitely unworthy amen I can say right off the back I know there are much more qualified men can do this position I praise God if his Holy Spirit who puts us God is good and then all the time etc. then there are right when we begin with the word of prayer with us Jesus to bless us with the Holy Spirit and continuing ministry father we just think you agree thank you so much for your goodness in your kindness thank you God for the privileges you bestow upon your people we are praying and asking now for the present blessing of the Holy Spirit that our hearts and minds and be touched by the word of God and Lord we pray and ask that you will continue to dwell in this place and we pray that every person who leaves his sanctuary will have known that they have encountered the King of Kings in Jesus name we pray amen now it seems every Sabbath the fact that I'm single keeps coming up you know it's so funny I am yelling to see why CV a few years ago I went just recently I did a seminar but I went to this winter and USC of years ago and there was this guy was giving a talk on relationships and my friend wanted to go like that okay let's felt and sure enough it was the most path class to be wet why would that be the most fast class at a young lot of young people hormones and felt that class was just completely full and once it was done there was a lot of people were surrounding the presenter is vice versa so interesting though be humiliating at the same time felt after he was done my friend decided to go talk and now let's go talk to let you know I don't want to go up there because I think I know all there is about relationships and so he walked up and my friends are talking and and there was still a lot of people waiting in line and other beginning to just crowding around the MSI he turns to the teacher and he says please pray for us that we find lines I look at him just like that any litigation that the presenter he places his hands on both of us and then joined us he starts crying out loud in front of all these people God please help these young mental flying lines there's somebody out there will love them and the whole time I'm brown skin by throwing red out of their house is like oh my goodness there are so many people here right now that I felt the human feel but undecided because God has a message for us amen but really good I do want to share something very special that they can place tonight what's happening tonight a cooking school that's exactly right and we know the right arm of the gospel is what the lot the health message amen song by Jessica Araiza and Daniel Vieira Junior really quick up to the front and they are going to be our present church 's and what's so exciting about this we have been getting calls from the community people just walk in off the street and they said we were ever cooking school taken place near a vegan walk in school we would like to be part of this and some really brief and a half Jessica and Daniel just share what weapon and be doing tonight thank you pastor and milk so much for this opportunity to come and share my passion for nutrition and healthy cooking with you and knowing that your preaching on Genesis this morning he reminded me a dentist to first nine and the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for being so rather than they did not know what he is doing when he made frequent nationals amen amen he certainly did and sniper going to share with you how to include more emotional in your diet how to eat more plant -based and to achieve super and unity amen and like they felt absolutely you know when we arrived I have the privilege since the two hundred church members include something really interesting music items though excited I just became a vegetarian but instead what I've realized is to be a fat vegetarian which is so Israel was just ultra OC in the world we live in we have an epidemic in that epidemic is obesity and we know that disease is rampant so I invite you all to come out tonight and learn some tools that would share with you on how you could eat a first super community and just had to show you how to cook these wonderful foods so come out tonight at seven o'clock Appling are I see you there and became entered in a manner that is exciting and as exciting as a special thanks era theories and it's not because of is because of Jesus amen that's only different kinds of outreach in preparation for prophecy seminar that starts when next Friday that's exactly right we had that Helen is the floods in the winter that razor hand okay did you delete WNL does anyone know that the Pentecostals came to town back into town in a Q&A and many of them have less than ten was very interesting so you were there first thing I do know that I was a explosive night I praise God because many people walk away saying you what I have been annualized in with what I just learned God is God amen this CG about eternal torment has to be refuted and the Bible gives clear and there is something that makes or breaks many people to Christianity in assault important and that one of the reason why most people are skeptical is because of this teaching and God has entrusted us that Seventh-day Adventists to let people know what the truth is about what happens to the wicked things a mentor that I felt all the stuff that the place was just simple preparation for what's going to happen for a series so please continue to pray all right ladies and gentlemen organ begin with our final sermon in the book of Genesis just the powerful secrets in the book of Genesis parts Teresa take your Bible out let you know that this is going to be a thorough Bible study if you were there just a few weeks ago you would notice that this article outlined in last week we depart to I reach half clock one last weekend recap part two really quickly asked me just jump into this Bible study and if you missed it please get the audio recording it is some awesome stuff I have never even heard of before just to recap part two we learned last week about a sacrifice know what they can offer to God first and now our first long to themselves yes and no no you read the book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy her scores were actually Thanksgiving offerings right select pay off it was not exactly long it was intentionally incomplete it was relaxing the most important thing which was what the blood of the lamb right and we learn how came to life from God 's presence when into the land of nonverbal random wondering and then we also learned about Adam and his little plan for a hundred and thirty years since the time of Adam 's creation to this when he was under thirty years old he did not have a child so the time the second from the time obtain all the way to the I have a lot of time paths many interesting things defendants were allowed to mature and multiplied and hadn't even seen the winking at multiply all over the place and your family live in my case defendants we learn how they became polygamy and how they became errors Adam and Eve were seeing the result of their initial rebellion and that this is just the point for study if used the name of the funds obtained you will know that their names are smitten of God 's Spirit in other words there was if negativity Fontaine that was passed on each one of these defendants we read about Adam you might find out in the book of Genesis chapter five and believe it that he finally has a son after several years and is mainly what that right we also learned last week with that as she had seen originally what did you think I have with the breath acquired a man from the Lord but when she finally had that much easier the Lord has appointed me a C instead of able maintain field in other words Steve change amine upon this one I do that I have acquired this from the Lord but after several years of realizing it's God 's timing that matters not hers she came to them understanding even when what Seth was born he says the Lord has appointed me to see him back at what point is used throughout the Old Testament to describe the wine trying and Eve finally recognize that we learned about the descendents of Seth and was the seventh from Adam what was his name in it right we learn something very interesting about the story of you we learned he was the seventh from Adam but yet very unusual reputation the Bible says he was walked with God now that's very interesting because the first time you have somebody walking was when in the garden so what happened in the life of unity he has has such a special communion time with God the wildlife and fifty one with blonde it wasn't there was a uninterrupted experience with God that we also learned about it than he actually was what translated so you and Adam the first man who was given the death sentence with all the way to the time of unity the first man to be believed of the death sentence and this was such hope for Adam would see nothing but death and decay if the seventh from Adam Adam Holt that it is possible for sinful men to enter into heaven can you say hallelujah to that on my calendar to continue with our Bible study powerful secret in the book of Genesis four three five three interestingly to get a look at the book of Genesis I do not think this thing is working they don't the leaders you if you get another clicker training of the quicker okay with you learn about the pre- flood world know what's so interesting about the pre- flood world is a humongous covering in nearly every single religion every single culture there is a flood story there so what's I'm sorry was sorry in fact before I became a Christian when I was a Hindu I have learned about a worldwide flood when I went to the British Museum and I was speaking and England sometimes it last year and was last year I would get British Museum and they have the Gilgamesh tablet the actual Gilgamesh tablet the Babylonian tablet that describes a worldwide flood in several different qualities you find that there is a worldwide flood story why is that because after the Tower of Babel people took the recent history and all over to different parts of the world into what you will find in the consistency were common denominator in cultures with the other different cultures and a half New Jersey three or four different things number one you'll find in nearly every need everything culture a flood story you will also find out a similar creation story specifically in regards to the divisions of heaven and earth you will also find that they are not structure located in nearly every single culture in other words if you look at the pattern of how temples are built from the Mayan temples and a Hindu temple to the Babylonian temples this means still be a consistency in the architecture and I forget the fourth one but folks do not forget this is an extremely important point the flood story is probably all over the entire world anybody was that this was simply just a local flood come poorly because they say that disqualified the very reason for the flood of we the face of so little blood off there in the corner of the incomplete disqualifies the very purpose of the flood I think we are ready to go okay very good to get the look with Doctor doing additional into the dinosaurs might find event that there are more than two hundred and seventy stories from different cultures around the world about a devastating flood although there are varying degrees of accuracy these legends and stories all contain similarities to aspects of the same historical events he's amen to that thank you is a good of you know of it thank you I appreciate that so with this in the elite team doesn't want to go like this many influence midnight is the bachelorette Megan is beautiful to look at and I think about let's go to the book of Genesis where the majestic a good look at the book of Genesis chapter say what I think I'm going to look at the time that unit when I'm on the beautiful lamp Lehman and not a lot some appointed Kenneth it chapter six Genesis chapter six figure they're going to payment amen let's start with the first one now it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of New York and daughters were born to them now will defendant into talking about this is partly specific about it as Allen's offenders but more specifically named defendants and defendants must continually understand why that the sons of God and when the sons of God they were the defendants that investment why not just in the previous chapter that when that began to follow the law the Bible says that men began to call upon the name of the Lord worship was restored and preserved what the lineage of Seth so you have two different groups on earth at that time you access the defendant that was slowly going and then you are having change defendants that were rapidly multiplying now you see something interesting take place that the things of God Psalm who daughters Amanda they were left with the beautiful and they took wives and themselves of all need a show we see something happening during the time of unit during the time with the left during the time of Noah that's very interesting this is the previous one will be antediluvian world something interesting it is taken place and that if God 's people are being asked with the world you have hot me feeling cold and wet and hot mixes with Goldratt what Luke one so what you see taking place in the world at that time they are is a Luke warm this taken place and God 's people are actually losing their very identity praise the Lord McDavid got people actually losing their identity will the things that I think the proclamation of the truly wants to be difficult pulling the phrase from the well and people were losing the knowledge of God and what's so interesting sometimes when we look at anthropology secular anthropology places individuals who were the earliest people as people like a man and Neanderthals who beat their wives and drying them into the cave I'm not sure what to say right now and so this was taking place I rescind his low round of financing in place this is what anthropology places at the earliest human beings but when you think and look at what the Bible that's using ancient history you'll discover that these people live for hundreds of years they were extremely intelligent and I felt like there's something interesting he says almost like a question report question about these people she said sometimes it's asked for it it said that the people who lived before they have the technology we have today she simply said it's because feeding data into being about that I mean you have calculators today what's the purpose of calculators that math calculation these people do not need calculators their brains were calculators and so these people were very intelligent and they were married physically at and add hundreds of euros to develop and to become more like God but instead of using their abilities or capabilities forgot they began to become worse and worse and little bit further in this order see something very interesting personally and what that and you want me to leave their connection to the next statement was the previous statement is connected to the next payment the one found in the conjunction is bringing together two separate thoughts I want to just see what the next five in connection with the contents of the world at that time and the Lord said my spirit shall not left strive with man was forever for he is indeed flesh yet his days shall be one hundred and what twenty years God plans that just simply cut off the human life that I want you to pay attention to the because you want times problem with the generation of that time the reason why he's heartbroken is because his people are mixing with the world that's my dog is safe and my spirit shall not always plea or stride with mankind God 's problem is with his people because people are losing their very identity never marrying the world and sorry that my spirit shall not always strive with man God plan to have a group of people who were faithful to God 's will worshiping him fortunately the lineage of God your although they welcomed every single person they were not compromised but this generation begins a compromise over and over and over and over again in fact the only criteria in buying this house was that what if there were beautiful I had a sixteen oh one time-consuming that I met the girl of my dreams he says I'll never need another girl like this I mean she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with personality I get the instrument and he said I'm sixty I figure sixteen I know you're too young to be thinking about Mayor now yeah there's high school written in eleventh grade and then he says to me my parents were sixteen -year-old when they got married I said your parents were able to build houses you can ignore it on the phone books you looking to use an audio signal what you know about marriage and still I am lacking in certain things but I do want to say something to you and is an inspiration given to us from the Scripture and from the white lines that I think it's extremely important if somebody asked me one day when I was on this panel for Q&A and they decide they so what we look for in a and a good spouse and I said that a simple of anything to write I want you that that you think of the word why are I G what H T either when you're looking for the right person is very simple number one on make sure that their religion is same as yours there's no question about that in a as you may think yourself or someone so in the church they worked out one look that person a workout that one person may work out but there are hundreds more that felt so number one make sure that the individual is in the same church as you are a man number one or number two I make sure that you have a spiritual intelligence that they know things about God is a mentor that there is somewhat intelligent in the things of God in the religion of God number two G goal number three G goals you want to make sure that the individual is heading in a positive direction just like you are acting as a mentor that because of your planning with your life to the lab to become some missionary in some thermal country and that individual is planning to just spend the rest of their lives being a lawyer in Southern California you do need to rethink your priorities so number one religion number two intelligence number three all the number four H four H holdings a personal holiness you want to make sure that that person truly knows Jesus can you say amen to that I've heard some people think that person knows Jesus I think you know that person knows Jesus will become income to church that is not the qualification and how someone knows Jesus anything into that you guys a lot run I love that feature is one of my good friends are brand is a great guy he told me that when he was looking for his wife or his spouse and seminary he said that he found this beautiful lady was just so in love with her and when he was eleven thirty three said he was going to be in love with her he was just stopping around and we wanted to see she had a real connection to Jesus as you study your Bible please let in Sabbath school class he sat right behind her and wall the teacher was talking to look over and look at her subsequent quarterly and you notice that there were different colors markers that were being used in some school the foothills for complete building and when he saw that he said hallelujah I found the right one initiative person truly knows Jesus can you say amen to that and you know what time reveals a lot of things and the last thing which I think if I wanted most important things teachers mentors in your life if you can go to one of the mentors in your life and talk to them about their relationship it means you know something and that knows that what you probably know is that you should be with that person you want to go to the guy with people in your life and you want to be able to say what you think about me being with this person how do you feel about that you want godly honest mentors can you say amen to that and appreciate my eldest because many times I looked in my relationships but I will go to them tossing different questions about yesterday I expecting an honest answer from them and therefore much less than what we got to be able to be safe that people didn't want to think they look I have a question about one of my relationship what you honestly think a statement that the dumping industrial people religion intelligent goal holiness and with the last one teacher is in fact two weeks to three weeks from now of what makes number to have Doctor all the present case seminar singles are not to be here I know many of you will probably be taking notes and leave them on my front porch is continuing but continue let's find out about the memoir by Genesis chapter six I'm running to be done in ten minutes Lord willing Genesis chapter six the first floor there were giants on the earth and when those days and also afterward when the sons of God came into the left daughters of men and they bore children those were the mighty men who were on hold men of renown Japan tensions is because it's a unusual we know that giants existed with that Adam is a mentor that the people back then were much taller but when you read this verse it almost sounds like when the sons of God the defendant 's offense went into the daughters of the defendants obtained that giants were produced I was drunk and we can win if they weren't giants already in existence yes they were now wanted this so unusual is that the Hebrew word for giant is different from all the other words that are used in the Old Testament to describe time that if the Bible come to Paris is point out that the root word for giant here the root word means violence or bully violence or bully in other words these Google giants were not like the normal gentle giants it was an aggressiveness that was about them also I find a nature that they possess him back when you read about the defendant that you will discover in Genesis chapter five that they were healthier and more like Adam in any of the other defendants and someone you think on people who were healthy and you mix that with this people were abandoned sinners all of a sudden you now have a group of people who are strong and pick anyone violent in nature very interesting until the world the Bible says you filled with violence in fact one of something very interesting that the word used in Genesis Chapter six describe the describe the condition of that was at that time the word corrupt it's the exact same word used to describe Lucifer in his legal chapter twenty eight in other words like a physical twenty eight he corrupted his wisdom for the sake of his what splendor you now have a world that was completely corrupt as the devil himself completely as corrupt as the devil himself in fact the web is used over and over again in that same chapter that the world was filled with what violates the world was filled with violence now we learn from Genesis Julie Svalbard citing that there were three blessings in the book of Genesis the first week creation the first creation link we learned there were three special blessing God and his people during the first blessing that God gave all of Earth what did God tell the fish and the birds people will him all question with the Enfield a lot failed to see and fill the water sky so God told the burns in the fish tank is empty spans or the empty plate and I want you to fill it so God 's blessings are tried into taking something out of empty until you that we learn from Genesis chapter one God told Adam and Eve people will and multiply and build a left Earth God told Adam to what you want to fill it with your defendants in the blessing with Wanda Sapp and even with the mouse that God blessed the Sabbath for it he rested so we have to be blessings in the book of Genesis got to the fish and the birds still fill this empty space may not tell a man trying to fill this empty space under the third blessing when we got to the Sabbath if time and he filled it with his presence one aligned itself is so special because of the date of his fields with his presence but here's the most important thing from the study by this time the Bible clearly says the world was filled with violence the image of God was completely faced on this planet and that we look at that was what was going on I think on every intentional by not revealing too much to us in on you with any ideas for the model apparently said that this was so mad that God is love and soul grieved in my heart even said I am so sorry that you got comes to the point of requests and his harvest for this world any console console violence will violate but at the same time the Bible says something very interesting the Genesis chapter six Genesis chapter six I want you to see something very interesting the Bible says in verse eight but Noah found grace where in the eyes of the Lord take a good first look at figure to look at verse five overtime then the Lord what stall the wickedness of man was great in Europe and what verse eight but Noah found grace where I know what I want to pay attention in a contrast you have gone looking down the world and all he sees is wickedness with Emily looked down again he's fallen man would frown what grace in a look at what happens next this is the genealogy of know what Knoll was very much just man and by the way the word justice or just regular is usually time we meet the book of Proverbs with what comes out of your mouth with what comes on your mouse but what happens next know what was perfect in his left or blameless in his generations know what the next word walk with God not to get re-signed Shannon Pam and take it I want you to pay attention to what's described not know what God tells no license no I'm going to destroy this will your special person you seem to be very faithful to me you walk with me your blameless and your Jespersen also manly man three buy and also married as well and that I want you to do something so special I want you to build an art and not for a hundred and twenty years of built this art know what so amazing sometimes we look at this with a mother with only eight people survived us what the computer said that all who were part of this in fact leading to look as if you'll find that Methuselah is grandpa and blaming his father lived up to this point and they were also involved in the building of the ark and I was eleven just know it wasn't justified but you also had his father you also had his grandpa Alamodome with a few projects and profit while Noah was giving his warning message to the world and his wife testified on his last sincerity it was not that it's made let's talk back to animate entity became the world an example of leaving just what God says all that he enough it turns it on the Hebron that the investigating where a in you I was always part was not in the work of God already had enough idiotic because net every blow struck upon the heart what they want witness to the people think imagine all the scoffers will come out and know that they come on you think you can route it all here bring in any nucleus are together everybody join me and everybody was just want to send this guy is a joke is knowledgeable on dry land and even writings and areas he is doing this and if I would be laughing but as he continued to slide that are people were convicted from the people are probably like maybe there's something to this in what they saw they saw commitments since they are a solid man who was genuine in what he believed in and it showed in his works amen you were building our for these signs you were doing when you invited people to check your inviting them into the yard anything into that you know that the world is not a conduit and found in fact if you don't know how your anatomy just because the very definition of additives that Abington is it that you believe in the second Adam in a log and so we believe that the Bible teaches very clearly that Jesus got to come back even on and I'm coming back on covenant that God has raised up a group of people were giving a warning message and in Taiwan and I think a lot into the ark and to everybody come join the and happy to in some way building up the kingdom of God guess what the witness to the one amen anytime you hand out a piece of literature you are building our anything inviting people to come to Georgia you don't you're building up the kingdom and just like knowing you're committed to delivering many segment in over this Hellenistic bludgeoning of going to class I think of philosophy of science class and JC and it's been a very interesting class we plan to cover creationism towards the end of semester of excited about that but what's so interesting is what it was last week I was walking to class and the resultant movie Hellenistic life that Thursday that night out what the class and I'll think Lord I really don't know I don't want to go to class citizens the laxative I was just praying about walking out I got please cancel the classical something and nothing I could not give me an opportunity to be able to pass out these fires everybody there involves a string of walking to class walked at the class and all of a sudden as I walked into the door it said class canceled today and I said Brazile lauded and I think how much was to be able to pass out flyers everybody so I just did there just cannot put my head down just think about what to do and often students are coming up and there like classes cancel nice again I canceled and I like about the way you know there's a free movie coming out tonight medical thank you they walk away next person the class is Catholic is canceled I sent me enthusiastic about it and they're like yeah I'm like what you like take a look at this thing will become at night people kept calling the whole time at the dolor dissuaded their number is classic instance cancel off his areas of free preferences will be tonight okay thanks again all are and over again to someplace God answered my prayer amen I don't know if you read that God reveals you know you you and you may not help to give you whenever somebody values you even know what Susan M and finance and I don't work yet is a near exact okay good to talk about her behind her back positively Suzanne had a very interesting story and she didn't know what that way she can staff on those flyers and he was walking around and he will get a map to the quality but he muttered he wants in the college into my keyboard there is a place for this where you want me to go and she went to the bus station and she just left them at the bus station many of them anyway she gets to the movie premiere of Hellenistic plugs people came in late and people came in on time and drafting so what do you have abysmally I just found this at the bus station this happened multiple times probably using to build up the kingdom of God if you ask in case a mentor that putting out evangelistic series focusing where handing out in your hand Young invitational into your inviting people into the arts currently saying come on and find salvation any time that you're doing something for the Lord you are joined by your website you believe in his second coming can you say amen to that and folks that's what it means to be an average if not just somebody who believes in the second coming laws the second coming and proclaimed the truth about it amen I want to pay attention to one of the key thing when executing that I think is extremely important for Genesis chapter six verses eight through ten eleven hundred look at Genesis and we say to ourselves like just the second stop right there now Noah was a man who was parking it was a man who was great in the sight of the Lord that's why God the you and his whole family and I went to Google to your thought ripping into yourself like why don't match up to Noah I'm not quite the know know what type bigger when we look at people who are saved in the Bible we compare their life and our life leaves you think to ourselves that does not mean that bombing the past or one of the elders exactly what the Bible says about Noah I think this is Vickie the Genesis chapter six overtime is that with verse nine this is a genealogy of the Nola Knoll was a what just math not a divider think themselves right now while I'm the just person I want to know what also by Noah he was part of it in his lap generation knows Advent is the length WordPerfect okay what action needs blameless so much about being famous but rather someone who's committed that that's what the Hebrew point out a moral integrity watch this and he walks with who God only taken a look at the life and all working to ourselves while he was somebody with about this was just he was perfect in his generations the Bible says that she walked with God and we can look at ourselves and like EMS and Nola but that's not me that's not a lot but that's not me it's because we are missing the previous verse look at verse eight one more time but know why what I found was that if you are grave in the eyes of the Lord did in fact in other words we think the reason why God now well I know I sound crazy because he was just because we want to thought and because he was parking his generation was completely opposite the reason why Nola was just the reason why all our walk with God the reason life knowledge in the generation is because he hath found grace in a statement that can otherwise it is not behavior that produces salvation it was what God 's grace that produce the behavior can you say amen to that and Noah found grace in that when you read the Scriptures over and over again that they work race all run off again you will find one great attachment throughout the entire Old Testament is the key word found or find always a plan found ways to downgrade math find grace in other words was always attached to the white race if not to work on but is the work now know what sounds great know what he found grace in the eyes of the Lord the reason why Noah became who he was was because he had found grace that was so interesting about this is that grace is something that's never deserved God unmerited favor is not something that are or purchase the word found usually indicates one of two things revealed were given revealed were giving Noah was given God 's grace because he was seeing God 's grace any statements that God 's grace was revealed to the reason why she could walk with Christ because he understood grace to you same into both at the end of time is not to be your obvious that can save you it can be God 's grace that can save you amen and anyone who thinks of themselves love I just keep coming to charge one day I'm finding it converted if I keep going to charge one day later not silence from pastor and others interested in my brain and I let us out walking with God if you think you suck one day I was going to come to check out and get somebody finally this is a prior again I finally just not plowing under the involuntary if you get ninety years up one day one day may never happen but the cool thing about grace is that it offered today can you say amen to that and I know that many people upon themselves when you want to find just if I just see coming in doing that the things that God wants me to eventually I'm going today God 's grace you want absolutely wrong my friend God 's grace is offered to you today and that will be the only reason why you can walk with and anyone who thinks that all whites with the legalism the complete complete idiot because they are not read her writings clearly do something is very interesting as you says right here we are not to be anxious about what Christ and God thinks of us no pretensions what you say do not be anxious about what time I think the new book about what God thinks of Christ our substitute can you say amen to that faith amen Savannah wanted he says I hear the powerful you are trying to find this guy look up look where down within the lookout man only recall all become fainthearted to help the Plaza Don confounding down along the line is showing us that if we may becoming a retirement it will abide in Christ never again look up is fatal to look where I went down you are down where you stand is made of ground where you want is made of ground your behavior is NATO ground is that Lookup is failed to look down looking down the result enslavement if you have nothing to show what she described your back flat in relationship with God a divine hand is restored to the hand of the Internet is flex over the balance of hundred to grasp your matters embraced the lineup are there to help the most caring but most sinful and what the spring do you feel like the worst thing in the world it ready for salvation lookup by faith and the light above the glory of God will shine upon you and this will happen right here convincing myself that I live in your past experience however discharging maybe your past except in sense when you want to know last year your privacy that means now however discharging your present circumstances if you come to Jesus just as you are we and helpless the problem right here and is faring on compassionate favorite will need to a great lot layoff and will throw you a thought value his arms of what love and baseball the righteousness do not continue to talk in your weakness Jesus came to bring more palettes combined with human effort that we might invent him myself and having what way can you say MSF download the christening amen and see I see no descriptors and weighing all of the Bible 's teaching about Berkeley love you not what you're supposed to be but he loves you where you are at right now and you can't do them just like elegant you will discover that there is great at the political mice will carry most people the most despairing person here today you might be somebody here tonight listening and yourself I don't find it over and over and over again now get up again yet again and come to the point across to do something special to make the elders were not at all the elders and allies and allies but all the others and otherwise succumb to the front please very amazing gentlemen God 's grace is offered to us when today today right now right now God 's grace is offered to you God told Noah is that no one I'm going to make a covenant with you your model for the rest of you I wanted trying to idea fifty four I went to see something so powerful Isaiah fifty four Isaiah fifty four I want to see something so powerful powerful about the company that God made with Noah God reminds Isaiah about it and idea reminds the people of God about this exact same cut it was made years ago idea fifty four what if a man amen without it but this is like the waters of the knowledge you need to line up as I have sworn that the waters of Noah were no longer cover the last one that I would no longer with that B what a you never feel like dropping a lithium gone company says that God will not being with you watch a rest of it nor rebuke you whereas the mountain shall the Park and the hills be removed my kindness shall not depart from you nor shall my covenant of peace be removed saith the Lord you want mercy on you and the dog becomes a little bit more tender with his people when he says all you afflicted with costs with the Tempest unless somebody when their walk with God just feels like to just be pushed to one side pushed one of us I never feel like Alexia 's ability got a thing you were tossed with tempest the twenty fifth and not comforted to bring Lord show me that you love me you don't feel that compromise speaking to you today behold I will lay your soul and with colorful gems and laying of foundations with sapphires I will make your pinnacles of rupees pinnacles and release your case against Crystal and all your walls the precious stones all your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children verse fourteen in righteousness you shall be established you shall all be bought from oppression for you shall not fear Nathan John and this was the comment that was made with Noah and God is reminding his people that are coming today still stands anyone will come to find grace to find the grace anointed you will find that will transform your heart and it will do what you could never do this out of fear that I want to love God or the Bible says in Psalm one thirty eight the Lord to mark iniquities will consent but there is forgiveness with him that he may be the forgiveness processes the obedience to this whole affair seems to be left alone is forgiven much loan once while Virginia league of greater love with God and perhaps your something today who think I I want disgracefully you are here for a reason you are here at the perfect time God brought you here today lazy dumb if you just Sunday since I want prayer I want to come to her right now I want to come to find there is one prayer in order to tell us what you want I'll doesn't want to develop right for you anyone comes across as a lark I want to experience his grace that you happen to come to the front is plenty of time this is the time raisins only the thought is going to pour out his grace God is willing to reveal his grace to you abreast of somebody like you only need in a no revelation of God 's character please come to the pot ladies and gentlemen their twentieth time is not about everyone's else's Walkman on your walk with Jesus again Sunday table saying God I do need to experience the grace I've been flipping in my walk I haven't been faithful come to the front you don't need to be embarrassed this is the time at the four lipgloss you'll find plenty of grace God has its place for you anyone supposed all of this grace you today amazing gentlemen this is the time the bottle since the day you hear his voice do not harden your hearts the people in a lifetime rejected that grace they rejected the grace that God offer and they will lost is no need to be lost ladies and gentlemen if you need God 's grace is abundant for you today now is the time now is the time that God is calling you know there are special times that God opens up a window of opportunity and I went home opportunity the more sound is present in a very special way then his people there is no need to Whately 's endowment today if you need God 's grace is available for the most simple person there is that spray church family father in heaven thank you so much again for being a friend thank you for being a good friend who loves us and cares for us even the most sinful of us Lord thank you that at the foot of the cross Grace Lord bless us more and more with this incredible grace that we may walk with you that we may fail in love you will help us to understand we cannot with their own reasoning given the thank you Jesus for today and even though this media was run by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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