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Nazi Hunter

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • June 1, 2013
    11:30 AM
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I thank you so much again for the morning thank you Lord for the fact that we can wait and enjoy your presence Lord methinks your presence is extremely strong this is something special about this guy is reminded because during the middle of the week the printing was trying from the South cannot we just want to pray and ask that you would bless us you would feed us and God will pour upon us to Holy Spirit we desire a message from heaven in prayer Lord we would not leave the sanctuary the same that we came into its thanking God in Jesus name amen Malaysians only doesn't give you a reminder if you are missing the meeting you need to come out and doing some special special name we didn't hold meeting is all the terrorists and we are meeting for three years Lord have mercy and I can rather recommend adding that specialize in love is something very interesting with you e-mail that I got a very interesting e-mail from you guys may have received a similar e-mail often times this kind of e-mail goes into the junk box and you have e-mailed my dad and about three or four a day both into the box on this e-mail but I looked out was so interesting that I had to share with you birds and attention beneficiaries and Special Agent Michael J Morgan from the federal Bureau investigation field intelligence unit into intercepted and compensated to the John F. Kennedy international Airport in Jamaica New York New York one one four three zero coming from a foreign country we clock technical concerns on the block the him patient him down in a song full of four one million dollars also for documents with your name on the receiver and the money as we progress in our definitions in the diplomat with the company and its license in the United States we learned that he was to deliver these lines to your finance payment of inheritance awaiting which was new to you exactly can find a link on this gets really interesting we found that the confinement paperwork ownership certificate and legal delivery permit clearance certificate one minute to go in both lungs and release the diplomat according to section two to nine section three one on the international conference regulators a legal delivery permit clearance certificate from the joint team of federal Bureau investigation home and securities was missing therefore you must contact us for direction on how to procure accusative hits so that you may be relieved of charges of evading tax within the jail bulletins under section twelve section four one zero on the tax code will also be asking the IRS to launch an investigation money laundering if you don't follow our instructions you are therefore required to contact me send you to contact me within seventy two hours on this e-mail at this point I will walk you through the process of clearing and cleaning the money failure to comply mainly geography interrogation and you being prosecuted in the court of law for tax evasion money laundering you are wise also not contacting bank in Africa Europe or a banking institution whatsoever yours in service agent Marty Morgan regional director in the mirror investigation I received this e-mail about a week ago I have not been prosecuted the pain had not been visited by any authorities yes ladies and gentlemen the reason why share this with you is because we really do have inherent him fake e-mail that God has given to us he has truly promised to anyone unless you turn in anything and this is something that doesn't go into the junk pile I want us to realize that we have something very special in store for us about it I have not seen in other words there is nothing we have seen compared to what God has forced the muscles in her hair being that we as humans of February nineteen defined or described handle and interesting to know that all things which I have prepared for old blog in the house if there is nothing we can come up to your imagination that compares to what happened is truly about this Lyndon Johnson one of the best ways we can be prepared for helping is the sound experience amen the sound experience in the best preparation for and then we commune with God today I believe God is going to share with us his purposes and his plan is aimed at limiting the segment is called Nazi hunter if you go onto the board it sounds like nonhumans are unhealthy and it is not enough humans are no candidate if not believe there is a very interesting message is just something we do something than just doing some into the into just over the course of the last few months there is a very unique history that took place right after World War II on the World War II music in the Holocaust and the club drinking towns and we think of Adolf Hitler and we think of all the atrocities that is darning world or to combat when the allies actually closing in on the German gaming into Dale was trying to see you on the oh so it was during those last few months unusual things in place this is one individual 's name if and when these are very interesting individual if you want to bury on like articles written about him seeing called the architect on the final solution the final solution was what the adrenaline came up the Nazi party came up and was completely exterminate the Jews burned only do away with any he then said that they had on his evil to them this was part of Hitler's plan and a half men is actually what would consider what's called midmarket tech on the final solution and organizational skills this individual was also responsible for the transportation will continue to these concentration camps where they would be daft and that is so interesting is that a wall or two when the Allies had completely taken over the area is not the high ranking officials actually a afternoon when a flag in Argentina in fact the reason why different Argentina because the will or the lira Argentina time with sexy German blood in him and he was actually sympathetic towards the nightly parties to win on the Mossad and several intelligence agencies actually found many on these Nazi leaders they found them in Argentina new identities so when it comes in Israel I went on appointment and just think about all the crimes and even if you make use of and he was guilty of Walmart do a little bit about his story see actually was after my American employee in a POW camp seems you have to love what you said my name is Michael I see you too from there he went to Chile and so ruling the international Red Cross during that time was soon helping a lot not to it was because of the Catholic Church was operating at that time and what they were doing they were helping many news officials escape and what they did because in the second half actually they were able to a Allied forces and they took the ball all the way to Argentina where they took on new names Nancy and new employment pencil after an active place after World War II there was horrendous you can save this spirit people at the Jews were warned about many Israelis were worried about and they were worried because they are the wall once again what just a place after World War II allies were dealing with various issues with the leaders many of them got away and Solomon the son for the Israeli beginning and the beginnings on the Israeli Central agencies Central intelligence agency administration launched the campaign sure many of these Nazi leaders and many of them is very interesting if individual story is a very interesting story about how they actually caught I mean they found them in Argentina and argumentative by somebody else that he was actually in Argentina he changed his name to Accardo new passport no identity annual employment as a windowless on this one was sort of with this plan for many of these escape Nazi official in themselves to finding family one of them consult with seeing almost like a get together and in the resources they are alive him share the people that is so interesting several of the most sought agent were concentration camps a mindless so you can imagine that you have been a that they wanted to get back until they called this campaign than only when the managers may interesting and so have information about how I made you think layout began to be released as a agent is collected on them to live all the way from your and then they went to Argentina in the example of the Argentinian government that time it was illegal to take some defense independently and bring them to another country without without their choice was very interesting that when they began to do some reconnaissance on Adolf Eichmann they discover the complete blending with his environment he was living in the area where there were a lot of German refugees and so it wasn't always easy and this was around nineteen fifty so some time had passed about three to four years and he obtained if I didn't seem to see a picture of him wearing a poncho he was integrated into that area at that time where there were a lot of German thought to be very careful to leave the lab and into naming and just find out maybe that's why I work hard upon that very interesting to me actually what they did and this is seemingly called house on Garibaldi Street Mount Vernon 's older movies gaming interests section house and this house was in the middle of fields it wasn't informed and Arab immigrants watch and see and just observe this very interesting man and that was interesting when they find with him they actually wanted the people to go bad in the axiom a little camera and him and they want to dismantle part of Clement and they won't release this was Adolf Eichmann but they had an idea and they were just looking to buy some property here and what they were doing seemed to take pictures of it I I I meant to ask in the pictures right here you look at that right there and you can see how much of that time has changed I went during this Nazi on time and there he was right there they were taking pictures of him and they were talking away and they were able to make identification that's what I see is your life is easier if you look at if you want to see in this picture right here with a look at it here and look at a picture of him when he was younger and in the identification with his team clotting agent was still not sure how convenient doesn't lie on him they decided now is the time we don't have a lot of time we need to capture him because they knew it was one quite coming for your landing and when authorities and they knew they had to get in time was running out he wanted to stop and a life as one ages but they were not landing on an interview book on the pictures and then you okay guys is like this and a glass windows I am a really old to me gladly something inside a car and they raced to a safe house write two or three days and began to interrogate him and within just like the same twenty minutes she admitted his identity who he really was a big home on their hands and didn't know how to get them out on Argentina that time there was only one wife and they were just setting up on one flight consulting group they had different field agents including one who was a doctor so they somehow getting in and out how we can now one is dressed in uniform have been made aware to the airplane they were just walking around like this and has the airport when anything was going on over here there's a job he does have a little bit too much to drink you know actually been made on the plane and the plane was about to take off they were not recently been finally released him back all of a sudden they become comes on the radio and says we need to stay grounded they were so afraid they waited in the pilots was when he confessed on the job on the go talk to the regular season or something 's going on here and thought as he went informed and if you do not come back until we are just taking the plaintiff and we are heading off certain axioms are closed eyes and I can guess at it we just forgot to fill out one of the files it's okay we filled it out until after boxing up also in me stay where you are waiting to board the plane and passengers and they were sore afraid happiness as these are thinking officials began to walk on the plane you want to hear him and I noticed he was just how big is the one day and he was just out there and he was in uniform and when the other soldiers Angels was right next to him that they were looking at us and what's wrong with him and said I needed to do much to drink wine with the drug Illinois nine soldiers they look down and said okay and continue walking checking the rest of the plane and they took off as soon as I plan to go there out there there the accident happened in Europe and they were able to rein in before trial that they continue the number trials in Nuremberg trials took place right after one or two to twelve Iraqi officials but they reconvene to another session for Adolf Eichmann that is his picture regularly him upon the individual is not the soldier was captured when he was put on trial in fact we did a good look at some of the agents I captured as I said before these were not James Bond book looking good-looking agents that were out there driving with my health guns that were coming out the risk these individuals as a group of people who dedicated themselves to capturing everyone and especially Adolph Eichmann they were intent on taxing them so they can time my resources on money in our lives this initiative they were told that they may and may not make them after they were captured they were coming into this mission and they will bring this man's injustice and bring to justice it is interesting when you look at the Bible there was a group of people who can use intuition everything seemed impossible to overcome our chapter three marks after three communities something very interesting in the Bible describes a special time for people wanting a married special mission but when my chapter three of them that much empathy thank you had peaked a correction right marks after three cycles per second page nine seventy I will and empathy with the mouse is right here my chapter three starting with verse seven but Jesus withdrew his disciples to the last scene and a great multitude from Galilee followed him and from Judah and Jerusalem and Indonesia and beyond the Jordan Pendleton times like a great multitude when they heard how many things he was the only thing to him so he told his disciples a small mall to be ready for him because of the multitude who has nationwide class him all reasonable found in the below link and a longing to have conveniently guess around Jesus Jesus was actually confined space and people feel little bit about how you just think you will do it properly and I may absolutely classier and able minds we believe this but there was little regard for the full life using these people wanting something from Jesus they want to do nothing do something for them to go this way locked into position the mouse is Max and interesting person for the zeal while being sold as many afflictions press about him to touch him Jesus did happen and when Jesus came to an end things are and what happened it is a place of healing and restoration and the keys is what they are it was like heaven to be able to being in the presence of Jesus were experiencing habit and they weren't wanted they were coming to a private and will say what he'll do better conditions you can do all the people trying to make their way through because they wanted they wanted help with you what happened next for eleven and the unclean spirit whenever they saw him cell down before him and cried out saying you are the one son of God once worthwhile but he certainly warned them that they cannot make a lot no notice is very important findings and gentlemen senior seasons and ceiling these disciples believed in his heart into prematurely six Jesus endorsed anybody or any creature I will know more about Dean and the monarchy when the unclean spirit to increase their one angels of the phone of God I know what they wear me down easy warming field names and one last things that everybody is on the bottom they were prematurely trying to expose the identity of Jesus Jesus understood people 's minds deal where people were asked and was trying to lead them to a better understanding of his mission on the character and identity among many times the people not any raisins on this brings us to an important point one of the line when they were saying you are the sudden I a lot been that they were telling the truth this is something for us to understand things in general when we can shoot at the wrong time we may be doing the devil 's work more than we are God 's work that is why we need to be pray for discernment and timing can you say meant that the Zimbabwe will remain trying to get elected going to see when I'm on the announcement and call to him Goldstein himself while wanted and they came to him and see him pointing what well that they might be with him and that they might send them out to live free time for ecclesial sicknesses and to cast out demons finally deleted the name Peter James and Zebedee and John the brother game we do in the name of ungenerous when that is sung under Andrew Philip Bartholomew Matthew Pontus James is on about the value findings pertain and I can see a canine buddy within the region where there were a photographer needs to be called in the Canaanite with you after next and Judith Iscariot who also was the executive they went into a lot how easy when do you please organize secure the wheel life as a spiritual battle in Washington and the him this is why the Ministry of Defense prelims are we exposing the truth of Jesus realize that were now in the spiritual battle and that they find the missing soldiers and how they can get up on the mountain and you call these swell and while Cynthia points in the point is the work ordained the envoy code-named and the seventies well this is very interesting the Bible tells that you call them himself we begin to understand these the five Elizabeth Ms. Mandel pointed out in these special calling of a special calling ravens on many times many times and this is something we need to understand meaning the correct our hallway we neglect our calling a special appointment how can anyone unless what the question was the first one is the practice of why he called them to let you with the mouth of the market three one three think a good look at verse fourteen he appointed twelve that they might be within NIC a while recently forty one time things he appointed twelve that they might want be within one of the following ways endowment that is so important that we continue to refund the sidewalk one can be a very special communion which is a sound one the primary purpose of their calling and that they could be a special connection with Jesus Jesus wanted to bring to the five most closer to himself and he knew when they participated in the weapon him when he brought in a very special way is even closer and closer to God and know with any of the anomalously last night decided to a story in the book of Luke Jesus hacks and talks about a woman named Mary she says those who are given much what those who are beginning to blog much lately on who you think will present the character of love in the entire universe design also and in what you want to leave the law is not created creature that's more than any other creature in the universe the human race why because you have been forgive in March humanity knows about forgiveness that's why they had all the creatures that God has created all of eternity will understand the height and depth breath of God loss and it will flow them all in turn continues a mentor that but I want you to pay attention to the first reason why Jesus called the disciples themselves because he wanted to be within watch into a special connection is communion with God wants us to think fourteenth that he might as so why preach that we like to call me by both what they might be able to learn new things amen to that they would be able to reach the entire local balls to even begin to understand why God called them it was for these reasons number one and could be brought into closer communion with God and the second reason was that they may be able to spread the gospel everywhere in a all at once trying to can't even within Israel why would appoint the twelve disciples will recently share the goodness of God with clarity Kenny statement and was a problem with endowment and calling that God gave to the disciples the human face each and every one of us to be and preach the gospel can you say amen to that impact and redundant things and want in the counterattack right after he does this apparent that the mother and brothers of Jesus if we want to talk to you and all people say you're in your mind and the Pharisees sit in the Apple after this explains why you think the new things about Muslims were so you come up with a counterattack ladies and gentlemen but we see something so special here we see the calling God has given to these the sidewalk and we began to understand something about our life and that it will have a very special calling on us anything that can anybody thinkable I will say something very powerful and take your Bible and let go to second Peter chapter one verse ten Peter chapter one is an amazing darling what is the purpose of calling number one July to be with them and number two which is why to preach the gospel with what the Bible says in second Peter resident on the other therefore brethren be even more while diligently make your life call and your last election where at least using what sure if you do these things you will number one stumble born and friends him why you are one in the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ anything that the final admonition that we need to make your about how calling you that we would say we do and follow the link I sent to us there will be drinking into a square in heaven now even zoning this time we do a little bit examination by now and that if this is there is a big difference between your career and your calling to say that some people think that their career is that I think some people some people ladies and gentlemen think that the only way the only purpose I will be able to fulfill is their career legs and salmon you need to understand there is a big difference between your career and your wireless calling on read something to you people have been successful in their careers and mail the following reasons if you are in a place endowment you are successful in your work environment and the like and you laugh down video calling raising jumping on the trouble this will be just that we need to be fixed on our career within the watershed plan one that plays a part in Hawaii our calling as a career can be a block Bali were in big trouble the career that leads you to fulfill your calling now just to elaborate a little bit more the difference between your calling in your career see why we believe in the career you are paid to him calling you one maybe two amen career is what you want for a client is what you are giving you reveal what you do on calling reveals you are my friends this career is how you spend time in order to make it if I calling if you invest time in this world electronics is ladies and gentlemen have you been more successful in your career we are calling me one more time and energy in your career you have neglected your calling and counting is calling you back to examine your calling many times it happens if we know about success I bless this chart is not as blessed church everywhere to see the church floor was the lead people to mobile calling within their career calling you to control element of the quality would like to be with Jesus and to preach the gospel now I know I listen well we half a lot of people who do live in praise the Lord but raising to the greatest heart and I have is to see our people become more and more recognized for who they are more than just what they do know anyone who does elaborate a little bit more speed and are not a lot of doctors who have the Adventist religion but do we have people doctors who are recognized as Adventist doctors and this is a very interesting point after paying attention you understand what I'm saying we had a lot of people employment and day will be recognized because this is where the at two a.m. I have a christening is anymore for his lawyer Mark Crispin Doctor crazy people when people feel that health is interesting that they doesn't help the Christian religion plays a definite impact my life he will talk about how he went to you I went to a Middle Eastern country he was the man we know it that wasn't Muslim Muslims and new people in America and problem will follow the culture page was relative peace this is our eighth paper adopted in Italy says this is our life because he will Americans be busy life on your face ladies and gentlemen God is calling us to read exam is our calling in the miles then we should see some day there's sure and if you have a career that can be on your mind and finally do some information visit why do I think of as evil or bad raising with that series you invest your circumstances and what you wanted was just trying to find a priority of foregone the Internet's winter will be the pastor who was just all and through the Holy Spirit living in Indiana Lisa was charged Monday that I don't want anybody calling on cell one p.m. I at least three or four hours Jesus did knew that he is calling for simple hello can be ladies and gentlemen we need to leave an hour calling we need to understand what the client to we ought to be people when they see when they reckoned him high when Jesus first saying he will preach the gospel he's an evangelist in the dog is that even Amanda the teacher didn't even tell me not calling us not to let the world didn't be upon our calling because I just think that waiting time is just a much tool as anything else in the demo and the devil knows how to crowd your life with success to the point to the point where you call me because the collective thought is calling us to re-examine these things to get some music is all I do I find something I will need to be my calling to be sure I'm unlikely to be bars and foremost you need to save his ailing wife is in addition to fifty seven three she did the best principles when it comes that using something like this with you this writer is remarkable we all got one life like three things you can't think you are back in the work that life is wasted not to watch recitation of his father being car while rules will ensure our safety I can swipe on day one occupation when he appears on a limited job your family was I do not want my career to impede upon my quality his first and foremost thing you need to these powerful principle down my face you can do all you have to know what lies what is and what opportunities are already meeting and mingling to do and then you have to believe that anyone could happen you thought recognizing potential area for God may be calling you him I was when I was in I was in school there was a lie whatever ministry wanted only to please tell me considering all these opportunities about three million and I thought leaving easier to develop exactly what you want to live there why will develop your time and you will begin to lead you into both areas will think that you already need to be doing is doing all your heart second the event is going our way and I can repay your lane on your plans at the feet of Jesus every day thing I just want to commit this to you as you command your day that immunotherapy will take place which will be invitations on this one from nowhere as we begin to do these things on Friday after just watching a lowlife you will begin seeing the opening of second doors and opening up both door to leave you live his province one hundred Grandview going to school and he was afraid about what to do he was being people who are not falling into a law I want to know what you wanted to know all the thing that we can get the call when I got a call from an American friend in southwestern you should check this out and my friend went there any out the log that callings remarkably he ended up becoming if the might of princes in and became one of the top student in a huge life on campus it was a place where God was calling him to want to bring the case in the bombing he was one of these three principles they can donate their twenties and is all-powerful these are rules that will ensure safe and implement occupation as a guidance in careers that impede our calling him how I think that will call this anything we can be doing all the things that we put in place as well we compromise our integrity and all the things I think that we need to stop and say no more my calling her and for both my community Jesus and they even got in your refrigerator when you think what is the next deals on quality music grandma and Bob will sell you what the next step is to wish all you want to do anyone doing and what that life is what you come me awake and watch for indications upon God and how you do this Shirley you will see God open up doors ladies and gentlemen we need not neglect our call to be with Jesus and to preach the gospel everywhere amen those who thought agents will serve as so determined to fulfill their mission if it is our life this is our calling and a dedicated time resources energy because they believed in what they were doing blazoned on if we believe Jesus is coming in Waverly and leave the Emily finally when it can affect you we need to do we need to make sure our calling and election are sure in time when we examine the calling that God has for us it is now can you say that this is the time that God is calling for us to understand those two principles on why Jesus called his disciples so that they might be with his wife and I want to make the methods manual him will him will will will will and that is what truly a citizen of heaven you will be making sure you're calling is dead on in the level really gone cold the Bible says we are not to neglect our calling and foremost in our life if we had been doing I mainly redesign their and we ran re-examining where you will want you to be made in a manner he now has awarded father in heaven God does want to make sure our calling is the two principles for your life may neglect and that is to be with you and the reasonable limit the Lord is there are things that are impeding upon the loss goals and priorities will bother you think this is the message we are warning of what was bothering a list of reprioritizing our time our resources on energy when people see as they know about them they will say these people in messaging father thank you so much for your domain and committing yourself to humanity coming year we all have been fulfill your call redemption and your not a media with Ron audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than the visit www. audio tours .org


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