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11- Pressing Together

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio

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years ago Janine I conducted a series of evangelistic meetings and finally we took several couples went with the help of the many logistics involved everything and then going very well except that two of the couples were having some personal issues with one another as it turned out wrong falling along with the other couple found themselves on a joint visitation team well that was the day they decided of insulating was having spiritual trouble no one at the time realized just how serious those troubles work and how serious their trouble would become more exciting twelve episodes and discovered God 's transforming power is ready to provide our time Jim and take you a lifetime racing and dynamic experience the visitation couples had no idea what the world on arriving at the lady 's house after it was with two couples at everyone else the leave the dwelling except for the ladies in question and her close friend they sat on the dirt floor in a tiny dark room holding hands in a circle of prayer run began to pray but as he prayed woman they were praying for grants as risk and started to squeeze very hard around was extremely strong man but he could not pry her hand from the people and it was hurting more and more by the moment the couple saw what was happening and as their eyes of both couples met they realize that they were not wrestle against flesh and blood fear gripped their hearts as they immediately asked forgiveness of one another for all the previous feelings which of the when they cry the godliness for help against the enemy of souls still in the deadly grip of the demon possessed woman born with nouns joined by the rest of the team in prayer and management and even release the arm of Ron and immediate availability never again to the two couples allowing petty problems to disrupt their mission for no after experiencing the power Satan their focus was steadfastly fixed upon Christ and bring me to the Holy Spirit was in the work set before them was their only concern from demo I only stopped laughing gas lines and Cunningham and Farrell how can forget the checkout counters in the supermarket I just love the checkout counters of course I'm not serious way lately but everyone's company in Arlington company to the disciples waiting ability was tested when the Lord told him to follow specific instructions after he ascended he said depart from Jerusalem to wait on the phone of her promise was a Filipino for the answer found in the readme of the verses associated with the command you shall be baptized in the Holy Spirit not many days from now you shall receive power of the Holy Spirit is going to come upon Jesus promise the power the Holy Spirit to those who wait for many theologians believe this promise was fulfilled following his coronation ceremony only after his ascension is described in chapter five Revelation Jesus alluded to the patient in the book John when he cried out same if anyone thirst let him come to me very he who believes on the of the Scriptures is set out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water place focus about the spirit would say who believes in him should receive for the Holy Spirit not yet given because Jesus was him or Christ in all releasing later the Holy Spirit and have experienced the results about the following ways but they receive still greater power which would listen for a much larger one taking the gospel to the entire world the command to wait as long as they were supposed it was given by Jesus they were to patiently wait trusting in the master 's command and only when not being they are is almost ten days with no word from the Lord how do you react when you receive no word from the only find an impressive situation from lady in Matthew chapter fifteen this lady had amazing faith in her promises of God staying her when it seemed that God has no ears access here behold the theme of the town of these borders and I think have mercy on you Lord son of David my daughter is grievously backslidden but he did not use a little work it was the time that the devil slammed Jones also hard to be with you the devil destroyed the children his job his property consultant Job cried on desolation including the guy I guide you through Sprint there was absolutely no word thirty seven ten blankets like many other instances in the Bible God seemed to be smiling but the followers of God to give up because they can trust in him mislabeled discussion the fulfillment of promises as recorded in the book of acts chapter two verse two through four and suddenly there came the sound of feminism a mighty rush Phil Vollmer how for they were sitting in there and for them twelve and one one five it sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost the disciples knew that they were talking about power of the Holy Ghost of the continued praying and asking for the Holy Spirit are you willing to continue asking for his abiding presence until you receive it and to unite as one global leader with a whole new Jesus Christ on the day of panic off one hundred twenty people were baptized with the fire of the Holy Spirit descended upon confusing them with you but when they been doing for the preceding ten days prior to this authority here and tell them why she says in the room prayer and supplication they will work everything by confessing their own sins setting aside all differences and alienation framework of one accord and prayed with unity of purpose for attending playing together coming together and the disciples of the laws with one another over many issues the premier issues with was to be the greatest in the kingdom this man has become political James and John and Heather Modernism blogging on their behalf she came to Jesus one day in Houston to grant that her son settled in Christ UK all the behind-the-scenes bickering and fighting the Lord responded by calling a child over the same unless you are converted and become it was a little child you shall not intervene in you hundred and twenty people together to do anything is going to be problems physically raised their ugly head can you imagine spending in this together one all were committed and sincere about getting in line with one another men with they were not let anything interfere with a desired goal of receiving more of the Holy Spirit more of his abiding presence this commitment and drive resulted in the guide enabling output when you announcing his approval of the faithful the file is not broken and fulfill the Holy Spirit fell in flames of fire on every holy week reconciled seeker in the next day and finding no contest sent the plane did not consume what they are recipients in enabling Hornblower was when church was born for the strength of the Almighty Creator today right now God is looking for a people he can trust with this amazing gift the question is can he trust you the sound of the sphere question in the house was so great that they can draw a crowd of curious looking people you see when God transforms people will always attract attention in on a three thousand responded pretty once in the site him and him and him and some SSRI killer and alcohol I see I called him the necessity of getting someone sat here for a lifetime they became wealthy allotted on capital health church leader that he was lost because I gave him a second chance if a powerfully waiting secondhand can put it down your loved one so maybe wondering if God will give them a second chance for Linux and accurate information any or visit us online at Cedars-Sinai and I think as fast as I is him that I is everything is running and I live in an signing in and now this is information and fun and very learned on the night and then he will not reason enough now to your generic higher information at one low price you are wildly and ninety nine thousand and eight items on you your family and concerns that the loved one and all I her brain inventory and I will think about everything and anything in three one three alongside the information got to ask you a very personal question Junior sends that God is telling you that there is awry relationships in your life that need repairing reconciliation no one anything coming between you and the gift of the latter rain you little book called last day events this council is very appropriate I quote we need not worry about the latter rain all we have to do is keep the vessel clean and right sign up and prepared for the reception of the heavenly rain cc frame like the latter rain vessel you are not vessel the very temple Holy Spirit you find a clean way all the hard feelings one in the alienation which may be lingering in my vessel it is time become one again just as both disciples in the early days the church members literally save by putting away all of their differences just like Peter disciples were real mess the animosity between them was so thick that you can actually cut with a knife then Jesus was going to be leaving themselves what we do what could he do that reach their hearts and soften them so that they can become children the key Janice was the first to speak Jesus why give us an already closed the contract to deliver Jesus in the hands of the priests and scribes in Christ through his secret but he didn't expose and he hungered for assault his heart was crying how can I give you what they hope that this act of washing uses sequence hotspots are not hearing this type of and save him from his compelling act the one of disloyalty for a moment behind Judith rolled through and through the impulse to confess his sin there falling as if it was ready to jump on the skin almost but continue to listen to the whispers of the adversary who was standing nearby he decided he was not humble himself the hardness party this repentance and would not succumb to the origins of the spirit he made his choice and now he was offended of Christ that that Jesus would humble himself like this one they cannot be the king of Israel conquered in doing such a thing well even careless and they repented and been received and are they guilty of assault women washed away by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ but self-confidence self exalted cherishing high estimate of his own wisdom is justified this course of action now is Peter 's turn there was will refrain from any claim an absolute astonishment Lord wash my feet but this is humiliating I can't stand I want to wash my feet if I cry sticking and now he was going to do the task of a servant you will never wash my feet will never do this Peter said in the strongest terms he wanted to push to someone but then Jesus and Peter and final wash your feet you'll have no part of my work and immediately touched Peter there was a ray of light penetrated the mind of this disciple a father the service he refused was actually a type of higher cleansing that spiritual cleansing of you will mind and heart they could not endure the thought of being separated from Jesus Christ not my feet only he said also my hands and my hand in the promptings of the Holy Spirit Genesis hardness heart and let the presence of God with Peter Peter on the other hand towards the opposite course in allowing government to continue the transformation process a seventy five my mom and dad Jim and Jeanette became Christian and they were baptized this was an exciting time for Janine for me because we've been praying for them to come to Christ for so long their joy was evident from the very beginning they made new friends at church they joined in to help missions and other parts of the world why it was so excited for them there was however one large problem that kept cropping up you see in my dad 's new experience he still had terrible feelings about his sister who had wronged him years earlier the heartland so deeply he refused to forgive her anything not talk to her for many years this hated festered so long that it was wholly hidden in from is someone once said that hate is like taking poison and expecting to feel the other person with the Holy Spirit 's relentless desire in our greatest good the Lord continue to speak to my father until one day he picked up the phone called the sister and the festering Lynn Whitfield is vessel had been cleansed and gone with the winter now it was evident in my dad smiling mannerism that the burden had been rolled away many people think that they have no part in the reconciliation process even if they're not the ones at fault but remember neither with Jesus Christ in his book radical David Platt says these words quote he stands ready to allocate his power to all who are radically dependent upon him and radically devoted to making much of him what a godly 's when the disciples walked out of the upper room on the day of Pentecost in acts two six indicates that the crowds had already begun to gather because of the rushing tornado like sound of the fire of the Holy Spirit to their lives set on fire by God the disciples were ready to take advantage of every opportunity God said in their pathway on the day of Pentecost they witnessed the life of the Spirit at work in the hearts of an ever-expanding crowd and you with their invitation to partner with God for the saving of meeting people are you able to identify God at work in and around your everyday life and willing to part with it regardless of the earthly cost when you open your life to the Holy Spirit he will reveal where he's working to get it for Jesus Cahill do the same as you probably understanding of how God works in becoming that are able to see him work life will take on you and exciting the next him a you are created at twelve Win95 reminds a little different than for a more meaningful walk with Christ as your friend a person or have been going to church your entire life this guide is for you perfect for individual fighting for an entire group the greatest gift in your church and your family that transformation is probably ninety five and today calling eight hundred eight seven seven three one three a lot on the transformation info .com I wonder why your life doesn't reflect the powerful change this is the kind of every Christian the temptations away on you and leave you saying you cannot shine hard enough for wondering if Gosselin had his activity on their based on secret everyone that you know well there is a well-kept secret you must know about it or talk about it until now transformation may be the most exciting life-changing book you'll ever read it's not only be needed every hour phone message and methods of transformation generics both of them except only kept the truth from Christians in truth that will allow you to become a Christian and national don't miss out order transformation today by calling eight hundred eight seven six seven three one three are long gone transformation info .com perhaps one of the greatest books ever written on the biblical teachings of Christ Jesus parable open the business of having to the people until then my thinking as noted above if ever done our light under applicable allowing the Christ for salvation revealed all of his beauty and splendor throughout each and every page order your copy today by calling eight hundred eight seven three one three logging on to transformation in some .com advancing lines between Israel and Jordan is over thirteen hundred feet below sea level the Lord Dynamo plan micronutrients designed by the creator provide light for the plaintiff moves downward in the basin and they become trapped over something like stagnates and the likewise in order to have life you must share what God is sharing with you Jesus said behold I think you lift up your eyes look on the field for their life the harvest already it was true then and it's true now the harvest of full on learning the fine hope is massive and God is calling you to join him at work there is no doubt the gun want you to join the you can impact the world for God as long as he is abiding in you know you can't stay where you are when God has asked you to join work is the work is slow fishing for men and women as the children the Lord fishing is not an option is ten a.m. Bullock discovered then impairment in our good friends for years the lifelong church member in the way of the surgeon and did not feel the witnessing was for her certainly it was optional now I've been very shy really most people don't think that Kevin free outgoing and fun ways that I've been very shy about verbal winglet just quietly working doing my job being my good little Seventh-day Adventist valve but I would never really say much but I anything unless you're really willing to grow that not enough of the main reasons I fell in love with her was that she had a heart for the Lord rebuke you choose to use the Lutheran Church it are many of us fall into the mistaken belief that it's okay to just be ourselves love people as they are and not really actively share maybe occasionally word of prayer here and there on the slide but nothing out right because we don't want to offend people and Pam went from being a loving caring person is going to community Bible study with other women and things early on to woman who overcame her fear of going to Third World countries on mission trips and even recently overcame another they fear you never wanted to have Bible studies with people on alone without being prompted so as a wonderful thing for her and from what's amazing is that Bible studies usually are fun and when you're say that in the typical Pam it's just what was amazing was that my friend Patty just made it pleasurable for me she didn't put any pressure on me she just invited me to go I took my Bible I just follow the law and believe it or not then I will link I was always thinking the Bible studies were where I would take my Bible and just have to know all the Scriptures of anybody ask a question I have to open it up and just be able to know the answer no think I'd I didn't have to the guides are there to kind of media long they opened up questions they and you have more verses that you can look up and it just it all falls into place and worth that God highly recommended them if I really than growing experience was cool about it is once you learn to recognize for the board is working you can see him do all sorts of amazing things so in this particular situation of the couple they were studying with happened to get interested in coming to church from my medical practice and I advised the church and then you see Pam and her friend invite them to study the Bible to see if they were interested in then go and see it develop me being concerned for these people offering proven these people inviting them to church and then sing hymn followed up saying her find a new way of sharing her love of Jesus in an area where she never would've thought to have the confidence to work she just blossomed in that area the Holy Spirit can really do is what I meant my mind early on a practice that of whether such people let them know that I cared about but at that time I was an active prayer for he wasn't until we experience God 's way of showing us how he was at work whose lives it obedient to the much more open to the fact that every day is a fresh opportunities see the Lord of work and to join him there and see where people have challenges to reveal to them that they're in the spiritual battle against the front elevation powers of the heavens above and that they have power potentially available on their site through prayer I just could not pray you will I was thinking about when you invited those girls to church they came to church will call you go to church that day and so the pressure was really on a fast way to go and introduce myself and leave them which I would normally just like dandelions because they already knew them but since he wasn't there gotten worse than the sort of the end of the situation and then of course my friend Patty helped me out and then she took the rest of them and she doesn't have been interceded humanity and I think when you're in a situation where only makes it easy for you then from and you enjoy it as well and sometimes faster sometimes slowly sometimes a few little pauses as your fall of the experience of working with the Holy Spirit actively seek souls everything you said you just can't do BMPs rebirth experience with Christ really begin right here in this home I know because my wife and I were part of that group then my talk at the time and came to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit was missing in our lives we decided to get together for study and prayer not unlike those disciples on the day of Pentecost only we needed far more help our tool was a study guide relate out five days a study and prayer each week it seemed like a big commitment at the time but as we can now all testify it was life-changing and well worth it Janine I remember those times a great joy with wonderful happiness as we see the fire in the hearts of God 's people go out today we yearn for that time when more Christians will wake up and prepare to the Lord soon return for that reason we threaten transformation it's a study guide a twelve week study guide and also look is designed to lead you to a closer walk with your God than ever before we urge you to start your study and him


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