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Earth's Last War, Part 1

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute


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him to his room and began a series of short studies on the book of Revelation is the latest Secretary of State John Foster done and that is more read on suffering from the illness which is life you hear it again and again about a special song is sung through a recording made by wire of the Union theological seminary this was his favorite name this group and I sorrow on where goes the villain in singing songs of expectation marketing the promised land clearly for us through the darkness liens and earned the guiding light brother class to the brother stepping fears I thank God for the light on the road ahead without I everything in the news read our user with his life we know what day you live in that is where the light shines when you say and let us that I cannot let us walk in the life you keep it will be providences of God no bluffing is so important to you and I understand wanting to that he had a special Angels Angel of you here him only I knew John Michael right now but the problem is that we might know what they did is read Revelation the first chapter beginning with first verse the revelation is Jesus Christ and God gave him him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come and he said is invited by him to his servant John bare record of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all things that he saw blessed it is even reading you hear the words of this prophecy and he believes they which are written therein within five business you know is that this revelation comes directly from the and from the father the son comes the life of the church you know this is broad and be in price by filling and you notice that John has born director that is the rolling down but it is for us the first verse says that purpose is to show along the service the things which must shortly come and so there is a special blessing upon my study of this book according to the Observer from there you enable great controversy page three hundred forty one we a wonderful comment on this on visible the reading I like I call your attention to the less it is even rated and they and as raw as they those things which are written therein as a result of reading and studying this book we can find some things to do some commands to be the morning stating blessed are they that hear readers and do what is found in his wonderful book now all in the book testimonies the ministers in one hundred fourteen Irene alarm will bless all who seek on my enemy and who understand that it is revealed in the revelation this book contains so much that is large with immortality and flow of our and all agreed and asserted earnestly receiving the blessing of those that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein if you were the devil of July the federal monies that I will that is designed to focus on his face away upon the problem is that he has made a object of his AI is that he had persuaded mediators of people that this is a seeable not to be understood not the especially if the visual bottom life only or seeing that is safe and on stage as I this statement from the twenty second chapter of Revelation in the Denver ESA economies seal the sayings of the Prophet the time is that is amazing the in the state this movie is sealed when it isn't an article that God sent not to see us please even read that if we are going to get the blessing we shall have to disregard all the ideas of saying that the most important people through human voice will we need Philharmonic wonderful cruise that God has given us in this last the Scripture the we shall receive your wonderful blessing as we contemplate the scene say all there are many things in the book Revelation and we shall not have time is short soon over them all not even division law we shall not have time to look at all that much we can wear going to study the great theme of the book of Revelation one is that crazy it is the controversy between Christ and Satan is isolated as it will in the last great conflict down near the end of time that's the great theme of Revelation and in this book we have delineated under various symbols the opposing armies in the gray wall to become familiar with Olson and listen to understand better the movements of Satan in his home by his arm all of this is a VR experience you and we should of course looking earnestly I trust that I have on our Holy Spirit life only experience that Remus had in order to spend with God through the times a day it is great controversy three forty one you notice at the bottom of page after speaking of this blessing is studying the book of Revelation it says this instruction is inserting events to take place at the clone of this world is the job were opening scenes of the hand railing interestingly experiences your use all the physicians pain on next and final delivery of the people of God he records the closing message with your horizon the harvest of your either issues for the heavenly garner artists scientists for the fire is Sunday's Avastin more consumer review and especially for the last church will you get that who were these revelations especially for the last year old and we may share in the glory of revelation Sunday's Bass import were revealed in especially for the last year that those who should turn from heritage to might be instructed concerning the perils and conflicts before they are compensated to spring polyphenol in are we to be prepared for yet none need be in darkness in regard to what is coming upon the earth Bangalore through the night I was sorry only or will the vitamin is seeing signs of expectation marching to the promised land cleared in Juarez through the dark meetings and burns the dividing line brother class so that the father sent me here to do online phrase there is information in confidence to come with me seeing clearly Lebron a man can never be ours if we stumble along in the dark and so with expectation we turn to this book of Revelation I on the continent not where several scriptures that speaking directly is visiting the event coming and for example revelation the twelfth chapter on the seventeenth murder you all know that we use in women and I was wrong with her and demand war is a remnant of her seed which he is God and have a testimony of Jesus Christ will be often studied his face together distinguishing marks of the villager and that it brings you an do something that is very the drive doing well making war on the woman and her see the revenue diversity that's the subject of the dry goal is to make war against the rented people of God and the Scripture is applied of great controversy page five ninety two the last sentence to this soon coming conflict is where the text of the him and we shall see exemplify a prophet 's words the dragon was raw and live him a warmonger revenue diversity commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus cry again Revelation the seventeenth chapter for behavior here's another view of Islam a revelation seventeen fourteen he is speaking of the kings of the earth there are their armies resources these shall make war with the letter and I shall overcome the reviews Lord of lords and King of the then editor with PMR long as those anything you know as far as I united against the Lamb 's war against God notice that Jesus is only in the litter called and chosen and faithful and who's going to win invisible all the way and those who were waiting never really thought about the issue of the battery question about who's going to be victorious Jesus will win the fight operations if we stay in with you we usually aren't you glad you revelation the nineteenth after analyzing birth to another of you all is soon coming home and then I saw a piece and listings of the area and their armies gathered together and many more against the endless home of a horse and against his army the who's not we shall see whether the east of the kings of the earth and his army are gathered together his name will him at his arm was one of Saddam or bin Laden were and I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he said he was called faithful and true is this Jesus is right is the guy at Walmart so here's a friend on one side there is an even more inspiring to me in an attack on God and his people and I asserting that the highest and had used a riotous law in which Jesus himself needs all the armies of heaven follow Oryx and working birds and the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses will be fine with it I agree there you have it break the lines are drawn again let us go to the sixteenth chapter of Revelation verses thirteen and fourteen and I saw three unclean spirits like all come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet are they are the spirit is there working memory which go forth into the kings of the area to the holder to gather them to the about a day off only by in a call he inspired by the lake on the meaning of this wicked world they come will they come up for if I had our own now him a you is the reason you see here beneath me and our drag the and all I is try and I is that receiving as long as the one I listened to represent only I be authorized meaning there is an inquiry is my statement here in the testimony ministry a one hundred and eighty by a variety of images the Lord Jesus Representative John that we carry seductive influence of those who would been distinguished for their persecution of God 's people are of her I noted by a variety of any the Lord Jesus Representative John we can carry this inductive influence of those with any distinguished for their persecution of God 's people know all the wisdom carefully to search out the mystery of iniquity that figure is so largely in the winding up of his or his history what is going to figure largely in the winding up of visitors is known as an you and I is the wisdom have the latest search out that Ms. really using brought to view them as well Doctor Revelation yes is it wrong to another the chapter Revelation yes is it brought to be limited for these after yes him sixteen yes seventeen and eighteen and nineteen yes my friend and I heart the book of Revelation is a delineation through various symbols of this mystery of iniquity figures soul are the underlining of visitors and you and I need wisdom to do what halfway to search all that is easily we need to know what is in those wonderful chapters in Revelation that the searchlight of prophecy upon the funeral this morning as I will now hear this child in the darkness I like and I crossed the stream I heard something permanent life liabilities and what useful will scope the scope was I glad I had a flashlight we and I want to stay busy and will open my journal over the past year knowing who I pay raise I thank God we go to search click on the Dragon and the involved parties were as evening you shall not have a life that shows exactly where they came from and where they're going in July seen people out of their way here all that God may bless them understanding of the lender who proves that you no mail at this point drop is inordinately cited is the revelation I suppose that in some minds and the expectation is raised no were going to find out some of those questions that we we well as we've always wanted to know the lady who know we finally offer a very gray and that I will not readily there are many things in this book right that are not as clear as you and I might wish they regional title is coming along the road this morning with and last night I is the clearest thing that stood off was literally hanging you know my father because a rifle like when I have a father who uses the flashlight the service life problems or needs search while evil is on the role day in law and liaison in the darkness on the design made it into the twilight zone A320 that we might like to know is that that our curiosity and needs us to think about many things there is also playing brass laid off beautifully and PRI is where the line is clear is we shall see what God wants us to see and his family we shall find where are you leadoff when you say we do that are less and most earnestly that please return here and if we do that we shall lie idle speculation world is so full of an related venture the speculation regarding this in the wool I'm sure as we remember the ruling of the base face of prophecy and I going this far that no prophecy in this picture is of any private interpretation second being in the first afternoon in her install as we give the light of prophecy and focus times when I is we shall have clear vision concerning the better we need to know how we have spoken of in powers of earth inspired by the devil that are lining up even though and will finally integrate Confederacy opposed God and his people than all review moments I would like to turn away from all go figure demon inspired persecution and I would like to have this thing of the winning side and so we remember in the first text we read on the bow in Revelation twelve seventy the driving was raw to whom you and went to make more lately rented of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ as far as this world is concerned they the army is composed of the woman in her seat and I submitted for the woman and her children not seem to be very much seminar to need all the things of this article and there are especially when thereby by the devil and always a riot things are him a him woman and her children are back by all the power of the unit when all they are in is behind that will these women represent the church God here and who you will see as you read and review and I have found them I understand with him they were always a few I found I will to ensure and we're part of her children woolly friends were on the winning side day and we remain I pray God we also that we shall not be shaken out we shall not be shifted up the blend that when the Army of God on earth it had joined together in a riot review before the event with the lien loans on having a heart and be a wonderful experience you'll want to visit his army as we have seen is repeatedly spoken of in the book of Revelation as the line over a score of times the title is applied to drive in the revelation in our closing moments this morning this first study I would like to think that this chapter Revelation that I would like to have you get the first is outlined in his May revelation volume nine page two sixty seven him Revelation needs to be closely studied it is a grand Marquis who knows the child are the work of God really is a so it is chapter of Revelation luckily I always find a view of the throne of God we see that Yale University did there with the book is that we hear as strong as ever as you will lose the ceilings that all that is the problem will there is nobody in heaven or that it will video games because he longs to see what you see you will but Oliver Lyons and judges in Minnesota's job will I try to eliminate it it prevails will lose the seven and John Terry is senile I should open I hope busy seeing as a first says I have been low in the miserable for all of the four living creatures in the midst of the owners of the lab and sleigh this is the version you are introduction of the line is various that is my prayer in the presence of God bluegrass central locking of viewing all the universe online is instantly old friends there is much to study their eye bringing to your attention this morning as a central figure in the local revelation Jesus is alive and Valentine were him show you have removed to you all arrives in Jerusalem Thursday sumo there is where heaven is real with love and longing for you is where the church of earth guy disease inspiration is closing see below the sacrament by the busy bar now his life on Calvary it is even as prices in the sanctuary above all it stirs every high and very high in the rented people to do everything possible to satisfy the heart will surely God is not my friend she only say the word this morning that where I are losing any longing to leave you Charlie is raise our


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