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Overcoming the Myths of Marriage

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • March 2, 2015
    12:00 PM
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him I will headline the limit is not just a morning meeting for any talking about marriage what is married I have a Merry I prepare a marriage is only a letter and are seeing a marriage that you thought that is beautiful married I love America like I someday how many of you are missing in most of us only a few scenarios where it is not about anything I wanted there I never get married and have a life like that anyway is what you think is the moral of the sing-alongs listen well hopefully we can prepare and we can find friends a full 's anarchist principles because actually bring us so far but hopefully we can actually begin to live a life that would prepare us to be able to live a beautiful marriage and before we begin talking about that I decided my resume for one more work and an economy given the time together with a superfood food is a real blessing breaking bread together what is the great physical bread and the spirit of Brad Penny Holy Spirit guide us with your presence would teach us that we would see Jesus Prince in his name we pray and how many of you have heard I'm sure most of you how many of you Marta Socrates who is Socrates you don't philosopher the loss area and he came up with what we consider the silk I had met in a discovery phase by asking questions he was one of the man who helped us discover what we would coordinate system knowledge and where you discover why you believe what you believe in we look to history I believe that you see a lot of times down through history people have a full string section of what marriage is all about even Socrates at something I would have to weigh some truth to it we sense something very interesting Socrates say by all means marry he said if you find a willing spouse you'll become happy if you find a bad one you will be a philosopher Socrates was a philosopher submitted a little insight into why he became way I is for British ideas the idea that if you find the right person it will make you happy is that this is virile in modern life to get a actual study in Germany from about nineteen eighty one to nineteen ninety five salon eleven year study of twenty four thousand German citizens both East and West Germany and what they try to discover what how much happy happiness is actually received from getting married so that he is twenty four thousand people is a significant amount of people out there looking after studying finality was like before Melissa Lancaster what they discovered was that if you are happy for you got married you are happy after you got married that in general marriage is really change people 's happiness the levels of happiness societies it is not a good spouse it will make you happy right now this is actually true it doesn't seem that true happiness is found in another human being this is what we all kind of hope for I think in general and we see it on the movies you see on television we read about it in my RRR process is that him at actually made me happy I'm not here to Uniontown are in own home area this is terrible is not an accident met in the oatmeal lastly reality of marriage is is that in order to have a happy marriage if you want to become a happy person before you get married you want to call a person who can actually have acquiesced in singlehood and also the person that made another individual this is kind of obvious you haven't learned very much but the reality is is that we realize of the organizational ability somebody who has a happy marriage usually simply when you seek to live a happy people come together as wrong and people coming together to be fulfilled and the other we don't actually define what we're looking for single college aged guys another four hundred plus years before Christ the Socrates and we see that he has someone a misconception of America's we come down to even the disciples themselves and getting it out of my vitamins that you have an incursion into how my brain one with you in the future I don't second Wednesday in chapter nineteen Jesus is easier with his disciples but there's also this group of people known as the Pharisees now the Pharisees were an interesting group of people being one of you have seen the Pharisees of Jesus they were all looking at and that even the most spiritual religious people because they live lives that were hunted almost perfect of the Lord I really have a very high religious I at least on our respect and even very religious lives in Little Rock on up like we typically we look and leaving nothing more terrible I really need to have hard hearts wonderful and Neil Simon question for Jesus in verse three of Matthew chapter nineteen is the Pharisees also came under him tempting him what is lawful for a man to put away his wife for an free fonts they wanted on Jesus is it okay to get you to let volume I for any reason and because of their time working on and if you are my final meeting culture I uniquely includes a one six in the morning and conjure land in the morning it wasn't good enough okay I want to be with you to simply get in the is little to be sure they were never counted them being with Jesus Jesus is not a person just isn't worth for any reason for any old reason there there are reasons that are still in the disciples here that anything had a very strange response to these little whole situation is this kind of it going on between the Pharisees and Jesus and you know what the disciples saw you at Saint Peter right these are the units you on the wonderful are the lobby Sean noticed that response when he heard the situation is a person his disciples said to him it is the case with the man and his wife is better not to getting married in Florida Hillary is making a late addition in Hannah and I married is a lot of activity so now we have hesitation I get America's greatest enemy happy the site will find perfect is often come down to the early church and the early church you had a situation where the early church began to think that things like sex and marriage were really actually kind of immediately equal they were innately evil and so they are I ask that you don't let me see your item one of the Augustine said him at all costs may something good out of meeting will allow us to your advantage was that of a young marital intercourse me something good out of evil of lots number is once again is a false conception of marriage that actually marry leaving your wife is actually the only one I've somehow justifies the evil not at all the Mylar two thousand milliliters that the mirror is undefiled on the University Eagle lassie something I could sustain happiness in life not necessarily in general create happiness but not something I already have which are always experienced joy and peace and happiness before we entered into it but English hassles these some capacity so uses the Hebrew history there has been a false perception of marriage and then there's obviously the modern Disney kind of idea of what marriage is life and there's a little phrases used over and over in modern society stops following you are one hot looking road go wrong if you just follow your heart is in your totally wrong but in actuality and all things follow hardly many times finally find unhappiness we don't find these the only joint you don't mind what we were actually looking for still one of my friends I think of him as a philosopher I think of him as a philosophy video and whatever not harm not hardly he's extremely intelligent man he sure really intelligent and he is writing from a child because he has that is out of the pool hostler in order for Loeffler is the most electable all they possibly letter mnemonic is a better Apple in any manner and he was six years old map RSS he was saying I was six years old and I thought my dad and I discover that as I thought to myself this is on my cat is a long my dad is a long most six-year-old and never even consider something like that I was adopted that he recognized my dad doesn't live a decent life a massive hit this is very simple but not a serious army we need another child yet he was asked of reach on on fatherhood is on a Father's Day is as it was after the jump the company is struggling to get any children he seriously thought about being a father and anyone is set it was as if they are a good person you are the person getting married and now here you are using all nor any I know what I is sitting ultimately in person I was actually a house of really good person I was actually going guy you know I was decent those moral and using the binary that I discovered I was not an personal narrative unity handset recognition after getting married to my wife I recognize life is different than I thought in no one of these I read about a woman from the nineteen fifties this woman and I think this issue will have an essay on marriage and our love is not what he said was that after she got married in a win-win when people looking to marry she was driving in the very same day if you're looking for your place until you think in the beautiful marriage ceremony in the church in all these heavy accoutrements America's as he does this after thinking about this something happened she is married and she writes later on about this it's ridiculously sexist I discover she said to my horror to my dismay after I got married all those crazy childhood emotions that I had into coming back into my life nature I would have to my brother behavior I would ask my parents they asked we are after I have made the season I never would've yes I had no idea as to what would you know what I'm saying right here at an address in the United States is probably enough of this marriage seminar I wasn't alone why is this a reality he actually is a blessing the blessings of life many times also trials that show I mean you are going to school here you most the obvious isn't it simultaneously is not busy but when you actually finally graduate you think men elsewhere I is in the terrible illustration I hope Apple is worth it I hear you say anything anonymously during the years eventually generally the best thing in the best things in life accident a lot of effort to get a lot of work and you can learn through those teams know what you think about this with me for a moment you know first Corinthians chapter thirteen this is what we would call the love chapter is a whole chapter of Paul didn't mean what love is not and also what love is talked about loving patient and loving country but also one of the things he says in verse twenty chapter thirteen is that love does not see is its own that interesting love does not seek its own the listing above is far more specifically when we think of marriage what do we actually thinking about when thinking about how another individual can make me happy for the Bible says love does not see is on so long as all and I was looking for someone who is making me happy maybe I actually don't have what total truelove is a friend of mine who is immediately drawn he is my best friend growing up and he says he was in second grade he was an atheist industry things and we learned that I see is for the most bodily people I ever met in my life as a second later he believe in God and he also told me at one point that is not I member on second reading thing I absolutely do not believe in God but I just wasn't really a follower of God it was surprising for me to hear these young men didn't believe in God we grow older grasslands for life any and are long story short he told me a month leases strangely he said because I my parents are really good to me they're very good decent but I really don't love you the Bible says in verse junkie that no one is not God no it is not love for God is love it is interesting because in the EKG didn't really have love and later on a uprightly more much of it later on in the immigration and he had a girlfriend he actually I think experienced true love for the first time in this young lady actually loved her but something happened this girl cheated on him with another guy and you know any fully he told me this with all seriousness he said if he is better for her and I want her to be with him and he actually discovered were too low because love what cease what not it's on eighty actually want from it I see a lot of people who love him so long as somebody more than anyone bear happiness even in a greater capacity than his own it boggles my mind I never seen anything like that and it was I know what he is actually obvious I thought I was ninety he has had to change my life really I'm here because of a essay has been a great blessing to my life talk more about that night and he is one of them but the reality is lonely something a little different than he actually is we constantly seek your own you constantly see good feelings for yourself along the way of discovering and doing it a different time is also lazy they fly away we all want to the feeling of having immediately withdraw the rendering is not I know from experience but you also like your job seeking something for yourself that it feels like Bruckheimer they live the way I love seeks not her own and God wants to give us this experience forward transform what we have a life with my true love and happiness and peace on the inside in one of the illustrations the Bible has some love is God 's law enforceable law can be summed up in one word and that one word is love in August the need for a moment and God the Bible tells us also excluded first John chapter four seven eight when it tells us that God views love bondage love and he is law is not the thing about this video for a moment think we can follow along with this saw that God is love his law is love in God 's law is the transcript of this character meaning it's like a representation his law 's word is like a representation of his character the law does something very interesting the law says EJ or the Bible says in chapter one verse twenty three exists in any NBA fewer of those who are not for me is like unto a man looking at his natural face in a nearer analysis for he looks at himself he goes his way to at last within a local cellulose into the perfect law of liberty the perfect law of liberty is very easy to forget for me here on the word is the lesson is the one hundred is going on here what is going on here's like this is the long use life to be in your now what was the purpose of the mirror you tell me it helps you see yourself right now let's say you look into the near and you realize that you have some sort on your face to look into the leader and dishonorable I am one under iron you have a few options not many you can realize that anything can go and grab consulting UK clean yourself up any vocabulary you discover that you are unclean I look the way I think I'm more on the low that if one of the options not be used to looking in the mirror you can discover that you are still the right idea with around eight a.m. or any of the search you to smash the mirror that's one way to avoid cemented RES but visited the problem is not new just as dirty as you were before you smash the mirror now you just can't see that it are right these are saving yourself the Bible says the law the word of God is like a mirror he says so the law is like a near Jesus also became a planner his wife 's existence is also like Jesus was the living word he was the living law now perfectly perfectly he lost all of the dynamics of God himself as we look at Jesus as we look in his life felt like looking in a mirror and I am a pretty good person the listlessly to the law tells us that we are sinners yet you have ever lied before raising an eighty percent of us him see other twenty percent of us liars bulimia the question only if you ever stolen and all the rest of us told us that they were just liars and so we don't know home and get appointed one I thought I'd die many times the Bible says that we are sinners the Bible shows Chad and he is previously that he read I thought I had actually uses might not ever try to think of everything that I am actually a sinner but not the law tells me that after rising to the law now clean the SNL is the mirror claims you want to find out your dirty not many putting a face on the mirror into the mirror little dirty in a slightly subprime but he doesn't cleanse you the mirror tells you that your very entity tells you that you need to the unique that you need to request so that Mister Levine from what we needed it once we find out that order we need any class according to the Bible however some involve out the class the sacrifice of what a blame of Jesus Christ Jesus actually said because of the law doesn't save us belong there is a must that's not the purpose of the law the bioassay tells them of the Romans that the law has a weakness that it doesn't have the power to save me but I actually turn away from the law and I need to look to someone else will be saved me from my sinfulness like IVF yesterday so I need water community claims let's think this through now the law is like a mirror so Jesus is kind of like a mirror to us but the Bible also tells us that our relationship with the is like an illustration of marriage it's like an illustration of merits that Jesus us comes to his bride which is sure the house is trying to visitor and he is he is our an asset as the sharks will set their Savior they discover that they are one that they are sinners that they are dirty and in the same way when we get married one of the things you discover is that all those emotions all the listings of life that you don't seem right and what is going to get a girl and her boyfriend made relationship but when you're totally single as always it can be hard building drawings fully immunized but there are certain aspects of our emotions that have just come to the handling or single etc. Morgan Lally on wages and employment of the book the reality is that we were married we haven't actually comes face-to-face it's only looking at my wife is kind of like me looking into a near I discover all kinds of crazy stuff about me that I thought was that I actually do I thought this is not how I felt like this right this is crazy so what we do a lot of amazing about the law and legal lists what legalists with the law usually if I couldn't just do it right then I could be saved that's legalism than a sense of the so 's I want the law to save me a lot of sensations had a just self test taking see you there the lofty essay for the law appoints me to Jesus and says he can convert your sins he can make since you didn't want and still in America what happens is many people are looking for the him to bring him happiness the wife is looking to the husband that she will bring you happiness organizer outline you say that I found you want to look at each other I happiness you so they're looking for the most is because that individual cannot bring about eternal happiness yes I know this is Germany is a very secular country biggest summit is I I I been over there on ad hoc living on the street you basically what many Americans might disable as we a lot of thought or as a result what are you even in a secular state that happiness is not ultimately come home another it doesn't come from another individual as we begin his relationship we can look into that wall and recognize wow I got issues in the meeting my wife downright outlandish suits is looking to each other to fulfill the claims us to give us your transform our lives means and are useful our eyes away someone who can transform us one who can change our mind one who can change our heart the law cannot see that was its purpose my wife cannot see that is not her purpose nor can I see her for that matter right we really may have once again in my life is actually my best friend is he here tomorrow silly human visual hearing also publisher some of our personal affairs by no means are we perfect I think this is that I was out I was other than three are one of the most idiocy countries in the world and I was I was studying the Bible to guide who is a user spiritualist and he told me for months he said biases overtime on right now and I think that's a week after week after week I actually began to wonder if this is a line of busy not actually have a life and sure enough the day she finally came from Taiwan there was no point in telling you that starts was in the message where were all right wasn't on stage is taking on the law that's ever talking about a lot out of the Zeta fainted he met his wife thanks so I wanted to talk more about as legal this is a simple introduction message board talk about preparing for marriage way to talk a bit more about what marriage is for you to talk about what it is some of what it is to be a woman some of what it is to be a man and how we can become the people that God has called us to be a plan for your life is way better than a plan for yourself you may be even that plan already but the reality is he wants to enhance your plans so that they are the most fulfilling thing that they possibly can out of our designers for anyone actually exhibit his characters of the world we would be fulfilled in the process we would find the greatest joy in life but the trouble is when we look to the wrong place for our happiness we never find anything that is secular on musicians many times the only things right also I'm looking from what in all the wrong places right were looking for anyone looking whether reality is we don't really somewhere in somebody else except for the one who created us Jesus wants us to find the fulfillment that we haven't called to the Bible says in Colossians chapter two beginning in verse eight is only to see him philosophy and vain deceit after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ it says for easy handling walls all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and in the next Lord say this is says in verse ten AU are complete in him you are complete in Jesus when you find the completeness that he is called to they actually have a marriage that continues to happiness it is so people can find the happiness that God has called them to and they come together they can have that happiness together solid challenge to begin to see if you are seeking of God is not continues but if you're not a hero someone was really put much thought into a relationship with God find that fulfillment first find the fulfillment that I was called to the half and you can take that into your marriage you can also give that meets your children if you choose to have you can continue that process fulfillment that God wanted you to have he wants you to be happy I love this little quotation quotations like a hundred years ago and basically what you say is man's greatest desire is to be cemented in Ohio but God does not want us out is that it actually says it all I have a understands this and God will work to bring about that absolute happiness in your life if you allow him to God knows your greatest desires for happiness but we don't find the place where we can enjoy one when we looking for happiness in a man it's not there is a the one who brings you completeness solid challenges continue on that overlook someone that had no interest in the Bible but the Bible is solid challenge you to do what I did I'm not telling you what to do but I'm just challenging I actually began to read through the Bible for the very first time I began to be changed by this book remember these the law is like a mere it reveals am a sinner it tells me you need a Savior and as we are changed in him we had the fulfillment that he's calling someone a challenging don't read the Bible to begin a figure thirty five ask yourself disclose the worker enemy father know you've changed my life is a lot more changing to go never on my here point my finger at anybody else I think you that you create all kinds of people you have atheists eleven Buddhists and Hindus and you have Muslims you have all of the religions of Christians and you say this I desire all comments to me that we could know you Lord I pray that we would be change that we would become people that you called us to be there we would reflect humanity season when we look at Jesus father we see the beauty that he asks and I pray that beauty would be reflected in our lives we would live out your love that we would not will that I will look to my wife she would look to me for half as someone here when a little man or a woman a boy or a girl what happened we would look to another we would find happiness first taking that into our marriage finally annoying the last of the world around us it ran as a agreement will media with Iran audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more certain and please visit www. on universal .org


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