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Overcoming Like Jesus

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • March 3, 2015
    7:00 PM
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this message is in the site owner is entitled overcoming life Jesus overcoming like Jesus but before we begin I necessity of loggerheads with me for work and economy thank you for the Bible we thank you for this is the living Word of God I pray that you would teach us at editor Holy Spirit be here in a special way will be given time to you and Jesus in a number of years ago in the nineties there is some skepticism was going around specifically regarding a man in the Bible and this individual this man his name is used more than any other name in the entirety of Scripture can you guess what mean this is more than any other naming entirety they can get some of the Jesus who John asked anybody else it's not Jesus strangely enough and it's not John is actually the name is David is actually in the late is the name that is used more than any other name and entirety of Scripture King David and speaking of this change is the song is deleted in the Bible not this idea came forth that he actually did is just a fictional character the essay never existed I know it's nice of the Jews believe in handling accretions but there's really nothing in archaeology that facts the idea that there was a great team even in the Bible verse two interestingly enough we look back at a book that was written in nineteen ninety two by Philip Davies and he says in this book descent is the Israel of biblical literature is at least for the most part not being historical entity at all so this idea of this ancient Israel is not at so I is generally and he goes on to say in his book he says the biblical empire of the unit has not the faintest hope in the archaeological record as of the envious man is still revered by the Jews and Christians made in the system this is the argument now be going only for that want to think about this for a moment because this is a very serious issue because you may remember that even in the middle cool counting the Gospels Jesus is making his way toward Jerusalem and is riding on a certain kind of animal humanoid animal life and the people are yelling how a certain word that would ultimately is what is our policy blessed is he that cometh in any of the Lord blessed me and talks about the sun daily alert alerting me about Jesus remembered was the son of data nothing on this away from him and in fact CNN never existed you realize this causes a big problem for Christianity S&L Jesus was the son of Amanda never existed that will be a little bit troubling to say this is this is a very difficult to see in mind when it is on hold insert up ancient Israel now notice what year was written in nineteen ninety two and the very next year archaeologists nineteen ninety three when thinking an area in northern Israel in an area they called to tell their and it worked directly on the original working is in archaeological work in one and picked up something that was like a brick stone and SAP to get out into the opportunity turned over and the discomfort and inscription read written on this this is stealing an essay noticed this busy archaeologist digging it's not like everything this is some kind of Scripture is to find something this is quite interesting I wonder what it is socially defined as an asset in the region what does this say they are discovering that on this zone this is a picture of the sound here this is the that you don't famously lent a call actually I guess I sound were the words speaking of this endangered or the line of daily is waiting on a result we read here to discuss available archaeological review archaeology review a team of archaeologists dating in northern Galilee fun even marketable inscription from the ninth century BC we see that reversible the house of David and while living in Israel is an interesting medicine in nineteen ninety two because I was listening he never even existed how do we in archaeological evidence of this guy actually existed and the very next year allows them to drop a stone of what is I think that's what King David has thing discovered in the wrong records you know have we discovered the name of everybody in the Bible the rock records now we have what we discovered is that he is unable in the Old Testament records outside of Scripture were minimum written about in Scripture so the evidence continues to the old that testifies to the truthfulness of the Lord about it is a probate and testifies to the veracity of the Scriptures but the reality is this will be difficult if he existed it would also help plastic Jesus really wants this would actually call you a question who Jesus really was the question is sometimes it wasn't what did Jesus really existed as a mythological character that was written up by these I don't e.g. through it so I know the Christians came up with this man or woman conspiracy what have you been on this book with meeting room on I know that people like Alexander the great existed how do we know as long as we take the testimony of ancient historians and only question is whether Alexander the great existing piling all that a man like Jesus is what we think will form off as their quite clear about that individual CAM outside of the Bible his resume is in the historian several historians around the time of Jesus that lives just around the time of Jesus or Johnson after wrote about this man we had sleet delete as we shall see this was a Jewish historian when asked if this was the greatest on one of the greatest historians of ancient Rome this was not a follower of Christ the new history he was a man who lived just around the time just after I noticed what this meant Hasidism is historian of ancient Rome funeral in his works Chris is from the name had its origin suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of our procurators policy is this is it using just the secular writings that wrote about Jesus we can basically have the same gospel story that we talk about us Christians many people outside of the Bible recognizes these things these were these were actual historical events by a real man Jesus of Nazareth he did these grades in wonderful works so the interesting thing is okay so Jesus existed we have historical evidence that Jesus existed or if it's just the fact that only brings us so far so why someone so highly of two thousand years ago he was until he got across the messages and I don't cross this is history what is different about this one man what distinguishes him from all other men in history what is the world revolutionized because of this one in individual it was interesting there was a is anyone Peter W Stoner was a mathematician and anything set out with the students to look into the mathematical probability that any one individual would fulfill prophecies of the Messiah so what do you think of it into the core historians in his course as I went to look in the Bible to discern how many prophecies there are descriptors in the Old Testament prophesy of the life and work in the character of the Messiah not go through so they come back and a look at any discovered that there are at least three hundred prophecies for three hundred specific about the Messiah 's wife character and mission in the Old Testament now so they say okay how many there are at least three hundred and ninety seven when in conversation with a recently discovered that they were wrongly about a thousand years before Jesus birth to about four hundred beset so now I looking at his options open we had three hundred plus they were written in a at least four hundred years of age as a minimum is elected as an example of some of those policies like you and you are in Zechariah chapter nine verse nine is rejoiced greatly O daughter of Zion shout aloud O daughter of Jerusalem behold your King is coming to you righteous and having salvation as he hung all and mounted on a donkey on the cold full of a donkey we're talking about Jesus the Philistines a strange policy don't because of the prophecy of this Messiah would come any license in Jerusalem on a what I don't sit in the picture for a moment with me so one of how many people in personal history have been teams rolled into Jerusalem on a donkey nearby wonder how many people in earth history human one out of a hundred about one hundred thousand have been seen running through the one hundred ten thousand nearly the realities using a Leslie and his cannot I'm sure some half a shark but probably not all that many would say what appeared on the Somerset I really will say all your making it very difficult for him to make that Waco debacle as a consumer conservative activity Leslie conservative he said let's say one hundred people throughout Earth 's history on one side and the second hour how many teams who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey of all things anything extremely conservative so you can say all he saw nothing but the numbers are getting those items another one Isaiah chapter fifty three percent he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth is not as a lamb to the slaughter and as I see shares is the almost silent so he opened not his mouth notice that access the text tells us that he was afflicted he was brought to his death you have just now wrongly condemned and I and in his judgment he chooses not to defend himself how many people in Earth 's history using an chosen to be there been condemned for a crime they did not commit now surely there had been many people been condemned to death her climbing never committed true but how realistic do you think did not defend themselves as they were wrongly accused very very few very anonymity would be the height of insanity cannot say I didn't do it and if you know you're in a diamond is a lesson in another letter but Jesus doesn't fight back I just love a just man wrongly indented on the other self so the question is the one on how many people let's just try to figure out the probability and he says it will be less than one hundred billion or trillion music synthesis must be ensure really conservative views of SSA one thousand people daughters history have tried for crimes they didn't commit you to defend themselves in the midst of the ordeal nonsensitive nuclear students and how many are in a math class right now okay how many rhino are taking statistics and probability right now okay some of you and others give you a simple simple to use you know I mean you why missile fears but amazingly were something like this let's just say I'm making up these numbers less just say that one in every ten man one hundred ten and has a bullpen and one in every one hundred men is missing a finger so what is the probability that I'm going to run into someone that has both be bald head and a missing finger you have one intent and you multiply it times one hundred and you get one in a while one thousand so statistically if I would run into if that's all right that generally are a one out of a thousand men if you want to run into when Apple TV missing finger in a bald head is in a sense is enough I guess you only don't totally get the idea nevertheless get the idea here is the most dirty dishes in the prophecies Jesus was the probability of any one person for billing his age of the three hundred plus probability are these prophecies rather and he shows to mathematically go three twenty two others one intent and seventy hour essay I have no clue what that means no we don't not immediately pictures again illustration in his book science speaks to resources within the state of Texas the largest of the continental United States and he recovered that state to see the with silver dollars a summary of every Kenai they will notice a little silver dollars they are what if fifty cent pieces actually nonetheless identify found that those in benevolence so I imagine with me that these are one dollar coins they are silver dollars and we cover the state of Texas I was just there with my wife but we cannot in the Massa stated forever to drive through that state is on the whole state is covered to the EDD which silver dollars and he was not a blindfolded man into the entirety of the state and one on the point is marked with a black acts and he witnessed his blindfold and into what stars he wants to at telling us to reach on his first try and hold one minicamp season is marked with a black action is only one in the chance that he would really do that on his first try is one intends of the seventeen hour as they sent just now so this is how many prophecies mind you eight prophecies in the design of the world is sixteen and it is simply impossible in the twentieth property and it literally is so insane I'm not in Amazon about his confusing it's only the same and fastest morning three hundred and looking at this looking at a probability of matter all these things were promised by hundreds of years and advanced computer dummies nonresponsive is with these words he says this is not my computers I'm a little slow motion effect Donna will jump back to pieces this area this is not merely evidence it is for him the Bible 's inspiration by God all the universe is not large enough to hold the evidence now this isn't just amazing mind-boggling God gives us added the viruses in Romans chapter around our eyes this chapter one verse eighteen come now and let us live reason together what is reason reason is a function of the brain you are to reason in Jesus God wants us to be thinking people he wants us to blindly believe in anything and anybody comes up but hardly whatever he is anyone possessing reason he wants us to think any gives us evidence for who he asked if they want their product we started out listening to the practicing with a look at tonight I can think of chapter nine that prophecy is so fantastic now all prophecies had to be fulfilled many of the policies of the Messiah had been able to win in just a three and a half near right here from the Bible prophesied that the Messiah would be anointed for his ministry and twenty seven eighty what I exactly thirty one eighty and gospel the message of Jesus Christ with both of the world in thirty four eighty all of these things happen just as the Bible says so these prophecies Lindsey 's legal bill today or any other time they actually need to be fulfilled and very specific time it would be sensitive and goes even further the marvelously second year that the Messiah would be crucified maybe look into it further according to the sacrificial system according to the festivals of Judaism the video also shows us the exact one that he would be crucified they also are because it would specifically be in connection with the Passover so it was the exact day of the year on all history it was a specified day that the Messiah would die for our sins and guess what happened Jesus for our sakes died for us some two thousand years ago and is now gone actually gone distinguishes himself in the Old Testament all the other so-called thoughts how does she do it how do you differentiate the exercise of the meeting in the Bible Isaiah chapter forty six verse nineteen ten the Bible tells us that says remember the former things of all God says for I am gone in there it is none else I am God and there is none like me know what is on the audacity to say is not whether God is the only thought what is the God of the Old Testament about a lot of the audacity music is not wanted on the knee he tells us in verse ten he says declaring the in from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet gone the Bible sizzles in the difference between me and the other so-called hot is that I will reveal to the future before comes to pass and Jesus says in John chapter fourteen verse twenty nine twenty nine and now iPhone to Jesus set before it come to pass that when it is him us to mice while really want you to use your reason for using lower how can it be anything that happened like this is added that he is Jesus gives us evidence that he is only claim to be and we can trust the word of God gives us ample evidence if you have your Bibles with me to prophecy in Isaiah chapter fifty three when you look tonight at how the Messiah overcame how Jesus overcame in his only experience this is such a beautiful passage on one of the most popular passages in the Old Testament at least living Christianity at least within Christianity and its interesting is if you look at many of the Jewish authors after the time of the Messiah but I for hundreds of years one of Angel notices that the writers and Judaism in the knowledge that I many of them acknowledge that in Isaiah chapter fifty three this is a massive eighty from the sea in fact in the Messiah to come they recognize that many of you and so we read here in Isaiah the prophet has these words he begins by saying in Isaiah chapter fifty three he says who has believed our what reports is important is the arm of the Lord revealed notice Isaiah begins this prophecy my thing is even a believe what I'm talking about his feelings and I believe this message is not interesting before leaving comes the Messiah he recognized there would be a lot of skepticism about this Messiah that was to come to planner who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed for he shall roll off before him as a tender plant and as a root out of a dry ground he says he has no form nor comely necessities nope no glory and when these we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire to the picture the purpose you the Messiah is not he will be stately anything we do rather than a what ordinary to nothing special people just need a common worker dealing the cards are nothing special strangely enough you know he would come from Bethlehem right and so here's a strange picture of the Messiah just an average Joe if he were walking down the street when you drive what a strange thing about the great Messiah the one we've seen the world goes on to say in verse three uses science and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we cheated as it were our faces from him he was despised and we did not esteem the picture of Jesus here the picture of this Messiah was the count is someone or something soul was being beaten was being lacerated a result all of it we didn't want to see you literally would shield our space from the terrible experience the ordeal that he was going through but then it says in verse four surely he has borne our while Greece and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and we see his stripes we are what we are healed so we have this picture of the Messiah that will come in the future people will suffer he will be beaten he will be pros and the suffering that he went through with his stripes as they felt the waves as they felt the weight of sad little love your bones are stones tied to the end of them as they were ripping his backing as the back was the last regularly opening up with ribbons of quivering flesh as Jesus was going through this uses with his stripes we are the sea became the sacrifice all we like sheep the next excess of what gone astray you turned every one to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the what iniquity of us all what a strange office I was sharing this prophecy in a university in Ontario Canada the University of Western Ontario large University and is around thirty thousand students I was invited to come and speak in present on on some of the evidences of Christianity and the Bible and how sharing this disease I was actually asked to come in it was very uncomfortable typically on a situation like this and people kind choose to be there but I was invited to speak in each freedom and in that atrium the difficulty was I was standing there it wasn't like I was a stamina so much talent able to actually set up and there are people there beating scissors restaurants right there in the University is a bar right around the corner is a bit more on over here actually if I remember greatly over here are the restaurants in over to my right with the seats or feet listening speaking to these people didn't really comport with asked me coming so there I am in speaking and hearing these things and anything is quite awkward bind any people walking by dissemination I'm talking them as a walking by asking the question that maybe answer was awkward and less on the final night it was a band playing in the bar so as to allow this down nutrients we moved into a side room is right near there and so people came in and off to my left we has a Muslim young ladies in different people in Accra I don't know was there I don't know who's who in begin to share some of this prophecy of Isaiah chapter fifty three of my Jew I had always believed that I was she basically out mostly completely Dutch and my grandmother just told me I need a year and half ago that we had Jewish heritage I didn't know that in so I was sharing this beautiful prophecy and as I was teary-eyed it is your true story of a college here in the state of California him in the Lehigh cornerback I see the cornerback for the teen was a Jew he was in the second vaccine will be here in California won the Rose Bowl later rules goal is the biggest football game of the year in college football and what ended up happening was there were two stories of the Rizal still is sitting down with this college quarterback and he was Jewish and Christian training and showing prophecies in the Old Testament showing in the New Testament and other showing them to him the strength of the Messiah be on you on the tribe of Judah and in the New Testament says Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah the Old Testament shows us that he would come from Bethlehem and Micah chapter five verse two and the New Testament reveals Jesus was born in Bethlehem the Bible says that he would be opting out and go through the suffering ferocity shown in Isaiah chapter fifty three initial cost of the proxy of the proxy is your housebuilding Odessa is there a room of people to study and study the Bible to studying all kinds of things with their thing the Bible and he stood up and he said how do you estimate how can you be listening to the Bible I can't believe you I like this and he said one of the humans and remember this is the drink Bible you haven't enough of your own you have the Old Testament and he said yes anything with a righty sex on him you will look them up in your own Tanakh is see if there is an okay of the he went home he pulled out his seem to Old Testament he began to look up the references and guess what happily look at the first month it was there he goes to the second one is there because the authorities there finally becomes the prophecy of Isaiah chapter fifty three and he thinks all know what on earth they're all there is so troubled by me so shaken by the disorder that isn't going to intimate my this story at the University there unless in Ontario and Social Security using the listing is optimism like my capacity as nice as well but I don't understand this is can you tell me what this prophecy in Isaiah chapter fifty three is talking about is a suffering servant that the Bible is referring to me no one is his rabbi said is Rabbi said mean when I read Isaiah chapter fifty it looks like it's talking about Jesus he said we don't believe that so I don't believe anything that was a convincing argument of his younger insult what on earth in the Internet coming back and guess what this young man gave his life to Jesus Christ I finished telling the story and I had no clue that in the very back of the audience it was a Jewish man and he stood up and was absolutely furious why did you tell that story I really situated he literally came right down it came right down economy and he was in one young man told me everything I thought that Galveston H you house learn this in the city understand him on the harvest right and as we goes on in these just various things going on asset are anything anything actually silent and then he calls and I said can I say something he said no I said okay and I let them get going and then finally he sent me his keys and he began to storm out of the room and as he saw another of you something came to my mind it was a strange thing very strange thing in my system just the evening before I had been praying Alfredo Brad never said before and I probably never says in my on thank you for using the Jewish people to give me the Bible is what I said but I just want to let you know that shots last night I was afraid I'm thinking of the Jewish people and use them to give people like me the Bible and he just I was angry he stormed off and I know I know I'm united Muslim young ladies over here everybody's uncomfortable and is uncomfortable situation but one track mind I guess I only got also I thought what am I talking about I was lost I was totally lost so what are you doing your loss you always want on the screen right so I turned to the screen in the next verse is that a written on the screen are he was a crass he was afflicted in the open is now and I knew immediately on her orchestrated this whole event gone and worked all of this out there this property is powerful is something that stirs people to the very core no less than all when the Saudi safety by interesting people and very young I would with everything he had to the point of death killing people but yet he was changed she was transformed as we looked and talked about last night the Bible tells us that Jesus was crucified for our sins I think of the sorrow for us that something happened much worse than torture on a cross some and sixty nine in verses twenty and twenty one in the prophecy there's something absolutely and that amazing the Bible says a Psalms sixty nine percent twenty and twenty one a prophecy of the Messiah says Brooke froze has broken my heart and I am full of heaviness and I will work songs of the committee and there was none and for comforters and I found is that we know less about the Messiah is will my heart is looking for controversy and once any benefits versus house us the next verse verse twenty one says they also call for mining means in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink the context here is a prophecy in the Messiah in the Bible tells us that the Messiah actually when software was the Bible calls a broken heart approach has broken my heart and you are approaching the Bible can either mean infiltrating the machine since Jesus is the shameless magazine put down using referrals suffering of your committed a sin I felt so horrible that after you get immediate on the money they were so ashamed hope nobody would ever find out about any ever felt that way before yes and no it's a horrible feeling Jesus was suffering out on the cross but it is just suffering his own pain and suffering on the cross business thinking is it in reality I can only experience our own suffering right I can literally feel your pain you can never field and we can have nice gesture the sale I feel your pain brother but we never really feel some real sustained the Jesus according to the Bible it says Ybor are greasy and Kerry are sorrows yet we do this even stricken smitten of God and afflicted Jesus suffering for our seems he was feeling the shame the pain and Steve were mocking him as he was hanging on the cross something was happening something was tearing him apart he actually software a broken heart and you know that we never knew that you actually die of a broken heart it wasn't too long ago in the twentieth century where scientists begin to discover any came up with a term for a disease that we might call broken heart syndrome they call it stress-induced cardiomyopathy what suitable syndrome is a learned is that you basically autosomal disease is the simplest type shroud that the heart when somebody maybe he'll think it's not as if there are arteries are clogged or or anything like either actually clean actually they can be healthy even but something is happening there like the stress is so intense so all harmonies this is not normal stress like I think assassin is that of his extreme stress in any situation people who are otherwise healthy and actually software what is called a broken heart and can actually die from this disease of a broken heart in Jesus many of nine from crucifixion but if you ever had pain in your life emotional pain it was that you thought this is worse than physical pain any day and never felt that way before I say I've been I've had that Harvey not any and I have had times in my life where something emotional and have an insulting letter I would rather I would rather be beaten and suffer when I'm suffering emotionally right there felt something like that any man disagrees a guy feels that way that I felt that way when Jesus went through a suffering that was great yes that is visible pain was intense a single it works is that it would actually peer since through their wrist because of your prayers and good hands as it is written through with a consider the risks are enhanced as a fierce throw off the team nails into their infant arrest and the name appears both the one through the author all the way and they would have to live themselves up helping themselves breathe as they run across it was excruciating network actually comes from the Latin asked Khrushchev or out of the cross as they were suffering this intense pain Jesus is dying in the Bible said not the blood dripping down his hands are down this warhead from the Chronicle is not bad guilty but the Bible actually teaches that Jesus suffered a broken hearts for our shame Jesus gave all for Ross Jesus died or loss I want to think about this with me my friends if you have your Bibles to Renaissance chapter twenty two this is another promising help keep in mind as we look at Psalms twenty two that in Isaiah chapter fifty three Isaiah chapter fifty three is an outward perspective it's even a little of the Messiah suffering frostings it it's like looking in you get to get a window into the experience of the Messiah meaning you can see it from outward experience with Psalms chapter twenty two is is the inward experience that Jesus was suffering neck deep in my back in Bible times this was not call Psalm twenty two it was one of the Psalms with the Psalms litigators were not numbered like they are today so it was basically the way that it would help someone know what what song you're trying to would mean you would quote the first line we do that with software songs today I sometimes we think if I sang amazing Grace you think what how sweet the sound jingle writing throughout you are signing you can start rolling with insult or a working Jewish person if they wanted to say okay and left the old where the Lord is my gap is any sense some point in the Lord is my shepherd of the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want insulting if we can imagine this on as his Psalms twenty two it begins with these words my God my God why hast thou why for Satan hears Jesus hanging on the cross and using because you're minimizing these hanging on the cross and is there dying he's feeling of separation and never had before for the first time he can't see the love of his father space agency and acceptance of his heavenly father any suffering being separated and he cries up my God my God why hast thou mistakingly like he was saying open your Bibles song open your Bible to Psalm twenty two imagine if they were on notice what the prophecy says here notice when we report on imagination okay my God why hast out for seeking me and they start going through the song why art thou so far from helping me and from the words of my roaring of Jesus 's suffering here this song is the internal struggle that Jesus was going to verse two on my car I cry in the daytime but you hear not spending the night season and not silence you are holy all of you that inhabit the praises of Israel so here he is not suffering because of his hardest final fundamentalists only to inhabit the praises of Israel Jesus overcame even in the midst of the darkness we could see the light of his father ever sometimes you are there we can't install dark around you that you can't even see the light of your Savior Jesus cried out funding still inhabit the praises of Israel I love you I trust you anyway but I cannot see your face Jesus here suffering so imagine if they would've paid attention it says in verse for our fathers trusted in you they trusted and you did deliver them they cried on human would deliberately trust in you and were not confounded in the notice what Jesus actually smoking him in glory will be trusted we love you retire you and he comes back to himself he says in verse six foot IME warm and no man in reproach of men and despise the people since Jesus 's suffering he thinks for their mocking and deriding him and noticed what they say as they scorn him the next verse tells us verse seven and being that seeming blasphemy to scorn the shoot out the live they shake their heads saying he trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him let him deliver him seeing he delighted see what would happen as as these men the Pharisees as the Sadducees the religious leaders if they want to thought when Jesus in essence an older Bibles on twenty two and immediately think about it we're seeing that they were actually holding the exact words of prophecy and was foretold here in Psalm twenty two we would've been there I'm recognizing human beings on fulfilling prophecy at this very moment Jesus assuring them this experience or rather he's going through this experience and notice what he says in verse sixteen this is what Dobbs has surrounded me meeting these men will become this evil is an easement is surrounding me the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me and in the prophecy says babies here is my why my hands and my feet here's my hands in my thesis is that the Jews did not use crucifixion as a form of capital punishment what a strange prophecy hundreds of years before the death of Christ and a hearing is hanging them on the prosthesis these men have surrounded me there cursing me there say what you don't just do not want to bring you down and he says he cares my hands and my feet and goes on to say first seventeen I tell all my glad to see all my bones they look and stare upon me a part my garments among them and cast lots upon my wife my session you get the picture this is Jesus personal testimony though David may have gone through a very similar situation it was not the same in the sense of a crucifixion this is a prophecy of the Messiah this is while I'm here while they crucified me while I'm hanging on the cross now they're casting lots for my clothing Jesus 's suffering all the musicians behind energy guys in our place he doesn't die him cross the dozen items from the suffering inflicted by nothing the torturous lives of the unborn the board of crowns upon his head Jesus dies of a broken with the weight of my scene in your scene hanging upon Jesus Jesus gave all for us you may have heard the old story about a young man by the name according to the story of one room where those old one classrooms are one room schools I should say back about the turn of the twentieth century and the story goes that this school is a school of absolute derelicts Rascals terrible children so that they couldn't indicate an even hired a new teacher and illness and this is a difficult school I mean crazy enough nobody mostly just can't make six months many of them labeling weeks we want to do what you can do whatever you can and you see this guy on this guy was standing in glasses and they nearly funny so the first day of school and enjoys getting everything ready the chalk for the blackboard and one of the students come they come wandering and finally they all get in there and they're lowering their raucous singer making all kinds of noise and an finally the teacher begins to write his name Mister Blackburn on the on the blackboard and as he does it one of the students takes a statewide watch the is the blackboard right near him and he sees in the distance right and he finally does Isaiah I'm a Mister Blackburn in our window lets you know I I discovered I've heard it said that you young people absolutely hate rules is that true yes or no and is a guy that we hate rose we had all these things instead is SL is of the you should want to do things a little differently we are going to this year I make angles for you your enemy 's one oh six yeah I decided I won him a message just a moment before hoping this out last week I will solicit I want you to make the rules are are you okay with making the rules if you make the rules we all made in the will itself a McDonald's and Italy began listing and missing one of them shot I don't consider people talking when I'm trying to select and what we need to do is if somebody thought we also thought if we give them their lives with a hickory switch and its agents are you serious and they said yes and they said okay he said all right all right on the board then looks with a great switch for talking out of turn this and that they go through each wanting to get to finally I want one assumes the class and I'm absolutely sick and tired of people steal my lunch so if using lakes with a hickory switch of the cost intensive fifteen links are you sure anything you are what we want and they finally they have all their list of rules and has if he is looking and dying never what enables the Sox but insulin and found that he said okay let me ask you question the digital room a visual that I recommend you and it certainly little reason for you you are and he said okay we start right now and if so and so as time begins to go on the first date these days you would've thought you were in a school of Angels it was amazing and so the next day it was going well the day after that then all of a sudden for the league I mean there has not been in this chapter turn in homework everything 's amazing what happens with the will we one of the students they are around he says how was lunchtime somebody stole my lunch and the reason I ID just everybody's announcing he wants it down in an energy development e-business place you want to send no not all teachers listen I found my lines but someone seeing how my sales look at it without Jesus and I guess you're right he's an alright no reason into leaving amazingly resilient anything more evident with me until one of you can fastest eight seconds sat there for a bit and was quietly notes tends to me feels uncomfortable there looking around and finally one of the smallest kids in the classroom a young kid by the name of Tim Timothy raises his teeth his hand and simultaneously lowers his head to drive and consistency in one stimulus you know about it or not is that all right everybody knows the role they seriously vinegary switch and he said that Tommy said Tom Brown you will find a hickory switch that can be just right so we can given the woods outside and so they all go out and Tom Ronni falsifies Caroli agrees with you but only everything is ready he says is there it is I think this one will be just right and so notes him comes out and is this a tree sump right there in the teacher said not to know the rules since he lives with a hickory switch and Tim I want to take your coat off the concerto I don't can always what is this red plaid coat school always nobody ever seen without this be any red ready not get home and black coat and so know Jesus teach cannot cannot meet my cold images and him didn't know the rules in figure take your car consulting cases is called off and he has this filthy white T-shirt underneath even Sally yes I know that when they can send it to you tremendously discern sentinel Tim you know the role of the rules are similar to the vagaries was nothing to show raw and sets him slowly begins to lose he pulls off his shirt and as the shirt comes off his back there are acts from every one of the boys there on they could be the story loud and clear they can see the bruises that had been calm that it come from and no good alcoholic father he was as skinny as a rail all his poems were shown and has a solid every one including integer their hearts just rocked and which is assessing wanted to ask why did you miss him and consent to joust assault on just so hungry time now the big strapping farm boy he begins years begin streaming down his cheek his cheeks he says teach kids listen to doing this I can forgive whatever letting go let it go in the tedious I'm sorry we can't let it go these are the rules these are the rules am sorry we have to do it is all right to put your hands down on the on the tree style and team begins to put his hands down and executives to raise his stake and as he does come down to the ground that it is always this figure don't know what is this supposed we have to there's no other option comps is okay will do it justice young Tom Brown fiscal pulls off his shirt with a strapping young back of a young farm boy and he reaches down he reaches his arms around younger him says all right teacher who can minister the punishment Jesus knew that we would not be able to handle the punishment that we would not come on up from the other side of death start the war in Jesus saying I have loved you with an ever lasting love I care for you I gave my life now is willing to get mighty eternal life if necessary I could see the memorials of the resume and Jesus says will you give your life for me Jesus coming against the Bible says that when the greatest authors Matthew twenty four fourteen which says and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world to witness and long nations eventually and this is the gospel is almost going to the world in the sense that we are years away from the gospel being printed in every known language from the Woodcliff Association they are printing the gospel in every known language we are many up timers actually a reality of the gospel can go to the entire planet Jesus saying I can offer you will you give your life at least on I think someone who Jesus is even offer us he loved us with the love was stronger than death father I pray that you would draw us near the medium hearts our hearts leads father I pray also that we may define a friend in history who knows these things been different it doesn't know these things I mentioned that we would bring them out of analyzing the transform is like our Savior was faithful to me the name of Jesus this media with Rod audio errors in website dedicated to the gods were reading sermon audio and much more to find out more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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