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The Faith of Jesus

Benjamin Ng



  • December 26, 2013
    7:45 PM


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our father in heaven Lord we are here at the end of quite a long day for most of us our bodies outside and we agree on minds of being cleansed and raising the way that you would lease once again pour out your spirits up on this on this that you might you be able to this being directly to what bolts enough feelings of the seat annoyed we have done all that we can to shut out the world you please loan gracelessly by presence we pray in Jesus name and I want to continue actually last night from where we began and I don't think we quite finished as we looked in Revelation chapter fourteen of us twelve the Bible says here is the Asians on the same here are they that keep the commons of God and one that raised up Jesus and then we went over the Romans chapters at me then what that bus says I like to invite you to the opening of Bibles back to Romans chapter ten and plus seventeen again Romans chapter ten and bus seventeen as will looking at this topic all they where does faith begin the biology of Romans chapter ten verse seventeen says so then faith cometh by what she arraigned and hearing by the Florida all gone so I can almost guarantee you at this moment that just as I that I read the Bible you are increasing in one eight because you just love the word of God so this is the beginning point of our faith and that is clearly saying them something comes by hearing and when we shadow of God so how does something supernatural to walk forth that our feelings and our faith is increasing now I want you to come with me to a parable is evening will spend most of our time it is found in Luke chapter eight link chapter eight when hearing is not enough when what he arraigned is not enough friends I want to present to you this evening the Romans ten seventeen gives us of beginning points where we can begin our journey of faith but if you are still at the points of just showing the will of God then this horrible is for you Luke chapter eight and I want to begin in verse five maybe it is a powerful lettuce Familia to most of you with all of you but plus five begins by saying a sower went out to sow his seed and as he sowed some fell by the wayside and it was trodden down of the files of the error devoured its and some fell upon a rock and as soon as it was sprung up it will let away because it lacks moisture plus seven and some fell among thorns and the thorns sprang up with it and what chuckled the sayings and other foul on good ground and sprang up and best foods unclog invisible so here my friends is a parable only call the floor around us before we wrap and here the seller goes out and he just got as his seed why are anywhere and everywhere without a thought to where the seed Woodland and sure enough it fell on full types of ground of us was what old the first was a wayside the second Rocky on stony ground floor full of flaws and the fall on good ground if you jump in the Downs of us eleven as we jump straight in students of rotation the Bible says that Jesus said the problem was this was seen as Watts the word of God so the seller goes out to sell and he is scattering the seed far and wide as all good Christians should do as Jesus Christ has done amen amen thank you and he has thrown out that Steve is generally thought that everybody and then it says in verse twelve those by the wayside are they that they what you want of a hearing so if you hear the one of God what is happening out somebody is following your fate is what growing is increasing because Romans ten seventeenths as they comes by hearing and hearing by the one of the social it says that the runaway Sunday here is the means of associating as they on the rock are they which when they hear now friends what do these foregrounds represents where do you hear the word of God and the judge anywhere else the placeholders law in CA would order to judge right only hold this conference a youth conference even though were all young so you come from on young people in math and come for those that are only young in arts but didn't really share the word of God in the nightclub just don't know the yellow light of God in the movie theater just enough that you hear the light of God in the lives in the shopping centers so where New Zealand got normally in the judge 's of friends what do these foreground represents Christian tonight I want to make the application if you will allow me to that tonight the foregrounds represent those people that are sitting and standing and was not an Seo if you agree policing and okay I'm glad you didn't agree but in plus twelve it says those that are by the way side of the that he and then the devil and taketh away the word out of their hearts lest they should believe and be saved that is quite a graphic representation don't you think how is the devil able to take the word of God all of your files and enables the region and is the autonomous and figured out is he able to literally do that yes I know obviously not so let's get a deeper understanding of what this means please come with me to Matthew chapter thirteen amazingly you will find this parable in all four Gospels and Matthew thirteen gives us a number of prospective of what it means when the devil reaches into a bustling arts and face the word of God out of the hearts of us nineteen on Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew thirteen plus nineteen the Bible says when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and understand if thoughts then slowly could one and catches away that which was sown in his arms this is he which received seed by the wayside which is exactly the ground we were just looking at the friends how is the devil able to regions with less than five and hold that would've gone out what is the problem that it was nineteen on Matthew thirteen says when he won here is that but doesn't want understand you understandably saying them some of you sound like the wayside the Bible says that when we don't understand the devil is able to reasons with Muslims are of God 's now there are a few reasons for under sending on the economy not understanding no one the blame is on the fringe of ice cream ice cream ice cream and you don't understand what I'm talking about the one it is my accidents and until I'm speaking to foster an authority you just don't get what I'm talking about are you with me I told you some of you sound like the wayside because it sounds like only thirty percent of you understand what I'm saying but that will reason could be that the preacher could be a false and that is why you don't understand another through reason as you might just come to charge all the conference I do playing on your Facebook giveaway items which are all whatever you like all you fall asleep and when the present makes an appeal will obtain this article to get out an eagle homesites and you will and somewhere between here and your home the Dell reaches into your heart and he pulls the word got out because you don't understand but in Matthew chapter thirteen it gives us another reason why people do not understand the word of God when the human please come back from each of us fifteen Matthew chapter thirteen adverse fifteen the Bible says for this people 's heart is waxed gross and it years out of doll of hearing and there are days that have closed lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with it you as I said I was and when you are and should be one cause of the accident and I should heal friends there is a good reason why many do not understand and as a result the devil is in the regions you are and pull out the word of God that is the reach it is because you want not convert friends what does it mean to be converts allow me to give you a very simple illustration AIDS Juliet you are my enemies I seasonal my RAI you friends razor and my brothers Malaysian durian is not the same type a man and I know you're only the lonely Google needs of convert you to Longoria you have placed so if you are not converted on your behalf is because you tried it and you don't license you with me like the truth equation it is not is the truth but please listen carefully because if you know what the truth is you've tasted all the goodness of God and eats away from that which is good like doing and you are on convert you please and please a man in many people do not understand what the blood of God says is because they already know what it says once doing not going the meeting example some maybe all I said the priest about last night we know that's uncommon for the Bible says in Romans have they to keep it holy and once in a while as a passenger twenty one was talking about this this morning once in a while music genre but it was a lot of them he brings up at one three three one seven seven shortly and you come to church and his servant shows you play the shadow you pray you delete on you say happy Sabbath everybody but you never grow you come to judging the lessons of the settlement and you don't understand it why it may be because you know what the truth is that you want that is clear policing now you're a menace client but this could be the most reason and probably the main reason why many Christians do not understand the word of God and the devil comes and take that seed which has not taken any rooms in the arts because the president understand it anything that see snatches away and the four state of the man is same as the last states and brothers and sisters I hope that you have come this week and to expect a change that means you need to confess your sins that means you need to change the human living and getting to start applying would've gone to your life and Luke chapter eight and verse thirteen we looked at the wayside they hear the wood of God and the devil comes and takes the word of God outside of their hearts plus thirteen day on the rock of the which when these she here while the unit was gone immediately of God what's happening your faith is increasing so these are they when they see the light of God they received the one with lots joy my brothers and sisters as well as adult pain that allowed us a better while people are catching all of you tonight when they received the word with joy the other ones that want to try to save him from fellow servant is going to be sent with the message which is ninety nine percent of the people but this one present he comes on you after all wonderful letters and phone are common with you he receives the word with joy and these have no roots which for a while you'll believe and in time of temptation fall away what makes them all the way because temptation comes off the Sabbath the message they go home and now face sensations and strongholds and people just what they learned in the following wine list go back to Matthew so if you haven't already figured yet please keep a thing and Matthew Matthew chapter that seen and lust twenty but he that received seed into stony places the same as unit here in the blood and anon with joy received with bits yet has to you not roads in himself but for a while full infibulation or persecution arises because of the blood by and by he is one defendant drawn I was so willing to accept it how could you let us regulation and final come into my life these people do not understand will of God my brothers and sisters if you are expecting a smooth and happy and joyful Christian ride on steel exec teases you a very wrong at a few of the capitalists a list for this one if you have a happy and joyful as smooth Christian life it is mainly because you are already the you understand that the same old leave and let because files come upon everybody gets but Satan has special temptations and special trials for those who love God why because he hates the fact that you love God with all your you on this special object of his wrath do you my friends Sunday you will go home and back to normal life after Sunday if you go back the same life and even letting the more you but I hope to go back to thank you why you need to ask for trials in these ex back simulation another was that he was shouting here are now friends will build you up on a solid platform of truth but you can stand even though the files what is the purpose of trials the Uno please come with me to James chapter one James chapter one and verse two and three was the focus on the special trials my brother and house it all joy when you fall into divers temptations and rejoice when you face the temptations and is heavy it is difficult that is true but it is the only way he can rejoice is an bus three knowing this that the trying of your Facebook of what I do Revelation fourteen twelve the model says shuts of the things the faith of Jesus has been greatly reduced and that may cause a positive range trial and as a result and what patients friends comfortable doing when you fall into divers temptations we voted the wrong way count it all joy when people are gossiping about you will you have a problem was not aware of count it all joy when you don't know whether you have enough money to pay your bills and you still get a men count them all join us of a friend is trying to describe how little toy when you fall into divers Luke chapter eights and was sporting my friends remember this is referring to the people that are in the church but in the world plus fourteen and that which fell among thorns are very rich when they have a unwise phone wireless the word of God they go off and on children's with cares and riches and flashes on this one and bring no fruit to perfection this group of people isn't caught early found in the young working adults why do I say this for those that are beginning families are just newly married for about the get married although their incoming University berries why because when you come out any saga like you have lots of care bills to pay loans to pay off right not only as means characters and lots which has all of a sudden you me what you really thought five years before he got a promotion and a longing for and you have yourself all of a sudden you have a lot of money and when you been working hard and hotter and hotter until you as you have always licensed hotly shall originate and service incident front reliving a day and age where it is necessary to own smartphone you know how expensive they are my mom used of hostile when she and Tobias running shoes the three hundred ringgit smartphones allowing eighteen hundred ringgit how can you afford which parents or maybe it was really hard for these riches maybe even onto those that fell among the phonograph which holds the care the riches and the pleasures of this life and friends I don't stand here I don't address one of the my family and I removed back to Malaysia with abundant for this country but one thing it has made me do is relook at everything I own and you know I have a lot of stuff lots of stuff and when I read this prophecy I felt worldwide one of the fuzzy visions she talked about this in our own way that the Saints were walking treatment for what he describes you when they spotted out they had wagged also I is the wrong gotten our love is that okay magazine having they may result off the things that were in the wagon and a blood-alcohol and they will next the loss and then the road gotten our old one and as they were going by the way it was no longer suit brought in the animal whistle stop Basil the things on the animal and was a little and before they walked down that road gotten our love until they had to get rid of those unwanted and within the chocolate but I got medical laws on films of the point is that you know what human options are too dangerous to walk friends as people of God 's children and I say this to myself to you we have to learn to live with less and then simple like yet somehow I find that the longer I live the mold linens and things I have that Mimi denounces friends of this ground is especially talking to me lastly but that's on the good ground of assisting all day which is an honest and good hearts having heard the words do what you want to and bring full fruits with what patient friends the difference between this ground and the other three as they kept it was not enough it is not enough just to hear what it will only take you so far you have simply enter a while doesn't mean in relation to the face of Jesus what sort of Troy Hills what was the rates is true I know that Jesus went through that trust that this thing it began a few short hours before he was whose you'll reinvest in all four Gospels where Jesus he was in the Garden of Gethsemane ADLs on a rock and he said my father in an impossible I want you to please take this a week into his human soul is simple father I do not want to die for these people do not it is human activity he cried out to God thing blog is please click this cup away from but then he said nevertheless not as I will but is now and there he was strengthened to drink the call today to be able to die for you and me on Calvary friends what does it mean to have the faith of Jesus what does it mean to live by his faith is a God does not expect us to die for our sins today in oh come on usually one joyful and that one can't does not expect us to die for our own citizen amen all that cross long long ago but the Bible skills are the new colonies in Matthew chapter sixteen Matthew chapter sixteen and plus twenty four the Bible still says list Matthew sixteen and first twenty four then Jesus said unto his disciples if any man will come up to me let him deny himself take up his cross not Jesus Jesus crosses too heavy for us the Bentley we each have a cross to carry take up his cross and follow me friends what does the cross that Jesus is called the parents of in Galatians two twenty two models is what for I am one crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but it will Christ now lives in me that the length of three crucified with Christ is still allowed Jesus to live in and through us by the way that Christ and live in us is what I must dwell in because it is not very wide that Ephesians chapter six and was seventeen please send me Ephesians chapter six and verse seventeen speaking about the honor of God it says and take the salt of the spirit which is one of gone reselling I can tell ourselves are really bad as you can let it all is the Bible and then the pain that can help us to carry the cross and Jesus living in and through Ephesians six seventeen this is the way that we can kill our old set this is the only way that we are able to keep political and subdue it even please call me to Romans chapter six Romanists chapter and starting in verse three no he novels that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death therefore we help bearing with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in one the newness of life that are not found in transformation of life in a that Jesus Christ is living through you for it we have been planted together in the likeness of his death we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection knowing this that our old man is crucified within the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin for he that is that it is free from want sin is the very thing that we talked about friends in order to have the all Jesus we must be buried within a baptism yes but when we come a lot about the little pool we can rely walking in units online and when you're walking like Jesus you are not committing one for heaven experiments yet to do if you're baptized we spent a lot is not an appeal the way it are baptized please stand up at this moment about those of us in no but it is never send since you been baptized please space that a cameraman had the majority set out with one of the youngest that I used telling me that I should be sitting but on spending of the felony level of us have sinned since we met the Bible here says that when we are baptized we tell our old man and he's just a downright amazing that everyone says it has somehow angry single one of us myself included we have Olson since we met what's the problem we have only two options under the Bible is lying over something wrong with our experience right there's only two options we had undergone what you said is not possible if we may baptize us possible Nelson or the something a lot of leaving most and is in the bottom line but responses on his is probably something wrong with our experience in event and just want to make sure that you don't believe in the Bible but what's wrong you the first John chapter three verse eight West John chapter three verse eight I think this would this was spelled out very clearly at a certain time will be studying this evening the Bible says underneath that I save us eighth Imus plus nine whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin for it is the roommate is in and he cannot sin because he is born of God get on the Bible says that if you are born of God it is an active cost of ability to send if you are born of God you are not certain in as possible just stop sending them out for the Bible here says that we have to be born of God which is another little baptism but he is violent in the next parts where it says for his seed Romania and my friends and according to litigate one of the news the one hundred gone easy price it is possible since she would've gone if you are not spending time and what I did is impossible since shell that all matter of sin if you're not using the sword of the screen which is the word of God you have been hearing the word of God throughout the state in the morning devotion in our seminars and this evening as well but my friends have you spent time closely with Jesus Missy sorry have you spent time with Jesus today do you know him close because if you haven't killed the old medicine this morning in your morning devotions conferences seminars like this is not at all just that you will because you can be like the first ground of the second round of the Jew know what it is not too late you can go back to your rooms this evening put away the things that are not important like socializing with your friend and on Facebook and on and over the phone but you can spend time in something that really his name is Jesus and he loves you lost soul cease from gold with that sin the so many years ago she slept great frosts on blonde just when you and I see Holland on crocs with nails used to does and is while people walked by and monetary Jesus are okay fully knowing on what they do not the low are you willing to give some time to your Savior by forty five minutes is but are you willing to gives some of your time via Ilsley via your social time whenever that time is a you willing to give message is all systems come and share a song I have an appeal but as a single these words I praise of these words were distinctive deep into your heart that is part of the words of this song that you would be thinking about that same ball that's shameful cross so long ago why friends do you love Jesus I don't knows is that you are paying but I know I've been a part of the yes yet he gives me my knowledge to be able to speak to people just like a sinner in need of friends theologians if you love these laws on osseous and to stand my question is this how much do you how much you will a you thought of playing games are you tired of playing with this world is there something in your life that needs to change tonight but he realized that every time you go back to your own scarring and knowledge of the room and secret places of you are you crucify again to some friends brothers and sisters how much do you love Jesus do you love him enough to stop breaking the long enough to stop playing with all these games on the phones and tablets that you know is an invention office the devil you love them enough to save on everything I have if you and maybe some someone out there this evening is that it doesn't void there was some part of my heart but I have not given to you because I like to because it feels good because they just need to lash out and I like when I get stressed out the Lord tonight I realize something something friends is that something in your life that you know needs to change the own eyes you come for because I want to have a special prayer the reason why I'm coming forward as I stand here just like you to come forward you may shut some nights you go home and you apply these changes come to overcome it because friends it's not enough to hear the word of God you must keep it you must apply the others you must make it real in your life you know you need to change and friends it's not too late comment is there any body else walking forward it is uncomfortable but it takes a strong decision yet Jesus decided for us even stronger when he was kneeling in the government gets is there anybody save on untied playing game of tired of fooling around with this world tonight I want to give you my heart one hundred and he sends me every thing long everything taken I know I need to change is there anybody else you come forward now and you tell the law itself the spring father in heaven God of necessity and gone of grace lawn thank you thank you for being so patient with us even though we run away from you yet you are still standing here tonight with your comments stretched out why my son Mike Dalton gives me a hard father there are some here this evening has come forward lost somewhere amongst all the things I said to Holy Spirit has thoughts that are in the higher loan of a life that they been living tonight they have come forward because they want to make a change in their life Lord help them give them the strength to carry through with this conviction law that I pray that it is more than just a feeling that truly the Spirit has convicted me know what I know as there always are there is somebody out there that is wavering on a decision whether they should choose you choose the world Lord I pray that you would draw close to discuss and write show them that there something so father I pray that you would live in us this evening the usual close-up to us that father would truly be complicit in your word it can be written in a hot please Lord be with all of us here this evening as we walked out those folks police help us not to forget our decision this evening thank you we pray in Jesus name amen God bless you God bless you my brothers and sisters every run with this position that we've made that the decision would not be one that would go into the record books so try and put all run retry and that we had a victory amen this media was brought by audio person or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I like to know more about our universe is more certain than please visit www. audio tours .org


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