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Righteousness by Faith, from Gardening

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute


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you will assume was the wrong route home Friday shoppers turn pleased to twelve chapter twenty verse beginning sold thankful for the large and I'm so glad that the Lord arranged to have four different men write the life of Jesus was meeting rooms are part of the Bible life of Jesus so much these links progress polls so much as a record of what Jesus said his name is called the Word of God 's gods that made audible came into this world to share God 's thinking where God will listen to what he says to understand God 's goals who could both chapter verses twenty five to twenty nine which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one to get boys and girls to think anon how anybody can gather footgear I know he then being unable to do that thing which is least by taking thought for the rest consider the lilies how they grow now the reason I'm studying this tonight is the loser blue power enjoyment that adults in the crocus came Sunday's goal and one after another the spring flowers are delighting us with their pregnancy there in the Jesus says consider the remedies how they grow think about look at and observe the Medicaid learn a lesson consider the lilies how they grow they toil not to spin off yet I say unto you that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these if then God so close with routes which is within the field and tomorrow is cast in the oven not much more week you will be in the summer going to start tonight he was not so much when the physical moving dresses suits will shirts and trousers shoes everywhere but rather tonight were going to think of special layabout spiritual development and that this is connected with the lessons home amenities guard we were criminalizing of the sixty first chapter version is ten and eleven this is a wonderful text for every card I hope you all are guidelines not yet gotten into the joy of it I will be with Jesus put our first sergeants in the garden and all movies six thousand years he's been drawing will undergo less than the growing of fruits and vegetables and flowers trees now keep in mind were looking at the relationship between clothing and garden in the spiritual experience Isaiah sixty one ten eleven will greatly rejoice in the long minds souls shall be joyful in mind all glory he had told me with the garments of salvation he had covered me with the rulebook righteous but the room righteousness as a bridegroom Deckard himself with ornaments and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels for the earth bring forth her book and as the guard cause of the things that are sorely needed to screen for so long God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nation wanted the program giving his righteousness how can you see illustration five garment the phone also recovers us need eleven burgers he illustrated by referring to guard each of these illustrations that a certain lessons for us we want to know to some of them tonight now suppose springtime and I'm anxious for a craw to the right issues your character letters memos or whatever suppose I get out of here tonight struck the ground and already then I this evening and minute on right the thought comes to me that if I pray all night perhaps I could get a crop tomorrow let me ask you something Bernard cause seed was sown today during therefrom tomorrow could be due to what would we call in their new remember a man once it had a raw input again one day anyone to be validated not only had no invited already gone wrong and was that error that was a lot miracle don't you recently could mature Christian character like that why do you wish that's what I want a steady review little bit about cars and puzzles page two hundred eighty four I read Christ himself calls our attention to the growth of the vegetable world as an illustration of the agency abuse this is spiritual growth star over Ryan is sending from the root is diffused to the branches sustaining role in producing blossoms and through right yet this would be picking grapes putting the brakes on what's going to be happening between now and then all the sample becoming move the spreading out its roots in the ground drinking in the water sucking up the nourishment leaves will come out they were burying in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the Sons sunshine will work upon those green beans and hundreds influence economic law revealed that carbon dioxide from the Arun that water the roots will be changed into sugar great sugar run on process is going to take every day from now till August to do it in the rinds of already been pointed for the sap of Levine is sending from the rupees get used to the branches sustaining growth and producing producing blossoms and from Saul Bellow life giving power Oklahomans proceeding from the Savior pervades the soul renews the motives and affection brings even the follow-up single vegans to the will of God New Haven the receiver to bear the crashes through Google maintains the author of his spiritual life these unseen then we see God working out here living now is a work we see God working in human arms how is he working there author of the spiritual life is on the scene and the exact minute by which that life is imparted and sustained is beyond the power of human philosophy to explain so when somebody's got it all explained by the psychology of my philosophy or theology or any other word usually doesn't have the right answer because it's beyond doubt the operations of the Spirit are always in harmony with the written word as in the natural soul in the spiritual world wondering that short sentence again that I want three repeatedly as in the natural soul in the spiritual world together as in the natural so in the spiritual world how are things in the spiritual ads in the natural and unnatural life is preserved moment by moment by divine power yet it is not sustained by the direct miracle then listen carefully wise to this question are there manifestations of the power of God that are not miracles hi to all those of you weren't quite sure some of the reading again it has in the natural soul in the spiritual financial life is preserved in Moreland my moment by divine power yet it is not sustained by a direct mirror client is living in growing day by day childhood living in growing day by day but not by what not by directly or when Jesus turned the will use all learn a few minutes but was in direct miracle we took five men bought in those and multiplied them by his word need ten thousand people that was a direct miracle but when he grows grain on a hillside using the sunshine in the rain and you and I cooperating with him and him and the soft that's not a direct their knowledge me hasten to say friends it's just as much the power of God one with the other just as Jesus just as much of the power of God grew grapes take months to do it as it did for Jesus turned water into wine I like that just as much the power worldwide as he straightened up now there are several reasons one is through you and I'll have a chance to do something besides is watching orange you glad he gives is a part I'm glad we can till the soil cut out the weeds whom Levine take care of the garden aren't you won't think of the joy we get the help we get the life we get the Fellowship leisure as the natural soul in the spiritual world the natural life is preserved moment by moment by divine power yet it is not sustained by directing your mother through the use of blessings placed within our reach why do we sit at the table in the folders where it's within our range when we don't get a single cow rated by looking at a piece of bread for hearing lectures about is the bread that I take putting my mountains to an swallow that's in line with the gruesome amino acids in the starch and protein out of the right she slowly lose spiritual life is sustained by the use of those means that Providence has supplied my point is this no matter how much we are auditing have no way of appropriating enough food in twenty four hours the last is the will matter how much fertilizer or water we put on the garden is no way that given enough so that we can just forget it takes care of itself from there on out neither is there any way then we can put in a full available run out of work or material on a garden so that miraculously things happen overnight and yet this is exactly what multitudes of people are looking for religious this is why there is such a response to these fanatical extreme excitable movements that are occupying the center of the city many religious circles today Pentecostal movements and the fringe movements that go along with the team to be emotions and excitement people also think that packs them to our five children from then on have nothing to do nothing to worry about everything is also back there sometime maybe lastly many are about ten years ago something touched me that's why I know now known as understanding friends there is the experience of being born again is being converted that's like the birth of the child or the germination of see what Jerusalem tonight has not grown and continues all cornerstones no room to see still grow in educational growth but live Christians must grow just as gardens grow they must grow gradually gave five day under the influence of the Holy Spirit here you remain with God to provide Christian service page two hundred twenty eight God does not generally work miracles to advances to the hospital and neglects to cultivate the soil God works no miracle to counteract insureds up even nicer this reverently even if I go to prayer meeting and pray our friends to unite with me none of that takes the place of my getting a Horn cutting the weeds that are prayer is not a substitute for action were to cooperate with God God does not generally work miracles to advance is true if the husbandman neglects to cultivate the soil God works no miracle to counteract initial results he works according to create principles made known tools so isotopic causes the seed grow right now we couldn't grow roses are strong words for turnip greens Marcel we can do it without God and God doesn't do it without us that right he works regarding grade principles made known draws images are part to mature wise lens and seven operation the means whereby God shall bring about some will turn over to the appraisal of James here's another lesson from the growing threat of chapter health syllabus here tonight again garden already this year and the lessons were being illustrated by the experience we've had an alcohol of those will be doing some gardening in the coming weeks these lessons were studying from the Bible tonight will help us in our gardening and gardening will repeat the lessons James five versus seven eight the patient therefore brethren unbecoming of them are the all the husband and waited for the precious fruit of the year and have long creations for the delay receive their early and latter rain what's the husbandman what does that mean the farmer the God one who looks after the crop know what is the husbandman who wins this data anyway now we all know he does things Riley 's waiting doneness and down there under a tree across the crops standing there when he has prepared the soil and put in the sea then he has to hop has away by you may cultivate and again he has the raw way that finally has to wait is this person is for rain some days ago or any of your praying for rain at the Pentagon where more of the husband and weekend for the precious fruit of the year him among patients for whom can we receive the early and N B also patient establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord brought not that's August old friend the fault that I pray that God may make very real and prices Tuesday night in the day has promised to give us a crop in our character building he wants us to have such trust in him when we will patiently wait working of the Spirit in our hearts will but we wanted right now would like to feel like Jesus and act like Jesus and be like Jesus all in a moment patent infringement insurance at all in one God counted that way that's righteousness by faith but the actual development is like a living like the apple tree like the flowers like approved as the garden bringing for the Frasers groups notable percentage of five page eighty four when you have a statement of great significance on this the prophets and apostles is not perfect Christian character by Amir Duggan a perfect Christian character apparently that's what they said when he tells us how they didn't do it how many do it by mere what you say did they do it by themselves on the phone but God didn't suddenly one day slow down on Elijah Ron Moses Ron Peter Ron Paul from that will will conflict the wrong settled they were instantly sank to the pending the prophets and apostles is not perfect Christian character by merit the use of the means which God had placed within their reach them all or part for the same effort will secure the same results all that's it tremendous power Rall will put forth the same effort will secure the same result cannot have what I like you got Jacob Daniel Peter cannot does the file server so I was putting the sea he probably pray and work with God I can have a garden you ever hear about people that have a green thumb that the people that have a green thumb that he was not only the thumb at all in others don't and should therefore there is not some magic then all will put forth his same inadvertent secure the same results aren't you glad for you say that with you all will output for the same effort will secure the same result thank God it worked for us it will follow the recipe who follow the directions and remember that means to have patience in Chico Greg study putting forth the effort to live the Christian life prayer is the breath of the soul in the word of God we receive the nourishment for our spiritual life word of God is light seated we put in regard so when Sonia God 's word and prayer we are doing this means the news online making crop grown make our spiritual life grow this is the way that we are to develop in the things of God no little compilation called revival and beyond me how this interesting little statement from the scourge of property taken from an old signs of the times article states fifty seven of this little book and explain something that I think will help someone here tonight no one who claims holiness is really only no one who claims holding this is really holding those who are registered as whole way in the books of heaven are not aware of the fact you are the last ones to boast of their own goods so when Jesus in the sanctuary abroad the records had been says he'd had his till they let him be filthy still and he that is righteous let him be righteous no as needed is only that he was the only studio will the Saints down here in this world is saying I was sanctified I won't I have arrive no now this is the paradox of no one who claims holiness is really only those who are registered as holy and of those who have been on not aware of the fact and are the last ones to boast of their own good now do what it is whose so even with Daniel Paul and John that are mentioned here on this page three outstanding scenes in the Bible it must be true of you and me don't you think so in the you looking in your journey and we know that we don't not be able to say we have arrived God in heaven right now we don't see then listen should I make any effort right now to see that I have arrived into find satisfaction in my own home in a shed out why no that would be disappointed that will that will lead me needed to make false claims or else to get discouraged the more closely they resemble crimes the more they let men their unlike stewing for their consciences are sensitive in the regard seen more as God regards their hearts are humbled under a sense of their own onward just think of dining rooms experience where the ninth and tenth chapters of this book how he humbled himself and confess to sinful condition the sins of these people only angel persons are in Christ the son of God remember tenth chapter probably left without strength under a sense of his own weakness and unworthiness and yet the Angels and the angle you're a man greatly beloved and had all corrections tonight and let us settle this in our hearts as we look at the flowers growing on the inside this will stir the soil and plant the seeds and encounter as we look out for our own pockets for help and string let us learn the price is less than just as God is growing things in the garden as we cooperate closely strengthening our health and cause children to grow will remain whose share where losing Donegal in the second alternative drive by growth continues in the garden in the human soul in the spiritual life God is considered the movies of the field are all very cool no one of my favorite pics on Ms. 's Philippians the first chapter six verse many of you know what when it fits in our life here is likely to make one but it was mental but is it really depends of course chapter six verse means confident of this very thing that he which had begun a good working you will perform at the margins as you walk finish it until the day of Jesus Christ the husbandman who puts out the middle greater lines expects one day to pick the fruit needed praise God cheese 's expects to take the fruit in our lives our righteous character working with you who do not see the purple grapes today but still keep taking care of the vineyard and asking God for the sunshine and rain shoveling knowing that he would have begun a good working hours were finished Hebrews the twelfth chapter versus wanting to wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a crowd of witnesses that is lay aside every weight and the sandwich down so easily beset us and let us wrong we finished in patients noted me to quit running you mean this season with their patients doesn't rain as we sometimes then let go and let God doesn't need is very well I tried and I tried but I found out I couldn't do anything so I just turned everything over to God please don't try that on your garden is known by the ongoing you have tried in a poor human weighing your spiritual experience it hasn't worked don't run to the other extreme and say I'm absolutely good on regarding the no-no is in the garden has in the care of our physical health some of the spiritual was going the wrong were going to do all we can would were going to do it with hot with patient looking on e.g. the author and finisher of voluntary blood is often the he began in finish aiming he's going to complete each seizes all the way through but were working with the UK hood regarding the wrongdoing without and what it would withdraw patient this usually means waiting but it doesn't mean just sleeping while we would wear to do everything we can to accomplish the result but no matter how hard we work no matter how earnestly we pray we can make strawberries bloom and get the men he had read and write on a 24-hour no matter who you have a prayer meeting and crayons you won't regret no misunderstanding or areas of lesson in our spiritual not all the praying you were will whose Christian turn twenty four hours is what I'm going to therefore we must have the stage that keeps is doing made by me that which God has outlined where I'm so thankful that he gives in so many illustrations in the world of nature he teaches how to cooperate with what you sent all right we're going to have in praise of the snow those who would like to speak to the glory of our God can come up with Raven put God and praising God in your new set of the want to praise the Lord is seating for the work he's doing in my life and even know what time and some dogs that get into the garden of my soul I know that Jesus wrong with my cooperation chase those dogs right out and then he will go right on and in my garden and killing the soul the soil of my soul until the precious fruit is gathered in return and want to know why he got to increase the recitation that you need to do contingency need and learns a uncomfortable humanist I'm sure the Yahoo are gone only I can share in two thousand goodies you are working with existing seasonal alias to create a Council meeting was meeting last night and she said he came on jurisdiction is not Chinese restaurant serving Ankara could enjoy anything with your favorite treats were to go to hold you as you will will will will be more grown in direct not a single enemy came at last he is a start in earnest to stay in the Jesus movement is to eat working as in the current relationship she just thought you are seeking employment as are used in an emergency can make myself this week this is going process and we had a rigid service tonight on this subject in I had a real struggle for twenty seven p.m. and we've been starting about praying for others of the Lord 's prayer this is gross solicit we should praise him first and then create opportunity and we should grant our trials and we shouldn't write about our necessities first we should pray about the kingdom we should grant vessels which may not match his income in others and in us and I had a real good and I've been a real burden for our spiritual growth and I said I really need to train games and grace because my hardest and what you progress of the officers and struggles weight when it was burglarized to just not right I myself appraising for a little while first in prayer and then print out my wife and print out whether such improvement when children ask me about my church and print out my name is Mike I got myself I wasn't ensuring me that much but I was he is soliciting union Metatron time comes when you don't have any work to do when you don't need to mull you wanted a nuclear war in your you checks about you you just have to sit and watch that you were not really blessed me and said you got everything in your garden in prison with something else is not this past week I was able to shut QC and the Lord showed me a lot about myself must know how much I needed him in so some place given the problems that perform the work he started to launch in the loneliness to just waste your performing force even though many times we fight against them hoping to surround to the point of suing and taking her tonight I'm thinking myself to some green pieces through and I'm so thankful that I don't have to follow the tree by now indeed not by some something else that I can continue to hang on their on David Jesus from nursing more markings were the blessings and I have these sweeter and more delicious and more beautiful and I throw in order to both go all expectations and I mean I want to cooperate with caseworker going through I appreciate the wonderful lessons from the garden we only blended peas anonymous similar reason and so I asked Donna Huckabee did invent them Sizzlin has been coming from but I think I know some was the wrong burns out there you know how to talk around the burns on the amount and types of cheese bunnies need in this product numbers on upstarts and see her lesson yesterday we had a very interesting experience in getting her oversaw the assortment boxes my brother actually struck and I got stuck and had it what you look like early start so I wanted religion news only looked at all only human we surrender ourselves it looks like were really stuck so we got the shovels out and remember around the wheels we did all we could on our part that I got inside my parade and my children were praying interacting right now I know the Angels have pointed out but I don't think all the spending in the world of government shutdown I got out there not that shovel and dug around the stuff underneath and around his is a link between the home we believe that angels have percent took out religious in multipurpose now some of the work of cooperation hurts hurts a candidate based on a farm animal rights that I hate that I see my see you grow it really is a tricky something tonight that guesswork from your use of the following under Chillicothe with the outcome now and always enjoyed them so beautiful and experience that the screen is still attending the answer bank representative prayer and study works are in the sort of writer I appreciate someone's trying to do things instantly he will require doing such a great conference to Dean I was cooperating with God through our heart he arouses merger Microsoft sharing with you I do not get to sonnet ten and the growth of the trailer next regular continent to get some lady said try not to get stuck behind Jack's and irreverence and then worked in a sawmill to announce a lot of money around in some precautions that we were stuck in the late boards can reconcile them to stop and not otherwise we just took a careful wrap mostly wearisome and then you must take this and you can't if we didn't get him and so I'm thinking that writing was turning on prevention dental loss you cannot think are the most unemployment and epsilon in the mud for the board decided to call anything about that declares in the trials come to our questions and temptations arrive from what good we have a good clean come and if we just have to prepare this time and dress herself with Martha grace and prayer and the promises of God we can avoid a lot of the potholes and on my staff and in camera shy but then again a Garden and he proceeded in a meeting about you in a mosquitoes you never know after year these are thinking time in many something I cannot be sure exactly shut NASA you the meeting was not in your heart Nirvana not needing everything but nothing happens and see Gujarat is currently working with me always gone growing harm to our going home and and I generally front seat in the house ranking choirs and write about me or something I do not happen and then you know I was not across access line did you send that within it it isn't going to buy this always on time I heard it home for dinner and I turned a window to his Iraqi student and I was going to have a request and drive across the road and I'm not too than the ones with Swiss cheese I usually turn the wheels are wireless is I know I want you to sign and return an community her neck the car spun around and turn you are not running us by sitting with him I myself will help and I think that is event you're a chef show and the Gestapo 's restraint around the car behind me she started to manage the rock happened to stop a something like that emphasizes grade your Internet needs you can listen because he couldn't stop like that so I is not a a citizen in there helping us all a tiny don't know what is right there were one acts of God and that hasn't been mentioned nine importance of being in order to have more than true especially in the venues in the orchard Ms. you know my history and planetarium my see the value approving so many times for those who often come to us have had some experience you are on trial for their emotions or some physical losing that has really put their wings for and has been my privilege on a number of occasions recently to see some greatly accelerated spiritual grow and those who have been physically laying on the grass and I see God 's power at work here in those who are patient enough to let it do its perfect work for frequently or comes in from the community or even from some church a Christian or a person who's not who's so impatient to have it all take place just like that the pain go away you know the nervousness disappeared that their strong pressure comes for something that'll work immediately but you know that which immediately takes the pain away if it truly does that puts a person to sleep and then there is no spiritual growth at all and what God intended to do extracurricular and doesn't accomplish a thing for the sole and I pray God that I may have the patience and the time to speak a word in season for those that are weary and be willing to wait on the Lord forward coldest of his mercies that were not consume for his compassions fail not they are new every morning raided by a course like that all I will note digital copy useful tali the plat and certificate there but I would like to ask him to give me all a new light they appear likely through Mister Brooks routinely will our car about two inches high ground J my right arm just the start such as the more likely they are in season country Tony just to keep working on the time to examine lighting Spain in the Stetson hats and socks in determining the strength on strength and resolve I cannot go out for lunch options in the season and I think this experience experience because it reminds me that you do not need Blu-ray will bring you to the response to have borne fruit I'm going to do it there was so short after a short a while Satan in the one nine check jurisdiction time that I have a long-overdue new generic interface perfection in my character that need to be developed and the Lord that next impact on living out I do have things like your unit will be developed to keep persevering in choosing to let you drown me to use his strength Jakarta even though they are long overdue continued pressure to write work with me I tell you that are going I just shocking I saw something God made us into June one doctors who is offering a sticker that you I never seen one of those little going for I will help see right now on our program it was such Chinese tiny little body and my group the amazing thing was I thinking when I redesigned to anyone needing to grow in the afternoon because it was moving in soon and was unable to hear just one month when he should document beautiful little Henry a Bank of England is not about improving their quality apparently when I thank you for the wonderful ministry have each one the sanitarium and enter institutes you send me the way to the inner canteen kitchens we just had to hang up on this creek what it was a record coming over conjecturing what it greets you in Mountlake somewhere and just got her number one in sending me a link on repeating everything I think I was thinking around twenty nine but he is an inkling it was still there just aren't worth as untimely and family and my eyes I just can't think of pushing the kinky when marketing a product 's fence and how quick the skin can have my doubts requires that the water with some cheese and had to sell gift that will we are learning where this is not growing we couldn't help but think that the new drinking can not mean we will be in continue to be in the increased with all intervention I don't claim in the right place a nuclear bomb now I asked the Lord that he will help me to be planted in the right place our Lord never got the group about for a while here is the sabbath days to see where there are two sure things with others inside the school and worship of God in different opportunities during the week and different meetings intolerant and beard in the rises brothers and sisters visited a precious thing to know that God and in each one of our season in a partnership and all acts I would control the Holy Cross I wonder there's somebody here tonight there is never given your heart to Jesus and you'd like to divide which is just going to sue somebody here tonight is wrong 's walk with Jesus something is going between you and the master and I could like to put your hand I can Jesus have is with great renewal to stand somebody with his left something come between you and seizes tonight you're giving yourself among children and wrought-iron crooners thirty two thousand and seven Doctor Joseph renew their jobs close surrender to Jesus would you on the gears are they not all rooms are these the job be made in five hundred God where you are not by the name of a home in on their guy is not a home to God home and regarding man on John's versions Lord we trying to learn equipment sharing with the human garden in our home now personal scholarship will be in the now work to help others visually make as a blessing the practical things and most of the children's dossier we make me happier for Christ sake in the


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