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Something Greater than the name of Jesus

Benjamin Ng



  • December 28, 2013
    7:45 PM


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of course once again under Lusk you would please all you people would volume the Bible father in heaven Lord we thank you for the beautiful Sabbath day that we had the money blessing that this come about relies argument not yet long I know you designs blossomed so much you wish support heavens gift upon us and that is your Holy Spirit father this evening we are asking for extra portion of your spirits as we open you would once again we please speak to us O Lord we pray in Jesus name please let me know models to Isaiah chapter six Isaiah Chapter six about solving for this evening is something great so then the name of Jesus and in order to understand what is greater than the name of Jesus I want you to understand how great his name is to begin with Isaiah chapter six starting in verse one in the year that King was iodine I saw also the Lord sitting upon the throne high and lifted up and his train filled the temple above it stood the center of bins each one had six wings with swaying he covered his face and with twain he caught his feet and with twain he did lie and one item one to another I sent a holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts behold 's fool of his glory I mentioned this in a previous settlement a few nights ago but friends when a initial that have never sent angels than out of when they cry and call upon the name of the Lord the over their faces and you know that whatever the Lord is it is fully whether it be in an auditorium like this whether the Dalits alone K even in the presence wherever God 's presence as it is holy and although Leanne on and holding high right now I believe we are in holy ground but wherever the Lord 's presence is it is holy I do once but when the when the when the people translated and transcribed the Bible every time they came across the Lords day they had to change the Lord 's name is holy but how holy is a message chapter six Familia bus I'm sure that most of us Sunday to read it as soon as I got there Matthew chapter six and was nine the Bible says our father which art in heaven ones followed the nine no I don't know why but the King James bludgeon just as this ringing of is not even I don't know how much holy of them doesn't that just sound beautiful I don't know anywhere else in the Bible that talks about something except got me but how holy and God 's name well Woods Hole not the taken his name in vain how holy as God 's name Anita asked chapter or an plus and starting in bus acts chapter four and starting influence and be it known unto you all and to all the people of Israel that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom ye crucified whom God raised from the dead you might end up this man stand here before you whole this is the stone which was set at North of you builders which is become the head of the corner post while denying there is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved in salvation comes through the name of Jesus Howell holy is this a friends at his finest thing that we say there is none other name given under heaven whereby man can be saved today Matthew chapter twenty eighth and verses eighteen to twenty speaking of the great commission is she is one of the eleven piece that all power is given onto me in heaven and in our goalie example teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirits friends we are the eyes in his name we don't say by his name one more sprawl that was chapter eighteen and fussed and Proverbs chapter eighteen and firsthand how how old is the name of Jesus problems eighteen verse ten the Bible says the name of the law that is like one a strong tower the righteous one of its width and this is you know all the times I was in Taiwan for three and a half years I was so sad I never experience a strong typhoon it sounds funny doesn't for some reason I cannot like it because I like people to suffer I like it because we see the wind blowing and it's sitting in my house I love that feeling but God 's name is much more powerful do you know why because said nothing about that I sat a few weeks ago an earthquake shook and I was so I'm glad I'm back in Malaysia for the Lord 's name is like a strong top of friends you can find refuge in its with every trial and problem you have a man a man in a note the name of the Lord enough of friends it is a name that saves us it is a name that we are baptized by it it is named of the confined refuge believe it or not I believe that this piece as well and since you have one invoice files and page two hundred nineteen the pen of inspiration rights season trembles and fleas Biffle the weakness sold who finds refuge in that mighty name amen do you know that when I grew up in Malaysia I was such scared boy I was afraid of the dock and then I would share these stories from people like pasta signs but these ghost stories and everyone's like this on so scared I would go home and I have asleep what was that on this little red Mac that they have added a liability that the Queen and while they were asleep but the weakness of people when they call on the mighty name of Jesus but that a man one more know soon enough is the name of Jesus mentioned in love and tenderness than angels of God join the to soften and subdue the hearts I believe that he will bring a name of Jesus this afternoon I too was very jealous because I had to go home and prepare for this so even understand how you feel and friends you can call on the name of Jesus for anything I thought a man in fact I believe we should learn to make it a habit because in the most sudden all accidents as I believe accidents you can still call upon his criminal roof friend I was driving down the road in Virginia when I was studying in the road was icy is taking a few students to DC I just had to come around it was it was a two lane road split in the middle and he is going on the road in a patch of black ice don't let ices is the most dangerous of voice and what not make of that description but the car is black ice and it swung to the side and went down into the ditch between the two roads my friend told me that just as he said that he'd cry and just says that the class will get its existence when you look at the story of pizza when he was in the polls and the storm was blowing around and they saw Jesus walking on the water right there was stared and then Peter said you really want call me to come out of the water anything in his field was walking across the water he looked around and he sold out when I saw the ways and if he began to sink have you ever tried walking you I have I was not successful but you know how far a man things they want to I don't believe Peter was like this all safely I believe you'd be just as wrong but anyone that he has seen his name was Jesus any cold cried out again and when he called Jesus was right there friends we can call on God on our Savior Jesus Christ when you're in any situation aim at I can't will be there he will say he will protect he will help Isaiah fifty nine verses one and two Isaiah fifty nine verses one and two the Bible is describing a situation that we are voluntarily put ourselves in all holy and how helpful is God 's name Isaiah fifty nine verses one and two the Bible says the old the Lord 's hand is not shortened that it cannot save neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear what you're want in the includes these have separated between you and your God and your sins have hidden his face from you that he will not hear friends the Bible tells us that God cannot hear a sinners prayer did you know that I send separate us from God but come with me to Jeremiah twenty three and verse six Jeremiah twenty three and four six the Bible says in his days Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely and this is his name whereby he shall be the Lord our righteousness now imagine this is a line saying free class students excuse me for repeating again in Revelation chapter eight an angel stands before a golden altar with a service-oriented and he says that he's offering this instance for the prayers of the saints at out of his right and in a sense comes up and is mingled with the prayers ascend up to go what does that represent in Isaiah forty one and boasts and it is his wife and all righteousness the hand of God is righteous and when you connected with Jeremiah seven twenty three and was six what is righteous in this instance it is his name and a new color me to John chapter fourteen John chapter fourteen and looking of voices that team and fourteen John chapter fourteen in verses thirteen and fourteen and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name that will I do that the father may be glorified in the son if he shall ask anything in my name I will do it friends why is it so important to pray in the name of Jesus the cause is that name that makes our presence wonderful golf that he can't even see our offerings that is clinically singing the reason why must hold while this is because there is glowing and so the movement the more is more I find that people pray less unless his name and I don't want to make it a full because because they will while the cost of the model prayer but Jesus added more if they are in my name is the name of Jesus and our friends are a should is the presence of God because it will frighten out his name in my hit the ceiling and come right back anything you are committing of Jesus 's will be done in the other place for BMW no your friends ocelot class and remote sensing the model says that he wants in my name I'll do another one the father lady glorified this is the reason why maybe sometimes Fresnel Annan said no because you can't pray in the name of Jesus yet but maybe because the father is not glorified in your you know what you don't know if you have Ross you will never know a man you can't possibly exist like how you have to dream to I that the testimony from brother David found many times looking in front of the England data logging is just like wedding I forgot the names of the King when show was about the possibly any ossification start those arrows into the ground right strike it into the ground I wanted I think you need and want us in while sliding center even three times and I said while wiring installed if you are going to destroy the enemy called friends sometimes we achieved little because we should aim high you are much from God even though he might not give you one hundred percent ABV he might be more than a fifty percent loss in men you have to learn to offspring things from God because his name is more than able to cover every prayer his name is mauled a naval officer every prayer is that it seems is that blessings come down to us today and this is the golf but what is going to fully goes with text I want to bring mobile phone of people actually says make use of my name and it will be a possible to the heart of my father and to all the riches of his grace amen the use of his experiment when you use its value to pray in his name of friends one is greater than the name of Jesus Psalms one hundred and thirty eighth Psalms one hundred and thirty days and bus to solve the hundred and thirty eight bus to the Bible says this I will will ship 's wildlife will symbol and phrases my name for my lovingkindness like truth but I'll hasn't magnified by one that I learned about old lighting friends got some name is Paulo God 's name is holy but there's something much more there is something much more holy it is one's friends it is called the Bible it is cold his work it is called the Word of God for us today as just friends the holy Bible of everything that we make solo available to be Monday at the console you won't get no benefit from the benefit from this book when you sleep on the friends this focus solely I do not have to place another book on this is so holy I cannot allow anything to come about to his words is much more whole than his name I want to come with me to a story found in acts chapter nineteen acts chapter nineteen I want to spend time in the story to look at the very two things are looking at the acts chapter nineteen starting in verse eleven speaking about whole and God will special miracles but Hannibal so that is from his body was brought under the sake handkerchiefs or aprons and the diseases that bought it from them and the evil spirits went on Paula such a foul old apostle that when he does not have enough time to go and visit people the people came they many gave them cloths and if these colossal Elizabeth of the state and I don't know what they did with them but somewhere along the way to what you call that amazing Jesus said that we would be once much more than this in the last days but what's amazing is what happened next then something on the vagabond Jews exorcists took upon them to pull over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus say we are sure of the bike Jesus whom Paul preached there were these of vagabonding 's the weather plus fourteen and there were seven songs on one schema that you and the chief of the priests which is an evil spirit onset and set Gmail as I know Paul I know rightly so because whenever that I locked the net was so Renaissance middle-class business they don't allow themselves to go out in class note that will a lot about the power of pull it out he didn't visit we youngest son she you know like this this is not out of the people to watch his people out of the double and other and you try not to become a vice president righteousness is not inherited friends but these people came to a demon possessed man and is set in the name of what Jesus Bolin and then we just say the name of Jesus with hopeful that we can read that when the name of Jesus as much of what happens that whole travel goals the name of Jesus but somewhere along the way when these American Medicaid and called upon the name of Jesus whom Paul preach and the devil was not Jesus we know Paulino you and I asked the same question this evening friends who will argue because being called a Seventh-day Adventist is not enough just because your aunt of the relevant such it doesn't mean you're going to happen is not salvation by just going and in fact the pen of inspiration has very sobering messages to write to us as a church today she says not one in twenty goods names are registered in the church books already meet the time of the end to meet up final price what is wanting twenty friends what's one divided by twenty one seven percentage out of the question this but she says what not while not as fine as a what we have here this evening one hundred people I don't know how many names are resident on such books less than five people already the times of crisis she also says things like not want to enslave these names are registered in the indigenous post are registered in the book of life gentlemen just because you know how to call on the name of Jesus just because you are associated with a powerful creature in your search will I you I can use who are you why do I say this if you keep your finger therefore second and colonies in Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven and starting in verse twenty one Matthew seven was twenty one the Bible says not everyone is able to be more loyal cell enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do the will of my father which is in many will say to me that day had we not prophesy long long have we not prophesied enlightening I do not name cost out devils in an unnamed on many wonderful books this is what then will I profess unto them I never want to you who are you this evening is not so much whether the devils know you but does Jesus know this is Jesus no you nineteen the sixteenth and evil spirit onset instead Jesus I know and Paul I know but who I need a man in whom the devil in the evil spirit was liens on them and an old obtained and trimmed their against them so that they fled out of the house naked and wounded once a scary sight sounds Donald Johnson them being being being mental the runner I'm glad happen to them you know my constant fear is an uncle right with along the devil possessed with an pretty serious kinds demon possession his life while you have nothing to feel it Jesus knows your name amen amen the next and this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus and fear fell on them all in the name of the Lord Jesus was managed by a man is a crisis for people to come to Jesus I believe that God is a phase of days because I believe that people they don't tingle in invading by saying that OMG words with a call in the name of Jesus they think that they are Christians but it now reaches the throne of the synagogue they convey in what ways they think that they are Christians they think all the Christian legal and Jesus does not know that the Lord Jesus wasn't magnified in this instance and friends sometimes the Lord allows trials that he might correct the spiritual defects in the lives in the name column learning might be risen in praise the Lord aisles that praise the Lord that God is still in the business of saving a man as a result of these seven young men the whole town came together at the name of God was glorified I don't know when I was little you're not but it was that moment messaging is praying a lot enough of us might be and then the next step was this and many that believe came and concepts and showed their needs if you're wondering what it was that they did how did they show their leave let's continue was nineteen many of them also which he was curious on this brought their books together and the than before all men and the count of the price of them and found fifteen thousand pieces of silver bus twenty soul might slowly grew the word of God and tomorrow eight oh why will end we have one citizen is left off the friends will the weather of will mail when you go home just because he is praying in the name of Jesus doesn't mean that he is with you will learn all gone continues to grow and her family alone in a while it is something enemy you from growing in his blood maybe it is time to bring out your button do you know God desires support his blessing upon each of everyone she wants to employ his Holy Spirit upon us so badly we can't not can knows that anymore the latter rain out right now many in our church in Ogden nomination we socially waiting for us to give you everything you curious about unconvinced that people are unwilling to pots with their goods I find it everywhere if I wanted a whole series of studies in Daniel and when the young people he confessed Daniel chapter three about music he understood it was clear we had all these wild leaves CD albums that was signed by the Spartans eight in one eleven is our homes maybe even a mouse this year the TV is set as soon as well maybe you thrown alive hell he was him and he is no want to quit movies also watching TV my TV is my parents children please don't destroy a TV it is not yours I don't know will happen I was just scheduling a silicon cloth we had a missionary come in and teach the Bible for a month and a half he's been in my room than is in our house in the Bible and assault embarrassments but he and the remain calm for good but as I began to come to the Lord began to clean out my life I love to read these fantasy books dragons and wizards the solids from I finally figured out it was content not work off it for a Christian to read why should you going to output errors because when you throw down some of some of my walk along and pick up is that that's exactly what I would like to isolate on that evening I came out the box was gone the next day the things you need to bone because you might be calling on the name of the Lord you might be wanting to change and doing a good deed I was in the past not just for yourself before you will one for the commune the shots you correlate the long putting on bringing enough having been the ring because you have truly is our hope was what do you need to buy when you get home something I need to get away on my scheme to destroy I have seen usually just lauded UNIDO will house over Congress it is banking useful in it's that simple if you are watching for note of the laptop display to get a desktop and put it in another room with me if I had is that he do what caught it all in white I is that anyone should you know get out your right foot is me what you do make it difficult to live you still use the computer okay I understand the digital age that make it inconvenient for yourself this is not an imminent express of you living your life with me the weather may prevent too many times people come to these conferences they share the great message they of being with the word of God and legal hold back to their old like friends I once you've does this I know before you go home I want to call as they are now before you go out and said with a thousand levels is now one needs to go home I need my it comes totally I believe the applicant of the change the possible and given somebody you don't know accountability friends major inconvenience on your self since because it will not matter how many times you call upon the name of the Lord he will not share your love is when you read this passage nobody went out and increase the seventh thing okay this is a the whole town came out they knew what they needed to get middle in the you know how much is fifteen thousand pieces you know the hospital paid in one day 's wage you know how to us while okay let's assume for the sake of compilation is one penny also the how much is that today obviously using US dollars but what is the average of daily salary of a Malaysian Tony and it runs about fifty thousand pounds is what the daily average salary one hundred three so little really is very little surprised thank you for is hundred ringgit was the fine million fifty thousand pounds on right now was the only something like Austin high school the only thing I can fall back on today five million ringgit Israel TV one five million ringgit is your car was finally a lusty three-car way to try to value things in Israel house with five million ringgit maybe someone want to say is look you have nothing so valuable is that you don't have anything that is really a web at a value that you can should be struggling with why because Jesus is with much more the things that we value long as a living walking on water latest day on coral for crying out loud you can be walking on streets of gold I guarantee you I am not in a way up in the middle of the night of posted no night there but for the sake of illustration please follow with me I'm not middle-income in the middle of night running somebody's feelings Michael right this day that our own values job mean nothing to God up there what can you can morning off on you willing to give everything this evening I ask are you willing to give all use even though maybe you really just throw wins away this phone and maybe even this evening you have brought them here with you to the conference could be the reason why the Holy Spirit is poured out upon both systems what do you need to give the Jesus was the sin belongs to have he died for us it does not belong to you you belong to have everything we have belongs to one you throw it away give it up not still in a coherent and for special needs as you listen to the words of the song I want you to think about our safety Jesus came hated the price I'm not asking you and I this evening I think you will live without a TV and I think you will supply without your laptop amen I'm not asking you to kill your self I must need to give up the things that you know should not be in your home and your life this evening please is him and him and a a as I is and will be as only I is is I I I I I and I is in a and in the eye and he and I will a you he he he I and I you will and you will see what are you as I know I is an and I will will will will will will and I and a you and you and I and and will and will and will and will will and will be in you and you will have some holes on treasures patches friends the valuables that we have in this world can compare to anything anything when Jesus the sacrificed lysine brings you what does we have the Halderman is the lingo is true friends what is more laughable than Jesus for you today what will limit the life of glory Jesus do you love how much more minimal when you phone on your computer I know what it is stopping you from obeying Jesus was out no one is stopping you from having power in your life as a Christian I believe you know I believe that God is only revealed to his reasoning that position something in your home in your room in your life physically a not talking about anything that gives that's important I'm talking about some physical object in your life that is causing you to constantly causing you to full shorts receiving those blessings that God wants to pour out an online this evening I don't know you have it here if you haven't come even to me I will plentifully on the Mongol and sell it makes money for myself since you know how much I earn a postal exam you will you and you know it sitting there in your home you need to go back in this system really love to stand and sanity lucky this is my last a few euros it's a very simple actually listening to the sun as you seen the deeds of his people in this town you realize somewhere in your life in your home something needs to change and some nights right now no emotions evolved involved no reasoning maybe even going back and forth even for a few days or a few weeks or a few months but tonight is the night needs to go on a long hundreds of plus in my car I'm going to make a four position that when I get home on Sunday when I get home some nights want to get a hold by Monday or wherever it is something in that online easily go in the trash why is I want Jesus I want Jesus outlines of my understand that you only make sure that I will call that eliciting the last few days it is rid of me that is not going to be taken out of my car was in the form of Michael but it needs to go friends as you come for all of you and I will send his novels that will does not let go of his conscience so easily but I know that we who is nineteen to say and he will help he will help us to keep our decision we got home he will give us how to destroy whatever needs to be destroyed is there any money in selling the Lord upon your friend these people here are not wondering what is going on you'll we have enough challenges of sin to deal with supporting what anybody else statement to pray earnestly the decision will be the true position that is fine that we had taken the call forward you must always visible position offers before stealing you don't know what tomorrow will hold if you have unconscious lessons in your life name is not in the book do not make this time is taken to space your conference go also ways the house for you and maybe for your children who else needs to make a decision Jesus I will school them to come out the sign that he's to be some sort of movement sometimes we made the decision don't mind but not so easy to make the decision to move your feet with the call and telling Jesus tonight you are a changed man to telling the double height you have no time remaining we are going different directions and were only able to do by the grace of God that's what a is anyone else come before the ceiling come for the delay in unless you unless you shall refrain in thank you for being so patient with us from heaven you seen a more awful for me at Larry Lord you look down and though it retains you so much to see us and send is still some page still giving us high ranking father this evening my dear brothers and sisters of comfortable with because they want to have a different lifestyle they made a decision that half of something in their home needs to go on they want no pots with the law I know that the devil does not let go of people so easily and so in the name of Jesus our Savior please come down and strengthen our position it is in the name of Jesus law that we pray that you would strengthen online and it is in the name of Jesus that you would set us free from the prison that we haven't slave vessels Lord please help us to be how you would is grown in our lives help was not to return back to our old life the same we came in here father grunted us your Holy Spirit this evening I know I believe that every decision here since long maybe there is something that is not come forward this struggling in their hearts the reason out more above how can these things be will please convict and show them what's needs to go in them father I pray that nothing in this world would weigh us down and become short it's on the left menu please continue to convict us to lead us and guide us gives that when we hear your still small voice will but he won't have to use trials to change but it's still small voice changes please I undermine her as a rule in the same or Jesus Christ and in this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about how universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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