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Pastor MC Shin found his calling in ministry from the mission field in Southeast Asia in 1997, and his passion has remained in working in the Lord's vineyard ever since. He brings over ten years of experience from what one might regard as the toughest mission field, working with young people in the United States. Pastor Shin and his wife Abigail served in Atlanta, Georgia until beginning of this year and moved to South Korea to teach at SahmYook University. Southeast Asia has a special place in their heart, not only for its beautiful nature and superior cuisine, but because the Shin family knows how much the Lord loves this land. They are blessed with two boys, Michael and Yehoshua, and as a family they love to serve the Lord by making music, doing community outreach projects, and traveling all over the world to fulfill the great commission of spreading the gospel.



  • December 29, 2013
    8:45 AM


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follow me funny thank you Lord for making us this morning the state is given to us as a grand new day the time with changes in the hours all bring you we ask that we will feel the state thinking about you meditating upon your words also sharing your love with one another at the end on information how yours faithfully diastolic the state as I speak this morning I think you'll forgive my sins more cleansing your son 's blood I also has to you will cleanse the use of the congregations and hearts there were huge and very brings the message thank you for your son Jesus Christ because of his life his sacrifice and his staff give up hope for eternal life this is our brain Jesus precious thing this morning 's essay 's title following Jesus following Jesus then enable focused the followers of Jesus Christ and is solely denomination all on the world is on your Christians him follow Jesus come with minimum seventy nine chapter nine nine meeting on verse twenty three the Bible says any such event all if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross once a month once a year the father said David said that God Jesus Christ asked us if you want to follow him is to deny ourselves from this week we learn from past him and then we have to deny ourselves by closing ourselves surrendering our self how do we do that how do we deny ourselves from the early eighties I love collecting things the way this very helpful right I always do anything anywhere all global and wall of my researchers wanted to know do some industry I find on nail on the floor altogether in my pocket and manhole investigating that I can use as a resource home bring it home and immunized as an allotment is the coals of people have rats I am I going to United I was in the United States there is an estate until beginning of this year I have forty boxes all things holy boxes okay whatever all of them in a wall I need in these the eight Schultz people in France section most students this school be honest with you I don't even mapping one tenth of all the decorations no in my mind one day I will use them for my biggest laminate and you'll comes in a different copyright is by faith clause sent you on this president and dislike Clinton now be happy to I go wrong is in Congress is Israel's peace DVDs and tapes used in case I hesitate up while Leslie Harding century shadow while this is now easier and live within the city longer than hard drive I had like several hard drives savings and in the files I just love collecting this in mind why is he will now be deleted until years that means you that isn't inhaled slowly that is hanged out your closet for two years and you know where your giveaway that somebody is a button for me at the idle and when I have to bring the equitable decree on I tell you it wasn't me one of the hobbies that I have is collecting sheet music in it amusing for the singing I love things like soul pieces I collect with Tribune Quartet I'm a whole moves like this much only the architect named sports that unveils iPhone all who saw of men's chorus Ohio Arizona Missouri whenever I go to different places on your good music African-American I have a copy one day all things but when we had to move to Korea I can only take on index on investigative to vinyl always invites fifty pounds to back until like more than a months for me to decide which one I should him this one is this one and had a hard time getting up the moves all the news you and I are self is not easy you have nothing else in your life and your charity could be ungodly things like customers it is we have to give away more than throw away the story so nobody will be influenced by I like to share augmentation by writing this is to be efficient boiler and that was called for self-denying labor is a glorious work and work glorious work that had been miles upon faithful work is more acceptable to God and the most zealous and thought to be holy as worship when worship consisting working together with Christ printers exultation and all she proves Wishart claims hide on but instead I manifested in good works catering for the needy will follow less thing we know are what kind of foods she fruits and cool natural him people who tried to gain salvation anyone is going into the vision health monitoring community first Corinthians first Corinthians chapter thirteen is why I recommend us tells us that we should need this chapter one the possible is first Corinthians Chapter three thirteen was wonderful I speak Hollings and angels and have not charity I am become as one sounding brass or all tinkling cymbal and though I had to give it all to proceed and understanding all mysteries and all knowledge and go I have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have not charity I am nothing and though I bestow all my goods to feed the war and though I give my body to be burned and have not charity it offer the increasing releases officially old church the emphasis line works by good works without true long that we found Jesus Austin is feeling the movies emphasize fiddlers in my right into the kindhearted people and you can share the more evil than doing it is to gain salvation we cannot help or two things to other people thinking that underground games always identifies operations the nova is only good when we can do is learn from Jesus Christ bringing we had Jesus Christ in our hearts after our hearth being converted and when Henson and confessed and were given and there is a genuine software one another and you cannot just sit down in this enjoy yourself design for the Bible tells you can do that because I learned a lot in high Medicaid is a something is coming soon I noticed immediately that it is something is the way sins and on this bad environments this wait until Jesus comes this moment in the true present you cannot do that as a result of visiting Johnson's attention at fifteen the first one I am then sue my and my father is husband man I agree branch in me that there is not he we see the husband and father taken away and Rio Grande stepparent for he sorry for and what it may bring forth more fruit by now your clean through the word which I have spoken unto you are buying me and I you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself set in a bilingual fine no more can ye except ye abide in me I'm divine I just heat is applied to me and I mean the same bring it forth field birds much proof for without me ye can do many things that one website here you can do nothing so we now also connecting with you the you know you know all also I received in helping people and keeping your human guidelines in the environment the result is often nothing is no salvation there is without us being a test connected to Jesus Christ we cannot to him and him and is sold out presentation that this is going present available and we talk about leprosy law from the Bible by signing the but I actually never saw person with their condition like visual picture of a comparable number sequencing and how helpful it is but until I saw it all alike or why these things can change the these figures within adjacent to one James and one James one verse twenty seven James chapter one twenty seven analysis pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this is important to understand your religion and honor you in the same chapter the same person I'm going to hear a really Asian and undefiled before God and the father is two two visit the long list and we knows in their pollution and to keep himself on sponsored from the world God has wonderful provision for us that how we could be sanctified through his words and when we will prepare ourselves to be exasperated to have my grandfather was nineteen years old and unmarried nineteen I think that kind of early enough for you young age to get married but in altering early nineteen hundreds he was born in nineteen hundred and it was a paranormal delay in and healing sound working agency disabled with only eight zero eight and then it was mentioned in management even like him that is why my grandmother at the church my grandmother and her sister came to my grandfather 's church suspension is as so he went back his father is usually phone that's how long can you do something for me and I like her so my great great grandfather travel him with his family and then they like them to the Native American mammogram was ten years old he was a teacher at times as well as families so there is not there as early and then had nine children altogether their warranty voiding Christians there were conservative and when I called Golda 's uncle was nineteen years old he was studying this high school and also in the hospital he saw this banner spotted a prophecy the wall I want to learn about prophecy so he went and studied for one month and converted to Seventh-day Adventist reservoir and you like that passage passage and to come to his parents house and also give my soul has educated my grandparents all and give Bible study and what is that my father was I believe he was the first to second grade my grandma this is wrong they stay on your not going to school on South Delhi one thing they were longing to see waiting for so coming on Jesus when we ensuring my grandfather in fact he was planning at different religious point on a story about the quest you never had a chance to go to school he had two brothers all of others and my great grandfather said at this point second one so please send them to school and learn all his pain on my grandfather this is you want to focus on so you can send them to school the only thing that he is reading the Bible and literature faculty assembly was an exclamation he enjoys music and enjoys the Bible study since it was in this Methodist Church is all the others what is the most twenties one of them survive solely investment in me he was always complaining to us my father to the investigation into school instead of my brothers but he was one on the school and the villages in sharing the gospel and downs and whatever the goal of small changes waiting for Jesus Christ meeting Jesus Christ was his dream no will begin the seventh at the age of nineteen he was the first Korean pastor going to I has been used to get pissed off they don't do became law in the seminary University my grandfather people grandparents similarly long as they were ninety six I been hassling you any we also have the same expectation right desire to see coming of Jesus Christ in our generation and I don't know much about how to want to experience that do you I really want to go to heaven by the grace of God translated and not experiencing to the best of blessing upon those in the bottom row is seven fourteen hundred and forty four how can we help you prepare for myself becoming a second invoice and return expecting that at all the pure religion and on the file before the father is this to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to give himself unspotted from the world quotation on his characters long how August sixteen eighteen eighty one the doing principle is a you hire is Austin Mayor doing the install benevolence speaking kind words and manifesting in their regard for other people for the needy Lindsay and hence everything of justice and mercy and that was makes one in heaven before we read bring smile right business smiles in heaven but his music in heaven the father on his throne the bowls and number is outperformed all of them with most precious treasure every merciful act to the needy or does something is is going on to Jesus whenever it was available for or sympathize with dolphins in an oppressed and befriends the workman brings himself into a more close relationship to Jesus yesterday during our panel discussion or questions and answers especially passed amendments in about need-based charges a member that means basin is just never has to view the need for this different fathers and I believe this is double as needed being in our church nowadays did you know that the seventy five percent of Ohio that is young people leaving the church were no step I think this is normal immediate Asia United States or North American North American division were no immediate eighties were North American division is the total soul that means you can present all North American division of Activision is older than sixty to eighty percent in the residence no young men and young including I everyone from baby to all the weeds success why are young people leaving the church why genome while inviting them to give young people who exist on you you news conference many young people are leaving the church because they don't hear that you hear me why they all talk about is studying the Bible is important but the more important things is starting the Bible and experiencing it and bring testimony to the church by church where electricity but the truth is we study the Bible right a winning balance with each other what we supposed to do is to share our testimonies God had done this to me when I follow his words when helping publishers pastor talk about righteousness by phase of all this out of Los Angeles injury only come to the testimony they don't see one working tantalized and I see a labeling was a follow-up vitriol was in the last century to talk about so that they don't want heavily essentially there are still converted as possible about their pastors and elders different department leaders is doing the world meetings inhaling when people bought the week access out to the pretender only Adventist people so many people look at the believe of our Adventist church and so some theory the homework for their parents even if you dislike that it's not working for my parents why should I stay in his church the main reason that many young people leaving his church and abomination occur your same problem many young people after high school is the church is a twenty five measures of the twenty five pounds for households in this chapter I want you to come with me to the loss terrible sensor twenty five Matthew first thirty one when the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all it will be a angels with him how many angels all you cannot miss this coming payment middle you among the evangelicals that Jesus will come secretly and 10-Q similarly screenwriter the Bible says the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory and his lawyers on the beach editor all nations and he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divided his shoot from the goals and he saw sent the ship on his right hand but there goes on the left then shall the king was looking with an senior Son of Man went with a non-American Jesus King say unto them on his right hand caught me blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you on the foundation of the world for I was on hunger and you gave me means I was Thursday and he gave me drink I was a stranger and you jump me naked and enclosed me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and he came unto me then shall the righteous answer him saying Lord grant is so easy on hunger and add the or Thursday and came to bring resolving the stranger entered and ornate and motivation openers only decent or in prison and they wanted me and thinking shall answer and say unto them really I say unto you as much as you have gone in in on to one of the earliest of these my brethren you have done for by two phase VRC by faith on the icons works highest love dwells in the national style if you come with me to Verizon for sought-after sons had to at least shoot first contacted to seating room from six yeah that he abide in him ought himself also so too will even as he walked with Jesus all was on our what was his lifestyle hobbies than his daily life when you do what did Jesus do when it was over integrated yes even to the mountain early in the morning saying and mentioning his words I wanted to resolutely be increased yes any change yes what is equally as guilty as also our life when we had Jesus but that is not that humans are showing our needs anyway Jesus nowhere on we had all his different talents and somebody was called to do all computer engineering at Google 's Gmail account so what is called to do pesto ministries on what is called to do health ministry so what is called to do different works but we have to having these minded our first occupation is sharing Jesus and whatever you do then the secondary but our first call is to show about Jesus Christ so when we have this kind of thought in our hearts they say when we are allotted to him we have to also walk like Jesus everything is enormous to deny ourselves forcing myself and surrender all into Jesus Christ these helping on the I think the Malaysia nineteen ninety seven first time we went to softball KG we stand and divided four one one and we didn't design it is a series that is the midrash 's father one one immediately one thing that is not before I went to was my first visit to I was brought up as a settlement that and I was okay and I know the doctrines of the church pretty well so I thought I was all pretty good Christian so I went to Michigan I realized that I wasn't ready I wasn't ready at the eye heard about this from the Bible and from some of my friends but Malaysia is the first time that I saw the demon possessed person also you and their I realized today that the human person behaving like that and changing our young ladies who I can say monster about why is it will be it will be Jesus 's name was mentioned at all that is possible that changed my life remembering a video on how many of them beating you in the eyes I believe one of the nastiest I'm sorry to hear from you either one will think about is really it wasn't really very I tell you what God made man every time is also the one of people they do their business in the corners and it was in that Lattimore is also able to go house all around the city of the city I still travel things how when people were six dials it makes you so ignorant and come to the point that they have to collect that you have that count on themselves as Lord and ninety one his senior season I think this is too much I saw people who this person I saw preachers and pastors prefer that the person and casting out demons by the Jesus Christ and alerted his models that is a model citizen I realized that I wasn't ready for his second coming of the Lord help me and I will overcome this to myself I was dealing with guilt I wanted up to any good person I think I was a pastor and incapacitate the Sabbath I was like any other vintage learn to dress nice clean maybe Al Gore is making the business can send them to good passer is a fun-loving very drinking partying I was of the eligibility and I made all this illegal transition and amenability to have unlimited resources initiatives on the teaching to do this okay but if you just makes you for areas in the highway you can make a lot of line I'll still in their gasolines also meninges a loyal fostering their engine oil always selling on hold on inside the base was in China for life ten times more than often amazing is that as a soldier you cannot drink inside of these but I'll do the illegal things now I want someone so united after those two ninety four ninety five ninety six military and old lifestyle and ninety seven I went to mission change in Malaysia and Singapore and in the and an understanding of what what made Jesus Doctor Klaus said Lord help me I was in mono tones across him they will want to do everything for you but I was not good viable future so evidently have a divorce and I will today on the only civilian and different people I looking at all answers for this evil official news on Bible in one eye on his face got the and in the morning of the advantage that the Bible people asked the exact same question that I started the morning and Jimmy the answer is lower in Old Testament as is more than always be rested on helping other people nothing that I wasn't perfect person to person and a drop in the logs instant messaging but I realized something when we are helping other people but I may be administered on a month-to-month debate as a last leasing is when we are lazy when we have so much time they meant nothing to do except what's in the Bible that we come to the temptation and we start compromises affecting about different things we give each had in his book there was to our consumer loans with my friends did you know that by watching movies and spending time in front of TVs people on clean on simplify things that you are actually participating the same mind seeing seen I will ask you questions why did you commit such crime more highlighting when I is I you willing to allow yourself to be home and store listings in your sanctuary the most holy place where God and the Holy Spirit dwells in him is pronounced on the faithful unselfish worker and peasant rights from the lives of him and his vision on this paraphrase and if you don't want to scream on bases in the works of love and Mercy have been done natural result of their love for Jesus so when we do not reach some understanding of the gospel everlasting gospel how God changes Hong Kong was to be like Jesus Christ the result of his love is what soaring love and residual people that is the result of product development Limited is the limit is twenty three Leviticus chapter twenty three has a special command regarding a must first specialty Leviticus chapter twenty three verse twenty seven the Bible says we have originally was twenty six the Lord is negligible to saying also on a ten they are seven month there is only a day off what is home and is I'll be unholy convocation unto you and you shall all winds and offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord and is under no wording that same day for it is that they are atonement to make an atonement for you before the Lord your God whatsoever soul AP 's best shot not deal with it in that same day he shall be cut off from among his people on relieving the ideal atonement Irene and agent forty four we are leaving in a time of rising title atonement and analysis what do we do on that day with our souls how do we do with our souls of course we had to search our apartment ask the Lord shall be the sins committed that I couldn't repent before given right sobriety as she is indicated here we found what are the practical way of limiting our souls I visited into a person one is a object of universal and quiet allows spare not lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins yet they seek me daily how do the least and delight to know my ways as amazing as righteousness and for still not awareness of their God they had a school meeting the ordinances of justice dignity to live in approaching God Salt Lake accretions yes yet mystery great for heavy fast faster than say they say Dallas is not wherefore having real lift our souls and now has a taking take this no knowledge be whole in the day off your fast define pleasure and exact all your labors rest for behold you fast-forward what strive and debate and to smite with the feast of McGinnis you shall not fast as you do this day to make your voice to be murdered on high it is so fast that I have chosen a date for an end to all late his soul one is talking about what comparable possible thing we want to continue daily and learn about you and learn what your righteousness in reality what were they doing their answer to the prayers are not received my father not answered and then complaining when Lord we can pray we can continue to century and were single neurologic to why not listening to us and I says the fact that I ask you to do is that you are experiencing a finding your box and being involved pressing other people fast listen will this is a fast and I have chosen to fundamental refusal it is to be found down his head as all farmers and to spread so long and ashes under him will now call this a fast and unacceptable gain to the Lord is not is the fact that I have chosen to lose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed and that he prayed every yield is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry and then downloading the more that I cast out to the house when Dallas is the naked without commenting and then without I'm not saying thyself from thine own flesh do you see what God is saying here he was also the experience of pollution and facts in this time of history and at this time all history and the way that we can experience the show meaning all of the artists all yes to both I think the resource is there anything that I have not has gone start your heart for the same time is that anybody are not like ourselves in need my help all spiritually and physically then providing them close for wind and food water needs true meaning of prisoners but it is subject I was a pastor at adamant cultures in Atlanta him me resent right after my own seminary and twenty one dollars currying on those researchers the sign of the elements is no Bible and the flame people they do stop because there is an English curry annual English is people when donating is a desperate and five will be discounted in and in what was his object is following its own one thousand two villages in their supply is in the site join our church and by few months these archers December two thousand nine hundred by six months Hunter school immediately fifty members and then one year close to hundred the interesting thing is that unchurched often unable to learn why completion I joined the heavy joint accident ever people Asians may have Haitian Jamaican with every different races and on terms the same time people listen all eight million dollars mansion same time that the family was barely surviving everyday fingernails I'm thinking we had his age on the table they are not united in one how can I help them to meet every Sabbath it is hollow people is the court there was white case in painless Korean people than all African-American people Jamaican Asian they don't download Michael Moore and will follow you will employ what can I do this first unlimited and together but in reality on how to socialize because somehow come to church on Sunday it was when I understand his message to reduce the more is something I believe message of the twenty five visiting reason and helping the needy people and visiting the sick people insist spiritual obligation we have to actually express in outline to be seventy is little reason for us and guard sat this you will hospital second son is with this in the homeless shelter in the last seven of course everything can come altogether silent moments when someone and then recite visiting hospital and then soon the convent chapel in the prison in Michigan with the lecture and give us a tag to my minister to people I tell you she people came to the island never forget the first prison ministry to visit in of prisoners as human beings to their feelings and emotions and to have all the money and some people have sad histories mainly made of them they don't they had experienced the also as many of them the parents as they were divorced including really understand that was the biggest that end up in jail to win him a Bible study and prayer for the high antidote as far as songs of his very soul able to see the amazing race we were in a small town in recent like this their fifteen man single tenant singing with the long without I never thought that economics is very similar to our and a warrant on me and me really sounded like me these the speech people including himself and where all this bicycle becomes the foreground the doctors they are becoming more and more interesting is because given on the shelves and ammunition seems within eventful event the church became whether the sisters experience all within my soul is good news for us to helping poor people need it is I myself is so awesome by her nice car nice clothes no as food that invests the Lord amen without a strong identifies all I was just too sound one included his mother as I noted that I was always suing how can we balloon pilot yes in the moment Jesus Christ everyday and people will have a solid relationship forty one verse one song for you unless one blessed that is a that is the more those more real what is the name in title and you invest you do your best to help poor and needy people God will save you the trouble last one is farmers she promised nineteen hours nineteen verse seventeen hours nineteen percent and about associate at here upon the poor one for the Lord Menendez unto the Lord and that which she had given will be manipulated some of you have stop you better stop for the Lord is that for your security face earn money while investing the firm in the universe got that whole take care of this one an investment and help him to thousand million times faster than lightning for you say I will only experience is how went to and Esalen one interview not ensure our resources and the blessings that God has given us to the swimming I thank you Lord deny ourselves it's not easy getting off goods and sharing with other people is not easy the Lord you must experience this special experience the last thing especially the date there when Jesus was revising the most holy place helplessness her heart of the arsenals and experience the truth fasting through our service in love people will see Jesus present form joint ventures will be unanimous to the rest of the is a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I like to know more about our universe the more certain and www. on universal .org


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