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Laodicea and Romans 7

Norman McNulty
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Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • December 15, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him him him dishonest and please fire hasn't me for worker 's father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity we have to be together here today I pray that your spirit would come into this room that your Angels would be with us but we would set aside any distractions in her mind of the cares of this life and just allow you to come into our hearts and speeches this is my prayer in Jesus name is Adrian was saying his announcements we have UIC coming up in this four days or so and I certainly am looking forward to it's interesting to me that this year 's conference is being held in Minneapolis Minnesota for those of you who were at assist rebuffs you know that Minneapolis Minnesota is a very interesting place in the history of the church and so on this talk a little bit about that and more later on in the message today as you see from the title the title of the sermon is entitled what he had to see in Romans seven you may be wondering what the connection is between Laodicea and the message to God 's people in Romans chapter seven before we actually get things I just want to take a step back and review guide for the eating into his church and among his people and take a look at the at the fact that we as God 's people throughout history since we became a chosen group of people after each forty four mostly been waiting to see now I'm going to read a statement from life sketches page one ninety six we all know this since we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord hasn't let us and his teaching in our past history only like to be as we like to look at the way God has led us but we don't remember his future your member the teachings that God has given us of the people the house let us to the point that we are now eighteen forty four the five S doctrines what are the five assets Sabbath sanctuary state of the dead spirit of prophecy second now if you forget any of those teachings and how they relate to us as a people where you get to go in the future we have nothing to fear for the future if we remember how God led us to the points and we with those teachings that God has given us look to the future to see whether his teachings will lead clearly got has led among his people and one of the ways that he has lettuce is the doctrines or the teachings of us as a people now one of the problems the that comes with having truth at least than in our church has been complacency we have these teachings that God has given us that have one of people to where we are today we ask you a more personal portion of his teachings God has given how many of you are having personal Bible studies of people sharing the teachings of those who have not a clue about any of just the question the think about if those teachings are selling for nothing God has clearly led us as a people where we are now what are we going to share those teachings with a lost and dying world around us a serious question to think about now what I want to do today I am going to take a look at this history of this church as well as the teachings so we are going to look at this history of God 's leading personified in some of the stories of our pioneers and were also going to lunch at the theology that forms a foundation for who we are as a people I'm going to start by reviewing a little bit of history now in eighteen forty four as I said after that time the pioneers did develop the site is primarily higher meds and was responsible for the sanctuary Joseph Bates through a track from TM Preble developed the Sabbath message James in Illinois were convinced of the Sabbath or Joseph Bates higher medicine was convinced of the sonnets from Joseph Bates and Joseph faithlessness of the sanctuary by paramedics and the thought of it an interesting circle now all happened within five years after eighteen forty four if you look at the pioneers that were leading God 's movement after eighteen forty four take for example James why and Joseph Bates James Y and Joseph Bates work extra jobs and sacrificially spending any extra money that they can earn to publish literature to share with other people now this might hurt a little bit but sometimes we work extra jobs to save for retirement those people were thinking about retirement they were thinking about translation that was their retirement now what often happens when you have a million you have pioneers that will lead the way you have conquered to come and they believe the message that they don't have the same level of intensity or fervor as those who love the way so what happens is you have people accepting the Sabbath message the sanctuary message the state of the dead the spirit of prophecy the second coming it all makes sense and the thing that their life is that they know the truth now and they can still keep their job and make lots of money and come to church on Sabbath enough about it and so by the eighteen fifties roughly ten years after eighteen forty four the intensity of the movement started to lose its edge now the best story that I have found that personifies how we as a people became way of the sea and is from a story about Elder JM Loughborough how many of you have ever heard of JM he was one of the plan years of art abstinence church JM became baptized into the church shortly after eighteen forty four and received a call me preacher him there in eighteen fifty three from Helen why and as the story goes jam author was a very successful cells he sold law for Windows on new houses which I guess I was a lucrative business back in eighteen fifty three that he was making a very nice living with the business study and he and he was newly married and he received a call to preach and his wife convinced him that being called to preach wasn't such a good idea and over the next several weeks he struggled with the decision and while he was struggling with the decision he didn't make any sales and so the money that he had saved up and went away and even have any money left and he still had this hall to preach facing and his wife came to him and sent him some money to go by flower at the store he gave her enough money to buy just enough to make one love and she didn't realize how bad their finances and become in that shocker etc. she was crying and that at that moment Elder Loughborough went to his room and tradable and support I don't know how you take care me that I've decided I'm going to become a minister your sleep while his wife went off to the store to buy that wasn't bread and while she was gone someone came by and said hey I hear you sell lots would would you be interested and need giving your certain sum of money second by your business and so while his wife was gone to the store you know that with the confirmation the union once he made the decision that you can become a monster God gave him the confirmation and some of that confirmation Elder Loughborough became one of the most powerful creatures in the absence of new and he was preaching converting salt baptizing them bringing them under the church and salmon maybe James Millen White and a few other dedicated one for doing most of the work and overload for her was still married to the same person that had a similar mentality and one time they want to do a series of meeting someone at the end of the series of meetings they were gone and the way things worked back then there wasn't systematic benevolence with ties the way we have it now which is a much better system vaccinated they descended upon the members that haven to sustain their their work and they were doing they had done a series where the people were fairly well off they had mocked there is no question about when the series was done and they got paid it was a very meager so not much of was not sacrificial giving on the part of the people that they had been ministering and write about them Elder his wife said that's it this is not fair why are we being called to sacrifice for God 's word when nobody else is doing sacrificial work alongside with no love for lacuna the good point I actually been thinking the same thing I did I just got a letter this last week from JN Andrews and walk Iowa he invited me to come do some work for a period time and I what was taken from Prejean if you are insulated from one of the most influential and powerful creatures at that time in our church less than three to go be a carpenter and walked now just to give you an idea of the significance of this it would sort of be like one of our leading Adventist ministers that we all will say Martha you name it one of the time saying I was preaching business it's not making enough money for me I'm in a go go word for a Wall Street stock market agency to make them know you and I would really be a bad witness would point your bleeding minister says this preaching business doesn't pay money to get you something and so that's what happened now write about the same time and on the comeback elder law firm right about the same time Elder James why came to battle creek thinking about sacrificial spirit of giving every extra penny he had a publishing literature and he noticed that there were stacks and stacks of of magazines and literature that were not going out because they didn't have the money to ship it because many of the alchemists weren't donating their money to help Haiti for the distribution of the literature and other wireless around you realize there's all these people in our church and at that time one of the lucrative businesses with farm and there were farmers that had well over ten thousand dollars in their bank account which in hard dance I will probably be hundreds unit felt on my baby with a lot more so they were farmers that were independently wealthy that were not giving anything and people like James White who was barely making the survivors giving every extra penny he said to the distribution of the literature and elder Wyatt went back and read Revelation three fourteen two twenty one and came to the conclusion we of the Seventh-day Adventists keep our way in the sea that was the first time that abstinence pointed to them thousands of your way of the sea they had always wanted to the world outside of them the truth may think they're fine but you're really not those related to the wherefore now over why the same old we currently look at us we have lost our sacrificial giving our spirit of dedication and consecration and so Elder Y wrote a series of articles in the review and Herald now if you look at the sit at the demographic of the church there was maybe between five thousand to ten thousand members of the final member the exact number but the response to his articles was overwhelmed they received hundreds of letters from all around the church thing thank you elder why for writing these articles once I read his articles I realize that I was waiting to see that I'm lukewarm that I am not living the way I should hundreds of letters so a high percentage of the members actually responded to these articles there is one interesting point that there was one place that not one letter came from saying thank your wife are these letters this was so much need one question you guess when I was walk I wear Elder and what happened on morning television in that vision she saw the older that means to Iowa and had given up the ministry that communication is the different back then it wasn't like everyone knew everyone else was doing at all times communication was more difficult so they didn't know that older and left town when less than mastery and so they decide from the instruction of the Lord that they would go to walk Iowa and they would personally reach out to overwatch and those of the other at eleven now this story really is the first example of how God reaches out to his latest CMP as a powerful story because James and Ellen White decided to go during Christmas time of that year to walk Iowa and they traveled all the way from Battle Creek now if you think about the weather conditions between Michigan and Iowa in December it's not the greatest demand across the Mississippi River on sleigh horse and carriage and when they got to the Mississippi River and Mississippi River had about a set of water covering a sheet of ice and they didn't know for sure if they could even cross that river but at the risk and peril of their lives they cross that river because they love those people so much they were willing to risk their life to go get those people who have lost him concentration and once have had and now they have become wary of the season and so here we see an example of God 's love for the way of the sea and sure and if you think about it avoided a CM message and were going to get into the details of the European pavilion the CM methods of all the messages to the seven churches is the most loving of the seven is probably the strongest and the most difficult was also the most loving because it's the one of seven where Jesus is I will come into ninety other seven or six messages say that the son Jesus as I walked from and we see this message personified and how James and Helen why risk their lives to go retrieve Elder of the story goes they got to want on Iowa on December twenty four other was standing on a ladder he looks down and none other than James Mellon wife have just driven out to where he is in Helen White looks it over what do you assign your Elijah in the things that she said what do as thou here Elijah still responds when she said what do yourself here you Elijah your resume Elijah running away from preaching the gospel to lost and dying souls and of course were quickly reached town James and Ellen wider here and you would think our graves are here not it was like she's can have a vision should elicit testimony was direct for the Lord word and James an online news meetings JAMA throws wife repented before he again said I've been a minister 's wife and I have mine my husband from doing the work of the gospel ministry I've been wrong I'm sorry the next day Elder got up before the congregation and said I felt in my hand the hammer of a carpenter for the last and he came back he reconsidered you may be asking yourself the question what was wrong with older he he he was a minister of the heat he was just going to maximizing to go back to importance off again what was the big dog while he was the call that got been given and is example would have affected many others fortunately auto lover from that time almost a faithful worker for God have the full confidence of Ellen why he's written some good books that I would recommend that you read rise and progress of the second of these mothers after the eighteen fifties this is an initial retentions die off and we went back to the weight of the city and state so that by the time of the eighteen eighties Ellen White would say that our preaching on the law was as dry as they fill the wheelbarrow we decreased a lot really well and are ministers were known for activating the other ministers not of our faith may approve the ten Commandments and leave the other minister speechless why was great the thing that was what was was the love of Christ in one of the challenges for us as a people is to Olaf God which is important that in the context of the love of Christ in the eighteen eighties God 's son to messengers the Minneapolis HD Jensen EJ Wagner and if you could sum up the message of John Wagner wasn't universal justification is not what they are teaching it was the matchless charms of Christ people have lost side of Christ's matchless charms they could preach the law that occurred at twenty three hundred days a tell you about the judgment that they couldn't tell you what it was like the lucky and ask yourself the question if you are giving Bible studies the people you're really seem to care about there's eternal salvation you're more concerned about passing tests and getting a good job ask yourself the question do I really know Jesus and his matchless charms in my do I have his love in me that I can share it other people because many times in our experience we have lost their first love in fact Illinois is that if you yet have no love for lost souls you've left your first love and so that message was given it was a wonderful message many accepted including you can read about Sutherland and Magana Madison College story they accepted that many didn't accept it and so history has gone down through time and here we are in two thousand seven and the question whom I where I fit in God 's word in my on fire with a passion for lost souls or him I barely have enough time to spend time with which is in the morning and the evening in just barely making it to church now what is the message to later see we all know this message but there's something that I want to talk about today that I hope will give you a clear picture of why this message is sometimes difficult to give and to receive people I want to hear but by God 's grace were going to talk about this today the trend with me to Revelation chapter three relationship history starting in verse fourteen and under the angel of the church of the way it is see ends right these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God okay first of all way at Asea the word itself means a judged people so it's just people receiving a message from the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God this is Jesus we know this because if you look at Revelation chapter one three verse three titles for Jesus is the faithful witness the first begotten of the dead and the Prince of the kings of years and here we see Jesus is the faithful and true witness now cheer you have a faithful and true witness him in a testimony in time of judgment so if you have someone who's giving a faithful and to the faithful and true witness giving a message in time of judgment it's a testimony in court about who he's speaking out against speaking about the Laodicean church that Jesus is the faithful and true witness in the time of judgment is getting a testimony about the condition of God 's last day people soon we need to listen to see what Jesus says about analysis is the beginning of the creation of God Jesus is described as the beginning of the creation of God another what he has created for so the fact that Jesus is created for comes back into play especially during the time of judgment and you see this in the first Angels message when the fourth commandment is linked to God as creator so the Sabbath of the fourth commandment also than is a link to God as creator in the time of judgment so there must be something about this testimony that is related shoe are Sabbath experience and we talked about this in the past the desire of ages page two eighty three alliances in order for men to be holy they must bring order for men to keep the Sabbath holy they must themselves be holy so here you have a testimony from Christ about the condition of his people and he's reminding people hey remember the Sabbath that's an important thing for you to consider when you're considering holy living in the time of the judgment now as you look shoe revelation three days one asked I'm going to focus on that is related to the way the scene church we of course know that we are described as being lukewarm the evil spirits out of is now her sentence he says because thus saith I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and now it's not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked and I felt a lot for one he went to walk Iowa didn't think that he was wretched miserable poor blind and naked and many of us here today with wooden think of ourselves in that context that I will focus on one word in Revelation chapter three seventeen left toward ratchet I think any of us want to live wretched by you there's nothing worse than filling Gretchen it's perhaps the most awful feeling of just filling that nothing is good everything is bad feeling rich and that is how we are described as a people and yet we don't reckon now this word ratchet is the Greek word policy porous and it's only found one other time in all of Scripture in that one other place happens to be Romans Romans seven twenty four we could probably all quotas Romans seven twenty four O wretched man that I who shall deliver me from the body of this death that the type of person you want to be over it should man that I now were not have time to get irrelevant seven that was not my intention anyway but Romans seven him crucial to understand that having a proper understanding of the gospel that phases run on six seventy and eighty are really the climax of the book of Romans in the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most theological exposition of the gospel you get to Romans chapter six it talked about being dead to sin in verse four it talks about being buried with Christ by baptism and to death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life first six talks about our old man being crucified with Christ and all of Romans six is talking about being dead to sin being servants to God not been certain specific manager to Romans chapter seven here's what some people do they say well run a chapter six talks about being dead the son Romans chapter eight Ben Gunderson but that's really not what it means you can only understand Romans six and Romans eight if you understand Romans seven Romans seven clearly features that will never have victory in this life and so run six and Romans they can only be understood in the context of Romans seven well let's see what Romans seven actually sets Romans seven and with overture demand that I same word as the latest see in church in the beginning of Ron Chapter seven you have a description of a woman who has the option of one she is married she is bound by the law to be married to him for as long as he lives and if she marries someone else she felt adulterous but if her husband dies than she's free to marry someone else pretty straightforward him as verse four as of wherefore my brethren ye also are become dead to the wall by the body of Christ that he should be married to another even to him who is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit and the God Toronto seven for saying okay if you're married shoe the old man you will bring forth and you can see that verse five you're married to the old man which was supposed to be crucified in Romans six you will bring forth but if you're married to Christ you will bring forth fruit until I here's where many Christians struggle they take the name of Christ and say I'm a Christian but they're still married to the old man when you call it spiritual adultery in the four-run seventh teacher you come down to verse fourteen verse fourteen says for we know that the law is spiritual but I am carnal sold understand you want to be carnal sold under what Paul sang here Paul is describing the experience of the kernel memory is not us versus geniuses for that which ID would detect anything when I am harmed when I view either while not for what I went that you are not but what I see that you are of this is crucial you have to understand that Paul is describing the experience of the horrible man here in Romans chapter seven verse fourteen and fifteen are that she would see verses that proves that the man of Romans seven is the carnal man that you are still married to the wrong men Christ verse sixteen yes I did I wish I would not I consent to the law that it is good now than it is no more I that do it but sin that dwells in me I noticed this is as it is no more I that year but sin for us but some of both of the old math so if the old man of sin that still rings in your heart and you can go on them verse twenty two for I delight in the law of God after the inward man such a person that will a lot wants to do right and on his first twenty three that I see another law online members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law sandwiches and my member over wretched man that I ordered you could say old way of the sea knowing what is right desiring to get the still being married to the old mouse and that is how Christ describes his people in Revelation three seventeen the wretched miserable poor blind and naked same word in Romans seven as Revelation three selling three places in Scripture that these words are used what I find fascinating is that many people in our church that HCH that the experience of Romans seven is the converted experience on your way to heaven now that teaching makes it possible for us to not recognize or true conditioning outside we say that I do the things that I wanted the identity of the things I should but that's just the way the Christian experiences and uses the same now your wretched impulses O wretched man that I I don't want to be like that I want to experience victory through Jesus Christ him just to show you a couple of verses to prove that name was not a good thing when the Romans chapter eight starting in verse six Romans eight six forty when minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the combine 's energy against God for it is not subject to the law got neither and he can be the first date so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God so the map Romans seven is the carnal man who is in the flesh and that is that it cannot please God and that's not the experience that any of us want now the question is why is the remedy of Romans eight three and four for the what the law could not be in that it was weak through the flash God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us to walk not after the flesh but after the spirit so we walked out after the amount of room seven the member the revenue after Christ which is run six in Romans eight and noticed Romans eight and if Christ be in you the body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness that here's a key point we were crucified with Christ Romans six Galatians two twenty you receive Weiss in the spirit and the old man becomes that and that is the message to Laodicea which is why Jesus says behold I stand at the door and not let me come into your heart because your ratchet your you know what's right but you're still doing the wrong thing in Wilmington have us when we hear Christ not in London in unafraid sometimes we would be afraid if he came in that if you check your computer we had the embarrassment what we want to see the certain he websites that we guarantee our computer we have to hide a few magazines we want to see those of the embarrassing that Jesus when he comes in he claims are now in the remaining time that I have which is an much I will finish your just a few I just want to challenge us as a group of people who know so much we really be referred a lot over the years we know what is right we have a that God can give us victory how many of us on a daily basis are surrendering our life to him I just have a few quotes three fifteen works page one hundred so that God requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place in order for man to retain justification there must be continual obedience through active living space that works by love and purifies the soul 's the daily surrender first thing in the morning surrender your life to Christ is what Paul says I'd ideally now admittedly this message to Laodicea and enhance someone told me before the sermon that that when they had a proper understanding of Roman settlement with the conversion experience in their lives and maybe some of you here today that haven't seen around seven this way before that you thought that I was just the everyday Christian experience but I'm hoping and praying that you are saying that God has something better for us as a people and they just keep doing the things we don't want need and not in the things that we want the body of sin can be done through the power of Christ now the sometimes is not the easiest thing and Revelation three Jesus house beneath elephant to read the people who think that they're going to heaven when they are actually not headed in the right direction sometimes don't like to fear that what they believe is actually the wrong thing that they need to make a change in their life and so when you when the Lord sends this message we need to pray that his spirit will soften the hearts of the receivers in early writings page two seventy we see that this message to Laodicea is actually how the shaking church because people are to want to still have the experience of Romans seven and have it easier there's no question he could get to heaven and keep doing what you wanted not surrender to Christ not easy but surrendering to the Lord every day does take the power of God everyday that the only thing certain early writings page two seventy I asked the meaning of the shaking I have seen was shown that it would because registry testimony called forth by the Council of the true witness to the latest see this will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and will lead him to exalt the standard and poor forth the street truth some will not bear the straight testimony they will rise up against it and this is what will cause the shaking among God 's people I saw that the testimony of the true witness has not been half heated the solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church pangs has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded this testimony must work deeper tensions all who truly receive it will obey and be purified your member Jim per the repentant when he received the message of Laodicea and I would dare say that a majority of us here today if not all of us and I'm treating myself away we need to rip from earlier this season Steve we always hear the slightest seam message is a jam Loughborough with Laodicea and for leaving the gospel ministry to make a nice comfortable living and vital you can apostatize from the church was unlucky throughout the fundamental beliefs he was still going to church on Sabbath he probably went to prayer meeting he was probably having daily devotions dice he was later to see since you lost that spirit of giving everything in his life and laying on the wine just like James wonders a favor during every extra penny they have a kind of the literature JAMA purpose and for entire and most of us today we think about our career and our retirement we don't think about translation and when we have a group of people who are not at all concerned about retirement but are most concerned about translation because they have finally come to understand the matchless charms of Christ that when you let Jesus you stand at the door not come in that you will have everything that Jesus offers sure to clean up your life and hopefully get rid of some of those movies that you should be watching some of those clothes you should be wearing that he will also change your attitude he's going to give you a new heart and people will want to be around me and when he comes into your heart you'll have a desire to save others you'll him I was ready if I sure to forgive I will spend the coming of the study we should know what we believe and be excited about sharing and now I promise I'm the rapper appeared with Tim page three seventy five individuals are tested in proof of a link of time to see if they will sacrifice their idols and heed the counsel of the tree with those you come up to every point and stand every test and overcome the price what it may have heated the Council the true witness and they will receive the latter rain must be fitted for translation of the experience I want having an asthma attack at God 's church today certainly there has been a revival in the last few years G Y C is happening in four days of all places in Minneapolis which was probably the eighteen eighty eight General conference in Minneapolis was probably our last significant chance to see Jesus come and now here we are again were going back to Minneapolis now I don't know if this year 's USC has the same significance but I credit us I pray that it will accomplish one of the last Minneapolis meeting did not and if you look at what's happening in God 's church today I really believe that we are at a moment of opportunity the revival among young people who are interested in serious biblical Adventism is astonishing really mean liking it a lot more than two thousand there is nothing like what we have here today and if you look at GUI see that wasn't even in exist two thousand we have software through the conference now there's other youth conferences all over the country the things happening in Europe and other parts of the world the Holy Spirit is moving that he's looking for a group of people that will have a proper understanding of the matchless charms of Christ the love Jesus with all their hearts people shoot when they receive a test on one point they accepted the money into the next point accepted under the knife point they'll stop at one point of the next appointment that they keep going until they passed every test and that's where I believe we are today we are on the verge of seeing Jesus come in our lifetime and I pray that when the history is written of the early two thousand that it won't be a chapter in heaven entitled what my you can read testimonies volume eight pages one four one oh six realm why describes the experience of the nineteen oh one General conference of what could've happened if people had received the message the latest in message from the true when not have time to read that by afraid that this history of the people in our generation which approved the final generation will be described in verse twenty one of Revelation chapter three this is the last one a lot of things Jesus says to his lasting church to him however will I grant to sit with me and him through even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his common ironic that the judgment of our people when they overcome to get to sit on the throne from which Christ judged himself what an honor and what a privilege and I can tell you there is nothing in this life that is worth more than none of our favorite idols that we hang on to our careers anything can surpass overcoming even as Jesus ever so I just want to make a challenge and a smaller feel there is anyone here today with higher of having the wretched experience of Romans seven of doing the things that you don't want you even though you know they're wrong and not doing the things that you know you should be doing such a soul winning evangelism giving everything that God if you want to overcome that experience to be zealous and Rick I invite you to stand with me is with father in heaven you see the people who are standing today and each one of us here at least at one point in our life is not meant for them later to see we have had that wretched experience of doing those things that we know we don't want to do that we do it anyway because were still married to their old mass trailer that we would be crucified with crime the body of sin might be destroyed but we can walk in newness of life with Christ so that when Jesus looks down upon us and gives a faithful and true testimony of our experience he will say they are overcome they overcame just like I did so I pray Lord that as we are in this period of opportunity of seeing Jesus my wife that we would surrender everything that we would heed the counsel of the true witness that we would live by the faith of Jesus I pray that you're coming would be seen we would do everything we can to your grace and power to finish the work in this generation this is my prayer in Jesus


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