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6. Keep the Commandments of God and Have the Faith of Jesus

MC Shin


Pastor MC Shin found his calling in ministry from the mission field in Southeast Asia in 1997, and his passion has remained in working in the Lord's vineyard ever since. He brings over ten years of experience from what one might regard as the toughest mission field, working with young people in the United States. Pastor Shin and his wife Abigail served in Atlanta, Georgia until beginning of this year and moved to South Korea to teach at SahmYook University. Southeast Asia has a special place in their heart, not only for its beautiful nature and superior cuisine, but because the Shin family knows how much the Lord loves this land. They are blessed with two boys, Michael and Yehoshua, and as a family they love to serve the Lord by making music, doing community outreach projects, and traveling all over the world to fulfill the great commission of spreading the gospel.



  • December 27, 2013
    4:00 PM
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I really do more than one million in business news volume all that will gospel we need to win power is really this is the is a long time they were sorry while there is almost a rumor that God not only this figure the results are also removed some really terrible with our experience will become as is thank you once again is because of him can inherit the minimum analyst life men as being tested fourteen bursts nine and the third angel followed them saying with a lot of corners did any rare works of the news of his news and receive his mark in his or Aurelius had the same jaw-dropping go who want to rival God is born of a reserve to the call 's indignation and the result is five him going the Romans of the holy Angels kind of thousands of the learner that is informing the sender that all or ever and ever and they have no rest day nor night one is to be used and his name is that whosoever receiving the mark book is made here is a season of all the things you are leading to keep the Commandments of God and the slim as we all all all will study about the men and all but the Collinsville please both Jesus is fully hollow in eighteen eighty eight is there all this meeting the Kurds reject the right systems but the message is hard truth is exactly received Jesus would come the years the fact that we are still here on earth the two thousand four fourteen thirteen twenty past seven and two thousand thirteen minus eighteen eighty four eighty nine hundred and twenty three one two three all hundred and twenty years can you do this for two years we're still here on twenty three years in the call him who is is Google where you move every time I really do as I will one build right systems in the mess is all new all whole I only will you and you want to I see you on my computer as you don't drive I'll give you reason my Margaret a Mrs. Margaret previous husband is to be exhausting to all persons is absolutely no later but decided to do because all it is a story with no father all sister Margaret to Margaret's father that will enable under football one time yes morally speaking that you can use these yes Margaret Wise is to be alone and she didn't have answered more sincerity in these tweeters is not about manifesting my library later she was able to fall but as a zone home whatsoever who is eternal life so you will or or or if you don't have required all in this community know I was e-mail me and I'll send you all in all her everything will go sure and you will like this is a necessary one also the problems are to know and all my worrying men there is a sword you know he is with God is when his life as far as the Google duty was to become modified you tell me know when you tell there is even a king were no law so she was part of the controller while the house is gone you know one of the wood to feed through the Balkans this luck with all the new and there is a feeling towel as far as what is not the only storm the result is that the successor or maybe more so the voice that something like that again was very angry man in the seventh is remembered as his life and then sold to get all his semesters but you and will him anymore as Americans claim to them how will have to ask you to repentance otherwise I'm not keeping the global voices and on his for the civilian repair I cannot you will or won't like this is as everything has to be before there's no thought as to the cost and CG this place is one why are you paying off in phases because of using the visit please is on plan or so is that his father the whole family was there is this is amazing how big is on those as is her please explain to my people only but also is followed cause them to her she had seen to win the angry himself uses ten to two stories but in either a side door or harm himself she went also as you know I almost been laid off all the rings is one of the for all really hurt other people but I will really find the item you ever think this is my wife's when you know is the holy of how is the time on these trees will be children to them and then later passed with soul is a wonderful story but I really want you reading this I'm not really a good storyteller but when there is so consistent in comparison to me as a regional all in nineteen ninety seven the lower savings which will part and fourteen so what will patients over things open about what the patient of the things raising an exit in this first vision of it is actually better because it is steadfast in euros that fast injuries while this seems these staff has to do is our Angels messages related to why the peace and know that you are looking for you to receive one more piece like women's more of these issues him I learned here is when you are here as the man is a fool 's deal will only show the United States when I was there I believe the single was not maybe but what is the vessel is is is the recommend and then later on if you don't wear a little fine and is now you will for several the driver and passenger right next to the nozzle car and even the children is because you do not classic inference for children the design is by Jeanette is that Lucy and none will see you as more like car seats for children who otherwise you are so this is what happens as a way right now you know they're asking everybody is going on not asking the children as long as the law is suitable later duels of the men know you will always do so you will utterly viewable but I think I'll do it once the United States or in these days has Sunday law as a whole which means as I we recommend using the tools on the Islamic mandate there certainly exists this is the shoot a time to sign this is the new all the time realism was five my companies sold me the US company to the knowledge that will succeed as billion-dollar that is you log in and then one of moral issues in the school and society the lost and what to do with each other and the people who sold out over the phone this phone is changing the is no ball constitutions and the men of the all members of the solutions of your unit is one of the procedures in a society so the soldier and all rights now being the gives to much Google is the victim on your health insurance and so there are all too beautiful to live in so in order to control that one of the best solution leaving basketball before that abuse of young people one wall also soon as the war is no reason to the time to spare you the time for the whole family state whole people spend time with their children parents good writer stable try to do something together that will spend spend spend when you have money or are you are everything will go I will refer to go so there is to to change to how the whole society is amazing is that this will be the best solution for everyone everybody was at the rules the result one happy nation in the visit I will read that then you become terrorist been terrorizing the reason that's why we hold this vehicle laws and in prison cells to preserve the soul this guy back in your view because as soon as available please enable me to go with his feet I only owe her an wife beautiful as you know that the law is on your homework and I don't care a little venting is when you want to you also do the study will know that working on Sunday to possibly later it will even know everyone Saturday on Sunday to visit on Sunday towards ones on the knot Saturday and is you are then many people who do so will be the somehow and not everyone to some of the execution Wednesday please write something that's life that passengers needed to hear mad dog and here are the days keep the commandments of God and what the faith of Jesus we don't looking to come in him in the community remembers the same thing of the past and then we will all his commandments of amendments for doing what minimum for all men will go in a Monday rest this may be lots no you will also the design gospel of Jesus Walkure and yourself and with all your hardware will log God is only a part mind it is a straight right in their love their neighbors as a result that is in the tenth amendment is to anybody as one what is all over the logo is law and when you find that Google 's services seven thirty in the first ten Law order nor you his neighbor therefore these the room of the law where is the news press digging in the Judas Bournemouth Jesus is the life of Christ there is several the leaves together and they work together he was a pleasure he would know who is not sometimes people Judith and someone is working bill by two two and he even performed the bill 's and Castel demons right and there was all excited on more than Jesus 's same Jews again in the become the first provision in reason I know will receive will not I as Christian as following Jesus as we know one of sometimes reviewed husband wife brothers and sisters as members it is almost always that behaves like a born writer on your bill fingernail of illegal however to the know-how to make you feel miserable and a half you do with this file refuses to follow a single false deny herself did not herself in the fall that you will do the fossils believing punished I had the person criminal naked by the abuse of birth and Haven boss and birthday the only hang on to achieve workpiece until you die is the most following digging the sound really positive no cars Jesus wanted all of all the old way will want to carry all your experience is somewhat self-critical parts you are we will review seeing the right people we just can't do so always is not the is pleased with the civil law you will have to understand that developed me she told the members of God 's love faith of Jesus what is afraid of Jesus in all all days on different definition home I want us to review from the Bible this is my own study one of the big abuse Congress liaison center by Johnson to design the nineteen fantasies is is is is is is verily verily I assume you that some of the song came to nothing I saw what he see the father do for what things celebrity please also do the sun like one because the is I can do nothing all myself one of the dollar is a you are father is in for the first thirty if you see what these will be as birth started by Carol mine own self do something good here there no do not being as I hear hi Jonathan my thought is that because I seek not mine own will I will not bother which is the soul the dust in the word by Sears father I see tears in the school to school is forty nine bonuses why not still in all my soul but the father who sent me he gave me a man amendment what I sigh so they should say and what I should be so Jesus is formally the pendant on why his father see here those beings or fathers pastor Jeremiah you him I will know your resume you will revise my head you will want to that way that he and he will as long as you know these that are known in talking me a while you will will is in the best way to test it myself and them I will like you will everywhere I won't be no all you and the result will this line the best way to go over all the abuses is is following me when the baby is when we believe we can you can see the link the faith of Jesus will rule surrender atrocities on the everyday is Jesus Jesus is coming everything is in every day and all the morning the Bible says Jesus many times he would rule them all the way when still the him he would stay informed by way too many diseases would be awesome Jesus was so popular right when does you imagine the endless in case you somewhere in the hunt when you know that he has been here yesterday 's visit with you defined as the following entry in Israel Jesus was so famous everyone on this is Jesus and people come to Jesus Jesus never said the only whether the vessel whether they are whatever will visitors see the reason we won to Jesus while he sure even the things that are so I've gotten all on a woman who read this is your chapter I know this as well eleven top eleven birth six six five two thousand and eight is possible if possible for you as I will believe that he is in that he is no order of them that the lead of the season if you him out of a you cannot please God Jesus is the key is to please his father is unknown I know the father by these is called him a son in his father when my son immediately known when we usually have award for knowledge Romeo is always a very lingering estate is on a small fee grant that all my life why is she was young but all you or someone you so when we all seem to you does that help signify what is playing to our losing you to participate soliciting is always as is holding the boom of the intellect is as is her sometimes individual illnesses as soon as the season he was he sold all my father when I feed my son five PT e-mail is even when the Sony saw indicated small will you do need to have been God to do that right I wanted to reason from there is page one thirty two they will use this is that while all reasonable and what you and Jesus is all the button is used while they celebrated of these is that below the third Angels message Jesus Tony are assumed earlier that he might come hard to our Savior you will be in the user the city is a blog or some are in that I think is right this is basically the meaning he'll plan to save us that we will that is how you see the person you are so not stable and we always talk about the abuse but we cannot be in Spain what it really means this is Lee faith in God believe she will try to save us actually and moving and in coyote you something different about recycling our geosynchronous no other folks in our shoes as you is when Jesus one hundred and is not jealous all here to the controls is no not your parents our children not our pastor not a church that we can guarantee result is what having false is and I want you to know is this beautiful moment somebody is involved in my wife and I start the model is visible in the minds on the many hours to see her the same title at the ninth phone with my wife I receive persecution okay you when you fall in love with Jesus Susan is not happy with you the trial wiggle to know everything you and of course you can accept Jesus loving you Brian still becomes you try to all this is that all legal entities are bad to read the whole from no game his strata Jesus when I started my wife my wife's parents weren't happy with you my thought is to talk to a season will educated she is really sees article in the kitchen and pastor is that we all know on earth lady wanted very passive but there are many people you call this a successful right it's hard to you solemnly and I'm on I was less physically not to bottle many Pharisees all passed through all this difficult season they don't want to North America so I think these years Jerusalem to all people is a more sufficient funds more and more of the seller Sunday maybe life in himself they can do whatever to stop the recession while you want to be one you know all your children's Ms. the manual is and is not good the new principal war before my wife always loses all the young lady for several years and I will know we love each other and want to allow him I will know that I said yes yes yes believe you me anymore I will call the church something about reading people there is awkward in their staff asked okay ha ha kidding about the evil therefore you are one of the all one of the law is used to the world 's second-largest uses high school exam will send you all over the world and what effectively because before the movie was involved in this massive building is the somebody will come of you either there or her job the fourth is by peoples in China and it is one beautiful thing and then he will resume his soul anyway all is so over the many cases even though I want my weight has so there's there's no way to my heart is not so as they God to be one to two years the print everything that I married you of course there is time you will have to would have to fall in love with Jesus Christ devices you know maybe to what is the final was on the cross you him in the reviewer who I didn't die because of his physical pain denied because of the fuel that was as part of time was this one the soldiers this is due to decide water will ASAP follow Jesus Christ the connect is followed by students on whose figures Haiti is student is becoming king then I'll be serious but if not then I was selling you know I wish many of you your you know I love twins thirties I wish I was like there is a facility or my life that I was still I even played computer games but I was happily addicted to night I love sufficiently American I have already the history of way all over soul I place to be visible home of going out with friends American Idol care what kind of games a copy Maurer four four at the moment we documentary one everything was already in a loss in the final time that I was everything there was no more than one that's how much I love but I realize when he is you you want me you dating to this end team feeling the same was pretty interesting story is that all the human bone loss easier and fun experience but what is his true love to you soon love with their meanings the understand all the Jesus that is a and you can close your life when you follow somebody you can medicine down this is why the consequences of formalism of the unit who someone you know is called in the human Abigail in his later yeah yeah you like to have Wednesday a moron service one in all I hope I will leave you desire you know I was even every two weeks so I won't here is more there to serve my love right when you are alone with Jesus you do everything money time time everything you have been willing to give his and you'll be so because because you will as well made this is that we need to do when you love and when you're for you if you be on his for many years when you realize that God paid for the freedom is a free tool happiness that you can service all the way so I want to experience that enables proclaim the gospel with the old rules are I want to know who always have a thousand years and come back to real old owner and I want to see everyone there is fully following of the following that you Lord Jesus the Bible how would be ready for use I was Yahoo present from the very beginning when the menu soon as always had a rather small people were moving to goal will be surrendering your life and the denying himself as Jesus and God lost this is a couples to be similar couples to be like Abraham and Isaac and Joseph and Daniel and Moses and all the disciples so that we could also CHD if the radio when you're in will bless their life help them to experience love with Jesus Christ there also life will vindicate his character 's love is mercy kindness and continued to us continuous listening to and in the Jesus will celebrate Jesus Christ amen this media was brought by audio parents the website spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about hothouse the more certain it is www. .net verse .org


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