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Salvation in Light of the Great Controversy

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • August 7, 2004
    10:00 AM
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morning everyone can anybody see the whiteboard you will need to see the whiteboard this morning now falling willing to do this morning is we are going to discuss a very very important but had a very fundamental basic topic regularly discussing the topic of salvation salvation specifically with and the context of the great controversy many finally here the copy of salvation presented is often talked about based on our perspective what does it feel like what does it work like how is that can operate as it applies to me but when you look at the plan of salvation in a different perspective when I look at it from the perspective of God and unfallen universe and the as we look at it from that perspective we can place our own personal salvation in its proper sphere you with me so far okay so that validity today but before you begin with our heads in prayer father in heaven we thank you for this day for minds that we can think and reason for ourselves as yet even called us in Isaiah to come and reason together to do it today help us to have the spirit of God to lead us to give us keen reasoning minds that we need thinkers and on the reflectors of Ottoman thoughts with glasses this morning we pray in Jesus name all right let me set the stage for you you all are familiar with the story way back in the Garden of Eden there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Levant of the serpent also known as Satan or the Devil tempted Eve and beguiled her and tempted her into sin and she threw taken a further husband caused him to think him myself him commune with God descend and they fell short of the glory of God okay so that's then that's the scenario we all know that story we donated goods and image detail but now this is the dilemma this is the problem that the gods hands many times they are gone he would've wanted to die and an end he was given a second chance they gave us Jesus and and gave us the option of being saved by yet we're forgetting a very important element in the story and that is that God in one had indeed had fallen humanity and the other has yet all of the unfallen world and how is he going to reconcile the two how is he going to think it's incompatible obviously with sin in the world it's not possible so go ahead Institute a plan a plan of salvation and many say that very clearly I will mention it again and again to this this am this morning that is that the plan of salvation is not just the state fallen humanity it is not just to save fallen humanity although for us you know that's the part that we play that that is the the the the area in which we are involved in the greater scheme of this great controversy God 's plan of salvation is yes to save fallen humanity but also to secure the rest of the universe from ever having to deal with sin again that is the second part of the story that so often we miss but before we get into the national main parts of of the message I want to highlight seven points seven points that we all as Christians will accept as fact not just understand this mind you I believe all Christians maybe well I prequalify that most Christian him will be doing next and will and will agree on these seven points that call these the seventh facts okay the letters begin back number one fax number one with the God is God is merciful we agree so far now we have many many many Bible verses that will prove this point you maybe thinking I was the beginning of that well will see them home God is merciful he can look at a few verses limited right if you appear Exodus thirty four verse six Deuteronomy four thirty one these all prove that God is merciful we all agree on that most Christians will agree with that second we have God is just and we had to run me thirty two four five twenty one number three freedom of choice the freedom of choice this is one area that we let me make a brief point about there are people there are Christians that do not necessarily believe in freedom of choice as we believe it is this sex toy this faction that came out of Calvinism John Calvin which taught that God predestined humanity to go in either one patented special one Pat into eternal life however the Bible tells us in Joshua twenty four verse fifteen Judy this day whom you will serve it is no choice involved in why would God profit but Joshua called people to choose savings how long quality between civilian and Baylor God servant of the Lord is God 's servant there is a choice involved and always just like Satan to go back to the very root of faith if there was no choice involved why would God created a being that he predestined to send it does not make any sense so choice is involved there's always freedom of choice and goblins harbor violate our freedom of choice is right on the verses for you Josh twenty four fifteen and persons eighteen eighteen twenty one okay number four sin is transgression of God 's law first John three four now I have to make a note here to the Bible said at first on three four that sin is transgression of the law we agree with however in this better prophecy it is the even clearer analyte ride that the holy definition of sin is the transgression of God 's law now want to make the debate one another because in accepted Christian circles today there is a new belief press also new but there is another belief that sin is inherent in our nature since we are born sinners and we will send as soon as to until Jesus comes as we will soon see that really is bankrupt in the great scheme of a controversy him him he was soon a second time sin and transgression of the law for five gods law law log is immutable God law is immutable meaning Godlike perfect it cannot change it it completes is indispensable all of these terms to describe this one worked immutable God law it is whole and entire in and of itself it cannot chain Jesus says about the heavens any exist not one jot until will be removed and even set the law of the Lord is perfect and some nineteen thousand one nineteen within its one seventy through the bylaw is true Romans seven twelve a Roman Catholic result of the laws holy and just and good God law is unchanging unchanging I love you Bob versus Ari gave it a few I think you can find a and number six wages sin wages of sin is death and because the laws and changing as soon as transgression of God 's law if the debtor is the weight of sin and God law can never be changed that means that fact can never be changed God 's law necessitates that if anyone bracelets the natural consequence will result in death as of the Bible says Romans six twenty three and number seven him a okay you a seven-point number seven we already mentioned God is God is not going to allow us in the right of the time but this will be addressed in his plan of salvation his plan of salvation looking at these seven points we can reason logically reasonably what can and what can God do now I'd be careful how you that where God is omnipotent but what I'm saying is that given the facts from Scripture there are certain options certain points out certain way that God will say that we just can automatically redesign because it will not jell with what we had just discussed so let's begin option number one what did God do fallen humanity of a year unfallen world over here now gone he could have done this and if it were up to me in my sinful humanity I would have chosen option number one the Iowa had to let humanity run its course they chose instead to let me let than just self-destruct and live the rest of a universal law that is a result the say that anyone within again you see this is a type of mentality that we had logically speaking shall be speaking raised on the human sense of justice think about that if there was a human rights and going to love you and let them to self-destruct in the end couple things will happen number one dog law is remaining immutable God can say what you can't temper with the law it is a lot you can chain him a result of breaking the law is that they pay their own penalty they die so using the justice of God God laws in mutability wedges and be the all pay and also the freedom of choice it shows us that so God is allowing them to have option of going up now number seven notes in riding with second time will that happen well very likely you see when the ball University now God will just let it go at that wedding music and a lot of self-destruct within nothing but then the subjects will serve God out of fear and not love and it will always be a by our number one the rest of the universal state God is just to give us what we deserve but he's really not that merciful he doesn't really care about you don't just helping us see just want to think yet what we deserve and mercy of God for ever in the universe will be in question if ever it will be undermined does God have let this race just run itself into destruction so let me say this option number one as nice as it sounds in terms of logic humor logic it cannot work because God will not then be a merciful God so we agreed number one fortunately for us as fallen humanity that is not the choice that God made okay option number two now off-limits or you may think this is a ludicrously ridiculous I bring it up but you will see why and will let's just say God did this guy gets a all right humanity humans while humanity you soon but I'm a merciful God and gracious long-suffering I'll just the major said I the fight unless they value never sent just come on up to heaven and the men pretend nothing ever happened while back at work obviously number one Joshua God merciful and they got not just the law the laws requiring that the weight of the debt is not met soon really is not a transgression of the law anymore it can just be overlooked it could be just just means in the way Doctor De Soto say wow that doesn't really matter in the way Justin never paid scandal the right of the things I'm confident never done away with so there is always given a continuation of said cell number to our doesn't really work and also number three freedom of choice and God did that that in limine the freedom of choice Martin and he got just in one sweep of his arm you are justified now you may think why now this is ridiculous God wouldn't do that that's just as it goes against everything that the Bible says less true but let me just make this a very very brief but very potent point so much of the Arab in terms of salvation and righteousness by faith these days is all a variation of option number two solid variation they might substitute they might include the freedom of choice but eliminate still keep the other things out they might be my own they sure they got law is immutable but they still leave some other things now the art so many different variations that we can cover in between let me take you to the one I believe is one of the main culmination within our church today and send the variation of option number two what is the optimum degree so short God must be more also see my student had another chance maybe with that God is just as Ms. of law cannot be done away or change in any way so that neither windows and must be paid and that neither must be a death the monthly debt of some sort and onto the order to pay for the wages of sin so God in his mercy and in his justice he sends Jesus Jesus Christ the son of God volunteers to take on human flesh to come down upon the earth to live as a man to die on our behalf now an online rethink but easily won then right but don't remember this is the creator of all mankind that the creative man died for all of his creation didn't like what it would would substitute would be more than enough to pay for all the lies that he created so Jesus could do that and only you could do that only God could substitute on man's behalf so now this is what happens God comes his mercy is clearly revealed he comes he dies he shed the blood and now God in his grace and mercy because they all are willing all are willing because many to make this point there are some say that when Jesus died he automatically forensically can't burn everyone until they choose the law wait a second that doesn't really gel with what I see the Bible say Eugene is indeed they do that then why does God still cost you need a single-user dongle say well just don't worry about it you don't even know about it because I recovered you in case you make the wrong decision God must give us the choice to choose him which is debt so now so let's just say God that he given the choice him cry the blood of their auction now I can take your place and give your forgiveness to impart and declare you righteous and justified and then we can be all back together reunited together and have now possessed out good orgasm some very good and you know why it's also good for a couple reasons number one into the second chance and praise the Lord for that number to be sounds good also because that's what we've heard all our lives that is the gospel we've been taught just believe on Jesus Christ believe in his name just accept his sacrifice on your behalf and just accepted by faith and you are forgiven you are made at atonement and that is good news and that is true only partially now why do I say that because let's just say humanity we have accepted Jesus blood you have forgiven us he is justified is declared as righteousness of the Lord and now we are all on our journey of the heaven and we come into the heavens all of the universe will have one resounding question that will reign for ever and ever and I question it how do we know these people won't sin again how can we be sure at all on universe the best thing for me will never sin again you have set affliction will not rise of the second time in relatively wonderful she shall wipe away every tear that shall be no more sorrow neither death nor crime of the one with a look at the way how can you be sure God that these people will never sin again if I did what I than will you accept my taking your place for you you just other commenters him chosen this is why they haven't been changed now there is an argument in document now that said this but we will all be changed when Jesus comes right we will the more it will take on immortality and we will we were in a twinkling of an eye become as he is sure after that argument I did have one very simple question one simple question and that is just this if that is the case why did not Jesus come back shortly after his resurrection anyway two thousand years and still have not come back why did he allow all the atrocities in the dark ages of a place why did he allow World War I to Civil War Korean War Vietnam Ward wanted to start a commune in the Balinese believe that they play if he could change the twinkling of an eye because after he was resurrected the blood was already there that the means justified is already there if God can just say they did if you have a runway have to change right away we will have to deal with the passing of the news right yet that's opportunity Jesus did not come back shortly after loudly that answer might be on the gospel has anything in the well the disciples did indeed take the gospel to the world in one generation and under the falling of the early rain I wanted you to come after that that that is the question unfortunately many of our evangelical brothers cannot answer satisfactorily now let me try to answer the augment loop him this question there is a very fundamental fallacy based upon what we have already mentioned it is this if we indeed are changed by the twinkling of an only because we have accepted God 's forgiveness that needs that God somewhere along the way insulin humans she would have to violate the freedom of choice because not everyone is a sin that they had not been privy to what you know something say like you know they they still enjoy no they still cling onto their Irish temper and they just lash out whenever and it never felt convicted they never saw the need to change within graphology but they never chose to change and Jesus said we had set my forgiveness and ninety six yes Lord ice after forgiveness and she does that all right I'm getting to heaven right now he working up to heaven but that it violates the freedom of choice God can even raised his Irish temper if you never chose to give it up in all of our lives there are still those those sins needed an upgrade standby alcohol with him more smoking or murdering or adultery and it is not handle things that you do something small that is just gossiping maybe it's just chronic lying or maybe it's just cheating on a limited budget we have not made the choice to give it up God cannot take it from if God indeed can just write online clean and just remove and take the pain away with honest you think that violate the freedom of choice to Jesus cannot come back with just having him Christ on Calvary I do want to make this point very very clear I am in no way putting down a sacrifice on Congress cross that is the pivotal points in human history if there were no cross available sacrifice they would be nothing would be no hope all I'm saying is that there is something more there is something after the atonement allocate on the cross there must be or else why would Jesus have waited another two thousand years so that's option number three and that is the accepted Christian gospel and perhaps sure it it answers all of these questions the number seven is still not a quick account of four we still have no assurance that sin will drive up that wisdom would not rise up for second time and that is very very crucial to the great controversy you see in our perspective and online we don't really worry about the future too much the future of the universe is not the cost of the five and we are redeemed by God and you know me don't want to have this dingy dusty dirty world anymore so we got the word about that but the unfallen worlds God is working secure than as I've said before let me say it again that salvation is not just the city fallen humanity is opted to secure the universe ever having to wait Austin again sought to number four option number four no doubt other said we have many many variations but for the number four so as I said God tries the atonement on the cross his offer for forgiveness and pardon that is half the truth and that is true but only partially true so given all of that all of that him mercy justice log immutability the wages of sin sin is addressed about all of the things I counted four how do we account number seven and how the company the answer is rather simple this be this person 's name is the Holy Spirit after Jesus ascended to heaven he should before he is said to have been in John chapter fourteen fifteen sixty three chapter is that I will send you the comforter so you may bring forth fruits and Jesus Christ not only promises that the four pardon he also promises his spirits for transformation but of course that cannot come without a choice a couple months ago I think we already discussed the topic of some surrender that is the efforts that goes through minds how can we surrender the will to God and then we understand that the power of the will looks dusty closet that everything depends on the exercise of the will but we learn to exercise the will which is our power of choice will be played out John thought we just got the permission to send the Holy Spirit within us so that he can work in us to will and to do all of his good pleasure and when that takes place friends when that takes place which is anymore I don't want to lose my temper anymore and we get a law take this from me and God will then have the permission because we have chosen to eliminate that from our lives and not just eliminate that in a sense every time he comes up Gaza at the reins and pulling a Spagnolo like that we need meeting the sinful propensity that the Spirit of God can eliminate at how did that happen but willful and habitual surrender to go and that is the key that is the key that unlocks all of these the thing that is rather puzzling how can God make this all together just to prove he provide the means for pardon and that is very crucial very important but he also provides the means for transformation it provides a means for allies the change and let me say that it is both they are both essential to salvation though don't get me wrong don't get filtered anyone's word for when they say his righteousness by faith salvation is justification alone it's not just justification alone because that would run for the problem number seven not be accounted for it is not forgiveness alone is not part of alone although those are crucial very important there must be transformation for the security of the universe and now you may be thinking that our salvation by works no it's not no it's not because we cannot do it even if we tried we can do it but by faith only accept the spirit of God he does it in us through us or us that is why Galatians two twenty says I'm crucified with Christ nevertheless yet I still lived but not odd likewise who lives in the that is the gospel and their frothy tells us that Christ should life transforming work on his mediatorial work in the sanctuary language is just him as a sacrifice on the cross both are essential to salvation I further than once in any lists you never geometry in and he lets there are two focal points or two salvation is just like that it's an ellipse of truth there are two foci and you can't eliminate one you must have both and both are equally important number one pardon number two transformation medicine up for you in just a few words in order for God Joss and merciful and in order for God to eliminate the threat of sin ever rising again for a while yet saving fallen humanity she must provide a means for human beings to be pardoned and the means for human beings to be transformed for then to choose that is the gospel in a nutshell and we must understand that because of the believe that we can go to heaven but I just think the magical words and I wish you still continue on sitting and thinking one day gala tickets from the one day it will change well perhaps one day we'll be disappointed because God gives us the power to change now to stop sending them to stop singing to the best of our ability right now all of the known sins can be eliminated by the power of God this is not bad news this is not some some shred of full legalism this is freedom why do we want anybody starts in the sink on each I think the filmmaker not in a powerful and sinful and I'll send them think I I don't understand that well anyway there's a quotation I like to read the review a very this is from the theft of Christ page sixty three it said that our only ground of hope is in the righteousness of Christ imputed to us and in that wrought by his Spirit working in and through us our only ground of hope that the writers of my computer for us need to declare righteousness and also his righteousness that there was good enough in us and through us now that's good news is God can change a stubborn and rebellious boy like me now we mentioned earlier that the gospel number three does not account for this two thousand using between Jesus death on the cross at the second coming now how do we account for the PC they are accounted for number seven and I know colonization of validity will be here the universe has me sure that the simple race that God is going to redeem will not sin again so they must be put forth with there was also an attack there must be some sort of checks and balances type of thing they need to be accounted for accountable so God is setting up the grand event called the investigative judgment the thing that goes through the life of the believer investigate the events that went through the line namely the choices that they may the choice were gone the choice of this world and it will go through all the books you can read in Gammage beginning in verse nine the books are open the court associated GZA seminary but it also says that there are thousands and thousands and thousands on ten thousand they are looking in on this judgment process on the investigation process and in the book of Revelation the seafood beasts surrounding the throne with a twenty four elders were from all witnesses for the investigation of the life of God professed believers the vacant look over there all I into the record out that you believe in God and that if they just look he had made a choice he has decided to choose you he is safe to say you just put it this way got part in the forgiveness that is his that is our title to salvation and sanctification for the transformation I live that is not fitness for salvation so business judgment process investigation process and one of these days we'll have a generation where God has a look of them there my jolts they are perfect and of right and eschew evil they will not turn from even if you do anything so in order for God to stand by his word he says less than half of it and I will prove you that they are safe to say this generation meaning they are the first through the represented rest of the state this is the state in which all the state would have had they had ample time and truth they will not allow sin and alive they will not participate in the one inch associate in the forces of darkness tried I let I'd let you have some time to tempt them persecute them talk to them whenever there will be a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the start and the reason for that is a little lodging universe can look at the lives of the process final generation of believers and say these people are serious even then they are being buffeted on all sides even if the family turned against that even all the assets held in the Pacific the truth even though the campfire style they are not sending will send these people up there than it is when we have a thing I think we know David blood stop us city this is his salvation this is a golf ball it is more than just going to heaven sitting on the cloud and playing our parts it is the internal security of the universe and all in the scope of the great controversy sought personal salvation many say it again in a nutshell it is a part of God combined with the transforming power of God so in conclusion I guess I will end on time in conclusion what is our response how can we respond how can we take part how can we help because God authorities on so much as we already mentioned God could have just let us go off into the distance reaches of the universe and just self-destruct God did not do that in fact he chose the path that constitutes old life so that we can have a second chance so what's our response we know that God has offered the part he has offer the freedom for us to choose to be forgiven by God 's grace we have accepted that blood upon already this morning every morning ABV member remember to come before the foot of the cross thank the Lord Jesus was sacrificed and accepted atoning blood for us a yes every morning let us also remember to ask that the Spirit will give us the power spirit will help us to be willing to be made willing to accept his power and his grace is sufficient for us no weakness the strength is made perfect that while we attempted we may be able to save more help mean you have promised Spirit to give me strength economy and that is why the book he was as a letter therefore boldly to the throne of grace and company holding will become so on knocking years of long I fell again no become the guys they've already promised help me and when we do that what we've learned to do that and accepted by faith we shall know that our prayers are answered as of the fundamental key industries to parts of salvation we must choose to be pardoned for given justifying and choose to be changed transformed in the innermost soul our hearts desire molded inclination tendency everything sanctify by the spirit of God those are the choices that we can make in one of these days as the spirit is being poured out and latter rain proportion problem and able us to staff like the hundred court without so that God can say look at that they will not allow certain into the line much less the rest of the universe so that is our decision today and that is that choice that we can make today that choice is up to you no one can force you not even God and you have the opportunity today to make that choice some of our heads together as each is a great our father in heaven this morning we have briefly looked at your plan of salvation in a different perspective will be realized him them and intelligence I went into this plan we thank you that you are God of justice and yes the God of infinite mercy so that you gave us the choice the option to be saved and Lord we thank you that you not only want to pardon us of our previous sins that you will change us if we allow you what we look forward to the day when we will meet the beings of the rest of the universe and they can look at us and say they have been rejoicing because we have been faithful to death that they know that we are safe to say that we will become the brothers forever and ever and all of eternity and will we thank you for this opportunity to work with you in this grand scope of the Grand Prix controversy help us to recognize our important part to play that we on this theater a spectacle than men and angels we are not just here to satisfy ourselves in a salvation is not even just for ourselves that it is a vindication of your name and it is a security for the rest of the universe for all of the rest of eternity saw this out they continue to lead us and lets us and guide us this is a prayer


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