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Shaking and Sifting, Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him thirty sorry class we want to start on time and were in our heads but before we do that let me tell you little bit about the use of the workbook to get the most out of class you'll need a Bible opinion and the workbook you also needed to ask him since you do not have one in the back of the person in front of you should work very nicely so the idea is you balance your Bible on your knee you take your workbook and you put it on the back of the person in front of you is far better to take notes on their back that is undershirt you will do quite well if you do that one of the things that you need to be aware of this week in the use of the workbook we are not bound to the workbook workbook does not serve us whether we do not serve the workbook it serves also there in the areas in the world I don't cover and I will tell you that upfront but by the time you leave them at the end of six sessions out to all give you the key and you actually have the key in your workbook for all of the answer is in so you can do a lot of self-study beside what we do in class so if there is an area that I'm going over and the I don't want to be hung up on water I write my workbook and where is this guy when I miss this word don't worry about that because of the fact that Michael is for this class to the experience of the study and work God study the writings of Ellen White and inspirational class too we'll leave feeling not simply that he stored information in your head but you leave feeling that that evening price that you have a new understanding of glass and handset no understanding what Jesus wants to do in your own personal life so but you will have the key to all of the all the information in the workbook and so you really don't have to worry that you're going to going to miss him what I will do is I will direct you to certain pages that we will be filling in some blanks and maybe by the second session also somebody at the computer with the depth of the projector and a summary of the whiteboard I'll organize at the second session so that as I go on if your little ambivalent and what writing workbook will type that even will put it up on the screen once only writing on workbook right on board leaders that will get that material up as well so if somebody is still coming in their feces around here I certainly don't mind if you want to consider for your comfortable there is feel free to do that so if you want if you're in the doorway Anita Dunn of his seat in the room when you want to sit on the floor that's fine with me don't worry about it it's more it is easier for you to sit on the floor and right that it is newsstand I just make yourself at home this is no that's no problem at all let's pray and then we will begin our session in this particular period of time father in heaven deep within our hearts there's a longing for Jesus to come we look at this world wouldn't say and degradation with his poverty with each with its pestilence and pollution war famine and board in our hearts more than anything else remarkable when one of you when Jesus not for our sake but for his sake because from an matter how much would we want to become you want a more rewarding your heart broken over the sinfulness of this world created he is a perfect now we have aware of it's all messed up the award which is long to understand better the last events not so we understand the time sharp but we understand Jesus and his strategies client who wants to happen in this world as a father I pray that as we study together that would be drawn close to the heart of God the uniform our minds impress our hearts revive her spirits and pricing on all of our classes can't even say let the we give you a brief overview of the course syllabus so if you have your syllabus for going to look at just an overview at class I always like to know where were going I was like to know where were headed and that as a class I like that of course I want to know what topics the teacher is going to cover and so in our first-class we will get an overview of the coming crisis and I've called that the coming crisis anticipated report writing if you look for example on page four welcome back to look at that shortly but Morgan talked about the book of Revelation the outline and events in the book of Revelation will look at the key advances outlined their outline there when you come to class number two session two I call that revival January counterfeit and if you look at the second session will talk about the objects of Satan 's attacks against strategy for example his strategy on the unconverted is strategy on Christians were not accessible look at Satan special strategy for Seventh-day Adventist we will look in the second session at Satan 's four strategies particularly for Christians and for Adventists and look to see what he's doing because if you know the enemy and you know what the enemies going to do you really counteract the counterfeit of the enemy and so will look for example at Satan 's false miracles the false religious revival that is going to bring to the world and the Adventist church and how to tell the difference will look at spiritualism and will look at Saint 's impersonation of Christ toward the end of our second session this morning were going to talk about the latter rain the ingredients of receiving the latter rain and what to do when the latter rain and how to be a reset a recipient of the latter rain and when it will be poured out in section three one of the most powerful sessions of the entire class will talk about shaken or sealed to see every human being will be in one or two classes in time believing she was sealed what's the difference between the shaking and the city when does the shaking occur when does assisting at her and doesn't make any difference if you don't answer that question makes a difference in the world and so now look at what the shaking of activism the sifting will the church over the crisis and were going to look at God 's methods of the shaking is the class three four classes of a shaken out and I'll take you back on Bible study and will look through Scripture at how people were early Christians and how they were shaken out in time of persecution look for example at the mess in his life will look at Judas in his life and will be Peter and a number of others who actually failed they are more most understand why will apply that to the end time and will go into the writings of Ellen White and look at how that shaking will correct and is and how they will be God 's church what will cause the shaking what's been happening in our beloved church in how we can be aware of all that and how the Churchill ultimately triumph of the in class number four were going to look particularly at the whole issue of worship in the national son-in-law will take a look at a misapprehension many Seventh-day Adventists and even some center that was after the Bible teachers have the idea that a world leader will come on the scene and that that world leader will pass some kind of religious legislation that's comfortable to the Bible writings online the national Sunday what does not come from the topic comes the bottom it's something that people want and the legislators yield to the popular demand because they want to get elected and were in a study that will happen at each step of its buildup of the Bible to write Silverlight we will then look at once the national Sunday was passed will look at the growing magnitude of the national Sunday what because it's past this is what happens also it's over Time will show you that both the Bible and the right zone lights will get that then the in class and revival to look at the cozy probation entering that class under those provisions in last place and where it will get place in promises and how do you see Christ in every single play where is Jesus and every plague in order to place arbitrary acts on the part of God or are the playing something that have to do with the plan of salvation so we will take a look at the place in class five in class number six we will talk about heaven in eternity in heaven is the real something that is our overview for class today every single class a focus on Jesus I remember teaching lastly events and a young woman came up to me in Australia I was conducting a prophecy seminar in Australia and the show was probably seventeen or eighteen years old and she said marked every time I used to think about lastly events every time I used to think about the time and trouble I would almost fund I see it was fun but why and she said my stomach would just turn and I get this headache and I break out in a cold sweat and she was afoot when she was she was actually telling me the truth is I programmed the reservoir which is it because I knew that I just did not have the spiritual story to stand through the diameter she's I hate paying I hate it totally and I hate to be alone and I would get all these pictures of this paying to get all these pictures are of being imprisoned and not being able to eat an elephant ivory in a fire sale and she said it became so overwhelming to me but I thought I'd never to make it made me sick because I listened to your presentations and authorities I love that old hymn just the Jesus is their shots for I falter just like they are just what I needed most so this class is not going to be doom and gloom air freight class will focus on Jesus have three classes focus on his grace and love that we need to be clearly informed on what's that happen in the future but an understanding of the crisis without an understanding of the Christ does not enable you through the crisis and understanding of the scene without understanding the promise is only leave you to struggle an understanding of the two oh one without understanding deliverance only really depressed so you deliver job depression so we want not only to face what's coming but face it and courageously in Jesus Christ why study last day of areas you have your Bible and I know you do first Chronicles chapter twelve and I will direct you the right time for workbooks but a little introduction why study lastly it has first Chronicles chapter twelve is a study of the last date you fans merely a study distill our hands with the information is clearly something Janine being about first Chronicles chapter twelve verse thirty two the Bible tells us about a special group of people living in the days of Israel they were called the tribal visitor first Chronicles chapter twelve verse thirty two and of the children of this affair who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do their chiefs were two hundred and all their brethren were all were at their command that these this tribe was called the tribe of what music are and where they had understanding of what the time him their understanding of the times make any difference at all what difference that is setting the time thing they knew what Israel ought to do so understanding the time that were living in knowing that were living in the last days of her sister enables us to know what we ought to so there is a direct relationship between understanding the times and hearing the call of God to your heart to prepare for the coming of the Lord so the Jordan Israel obviously understood the times and they knew what Israel ought to do Roman chapter thirteen verse eleven Romans thirteen and verse eleven and do this knowing that the time that it we read about a group of people in the Old Testament it is time was a biscuit and because I knew the time when they go to knew what was anyone what to do right get you the time now Romans thirteen eleven and do this knowing the time do these people know the time what do they know that now is high time we got asleep this applies everybody except you that you're not sleeping all those other people in encouraging laziness leaving right all those churches he came from their sleeping right so this is a really good lesson to apply some of the outside right now we have I missed the and do this knowing the why time is like time for me to wake honestly for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed everything was any pass the mark even preaching the Adventist message for forty years now no I don't look that old when he left for four years I been preaching about Jesus 's Helene is not a Seventh-day Adventist and taking forty four government uses only hundred and sixty five five eight hundred and sixty three years for breaking Jesus is coming is coming is coming but I cited critic Mark don't we need to revise our theology because women preaching the coming of Christ is sixty three years look at the generation after generation after generation that's disappointed he has not come should we revise our theology as well I'm not real good at math that was my major but I know this if he didn't come in eighteen forty four one hundred sixty three years further weight was coming right at sixty three years closer to a lack of rejuvenating less fun for sixty three years closer and I was thinking for you right now we are not further from eavesdropping then when Jesus was here two thousand years ago we had two thousand years closer and for two thousand years closer we must preaching with great urgency we think of material Internet check with the actors and athletes themselves up when you want to animate it would you think is a much equivalent in the promise of Christ's return you're looking there on page four once in every twenty five versus once every twenty five versus easy what we are if I start to right field in front of the writing and what's the word writing in a you got it okay so I need to do one lesson and were off once every twenty five verses in the New Testament discusses the second coming of Christ one Bible scholars counted at least fifteen hundred scriptural references to the second coming so it achieves us throughout scripture mentions the second coming of Christ fifteen hundred nine four him will I give our Lord credit for outlining the things in the Bible that are the most important and something guns they are fifteen hundred times it must be vitally important of all the books in the Bible the book of Revelation outlines those events that will occur anytime Revelation has been written for a generation that would live the crisis of this hose of the search history the revelation is not hobbled merely about the signs and symbols and imagery you have your Bible please take it in turn to Revelation chapter one verse one revelation is not merely a book about beasts it's a book about the last of God and in the book of Revelation there are seven contrasts but you'll notice that I've always always left some space to write and if you are right this in contrast to revelation you can if not I place here is not outlined for you but here's a seven contrast revelation we can find a place reading your note Sylvia Blank page every and every chapters when writing your notes you can you can summarize the book of Revelation insect in contrast and here the contrast in Revelation for spiritual leaders and Revelation the Dragon and the lack in the book of Revelation there are two signs there is the seal of God in the market of these zone regulation there are two leaders the Lamb and direct in Revelation there are two signs the seal of God in the market of East in Revelation there are two cities in Babylon and Jerusalem to have two leaders to sign species in the book of Revelation there are two women bride of Christ in the harlot woman all of revelation to me summarize in the seven hundred rational revelations of the sentences in it seven judges of the seals of the trumpets but here the contrast in Revelation seven spirits before the throne of God two leaders the limited right antiscience zeal of the mark to Sunnis out of the Jerusalem to women the bride of Christ in the harlot woman to harvest to harvest gold and writing and gory graves golden grain harvest of God a people who reflect his image in a ready for his stunning gory greatness those traveling in the winepress of his wrath the signal lost that student to harvest to spirits in revelation to spirits the Holy Spirit and the spirited demons and was studying our class both spirits work miracles but one where the miracles are totaled one hundred Americans a false revelation you have to experience in Revelation you have two choices even his righteous letting the right to steal even as holy V Alicea David is not only when being on always feel so you have the righteous and the unrighteous are the holy and unholy however you want to put it so there are two choices in the book of Revelation and for a person at him will be one of those two classes at inside every human being leader line up with the lamb of the Dragon they will be under the banner of want to leaders in time every human being will you receive the seal of God is marketing 's at in time in every human being will need to be part of Babylon the city of religious confusion but only part of Jerusalem the city of truth and in time at you will line up with the bride of Christ Revelation twelve or the harlot woman of Revelation seventeen you got it late evening for the harvest of golden grain at harvest of what the white race they'll either be receive the Holy Spirit have the fullness of life Arena the Holy Spirit fourth it will be filled with the spirit maintenance any time everybody is any field with a sinner is on one questioner asked which there which they are eventually questioned last right now you have those their sold-out for Christ and you have those that are against Christ and his is great middle ground revelation leads you to the divine drama the estimate is no middle ground anymore no middle ground in it's not all I nothing to do with the latter rain Barajas is a very nominal price you know every human being and I is immediately filled with the latter rain Holy Spirit our or to any deal with demonic spirits do we see the crisis intensified today the crisis is intensifying the crescendo is feeling that inside every human being make one of two choices back to work with revelation has two great objectives Revelation has two great objectives that you will notice them here Revelation 's objectives are number one to reveal the plans of God number two to unmask the plans of Satan so when you look at Revelation it is to reveal the plans of God and to unmask the plans of Satan revelation is God 's and time of war strategy and for a good general in a war as a war strategy and so revelation reveals God 's antiwar spread I reveal what God is going to at anytime without looking at page five five there are two areas of focus in this coming events seminar there are two specific areas where get a look at a general outline of events so you might just want right there and time events outlined so you look at this outline of enzyme events you can see that particularly today undertaking for the general outline event events then the second area of emphasis is Christ in the crisis so we're looking at an outline of events in Christ in the crisis the heart of the book of Revelation is the fourteenth chapter and will be looking at this general outline of events in Christ and the prices if you have your Bible I'll walk you through the events that are coming between now and the coming of Jesus we are first to look at this in the Bible and then I will support it in the writings of gods of the last day Provident one one no I have no apology to make it all using the writings of Ellen White Seventh-day Adventists base all their doctrines on the Bible and every single thing we teach is based on Scripture the concept of the shaking the sifting is biblical the concept of the latter rain is biblical the concept of the coming time of trouble as I'll show you is biblical and Dennis are a Bible -based deleting the birds like this if I am on a boat but she just made this was the Atlantic and coming into harbor entering shaggy rocks in the harbor and there is fog in the harbor and I have been following the map in the map the Bible will get me through the harbor but my best friend is a tightlipped who sings me he is chief navigator to board my vessel that we follow the map more clearly to get me through the harbor at the end of my journey in the fog I am not mistaken my best friend who on that journey myself up to read the map honestly think your friend because you sent me I'm thinking sure to help me to understand the math to get through the fonts on the rocks in time with the prophecy the spirit of prophecy is a gift from Jesus when Jesus and his church and and time navigator to help me to understand the map more clearly during the foggy times in the end I am not going to reject the gift from Jesus to think that my wisdom is sufficient I thank God for the gift of prophecy and the enzyme gift of the Spirit so will use the Bible and prosperous the revelation fourteen Revelation fourteen we begin with verse six where you look at Revelation fourteen I'm going to briefly look at outline of independence and I'll go back to the section of the manual the later run for the events that are announced but I want you to see from the Bible in overview event events I want to be sure you have them clearly in your mind revelation fourteen verse six then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people before the coming of June Sylvia and time message according to revelation fourteen verse six that goes to every nation tribe tongue and people so here is a prophecy is a prediction that God 's lasting message be carried to the ends of your the closer we get to the time of the end the more the fourth Angel will join the message of the three angels revelation fourteen describes the three angels Revelation eighteen describes the fourth Angel and after these things now when you read after these things what is your first question you got what things what things is the after these things referring to the after these things is referring to revelations seventeen when the woman arrived in the scarlet colored beast and churches thinking on how are you getting the picture Revelation fourteen six describes the gospel going to the ends of the earth are you with me it also describes a great crisis as we shall see as a crisis develops according to revelations seventeen church and state unusual power from beneath calls for extraordinary power from above so as the crisis unfolds and there is a union of church state powers in the classroom to look at what contributes to those demonic spirits work through spiritualism and false miracles will study whole session on when that begins to happen and as these and events begin to develop the gospel which has been preached throughout the world him and at a power before the angel of revelation been seeing and enjoying this with me angel of rental at the fringes of Revelation fourteen and that is readily thinking about these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great what power or authority and the earth was illuminated with his glory so what time of this darkness when church and state at a time when the powers of evil are working through him around nineteen percent natural Sandra pleasure to false and counterfeit miracles and revival at time when the devil unleashes the fullness of his power God is not without witness and he sends the Holy Spirit in abundant power and the year is illuminated with the glory of God and Gordon of Mexico so I got is is apparent and so we see the final full revelation of the glory of God that in time back in Revelation fourteen we run her six nice another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation every driver redone every people is incredibly exciting the sense that indeed the Gospel will go to every nation every time and every people it's incredibly exciting to recognize that no corner of the Earth is going to be left without the proclamation of the gospel one thing about young people as their idealistic you don't want to give your life to something as an elected scandal and Flickr to be blown out of the UI give your life to something big something this grand something that's unusual the runaway strategy meeting cheese is wading pools picking up pennies when he can be diving for pearls you want one-of-a-kind at the Himalayas you can be part of something big for God 's grace of God you can give your energies to something that's worth getting your entities to something that's not election down and began you can be part of the room you can receive a letter rating report getting a loud cry you can become part of God superstars the last generations and proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth before Jesus Jesus arrays of a whole generation of young people to participate in the giving of his Gospel to the ends of your old self or anything else because it is not cheap don't sell your soul into his cheek when you can be part of something big something greater forgot something unusual for God they can guide for you and I can change lives through you and God is use young people the greatest Bible the greatest evangelistic meetings to be held early are yet to be held the greatest crowds are yet to come for me I know what it's like to stand for more people New Guinea Papua New Guinea before hundred thousand people and let them come every single night was into our evangelistic meetings to see twenty thousand and forty nautical but as my father would say was born in New York came out of the city links enough yet and eighty four years old will talk about what gusseted and time passing my newly seen nothing yet he still is I think this somehow I forgot that I get enough people keep me humble revelation fourteen verse six I saw another angel fly ninja doesn't locate us what flies its quickness repeatedly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell near to every nation kindred unbeatable numbers seven saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him in other words the year is not the word to be afraid of it's the word have reverential awe for reference give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who made him enter the sea and the springs of water is there some things we need to see their first it says only God at a time of moral relativism at a time when the prevailing pattern is there is no objective standard for truth you of your trip I have my truth you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone whatever you believe it is okay to believe there is still a message calling that in the back of your God still says I'm the supreme authority not that self in your heart is not the emergence of the self is prostrating us before God and humble submission except in his authority in our lives the gospel of the New Testament is certainly the Gospel of Seventh-day Adventists and certainly the teachings revelation is a million miles from the health wealth and prosperity gospel so prevalent today it is not an egocentric gospel it's a Goss it's a gospel that is not focused on YM but focus on who he is is not focused on the improvement of me is focused on the submission to him anything my giving glory to him he blesses my life with wealth and health that's up to him but if my life is one of poverty and sickness that's okay to because he longs to be glorified in our lives whatever a lot those lives take whatever direction so strip is a single voice fear God and give glory to him the essence of life is to get according to the RP 's judgment has come the major moral relativism mistake about the judgment judgment speaks about accountability judgments thinks about moral responsibility judgment speaks about the significance of our actions is this worship him page evolution we are directed to the creation the one who created heaven and earth now notice the contrast in Revelation fourteen sediment for worship there is a call to obey God physical and give glory to him everything I do what I need when I drank my lifestyle this is called to moral responsibility in the light of the judgment is occult obedience is a call to worship the creator in the age of evolution with the Sabbath is the single of his great authority worshiping the creator the Sabbath is the symbol of his creative authority now notice the contrast of verse six and seven we have the first eight those churches who reject this everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ is the go to the ends of the earth of his graces mercy and love those churches that reject the message of obedience to God those churches that reject the concept of giving glory to him and what we eat or drink or whatever we do those churches who failed to understand the judgment hours waiting a unique time of history a special time is no longer business as usual no longer pleasure to hear the validity of the judgment out of churches that reject that those churches and turn their back on the symbol of worship of the creator namely the Sabbath those churches and University are called Babylon and the Bible says that money is what ophthalmologists thought that great city because she's made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication in the Bible wine that is on fermented it represents true doctrine wine that his teens it represents your just as wine affects the forebrain so you cannot think or reason clearly so the Y N gives people intoxicated Souther intoxicated with the wine of Babylon is Jesus spoke a little bit doesn't make any difference was a migraine sign that the presently the intoxication of false doctrine right but the Bible says families live on the second Angels message follows the one first Angels message because of the second Angels message did not file the first Angels message would be the first Angels message that doesn't take much of a genius to figure out the second Angels message follows the size but the second Angels message I would follows the verse twenty is a consequence of the first because if you exempt the fullness of the everlasting Gospel if you're part of a movement that believes you're in time this will unanimously if you understand body Temple you give God glory waiting to eat or drink the true church preaches the first Angels message the following churches of the Haviland rechecked the first Angels message Indianapolis but I believe his luck fallen by the question for you to think about if Babylon is fallen and you are looking to Babylon A.D. being her methods admiring her strategies and going to her seminars where you I just ask one thought get answers that you need to think about it a little bit more if Babylon is fallen and you are a fiend that admiring them wanting to select everything from Babylonian she has fallen you are looking to her where are you we go on verse nine I do not mean to infer that there are not some good things that occasionally you can read a non- Adventist literature I'm not arrogance that I think that that's true neither my so arrogant to think there's lots of good things with I thought we need to have humility I recognize the things that I see some of those people go into those seminars the pickup and bring back to us there is one who had the gift of prophecy that told us long ago when I didn't need to spend hundred seventy five dollars ago there are some pretty good things in those books I am convinced that the church would follow them would be far better off than most of us in our system will finally not preach on it too much how did you guys get you off track verse nine then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast verse seven says to do what her status as one worship the Creator verse nine says do not worship what the beast that what happens to those who worship the beast it says your drink of the wine of the wrath of God now what is the wine of the wrath of God Revelation sixteen verse one then I saw another sign and have been great and marvelous seven angels having the seven last plagues review them the wrath of God is simply so what's the wrath of God said Isaac 's arrest got the anger of God not at all the wrath of God has to the judgments of God so the wrath of God are the judgments of God against sin are you beginning to get emergent picture the gospel revelation fourteen verse six is the go to the ends of the earth as the gospel goes to the ends of the earth there will be a reaction for our dance the gospel the unique aspects of the gospel will go to the answer you're a call to obey God a call to be ready for Christ coming the judge now a call to worship the creator churches that reject that become the backbone most of God 's people today as will study later are still in Babylon and God is calling them out about him see the message of Revelation fourteen six going rapidly to the ends of the earth was added when a counterfeit revival becomes added with signs and wonders and miracles so you have two things happening simultaneously the mighty working of the Holy Spirit and the marvelous working beans as this comes to a crescendo in time as will see all hell breaks loose honor natural disasters economic disasters war conflicts rightly say that more in the midst of all this the honest in heart are brought to the surface in the mighty latter rain power comes with a loud cry when every human being has an opportunity to be fully sold out for Chrysler against Christ human probation closes in the seven last plagues report out that's the story of Revelation fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen that's the summary no notice of the first twelve of Revelation fourteen Revelation fourteen seventy 's worship the creator revelation fourteen and first date is Babylon is fallen because she's charging for worship Revelation fourteen nine this don't worship the beast revelation fourteen twelve here is the patience of the saints here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so revelation fourteen seven is a photo worship the creator revelation fourteen nine physical not worshiped the beast any contradistinction to all that in revelation fourteen verse twelve you have this appeal that those who do not take the Mark of the beast and those of you not drink the wine of Babylon here is the endurance of the same sex believers here are the ones that you do or who are they that keep the commandments of God and they have the faith of Jesus that is to say they are committed to Christ and as a result of him with a life of moving yes to Jesus this brings up a crisis in a crisis comes when everyone must decide and that leads into the seven last plagues the cause of human probation at the end of those toys Jesus comes as we'll see that I called workbooks are fourteenth in advance announced you're looking at the first seminar session page five you will be notable hitting fourteen events event number one the proclamation of the gospel the proclamation of the gospel that civilians earlier that's the first CNN when I see the gospel going around the world right now the radio to television and Internet this satellite television to tears of thousands of the Adventists were sharing the gospel to multiplying millions of innocently people who are having a revival of spirit and who are around the world proclaiming the gospel I suspect she advances instant motion is getting ready to move getting ready to move because the Lord is using so many agencies guys bringing things together unusual waves so there's a profanation of the gospel band second the event also proclaim the gospel unknowns the pre- judgment we're saying is we go around the world to Christians and non-Christians this is a overtime as usual this is all of this is a huge whirling in the judgment of our Noah preached under twenty years judgment is not a madness and bridging router forty years worth of a larger and so we're leaving that in time announced the judgment for the event in Revelation fourteen seven okay thank you there is going to worship the creator is a call to work prayer Seventh-day Adventist for men and women back to worshiping the creator God we do not believe we devolve from fortuitous chance and that we are genetic biological accident we don't believe that we are simply a collection of time until molecules that exist because the right combinations of genes and chromosomes came together you are formed in the mind of God before you were conceived in the womb your mother and a loving God formed you in shape Jewish actions you you're not a biological accident since we skin covering bone your purpose and meaning and direction in your life and at an age of evolution when people lost hope and meaning and meaning and purpose of their life because all I have is evil I am assuming those words like that purpose what does that mean if the Gravis again on simply getting a large species of animal creation if I'm simply a intelligent eight effect p.m. at EPS but more intelligent a little bit if I had a little bit more evolutionary access in the neurons of this thing called the brain than any device there's no conscience if there's no reason if there's no judgment under the biological and avoid my only hope is a dark hole in the ground is a lonely without a warning that the survival of the fittest is an adequate philosophical approach to life if all I am is intelligently done better squeeze out as much pleasure as I can for the next any five years eight years on sixty or whatever it is on creating the purpose of life is to glorify him have one day I can live you know why and where there is no sickness suffering and death are all eternity that gives life meaning he is my focus back is like oh message of Sabbath meeting the world back to a creator is the answer to the problem of low self-esteem it's the answer to the problem of purposelessness and meaninglessness talk about the postmodern mind God knew what he was doing when he did the Adventist message the philosophically Taylor and to meet the minds of the generation that was the three angels message is not some antiquated nineteenth century mentality that was that was developed by a bunch of bearded old funny guts the three angels message was in my drive unit intellectual Adventist pioneers hitting becomes more relevant and free generation the pass is five every generation the passersby that his message is more relevant when communism fell I was invited to come fishing is not a university shake is that a university is one of the most secular godless universities in the world ambiguity wheezing who was in the country hungry intelligent intellectuals and they said to be asked to come back president of the University by the concentrated electronics astronomy I'm not much of an astronomy by one lecture was trying to destroy the cost of astronomy in college but he said this is what we do you speak on astronomy for one hour then you have atheists think of astronomy for now and the questions come from the students and I said Mister President wonderful idea and happy to accept invitation but you let your easiest astronomer speak first since on New Testament is exactly and I may be a preacher but I'm not that stupid because I knew that I may not know a lot why not ask a lot of questions I asked questions on his electroluminescent and the questions about my son went to the University got there in the university professor said to me that now on Mister Finley with the problem here is what's the problem is the other university professors electric first he had to be called away he's not here lecture today is reasonable for you out of the rack into place though not as afraid to go on him and says no promenade is undisputed two hours is open two hours in the existence of God the philosophical psychological evidence of the creator God at the end of the lecture with questions answered faculty was sitting over in the side and the students were sitting here I talked about creation and marvelous stars creator God and how to answer the great philosophical questions of life because I knew that the debate me on I knew that the debate me on the on science by new liquid into the new philosophy because I knew that the philosophical underpinnings of atheism are bereft they are they are absolutely barren there is no philosophical underpinning of atheism with usually a moral ethical and they know that we know that and so at the end of the lecture and student raised his hand I could tell that even prompted by the faculty as a faculty sunlight and he was sitting the center is a student raises Aniston says this feeling not glad when the Soviet cost not getting circled the strengths here he sat he never saw the vigil ever seen God knew where he was going to all of a sudden sometimes the war gives you an answer and it's not something you've thought about before and the Lord puts that in your mind in the war-torn argument in my mind and I said to my eye when a different direction I said now I've a question to ask is I want to leave God out of it widely the Bible I believe faith out of it I just wanted to let an intellectual thing slices of law the knowledge in the world and areas how much knowledge do you wish students have let's say for example there are about twenty eight hundred no languages in the world how did you speak this week a hundred languages you speak two hundred how realizes the of what the knowledge of chemistry that the reason the world how much knowledge of chemistry do you have let's suppose they were five hundred new books written on chemistry in the last ten years how many was five hundred along the knowledge of astrophysics in the world let's talk about China some of the Ming Dynasty I want you to be right now taken this paper please write the the seventeen members of the Ming Dynasty and want to write who they married in their thirty eight sons and daughters whatever he is tell me all that tell me all that although all the knowledge in the world of all the books printed this year for thousands and thousands and thousands of books of all the scientific knowledge should you have would you say you know fifty percent of all but there is to know from an intellectual standpoint I said no women over fifty percent of all there is no dealing out if I can sample there is no not another twenty five percent more there is no guilt for sample of all the knowledge that this thing out here's a body of knowledge unless you don't get presented no I said I looked at the teachers designed with questions coming to Scotland teachers and students visited the teachers will you give me this one that you students making a five percent while there is no amazing don't know if it was okay because you too just so outstanding that some EKGs of his faculties so intelligently appointed some him oh five percent for the refuses of five percent that means you don't know nine five percent of all there is no sign of one question is by your own admission you don't know ninety five percent of all there is no God exists in the ninety five percent of knowledge you have your telling me that this is not much in your county we know this five percent of that knowledge you telling me by your own admission you don't know nine five percent of all there is no could not exist in the ninety five percent of the knowledge you have and they said Martin intellectual standpoint that's true now let me ask another question if there's only two alternatives one alternative not asking you to believe I'm just saying if there only two alternatives one is a loving God created you a fashion judiciary to and that he's with you in your life and he'll give you purpose and meaning beyond the grave you can live with him for eternity no sickness suffering and death I'm not asking you to believe that an sink if that's an alternative when this is the second alternative is really no meaning to life your enlarged animal your little higher than the eggs and no direction or purpose in life when you die you going to the grave and Russian mortgagor by now if that's the only two choices you have which won't even take you are not asking you believe in disaster you visited choices you have twenty minutes and visit obviously take the first one is opinion on an atheist is making says I don't know got I I know God doesn't exist you told me that you don't know if God exists or not as he might exist in my purpose or knowledge you have even told me the new non- agnostic either because agnostic says God may not exist but because I don't even care but you just told me he didn't care what you are your secret was my husband program with atheists acknowledge that you have heard the inside of the question that's why came today could you really seekers him to the procedures that they are using the linguistic results and tell them it was a curse the reason they function the way they did is because of those programmed into their minds him within her heart was a Christmas in London I brought twenty five of the seekers want my left foot and I want I thought was that of your ride is part of their season will be literally for Bible schools and why because the message of a creator God 's message to heart longs for we learned a second cosmic destiny you will know God created us that's the message but identities and then bring the world to a crisis in time that's what he devices out the demo is the Sabbath because of this have always kept it would be no evolution the devil wants is for the concept of God and so when these events proclamation of the gospel one two judgment three worship the creator for warning against false worship they want against all false worship no as that message goes out as the gospel is proclaimed as the message of the judgment goes out the message is gracious Christ will stand with us the judgment has the messages out a call to worship the creator and obey God has his warning against false worship is up there will be an issue indoors final conflict bottom of page five the great issue in Earth final conflict involves loyalty to God and what he will find as we study many fantasies that's the heart of the question at the heart of the question is not some ultra- perfectionist the heart of the question is loyalty to God do you have an undivided heart have you made a total commitment to Jesus Christ is your heart loyalty and in the coming crisis that will come in the future in the coming crisis that will come in the future God will not abandon Israel God will not leave us there are two great biblical examples of God 's ability to deliver pages six yes I want is found in Daniel chapter forty and you remember the story of Shadrach Misha and then develop a look at Daniel 's lead just momentarily is there a crisis coming yes will that crisis feel the Lord God certainly will there be a time of trouble beyond any kind of trouble most definitely will not leave his children during that time certainly not certainly not if you look at Daniel chapter three there is a distinct parallel between Daniel chapter three in Revelation chapter thirteen let's look at the parallels in Daniel three there is a universal world leader correct and Daniel Chitty in Revelation thirteen there is a universal world leader Hussein Warner Universal earlier in Denver who is that it has going is the universal world leader in Revelation thirteen these power that these power and in time of facing the contract Daniel chapter three there is a counterfeit image if you look at Daniel chapter three verse one nevertheless the king made an image of gold this image of gold was a counterfeit to the image of Daniel chapter two because of Daniel to you haven't had a goal breast and arms of silver thighs of brass legs of IV of our intellect got says this is my description of history Babylonia Persia Greece Rome and Daniel to Daniel three Nebuchadnezzar arrogant proud sets up this image of gold because he doesn't like the idea of the denominations evolved out of what are the dimensions of the image in Daniel three sixteen a.m. six something beginning to strike in your mind counterfeit world leader Daniel three counterfeit world leader Revelation thirteen false image Daniel three false Revelation thirteen dimensions sixty six six is assembled always of human perfection six six six three six is why three Trinity Dragon beast and false prophet are you with me so six six six is more than precariously a day that's the external manifestation of that but there's a lot deeper unit than that so if you look at the triple sixes in the in the in the book revelation of the father son and Holy Spirit right it's that she realizes three represents the Godhead insight of the father son and Holy Spirit you have the Dragon beast and false prophet that's the Trinity of error six is one less than seven six one represents apostasy so what is six six six is the Trinity of apostasy it is the is the false counterfeit apostasy that violates God 's law in the passing of a national Sunday law that leaves people to make a decision between the true God and the seventh day Sabbath in the counterfeits out the best when this is all about okay Revelation Reddit Daniel Craig a counterfeit world learned that Senator has establishes a flawless image image of gold the image is six feet and six it has six six sixty cents on the points of Dora now he has a dedication to the image and anybody was anybody and everybody that was somebody in all the royalty came verse three the satraps the administrators the governors the counselors of treasures league officials of the provinces gathered together we dedicate the image to the King that he sets up everything passes according but anybody that will not bow down would be killed removal of religious leader counterfeit image dimension six six six universal worship and bow down or be killed a death to create in the furnace is even seven times hotter Revelation chapter thirteen counterfeit world ringleader base our establishes an image to that police power that I don't falsely of worship the issue is reveling in Daniel three is the second commandment don't that I worship thankful image so the second commandment becomes an external manifestations becomes a test question Revelation thirteen the fourth man becomes a test question and so in both instances you become the world leader in both instances you have a false image in both instances you have the command to worship in both instances you have a universal death the great both instances God 's people are persecuted and oppressed and shot recognition and Bendigo this is wonderful this is wonderful in your chapter three you're looking at their verse nineteen the Nebuchadnezzar is full of fury and the expression on his face changed here in the end time political leaders full of fury we've got to do something directly check identical troubling the nation those Bible believing administration struggling Nations notice it says I commanded certain mighty men of valor were the Army combined family that is a form of imprisonment and Alan Shadrach Misha and ended up a castle into the burning fiery furnace then these men were bound in their coats and trousers that determines their battle and they are constricted they are thrown into the furnace notice therefore because the king 's commandment was urgent in the furnace exceeding hot flame of fire killed those minutes for the men the only people that died that day where the persecute for us not the ones being persecuted twenty three these three men shattered Misha and Bendigo fill them out in the midst of the fire verse twenty fourteen it has was astonished heroes may hasten said did we not cast three men found in the news the financings I see four men loose we cast them in half now they are what you use the only things the flames did were burn off the time to sit down with them to our selling the fiery I'll tell manifestly with the arcsin say is the only thing the file does his purifier thinks we longer have been more than file does not destroy us it burns up and consumes all those things that bind us to deserve that he says first twenty five will be answered by Steve Morgan was walking in the midst of fire anyone on earth in the form of the fourth is like the sun of God in the midst of the flames he was there he is so sweet to trust in him Jesus Justin taken at his word shall rightly shut amended and were delivered by the mighty power of the living God Christ did not leave them in their flames erupted in flames but the best discount of his righteousness around to protect when Peter was in prison God did not leave and elect into the flames the left of that prison and unlock the prison house of an old hymn don't you two so Sweet to trust in Jesus the something about those old hymns Justin taken at his word just to say that significant and using them to start to so Sweet to trust injuries and some discernment is the food for a honest to him to try to smooth us to use honest and hey Susan G will a him as an crisis Greek crisis the Jesus is sufficient for that crisis without Jesus there is no way they even make it through you are not wise enough for the devil a lot smart to every time you're not strong enough for the devil he's got temptations prepared for you they are more powerful than he's ever used in test history except on Jesus the end time generation of youth will face temptations that have been brewed in the laboratory of hell but have never ever been used before with that power except in Jesus there is no way interconnected through those temptations without Jesus all of your human power and all of you strength and old union was that my dear friend there is no way can be lost with chase him and Jesus is never lost the battle with Satan yet Jesus has never lost in the temptations of Satan in simple faith in simple trust would have absolute confidence that what he did was shut recognition and undergo to protect us in flames budgeted with Peter deliver those prison doors open those prison doors we can send them to glory his soul 's trust in Jesus Schaus to education that is what word just arrest I promise just to say a step toward Jesus Jesus how I trust this guy father this is the first of six sessions we just introduced it today I will never going to some very heavy material a would never lose sight of Jesus you're the center of revelation to the center of coming events in the heart of it all however we located ourselves we know that we are no match for the enemy that he was if he is a fallen angel who is brilliant these powerful but our God is ever lost about our God every time Argos defeated in every time our gosling and well every time someone in Jesus and by Jesus Jesus was really an conference thank you Lord Bible thank you for the right is one I found one time this means you to buy a purse will be human is a nice generation and phrases you would like to listen to this presentation you would like to learn more about using them you have done is why Seo Web work off line as you are one and you and you


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