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Gaining the Victory

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • March 4, 2015
    7:00 PM
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see you all hell I love to exercise I love the LB food items I went for a run today and I ran out of the place I'm staying and as I ran out there was a man who is seven years old running up a hill that I was about to run out I'm thirty four and so immediately the first thing making to my mind and this is not a holy ambition I thought I can't let this man beat me to be seventy years old and then it struck me I must be in Loma Linda because not anywhere is it not I like exercises and something I do on a regular basis self in online volume and the good news was that we got to the top of a hill he stopped and I get to run past the work out well for my heart but I did end up going then I went up in the hills and as I went over the hills I I was him I would run up and I would walk run out and Walker been a run on analyzing down I saw the man of his death he was seven years old and has him running down he's running for me again and is designed for me I said sir how old are you and he said I'm seventy years old and I thought I knew it I knew it was right and so we are in a place where health is something that you don't this area is renowned for they the blue zones as you may know I had zero interest in and interest in health growing up I actually I wasn't raised in the state I hadn't I I just eat junk food actually does see the literal junk food assets when a drawing on and I never had a salad in a month a my entire life until I was nineteen years old after joining this church so I was not healthy persons I do enjoy health knowledge than a blessing for my life but I'm not talking about health tonight and talk about victory in an something that all washes away the lies that may lead to a sailing but before we do before you begin the slides for WordPress father thank you for the opportunity to open your work together we need to Holy Spirit are craving tonight in a very special way that Jesus would be seen by the we absolutely need you just now we get the time C the name of Jesus amen this evening we are going to cover eighty eight talk to and before even beginning at how you why I'm sharing this topic the reality is is the only series that were now is do you mind that one is talking more and more progressively as we go forth especially during the noon meetings in the noon in the seven o'clock meeting what are we talking about them the mind finding victory over elder negative comments negative memories all of these things funny figuring and talk about their Saturday morning right here at eleven o'clock when I thought about us some neuroscience and victory to find victory over bad habits and so forth really talking more more about that but we need to be spiritual emphasis on some of these issues in a special emphasis that will again tonight on this Sunday has to do with the fact that you can be helpful conceptions in our mind these things can keep us down anything hinder our all addictions are habits that hinder our spiritual life so you see this if you have your Bibles at the bottom I believe you and if not you are there are there Bibles use with you I don't even not never that there are yes he always got what he didn't bring one it should be some right there I guess at least at least one person said there had the music video chapter four second Corinthians chapter four in what we discover is that the apostle Paul speaking of the church in Corinth made a very interesting statement second Corinthians chapter for me are going to begin in verse three seconds Rhodesia performers three Paul here speaking impossible to the church in Corinth and he what is our gospel you see it is hidden from those who are lost now what on earth is he talking about here last night we talked about sees us and we talk about here going to the cross we document the sufferings they went through there were much more than just physical even the spiritual sufferings of the way in the sense of the world as it was going to die for our sins he rose up for us and he says that was if you receive my dad you might be received I admire my resurrection you confess your sins you turn away human case you can be saved in this is called an apostle this is the good news that word means the good news is that if our gospel of our good news is it is into those are lost one is on December fourth these it is the thought of this world has blinded the minds of all of them which do not believe lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine upon them so we have the Scripture tells us that the enemy that the enemy of our souls betting lines the eyes of man and we read anything is if everyone were safely in the Bible says the eyes of your understanding being enlightened the Bible talks about the ice is something that has intelligence it doesn't mean literally that your eyes are intelligent per se but it means that it's like your eyes be open to something of me was that same terminology in the modern English language is that right yes we do and so this is what people have their eyes cover line dividing enemy because they are false conceptions and middle schools second they can be led away from God and eternal life and I've seen people would struggle because of past experiences and it blinds the life that they've experienced I was in the state of Florida for a time to live there for a while and while I was there I was visiting with a woman I was visiting her house surname assumes and as I was sitting there with my friend Daniel and sue their businesswoman soon began to relate to us on the experiences that she had personally gone through my she shared with us how he had been abused in every way you can imagine possible by her family she was abused and harangued his ways by her aunt and her father specifically her brother she had gone through this horrible ordeal life was just a burden to her and has a letter you can see that she had a seizure disorder she would take our lives cigarettes and she would just burn them into her arm she would bring you to see all the stars they are on her arms there and I think she she actually at one point he told us we could see RC has slit her wrists and when her mom came in the room her response defining her daughter with her wrists slit open work will be to God now have to clean on this we live in a world that is broken yes I know we live in a broken world we have a savior that is same as I want to open her eyes the Salt Lake City so many people have had their eyes widened and he cannot see the light of truth I was here in California had the opportunity to live in California different times and while we are in California I was visiting with a young man I won't say his name he was again here in California called the Bulldogs are known for being just a rough income gain here in California and this young man had grown up in a house his mother on the father was out of the picture so she remarried another man in this man also sexually abused both this young man I was visiting and his brother and so I think young boys have gone through this terrible ordeal as they grew up in what ended up happening was as it began to get older they began to get angry you know this I don't know what to throw out right maybe they are strong and sometimes I can do something about what broke out between the broad for this young man I was visiting and don't miss his stepfather the stepfather ended up taking a knife and stabbed to death the young man the brother and the young man who was sharing with me the story niece and I was sad in the stomach and he pulls up his shirt you can see the telltale signs of the scar on his stump I visited with people and I recognize we leave the money roll we live in a world that is filled with sorrow and death insanity and one of the issues is one of the ways that the enemy has blinded the minds of man and even Darwin often is a high work eyes were blinded in the same area Darwin looked at the world and the business operating of the pain he wasn't even in the animal kingdom a look at these things and what he said if you know what he said basically is to ensure there is pain and suffering how could there be a law of God and if there is a God how can we be a good go these are legitimate questions S&L and if there is a God should he not be an answer these questions this is something that may have wondered about women have wondered about and not just the Houston United States are Christians went when the pain and suffering enters into a human life the question has been at times why is this happening why is it so wrong and we available to that question this evening but before we do I went to share with you a story in the Beaufort before it was long long ago in the eighteen and far away actually maybe not so far it was the kingdom of great renown for the king of this country was known as the most powerful scene in any portion of the universe this team was so powerful but no one knew how that you are truly wireless this is seen at a name was called Joshua in this thing of his rate and higher seed he was also amazing about him is that his kingdom was won not by wars like all other kingdoms in earth history it was actually kingdom that was won by love is different and visiting with all other subjects the subjects in love with others but there was actually one battle that place in one of his subjects by the name of column of had become very angry and actually he actually did a good to actually trying to take the place of the King and Silverstein did not hurt him we do not destroy him but is allowed to cast them out of the kingdom what ended up happening is this this man Carlisle began to spread a rumor he began to spread a rumor that needed to go around it into the life firelight almost nobody believes in the story of my fire like some men and some women would wouldn't win thinking no one else is around which share with some of their closest friends his dark rumor about the great king Joshua they would sing listen Joshua is easy you know yet he seems loving people it's on an Arabic love and compassion but really behind it is a very evil character and people are this many missing I can't believe it's true and the reason many of them couldn't believe it because they believe that if this rumor has started from himself and so many people were doubting but one particular day that he was making his way and he was making his way through one of the villages in his round and is going through the city the people were clearing individual choice and that's a great thing Joshua and his popular rejoicing raising their hands and as he was going fine he was him he was smiling and waving an athlete he was looking there was a woman in the crowd and see his eyes met hers her eyes met him and she was the most beautiful woman you ever seen an SUV help this woman his heart began to be wanting in the dark and though everyone also series she herself was not cheering she was looking on see her face illustrated with her beautiful eyes any wonder why you see not rejoicing was something his heart yearned after this woman he wanted to know who wish who is this woman as a King made his way back to his kingdom he ended up asking some of his worker 's descent of man outs are believed to secretly began to discover who is this woman and after nothing in the story this woman is not just a little bit of information they could learn all that much about her they discover that her name was Carissa making them in this village and he began to learn just a few particulars and the more they can discover about this one he began to learn about her character and what she was like his heart began to your after he actually began to love this one in months and actually even a few years went by as he was discovering more and more into his fiancée Ms. Lott was continuing to build a thing about it is using what is the key these the sovereign and he is already sprinting is powerful but the reality is in the realm of love things like are things like power and money can actually hampered to live you say wiser because it has no individual was killed because of actual love or whether they do a lot of for your money or your power you understand and so the genius thinking what do I do I want out of this woman actually lousy and after three years it comes to the conclusion I got an idea if I told her as I think she will for sure Mary him so he is either zero my power love for my money or just wanting a higher position but anyway she will come into marrying the highlight was reliable messaging device the plan is that I is and I will not hold to her with my one entourage what I do is on the change my appearance identical down to beautiful Carissa and as I made my way she will not discover from my outward appearance who I am is a leading Giannoulias he began to grow his long locks of hair they were shortening vitamins a long locks of hair grew out his beard of office will rose and enhance a foot on himself the humble car although as of a worker he decided he would dress like a common carpenter or someone who maybe worked with stone and so here he went he brought off nonanonymous beautiful stallions but on an old horse and he rolled into this town of young Carissa and is emitted into town he set up shop and we began to work just like the common man began to get to know the townspeople and one day in my chance he ran into Carissa in the marketplace in once again his eyes meet hers and her eyes made him an asset he looks upon young Carissa 's heart is stopped by her beauty he thinks she's more beautiful than I remember she has looked at him and he begins to talk to her and she looks in his eyes and she thinks there's something familiar about this they begin to discuss any big talk for a time in the afternoon she says my name is caressing these that I am Josh and she began talking a viscosity time when Ford in a separate entity and end by chance later on anyway from time to time they would need to get to know each other but he began to discuss whether they begin to talk more more it was clear that there was some kind of interest between the two of them they both did see at six paragraphs are they going to know each other more and more NASA were discussing one day the Kenyan and are both his presence man said as you think someday maybe we'll get to know each other more than at this level and she just smiled in return signaling that she had an interest also maybe just to get to know each other more they spend time together they would eat together the relationship grew and grew and it was clear she was becoming very interested as she saw such love and compassion in this man's eyes as he was such a special man he was courteous he was laughing he was innocent children are he was someone who is skilled in music you love good music and different kinds of things is a psychologist and their longing is indeed one day as they were walking along the countryside there outside of the village she began to relate to him they began to discuss different things are hard throbbing to each other and she is she related Joshua that she actually believed in the rumor about the King that she believed in the rumor about getting behind his left side behind behind his health business in our credit out of thin lovingkindness that I find it all was actually harder and there hatred and even torture his enemy 's return and since you believe the room she said of course I do and so I don't believe it why do you believe it and she said well I can't tell you I I I I guess I just keep telling you I can tell you it is now said to you not still open to talk to Mrs. and I can tell you she said I see what it is is that I know that it's a fact because my dad on my mind my friends told me that it is true and what will my town and I saw it in his eyes I can see right through his eyes to see if we were there we could have told her that the strange thing is that we see sometimes what we want to see but he began to talk authorities said what was I to say you say your dad told you this is anonymous now when I say is my friends and he said let me ask you across question Chris and we you please tell me who is your and she with fear and trembling in her heart struggling he's not belonging to thought is that he is been rejecting anyone loves me he said he won't love me if I tell you I cannot tell you my father said listen I love when you tell me who your father 's she said my father is Kala Jesus see I know that you will never be with me I know you hate you know you can't love me knowing who my father is into her in his arms and he told her I still love you regardless of who your father 's and she has rejoiced in his love at that moment in their love continued to grow in this struggle is going on inside the Kings are how I revealed myself how I reveal myself if I just tell her she made last-minute holiday what a nice figure playing on the year that changed hazily defined as how can I reveal to her why to answer the love continues to grow and finally as they are together one day finally that in all summer pass Winter passing and he comes in the spring and in another summer and finally they come to fall as the leaves begin to fall data interchange policy decided that a change needed to take place in their lives together and he said to Carissa one day he says Carissa I love you with all of my heart and he said I just want to know Carissa will you marry Carissa said yes yes a thousand times yes I would love to marry you want nothing more than to marry you send wonderful feesimple you come to that to the area where I am from that we can be with my friends and my relatives at the wedding would you be willing to do this and she's absolutely and so the timeframe and the people within their village at that time rejoicing with them and wishing them well on their way to his kingdom which he can know where they were going and is a major way as they made their way into his home they're getting closer and closer and I think it near the days of the city they make their life and the people went into the aisle down before the shootings what kind of breathing space she said what one is going on here is that I have many things to say and see right now but you cannot bear the present you'll find house they make their way closer to the city and as they get closer and closer and closer to the people are rejoicing is a looming energy sank what is going on here what is taking place I don't understand and finally as they begin right up to the castle walls and their soldier standing sentinels are standing and standing art and the soldiers will show up in the north is a service you may enter your house and she said what any time soon as the door was open he said would you be willing to answer as my queen and she looked at him with astonishment in the rocks she looked at him with confusion and confusion turned to either supply us and she said you are keen Josh is this true and said I am in tears begin to stream down her face and he said I will not force you to be my queen to be my wife it would break my heart if he would lead me but I'm I force anyone to follow Jesus how could I leave you I now know that the line is just what it is the rumor it is a lie and I know that you are long clearly you can see this picture really is a picture more about us than it is about a woman named Carissa and we live on a planet where people are confused there has been alive there has been a deception that has been propagated since before we were even created a live interview spread in heaven and we read about that if you have your Bibles to Leslie Revelation chapter twelve in Revelation chapters on the last of the Bible we read one of the strangest depictions in Scripture Revelation chapter twelve begins in verse seven Revelation chapter twelve and verse seven and when you're there with you please say amen relationship with twelve or seven and he says he says and there was war and why have to there was war where in heaven now this is a strange thing to write normally we think of peace happiness joy and bliss but here is as it was more in pet and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels want to get the Dragon the Dragon fund his angels and did not prevail neither had any night neither was their place found any more in heaven and the necessity strains were and the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old that are unsigned and the great dragon was cast out cold the devil and Satan that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceives the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him to notice it says there was a war in heaven the Bible reveals if you studied closely that there was a war this war up only makes this more of all the words basically a battle all you could almost what about all more marvelous luciferin of identity is also trying to take the place and on as it was this more in heaven and Lucifer and his angels are cast out of the Bible reveals to us in revelation chapters also both of the authors of the earth and the sea the devil is come down unto you having great wrath because he knows that he hath but a short time you see people struggle because what if there is a God who tells us identity of victory I can give you victory over temptation I continue victory over sin I continue victory over how next button in the back of your mind there is this thought that actually he is a wicked God does not actually you see how much harder would be over communal in this auto claims of the auto club is just really a system veneer for his wickedness what happens is that hospitable actually the stumble and fall this is something bought in reality the war that takes place throughout the centuries is the war for the mind is a war all of us buys time to give us victory over the issues that hold us back and let out the listener pass that had pain and suffering in their path they got Harris with serious problems in the home there is an entertaining one we can't forgive others and all these things have hampered our experiences and buses I want to give you victory in the back of it we wonder woman maybe I was actually himself not loving and honest like to say I want to show you who I really believe he will reveal myself to you in the Bible tells us that there was any notice what he says about this and illegally too easy to heal Chapter twenty eight for a moment to look at a few passages here in the Old Testament book of easy yield Jeremiah Lamentations Ezekiel chapter twenty eight chapter twenty eight you want to be looking at this is a prophecy at IRS using parallels is secondarily toward the two are just being called Lucifer himself in the way we know that is because it says in verse fourteen verse verse thirteen matter is as if you have been in where being in the garden of God stop their disarmament is a umpire had been in the garden of Eden but when you look back in the Old Testament who was in the garden of Eden who exists in an economy Adam and Eve and there was somebody else over them serpent which is Lucifer and God actually come and visit them also the person in the prophecy was speaking is gone and where Adam and Eve in the days of Ezekiel there who does this leave us with think I am makes you you know you could use this on the passage itself so here is this one with them in the garden of Eden jumped on the verse fourteen you are the anointed cherub that covers and I sent you so you are upon the holy mountain of God you have walked up and down the midst of the stones of fire him and his diversity you were perfect in your ways from the day that you are creating a seal while iniquity was found in new now what a strange thought that one created is hereby created everything absolutely while carcass bought not create people see what God is going on and why we create a devil the Bible says that God did not create a doubly created a perfect being the greatest thing that we know of as Lucifer lucks Pharos from the Latin eating the light bearer so here we have this one is for it but that is as iniquity he was perfect in all his ways he was beautiful insulin equity was found in him and now we know in verse seventeen only gaining insight into his heart what happened verse seventeen your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness I will cast to the ground I believe before kings of the media holds you to notice what happens is that they are all beautiful he is looking over the glory are at South India something less and less of his creator the one who made him if he actually gets to the point forming a memorial site had a lasting political Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen could return with me there Isaiah chapter fourteen were to begin in versatile Isaiah has a question he wonders how are now calling Isaiah himself wonders how good a bargain to be in a perfect universe made by a perfect God see he asked that question he says in verse twelve Isaiah chapter fourteen verse twelve how art thou fallen from heaven a Lucifer son of the morning how are you come down to the ground which is within the nation is researching for U.S. Senate in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the size of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like no most noticeable was a professor I take the place of God in heaven to understand why there was a war in heaven yes or no wireless or what because how many things can you have any any difficulty a monarchy right you can only have one community tries to take the place of God and the Bible says that there was more unaware of swords in these kind of things or bombs or cannons rather that this was a political war and see his ass out these casts out fear and you know the story that Kerry is regarded attempting our first parents to turn away from him now we live what happened as a budget of the throat they turned away from God they gave their same desires are same passions of their children and sell all or all the way down to us today we live in a world gone in on intensity things that God gave humanity freedom of what joints God made human dignity freedom and choice him him without feeling the S&L buzzing about this from him and his ability for a moment that a young Edward 's University here were Loma Linda University non- moment that there is used as an biology classroom full of students in and in this classroom there is sitting next to each other despite you no happenstance this particular day and that's his repair is altogether for our homework to have to do together a solicitor says onto these two people to view our network the two of you behind you and is you is almost as so these this boy and girl the boy is excited because he's these policies so beautiful and so laugh I want to be with this girl is wonderful I get to know me wonder at least for some time and missile the only numeric absolutely quick maybe but this is is a hot resort is not signed and so I is Jesus was all right when you want to get together she said tomorrow maybe all three in the afternoon we can work together remediated on and on our use is okay that would be one of why we need out on the grass there I do know the names of all the places him out on the grass area and himself he says okay that will see finally comes out on the grassroots on the next day and there is using he hasn't the picnic blanket laid out by not submitting a blanket there are two big baskets with you all out there in front of her and she comes into thinking there to do their homework quickly right and he says how I like it when exactly did he singled before we all started and she sees as all down not very hungry but I guess I'll have a little when you try to be nice to see a zero zero zero interest in this guy and so they did indeed a little and after a few minutes he says if we are working and I I got it going have other school work I got I got another class coming up also and he's is also no proceeding is a little relief is only on the picnic basket as he does so off he goes to the second taking Massey pulls something out of at final is any thumbs-up for any hints down on one knee he says facing I think you're really beautiful and he was out on ourselves half eaten chocolate any from his other hand was on a personal smiling at her insistence oh you marry me a massive question what you think age is to say what you think this is an essay will so lonely right will run until my family my but what now obviously just wants to get away I still question can you or someone at gunpoint eleven yes yes no mindset like this he said it's only in the room and said to me made with and on a common is a stand on your head he said I'm not real good at my given shot I said that they sent to me love me what would you do want to delist him him him going to continue it yes or no no because love necessitates while choice but when there's really no choice right of him I think they will thought what if more people in the beginning he is my environment and you drop your like all the rest of the night I can program my computer I sign of the rightly thing and I can make my computer if I push the right button say I love you you think it would make me feel good when I push the button is enough all that's wonderful I know because I needed to buy a real choice to his creation now blind in this freedom of choice that you may be wondering okay sitting in the freedom of choice and then Lucifer turned away why are you while all so I thought I write is generally all about the situation and listened on and on let's say he was immersed is going away and I think you know I have had enough of you now explode he's on ethics from that house the other angels in heaven feel American walking around in one of those wanting the girls walking around any one of the other angels in his hands Elizabeth makes a dish one three what what we talking about and harass Muslims and listen to those of those seeking and starting August that rated me destroy no missing after that point what would happen to everybody else United Kingdom able to follow gone out of fear not on a long gauntlet humanity to follow him out of love this is what God is finished on his creator is creation the only option you have a universe that had the capacity to love is to make a universe that freedom of us you understand what the thing is so then throughout the Old Testament God revealed himself to Israel and eight the apples and sensors are not understanding enough following to constantly go back to idols we see them turning to all kinds of all of which is no good to the point where the Israelites were burning babies on the hands of Malacca this is not his goddess statue and he wouldn't even care under this God 's hands they would put their babies they would burn them as King Solomon built a temple to to see the conclusion that Israel was under the immediate bestseller Stephen God called the point the people back the tarmac of the following is ways of love all his ways of compassion and the people turned away and finally bought me down in the form of them his name was Jean assess the Hebrew name was Yeshua or as he was standing with Joshua he came down in the humble car of a what carpet detained later because when we look at a picture of him it was so hard maybe maybe it is like maybe he doesn't have our best food in my initiative struggled with this centuries to millennia been a struggle with this issue and God has been trying to follow his people seeking them out trying to Vanessa Ortiz after them but not forced to follow as many women were running away from the body while the stations I listen I want to show you why really am and finally he came with his perfect picture Jesus the Messiah came and finally moved in perfect life for humanity what I find amazing about it is this King is looking for people saw him yesterday evening even so atheists may say things I want yes Jesus was a good man will receive an associate in Christian statements that help us see the purity of Jesus the beauty of this life when we look at Jesus treat people limiting insane I treat a woman who felt absolutely filthy shots and committed the act of adultery and she's rushed in the presence of Jesus how Jesus treated woman women in an adulterous relation when you say you feel and thirty four seventy Jesus said I do not lie continue reading Psalm thirty seven what points and no more Jesus and loving comparisons into this woman your life can be changed I'd better plan for your life it's not least adulterous relationships I have a better plan for you how did Jesus respond to alcoholics we know Jesus would actually go age within him so much so than if he was a wind driven only was not that he was going to be in a single evening with a somewhat misleading to draw them closer to his heavenly father Jesus was showing a picture of thought that we had never seen because he was God and the last thing as a simple man and as people begin to see it finally came to the point and as I crossed Rusty gave everything as we talked about it last time in my life and reveals that he died of a broken heart and sixty nine was twenty and twenty one it tells us that were told just broken my heart is full of heaviness I look for something dignity and there was none of her comfort is an iPhone beginning all my meet in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink the prophecies that Jesus died for our sins they gave all cross because of an everlasting love his essays in Jeremiah chapter thirty one percent Jeremiah thirty one or three tells us the Lord appeared emboldened to me saying hey I have loved you with an ever lasting therefore lovingkindness he was trying to seek us out yet we'll run in one nine oh at times in my life I run from God not even knowing the things I was doing I didn't even recognize I was wanting to doing what it was draws her artistic illicit relationships is wanting and not even recognizing what I was happening and I lovingly is falling right and went never the fourth negative force because God is about God as a gentleman would never force anyone to follow and enforce the laws we have a word for that we call course love and God is not that way God is a God of love and lust to clearly that the darkness as he said there is a previous chapter four that he wants to wash away the blindness of their eyes can see because the only way to truly overpromise Christians in this world is actually get to the point where we see the love of God as it is that we see him as he is and is clearly we can actually realize the last alternative when I first came to live and visit after I do my life the thought is going to send these out was still chewing tobacco and doing different things I go back and forth between smoking and not doing an long story short for the first time I discovered I'm going to quit his equipment comes and quit it with you I slowly will hurt my lines in a back-and-forth I will try to quit likely in a new one for the first time somebody showed me that the Bible tells us in verse conditions of the reimbursement is emphasizing is his do you not know that your body is a lot the temple of the Holy Spirit which is a would you have gone and you are not wrong for you are probably right and someone showed me that it wasn't just me that wanted to quit it was actually the news and if God tells you what to do just what he is will enable us to do it it wasn't until I discover that God wanted me to put it actually was able to wirelessly wash away the darkness of the half because I told him up God does not care about your body the only tears watching soul whenever that is I personally like this is the love is all really cares for you to save us please was seeking asylum in the illicit and running and running a knife in Guatemala City home in your life back to me and you've revealed story last night and will dispense 3M think about this image is from the reality is this why is there pain and suffering it is not because God wills it and once it actually gone despises the pain is something you want to set us free from this the reality the reality is there there are three major reasons for the pain and suffering number one as seen in certain the world seeing caused the world to begin to deteriorate so you have the belongs in the vessels you have the young natural death that we call natural but it wasn't him he saw see the first reason for pain and suffering the second one is Satan himself we see in unwinnable but will we see a sign of a certain woman who had found Jesus and this woman has been found by stating eighteen years so sometimes it has a direct impact in hurting people 's lives the reason that humans are software using my selfishness my selfishness and I can be either your own selfishness that if you hurt yourself awesome for me and that hurts us and others but the other reason for selfishness is that somebody who was selfishly actually hurting any music but the reality is there are reasons for pain and suffering sees us wants to set us free Jesus came and he says I want to read from your patient I want to second grade from your anger out one of you I will help you be able to forgive and I know people who cannot forgive I been one of those people while struggling with forgiveness things have happened in my house and I struggled to letting out every time I would think about it ball over and over and over again who would come into my heart and is a heavy burden to bear but after giving my heart holy Jesus I found the freedom he actually helped me let that go it's interesting that God wants to set us free from the bondage of our past and he's as it were chasing us and me tons were running away the story when I was younger actually ourselves and reasonableness in this story I don't know that it's true but regardless is a good illustration this story was of a woman who was getting gas at the gas station she was getting gas and she was getting her death she sees a truck driver staring at her she looked amazing on Eucharist why you looking back and he was just staring at and so she she was uncomfortable with this whole situation and then even started walking toward her and she became terrifying to jump in her car she set off and he jumped in his trial this semi- set off after and she was a e-mail for the story she was again oh no finally did the right outline you might outliner it and as as cc and savings opportunities in a massive and so he's right behind her and she's in the right lane consultancy things on any newly I actually demoralizing or only physical select Lane people still allowing also and she now now her heart reduces things because it increases sufficiently medicinal situation and act as a stimulus for this theodicy is eighty miles an hour there on the freeway and the overtime makes his way of saying authorities right either again and she knows for sure now she is being chased as a singles back in the other lane and is doing anything she finishes absolutely horrified as he has a couple exits for her house is getting closer to our house of you get to the exit of her house and she she takes off to the right for the exit goals of the exit ramp as she looked both ways doesn't come to us obviously the last and he comes right along to suspect says he cannot assess this usually as fast as I finally see he's going down the role recently to write into her subdivision ICCs and it is coming to me turns I think getting closer to our house to the final there are three examples over into her driveway and she can hear the semi coming with his race on the tape rates turning on his years at and she sees in them she turns back in the and he stops a semi- anything is the wrong forest four CCK and if you want to take sixties which is shaking so much you can hardly give the keys in the door and then monetizing that should've been here already turns back and she looks and she sees he doesn't want to hurt many runs the back seat and he reaches any grounds out and it can him around as she realizes the one who she thought was trying to destroy her was the one who is actually trying to save many of us have had this experience many of us have even maybe now is your confusion was struggling with Mililani can I actually give my whole life to Jesus saying I love you with an everlasting will you give your entire heart to me he wants the wash when he was in close our eyes that we can see right through to find victory in the areas of forgiveness so we can find victory over bad habits and France Telecom radio and pornography or maybe somehow nobody else leaving a lot to say hello to give you victory disgrace I want to give you victory is changing is not of course is because he wants you to stop so that he can see so you even from yourself and asking a buyer has just maybe there's someone here this evening who feels as if maybe there's someone here who feels as he is I recognizing this myself I see myself I recognize that I have been running from my Savior Jesus made editing off revealing anything about it that way as you hear these things using that to me I've been running and holding onto as soon as God 's China saving my different holding onto it I don't recognize it is singing but tonight I see and maybe there's someone here tonight maybe there's someone who has a bargaining says Jesus I want to bring it to you I want to find victory you want your mind says that he's set free and you recognized tonight is the night and you want all heads-up while all eyes are closed you just want to reach your hand up to heaven and Jesus is reaching balancing I want to leave you walk you don't have to stand with just sitting there and you see on a razor has a Jesus I have been running and I want will see you right now is if someone would like everything unless it is a lesson learned that man might you also in the back to someone else's heels of earnings as I want to come back to Jesus as this evening God bless you this is system in the back populations of someone also very nice I see your hand of God seizure hand he recognizes you recognize the spirit is taught senior Arminianism else is in your feelings individually because maybe just maybe God is within you remember the woman at the well maybe maybe you actually been caught in a similar sin and this woman going from man to man to man in Jesus is saying I want to set you free from this lifestyle to someone else wants a raise their hands and I was struggling and I need Jesus Jesus the community through this evening with a razor hand is nonpublic unless you heavenly father though many of these things maybe old messages we say all these things unknown father the reality is we need victory we need to know the old story that Jesus is given all father my prayer is that Holy Spirit rain down upon us we can do anything we are noticing diagonal strength overcoming addictions in my life you will have a safe and even now I need qualified all of us need deeper experience is we want to know you father cravings soften our hearts I freely would see you as you are not as man sees that as your word reveals the divine love that God is not just loving with your word reveals God 's love father I pray that you would draw us knew it was you that we would find victory and our Savior Jesus Christ father we give ourselves to what is in Jesus name we pray amen the media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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