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Overcoming the Greatest Temptation

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • March 6, 2015
    7:00 PM
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heavenly father, we are in desperate need of you. we all have things in our lives that maybe we cannot overcome. maybe it's not some great scene in the eyes of others, but in our own heart. we know their victories as in we don't have the strength as we look at the greatest child is ever taken place in the history we see how the victory was gained, and I pray that we would also learn we would gain victory from the one who found that victory two thousand years ago, but we committed times you thank you for your loving Jesus name in the year was three one CE Cindy S Emperor of eastern Rome had rolled in his agreements with the Emperor of Western Roma name of Constantine and my city has began to persecute the Christians in his jurisdiction as the first because it will work for all people have to do the defendant is something very simple and a compulsory. they would not have to suffer on you know beatings and torture, and even death. all they have to do something very, very simple editable grid on it was meaningfully like a little pinch of all something like incense and put on the older something to some of the Roman pagan gods and digital read anyone have to be persecuted only had to do was sacrifice of the pagan Roman gods in a single read so licentious began to send forth his soldiers to persecute the people, but this persecution went all the way to the individuals who were in the Army believes in years and so he may have to make a sacrifice to the pagan gods in England. it could be separated whatever it will also more demanding network called the thundering Legion for later became known, known as the martyrs also lasts these man, they were asked to denote simply don't want to and you don't sacrifice to these idols, but they said no, we cannot do it immediately went through persecution of these their life was human rights, including what not give off. they were in movies for humanity 's forty man longer anything relating to Jesus as a selfish angel and a solar value forward to is we are going to really allow the frozen lake. there was a late Caribbean wintertime in this lake is frozen over. an example of forty soldiers, and what they did was they made all their clothing, Michigan. he needed in the dead of winter. these men had to walk out there on a frozen lake. the soldiers then began to ignite fires around the leg, the English sap that have warm water in a so you are all welcome to come off of the ice and warm yourself up as soon as you are ready to renounce Christianity. you can imagine this is a difficult situation and you can imagine the conversation that is not what those soldiers who are in the situation facing the real man would sacrifice their life for our early being can we let all our great foreigner. they do not always, we must follow the King of Kings, and he began as they worked on price and you can imagine at first it feels cold. then he begins to burn anything anonymously is the second one is traveling up the body and the pain was so intense that the exhibit. they began to chant for forty wrestlers have come for the right thing. the grant forty wrestlers me the baby is another trying to encourage each other. but something happened when the youngest soldiers. his mother actually came like a frozen lake, and she entices her son, and to renounce his faith needed exactly what these men were so troubled by misleading standards in place at all more than forty wrestlers have come to light for the grant of forty wrestlers meeting the leader in one of the soldiers standing on the site only as he was watching anything so stirred by this is her relatives standing for the chosen for this Jesus that you guys are senior and one of the soldiers put his name was previous page anymore and he saw all of this thing was started as a core communication. I assume will exempt this Jesus as my personal savior and he ended up taking all these notes here already had his weapon dropped in and around took office, Sarah, and he made his way needed on the ice with all of these other men, and he gave his life and they can once again safe Cold War forty wrestlers have come to fight for the grant forty wrestlers may gain the victory and the next morning the forty martyrs of some bass were found on the ice and for ever recorded there feasible resistance in the annals of history. these man die for Jesus. you know I look back through history. I look at Manny through history, men like John Haas, Johan Holtz I had the opportunity to go see the church that if recent has been rebuilt, they are in the Czech Republic in the city of prong, the Bethlehem church. they call it this man love Jesus so much that he was willing to give his life that when the time is what are things any of the stages in the burns are that this is singing a hymn, they talk about us who were dying for their faith as they were going more to meaning in what ever form of torture. they were going to send men and women will not ask for a funeral, but asked what it would hold their heads high as if they were going to look beautiful. I went I continued we these godly people something amazing to play center live in your life for the Savior, Jesus Christ. what is it you mean these people go to their death. we choice in their hearts with a smile on their face, even in with songs on there. this did you have your Bibles first acts after seven one eleven acts chapter seven in the book of acts we read about several of the Reagan movie in their life through Jesus Christ international seven. we have one of the biggies in the church accept the set his feet. his name was none other than Stephen. Stephen was preaching to the leadership of Israel. he was speaking to the leaders of Israel allow Jesus Christ and how they are crucifying and notice what happens as a result of this act, chapter seven, at seven seven beginning in verse fifty four# December fifty four, when you're there, would you please name accept December fifty four. the Bible says Wendy for these things, they were taught to the heart and being nationalism with their teeth. I think what that's having a Nassau and the like. they're so angry. our argument is angry with the divine, but he means the Holy Spirit looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing on the right him gone to City Hall. I see the heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God, not a serious amount of time, any sign of anyone is that he is seeing these us on the right hand of the father through his meeting on heavenly things, even as he's going to his recidivism. then they cried aloud, Leslie stopped their ears, and he ran upon him with one accord and task among the city and the stone him, and the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul. and they stoned Stephen, calling upon God and saying, Lord Jesus receive my spirit. and he kneeled down and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin. sin bearer, charge, and when you're sad to see what you fell asleep. when you send us a health costly and last were his last words before he I I I when these actually playing brain upon would not leave the scene of these, labeled and interfaces easily transfer the salvation of those people around what an amazing thing. I think if you think anything about yourself. this man is actually thinking on all their salvation more than his own life on planner look at another example missing after I left the moments were asked if I was twenty six acceptor five companies. over for me, accepted August twenty sixth, we have cleared a picture of some of the apostles. they are preaching the gospel, and as a result, they are captured, and after they are confident when imprisoned by miraculously, the reason from their prison. it may come out into freedom and a dilapidated fridge in the temple or in the synagogue. similar preaching in a synagogue, and as a universally reimbursed twenty six users then went to town with the officers, and he brought now my office for the people. Leslie cinnamon stone and when they had brought them this up before the Council and the high priest asked him, saying, did we not commanding you, but usually not teaching the same nonsense in the name of Jesus and the whole you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and intend to bring this man's blood upon us. then Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey God rather than what rather than men. these men were willing to stand for the truth in it what it would cost them their life imprisonment meetings. whatever was the worsening. this is we ought to obey God rather than men. verse thirty, says the God of our fathers raised up Jesus can use low hanging on a tree team has God exalted with his right hand to be friends and a savior for him to give repentance to Israel and for forgiveness of sins. so something happened here, there should be in there in the midst of their trial. they are actually sharing Jesus with their chapters. now they're presenting the same as the one who would give his life for them and they are willing to give their life for him to notice what he says jumped on the wheel, lever sporting in the near the bottom. the chapter personal recess after this work or starting is is an and him. they agreed for starting here and when they had called the apostles in the tuna they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus and eleven. those leaving the disciples, and they let them go invade the disciples apart are the apostles apart departed from the presence of the Council was an excellent rejoicing. they just got to be in here. they are rejoicing. I salute rejoicing that they were counted worthy to software Shane for Jesus name and daily in the temple, and in every house cc teach and preach Jesus Christ, not wanting to think about this with me for a moment. here are these men. these men have given their life to the Savior is the editor licensee 's essay. there may be very unnerving task to present and if your friend, they are not upgrading of getting there alive for the same and I want to think about this hormone you look throughout history. you look in the book of us and your men giving their lives for Jesus Christ dying only one which was straining and even sure into their death. he will do the early church, using the very same thing with people like the American Legion: Wednesday extremes. Arthur began at the same time they were waiting until the end of the Lehman Brothers. the dark ages, so that I enough for the persecution act of placing and you see the same thing that men and women. he definitely like the Waldenses, like the Huguenots different men and women were made on her death had sure all the way as they went to their death. some of them with smiles on their face, but then we see a picture in the Bible that is completely distinct and separate from these men and women going to their death. these men and women were doing it would join the peace and strength from God 's. but then we see a picture is totally distinct in the four Gospels. there was a man by the name of Jesus of Nazareth was much more than a man. he was actually gone in a flash gone without seeing Manuel as Jesus went to see his dad even prior to going there. he has this amazing experience in the garden in his garden experiences and his experience upon the cost are very is very different than the experience that his apostles have a very good experience is hanging Mark chapter fourteen of you have your Bibles, Mark chapter fourteen and here we have Jesus we see something distinct and different from his followers. notice how Jesus goes to his back, Mark chapter fourteen were going to begin in verse thirty three Mark chapter fourteen verse thirty three NSS and he sees us to quit him. Peter and James and John is very close disciples and Peter and James and Donna began to be sore amazed in the King James has intervened very happy. things became extremely obvious heart was singing as the weight on the sins of the world. we can't impress upon his heart upon his mind and notice what he says. it says easy takes with him Peter and James and John began to be sore amazed to be very happy in verse thirty four, says, and he said to them, my soul is exceeding our local until while on to death carrying your wife. he says watch Jesus here is going through something as Jesus is making his way to the cross. as he is going through this experience of being out of work for us down like in all the practice as white as being wrenched out of him the sins of the world. Jesus is not rejoicing in song. Jesus isn't chanting a song about horny men have come to be. he's not doing Jesus is leaving that this will not happen him does Jesus not have as much faith as those who follow him after so what was happening. why would Jesus have more air out is that the people I you might associate in the consumer with me to chapter twenty two. it's the same story. we're just reading about isn't just a story. living in the Chapter twenty two, Matthew Mark Luke chapter twenty two Chapter twenty two. we are going to read in verse thirty nine Luke chapter twenty two and verse thirty nine. what on earth was happening. why was Jesus. all are ready on time when his followers don't seem to with Latino chapter twenty two or thirty, and he, Jesus came out and went thinking says as he was once that word means, as was customary, and he came. I went to see was, as his custom was, to the Mount of olives and his disciples also follow him and when he was at the police stations in a phrase that you enter not into temptation, and he was withdrawn from them about a stone 's Cassini kneeled down and pray to notice what Jesus Frazier. the other thing phrase the log. I'm going through this trial that I suffer from my father 's sake. notice what Jesus prays this point saying verse forty two father. if you are willing, remove this cup from me. nevertheless not my will but yours be done. Jesus is my father. this is too much of a bargain from the digital difficult for me to go through in a strangely, his real estate business like this at any other point in his ministry. the rest of his ministry is going to overpower the rest of his ministry, he simply calls Scripture to the enemy is starving to death. he wasn't a crazy father on my drive by only using it as strong as long as I live in word proceed out of the mouth of the SEC, not trial, but in this trial. some things differently, something is taking place in the light of the sun I is I cannot bear this burden that I am holding right now. why Wyeth 's followers do not suffer like this, why does he. this could almost be a scary house of the notice, one begins to have vineyards, we notice that something horrible is taking place as we read on. this is a verse forty three and the Lord appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him. it was interesting that Jesus at the end of his temptations in the wilderness. the Bible also says that angels came and ministered unto him. the Bible says in Hebrews chapter one verse fourteen of our base meeting of the Angels. now not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister unto them who shall be heirs of salvation, not actually sends angels to protect people to take care of and in this situation. they came to support Jesus. Jesus is saying this. I cannot make. I cannot make it through the cross is too much for me to bear. notice what happens to Jesus here. he says in verse forty four and being in an acting, he prayed more earnestly. Jesus spent and his sweat was as it were great drops of what the lie to falling where falling down to the ground. Jesus, his agony is even more incensed at this point as the weight of your things in mind these are friends down upon the son of God, it becomes true heavyweights America and he is pleading with his heavenly father and the stress becomes so intense that a bit. it seems as if this issue. I is as a workings with blood. I don't know, but there is in medical, a medical experience that somebody can go through. it's actually call me, not a high throw since the matter Hydro, since this is indeed what happens when someone so we finish during the amount of stress. the stress is celebrating a review about it right here. this is according to Doctor Fredrickson, the warmer chief medical Examiner Examiner of Rockland County, New York. he says it is well known there had been many cases of Hydro sets. this is something out of what is the glint of the clinical term is not a Hydro assist Lisa around the sweat glands. there are multiple blood vessels in a netlike form under the pressure of increased stress the vessels constrict, then the anxiety passes the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture the blood goes in the sweat glands as the sweat glands are producing a lot of sweat pushes the blood to the surface coming out as droplets of blood, mixed with sweat. Jesus was suffering this happens when people are able under any and some very rare events and situations of stress. Ms. is not just in all your studying for a test antenna stressful right now sweating blood over that one hundred charade amounts of stress we meet on doctors who he says the severe mental anxiety activated the sympathetic nervous system to invoke the stress fight or flight reaction to such a degree causing hemorrhage of the vessels supplying the sweat glands into the docs of the sweat glands and extruding out onto the skin. later on, he says, the presence of proposed beer accounted for a significant number of reported cases, including six faces a man condemned the execution they haven't expressly began to sweat blood. it talks about people who were being raped going through this varies very same thing I noticed was that this is a very interesting point about this obvious experience that a human body can go through because of extreme stress. this is the the effects on the body you also notice what does you if you experience this week if that's on the body is that of reasonableness and mild to moderate dehydration from the severe anxiety and all of the blood and sweat loss, so no assorted nastiness extreme is extreme stress relief swept live something happens you become dehydrated. Jesus, as he hangs upon the cross, dying for our sins. what is something you suddenly found across Arthur's eyes. there's here is Jesus suffering for humanity, a stress beyond what most and it wasn't ever nice, actually what any of us can ever imagine the noise goes on here is another characteristic. what happens to the human body. as of as a result of going through the net, a hydrolysis. it says another aspect is that the skin becomes extremely tender and fragile, so that any pressure or damage to the skin is more than ordinarily painful. you get the picture. Jesus is in the garden sweating blood. he is having this. this experience of the meta- process and what happens is, he is now becoming he hasn't trained for some time now. he's also just Thursday by nature, but it has this experience working suffering intense stress was even compounded by this and then all of a sudden his skin after he goes to the success becomes very tender to the times when any kind of any kind of you know anything that would be inflicted upon which is the height and as a result. here Jesus our Savior is going to the cross. but you know what all these terrible experiences going through all. we all be off scourging that takes place in the son of God horrible table, but that's not the suffering is will sign that he was dealing with the real estate was more tender than your common individual. he was suffering intense pain on the suffering was going through. why is it and why is it that Jesus followers go through torture and historian, activist minister, I will die free. has anyone here ever read that book is a man. here's a man by the name of Alexander Noble, who is an address minister in Cuba. this man was tortured for twenty two years. he was put in a box when he was crouched down like this with six other men, and they were ninety days they were talking with one another loss. we understand there anything you want him on your nails under his heels and install it can withstand themselves in Dagestan on a schedule for like forty days of blood while wireless dropping on his four head portion twenty two years he suffered this strangely enough, it was on was mother 's name. my wife, who helped him on a prison yet Jesse Jackson Jesse Jackson helped in the brother out of prison, but nevertheless, this man went to thought, this is horrible experience. and yet here we see Jesus. Jesus is suffering in ways that his followers. Jesus is going to do with the year that his followers don't see that. how can this may have heard the saying, and will call this irony is that Jesus could not see through the portals of the wild of the two. if you have your Bible service in relationship to twenty, Revelation chapter twenty. why was Jesus so fearful and his followers sure they had some here, but it were a result were able to overcome it, and distress for any legal singing. why was Jesus experienced so much different notice what is going to happen do not seem on the table of exact cause of log linear meaning the hardest part is not always negative after three verse nine tells us that God is not slack concerning his promise, as someone comes like this. what is patient and long-suffering to us, not willing that any should perish but that one also hosted the meeting is not letting me off. I is is is that every human being to be safe and I want to come to me. Jesus is listen. I wanted something everybody can be saved. you'll get your life holy to me when Revelation chapter twenty. we see the results of what happened than those who do not follow Jesus. those who reject him nominated the opportunity to those who didn't want to follow Jesus. this is in Revelation chapter twenty verse. while is is a nice holiday, small and great, stand before God is the great white throne judgment. this is exactly the end of timeout after the thousand years limited. it is a quick backup your millennial works like this. the millennium of Bible prophecy relations at the twenty in chapter nineteen. you have a picture of the second coming of Jesus. Jesus comes back tasty righteous will die resurrects them, and he brings them up to heaven while he is bringing them out the righteous living also want to be with Jesus. the wicked are slain at that time, and these ascend to heaven in the unverifiable, says Revelation, the front housing years. during that house near. as an judgment taking place. the righteous are a part of that judgment, and at the end of the thousand years, and when you rise up from the dead and those who chose to reject Jesus. remember, not because God didn't want them to be safe and loving. they didn't want to be safe and so they are raised up, and in the millennium and notice what he says here in verse twelve. let's read it again. I saw the dead, he's in the winking at the time I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God and the books were opened and another book with all which is the book of life and the dead were judged out of those things which are written in the books, according to their works. Mercer seen in the sea games all day, which are in it– and how words and member are in death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them, and they were judged every man according to their works. first, fourteenth, and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire notice these words these is one second that this is the second death is interested in was or was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. this is the destruction of the wicked gone is not being a tyrannical dictator that for the people to the ceaseless ages of eternity. according to the Bible when it lets people down in the second– but I think people are going to the second that they had absolutely no old one of eternal life, not because he didn't want them there, but because they were not choose to be in heaven. this is very sad that people will reject Jesus alternately will go and get that after Jesus as the only thing is that he is not the only the first step. the first is one of the smartest go through the birth that is what all of us) were not alive at the time of the second coming in the first is what you know you're there with grandma and she reads her laugh. that's the first, but that's not the end of eternity by me will work with Jesus after the first, there taken over the second coming of Jesus. they receive eternal life is the marker as they are preparing for their that they recognize this is just a temporary experience. you understand, they asked me that Jesus died for their sake they are not holy they are not righteous and of themselves, the holiest layout is for the Savior, Jesus Christ. that's the only thing the Bible talks about at twenty three cents this is in his day and you shall be saved and Israel. so while safely. this is the name whereby he shall be called the Lord our righteousness is the one who gives us the righteousness we don't acquire my own goodness is something ugly disclaims of the Savior and his sauce, righteousness, and they are saved in the end, so we did not awaken, but the righteous martyrs as they are standing there on the ice, waiting to die. the thundering Legion was a no. this is a temporary situation I'm in a sovereign number of hours in a hair in the next thing I know I'm in a cc sees us on the other hand, as he was going to his death. he did not have the experience on the thundering Legion. the reason was Jesus was not seen through the portals of the two Jesus could not see that they could receive eternal life. the darkness was so great, why, why do you see what it was really resurrected every analysis three days. why is the reason is because Jesus had to suffer what we get are going to live through the end of the millennium. see how to software settings. my wife tells me she grew up in the church. I know my wife tells the right growing up in a church. she thought what you know he is gone, and persons operating under some painting and I was dropping off, but she said I never really understood what he truly brings Jesus wasn't just on my Sony was actually became a human being to experience life just like you and I have to do is to learn to talk to you where you want to learn to read all of these things in life just like you and I have to finish it was making his way through his life as he finally did he always had a perfect connection with his I feel a strange feeling on our temptation is like a life easy to our temptation is analysis willing if you knew this, I will give you some temporary joy, but it separates you from God and our temptation is the same night. I want that temporary joy and I'll take the separation from the author time she is on the other hand, this temptation was to clean the bottom and just hold on him so that he would be lost. this kind of an opposite situation Jesus in order to be able to the accident is separated from God. you will experience what we experience in Tennessee was on the cross he was suffering as a winning musical. I know anything. my God my God why hast thou were seeking me when he is regarding anything other. please take this cup come around strongly in IQ. other place, it is possible to a other way please. thank you Baroness Jesus was not going to the birth, death, Jesus was suffering settings. there Jesus gave everything for us to undermine the seventy first John chapter four. first John chapter four. Lieberman closed with these verses. first John chapter four. first John chapter forward and begin obtained his Merry, my serving Jesus went through the judgment for us. what I mean is, he told me the results of the judgment seat of the execution upon himself all the judgments me. he received everything that the center deserves. so I see seeing in darkness, the season. all of them eternal life. anyways, it is Jesus actually decided to know what if I want, from the tomb, but you can be safe, insulting as him. Jesus and how long amazing how long he's been with the father microfiber still but thou, Bethlehem, Africa, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, and out of me. I don't originally come forth unto me, that is to be ruler in Israel, whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting. the final prophecy sitting around from everlasting Soviet apartment community. imagine the relationship between the father and the son of the community and the law. the compassion and his policies and build all the suffering of thirty three years on planet Earth. Jesus now for his first time he doesn't seem to write beings in the father 's love signing up on maces waiting to get something in the dark listening is a shot in face of Jesus for the first time need to be separated from his father. but the Bible says in Isaiah chapter fifty three, he said, listening, if these people are to be say basically what he simply said, as I see him enjoy them even twice or not eternal life in the darkness he could see that he was inexperienced, eternal life. the darkness is sold league for the son of God, antichrist, all my God my God why have you forsaken because he had done nothing wrong but he hung upon the cross, and we see, this is all process they are in Psalm twenty two as we looked at earlier in the meetings we see his thought process that e-mail is in the midst of this darkness at all. the chapter begins also into my God my God why hast thou for safety reason. there is as you and known me since my mother 's womb to bare with me and he is talking about is having faith in the midst of English season. no light at the end of the tunnel to you just can't seem to the mortals of the tilt is as if he will be lost or targeted reason, if that's what it takes when this group of people right Jesus finally hung his head needed on this life for us he gave his life for us to review a home that was written by John knew he was a man does anybody know it him. he relatively only same feeling about amazing Grace, I want to read this if you can read this with me, he says, and enable long. I saw the lights on weighing device shame or fear chilling new objects struck my site and stopped my wild career. I saw one hanging on a tree and agonies of life fixed his languid eyes on me as near his cross. I stood sure never feel my latest draft and I forget that you seems to change to charge me with his dad, though not a word he spoke my conscience felt and owned the guilt and plunged me in despair. I saw my scenes is a blood had spilled and helped him nailed him there. alas, I knew not what I did, but now my tears are green. where shall my trembling soul be hated for I the Lord have slain a second look. the game would say I really all years. this flooding is for thy ransom paid. I die about how the house while his death. my scene displays in all its blacklists you, such as the mystery of grace. it steals my parting to with pleasing dreams and more fulfilling my spirit now is feel that I should size you I destroy you him killed this man had a conception that it was his. it was my sin. that is what the seniors that NYSE hung them up on a cross. it was long held and therefore he could come down it was possible for him to come down when they were safe, you sell yourself, but he had every bit of power to do that. maybe it was because he was not compounding when I can be safe return. Jesus has a love for you and for me that is stronger than asking about your answers. we had a seizure who went to the cross and the reason he could not go forward and join if you want forward with rejoicing with happiness and smiles. we could look as any must not have gone through the second death for us. this is another marker just another man outgoing man in a very romantic. we recognize was much more than that this was the son of God for the killed the soon to shame the things that we are terrified that our friends, our families, our spouse whenever find out as Jesus hung up on across the board. those scenes are public. Susan Boyle in our secret sins, and nobody knows about the born among across Tennessee and as he was there in his shame. the Bible says that he was actually seated on the cross wasn't Shane Novosti was ashamed of this is anything else on himself. he takes our same gives us peace in response… enjoy… happiness gives us the fruit of the spirit as you say, this Holy Spirit into our life here on the Holocaust and he took the pain and sorrow into the current you are not in the Old Testament and all. maybe there's someone here this evening who says Jesus, I have been putting you first in my life. I recognize that other things that caught my eye and I've run after them. maybe you'll even knows it, but I recognize right now, Jesus, you have not been the center of my life. you have not been my living Seger Seger, even though you are the living Savior, you haven't been first and foremost in my life in Jesus. I desperately need you right now, someone would like to raise her hands in case I want to come back to you. I know you will game all from me, returned to you just how to restrain just funny. see the hands we have a savior and father I pray that we would want after this season, every that we would not claim to sell everyone cling to our own dreams that we would make sure our dreams are aligned with his your dreams and your plans for us. we walked in the footsteps of righteous and we would receive Jesus righteousness. Paul said in Philippians, chapter three verse nine. he said that he would not have his own righteousness which is of the law, but that would be the Christ, the righteousness which is of God by father we want to reach out and receive that righteousness we can get it to ourselves. we are are the Bible tells us that we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness for his filthy rags. we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. the father. we don't have it, we know that Jesus is, you are the Lord our righteousness. thank you that Jesus took that and we can have boldness in the day of judgment, we can unfold missing the day of judgment, we can we can have no fear of their wanting to in the light of Jesus is clinging to the Savior, the one who did. he gave his life for us. we can give our lives to him, and we can walk accordingly judgment we can have peace of Bible says in first father, we thank you for giving your son and as we sing a song together. I'm afraid it would be more than just an old song we sing. I pray that it would be a song that we live out when you sing with me. now this song, the old rugged cross when you send it immediately to and on a side on Iran and Iran. the eighties and a half size me and I that draws in V8 areas will and will and I is the all in all the ninth all these I am a enable a Zune radio on and off on tanning and is on is a movement in the own and not as an and I will meet in and on to go in the van and die on me. so there is no an all day I go to and I is a you all are in man is in that old and Iran is a V8 saying that a laugh and feel all these on a wall in an is will he have time off and so will him no and is in line for a phase that time a is a real and is saying is in Lord of the father, thank you, thank you so much for your love, your comparison and you are willing to allow your sons and come to this article 's release files. thank you Jesus. if you're willing to go through all of this for us and myself and communicate well with you for eternity. you know, you could not see that she was still willing to the Lord Fraser holy name in our lives since his immigrant media with my audio nurse, a website that is read God 's word reading sermon audio and much more. to know more about our universe. the more certain you www.. on universal .org


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